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Brooms and Mops

Storing Brooms and MopsThis page is about storing brooms and mops. An untidy mess can develop in a utility closet or corner of the kitchen.


Organizing a Small Kitchen, A small kitchen painted lime green.

Organizing a Small KitchenThis is a page about organizing a small kitchen. Organizing your kitchen is tough even in a large kitchen. It is even more important to organize a small kitchen, where space is limited.


Organizing a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Organizing a Lazy Susan CabinetA Lazy Susan cabinet can be a very efficient way to store things. This is a page about organizing a lazy susan cabinet.


Kitchen Sink

Organizing Under Your Kitchen SinkThis is a page about organizing under your kitchen sink. Under your kitchen sink can become a catchall. Organizing this cabinet is a great way to get more space out of your kitchen.


Canning Jars in Pantry

Restock Your Pantry Like Stores Restock Their ShelvesA well organized pantry not only makes it easy to find a specific item, but can also help save money since you won't buy more of a food item that you already have. This is a page about restock your pantry like stores restock their shelves.


A pop can box made into a bag organizer.

Use a Soda Can Box to Organize BagsRecycled solutions to organizational issues are often thrifty and creative. This is a page about use a soda can box to organize bags.


Pasta in Glass Jars

Pantry Food StorageThis page is about pantry food storage. Storing food in your pantry can be challenging to keep organized and properly rotated.


Organized recycled bags inside containers.

Storing Assorted Food BagsYou can save and reuse assorted plastic food bags without any fuss or mess. Here is how I do it.


A clean and organized pantry shelf.

Keeping Track Of What Is In Your PantryThis weekend, I took time to organize some of my cabinets. I had over 6 items that were expired as far back as May 2020. I tend to lose track of the items in the cabinets because I would stack new items in front versus grabbing from the back because it's hard to reach without a step stool.


A cabinet containing spices and other cooking ingredients.

Organizing Your Spice CabinetMy spice cabinet was a mess! It had been ravaged during the holidays when we needed ingredients that aren't always used year round. Some baking supplies had been mixed in and some bulk spices were still in bags instead of bottles.


The cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.

Tidy Cord SaverThe cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.You can purchase command cord bundle strips or make your own cord solution a lot cheaper. I purchased self adhesive hooks (16 @ dollar store). I placed one on the side of my smoothie blender. I took an empty cardboard TP roll and covered it with inexpensive contact paper (also @ dollar store). I punched a hole in the TP holder and put it on the hook attached to my blender. Then I tucked the cord inside.


Lids stored in a vinyl record holder rack

Vinyl Record Rack for Organizing Plastic ContainersI am always battling with keeping my plastic containers and lids organized. While at the thrift store, I purchased an old 45 record holder with the idea of using it to organize the lids. This is the before and after pictures.



Fridge Spinner for Storage - spinner in a plastic storage drawer filled with creamer single serve packets

Fridge Spinner for StorageRepurposing a seldom used item is a fun and thrifty endeavor. Here a refrigerator spinning, lazy Susan style, storage container unit with missing lids moves out of the fridge and is used to store coffee or tea condiments.


DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack - over the sink rack

DIY Over the Counter Dish RackExpand the storage space in your kitchen with an over the sink dish rack. Buying one can be pricey, but here is a less expensive option.


A cupboard with the lower shelf supported by glass vases.

Customizing a Cupboard ShelfSome times the configuration of your kitchen cupboards may not really work for you. One size or layout in this case does not fit all. There are simple, even temporary ways you can adjust the shelving to make it more suitable to your needs.


DIY Cup Cup Sleeve Tea Organizer - reorganized drawer

DIY Hot Cup Sleeve Tea OrganizerThe paper sleeves you get with your takeout coffee or other hot drinks can be used to create an organizer for your tea bags. Learn how here. It is easy and you're recycling.


Meal Planning Pocket Chart - in use finished chart

Making a Meal Planning Pocket ChartPlanning meals is a great way to save money and time in the kitchen. This helpful pocket chart will keep all your favorite meals in rotation.


DIY Weekly Meal Planner - dinner

Weekly Meal PlanningPlanning your family meals on a weekly basis has several benefits. It helps to ensure that food is used up before it goes bad and keeps you from ordering takeout or going out to eat. This will save you time and money in the long run, while keeping your family well fed with healthy home cooked meals.


Creatively Store Kitchen Hand Towels

Storing Kitchen Towels in a BasketFinding a way to creatively store kitchen hand towels can make them easy to access and decorative at the same time. Try storing your kitchen towels in a basket to keep them handy.


An open refrigerator with some disarray.

Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and OrganizedA lot of waste comes from food being "lost" in the back of a messy refrigerator. Organization helps you keep more money in your wallet while making cooking a snap. This is a page about keeping your refrigerator clean and organized.


A row of condiments in the refrigerator.

Organize Condiments in Your RefrigeratorOrganizing your condiments in the fridge can not only save you time when cooking or preparing lunch for school and work, but it can help alert you to the need to replace supplies that are getting low. This is a page about organizing condiments in your refrigerator.


Lazy Susan in a refrigerator.

Using a Lazy Susan in Your FridgeIf you are looking for a new way to use that lazy Susan that is collecting dust in a cabinet or the garage, use it in your fridge. There are also new ones that can be used this way as well to help organize and make foods more accessible. This is a page about using a lazy Susan in your fridge.


Friends at table with potluck food

Getting Dishes Back After a PotluckThis is a page about getting dishes back after a potluck. It isn't uncommon for dishes to go unclaimed after a potluck or for 2 people to have identical containers. Using freezer tape to create a label with your name on it is a great way to get your dish back at the end of the event.


A set of silver measuring spoons.

Keep Measuring Spoons in Frequently Used ContainersKeeping a set of plastic measuring spoons in your containers of sugar, flour, etc. makes it easy to prepare your recipes and actually cuts down on dish washing as the spoons do not need to be washed after every use. This is a page about keep measuring spoons in frequently used containers.


Colorful Drinking Straws

How to Store Drinking StrawsThere are a lot of recycled containers you can put to new use for storing your drinking straws, such as oatmeal or cookie boxes. This is a page about storing drinking straws.


Rice Filled Glass DIY Knife Stand

Rice Filled Glass DIY Knife StandYesterday I was doing some intricate chopping for dinner and had a couple different knives out. I was in a bit of a rush and knocked one off the counter and near my foot. To avoid these types of accidents from happening, fill a glass or cup with dry uncooked rice and stand your knives in there at your workstation.


Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked Pots

Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked PotsBubble wrap can be used to protect pots and pan from scratching each other while stored. This is a page about use bubble wrap to protect stacked pots.



Labeled Soda and Cornstarch in square plastic boxes.

Labeling Pantry StaplesMany people like to repackage their staple foods in glass or plastic storage containers after discarding the original packaging. Once done however, it can be difficult to differentiate between some dry goods. This is a page about labeling pantry staples.


Kitchen with many Small Kitchen Appliances

Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen AppliancesSmall kitchen appliances can be a challenge to store. They take up a lot of space on your countertop and can be bulky and require too much space in your cabinets. This is a page about storage ideas for small kitchen appliances.


A plastic storage crate.

Kitchen Storage with Plastic CratesSterilite Storage Crates are useful for the kitchen. This particular one I purchased is from Walmart (measuring 9" L x 7 " x 6") and is also perfect for CDs and DVDs, but I am using it to store dried grains. The crate is only $1.37! They are stackable and you can connect more crates together if you need!


Homemade Spice Cabinet

Homemade Spice CabinetFinding a good place to store the many small spice bottles in your kitchen can sometimes be solved by a DIY project, such as a spice rack. This is a page about homemade spice cabinet.


pantry drawers

Using Drawers to Organize PantryThis is a page about using drawers to organize pantry. Adding drawer sets to your pantry can create more useful and organized storage space.


Spice Tins on Fridge

Organizing Spice Tins on Your FridgeThis is a page about organizing spice tins on your fridge. This is a creative way to find more storage space in your kitchen.


A container in the counter in the kitchen.

Product Review: Tupperware Fridgesmart ContainersThese containers keep food fresh longer. They have ridged bottoms to collect any moisture. In addition, they have two vents. Depending upon the food being stored, one, both, or neither will be in the open position.


Pots and Pans hanging from hooks

Hanging Pots and PansThis is a page about hanging pots and pans. One way to better utilize space in a kitchen with limited or unsatisfactory cabinet space is to hang your pots and pans.


Wide variety of different types and sized of jars filled with spices on three shelves all with different types of labels

Labeling Spice Jars?This is a page about labeling spice jars. Organizing your spices often includes transferring them all to new or matching jars.


Lazy Susan with Marbles Teaser

Making a Lazy Susan with MarblesThis is a page about DIY lazy susan with marbles. This easy to make lazy susan has all the function of a store bought one, at a fraction of the cost.


Making a Scrubbie Cubbie

Making a Scrubbie CubbieThis is a page about making a scrubbie cubbie. This easy to make solution for storing cleaning items between uses, is perfect for keeping your kitchen organized.


Storing Plastic Wrap, Foil and Wax Paper Boxes

Storing Plastic Wrap, Foil and Wax Paper...This is a page about storing plastic wrap, foil and wax paper boxes. All those food wrap boxes can take up less space in the kitchen when you get a little creative.


Kitchen Tongs

Storing Kitchen TongsThis is a page about storing kitchen tongs. Cooking tongs can take up too much room and add to the clutter in drawers. There are a few creative ways to store them.


Clear Glass Canisters

Using Clear Glass CanistersThis is a page about using clear glass canisters. Glass is a wonderful food container material. It is easy to clean, and easy to see what and how much is stored in it.


Recipe Cards

Using Recipe CardsThis is a page about using recipe cards. Many cooks still use recipe cards when preparing their favorite meals.



Magnetic Knife Holder

Making a Magnetic Knife HolderYou can save money and free up space on your kitchen counter by making a magnetic knife holder. This is a page about making a magnetic knife holder.


metal pan lid

Organizing LidsThis is a page about organizing lids. Whether metal, glass, or plastic, lids can be a challenge to keep organized and easy to find.


K-Cup Holder

K-Cup Holder IdeasThis is a page about K-Cup holder ideas. K-Cup storage can be a challenge, but there are all sorts of creative and thrifty ways to store your K-Cups.


Canning Jar

Storing Canning JarsThis is a page about storing canning jars. When not in use canning jars need to be stored until next season.


Making a Magnetic Spice Rack

Making a Magnetic Spice RackThis is a page about making a magnetic spice rack. Having your spices easily accessible makes cooking even easier.


Kitchen Utility Drawer

Organizing Kitchen DrawersThis is a page about organizing kitchen drawers. If your kitchen drawers are a jumbled mess, it is time to organize them.


Organizing Coffee Mugs

Organizing Coffee MugsThis is a page about organizing coffee mugs. There are a number of ways to organize your coffee mugs, whether you want to display them or maximize cupboard storage.


Organizing Serving Dishes

Organizing Serving DishesThis is a page about organizing serving dishes. Because of their varying sizes and shapes serving dishes can be tough to organize.


Organizing Lunch Boxes

Organizing Lunch BoxesThis is a page about organizing lunch boxes. School or work lunchboxes often seem to litter the countertop in the kitchen with no real home.


Storing Cupcake Liners

Storing Cupcake LinersThis is a page about storing cupcake liners. If you like to bake cupcakes buy fancy liners for different occasions, you may be at a loss for a convenient way to store the extras until needed.


Using Corkboard in the Kitchen

Using Corkboard in the KitchenThis is a page about using corkboard in the kitchen. Corkboard can be used in many ways to help organize your kitchen.


Keeping Kitchen Tools Handy

Keeping Kitchen Tools HandyThis page is about keeping kitchen tools handy. Having your tools easy to find when you need them, makes working in the kitchen more enjoyable.


Storing Pots in the Oven

Storing Pots in the OvenThis is a page about storing pots in the oven. Those of us with small kitchens ofter resort to storing pots in the oven.


Storing Toothpicks

Storing ToothpicksThis page is about storing toothpicks. You can have toothpicks clean and convenience in a variety of containers.


A polished set of silverware

Storing SilverwareThis page is about storing silverware. Finding the best way to avoid tarnished silverware, saves a lot of work polishing.


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Storing Corn on the Cob HoldersThis is a page about storing corn on the cob holders. No more stuck fingers fishing for the corn on the cob holders or finding only one.


Cookie recipe taped to outside of plastic storage container.

Saving Recipes from Food PackagingThis is a page about saving recipes from food packaging. Often times there are some really good recipes on the food package, that may not be there the next time you shop.


Stack of colorful measuring cups

Organizing Measuring CupsThis page is about organizing measuring cups. A clutter of measuring cups in your cupboard or drawer can make it hard to find the one you really need.


A stack of muffin tins.

Organizing Muffin PansThis is a page about organizing muffin pans. Do you have regular, mini, fancy shaped, or muffin top pans all tossed together in the cupboard?


Organizing Canned Goods

Organizing Canned GoodsThis is a page about organizing canned goods. A well organized kitchen makes meal preparation and grocery shopping easier. Keeping your canned goods organized will help to know when you need to replace that product and may even be helpful in last minute meal creation, or off the shelf cooking.


Organizing Your Cross-Top Freezer, Picture of an organized freezer.

Organizing Your Cross-Top FreezerThis is a page about organizing your cross-top freezer. Having a refrigerator with a cross-top freezer is very convenient but the space is small and can become crowded. Here are tips to keep everything accessible.


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Garden Pots for the Kitchen CounterI use an oval metal planter that has a plastic lining by my kitchen sink for my hand soap container, dishwashing soap container, stoppers, and scrubbers. They are all in one place and in a decorative container.


Three Steel Cookie Cutters on a White Background

Organizing Cookie CuttersThis is a page about organizing cookie cutters. If you have a lot of cookie cutters it's easy to for them to take up a lot of space and get disorganized. Make sure you can find the right shape cookie cutter when you need by keeping them organized.


Three green funnels.

Organizing FunnelsThis is a page about organizing funnels. Funnels are a uniquely shaped item that can be difficult to store. It may take a like creativity, but there are convenient ways to keep funnels organized.


Pots and pans.

Organizing Pots and PansThis is a page about organizing pots and pans. With their various shapes and sizes, pots and pans can be difficult to organize. Getting your pots and pans organized will speed up cooking and keep your cabinets usable.


Organizing Cookie Sheets

Organizing Baking Pans and Cookie SheetsThis is a page about organizing baking pans and cookie sheets. Baking pans, cookie sheets, and other bakeware can be difficult to organize. They come in many different sizes and configurations.


Organizing Your Kitchen, Dishes neatly organized in a wood cabinet.

Organizing Your KitchenThis is a page about organizing your kitchen. Making food in a disorganized or messy kitchen can be daunting and difficult. Keeping your kitchen organized can save you time and money on food preparation.


Dishes in Kitchen Cabinet

Organizing Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about organizing kitchen cabinets. Whether your kitchen is small or large it's important to be able to work efficiently in your cooking space. Keeping your kitchen cabinets neat and tidy is a very important part of keeping your kitchen organized.


Various Spices in Containers on Wooden Background

Organizing SpicesThis is a page about organizing spices. Spices can quickly take up more space in your kitchen than you may have intended. Keeping your spices organized helps to reduce their storage footprint and makes them easier to locate while you are cooking.


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Use Dishwasher For StorageI have a dish washer and find that I rarely use a dish drainer. I decided to put that old drainer to a better use. It works great to hold all of my lids for pots and pans upright in the small space under the sink.


Dishes arranged inside cabinet.

Organizing DishesThis is a page about organizing dishes. Having your dishes organized can maximize space and make it easier to work in your kitchen.


Small kitchen appliances such as a juicer, food processor, blender, etc.

Storing Kitchen AppliancesThis is a page about storing kitchen appliances. Small appliances such as blenders, mixers, and toasters can be real time savers, but they can take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter.


Wooden Utensils in wooden jar

Organizing Kitchen UtensilsThis is a page to organizing kitchen utensils. Kitchen utensils are all different shapes and sizes, which can make them difficult to organize. Well organized kitchen utensils makes it easier to find them and can also add a decorative element to your kitchen.


Cans of Food in a Pantry

Organizing Your PantryThis page is about organizing a pantry. Finding things in an unorganized pantry can be frustrating. A well organized pantry can save you money by decreasing unneeded shopping trips.


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Utilizing the Wasted Space in Corner Kitchen Cabinets?What's the best way to utilize the space in the unreachable corners of my cabinets where they form an "L" shape. If I use bins in those corners to hold items then I have to remove all my pots and pans to get to the bins.


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Placement of Kitchen Canisters?I have kitchen canisters fro flour and sugar. Where do you put them on the kitchen counters?


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Condiments on the Table or Counter?What items should you leave on your kitchen table? For example, should I put the sugar, salt, and pepper on the table leave them on the counter?


Store Milk In Plastic Bag

Store Milk In Plastic BagIt's true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially when it comes to cleaning. In this picture, I wrapped the plastic grocery bag handles around the handle of the milk jug, leaving enough of the handle because the bag can be slippery.


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Efficient Placement of Small Kitchen Appliances?Where do you put your appliances on the counter, example coffee pot, toaster, so that it is more time efficient?


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A Small Book Rack for Cookbooks?I would like to display some cook books on my countertop. Where can I find a small book rack?


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Organizing My Kitchen?I have a new kitchen and one corner cabinet has 2 lazy susan shelves and I have a small pantry. Can you tell me what organization scheme works the best here? I also have a cook top and under that more cabinets.


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Organizing Packets in the KitchenIn my pantry, on the front sides of my shelves, there are room for some "S" hooks to hang. I've punched holes in the sealed tops of packets of taco seasoning, gravy mixes, etc. and hung them on the "S" hooks.


Using wood crates for cookbooks.

Organizing with Wooden CratesHere is a picture of how I organized "some" of my cookbooks. When I was at our grocery store last fall they had these crates sitting out for their pumpkin display. I asked if they'd sell me some.


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Countertop Paper Towel HoldersInstead of rollers attached to the wall for paper towels, Saran, etc., use paper towel holders on the counter top, under the sink, or in cupboards and closets.


DIY Cup Cup Sleeve Tea Organizer - reorganized drawer

DIY Hot Cup Sleeve Tea OrganizerDon't use hot cup sleeves? Or do you save hot cup sleeves? You can use them for a tea organizer! Or, apply the same concept using sturdy paper or thin cardboard, cut long strips and fold into a square to make this tea organizer.


knife holder on side of fridge

Magnetic Knife HolderAfter desperately searching for a magnetic knife rack to save kitchen counter space, I never found any that would just attach to the fridge without having to drill holes.


cake pans in tub

Storing Cake Pans and Baking SuppliesI have quite a few cake pans that were taking up valuable space in my pantry. I don't use them enough to have them out all of the time so I decided to put them into a large storage tub.


magnetic items on fridge

Magnetic Items to Organize Your KitchenIn addition to making a magnetic knife holder, I also purchased little magnetic spice canisters to hold the spices I use most often. Like the ones that I have recently dried from the garden, or that are "over flow" spices that I bought extra of, like exotic peppers or salts.


Storing Appliances in Cabinets

Storing Appliances in CabinetsIn an effort to regain space in the kitchen, I decided that I needed to find storage places for the various appliances that were cluttering up the counters. The only issue was I couldn't see what was in the back of the cabinet. I solved this problem by putting labels at the front edges of the shelves.


DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack - over the sink rack

DIY Over the Counter Dish RackI was looking online to purchase an over the sink dish rack and to my surprise they could get kind of expensive. The one I had my eyes was nearly $173 so I decided to construct one myself.


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Stripped sock oil bottle cover

Making an Oil Bottle CoverThis video shows you the simple steps to making an oil bottle cover.


a colorful menu board, showing a week's worth of dinner plans.

Dinner Menu Board and Meal BasketsNeed a way to help your family keep track of weekly meal plans? Check out this helpful and colorful menu board. Learn about it in this short video.


Spice Tins on Fridge

Organizing Spice TinsWatch the video to discover a simple way to organize your spice tins.


Canning Jar Utensil HolderThis wall mounted utensil holder is great to use in small kitchens or if you need to free up some drawer space.



Using small oven racks in the refrigerator.

Small Oven Racks for Refrigerator OrganizingI don't remember where I saw this tip but it sure did come in handy this holiday with all the cooking that I did. I placed a small oven rack on top of the Pyrex dish in the refrigerator so I could stack something on top of it. The rack is strong and can hold weight.


Craft drawers being used to organize a pantry.

Organize Food Pantry With Craft DrawersSeveral years ago, I purchased a craft cart with tons of drawers, for additional storage. The cart itself started being too flimsy to use, but the drawers were in perfect condition. I decided I'd try to use them to organize my pantry, and I love the outcome! I labeled each drawer using my label maker and tried to sporadically place the different colors on the shelves.


A clean and organized pantry shelf.

Keeping Track Of What Is In Your PantryThis weekend, I took time to organize some of my cabinets. I had over 6 items that were expired as far back as May 2020. I tend to lose track of the items in the cabinets because I would stack new items in front versus grabbing from the back because it's hard to reach without a step stool.



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Organizing Your Pantry?I am dying to know how all of you with those beautiful pantries that have a container for every item keep your back up items? What do you do when you purchase more of an additional item?


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Plastic Lid Storage Dilemma?I have a very small kitchen about 5x6. I have absolutely no place to put my plastic lids. I don't have room for a file cabinet; I barely have room to walk around. Please help me with any suggestions you might have.


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Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen?I am moving to a new place and unfortunately the kitchen has little storage space, no kitchen cabinets and little counter space. Does anyone have solutions or ideas for what to do in place of cabinets or how to go about putting in some?Thanks so much.


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Finding Free Printable Spice Labels?Does anyone know of a site that has free printable spice labels that will fit on address labels? The size is like Avery 8160. Thanks!


A canister lid.

Replacement Canister Lids?I have canisters with wooden lids. The lids have a silicon seal/ring that are worn out and no longer have a tight fit. The size of the lid that fits into the jar is 3 1/4 inches. I have yet to find any similar to mine. Any suggestions?


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Storing Kitchen Appliances?My kitchen is very tiny and has very small cupboards. I don't know how to store so many appliances.


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