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This page contains tips for organizing your closets.

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Use Shower Curtain
Rings on Hangers

Use Shower Curtain Rings on HangersShower curtain rings can be used for many more things than just holding up a shower curtain. You can use them in your closet to hang ties or scarves. This is a page about use shower curtain rings as hangers.


Hang another on an existing hanger using a pop can tab.

Using Soda Can Tabs to Double Wardrobe SpaceThis is a page about using soda can tabs to double wardrobe space. To help organize your clothes closet you can add room for more hangers by using can opening tabs.


Clothing clipped on hangers in a closet.

Hanging Long Dresses in a Low ClosetUsing two clothes hangers, you can easily hang your dresses in a closet with a low rod setting. Simply drape the skirt portion over the second hanger and you are good to go.


Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and Belts

Use Shower Curtain Rings to Store Scarves and BeltsShower curtain rings can be used on a hanger in your clothes closet to store scarves and belts. It saves space and makes it easy to find the scarf you are looking for.


A black top hung on a clothes hangar with rubber bands.

Using Rubber Bands on Clothing HangersTo keep your clothes from sliding off hangers, you can use rubber bands. This is a page about using rubber bands on clothing hangers.


A tank top on a hanger.

Keeping Clothes on HangersThis is a page about keeping clothes on hangers. Having your clothing constantly sliding off the hanger is frustrating.


organizing a hall closet

Organizing Your Hall ClosetThis is a page about organizing your hall closet. The hall closet has traditionally been the coat closet and the catchall for a lot of other things, often resulting in an organizational disaster.


Organized Closet

Organizing Your Bedroom ClosetThis is a page about organizing your bedroom closet. Closets are known for gathering junk, often being the go to place for things when a surprise guest comes. Having an organized closet is a constant reminder to what clothes you have, which can save you money by not buying unneeded clothes.


Ideas for Organizing Storage on Closet Shelves?What are some cheap storage ideas I can use for my closet? As you can see in the picture, I have 2 large shelves (they measure 48in long by 19in high by 14in deep).


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Organizing Small Closets?What is the best way to organize my closets which are small?


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Use Craft Foam for Hanger CushionI recently bought some really nice hangers with a velvet type of covering on them so garment won't slip. They are extremely thin like wire hangers, which is great to save space, but when you hang a pair of pants, or linens on a wire or very thin hangers you get BIG time creases.


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Rubberbands on Plastic HangersTwist rubberbands around the ends of plastic coat hangers to keep clothing from slipping off.



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Hang Purses By Binder Rings In ClosetTo organize your purses in your closet, use a single metal ring binder to put your purses on. One binder ring could hold 3 purses by their handles. Once the purses are on the ring, hang the ring in your closet on the closet rack.


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My Tiny Linen Closet?What can I do to optimize the space in my tiny but tall, narrow and deep linen closet?


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Organizing a Walk-in Closet?My closet is a small walk-in closet. I have tried everything to keep it clean, but it keeps getting messy! I could buy some organizers, but I have no money. Please help me keep it clean!


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Organizing a Linen Closet?I need some help organizing my linen closet. it is JAM PACKED full of blankets (most of which we use because of frequent guest). It is very small and had about five shelves in it. Any suggestions? Renee from AR


wrapping a rubber band around hanger

Prevent Clothes Slipping off HangersIt's a nuisance when your clothes slip off your hangers and you find them crumpled on the floor of your wardrobe.


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Organizing Clothes the Smart WayIt's the time of year where back to school, moving to a new apartment, or just making good use of your space is at it all time high. There are good tips to make more room, sort out the old, and shop your closet, hopefully saving you time and money.


tab connecting two hangers

Can Tabs for Instant Room in Your ClosetInstead of buying those multi-hanger type hangers, use the tabs from tab opening cans, such as soda, cat food, ravioli, etc., to hook one or more clothes hangers together to create more room in your closet! Just slip the tab onto the hanger hook and connect the hangers!


Organizing Your Bedroom Closet

Organizing Your Bedroom ClosetYou can never have too much space in your closet! If you're looking for ways to organize your bedroom closet to get the most use out of a small space then keep reading. The following suggestions might just help you find the room that you need.



Organizing Toddler Shoes?What are creative ways to organize toddler shoes?


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Storing Pocketbooks?I have a lot of pocketbooks and can't figure out how to store all of them in my closet. I dislike clutter and that's what is happening. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Creative Closet Space Ideas?I'm sure a lot of people have asked this, but I really do need a lot of help. My fiance and I just moved into an apartment, which we have never done before, we have always lived in a house.



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Making Room for Baby Clothes in Your Closet?My friend is expecting her first baby in September, she lives with her parents in a very small 2 bedroom house. She's trying to look for ideas on how to organize her closet (which is super small) so she can fit his clothes along with her's in there. Does anyone have any tips or ideas that are cheap?


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Organizing Shoes in a Small Closet?I live in a bungalow which has small bedroom closets. I need ideas on how to organize my shoes in my small closet. Thanks in advance!


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Cleaning a Clothes Closet?I need to clean out my clothes closet. I have piles of clothes and hangers. I am feeling overwhelmed. I don't know where to start.


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