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This page contains tips, advice and information for organizing storage spaces.

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Making Wooden Locker Shelves

Making Wooden Locker ShelvesThis is a page about making wooden locker shelves. Easy to make, wood shelves can add more room and organization to a child's school locker.


mobile homes

Storage Solutions for a Mobile HomeThis is a page about storage solutions for a mobile home. Sometimes mobile home dwellers, especially those with an older or smaller home may experience storage space problems.


Tupperware Stacked

Organizing Plastic ContainersThis is a page about organizing plastic containers. With all the convenient sizes and shapes they come in, Tupperware and other plastic containers have become very commonplace in the kitchen.


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Storing Firewood In Deck Box?I have a recreational fireplace in the backyard and was hoping to store some firewood. I purchased a deck box to store the wood, will this work?


Purple rubber backed rugs.

How to Store Rubber Backed Rugs?The backing on throw rugs can deteriorate over time. Proper storage can help slow this process down. This is a page about storing rubber backed rugs.


Spice rack with magnetic canisters.

Other Uses for Spice RacksSpice racks have numerous handy uses other than organizing spice jars. Many small items, such as nails, paper clips, and beads, can be stowed away on a spice rack. This is about repurposing spice racks.



Hanging bicycles on the wall.

Storing Bicycles on Your WallThis is a page about storing bicycles on your wall. Bicycles can take up a lot of space when not being used. Hanging them on your wall can free up space in your garage and keep them from getting tangled together.


Storage bins on shelves.

Bin There Bin ThatWe use bins for everything! In the garage, the closets, the bathroom cupboards, craft supplies, electronics, the pantry etc. Then, we label them with the contents. Makes everything look so much better and it takes up less room because the bins are stackable.


An outdoor couch with lots of cushions.

Storing Outdoor CushionsOutdoor cushions should be stored over the winter or during inclement weather. Proper storage will keep bright colors from fading so fast and ensure years of usage.


Wine rack with empty space.

Using Wine Racks for StorageThis is a page about using wine racks for storage. When space is limited you can use these rakes for extra storage space in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.


A baking tray next to a nightstand.

Under the Table Storage IdeaThere is space at floor level under tables and dressers that you may use for extra storage when you need it. This is a page about under the table storage idea.


A pile of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons.

Storing Wrapping PaperHaving leftover wrapping paper after the holidays is common in many households. Almost everyone needs a place for storing wrapping paper.


Rolls of wrapping paper with cardboard tubes

Recycled Cardboard Tubes to Hold Wrapping PaperOnce you use part of a roll of wrapping paper it is difficult to keep it from unwrapping from the tube. Try using another smaller diameter paper tube, cut up its length, to secure the cut edge. This is a page about using recycled cardboard tubes to hold wrapping paper.


A woman holding a pink piggy bank.

The Frugal OrganizerA change in housing and finances can trigger the need to find creative storage space in a much smaller home or apartment. It is amazing the solutions that present themselves. This is a page about becoming the frugal organizer.


Rainbow of Candles

Storing CandlesIt can be easy to have more candles than you can properly display or use. This is a page about storing candles.


A storage tube for plastic bags made from bandanas.

Bandana Storage Tube for Plastic BagsHere is a handy way to store extra plastic bags that can easily be made from a common bandana. This is a page about bandana storage tube for plastic bags.


Making Temporary Shelving

Making Temporary ShelvingThis is a page about making temporary shelving. To keep your belongings organized sometimes you need more portable storage.


Red image of broken glass and the word FRAGILE in black on a white label against a cardboard box background.

Storing CrystalThis is a page about tips for storing crystal. Storing your crystal properly can help ensure years of use and reduce the risk of chipping and breakage.


Diagram for Re-Packing Stuff Back in Boxes

Diagram for Re-Packing Stuff Back in BoxesAfter years of not being able to repack boxes of items I started to draw a sketch of the packing layout BEFORE I remove items for the first time. Otherwise I have more items than what I began with left over after repacking!



Organizing Keurig K-cupsKeurig coffee makers are a fast and easy way to have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Keep your different flavors of K-cups organized so you can find the one you want, when you need it. This is a page about organizing Keurig K-cups.


Organizing a Storage Shed

Organizing a Storage Shed?This page is about organizing a storage shed. When you have lots of stuff, it can be a challenge to keep it orderly.



Storing Area Rugs

Storing Area RugsThis page is about storing area rugs. Keep your unused floor coverings organized and easy to manage.


Storing Pool Toys

Storing Pool ToysThis is a page about pool toy storage. Storing wet drippy pool toys at the end of the day can be messy.


Box of Ziploc bags.

Organizing With Ziplock BagsThis is a page about organizing with ziplock bags. Ziploc bags come in a range of sizes and make great storage solutions around your home.


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Tarnish Free SilverwareAfter using my good silverware, I vacuum seal it in large ziplock bag, then store the package in between the table linens.


Empty Suitcase

Using Luggage As StorageThis is a page about using luggage as storage. Rather than having old or seldom used luggage just take up space, use it for storage.


Organizing Your Storage

Getting the Most Out of Your Storage SpaceThis is a page about getting the most out of your storage space. Often we find that our available storage space is not well used.


Organizing Your Storage

Organizing Your StorageThis is a page about organizing your storage. Not being able to find what you are looking for in your storage areas is very frustrating and time consuming.


storing camping equipment

Storing Camping EquipmentThis is a page about storing camping equipment. Keep your camping equipment easy to get to and ready for your next adventure by storing you camping equipment properly.


storing luggage

Storing SuitcasesThis is a page about storing suitcases. When not in use suitcases can take up a lot of space and be awkward to store.


Totes on shelves.

Organizing ShelvesThis is a page about organizing shelves. Shelves can be a perfect way to help keep your home clean and tidy. However, those shelves have to stay organized themselves or they aren't helping as much as they could.


Making a Rag Holder

Making a Rag HolderThis is a page about making a rag holder. Rags can be used for many things. Making a holder for them will make it easy to keep them organized.


Rocks inside two mason jars.

Frugal Storage SolutionsThis page contains frugal storage solutions. If you get creative, there are so many frugal storage solutions right in front of you. Consider re-purposing items when you have a storage need.


Dishes Being Packed into Box

Storing BreakablesThis is a page about storing breakables. From figurines and collectibles to fine china, certain breakable items often need to be stored away. Keep your breakables safe by storing them properly.


Rolls of Toilet Paper

Storing Toilet PaperThis is a page about storing toilet paper. Buying toilet paper in bulk is a common way to save money on this staple bathroom item. However, all those extra rolls can take up a lot of space.


Stack of magazines and newspapers.

Organizing MagazinesThis is a page about organizing magazines. Magazines are a great source of information and entertainment. Some of them we want to keep, to reference later, but they can quickly add to the clutter in our home.



Ball Orniments in a box

Storing Holiday DecorationsThis is a page about storing holiday decorations. Storing your holiday decorations in an organized manner not only will keep them from breaking but also allow you easy access to them when the holiday arrives.


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Storing Seasonal Vinyl Window Clings?Would like info as to how to store seasonal vinyl window clings. So far, I've found that they don't store well and tend to curl up.


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Will Space Bags Withstand Freezing Temperatures?Is it OK to store Spacebags (filled with bedding) in an area that will possibly freeze in the winter? I was not sure if the plastic would hold up, under these conditions. Thanks.


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Storing a Rolled Up Rug?Can I store an 8x13 foot rug rolled up and standing like a pole?


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Long Term Lampshade Storage Ideas?I need to store several very good fabric and fabric trimmed lamp shades for several years. I am concerned that the moving box and the newsprint paper might leach onto the shade causing discoloration. I am also concerned that plastic wrap will cause moisture to form mildew over time.


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Storage Boxes for Shoes?I need some ideas for storage boxes for my shoes. I would really like some clear plastic boxes but I don't want to spend that much. Thanks


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Can I store Beanie Babies in space bags?Can I store Beanie Babies in space bags?


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Storing Metal Coffee Pots?I have my mother's collection of old coffee pots. They are metal and most of them are aluminum. I need to store them in an outbuilding over the winter. How can I store them without doing harm to the metal? I have some plastic tubs I was planning to use. Any ideas will be appreciated.


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Think Before You Buy More Storage BinsWhen you find yourself searching for and buying more storage bins and baskets, step back and question whether it's a good investment. Would you save money by cleaning out and donating unused items instead? Simplify to save money.


Two clear ornaments filled with beads.

The Frugal OrganizerBeing separated from my husband brought on many financial challenges. First, I had to find a place to live that I could afford. The apartment I found was very small but nice. The problem was I had so much craft "stuff". I couldn't afford a storage space so I became obsessed in finding places to hide things.


Organizing Painting Tools and Supplies

Organizing Painting Tools and SuppliesOrganizing your painting tools and supplies not only makes it more convenient for you to find them when you need them, but makes it safer for your materials as well. Whenever you're dealing with flammable substances it's always better to keep them separate and in safe locations.


different sized bag footballs

Storing Plastic Bags Using Football FoldDid you ever make paper napkin footballs when you were a kid? Well that childhood activity has a fabulous adulthood use too. Folding your plastic grocery bags using the football fold will reduce the space you need to store them.



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Organizing Plastic Container?I have too many plastic containers and a very small cupboard. Every time I organize it, it still ends up in a mess. I need advice on what to do.


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Organizing a Storage Shed?We bought a 10 x 12 storage shed, it also has 2 lofts. We want to keep it clutter free and do not want to fill it back up again. We have a lot of seasonal decorations, freezer, and tools.


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Storing Light Bulbs?Can you store your extra light bulbs in an outdoor storage shed where it will get below freezing?


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Organizing Plastic Storage Containers?I'm having a tough time trying to control storage containers that I use for food. Now I have to have three bags and boxes to put them in and this has to cease. Anyone have suggestions? This is in my small kitchen and has given me frustration each time I have to look at this mess.


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Storing Toilet Tissue?What can I use to store extra rolls of toilet tissue in the bathroom, near the stool. I can't use too large of a "footprint". The area is small. Thank you.


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Free Storage Ideas Using Common Household Items?Okay, I know what to do with things when reorganizing my home. Throw out what you don't need, etc. The problem I have though is how to organize what I have left for "free". Sure, Martha Stewart says buy these cute bins or buy this closet organizer and whatever else.


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