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Closet Full of Hanging Clothes

Preventing Mold on Stored ClothingThis is a page about preventing mold on stored clothing. Whether they are being boxed up in the attic or hanging in the back or your closet, clothing that is stored for a while can get moldy. Ensure your clothes are ready to wear again, when you need them, by preventing mold infestation.


Storing Artificial Flowers

Storing Artificial FlowersThis page is about storing artificial flowers. It is important to keep these flowers dust free and protected from crushing when storing.


Packing for a Move

Moving Cross CountryThis page is about moving cross country. Finding the least expensive and most efficient way to move is a challenge.


A storage tube for plastic bags made from bandanas.

Bandana Storage Tube for Plastic BagsHere is a handy way to store extra plastic bags that can easily be made from a common bandana. This is a page about bandana storage tube for plastic bags.


Hiding Keys, A key hidden under a mat.

Hiding Keys - Tips and TricksThis is a page about hiding keys. Many people like to hide a spare key to their house or car, in case they get locked out. It is important to hide your key well, so that someone else doesn't find it.


Man standing next to heavy hutch and boxes on carpet

Moving Heavy Furniture on CarpetThis page is about moving heavy furniture on carpet. You can make or buy sliders to help you move heavy pieces over all kinds of floors.


In a wheelchair doing laundry.

Organizing Your Home When You Have a DisabilityThis is a page about organizing your home when you have a disability. Organizing your home and belongings, with your disability in mind, can make everyday activities easier.


Making Wooden Locker Shelves

Making Wooden Locker ShelvesThis is a page about making wooden locker shelves. Easy to make, wood shelves can add more room and organization to a child's school locker.


Note Written on Mirror

Using Your Bathroom Mirror for RemindersThis is a page about using your bathroom mirror for reminders. Leaving notes for yourself on the bathroom mirror is a tried and true method of reminding yourself of something important. There are a number of ways to get the message across though, find the one that is right for you.


Small Organized Bedroom

Organizing a Small BedroomThis is a page about organizing a small bedroom. Organizing a small bedroom can be a challenge, due to the lack of sufficient storage space and other concerns.


Cabinet with Multi-colored Hanging Files

Organizing Paperwork For TaxesThis is a page about organizing paperwork for taxes. Make the arrival of tax season less stressful by organizing the paperwork needed for preparing taxes.


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How do you carry your checkbook?Ladies, do you prefer carrying a checkbook wallet or a checkbook cover? I read an article that indicated most women are dumping their checkbook wallets and simply carrying the checkbook cover.



Man Holding Plunger

Storing a PlungerThis is a page about storing a plunger. Keeping a toilet plunger in the bathroom may be efficient, but storing this somewhat unsightly tool may require some creativity.


Messy Room Needs Organization

Motivating Yourself to OrganizeThis is a page about motivating yourself to organize. Getting organized is a big task, especially if it has been neglected. A few simple steps each day can make a big difference in how organized your are. Staying motived to get those things done can be difficult.


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Moving a Washing Machine Down StairsI am getting ready to move to another house. I have a washer upstairs and I would like to know if you have any good ideas on how to transport the washer downstairs.


Leftover paint in open cans.

Saving Leftover PaintThis is a page about saving leftover paint. If you want to save leftover paint, it is important to store it properly. Proper storage will ensure that it is still usable when you need it.


Cluttered Garage

Organizing ClutterThis page is about organizing clutter. Sometimes tackling the mess can just seem overwhelming.


Organizing Plastic Bags, A blue plastic grocery bag.

Organizing Plastic BagsThis is a page about organizing plastic bags. Many homes have an assortment of plastic bags, from grocery bags to trash bags. It can be difficult to organize them all, so it may require some creativity.


A row of old books.

Getting Rid of Your Old BooksThis page is about getting rid of your old books. Having a library of books can be very nice, but often times you may not read them again.


Kitchen with many Small Kitchen Appliances

Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen AppliancesSmall kitchen appliances can be a challenge to store. They take up a lot of space on your countertop and can be bulky and require too much space in your cabinets. This is a page about storage ideas for small kitchen appliances.


Plaid Bedskirt

Keeping Bedskirts in PlaceThis is a page about keeping bedskirts in place. Keeping dust ruffles straight and looking nice can be easy.


Garage Full of Boxes and Clutter

Getting Rid of ClutterThis is a page about getting rid of clutter. Clutter can add up around the house faster then you thought possible. Keeping clutter down in your home helps your home be more organized and clean.


moving tips and tricks

Moving Tips and TricksThe challenge of moving a household can be streamlined with a good plan. This page is about moving tips and tricks.


Paper Shredding Tips

Paper Shredding TipsThis page contains paper shredding tips. Shredding documents is a good way to keep your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.


Push Pins

Alternatives to Push PinsThis is a page about alternatives to push pins. When you run out of push pins take a look around the house, for other things you can use.


Spice Tins on Fridge

Organizing Spice Tins on Your FridgeThis is a page about organizing spice tins on your fridge. This is a creative way to find more storage space in your kitchen.


Stack of photos

Keeping Photos from Sticking TogetherMoisture and acids from non archival paper can cause photos to stick to each other. One highly recommended solution is to place a piece of archival paper between the photos and then store them in an archival box, away from moisture. This is a page about keeping photos from sticking together.



Old Christmas card.

Preserving Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about preserving old greeting cards. Keeping greeting cards and reminiscing about past events and friends is something many of us like to do.


A blank address book

Address Book Tips and TricksThis is a page about address book tips and tricks. Keeping your address book current whether it is in hard-copy or on the computer is easy if you use a few simple tips.


Organizing Necklaces

Organizing NecklacesThis page is about organizing necklaces. There are ways to keep your jewelry untangled and easy to find.


mobile homes

Storage Solutions for a Mobile HomeThis is a page about storage solutions for a mobile home. Sometimes mobile home dwellers, especially those with an older or smaller home may experience storage space problems.


Rubber Stamps

Storing and Organizing Rubber StampsThis page is about storing and organizing rubber stamps. Keeping your stamps easy to find when doing a project is helpful.


Organizing Your Cross-Top Freezer, Picture of an organized freezer.

Organizing Your FreezerThis is a page about organizing your freezer. Freezing food allows you to preserve food for a long time which can save you money. Having an organized freezer is key to avoid having the food go to waste.


Organizing Your Bedroom

Organizing Your BedroomThis page is about organizing your bedroom. It can be challenging to keep your bedroom from collecting clutter.


A cute and organized room.

Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your RoomThere are a number of thrifty ways to make your bedroom your own and a showcase of your favorite colors and things. This is a page about cute and fun ways to organize your room.


Empty Suitcase

Using Luggage As StorageThis is a page about using luggage as storage. Rather than having old or seldom used luggage just take up space, use it for storage.


Apartment Complex

Downsizing From a House to an ApartmentThis page is about downsizing from a house to an apartment. When moving into an apartment from a house, there are often many things you will no longer need or want.


Organizing a Small Kitchen, A small kitchen painted lime green.

Organizing a Small KitchenThis is a page about organizing a small kitchen. Organizing your kitchen is tough even in a large kitchen. It is even more important to organize a small kitchen, where space is limited.


Spools of thread, buttons, scissors, and a tape measure.

Organizing Sewing SuppliesThis is a page about organizing sewing supplies. Keeping all of your sewing supplies well organized makes working on each project easier.


A wardrobe for clothing.

Storage Ideas for a House With No ClosetsThis is a page about storage ideas for a house with no closets. Some homes, older ones in particular have a dearth of closets, making storage problematic or a creative moment.


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Link: SUInk for Organization ProductsI found a cool site I would like to share with all of my frugal friends. If you are an organization nut like me, this one will either excite you or motivate you, like me! It stands for Storage Unit so check it out!


Brooms and Mops

Storing Brooms and MopsThis page is about storing brooms and mops. An untidy mess can develop in a utility closet or corner of the kitchen.



Using a thick rubber band to keep shower rack from sliding down the shower head.

Keep Shower Rack From Sliding Down Shower HeadYour shower head is a convenient place to hang a rack for holding soaps and shampoos but sometimes these racks do slide down the shower head. This page has tips to help prevent your shower rack from sliding down shower head.


Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.

Storing a Toilet BrushThis is a page about storing a toilet brush. The toilet brush is a handy often used tool, but not necessarily one you want to leave out in the open.


Shoes that are oranized on a shelf.

Organizing ShoesThis is a page about organizing your shoes. Are your shoes a jumble on the floor of the closet? Ever grab two shoes only to find that they are not a pair? This is a page about organizing your shoes.


Organizing Useful Tips from Websites

Organizing Useful Tips from WebsitesThis is a page about organizing useful tips from websites. There is so much good information out on the web, but sometimes trying to organize it can be daunting.


birth certificate, passport and social security card

Getting a Copy of a Birth CertificateWhen you need proof of your birth it's important to know where to go to get the certificate. This page is about getting a copy of a birth certificate.


jigsaw puzzle

Making a Puzzle Storage BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle storage board. Finding a good way to store a puzzle while you are working on it can be frustrating or expensive. Make a combination workspace and storage solution for your next jigsaw puzzle.


A tray of nuts and bolts.

Organizing Nails, Screws, Nuts and BoltsThis is a page about organizing nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. It is important to organize your nails, screws, nuts and bolts. Keeping them separated and easy to use will make it easier to find what you need when doing a project.


Pile of Junk Mail

Disposing of Junk MailThis is a page to disposing of junk mail. Junk mail pours into our mail boxes daily, which can cause our home to have unneeded clutter. Having a system to getting rid of it, will help reduce one of the biggest clutter culprits in your home.


Health Insurance Claims Paperwork

Organizing Health Insurance PaperworkThis is a page about organizing health insurance paperwork. Managing your health insurance paperwork is very important, so that you can track payments, recurring appointments, etc., and later for tax prep.


Middle School Locker Kit

Making a Middle School Locker KitThis is a page about making a middle school locker kit. Have your child help you put together this useful kit of everyday necessities to store in their school locker. This is a page about making a middle school locker kit.


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Storing Seasonal Vinyl Window ClingsWould like info as to how to store seasonal vinyl window clings. So far, I've found that they don't store well and tend to curl up.


Shoes on a rack and in plastic shoe boxes.

Storing Shoes Without DustKeep your shoes as good as new in storage by using handy shoebox containers. This is a page about storing shoes without dust.


Spice rack with magnetic canisters.

Other Uses for Spice RacksSpice racks have numerous handy uses other than organizing spice jars. Many small items, such as nails, paper clips, and beads, can be stowed away on a spice rack. This is about repurposing spice racks.


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Storing Table Linens in Limited SpaceHow do you store napkins and tablecloths? My space is limited.


A chest freezer full of frozen food.

Organizing Your Chest FreezerThis is a page for organizing your chest freezer. A chest freezer is a great way to store a lot of food, but it is easy for it to become disorganized. Storing frozen food only saves you money if you can find it when you need it.


Woman Storing Bedding in Linen Closet

Storing BeddingThis is a page about storing bedding. Bedding is generally a seasonal item that may need to be stored away until next summer or winter, for example.


Use Photo Albums to Organize RecipesPhoto albums are an excellent choice for organizing your recipes. Cut or print them out and arrange to your liking. This is a page about use photo albums to organize recipes.


VHS Tape

Organizing VHS TapesThis is a page about organizing VHS tapes. Many people have large collections of movies on VHS tapes. Finding a way to organize them for ease of use and best use of space can be perplexing.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Using a Shower Rod to Hang TowelsA tension shower curtain rod can provide additional space for hanging towels to dry in your tub or shower enclosure. This page suggests using a shower rod to hang towels.


Uses for Hair Clips

Uses for Hair ClipsThis is a page about uses for hair clips. Use extra hair clips in a number of ways to help clean and organize around the house.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Storing LightbulbsThis is a page about storing lightbulbs. It's great to find a good deal on lightbulbs and stock up. However, with their odd shape, it can be difficult to store them without having them take up too much room or getting damaged.


Organizing a Conference

Organizing a ConferenceThis page is about organizing a conference. Planning within your budget what you will need to cover all the details, is important to holding a productive event.


A space saving display shelf over a window.

Creating Display Shelves Above WindowsThis is a page about creating display shelves above windows. Finding more space for storage or display often requires that you look at often unused areas around your home or apartment.


Many Pairs of Earrings Spread out

Organizing EarringsThis is a page about organizing earrings. Earrings come in almost every imaginable shape and size. It is no wonder they can be difficult to store with getting to be disorganized.


Use Shower Curtain
Rings on Hangers

Use Shower Curtain Rings on HangersShower curtain rings can be used for many more things than just holding up a shower curtain. You can use them in your closet to hang ties or scarves. This is a page about use shower curtain rings as hangers.


Rolls of Toilet Paper

Storing Toilet PaperThis is a page about storing toilet paper. Buying toilet paper in bulk is a common way to save money on this staple bathroom item. However, all those extra rolls can take up a lot of space.


A tank top on a hanger.

Keeping Clothes on HangersThis is a page about keeping clothes on hangers. Having your clothing constantly sliding off the hanger is frustrating.


A pile of women's underwear.

Organizing Your Underwear DrawerThis is a page about organizing your underwear drawer. It is not uncommon for underwear drawers to be disorganized. Keeping your underwear organized will help you find the pair you want and makes it easier to fit more into your drawer.


Rocks inside two mason jars.

Frugal Storage SolutionsThis page contains frugal storage solutions. If you get creative, there are so many frugal storage solutions right in front of you. Consider re-purposing items when you have a storage need.


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Storing Beanie BabiesI have about 100 beanie babies at the top of my closet that I would still like to keep in my room, but not out collecting dust. Please tell me some ways I can store them so that they aren't being displayed but also not taking up lots of room.


A paper clip used to keep track of the end of a tape roll.

Keeping Track of the End of TapeThis page contains tips for finding the end of tape. There are a few ways to keep track of where to start the tape.


Pack rat collection

Organizing Tips for a Pack RatThis page contains organizing tips for a pack rat. If you aren't a pack rat yourself, you likely know one.


Sewing Room

Organizing a Sewing RoomThis is a page about organizing a sewing room. Whether you are using a spare bedroom, office or a corner of your garage, space in your sewing or craft room can be a premium.


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Long Term Lampshade Storage IdeasI need to store several very good fabric and fabric trimmed lamp shades for several years. I am concerned that the moving box and the newsprint paper might leach onto the shade causing discoloration. I am also concerned that plastic wrap will cause moisture to form mildew over time.


bag of garbage

Garbage Tips and TricksThis page contains garbage tips and tricks. Keeping your trash contained and reducing odors is important.


Picture of a telephone keypad.

Remembering Phone NumbersThis is a page about remembering phone numbers short and long term. Even in the era of cellphones, memorizing phone numbers can still be a valuable skill.


Bathroom Cabinet

Organizing Your Bathroom CabinetsThis is a page about organizing your bathroom cabinets. With all of the various sized containers and supplies, bathroom cabinets can be a mess if left unorganized.


School photo of a blond girl.

Organizing and Displaying School PhotosThis is a page about organizing and displaying school photos. School photos are such a great visual record of your children as they grow up.


DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

DIY Plastic Bag DispenserKeeping your plastic bags organized for reuse can be done in a variety of ways. This is a page about DIY plastic bag dispenser.


Storing Clothing

Storing ClothingThis is a page about storing clothing. How you store your clothing may be important due to type, space constraints, or other concerns.


Two metal garbage cans.

Keeping the Lid on Your Garbage CanThis is a page about keeping the lid on your garbage can. Your garbage can lid keeps animals out and will help prevent the wind from blowing your trash around. Sometimes it takes extra measures to hold it on tightly.


Storing Pantyhose

Storing PantyhoseThis is a page about storing pantyhose. Keeping pantyhose neatly stored in your drawer can require a bit of creativity.


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Reducing ClutterI don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but along with getting rid of clutter, "stop buying more stuff!". That's how you got clutter in the first place.


A baking tray next to a nightstand.

Under the Table Storage IdeaThere is space at floor level under tables and dressers that you may use for extra storage when you need it. This is a page about under the table storage idea.


Kid's Clothes

Putting Names on Kids ClothesThis is a page about putting names on kids clothes. Putting your children's name on their clothing helps when sorting laundry or for identifying lost clothing at school.


Pasta in Glass Jars

Pantry Food StorageThis page is about pantry food storage. Storing food in your pantry can be challenging to keep organized and properly rotated.


Empty hangers

How to Store Extra HangersExtra hangers for laundry or crafts can be stored in a spare room, or even in the bathroom. Check out the tip included here. This is a page about using a spare room for hanging extra hangers.


A single maroon fabric flower against a white background

Organizing Silk FlowersThis is a page about organizing silk flowers. If you do a lot of crafting using silk flowers, organizing your supply may be a challenge.


Colorful Drinking Straws

How to Store Drinking StrawsThere are a lot of recycled containers you can put to new use for storing your drinking straws, such as oatmeal or cookie boxes. This is a page about storing drinking straws.


Organizing Beads and Buttons

Organizing Beads and ButtonsIf you have a large collection of beads and buttons, it important to keep them organized so you can locate the ones you need. This is a page about organizing beads and buttons<.


different sized bag footballs

Folding Plastic Grocery BagsThis is a page about folding plastic grocery bags. Storing plastic grocery bags for reuse can be a challenge. They seem to require a better solution than stuffing them in another grocery bag.


Organizing a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Organizing a Lazy Susan CabinetA Lazy Susan cabinet can be a very efficient way to store things. This is a page about organizing a lazy susan cabinet.


Storing Craft Paints

Storing Craft PaintsThis page is about storing craft paints. Keeping your craft paint well organized will make finding the color you need much easier.


A black top hung on a clothes hangar with rubber bands.

Using Rubber Bands on Clothing HangersTo keep your clothes from sliding off hangers, you can use rubber bands. This is a page about using rubber bands on clothing hangers.


A shelf unit built on the back of a bathroom door.

Hidden Medicine CabinetI built this on the back of my laundry room door. It's shallow so I can look at OTC medicine, prescription medicine or my blood pressure checker. It even keeps my bandaids. Easy and it didn't take me long to build.


A pair of metal tweezers isolated on white

Storing TweezersThis is a page about storing tweezers. If you are constantly trying to find your tweezers or simply are looking for a convenient place to store them, here are some suggestions.


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Utilizing the Wasted Space in Corner Kitchen Cabinets What's the best way to utilize the space in the unreachable corners of my cabinets where they form an "L" shape. If I use bins in those corners to hold items then I have to remove all my pots and pans to get to the bins.


Declutter with Coffee Cans

Organizing With Plastic Coffee ContainersThis is a page about organizing with plastic coffee containers. If you purchase coffee in large plastic containers, be sure to reuse them for your clutter.


Pile of greeting cards.

Organizing Unused Greeting CardsSave extra holiday cards and stock up on frequently used greeting cards when you see a good price and choice. Then by organizing them you can always find what you need for that special occasion. This is a page about organizing unused greeting cards.


bird feeder

Storing Bird SeedThis is a page about storing bird seed. Attracting birds to your garden is a rewarding pastime. Once you have purchased those large sacks of seed you will want to find a convenient way to store the seed.


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Getting You Fabric Organized - tagged fabric pieces in a drawer

Getting Your Fabric OrganizedWith sewing and doing a lot of crafts, I needed to come up with a easy, efficient, and organized fabric display. Make it simple and easy looking for that perfect amount for upcoming projects, by simply measuring your fabric, folding it around cardboard, and pinning it together. Use leftover cardstock, with hand written measured amount, pinned into your fabric, card catalog style.


Dollar Tree Bead Storage Solution - plastic containers on a vinyl covered wire rack

Dollar Tree Bead Storage SolutionI love these little oblong containers from the Dollar Tree. I get them in a package of 10.


Customizing a Wicker Nightstand - new tabletop with bedside light on

Customizing a Wicker NightstandI have a wonderful 5 drawer night stand. It's perfect except for the top has way too little area for a lamp, cell charger, etc. So I customized the top.


Several mushroom tubs on a wall containing different craft supplies.

Mushroom Tubs for Organizing Craft SuppliesI love mushrooms. But almost the best things about them are how versatile their containers are. Durable and cute, they make a chaotic kitchen, office, or craft room much better.


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reduce Laundry by Reducing ClothesMy family of four just recently picked up and moved across the globe with most of our possessions in only seven suitcases. As we are settling into our new home, I am trying to be conscientious of what new things we bring into our house. Having less stuff can make for much easier organizing.


Expandable Way To Organize Beads

Expandable Way To Organize BeadsThis was a very easy project that took a small amount of effort with maximum return and it was fun. First collect as many of those little liquor bottles they give on airplanes or in the mini-bars in hotel rooms. Get your friends to help you. They are usually glad to help when you tell them it is for a special project. Other types of containers could be substituted.


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Rubber Band Ball

Making a Rubber Band BallThis video shows you the step by step process to making a rubber band ball.


Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

Magnetic Locker Pencil HolderThis handy organizer is good for inside a school locker or on the refrigerator. Learn how to make it with this short video


Canning Jar Utensil HolderThis wall mounted utensil holder is great to use in small kitchens or if you need to free up some drawer space.


Stripped sock oil bottle cover

Making an Oil Bottle CoverThis video shows you the simple steps to making an oil bottle cover.


a colorful menu board, showing a week's worth of dinner plans.

Dinner Menu Board and Meal BasketsNeed a way to help your family keep track of weekly meal plans? Check out this helpful and colorful menu board. Learn about it in this short video.


Spice Tins on Fridge

Organizing Spice TinsWatch the video to discover a simple way to organize your spice tins.


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Hanging a Coat Rack on a Door

Hanging a Coat Rack on a DoorThere are a few ways to hang a coat rack on the back of a door. Some come with over the door hangers, they can be screwed into the door, or you can use Command Hooks to attach them.


people working on yard chores

Creating a Work Club for Household ChoresGetting the much needed chores done around your home may be a never ending source of frustration. Try a family coordinated attack on them on a weekly basis. Another excellent idea is to organize a work club in your area. Read on for the club details.


A bottle of shampoo being dispensed.

Placing Rubber Bands Around Shampoo BottlesPlace rubber bands around your shampoo bottles to reduce their slipperiness and also to help differentiate between the shampoo and conditioner, especially when they are the same brand.


Bottles of lotion in a wire rack holder.

Lotion HolderI had a bottle holder which I didn't have any use for. I decided to make a lotion caddy out of the bottle holder so I could store my lotions on the counter top and have easy, daily access to a choice of lotions rather than dig through a bathroom drawer or have them piled up all over the countertop.


storage crates behind a washer and dryer for storage.

Turn Dead Space into Storage SpaceI doubt anyone ever said that they have too much storage space! Yesterday, I was getting a little reorganized for the change of seasons, and had an idea to make some storage space in my small laundry room. I have front loading machines that sit about 6 to 8 inches away from the back wall to accommodate hoses and vents.


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Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller ApartmentMy mom and I live in a big rented house. We have to downsize to a smaller rented apartment. There is no storage in these places. I also have to share a washer and dryer the everyone uses. What did you do when you had to move to a smaller elderly apartment?


Organizing Articles Leaving the Magazine Intact - two magazines

Organizing Articles Leaving the Magazine IntactI am a self taught jewelry maker. I have magazines from Art Jewelry magazine and Lapidary Journal. Lapidary Journal is still in print and I still receive it. Art Jewelry is out of print. These magazines are incredible resources and an inspiration and I prefer to keep the magazines intact.


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Earring Storage IdeasI have more than 200 pairs of earrings, and my collection is forever growing. I'm looking for a cute way to store/display all of my earrings.


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Storing Leather Coats and JacketsI have leather coats and leather jackets. How can I prevent them from getting damp and mold on them?


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Tips for Getting Control of Your LifeI'm reading the book Simple Steps by Lisa Lelas, Linda McClintock and Beverly Zingarella. I tried to put it into practice once in the eighties, but life got the better of me. I'm retired now and I want to give it another try. Does anyone have any tips for getting started and keeping momentum?


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Hiding a Spare Key on Your CarDoes anyone know of a safe, yet accessible place to hide a spare car key under the hood, or any other place that can be gotten to while locked out? I don't like the idea of a magnetic box because all someone has to do is pull it off the car.


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