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Cluttered Garage

Organizing ClutterThis page is about organizing clutter. Sometimes tackling the mess can just seem overwhelming.


Garage Full of Boxes and Clutter

Getting Rid of ClutterThis is a page about getting rid of clutter. Clutter can add up around the house faster then you thought possible. Keeping clutter down in your home helps your home be more organized and clean.


Paper Shredding Tips

Paper Shredding TipsThis page contains paper shredding tips. Shredding documents is a good way to keep your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.


Pile of Junk Mail

Disposing of Junk MailThis is a page to disposing of junk mail. Junk mail pours into our mail boxes daily, which can cause our home to have unneeded clutter. Having a system to getting rid of it, will help reduce one of the biggest clutter culprits in your home.


Pack rat collection

Organizing Tips for a Pack RatThis page contains organizing tips for a pack rat. If you aren't a pack rat yourself, you likely know one.


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Reducing ClutterI don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but along with getting rid of clutter, "stop buying more stuff!". That's how you got clutter in the first place.


Declutter with Coffee Cans

Organizing With Plastic Coffee ContainersThis is a page about organizing with plastic coffee containers. If you purchase coffee in large plastic containers, be sure to reuse them for your clutter.


A messy and cluttered kitchen counter.

Keeping Clutter Off Kitchen CountersKitchens are notorious for being a place that seems to be a clutter magnet. All of those horizontal countertops are really convenient places to drop keys, purses, mail, and more. Containers and baskets are one way to at least compartmentalize the mess. Daily pick up routines are also helpful. This page contains suggestions for keeping clutter off of the kitchen counters.


A collection of eyeglasses on a white background.

Storing EyeglassesWhen you have an assortment of eyeglasses that you need to store, you can repurpose a letter rack. You will then be able to view your glasses, to quickly choose the pair you want.


Hide Clutter in Plain Sight

Using Decorative Containers to Hide ClutterYou can use decorative containers to hide stuff in plain sight, and keep things available and convenient for your needs.


Many items stored in a small cubed plastic container.

Store Small Items in Cubed ContainerI found this at a thrift shop and put it on my "do something with this" shelf. So today I wanted to show you how you can do the same thing, perhaps with those mini ice cube trays or this kind. You can also find these at the Dollar Tree only smaller with picture hanger hardware.



Credit Card for Loose Tape End

Use an Old Plastic Card for Loose Packing Tape EndCut a piece from an old credit card or hotel room key and use it to keep the end of your roll of packing tape from sticking to itself. This is a page about use an old plastic card for loose packing tape end.


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Leaving Junk Mail OutsideI live in an apartment down 7 steps. I don't like bringing stuff inside that will end up outside unused and unread. I leave my junk mail in my locked mailbox. Then on recycling day, I empty the mailbox.


Get Rid of Clutter in 30 Days

Get Rid of Clutter in 30 DaysHaving a cluttered house can be very stressful. This is a page about get rid of clutter in 30 days.


Watches stored on an empty bottle.

Empty Bottles for Displaying Watches or BraceletsI've always had a spray bottles, foam bottles for my hair, and colognes. Every time those bottles get emptied, I always keep thinking how to use it again or how it can help inside my home. I had this idea to used it as a watch organizer or a bangle organizer. That made things looks neat and arranged.


A cute cardboard box containing scissors, remotes and other clutter.

Housing Side Table Clutter with BoxI have a wicker two-drawer night stand that is by my "TV" chair. There is too much stuff on it and it's a hot mess. So, today I found one of my fav decorative boxes and put the lid on the side, using it for my remotes, note pad, scissors, pens, stylus pen, crochet hook, and calendar.


Writing Pen Organizer

Writing Pen OrganizerI keep all sorts of scraps from previous projects I have done. I turned this crocheted rectangle into a pen organizer. I fastened three large safety pins in a row and then hung writing pens on the safety pins. I tied a ribbon onto one end, rolled it up and tied it.


Making a Clothes Hanger Wire Organizer

Making a Clothes Hanger Wire OrganizerThis is a page about wire hanging shelf. Wire coat hangers have so many organizational uses. This tip will help you keep wires and cords untangled and organized.


framed antique document

Determining the Value of Old DocumentsThis is a page about determining the value of old documents. Some old documents can hold monetary value, while others may only hold sentimental value, and still others should just be recycled.


Organizing Your Home's Entryway

Organizing Your Home's EntrywayThis is a page about organizing your home's entryway. The entryway to your home can unfortunately become a dumping ground for clutter as family members come inside.


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Ideas for Reducing ClutterI am trying to get rid of clutter, but am not quite sure as how to get started. Any ideas?


Organizing Drawers, Organized Kitchen Drawer

Organizing DrawersThis is a page about organizing drawers. Drawers are very useful storage areas and can really help you stay organized. However, if the drawers are a mess they won't help much at all.


A messy junk drawer.

Organizing Your Junk DrawerThis is a page about organizing your junk drawer. Almost every house has a junk drawer. They are usually a catch-all for lots of important things that then become lost in the mess.


Large Outdoor Blue Goodwill Sign

Organizing Goodwill DonationsThis is a page about organizing Goodwill donations. Setting items aside to donate to the Goodwill is a great way to reduce clutter in your home. Keeping your donations organized will help you know what your giving, particularly for tax eduction purposes.


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Cleaning Advice for a Self Avowed Pack RatI have become a packrat and I need some help in throwing things away. I have a terrible time cleaning. Is there a certain way to go about cleaning out closets, which are full of plastic tubs and boxes here. I need a road map on how to clean my house from top to bottom.


Egg Carton Organizer

Organizing With Egg CartonsI live in a city where the 60 eggs I buy come with a clear plastic protective cover. If yours does, you will find this an invaluable organizer for all things small. This one has pins, beads, buttons, and more.



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Managing Cords on Kitchen CountersHow do you all store cords on kitchen counters? For things like coffee pot, lamps, etc.


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Reducing ClutterTips for reducing clutter in your home. Post your ideas.


Tips from a Reforming Pack Rat

Tips from a Reforming Pack RatThis is an organizing tip from a reforming pack rat that will also save you lots of money. It is a fun challenging idea. We love it!


cans to organize

Recycled Can Supply OrganizerIf you have some clean cans and some strong bulldog clips, you can have a catch all to keep handy. Just put the clip everywhere the tins meet, and fill evenly with things like I did. I put in office, tool, and craft supplies.


organizing entryway

Organizing Our EntrywayLike many people, our entryway was cluttered and nothing really had a place to be put away, while still being accessible. We have dog's so one of the big issues was storing their leashes and bags for picking up after them.


A Better Organizing System For Procrastinators

Organizing System For ProcrastinatorsI helped a new mom by visiting her 2 to 3 times a week to talk her though a slow organize habit, with a basket, big garbage bags and sticky notes. To collect and clear things, first take the garbage bag around and pick up garbage and waste.


small trays in drawer

Using Trays and Plastic Baskets in DrawersOur bathroom has pretty large, deep drawers. I have found that things slide around a lot in them and everything falls over. To fix this issue I found various plastic baskets, boxes, and trays around the house.


Clean Out Clutter

Clean Out ClutterI am a pack rat by nature and I save everything: Broken jewelry and bits of china, ribbon pieces to be used in future craft projects; clothing that is a decade out of style but just too nice to throw away. It is a compulsion and a bad habit that with some practice can be reformed.


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Hoarding Recovery TipsDoes anyone know of a comprehensive guide about hoarding? This would include the steps needed to begin sorting, organizing, and methods of "recovery", ways to prevent recurrence of the problem. This must exist, but if it doesn't there may an opportunity to collaborate on such a guide.


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Organizing Paper ClutterI save everything, paper and stuff. What is the best way to organize paper?


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Ideas for Cleaning the BasementMy son is moving back in and I need ideas to get the basement straightened up to put his stuff in it. It's a mess and I have all kinds of things in there from Christmas items to gardening stuff (decorations).



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Making a Wall Mounted Makeup/Cosmetic OrganizerAny suggestions for a makeup organizer that can hang on the wall? I've seen the acrylic ones that have drawers and are very large, but they're so expensive, well over $200! That's insane.


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How Do I Successfully Organize and Get Rid of Clutter?I have made huge strides in de-cluttering and clearing my home. I began 3 weeks ago with the easy stuff, garbage, old magazines, papers, etc. that were most visible and I knew would make the "visual" impact that would keep me motivated.


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Using a Paper ShredderIs it okay to line the waste basket area of a shredder with a small trash bag to make emptying easier, or does this create a problem with operation of the machine?


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