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Cute baby girl with a bow in her hair looking at the camera.

Baby PhotosThere is nothing cuter than pictures of your favorite babies. This page contains baby photos.


American Flags on houses in a neighborhood.

American Flag PhotosThis stars and strips emblem of the United States of America is displayed across the country. This is a page about American flag photos.


An antique silver dessert cup holding a red rose.

Vintage Dessert Cup from Hotel Peabody (Memphis, TN)I was employed by the Hotel Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 60s. The hotel was sold to another hotel chain and I was given this dessert cup as a souvenir. It is silver and has the name "Hotel Peabody" engraved on the bottom. I had picked a stunning rosebud in October and placed it in the dessert cup and placed it on my buffet. It brought back nice memories of my time at the hotel.


Abandoned Vehicle

Abandoned Vehicle PhotosThis page contains abandoned vehicle photos. Old cars, trucks and buses can make interesting photography subjects.


Chair in Front of Public Mural

Photos of Public MuralsThis page contains photos of public murals. Public art exists in many forms. The colorful murals found on buildings, walls, and in other public spaces adds beauty and color to our environment.


Old Farm Equipment

Photos of Farm EquipmentThis page contains photos of farm equipment. Sturdy old tractors, balers, plows and other equipment were made to last, and can be interesting photography subjects.


Family Taking Digital Photos

Transferring Digital Photos to Your Computer?This is a page about transferring digital photos to your computer. There are a couple of different ways to transfer digital photos to your computer. The first couple of times you do it, it may seem hard, but it's actually quite easy to transfer you digital photos to your computer.


old photo

Determining the Value of Historic Photos?This is a page about determining the value of historic photos. Whether you would like to be a collector, or you've run across some old photos while cleaning out the attic, trying to find the value of historic photos can be challenging, but it is possible.


damaged house

Hurricane Damage PhotosThis page contains hurricane damage photos. When disaster strikes it can be hard to believe how much destruction it can create.


Graffiti Art

Photos of Graffiti ArtThis is a page containing photos of graffiti art. Graffiti art can be colorful, eyecatching, and quite unique.


Holding a hand full of hail.

Hail Information and Photos?This page contains hail information and photos. When rain freezes it can create large ice balls.


Meeting the Harlem GlobetrottersThis was a fun time! In February, we saw the Globetrotters and my son got to go down and meet them before the game. He has been practicing tricks and was excited to show them.



Broken tree that looks like large bird.

Tree or Cockatiel?Driving down the road today, I looked into the woods and thought I saw a GIANT bird! I actually had to turn around and drive by again to get this photo. Just tickled me and thought others might like it too!


Toby Keith's Autograph

Toby Keith's AutographWe were at Walmart in North Richland Hills, when Toby came by to do an autograph session. It was a hot day, and he had his staff buy water bottles for everyone waiting outdoors in the heat. My kids love his music!


Children's hands making a star.

Star Hands PhotoThis group of children, including my daughter, were playing outside when they did this beautiful group picture.


Graffiti on old brick wall.

Grafitti at Abandoned Building (Asheville, NC)So much amazing graffitti is to be found in random rundown buildings in Asheville. This is a particularly amazing example.


Little girl sitting quietly on a bench, in the garden.

Solitude (Oakland, OR)Our little Emma was watching the fish swim in Papa's pond. She found a little spot in the sun and perched there for a few minutes. A rare occasion as an active kid!


Examining a child's eyes.

Eye See You (Grand Caymans)This photo was taken at a elementary school in the Cayman Islands during a medical day assembly with the "Do Something Event".


Lit candles in the dark

Beauty of CandlesFew days back I had bought some candles, made by some talented handicapped kids, some flower shaped, others of a Pawn in chess shape.


Credit Crunch Jewelry

Photo: Credit Crunch JewelryWhen I discovered I only gained 45p in interest for my savings I withdrew the money, spent it on my holidays then made the card into a piece of jewellery which I sold on my craft table.


Odd Silhouette Reflected on Computer Screen

Photo: Odd Silhouette Reflected on Computer...I was sitting directly in front of the computer screen, with the sun directly behind me. It was like a silhouette of my head in a big version, then the actual one inside.


Invisible Car, Man Jumping in a Pool Posed Like he is Driving a Car

Photo: The Invisible CarI shot this picture of my brother-in-law jumping in the pool. He took a long running start on the lawn and struck this pose, as if he was driving an invisible car. Poor guy had to jump in a dozen times before I got it right!


Boy Hiding Amongst Potato Heads

Photo: Where's William?Can you find him? It may be a challenge! This is a family portrait of the Potato Head family that includes a very good friend, William. This little guy just loves playing with his buddies, the Potato Heads.


Man About to Drive Dismantled RV

Photo: RV MotorMy neighbor could not take the RV to the junk yard so he took it apart and will drive it to the junk yard.


Boy and Girls Parading With Ducks

Photo: Let's Have a Parade!I snapped this cute picture one day when the kids had fed the ducks and were letting them exercise. I didn't realize what a treasure of a picture I had until later. I thought it was just the cutest scene of the kids and ducks "marching," as though in a parade.


White and Black Fluffy Bynny

Photo: Fluffy Bunny At Citywide Yard SaleIt was too late to put a bid on this fluffball by the time I saw him at the citywide yard sale. He had already been sold.


Mouse of Blues

Photo: The Mouse of BluesI took this picture on the way to my grandma's house. I was really bored so I just took a picture of anything I could find inside or outside of the car. Believe it or not that is actually one of my mickey Mouse earrings.



A round thermometer showing temperatures over 100 degrees F.

Photo: Summer Heat (Texas)These pictures are from a couple of years ago, but say it all when it comes to summertime heat in Texas! This summer is gonna be another hot one. We won't see any cool days until late September, or sometime in October.


A metal skeleton sculpture with a rosebud.

Photo: Giving LifeI was trying to give life to my skeleton by putting baby's breath in his chest, and decided to put the rose in his hands. I don't know how I got the rose to glow. The sun just hit it at the exact moment I was taking my picture. It was amazing.


Photo: Water Filled BallsThese start out as tiny tiny dots. My son got them for Christmas. We left them in water and they grew this big! I just thought the colors were beautiful and very springy!


Photo: First DanceThis photo was taken at my daughter's first dance recital. It won the Cloud award at


House Fire

Photo: House FireWe had a house fire a few doors away. I got this picture then.


Use Hard Candies As Packing MaterialThis tip is prompted by a package I received today from my daughter. What a clever means of packing she has come up with. This won't work for all your packages, but if it is going to somebody special, this will make it extra special.


Sprouted Bird Seed

Photo: Sprouted Bird SeedMuch to my surprise, I thought this was a feather. I found a seed, that had germinated inside the parakeet's water dish. I never saw that before in all the years we've had birds. I thought it was worth sharing. LOL!


Seal Plastic Bag to Make Air TightCut up a disposable water bottle and keep the neck and top, as in photo. Insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw on the top to seal.


My Grandmother's Boot (1900's)This is a shoe that my grandmother wore as a child, it was in the 1900's and I think it is so amazing. Unfortunately it is falling apart so I am taking photos of it. We love it so much!


Reuse Zipper PouchesWhen purchasing items that are packaged in zippered or snap plastic pouches, reuse the pouches for storing other items. The plastic zipper pouch that blankets come in can be used to store sweaters or quilts in the closet or under the bed.


Travel: French WineWine storage at Auvigue Winery in Solutre-Pouilly in the region of Bourgogne in eastern France.


Turn Sports Bra Into a Cute TopI am not comfortable just wearing a sports bra as a top so I put a big hair bow on it to make it look different and then tie up the straps behind my neck like a halter. I like to wear it this way and it is cooler than a shirt.


Use Meat Thermometer For Paper SpikeRecently, I inherited the task of organizing and cleaning the home of a lady who never threw anything out. I found a broken meat thermometer in the drawer and was going to toss it.


Who Made This Swing?Who is the person that made this swing? It is in a park in Chicago, IL.


Cardboard Frame StandThis is the stand I created to replace the stand that broke on the back of a decorative plaque that I wanted to display.



Can Drainer on Counter

Make Your Own Can DrainerI found this expensive single can drainer at a local thrift shop. While it was a fluke to find that particular thing that I needed, it was not the best part of this tip. If you only have one thing to drain, why dirty up a colander or something similar.


An ambulance outside
wreckage from a
national disaster

Donate Usable Yard Sale LeftoversMost of us "thrifty people" have yard sales occasionally. We usually have in the contents of our sale, items that we no longer use or want. After a sale there are always items that didn't sell. Let's all remember the less fortunate and donate our leftover items.


Drink Cone FunnelThis could also be in cooking, frugal living, and more. This was rattling around in my daughters car, and I asked her what it was. She said it was from a Chuckie Cheeze drink cup. Immediately my mind went into overdrive.


Coffee Cup Holders For CansI love soda in aluminum cans, but hate the cold and condensation on my hands. I came up with a great solution that I thought might help others who have similar problems with their hands.


Use Old Sandals in the ShowerThis could be all sorts of categories, but for me it was safety. Having Parkinsons, I find showering sometimes harrowing. Shower mats get yukky and the peel and stick don't last long. So, I came up with something that is safe and can be used in any shower.


David With Toby KeithThis is my brother David on the right and he is fighting for our country, but on this day he is guarding Toby Keith, country singer.


Traditional Arikara Nation ClothingI call this "Country living at its finest, circa 1828" at Fort Union Trading Post NHS. Park Ranger Loren Yellow Bird and his son Patrick, members of the Arikara Nation, look like they have stepped from a Karl Bodmer painting.


Reusing Zip Lock Foil Lined Product BagsI love zip lock bags. And what better than one that is foil and pretty much moisture proof?


Girl in toy jeep

Customizing a Jeep for GirlsFor Christmas this year, we wanted to get our daughter an all terrain Jeep that could handle our thick grass and her grandparent's gravel road. The problem was they were geared towards boys and looked nothing like a girl or even neutral.


Amanda & the Hulk

Amanda And The HulkAmanda and the Hulk in London


Being Thrifty and CreativeI had gotten him a pair of Old Navy jeans, but before he could wear them, he got a hold of a Sharpie marker! There were some marks on the jeans that I couldn't get out, despite LOTS of trying! I hated to throw the jeans out, so I finally bought a few firefighter patches (also from eBay!) and sewed them over the marks.


Backyard Drive In MoviesA fun summer party idea is a back-yard drive-in. You simply need a laptop computer that can play DVD's, a projector that connects to the laptop to project your image onto the screen, and a screen.


FlyingHave you ever seen a boy flying?


Cross in PictureWhen the image of this photo was downloaded it looked like an image of a cross in the background.


Photos with Missing Information?Here are a bunch of nice photos but we don't have the descriptions. Because of the server changeover, all of our looking has not locate the original entries. If you recognize one of the photos, let us know which one and we'll put it together so it stands on its own. Use the contact form on the site.


Humanitarian Aid Mission in AfghanistanI used a longer focal length of my lens to isolate the subject, and black and white to take away color distraction. I mostly use 80-200mm Nikkor to blur out the background and it also gives me the opportunity to shoot from far away. The Afghan kids in this photo were reaching out to US Army soldiers, who handed out toys on a Humanitarian Aid mission in Afghanistan. Nikon F5, Fujifilm 800, 24-85mm Nikkor. Afghanistan, 2005.


Removing Pepsi from Our SchoolThis picture was taken of a Pepsi truck removing the pop machines from Hood River Valley High School. The recipe is to drink 8 glasses of water a day not pop! Drink 8 glasses of water a day not pop. I was glad they removed the pop machines from the schools yeah!


My Frugal Husband's Straw Hat

My Frugal Husband's Straw HatNow you can't say MY husband isn't frugal! I finally burned it one day when he was gone or he would still be wearing it!


Casino building on front lawn of Holiday Inn.

What Not To Put on Your LandscapeThe President Casino landed on the Holiday Inn's front lobby and lawn in Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.


What Mother Nature Can Do

What Mother Nature Can DoThis was during a storm April '05 in Medford Lakes, New Jersey. The water level was very high and the current was as you can see very strong.


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