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In a wheelchair doing laundry.

Organizing Your Home When You Have a DisabilityThis is a page about organizing your home when you have a disability. Organizing your home and belongings, with your disability in mind, can make everyday activities easier.


different sized bag footballs

Folding Plastic Grocery BagsThis is a page about folding plastic grocery bags. Storing plastic grocery bags for reuse can be a challenge. They seem to require a better solution than stuffing them in another grocery bag.


Stacks of 5 gallon buckets

Storing 5 Gallon Plastic BucketsThis is a page about storing 5 gallon plastic buckets. Large plastic buckets can be tricky to store because they can stick inside of each other.


Basket to store silveware on counter.

Uses for Dishwasher Silverware BasketsI've had to replace a few dishwashers in my day and have determined that those silverware baskets are great for many things. Here are two uses for them.


Ribbon stored on a paper towel holder

Uses for Paper Towel HoldersThis is a page about uses for paper towel holders. Paper towel holders can be used for other organizational and storage purposes.


A white plastic grocery bag.

Storing Plastic Grocery BagsMany consumers reuse their plastic grocery or shopping bags. Keeping these flimsy bags organized and contained for future use can be a challenge. This page contains several solutions for storing plastic grocery bags.


Uses for Hair Clips

Uses for Hair ClipsThis is a page about uses for hair clips. Use extra hair clips in a number of ways to help clean and organize around the house.


DIY Lazy Susan Organizer - finished and stocked lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan OrganizerYou know when your intentions are pure and your start out with the best of them? I put a pretty basket on a lazy susan and put napkins, spices, and salt and pepper. Then, a cup for pens. Then paper. Then cards...


An empty and clean fridge.

Uses For Old RefrigeratorsThere are many uses for old refrigerators, especially for extra storage. However, there are safety concerns with empty fridges and children so be sure the door can be easily opened from the inside. Many people remove the door as added protection.


Budget Organizer - finished organizer

DIY Budget OrganizerSometimes a simple envelop and accordion folder system is the best tool for managing your budget. Learn how to make your own folder and set it up for bill management and savings growth.


people working on yard chores

Creating a Work Club for Household ChoresGetting the much needed chores done around your home may be a never ending source of frustration. Try a family coordinated attack on them on a weekly basis. Another excellent idea is to organize a work club in your area. Read on for the club details.


Hanging earrings stored on a piece of fabric.

Storing EarringsMany of us are on the lookout for new earring storage ideas. This page offers several easy to implement suggestions.



A stressed woman looking at paperwork.

Getting Your Priorities StraightWe always have important things that we need to accomplish. Prioritizing your tasks with a list and following it, will help you complete them in a timely manner.


A stack of colorful hair ties.

Storing Elastic Hair TiesElastic hair ties can be stored in a number of neat ways that are preferable to the tangle at the bottom of a drawer or the scatter across a bathroom counter. This page offers several easy tips for storing elastic hair ties.


A hand holding a pair of scissors.

Keeping Track of ScissorsTo keep track of your scissors, you can add a cord or clip to the handle or even wear them around your neck on a lanyard when sewing. Some even store them in the refrigerator.


Handmade Labels for Storage Containers and Drawers  - labeled three drawer storage unit

Handmade Labels for Storage Containers and DrawersHand printing your own labels can save you money on printer ink and time setting it up. They can stand out and be easy to read. This is a page about handmade labels for storage containers and drawers.


Budget Organizer Notebook - open notebook showing budget envelopes

How to Make a Budget Organizer NotebookKeep your bills, recipts and other budgeting tools at hand with this simple pocket organizer. It's small enough to fit into a handbag or purse if you wish to take it with you. This page shows how to make a budget organizer notebook.


Pile of greeting cards.

Organizing Unused Greeting CardsSave extra holiday cards and stock up on frequently used greeting cards when you see a good price and choice. Then by organizing them you can always find what you need for that special occasion. This is a page about organizing unused greeting cards.


Contents of purse spilling out.

Purse Organizer for Switching PursesThis is a page about using a purse organizer for switching purses. Whether you chose to purchase an organizer or try some of the tips in this page, it can make switching between purses so much easier.


Hands putting a ladder away.

Ladder Storage IdeasLadders can be a challenge to store safely and out of the way. Depending on where you typically store your step or extension ladder there are some options for proper storage. This is a page about ladder storage ideas.


An uncapped Sharpie being temporarily stored in a jar of rice.

Keeping a Felt Pen Fresh with RiceIf you are doing a lot of work using a marker or felt pen, rather than recapping during almost continuous usage, place the cap upside down in a jar of rice and then you can simply place the pen inside for a couple of minutes. This is a page about rice for keeping felt pen fresh.


Christmas Wrap

Keeping Christmas Wrap Rolls from UnrollingWrapping paper is notorious for unrolling. Finding a way to prevent this without wrinkling the paper too much can be a bit of a task. This is a page about keeping Christmas wrap rolls from unrolling.


An empty dishwasher with the door open.

Store Important Items in Your Dishwasher in an EmergencyWhen evacuating because of an impending hurricane or flooding you can protect your important items by stashing them in the dishwasher. This page contains ideas about storing important items inside a dishwasher in an emergency.


Safely Store Hearing Aid in a Jewelry Box - hearing aid in small jewelry box

Safely Store Hearing Aid in a Jewelry BoxHearing aids have gotten smaller (and more expensive, ranging in the price up to several thousand dollars). The soft cases they come in are no protection for those costly little computers.


Key Ring

Adding Keys to a Key RingKey rings can sometime be very stiff and difficult to get a key on. This is a page about adding keys to a key ring.


A silverware divider being used for clutter control.

Use Silverware Trays to Organize ClutterOrganize your bathroom by storing toothbrushes, makeup, and more in handy silverware trays. They can also be used in your office or craft area. This is a page about using silverware trays to organize clutter.


Organizing items in an over the door shoe organizer.

Storage Ideas Using Common Household Items?Reusing food containers and various packaging is one way to find free or inexpensive storage options. This is a page about storage ideas using common household items.



A clipboard with reminders written on it.

Using a Clipboard for RemindersNeed help getting organized and remembering tasks? Use a clipboard to write down your reminders and hang it in a place that is easily seen throughout your day. This is a page about reminder clipboard.


Replacing a button on a shirt.

Saving Replacement Buttons and Yarns for ClothingFrequently clothing items such as sweaters, shirts, and coats will come with extra buttons or small rolls of repair yarn. This is a page about saving replacement buttons and yarns for clothing.


labeled cords

Labeling Electronic CordsThis is a page about labeling electronic cords. We all have numerous cords for our many electronic devices. Labeling them helps keep things organized.


White Storage Containers on a red background.

Organizing with Storage ContainersThis is a page about organizing with storage containers. Choosing the right containers can make stored things convenient when its time to find what you need.


DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

DIY Plastic Bag DispenserKeeping your plastic bags organized for reuse can be done in a variety of ways. This is a page about DIY plastic bag dispenser.


Labeling Nail Clippers and Tweezers

Labeling Nail Clippers and TweezersThis is a page about labeling nail clippers and tweezers. Keeping track of your favorite nail clippers and tweezers in a household with members who "borrow" can be trying.


Keeping a Ball of Twine from Unwinding

Keeping a Ball of Twine from UnwindingThis is a page about keeping a ball of twine from unwinding. Don't let that stored ball of twine become an unwound nightmare in the kitchen drawer, tool box, or craft supply storage.


peek through door into closet nook conversion

Converting a Closet into a Private NookThis is a page about converting a closet into a private nook. An unused closet is the perfect space for creating a private nook for crafting, reading, or play.


Close up of image of a white clock face with green border.  The clock has DST written on it and two hour hands exactly one hour apart with a red double ended arrow pointing at both hands indicating the hour changes forward and back by one hour

When is Daylight Saving Time?This is a page about "When is daylight saving time?". Since 2007, in areas of Canada and United States in which it is used, daylight saving time begins on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November.


double hooks to hang jackets

Using Over the Door HooksThis is a page about using over the door hooks. Over the door hooks can have their usage expended an sometimes even they can be put to other uses entirely.


paper, scissors, tape, and other gift wrap supplies

Gift Wrapping Station IdeasThis is a page about gift wrapping station ideas. Having all of your gift wrapping supplies together and a convenient wrapping surface make this task a lot easier.


Get Organized

Step by Step Guide To Get Organized?This is a page about step by step guide to get organized. Many people struggle with getting organized. Developing a routine or step by step process can help.


Birthday Reminder on Calendar

Remembering BirthdaysThis is a page about remembering birthdays. There are calendars, software programs, and other products sold to help us keep track of birthdays.


Guitar Display

Displaying Musical InstrumentsThis is a page about displaying musical instruments. Incorporate your love of music into your decor by displaying your instruments in your home or office.


birth certificate, passport and social security card

Getting a Copy of a Birth CertificateWhen you need proof of your birth it's important to know where to go to get the certificate. This page is about getting a copy of a birth certificate.



Organizing a Conference

Organizing a Conference?This page is about organizing a conference. Planning within your budget what you will need to cover all the details, is important to holding a productive event.


A wardrobe for clothing.

Storage Ideas for a House With No ClosetsThis is a page about storage ideas for a house with no closets. Some homes, older ones in particular have a dearth of closets, making storage problematic or a creative moment.


A girl with a backpack on.

Organizing Your Backpack for SchoolThis is a page about organizing your backpack for school. If it is impossible to find things in your backpack, maybe it is time to get serious about some organization.


An woman wearing glasses reading a bottle.

Making Bottle Labels Easier to ReadThis is a page about making bottle labels easier to read. The labels on many bottles can be difficult to read due to the small print.


Uses for Photo Albums

Alternative Uses for Photo AlbumsThis is a page about alternative uses for photo albums. The transition to digital cameras may have left you with some unused photo albums or they might be on sale at a local store.


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Using Space BagsThis page is about using space bags. These plastic storage bags may be helpful to save space when storing blankets, linens or clothes.


Homemade Space Bags

Homemade Space BagsThis is a page about homemade space bags. Space bags, while a great way to improve your storage problems, can be very pricey.


Organizing With Boxes

Organizing With BoxesThis is a page about organizing with boxes. Boxes are a great way to help get your home and garage organized.


box tops in a can

Saving Box Tops for EducationThis page is about saving box tops for education. Many products have coupons to collect for helping schools.


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Handicapped Accessible Storage TipsThis is a page about handicapped accessible storage tips. A physical disability can define where often used items are stored.


Using a Daily Planner

Using a Daily Planner or Pocket CalendarThis is a page about using a daily planner or pocket calendar. If you prefer to organize your schedule on paper rather then electronically, some tips might make that even easier.


Pocket Calendar

Uses for Pocket CalendarsThis is a page about uses for pocket calendars. Many businesses give away free pocket calendars; they are also cheap to buy.


Address Book on White Background

Other Uses for Address BooksThis is a page about other uses for address books. Sometimes address books can be purchased very cheaply, but what can you use them for in addition to, or other than for addresses, you wonder.


Uses for Locker Organizers

Uses for Locker OrganizersThis page contains uses for locker organizers. You can use those handy organizers, intended for school lockers, around your home, office or garage.


A large stack of food magazines.

Organizing Ideas From MagazinesThis is a page about organizing idea from magazines. Many of us have those messy stacks of pages containing yummy recipes or craft projects torn from magazines.


Writing on a smartphone.

Writing Notes Without PaperThis page is about writing notes without paper. There are other ways to write notes besides on paper.


Old extendable wood table

Using and Storing Table LeavesIf you are like many people, you only use your table leaves for special occasions and need a storage solution for the rest of the year. Some newer tables include storage inside or underneath for added convenience.


A young college student doing homework.

Organizing Tips for College StudentsThis page contains organizing tips for college students. Having your life in order can save you time and help you keep up on your school work.


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Ideas for a Handheld Portable Database Device?Let me start with an explanation of what I do. I go to various places (pawn shops, Goodwill stores,clearance stores, etc.) and purchase used CDs and DVDs to resell. It is basically a side job for extra cash and something I enjoy doing.


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Organizing and Cleaning Tips for Someone in Poor Health?I'm not in good health anymore. I need help organizing. I can't do much cleaning. My children all say they're too busy, that they have to clean their own houses.


Keeping Bookmarks Handy

Keeping Bookmarks HandyThis page is about keeping bookmarks handy. Saving your place in the book you are reading is helpful, if you can just find that bookmark.


Organized Garage

Organizing Tips and TricksThis page contains organizing tips and tricks. Learning organizational basics can help you arrange all kinds of things.


Red School Backpack

Storing School BackpacksThis is a page about storing school backpacks. Having a specific place for your student's backpack will help keep you from tripping over it and ensure that it is ready for the morning dash.


Pots, pans and lidshanging on the pegboard in kitchen.

Organizing with PegboardsThis is a page about organizing with pegboards. Pegboards are an inexpensive option for organizing in your home or garage.


Sticky Notes With Chores on Board

Organizing ChoresThis page is about organizing chores. To complete all the chores in a timely manner it helps to have planning and coordination.


Hats and Gloves in Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Uses for Over the Door Shoe OrganizersThis is a page about uses for over the door shoe organizers. Repurpose an over the door shoe organizer to store a wide variety of other personal items or crafts.


Bulletin board made from egg cartons

Creative Home Bulletin Board IdeasThis page contains creative home bulletin board ideas. Bulletin boards are a great way to help keep us organized.


Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies.

Storing Cleaning SuppliesStoring your cleaning supplies is important not only to make them easy to get to, but there may also be safety issues to consider. This is a page about storing cleaning supplies.


A couple putting money into a piggy bank.

Living a Frugal and Organized LifeThis is a page about being frugal and organized. One key to sustaining a frugal lifestyle is being organized and staying on track.


How to Declutter Your Life

How to Declutter Your LifeThis is a page is about how to declutter your life. Without organization a lot of time can be wasted trying to find what you need.


razor blade

Storing Razor BladesThis is a page about storing razor blades. Many times razor blades are sold in bulk packs, so they require storage until they are needed.


A numbered to do list on paper.

Staying Organized With ListsThis is a page about staying organized with lists. Making lists on paper or on the computer can be a big help, reminding you of errands, appointments, "honey - do's", Christmas shopping or anything you need to keep track of.


To Do List on White Background

Making a "To Do" ListThis is a page about making a "to do" list. Staying organized and knowing what to do next will allow you to make the best use of your time. A to do list is a tried and true method of staying on task. Plus it feels great to look back and the end of the day and see all you accomplished.


A man looking at his smartphone calendar.

Remembering AppointmentsThis is a page about remembering appointments. Whether it's for work, a doctor's visit, or just meeting a friend, we all have appointments we need to remember. Remembering when the appointment is will save you the embarrassment of not making it on time or worse, not showing up at all.


Empty wood wine rack.

Uses for Wine RacksThis is a page about using wine racks. Wine racks are great for storing wine, but can be used for other organizing needs as well. You can inexpensive wine racks at the thrifty store or you may have one laying around at home.


Organizing Your Purse

Organizing Your PurseThis is a page about organizing your purse. A messy purse is an easy place to lose track of things. Keeping your purse organized will help you stay organized in general and you might be able to carry a smaller purse also.


Ball of string.

Organizing StringThis is a page about organizing string. If string is not stored properly it can quickly become a tangles mess. It will save a lot of time if it is tidy and easy to use.


Photo of organized kitchen cabinets.

Organizing Your HomeThis is a page about organizing your home. Organizing your home can reduce stress and make you household run more smoothly. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to organize.


Various keys hanging from hooks.

Organizing KeysThis is a page about organizing keys. Lost and unidentifiable keys can be very frustrating. We can all use some sort of organizational solution for the various keys we have about the house.


Picture of someone writing in a day planner.

Organizing Your DayThis is a page about organizing your day. It can be difficult to get everything accomplished each day. Starting your day with a plan allows you to make the of your time.


Beautifully Organized Apartment

Organizing an ApartmentApartments can be difficult to organize due to their size. When an apartment or any small space is well organized, the space seems larger. This is a page about organizing an apartment.


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A "Where'd I Put That?" BookA few years ago I was going through some boxes that I had put away as storage under our bed. I found things I would have been using, had I remembered that I had stored them!


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Getting Boyfriend to Get Rid of Old Clothes?We live in a small apartment. We had to put lifts under our bed, so that we could put Rubbermaid storage bins underneath. How do I get him to go through his shorts and pants, so we can give to the needy. He keeps saying someday he'll wear them. Please help!


Organizing Your Makeup, Makeup that needs to be organized.

Organizing Your MakeupThis is a page about organizing your makeup. Depending on how much makeup you use, it can become quite disorganized. With all of the different sizes and shapes it can be difficult to organize it all.


Computer login window.

Remembering Usernames and PasswordsThis is a page about remembering usernames and passwords. Many of us have online accounts that require usernames and passwords. If you use multiple ones for different accounts it can be difficult to keep track of them.


Screws stored in a compartment tray.

Creative Storage IdeasThis is a page about creative storage ideas. Being organized is nice, however it is not always easy. Whether your items are odd sizes or you are working with a small space, sometimes you have to get creative to organizing things.


Stack of pictures frames.

Storing Framed ArtworkThis is a page about storing framed artwork. Storing framed artwork involves two challenges. Not only do you need to protect the artwork, but also, the frames.


Messy pile of board game boxes.

Organizing Board GamesThis is a page to organizing board games. With all their small pieces and often numerous pieces of paper, board games can easy become disorganized. Family game night just isn't the same if you can't find all the parts to your favorite game.


Firewood stacked against the side of a house.

Storing FirewoodThis is a page about storing firewood. Now that you have purchased your firewood, where will you put it? Storing your firewood properly will ensure that the wood is dry and ready to use when you need it.


Photo of lots of loose change.

Organizing ChangeThis is a page about organizing spare change. Organizing your change can help lighten your purse or pockets. It also can help you save money.


Organizing a Tack Room?I am cleaning up my messy tack room and was looking for some help on how to do so! It's not very big, but then again not very small. The place gets dusty often and is completely shut up aside from the door that's left open.


Frugal Organizational Ideas for a Small Apartment?I live in a small two bedroom apartment with my fiance and two kids. I am wondering of how to organize our apartment in a cheap/frugal way. I am have a very low income and can't even afford a dresser. So instead I am buying one of those "portable" clothing racks.


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Plastic Storage Containers for Drawers?Are there plastic storage containers that would fit in bottom drawers?


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Ideas for Organizing Rolls of Material?I would like ideas for how to organise rolls of material in the work place. There should be a system.


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Organizing a Living Room?I need help in organizing my living room. How can I organize it so that it won't look too crowded?


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Pointers for Getting and Staying Organized?I can't seem to stay organized. Can you please give me some pointers on how to get organized and stay that way?


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Organizing Oven Storage Drawer?How can I keep my oven drawer from becoming a mess? Every time I open it, everything shifts around and becomes a jumble of pots and pans. Any suggestions on how to keep the drawer clean and organized without having to overhaul it every month?


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Organizational Advice for a Packrat?How does a packrat/hoarder begin to organize?


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Making Storage Accessible?How do I use my living space to have storage accessible, but without clutter? I have musical instruments, PCs, and stuff.


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Distributing Estate Items to Family?My parent's left me their home and all of their 66 yrs of household and personal items! I now have cabinets and closets filled with mom's memories, plus grandma's, Aunt Mary's, etc. Having a large family, I want everyone to have what they want out of the house, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this.


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Keeping a House Organized While Renovating?My hubby and I have inherited his grandmother's house. It is a lovely house, rather small but manageable. However, each and every room needs to be reconstructed then remodeled, from the floors being torn up to the ceilings being reconstructed in each room.


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Cleaning and Organizing My House?My house is a "pit". How do you ever get everything cleaned and organized? I need a lot of help to get this done. I am putting up a modular this year and must get this all done this summer. I work full-time and have a husband who is no help at all.


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Managing Time as a Working Woman?I'm a working woman and I'm newly married. My problem is that I cannot manage my time. I'm finding it very difficult to cook, clean and also go to work. I need to be in office by 9.30a.m and I leave the office by 6 pm.


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Organizing Pen Pal Information?I am trying to organize my pen pal letters and the info cards that I have for each one. Any ideas?


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Making Homemade Necklace Hangers?I am looking for suggestions on home made necklace hangers. I had found some ideas on ThriftyFun, but now can't find them again.


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Displaying Baseball Caps?I have lots of ball caps and wonder if anyone out there has any clever ideas how to display them. I've seen ball cap organizers in magazines but I wonder if anyone has made some kind of device to display/store them? Thanks!


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Motivation for Getting Organized?Everyone says to get organized but how can you get organized with not enough motivation or ambition? I have four children one borderline ADHD and the others pretty well behaved. They keep me very busy.


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Transporting Board Games?I do private tutoring and often take board games in Spanish to work. The boxes are starting to become worn. When I bring them to work, I hand carry the boxes, holding them so that the tops don't fall off the bottoms and pull a backpack on wheels with text books at the same time.


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How do you carry your checkbook?Ladies, do you prefer carrying a checkbook wallet or a checkbook cover? I read an article that indicated most women are dumping their checkbook wallets and simply carrying the checkbook cover.


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Storing Cologne?Storing Cologne. I received several bottles of cologne for Christmas and was wondering the best way to store it to keep the fragrance from losing strength.


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Carrying Powdered Compacts In My Purse?I am trying to find something to keep my BC powders in while in my purse. I carry about 6 powders. Powder is all over my purse. Do you have any ideas on what I can put them in?


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Carrying Kleenex in My Purse?What can I use to carry pocket sized Kleenex tissue in while it's in my purse. I have to keep tissue in my purse for allergies. However, it seems to get torn and dirty and usually ends up in the bottom of my purse. Any advice on what I can carry them to keep them clean and intact?


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Organizing Old Electronics?I have a pack rat spouse. How do I organize his old radios, telephones, records, tapes, etc.?


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Getting Rid of Unwanted Items When You Live In An Apartment?Could you please share tips on how to sell items you no longer need when you live in an apartment building? Since we can not have a yard sale, I do not know how to (items are diverse small big).


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Organizing Medication?Tips for organizing prescriptions. Post your ideas.


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How Do Frugal People Store All The Stuff They Save?This is a request for all of us frugal people who save everything. How do we store and organize all this stuff? Linda


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Pocket Pouch for Couch?I am looking for a pocket "pouch" or some item to attach to the arm of a couch for holding writing equipment, such as pencils, etc. It must be attractive enough to put in a hostess area Not very bulky I will be happy to purchase one or make it if I had a pattern. Thank you very much in advance. Mary Ann from Michigan


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Organizing Emergency?I have a an organizational emergency! My friends Did and Sabina live together in Brooklyn, NY and they live STY HIGH! I love the TLC show 'Clean Sweep' but they are not accepting submissions now and my friends need help desperately. The house is dirty and chaotic and cluttered to the nth degree.


C-Clamp Temporary Shelving

C-Clamp Temporary ShelvingOn a trip to my local Sears store to buy a wrench, I passed through the men's clothing department. They had set up a display table for shirts using c-clamps. It was quite ingenious, at least I thought so. This might work for temporary shelving in your home, light weight items are probably best.


Bread ties marking cords on a power strip.

Bread Tie Cord LabelI hate when I go to unplug something because there are a bunch of unidentifiable cords plugged in. Many bread bags come with those little plastic ties to hold them shut. These will fit around almost any cord and can be written on with a Sharpie to help identify all of your cords.


cloche over camera

Displaying an Old CameraI have an old camera that I really enjoyed having out on a shelf, but it was always so dusty. I found a cloche at the store that fit perfectly over it. Now I don't have to worry about damaging the camera when trying to dust it.


antique compass

Displaying an Antique CompassMy husband wanted to display a compass given to him by his stepdad. I found a small shadowbox frame and removed the glass. I attached a small cup hook to the top and painted it with black nail polish to make it less visible.


labeled cords

Labeling Charging CordsWe have numerous cell phones and small devices that all use the same charging cords. I can never find any of my charging cords. I end up buying new ones or it always seems like the kids miraculously have one when mine goes missing.


DIY Lazy Susan Organizer - finished and stocked lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan OrganizerYou know when your intentions are pure and your start out with the best of them? I put a pretty basket on a lazy susan and put napkins, spices, and salt and pepper. Then, a cup for pens. Then paper. Then cards...


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Storing Ribbon?I have several dozen large spools of ribbon, many that are wired. Any suggestions on how to store them and save space at the same time.


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Ideas for Rain Scarf Container?Do you have any suggestions as to what I can keep my plastic rain scarf in while in my purse? I am referring to the little thin plastic rain scarves that are usually sold in the beauty supply stores.


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Adding Small Shelves to a School Locker?Any ideas on how to put small shelves in a school locker?


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Makeup Storage Advice?It's everywhere! Makeup storage in a female house is a problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Organizing Articles Leaving the Magazine Intact - two magazines

Organizing Articles Leaving the Magazine Intact?I am a self taught jewelry maker. I have magazines from Art Jewelry magazine and Lapidary Journal. Lapidary Journal is still in print and I still receive it. Art Jewelry is out of print. These magazines are incredible resources and an inspiration and I prefer to keep the magazines intact.


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Organizing a Small Apartment?I would like some tips for orgarizing for very small apartment.


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