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This page contains advice, tips and information about organizing crafts and crafting supplies.

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Rubber Stamps

Storing and Organizing Rubber StampsThis page is about storing and organizing rubber stamps. Keeping your stamps easy to find when doing a project is helpful.


Storing Craft Paints

Storing Craft PaintsThis page is about storing craft paints. Keeping your craft paint well organized will make finding the color you need much easier.


Craft Scissors and Paper

Organizing Craft ProjectsThis is a page about organizing craft projects. Many crafters may be working on multiple projects at the same time or they can only work on their projects when time allows.


Craft supplies for scrapbooking, including scissors, punches, paper and other decorations.

Organizing Craft SuppliesMaterials for crafts can take up a lot of room, it is best to have an organized system so you can find what you want when you want it. This is a page about organizing craft supplies.


A collection of markers in a round container.

Markers and Pens HolderHere is very inexpensive way to organize your markers and pens. This product is advertised showing just paint brushes and colored pencils for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. However, I found it to be great to hold up to 49 markers or pens too!


A can organizer being used for craft supplies.

Can Organizer for Craft SuppliesMy daughter went another way with her pantry recently, and gave me three of these. I hoped they would have worked in my pantry but when one door closes...


Organized craft supplies in a closet.

Organizing with Shoe Boxes and Storage TubsI needed to find a way to put away crafting items that are seasonal, and make it functional along with decorative. Because it is in my crafting space, a theme color is where I wanted to start. I found some great shoe/photo boxes and plastic tubs.


Hanger, Clips, and Rings for Craft Storage - wreath rings and embroidery hoops hanging from a hanger

Hanger, Clips, and Rings for Craft StorageFinding space to store craft supplies in a small house or apartment can be challenging. Here is an inexpensive solution.


An empty cardboard egg carton.

Organizing Using Egg CartonsEgg cartons are often reused for craft projects, but they can also be used for organizing small craft supplies as well as other small items. Some suggestions for organizing using egg cartons can be seen below.


DIY Bead and Small Item Storage - second drawer of small containers

DIY Bead and Small Item StorageSmall containers, whether recycled coffee containers or lidded boxes from a craft or discount store, can be invaluable in organizing your small craft supplies. A description of one crafter's storage solution is offered below.


Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed Items - necklaces hung and pliers in blue basket

Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed ItemsA careful search of your home or apartment might uncover a number of items that can be repurposed to hang jewelry crafts that are in process or complete and ready for sale. The tip on this page outlines one crafter's solution.


Reducing the Bulk of Craft Ribbon - folded ribbon with paper clips

Reducing the Bulk of Craft RibbonCrafting ribbon on spools can take up a lot of space. Here is one way to reduce the bulk and make room for more supplies.



Dollar Tree Bead Storage Solution - plastic containers on a vinyl covered wire rack

Dollar Tree Bead Storage Container SolutionFinding the right storage container for your craft beads may be a process, as you try and discard various options. Sometimes the solution can be found at a discount store such as the Dollar Tree.


A woman blowing confetti at the camera.

How to Organize and Store ConfettiMany craft projects and events call for confetti. If you have a lot of confetti to store read the useful tip on this page about using a utility box to organize and store confetti.


storing craft supplies

Storing Craft SuppliesIt's good to store your craft supplies in an organized manner to prevent time and money spent finding or replacing them. There are all sorts of recycled items that can be used for craft supply storage.


Muffin Tin Ribbon Organizer

Turn an Old Muffin Tin Into a Ribbon CaddyPaint an old muffin tin and add dowels to create a unique and useful ribbon caddy. The steps and a finished photo can be found on this page.


Craft Project Tickler Box - sort craft project cards and begin filing

Making a Craft Project Tickler BoxKeep your craft ideas organized by a variety of categories by using this handy tickler box. This is a page about making a craft project tickler box.


Colorful beads in small glass jars.

Using a Spice Rack for Bead StorageAn old spice rack is a great storage space for small craft beads. They can often even be found at yard sales or thriftstores, making for an inexpensive solution. This is a page about using a spice rack for bead storage.


Rolls of ribbon on two wire hangers hanging on the wall.

Use Metal Clothes Hangers to Control Runaway RibbonUsing wire hangers can be an inexpensive way to organize and store your ribbon supply for crafting and gift wrapping. This is a page about using metal clothes hangers to control runaway ribbon.


Craft supplies in pasteboard packing material.

Use Cardboard Packaging to Organize Craft SuppliesMolded pulp paper packaging is a great item to use for organizing craft supplies. This is a page about using cardboard packaging to organize craft supplies.


Pill Organizer for Beads and Findings - beads in pill organizer

Pill Organizer for Beads and FindingsWeekly pill organizers, both the large and small sizes, are great for storing small beads and findings for your jewelry craft projects. This is a page about using a pill organizer for beads and findings.


Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store Thread - loaded rack

Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store ThreadI am always looking for something to make my craft supplies easier to store, find, and use. I spotted this at a local thrift store and scarfed it up.


Organized craft beads with scissors on a wooden table

How to Sort and Organize Craft BeadsBeads come in many different sizes and colors. They need to be carefully organized in order to be able to access them when you need to. This is a page about how to sort and organize craft beads.


Spice Carousel for Art Supplies

Spice Carousel for Art SuppliesWhen you are a crafter, you have to be creative with organization and space.


An over the door organizer filled with craft supplies.

Using an Over the Door Organizer for CraftsStore all sorts of craft supplies in the clear vinyl pockets of a shoe organizer that is designed to be hung over a door. This is a page about using an over the door organizer for crafts.


Woman crafting at her craft table

Creating Your Craft RoomMost crafters dream of having a dedicated room for their workspace. While we may not all be lucky enough to have an entire room there are still lots of good ideas for setting up a defined space. This page contains some great suggestions for creating and stocking your craft room or nook.


Beads and Buttons sorted in a wooden compartments

Sorting Craft Beads or ButtonsSorting beads and buttons by size and color are a normal part of working with these craft supplies. There are some neat ideas in this page about sorting craft beads or buttons.



Fencing used to organize a desk

Using Garden Fence to Organize A Craft DeskCreate a unique organizational solution for your crafting area with some short picket style garden fencing. This is a page about using garden fence to organize a craft desk.


Empty hangers

How to Store Extra HangersExtra hangers for laundry or crafts can be stored in a spare room, or even in the bathroom. Check out the tip included here. This is a page about using a spare room for hanging extra hangers.


Feet in plastic compartment box.

Organizing Sewing Machine FeetMost sewing machines come with an assortment of feet, designed for the various sewing projects you might work on. Keeping them organized and identified as to task makes it easier to find the one you need for your next project. This is a page about organizing sewing machine feet.


Recycled Fruit Container for Craft Supplies - clear plastic container filled with craft supplies

Organizing Craft Supplies With Recycled ContainersAvid crafters are always in need of containers for their supplies. This can be expensive unless you get creative and begin identifying recycled containers that can be kept for storing them. This is a page about organizing craft supplies with recycled containers.


Use Hangers to Store Embroidery Hoops - hoops hung on a hanger with paper clips

Use Hangers to Store Embroidery HoopsFinding places to store craft items can be a challenge. Save some space in your crafting area by hanging you embroidery hoops. This is a page about use hangers to store embroidery hoops.


Tension Rod Crafting Ribbon Holder

Tension Rod Crafting Ribbon and Wrapping Paper HolderIf you have a place to install it, a tension curtain rod works well for organizing and storing ribbon and wrapping paper. This is a page about tension rod crafting ribbon and wrapping paper holder.


Pencil lead tube with a variety of sewing needles.

Pencil Lead Tube for Sewing Needle StorageThe small rigid plastic containers for mechanical pencil refills is perfect for storing sewing needles. This is a page about pencil lead tube for sewing needle storage.


Ziploc bag of ribbon spools handing on a closet rod.

Use Pants Hangers for Hanging Craft SuppliesWhen space is short, try clipping your craft supplies that are stored in plastic bags onto closet pants hangers. This is a page about using pants hangers for hanging craft supplies.


Fishing Boxes as Craft Organizers

Storing Craft Supplies in Tackle BoxesFishing tackle boxes are perfect for storing small craft and sewing supplies. This is a page about storing craft supplies in tackle boxes.


Organizing Craft Supplies In A Small Space

Organizing Craft Supplies in a Small SpaceMany of us do not have the luxury of having a spacious crafting area with lots of storage. This is a page about organizing craft supplies in a small space.


Food Saver for Craft Storage - fiberfill in bags

Food Saver for Craft StorageI make dolls that require a lot of fake fur and it takes up a lot of space because when it is on sale I try to stock up. I usually put it in plastic totes or space saver bags. But I discovered if I cut it into the size pieces I know I will need, I can just use my Food Saver to suck all the air out.


Several rolls of crochet thread on a toilet paper holder.

Bath Tissue Holder to Store Crochet ThreadWhen your counter space in your work room is limited, you do what ever you can to save space. Today, I gathered up the spooled crochet threads and put them on this bath tissue holder.


A small magnetic tray for metal sewing supplies.

Magnetic Pin Tray for Needle and ScissorsI was at Walmart and found this magnetic pin tray ln the craft section. I knew I could make some use out of it, even if it wasn't used for pins. I found it works nicely for holding my needle and scissors while I am crocheting or sewing in bed at night ;)


Organizing Beads and Buttons

Organizing Beads and ButtonsIf you have a large collection of beads and buttons, it important to keep them organized so you can locate the ones you need. This is a page about organizing beads and buttons<.


Sorting Construction Paper by Color - file box filled with labeled folders

Storing Construction Paper by ColorOrganizing your construction paper supply by color not only makes it easy to find the color you need, but alerts you when it is time to replenish certain colors. This is a page about storing construction paper by color.



Containers full of Stencils

Organizing Stickers and StencilsThis is a page about organizing stickers and stencils. Keep your supplies for scrapbooking and other crafts organized, so you can easily find what you need.


A single maroon fabric flower against a white background

Organizing Silk FlowersThis is a page about organizing silk flowers. If you do a lot of crafting using silk flowers, organizing your supply may be a challenge.


various size crochet hooks

Storing Crochet HooksThis is a page about storing crochet hooks. There are a variety of things you can use or make, to keep your crocheting hooks easy to find and convienent.


Colored Pencils

Organizing Colored PencilsThis is a page about organizing colored pencils. Keeping your colored pencils organized will help to find the color you need and perhaps even save money, because you won't have to run out and buy another set only to find strays all over the house.


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Shoe Rack for Organizing Paper Die Cutters and Punches?Have you heard of using a metal shoe rack with three spinning levels as a die or punch organizer? I saw it somewhere and can't seem to find it now that I bought the shoe rack. The rack holds 18 pairs of shoes.


A photo album, great to use for storing embossing plates.

Storing Embossing PlatesThis page is about storing embossing plates. When you want to keep a number of these plates, it nice to have them organized.


Cross Stitch Supplies

Organizing Cross Stitch SuppliesThis is a page about organizing cross stitch supplies. Organizing your cross stitch supplies makes working on your project much easier.


Organizing Craft Ideas

Organizing Craft IdeasThis is a page about organizing craft ideas. If you are like most crafters, there is a pile of craft ideas growing somewhere in your home or craft room.


Storing Googly Eyes

Storing Googly EyesThis is a page about storing googly eyes. If you are a crafter who uses googly eyes, you know that keeping track of the various sizes and which ones you need to replace requires some type of organization.


Organizing Sewing Notions

Organizing Sewing NotionsThis is a page about organizing sewing notions. Sewing notions can easily become a jumbled mess, making it hard to find the items you need for a project.


Organizing Craft Patterns

Organizing Craft PatternsThis page is about organizing craft patterns. Determining the best way to sort and store your patterns will make it easier to find the one you need.


Paint laden art brushes in a jar.

Organizing Paint BrushesThis is a page about organizing paint brushes.It is important to organize paint brushes properly so that you can find the one you need and so they do not get damaged.


Sewing Room

Organizing a Sewing RoomThis is a page about organizing a sewing room. Whether you are using a spare bedroom, office or a corner of your garage, space in your sewing or craft room can be a premium.


Various art supplies in a pile.

Organizing Kids Art SuppliesThis is a page about organizing kids art supplies. Keeping your kids' art supplies organized will make it easy to find the right items when they want to be creative. If everything has a place then clean up will also be easier.


Ball of various colored embroidery floss.

Organizing Needlework ThreadThis is a page about organizing needlework thread. Whether you embroider, cross stitch, do needlepoint, or crochet, keeping your thread supplies organized is important. If well organized, you will know what you have on hand for that next project.


Organizing Sewing Thread

Organizing Sewing ThreadThis is a page about organizing sewing thread. Organizing your sewing thread can reduce the clutter in your craft area, help you keep track of the colors and types you have, and help you prepare for your next project.


Spools of thread, buttons, scissors, and a tape measure.

Organizing Sewing SuppliesThis is a page about organizing sewing supplies. Keeping all of your sewing supplies well organized makes working on each project easier.


Colored craft paper.

Organizing Craft PaperThis is a page about organizing craft paper. Keeping your craft paper organized will save time when working on a project. It will also help prevent you from buying paper that you already have.


Colorful Quilting Fabric

Organizing FabricThis is a page to organizing your fabric. Whether you are a seamstress or an avid quilter you probably have tons of fabric. Organizing your fabric will make it easier to see what you already have and allow you to find what you are looking for faster.


Stack of Ribbons

Organizing RibbonThis is a page to organizing ribbon. Even a few spools of ribbon can easily become a tangled mess if they aren't kept organized. Keep your ribbons organized and easy to access for your next craft or project.


Picture of several skeins of yarn.

Organizing YarnThis is a page about organizing yarn. It's great to stock up on yarn when it's on sale, but it does take up quite a bit of space. Keeping yarn organized can save you time when working on a project and space in your craft area.


A glass jar full of buttons.

Keep a Button JarRemember Grandma's Jar of Buttons? You can easily start your own. New garments often have an extra button! The button is often in a tiny plastic bag attached somewhere to the garment.


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Making A Storage Rack For Craft Paper?Does anyone know how to make a storage rack for 12x12 craft paper and card stock using wire cubes? Each cube has several shelves. Thanks


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Storing Crochet PatternsI do a lot of crocheting. I put my patterns, graphs and charts in those plastic sheet protectors, then into a loose leaf binder. When I'm ready to crochet, I pull out the pattern I want, and have it right there with me while I'm working on the project.


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Organizing My Craft Room?I have a craft room. It sounds good, but it is also used as a book room, DVD, VHs storage. My problem is I am a quilter. I have organized the closet, but not the room. My handy husband made shelves 6 feet high and 6 feet wide. on two sides of the room. I have a double closet on the the other.


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Storing Magic Markers?Looking for a way to store magic markers so my daughter can remove and replace the top without getting the ink all over her hands. I tried making a plaster of paris tub and setting the markers in with tops pointing down, but it doesn't last more than a couple days. Any ideas? Thanks. Terry from NY


storing googly eyes

Storing Googly EyesI use googly eyes for many of the crafts that I do for work. I like to have various sizes and styles on hand, but I found that it was difficult to find exactly what I needed.


Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed Item - wall covered in hanging necklaces and other crafts

Hanging Necklaces Using Re-purposed ItemsI have to hope things will be normal someday. So to that extent, I am making a place for my jewelry making and reselling.


rolls of paper in upside down stool

Storing Rolls of PaperOf all the items in your craft area, rolls of paper are one of the most difficult to store. Because they are so long and thin it is hard to find a place where they will fit and they easily fall over, unravel, roll around, and get creased.


craft supplies stored in back of door shoe storage bag

Find Hidden Places to Store ThingsIf you have a door you seldom close like I do or even if you do close it, you can often find hidden storage places.


basket of yarn on top shelf

Identifying Yarn Stored on Top ShelfI have very little storage space and lots of yarn. So, I have to go almost all the way up to the ceiling. When you do that, you lose the ability to know what's in that box or basket.


Two Lidless Tubs Become One - one tub inside the other making two storage bins, top filled with yarn balls

Two Lidless Tubs Become OneToday, after working most of the week on crafts, I decided to work on my apt's clutter problem. I was able to clean out two tubs, leaving me with the bottoms, but not the tops. That happens a lot when you are moving around a lot.


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Organizing Thread?How do you organize sewing thread?


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Fabric Storage Tips?Tips for storing and organizing fabric for crafts. Post your ideas.


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Storing Craft Supplies?I am a "Crafty One" or that's what my family calls me I have all kinds of things beads, foam, feathers, all sorts of little tiny things, etc.


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Organizing Crafts Inexpensively?I am looking for inexpensive or very cheap ways to store my yarns and paper craft items. I really want to get things organized by colour and theme, but I am stumped as to how to get it done without blowing my budget. Any ideas?


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Organizing Thread?I need a solution for organizing thread and keeping it untangled.


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Organizing Sewing Supplies?I do a lot of sewing for babies, especially "preemies", and have quite a bit of sewing supplies in my stash. How does everyone organize sewing, trims, lace, thread, etc.?


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