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Closet Full of Hanging Clothes

Preventing Mold on Stored ClothingThis is a page about preventing mold on stored clothing. Whether they are being boxed up in the attic or hanging in the back or your closet, clothing that is stored for a while can get moldy. Ensure your clothes are ready to wear again, when you need them, by preventing mold infestation.


Organized Colorful Clothing

Organizing Clothing for the Color BlindThis page is about organizing clothing for someone who is color blind. When someone can not tell the difference between some colors and shades, they may need some help to be confident that their clothes are matched.


Storing Pantyhose

Storing PantyhoseThis is a page about storing pantyhose. Keeping pantyhose neatly stored in your drawer can require a bit of creativity.


A row of leather jackets hanging up.

Storing Leather Coats and Jackets?This is a page about storing leather coats and jackets. Here are some great tips to help your jackets keep their shape when not in use, as well as avoiding mold while they are being stored.


Folding an orange T-shirt.

T-shirt Fold for Storage and TravelingHere's a fast and easy way to fold t-shirts for putting away or packing. This is a page about t-shirt fold for storage and traveling.


A basket hanging from two hangers in the closet.

Sock Storage from the Dollar TreeI am trying to organize my bedroom closet and socks are the bane of my existence. So today I thought of something that really helped.



Hanging a Coat Rack on a Door

Hanging a Coat Rack on a DoorThere are a few ways to hang a coat rack on the back of a door. Some come with over the door hangers, they can be screwed into the door, or you can use Command Hooks to attach them.


A collection of hats hanging on a wall coat rack.

Hanging Hats on the WallDisplaying hats on the wall is a great way to use them as decoration and keep them in good shape.


DIY Shirt Folding Board - folded t-shirt

DIY Shirt Folding BoardYou too can have perfectly stacked shirts, like the ones you see at the store. This DIY shirt folding board is easy to make with items you likely have around the house.


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueTired of wrinkles in your nice clean t-shirts? This page offers a fast folding t-shirt technique that will help keep your freshly laundered shirts wrinkle free.


A filled hangbag that is sitting upright.

Storing Handbags and PursesWhen you need to store hand bags for another season, you may want to stuff them with newspaper or packing material so they keep their shape. This is a page about storing handbags and purses.


Shoe bag organizer for winter accessories.

Organizing Winter Accessories in a Pocketed Shoe HolderShoe organizers can be used to save space and organize all sorts things. This is a page about organizing winter accessories in a pocketed shoe holder.


Hanging a Long Sleeve Knit Top

Hanging a Long Sleeve Knit TopTry this tip for hanging your long sleeve knit tops to prevent stretching. This is a page about hanging a long sleeve knit top.


Hats hanging from a skirt hanger.

Simple Homemade Hat RackNo need to spend $20+ for a hat rack. You can easily create your own rack with items you already have around your home.


Woman Planning Outfits

Planning OutfitsThis is a page about planning outfits. Knowing which clothes and accessories that look good together, can help you save time getting dressed.


Kid's Clothes

Putting Names on Kids Clothes?This is a page about putting names on kids clothes. Putting your children's name on their clothing helps when sorting laundry or for identifying lost clothing at school.


Perfume samples.

Perfume Samples for Scented LingerieI love lightly scented lingerie and socks so I will pull out the nice perfume scented paper samples in magazines and inserts mailed to me to fold into my lingerie drawers! I even add softener sheets or soap wrappers sometimes!


Stack of Belts

Organizing BeltsThis is a page about organizing belts. Organizing your clothing makes it easier to find just what you are looking for when dressing. The same goes for accessories such as belts.


Storing Clothing

Storing ClothingThis is a page about storing clothing. How you store your clothing may be important due to type, space constraints, or other concerns.


Garment Hanger Solution

Collapsible Garment Hanger Solutions?This is a page about collapsible garment hanger solutions. A temporary garment hanger that you can store when not in use can be very useful.



Organized Clothes in Closet

Organizing ClothesThis is a page about organizing clothes. Organizing your clothing can be very helpful, no matter what the reason.


Organized Winter Sweaters

Organizing Seasonal ClothingThis is a page about organizing seasonal clothing. Storing off season clothing can be an organizing challenge, especially if you are short on storage space.


Organizing Hats

Organizing HatsThis is a page about organizing hats. If you have a lot of hats, finding a good way to organize them can be frustrating.


Shirts folded neatly in a dresser drawer.

Organizing Clothing in Dresser DrawersThis page is about organizing clothing in dresser drawers. Arranging your clothes smartly helps to make them easy to find and saves you time.


Green Scarf

Organizing ScarvesScarves are colorful wardrobe accessories that sometimes defy our best organizational attempts. This is a page about organizing scarves.


Woman carrying a laundry basket full of socks.

Keeping Track of SocksThis is a page about keeping track of socks. Socks are notorious for seeming to constantly lose their mates. Many of us routinely empty the washer or dryer only to find one sock instead of a pair. Then the hunt begins.


Laundry Tips and Tricks, Dirty Laundry in a White Basket

Organizing Dirty LaundryThis is a page about organizing dirty laundry. Sorting and organizing your dirty laundry before it is washed can be very helpful. It will keep like colors and types together and help with folding and putting away later.


An organized underwear drawer.

Organizing UnderwearThis is a page about organizing underwear. Keeping your underwear organized will ensure you can find the pair you want when you want it. It can also help keep you underwear separate from other in your household that might have similar underwear.


Group of Garden Gloves

Organizing Gloves (and Mittens)This is a page about organizing gloves. Whether it's winter gloves, or gardening and work gloves; it''s easy to have a number of pairs around the house, especially if you have children. Keep those gloves organized and easily accessible.


Many Pairs of Earrings Spread out

Organizing EarringsThis is a page about organizing earrings. Earrings come in almost every imaginable shape and size. It is no wonder they can be difficult to store with getting to be disorganized.


A pile of women's underwear.

Organizing Your Underwear DrawerThis is a page about organizing your underwear drawer. It is not uncommon for underwear drawers to be disorganized. Keeping your underwear organized will help you find the pair you want and makes it easier to fit more into your drawer.


Photo of kids clothing in a closet.

Organizing Kids ClothesThis is a page about organizing kids clothes. Keeping clothing organized is a real chore especially if you have kids in the house. Making it so that your child's clothing is clean and easy for them to locate can make mornings in your household a lot less stressful.


New York Yankees cap on white background.

Displaying a Baseball Hat CollectionThis is a page about displaying a baseball hat collection. Collecting baseball caps is a fun pastime for the avid fan. Now that you have a growing collection you may need some ideas for displaying them.


Shoes that are oranized on a shelf.

Organizing ShoesThis is a page about organizing your shoes. Are your shoes a jumble on the floor of the closet? Ever grab two shoes only to find that they are not a pair? This is a page about organizing your shoes.


Storing Out of Season Clothing, Stack of folded sweaters in different colors

Storing Out of Season ClothingThis page is about storing out of season clothing. Out of season clothing can take up a lot of space in your dresser drawers. Storing seasonally inappropriate clothing can help free up space, and make the current season's clothing more accessible.



A picture of a pair of socks.

Organizing SocksThis is a page about organizing socks. From the hamper, to the washer, to the sock drawer, there are several places that socks can lose their match. The mystery of missing socks will likely never be solved, but there are ways to increase the probability of being able to find two socks that go together.


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Storing Clothes in a Damp Basement?How do I keep clothes dry in damp basement? I want to pack them away, but am not sure how to keep out mold and mildew smells and dampness. Every time I pull something out it smells and feels damp, or it's plain moldy, especially leather.


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Sock LocksJust read your newsletter with tips on organizing socks. i use a great product called sock-locks. A wonderful little gadget that fits a pair of socks together - we use them and I never have lost socks.


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Marking Clothes for ChildrenMy Mom had the perfect solution to labeling those children's articles of clothing. #1 child got one dot of nail polish on the label. The nail polish does not wash out very easily. #2 child got two dots, and so on down the line.


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Name Tag Ideas for Clothes?I'm a foster parent and when children come into my home they sometimes come with a bag of clothing. I also have to spend a certain dollar amount each month buying them brand new clothes.


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Ideas for Hanging Clothes?We are moving into a studio type apartment. There are no closets and rather than build one in the existing space I was just going to have everything open. I need ideas and how to hang clothes. Some type of clothes racks?


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Instruction For Making a Shoe Rack?I am looking for directions on how to make a shoe rack.


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Organizing T-Shirts?Tips for organizing t-shirts. Post your ideas.


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Inexpensive Shoe Storage Ideas?I need an inexpensive idea for shoe storage at the bottom of a closet. Already tried clear shoe boxes. I have lots of shoes and even willing to build. Nicole from OK


Organizing socks with an over the door shoe organizer.

Organizing Socks for the FamilyInstead of using those plastic over-the-door shoe organizers for shoes, I use mine to organize our socks! After taking the socks out of the dryer, I just roll them up and place a pair in each pocket of the shoe organizer (I do this with pantyhose and knee-highs too).


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Day of the Week HangersBecause of our work schedules, my husband usually gets our 2 year old son dressed in the morning. He's a wonderful father, but heaven help him, cannot put matching outfits together very well!


Organize Your Closet for Less

Organize Your Closet for LessThe key to a happy closet is organization, but sometimes that price of that organization doesn't make you happy. There are alternatives to these often pricey shelving systems and organizers.



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Organizing Kids Clothing?How do you store clothes for your children that don't fit them yet? Containers?


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Storing Shoes?I have moved in with my cousin and have very limited closet space. I would like to know if it is okay to store my shoes in a cardboard box?


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Storing Leather Coats and Jackets?I have leather coats and leather jackets. How can I prevent them from getting damp and mold on them?


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Storing Shoes?I have limited space in my closet. Is it OK to store my shoes in one large brown cardboard/storage box? I was wondering if the shoes at the bottom of the box would lose their shape from the other shoes being stacked on top of them. Please advise.


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Organizing Winter Clothing Without a Closet?I would like to know how and where to put winter coats and overalls, without a closet for a family of 5.


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Storing Off Season Shoes?So, I have this space under the stairs, as you can imagine it is oddly shaped, but I managed to fit a bureau under there. I also try to keep our shoes under there in a plastic bin, but it is hard to get to and I bang my head. Where and how do you store your off season shoes, like winter boots, work boots, etc.?


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