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Hiding Keys, A key hidden under a mat.

Hiding Keys - Tips and TricksThis is a page about hiding keys. Many people like to hide a spare key to their house or car, in case they get locked out. It is important to hide your key well, so that someone else doesn't find it.


Messy Room Needs Organization

Motivating Yourself to OrganizeThis is a page about motivating yourself to organize. Getting organized is a big task, especially if it has been neglected. A few simple steps each day can make a big difference in how organized your are. Staying motived to get those things done can be difficult.


Woman Separating a Velcro Strip

Uses for VelcroThis is a page about uses for velcro. Velcro has a myriad of uses around the home and office. Finding new and creative ways to use velcro can make organizing and storage of items even easier.


An old RC car box that has been repurposed for craft supply storage.

Turning a Old RC Car Box into a Sewing BoxRepurpose an old sectioned storage box to store all your sewing or craft supplies. This is a page about turning a old RC car box into a sewing box.


A drawer organizer made from the flat side of a plastic egg carton.

Recycled Drawer OrganizersYou can an empty egg carton (top part) as drawer insert organizers. It is a good size and can help you stay organized. Can be for any drawer; like your kitchen, desk, vanity, etc.


Cash in Mattress

Hiding Places for Cash at HomeThis is a page about hiding places for cash at home. It can be helpful to have a little bit of cash stashed away at home, in case of an emergency. Here are some ideas of how to keep it safely hidden, without making it hard to get to.


Store Cards Inside Phone CaseThis is a page about storing cards inside a phone case. Most people take the phones everywhere they go. If you find yourself in a situation where you would like to avoid bringing a purse or wallet, you can just tuck your credit card and ID in between your phone and its case.


ribbon in jar

Use a Sugar Dispenser for RibbonThe hole at the top of a sugar dispenser is just the right size for many types of small ribbon to fit through. This is a page about sugar dispenser for ribbon.


Computer Desk

How to Make a Temporary Computer DeskIf you are not ready for a permanent solution for your computer workspace, finding a workable temporary option is best. This is a page about How to make a temporary computer desk.


Empty Your Purse for Tidy Living - purse contents on a small table

Empty Your Purse for Tidy LivingThis is one of the many tips I adopted from Marie Kondo's method. This tip tells us to empty our purses every day, and find one drawer, shelf, or station, hopefully near the front door, in which to keep the contents while we are not actually using it/in transit.


A girl opening a dishwasher at home.

Clip Art for Chore and Duty Charts?This is a page about clip art for chore and duty charts. Before children can read well, you can help them learn to complete daily tasks with pictures on a chart.


Organizing Crossword Puzzles

Organizing Crossword PuzzlesThis is a page about storing and organizing crossword puzzles. If you enjoy working on crossword puzzles, you may find it helpful to organize unfinished ones for later.



Woman Multi-Tasking at Home

Multi-Tasking at HomeThis is a page about multi-tasking at home. Successful multi-tasking is an art form. It takes organizing skills and some practice to have it work well.


padded envelope

Mailing BooksThis is a page about mailing books. To make sure your books arrive in good condition it is important to package them well.


Open Magazines

Saving Ideas from MagazinesThis is a page about saving ideas from magazines. There are a number of ways to save ideas that we find in magazines, either ones we receive at home or ones we leaf through at a doctor's office.


A nurse reading a chart.

Organizing Tips for NursesThis is a page about organizing tips for nurses. Working as a nurse is busy and can quite stressful. Organizing your work station, supplies, and equipment is helpful.


Magazine Holders

Alternative Uses for Magazine HoldersThis is a page about alternative uses for magazine holders. Magazine holders can be used to help with organizing and storing a variety of items.


Push Pins

Alternatives to Push PinsThis is a page about alternatives to push pins. When you run out of push pins take a look around the house, for other things you can use.


A blank address book

Address Book Tips and TricksThis is a page about address book tips and tricks. Keeping your address book current whether it is in hard-copy or on the computer is easy if you use a few simple tips.


Photo of a golf bag.

Organizing Your Golf BagThis is a page about organizing your golf bag. Organizing your golf bag makes it easy to find the clubs you need when you need them. Having a spot for each club can save you time on the golf course.


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How To Organize Printed Tips?I used to save all of my tips from this website on my computer. My computer crashed and I lost all my data.


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Use Pocket Planner Covers For CheckbooksAll through the year when out shopping, I keep an eye out for those "pocket planners". I use the vinyl and picture part for checkbook covers instead of having to settle for the dull and undesirable ones that usually come free with your boxed checks.


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Write Down Phone Card InformationI lost a 200 minute phone card after only using 15 minutes. I was bummed. Now I write down the 800 number, the PIN number and the customer service number, so if I lose the card I can still use my minutes and they always tell you how much you have left.


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Free 2005 CalendarsIf you need 2005 wall calendar go to your local bank, insurance company, or a place where you do your business and ask for them. They will give you (free) all you need. It beats paying $4.99-$12.99 for them at bookstores, and office depot. I just received four on New Year's Eve from my local bank. By Carla


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Velveeta Box Drawer OrganizersDon't throw away the bottom of your velveeta box when the cheese is gone, they make great drawer organizers! They hold any little bits.


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It's Garage Sale Season!A garage sale is a great way to get organized. The less stuff you have the less you have to organize. Clean out the garage and determine everything you are ready to get rid of.


Organizing Magazines

Organizing MagazinesDo you have tons of magazines that you want to keep but don't know what to do with? Are your magazines taking over your living room or other areas of the house that you didn't particularly want them in in the first place?


Recycle, Get Organized and Save Money

Recycle, Get Organized and Save MoneyEvery day people throw out product packaging and then turn around and purchase boxes, bins, and caddies to organize their homes. Instead, reuse the things that you're about to throw away, things that will fill landfills otherwise, and use them to save money and organize your home.


ribbon in jar

Sugar Dispenser for RibbonGlass sugar dispensers are inexpensive and work perfectly for containing those bundles of curling ribbon. Tuck the ribbon into the jar, then thread the ends through the opening in the lid. No more lost ends and tangles messes!


Organizing an Apartment

Organizing an ApartmentIf you live in a small apartment, you might find that organizing it and keeping it free of clutter can be difficult. Where do you put all of your stuff when you don't have enough room to store it in?


pencils separated by color in tin cans

Using Cans to Organize Colored PencilsWe have a ridiculous amount of colored pencils. Tons of leftovers seem to come home at the end of every school year and I frequently can't find where I stashed them so we end up buying more. I finally took the time to collect them all together and wanted to organize them.


Organizing Your Classroom

Organizing Your ClassroomOne of a teacher's biggest challenges is figuring out how to organize their classroom in order to make it more conducive to learning. Children, especially young children, need to feel stimulated and comfortable in a classroom.


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Organizing Shelves?Tips for organizing shelves. Post your ideas.


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Remote Control Tips?The TV remote has disappeared again! So annoying! Has anyone seen or constructed something that is a transparent case which holds the remote and is attached to a coiled wire linked to a piece of furniture preventing travel out of the room?


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Home Organizing Tips?I personally have a really hard time keeping anything in my home organized. My husband and I got married and moved from KY/IN area to Northeast GA 6 months ago and still have boxes everywhere. Now we are talking about starting a home business as well.



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Clip Art For Chore and Duty Charts?Does anyone know of free clipart that I can get online, for chores and daily duties? I'm trying to put together a chore/activity chart for my kids (we're all tired of me having to remind and nag all the time!). I need pictures for things like teeth brushing, putting toys away, homework, doing dishes, hanging up clothes, etc.


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