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This page contains tips for organizing your bathroom.

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Man Holding Plunger

Storing a PlungerThis is a page about storing a plunger. Keeping a toilet plunger in the bathroom may be efficient, but storing this somewhat unsightly tool may require some creativity.


Note Written on Mirror

Using Your Bathroom Mirror for RemindersThis is a page about using your bathroom mirror for reminders. Leaving notes for yourself on the bathroom mirror is a tried and true method of reminding yourself of something important. There are a number of ways to get the message across though, find the one that is right for you.


Photo of elastic hair ties.

Organizing Hair AccessoriesThis is a page about organizing hair accessories. Organizing your hair accessories like hair ties, head bands, barrettes and scrunchies will keep them from cluttering up your bathroom. Finding the hair accessory you are looking for quickly will save you time in the morning.


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Storing Beanie Babies?I have about 100 beanie babies at the top of my closet that I would still like to keep in my room, but not out collecting dust. Please tell me some ways I can store them so that they aren't being displayed but also not taking up lots of room.


A shelf unit built on the back of a bathroom door.

Making a Hidden Medicine CabinetBathroom medicine cabinets are often too small to hold all of your medical and first aid supplies. This hidden cabinet/shelf unit was constructed and hung on the back of a door. The design lends itself to other uses as well.


A bottle of shampoo being dispensed.

Placing Rubber Bands Around Shampoo BottlesPlace rubber bands around your shampoo bottles to reduce their slipperiness and also to help differentiate between the shampoo and conditioner, especially when they are the same brand.


A man looking at his prescriptions in a medicine cabinet.

Storing Medications SafelyThere are numerous things to consider when deciding where and how to store medication safely.


A lazy susan full of beauty products.

Use a Lazy Susan for Beauty ProductsMany of us could use some ideas for organizing our beauty products to make them easier to access. Try this simple solution by using a lazy Susan for beauty products.


A shower rod in the bathtub used for hanging towels.

Using a Shower Rod to Hang TowelsA tension shower curtain rod can provide additional space for hanging towels to dry in your tub or shower enclosure. This page suggests using a shower rod to hang towels.


Makeup brushes in a roll-up case.

Storing Makeup BrushesMakeup brushes are often stored with the brush end up to prevent damage to the bristles. One option is to repurpose a Mason jar with the ring in place to stand them up in. There are lots of other good storage ideas. This is a page about storing makeup brushes.


Shower supplies stored in a hanging wire fruit basket.

Using a Hanging Fruit Basket as a Shower CaddySmall hanging baskets can be used for a multitude of purposes around the home. This is a page about using a hanging fruit basket as a shower caddy.


Using a thick rubber band to keep shower rack from sliding down the shower head.

Keep Shower Rack From Sliding Down Shower HeadYour shower head is a convenient place to hang a rack for holding soaps and shampoos but sometimes these racks do slide down the shower head. This page has tips to help prevent your shower rack from sliding down shower head.



A binder clip over the blade portion of a disposable razor.

Using a Binder Clip to Safely Store a RazorYou can use a binder clip to safely store a razor. Learn more in this page about storing razors.


A pair of metal tweezers isolated on white

Storing TweezersThis is a page about storing tweezers. If you are constantly trying to find your tweezers or simply are looking for a convenient place to store them, here are some suggestions.


Bobby Pins

Storing Bobby PinsThis is a page about storing bobby pins. Bobby pins seem to often end up all over the bathroom and other areas of the house.


An medicine cabinet filled with bottles and other toiletries.

Storing ToiletriesThis is a page about storing toiletries. Many of us have a collection of toiletries in varying sized containers and for different purposes. Keeping them organized and accessible can sometimes be a challenge.


Bathroom Drawers

Organizing Bathroom DrawersThis is a page about organizing bathroom drawers. Keeping the drawers in your bathroom vanity from becoming a jumbled mess takes a bit of organization, but can be done inexpensively or by purchasing special dividers and containers.


Bathroom Cabinet

Organizing Your Bathroom CabinetsThis is a page about organizing your bathroom cabinets. With all of the various sized containers and supplies, bathroom cabinets can be a mess if left unorganized.


girl blow drying her hair

Hanging a Hair Dryer?This is a page about hanging a hair dryer. Hanging your blow hair dryer can be a helpful storage option when organizing your bathroom.


Curling Irons and Flat Irons

Storing Curling Irons and Flat IronsThis is a page about storing curling irons and flat irons. Hair appliances can become a tangled mess in your bath or bedroom


Organizing Your Shower

Organizing Your ShowerThis is a page about organizing your shower. Keeping your shampoo, conditioner, razor, etc. organized in the shower can reduce clutter and make it easier to clean.


Organizing Band-Aids

Organizing Band-AidsThis page is about organizing band-aids. It helps to have these first aid bandages sorted to find the size you need in a hurry.


Bar of soap in clay saucer.

Clay Pots and Saucers For Bathroom StorageUse clay pots to hold toothbrushes and other things like cotton balls, q-tips, etc. You can also paint them to match your bathroom. The lids to clay pots make good soap holders.


Organized Medicine Cabinet

Organizing a Medicine CabinetThis is a page about organizing a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets can become cluttered making it hard to find things or to even know if you have products, such as band-aids, etc.


Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.

Storing a Toilet BrushThis is a page about storing a toilet brush. The toilet brush is a handy often used tool, but not necessarily one you want to leave out in the open.


Organizing Feminine Hygiene Products

Organizing Feminine Hygiene ProductsThis is a page about organizing feminine hygiene products. Feminine hygiene products are another category of items to consider when organizing your bathroom.


How to Organize and Fold Towels

Folding TowelsThis is a page about folding towels. Whether you are organizing your cupboards, trying to impress your guests with fancy shapes, or just having a little fun with towels there are several methods to consider.



Use Magnetic Strip For Hair Accessories

Use Magnetic Strip For Hair AccessoriesI went to the Dollar store and found a magnetic strip. Just peel off the backing and stick to wall in the bathroom or bedrooms, I used tacks to secure it on the wall.


Messy Bathroom Counter

Organizing Your BathroomThis is a page about organizing your bathroom. With all the use your bathroom gets on a daily basis it's easy for it to get messy and disorganized. Keeping your bathroom organized and clean is the best way to ensure it's comfortable for your family and guests to use.


Bathroom Counter

Organizing Your Bathroom CounterThis is a page about organizing your bathroom counter. Bathroom counters are prone to being filled with various products. It can be difficult to find a way to organize these things in manner that makes the products you use daily easily accessible, and also keeps the area to looking tidy.


Group of Generic Hair Products

Organizing Your Hair ProductsThis is a page about organizing hair products. From hairspray and mousse to stiffeners and de-tanglers, the average bathroom has a lot of hair products. Save space and find what you are looking for by organizing your hair products.


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Organizing Makeup Hair and Facial Care Products?What's a cute, mature way to organize your make up, hair products, and and face products?


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Storage In Small Bathroom?How can I add storage space to a small powder room with a pedestal sink? I need something pretty to store toilet tissue and cleaning products in.


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Organizing Hair Supplies?Between my daughter and myself, we have more rubber bands, clips, barrettes, headbands, etc than we know what to do with. I've organized and cleaned out those we don't use, but I'm still left with baskets of hair supplies. Does anyone have any recommendations to making this mess more organized? Any homemade ideas perhaps?


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Looking for a Large Toilet Paper Holder?I use to own an extra toilet paper holder with hung down below the original roll. It was metal and it attached to the original and hung down by a welded on wire. I purchased it at Wal-Mart, but they no longer carry it. Have any of you seen what I'm talking about at a store or website?


shower caddy on mirror

Freeing Up Counter Space in BathroomTo free up some counter space in the bathroom, I purchased a shower caddy and placed it on the mirror. The suction cups hold it on tight and it has worked great for me.


caribbeaner clips and bands

Carabiner Clip for Hair Rubber BandsI was tired of having all of our hair rubber bands making a mess in the bathroom. To remedy this situation I found two carabiner clips to contain them.


hair accessories in drawers

Organizing Hair AccessoriesBetween my daughter and I, we had a lot of hair accessories. I bought a small three-drawer organizer to put everything in.


bobby pins and tin

Altoids Tin for Bobby PinsI don't like to leave bobby pins on the card they are sold on. I find it hard to get them off and on when I am trying to do my hair.


hanging clips 1

Ribbon Hair Clip OrganizerHere is a quick and easy way to organizer hair clips. Take a length of ribbon, fold one end over to create a loop, and safety pin it in place.


Tips for Organizing Jewelry

Organizing JewelryTips to help you organize your jewelry. Post your ideas. Finally, my jewelry is organized and easy to see. I purchased 2 tie-matic men's tie holders on ebay to hang my necklaces. I use one for silver and misc., and one for gold.


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Storing Your Toilet Plunger and Brush?I hate to see my toilet brush and plunger sitting there when you go into our bathroom. Any ideas how to hide them or make them look better? I love all the useful ideas I get in this site.


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Organizing Hair Accessories?I am looking for tips on organizing hair bands and accessories.


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Drying Tub Mat Between Uses?Any ideas on a simple way to hang my tub mat so it can dry and stay clean?



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Cylindrical Wall Mounted Containers for Bathroom?We are redoing our bathroom and I saw a great idea on TV. They used concrete forms and cut them to desired thickness and placed them on the wall. Then they put face clothes, etc. in them.


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Making a Wall Mounted Blow Dryer Holder?Does anyone know how to make a holder to mount on the wall?


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Organizing a Bathroom Countertop?I have a small bathroom with limited space on the countertop. I have a cabinet under the sink but no drawers. Any ideas on how I can organize my things? My counter is cluttered with toothpaste, floss, combs, mouthwash, etc.


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