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Storing Artificial Flowers

Storing Artificial FlowersThis page is about storing artificial flowers. It is important to keep these flowers dust free and protected from crushing when storing.


Middle School Locker Kit

Making a Middle School Locker KitThis is a page about making a middle school locker kit. Have your child help you put together this useful kit of everyday necessities to store in their school locker. This is a page about making a middle school locker kit.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Storing LightbulbsThis is a page about storing lightbulbs. It's great to find a good deal on lightbulbs and stock up. However, with their odd shape, it can be difficult to store them without having them take up too much room or getting damaged.


jigsaw puzzle

Making a Puzzle Storage BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle storage board. Finding a good way to store a puzzle while you are working on it can be frustrating or expensive. Make a combination workspace and storage solution for your next jigsaw puzzle.


Storing Carpet Remnants

Storing Carpet RemnantsThis is a page about storing carpet remnants. Storing leftover carpet remnants for later use does not have to take up too much space.


A paper clip used to keep track of the end of a tape roll.

Keeping Track of the End of TapeThis page contains tips for finding the end of tape. There are a few ways to keep track of where to start the tape.


A stack of remote controls for various electronics.

Organizing Remote ControlsThis is a page about organizing remote controls. Every time you buy a new television, DVD player, stereo or component, you are likely to receive another necessary remote.


Organized Photos in Box

Organizing Keepsakes and MemorabiliaThis is a page about organizing keepsakes and memorabilia. Birth and wedding announcements, photos, and other keepsakes can be enjoyed more easily if you develop a creative or practical way of organizing them.


Handy Storage for Post Earrings

Handy Storage for Post EarringsI used the empty plastic box my husband had bought assorted nails in for storage of my post earrings. Easy to see everything, snaps shut to avoid losing any items and FREE!


Tension Rod Wall Supports

Tension Rod Wall SupportsTension rod wall supports I put up my tension rod. Twice, I hung my bags on it and it fell to the ground. I wished I had bought those screw in wall supports and then I thought I' will just go look in my plastic cap recycling bag. I found two that fit snuggly onto the ends, great! Now let's place them!


Storing deodorizer refills in an egg carton.

Reuse Egg CartonsI use egg cartons to store my B&BW wallflower refills in the drawer. They are easy to look through and upright so they do not leak. I just cut the top off and set the bottom in it to reinforce it. You could also use it to organize other things (sewing, screws, etc.).


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How Can I Make Permanent Lines on a Whiteboard?I am a hockey coach looking to make a fun way for my players to learn the game (positioning, rules, etc). I have made a to-scale Nok-hockey "rink" out of "thrifty whiteboard" from Home Depot and pre-primed 1x3 (looks pretty realistic, if I do say so myself!).



A laundry hamper to collect items.

Reduce Trips Up and Down StairsGot frustrated forgetting to bring something UP or DOWN stairs when I changed floors and started leaving things on my stairs for the next trip until realizing that's unsafe for myself and others. I also juggled carrying multiple items (glass of water AND my cell phone for instance), NOT a good combination!


A pair of headphones that can be connected with a paper clip.

Keeping Bluetooth Earbuds From Getting LostI have found my bluetooth, the earbud style, on the ground and exposed to the elements, for the last time. I decided to make sure that didn't happen again with a simple paperclip.


Using a reflective collar to hold keys.

Reflective Collar as Key LanyardHere is a way to have an adjustable and reflective key lanyard for your keys using a small cat/dog collar. I have always used them because I like that it can be adjusted and not just super long like most lanyards. In addition, using a reflective one is great for finding them in the dark and can be used as safety protection for being visible when walking in the dark ! :)


A set of wireless earbuds.

Storing EarbudsEarbud style headphones are common for using with smartphones or computers. They can be wired or wireless, requiring different types of storage to keep them safe and accessible when you want them.


Clothespin to Store Earbuds

Clothespin to Store EarbudsThis is a great tip to keep earbuds from getting tangled in a drawer or your purse. Put the earbuds in the space where the clamp opens. Wind the wires around the prongs. Weave in the end so it doesn't unravel.


A collection of face masks hanging on a line.

Storing Face MasksIf you have acquired a collection of face masks for virus protection, you will need a good way to store them so they are accessible when you need them. The easiest way is to hang them from the straps on a hook or hanger.


Paper scraps cut in the size of the box.

Note Box Using Recycled PaperI recently found this cutie at a thrift store for .25. I loved how it looked like a an office supply box, even down to the little label spot on the front! But it was an odd size and shape.


A key covered with decorative scrapbook paper.

DIY Scrapbook Paper Key CoverRather than buy the key covers sold commercially, to help identify specific ones, try the simple solution outlined below. You will be able to personalize your keys using a bit of fun scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


A hanging coat rack with hat, scarves and purses stored on it.

Using a Coat RackWhether you have a stand-alone coat rack or one that hangs on a wall, there are all sorts of uses for these handy hooks. This page contains information about using a coat rack.


Plastic Pill Organizer

Uses for Plastic Pill OrganizersPlastic pill organizers have small sections and tight-fitting lids, perfect for storing all sorts of small items. This page contains uses for plastic pill organizers.


Jewelry being displayed using pushpins.

Hanging Jewelry On Push PinsUse thumb tacks to hang jewelry on your wall or cork board. Hanging jewelry on push pins is an easy way to organize and display your jewelry.


Straw Pendant Necklace Holder

Storing Necklaces Inside a StrawOne creative use for a drinking straw is for help in organizing necklaces. Keep the chains on your pendant necklaces from getting tangled by storing them inside a drinking straw.


Pool Noodle as DIY Earring Holder - earrings attached to cut pool noodle

Pool Noodle as DIY Earring HolderCut your pool noodle depending on how many earrings you want to store. Cut right in half. Then poke the earrings through and attach the backs onto the other side.


A key with a green plastic fob that says "SHED".

Use Plastic Lids to Make Key FobsRecycle plastic container lids into useful key fobs. This project is easy and is a good way to label your keys. This is a page about use plastic lids to make key fobs.


Mark the end of the roll of tape with a paper clip.

Using a Paper Clip as Tape MarkerTransparent tape can often be difficult to unstick from itself. A paper clip can be used to make this much easier. This page contains ideas for using a paper clip as a tape marker.



Bread ties marking cords on a power strip.

Using Bread Ties for Labeling CordsSave your bread ties for this ingenious way to organize the tangle of cords at your entertainment center or desk. This is a page about using bread ties for labeling cords.


Keys hanging from a binder clip.

Using a Binder Clip for Hanging KeysIf you don't want to put another hole in the wall, you can use binder clips for organizing your keys, by making a makeshift hook. This page shows you how to use a binder clip for hanging keys.


Tidy up Your Leads (Cords)

Toilet Paper Tubes for Organizing Electrical CordsThis is a page about toilet paper tubes for organizing electrical cords. Electrical cords are akin to hangers when it comes to the disaster that can arise when they are not well organized.


A kayak being hung on the side of a chicken coop.

DIY Kayak HangerThis is a page about making a DIY kayak hanger. Kayaks are fun to have when you are at the water but are large and difficult to store when you are at home.


A space saving display shelf over a window.

Creating Display Shelves Above WindowsThis is a page about creating display shelves above windows. Finding more space for storage or display often requires that you look at often unused areas around your home or apartment.


Unorganized pile of gold bracelets on a white surface

Organizing BraceletsThis is a page about organizing bracelets. Make these accessories easy to find by displaying them in a creative ways.


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Store Necklace in Straw to Avoid TanglingWhen traveling or transporting necklaces, place one end through a straw to prevent the necklace from getting knotted/tangled. No more spending time trying to untangle!


Family on a motor boat watching watching someone waterski

Keeping Important Items Dry on a BoatThis is a page about keeping important items dry on a boat. Keeping important items dry on your boat can be done, often quite easily.


jumble of bobbins

Organizing BobbinsThis is a page about organizing bobbins. Keeping your bobbins organized for easy reuse can be an ongoing hassle.


storing duct tape

Storing Duct TapeThis is a page about storing duct tape. When keep from moisture and heat this versatile tape can maintain it's usefulness for years.


Lazy Susan

Using a Lazy SusanIn cabinets, appliances and on tables, these revolving shelves can make food and dishes easier to reach. This is a page about using a lazy susan.


School Supplies

Organizing School SuppliesThis is a page about organizing school supplies. Getting your school supplies in order will help you determine what you need to buy.


Clothspin Bag as Handy Organizer

Clothspin Bag as Handy OrganizerHang a clothespin bag from your porch swing for a "pocket" to hold books, your newspaper, snacks, even a bottle of water.



Organizing Sunglasses?If you have multiple pairs of sunglasses, making or buying a storage rack may be the best way to keep them organized and easily accessible. This is a page about organizing sunglasses.


Storing Posters in Cardboard Tube

Storing Posters and BannersThis page is about storing posters and banners. Keeping those paper mementos in good shape before you can get them framed can be accomplished with some simple recycling.



VHS Tape

Organizing VHS TapesThis is a page about organizing VHS tapes. Many people have large collections of movies on VHS tapes. Finding a way to organize them for ease of use and best use of space can be perplexing.


Organized Dumbells

Organizing Fitness EquipmentThis is a page about organizing fitness equipment. Having a variety of fitness equipment at home is convenient and saves you money over a gym membership. You will want to organize your weights and other equipment to maximize their usage.


Two flutes.

Storing a FluteThis page is about storing a flute. To keep a recorder or flute out of harm's way, it helps to have a case.


A woman signing a contract.

Keeping Track of Contract End DatesThis is a page about keeping track of contract end dates. We all have various contracts, such as the ones for our cable TV or cell phone, that we want to track.


Small Pink MP3 Player

Storing Small ElectronicsThis is a page about storing small electronics. Trying to find the right storage space or container to keep your small electronics organized can be a chore.


Plastic Cutting Mats

Uses for Plastic Cutting MatsThis page is about uses for plastic cutting mats. These mats can be helpful for other things around the home.


Christmas gift list.

Keeping Track of Gift IdeasThis is a page about keeping track of gift ideas. Often times our gift idea notes end up in a pile of papers or in the bottom of a drawer, unable to be located when needed.


Chinese take out boxes.

Saving Take Out MenusThis is a page about saving take out menus. Rather than just tossing them into a kitchen drawer until the next time you want to order take out food, organize those menus for ease of use.


Stack of Letters

Saving Cards and LettersThis is a page about saving cards and letters. Saving cards and letters is a lovely way to save your memories through the years.


Uses for Clip Hangers

Uses for Clip HangersThis page contains uses for clip hangers. Clothes hangers with clips can be used in a variety of ways around the house.


Protecting Eyeglasses

Protecting EyeglassesThis page is about protecting eyeglasses. Keeping your glasses clean and scratch free help you to see better.


Organizing Necklaces

Organizing NecklacesThis page is about organizing necklaces. There are ways to keep your jewelry untangled and easy to find.


Storing Postage Stamps

Storing Postage StampsThis page is about storing postage stamps. A collector needs a good system to keep their stamps in excellent condition and organized.


Organizing Purses

Organizing PursesThis page is about organizing purses. Keeping your accessories easy to find and accessible helps you find what you need.


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Never Wonder What That Cord Goes to Again!Wondering where the charger is to your Kindle or which cord is compatible with your phone or camera?


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Plastic Ice Tray to Display Small TrinketsI have a number of small trinkets and animals figures that the kids had long ago and I still want to keep them. I have not found a place to really keep them without them falling and getting misplaced constantly.


Storing Extension Cords

Storing Extension CordsThis is a page about storing extension cords. Storing your extension cords between uses keeps them organized and handy for use.



Organizing Phone NumbersThis is a page about organizing phone numbers. Whether you still use a traditional approach to recording important phone numbers or store them in you cell, keeping them organized makes accessing them much easier.


Keys on Keyring

Keeping Track of Your KeysThis page is about keeping track of your keys. Having your keys easy to find can save you a lot of time.


Storing a Thimble Collection

Storing a Thimble CollectionThis page is about storing a thimble collection. These finger protectors have been used in hand sewing for centuries, and are made of a variety of materials.


Utensil Holder Bathroom Organizer

Uses for Silverware TraysThis page is about used for silverware trays. Silverware drawer dividers can be used in a variety ways around the house.


Truck Load

Securing Your Truck LoadThis is a page about securing your truck load. Many states now require that you carefully secure your truck load to prevent accidents or injury to other motorists.


Organizing Useful Tips from Websites

Organizing Useful Tips from WebsitesThis is a page about organizing useful tips from websites. There is so much good information out on the web, but sometimes trying to organize it can be daunting.


Store a ring on a foam hair roller.

Foam Hair Roller as Ring HolderI sometimes need a place to store my wedding ring. I found that this hair roller and this unused soap holder container do the trick, especially when I am in the kitchen doing all sorts of work around the sink.


Old Christmas card.

Preserving Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about preserving old greeting cards. Keeping greeting cards and reminiscing about past events and friends is something many of us like to do.


keychain utility knife

Keeping Handy Items on Your KeychainThis is a page about keeping handy items on your keychain. Your keychain is a great place to keep useful items, such as nail clippers and utility knifes.


Organizing Loose Wires

Organizing Loose WiresThis is a page about organizing loose wires. Get those loose wires under control with these helpful hints.


Storing Ribbons and Bows

Storing Ribbons and BowsThis is a page about storing ribbons and bows. Keeping your ribbons and bows organized and stored properly will keep them nice for next time you need them.


Paint Brush and Paint Bucket

Organizing Painting Tools and SuppliesThis is a page about organizing painting tools and supplies. Many of us have a number of painting supplies and accessories around the house and garage. However, it can be difficult to get a painting project completed if you can't locate your supplies.


Several different sized batteries.

Organizing BatteriesThis is a page about organizing batteries. With all of the different sizes of batteries, they can make for a jumbled mess. Getting them organized will make it easier to find the right one when the remote or flashlight stops working.


Picture of several paint brushes.

Organizing Art Supplies and MaterialsThis is a page about organizing art supplies and materials. Keeping your art supplies organized helps avoid buying things you already have. It also saves you time and allows you to spend more time being creative.


Colorful gift bags.

Organizing Gift BagsThis is a page about organizing gift bags. Reusing gift bags is a great way to save money. Finding a way to organize them will help keep them in good condition and make it easier to find the right bag to use for a certain occasion.


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Keep Change of Clothes at WorkYou never know when you will need a change of clothes or a hygiene product. Working in the nursing field, you can run into so many things that can get on your clothing or make you smell bad.


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ID Your CameraTake a picture of your name, address, and phone number with your camera and/or phone. That way if you lose it, someone who finds it will see the info if they look through it for help in identifying the owner.


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Organizing PlugsWe have so many electronics and plugs, that I had to devise a way to remember which plug goes with what item. So each time I get a new device (phone, computer, mp3, etc.), I get a large label and write on it what the plug is for. I fold it in half over the cord.


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Write Directions in Large PrintI have a hard time reading the small print on the directions I get off the internet map sites while I am driving. So I am now making a point of copying the relevant directions on the reverse of the map printout in block letters using a large heavy marker.


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Organizing Cosmetics Inventory?I am an Avon representative with a large inventory of Avon products. I'm turning the TV room into an Avon storage area. I need help figuring out what kinds of containers are best for easy access.


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Contact City, Not State For Birth CertificateI have found from experience, and happily so, that you can get copies of birth certificates quicker from the you were born in than from the state you were born in. Everyone thinks to go to the state office of vital statistics, and not the city.


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Mark One Side of Electric PlugAdd a dash of White Out to a black electric plug or a black marker to a white plug, and you will always know the correct side to stick it into the wall outlet.


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Magnetized Pen For Fridge NotesI have those notepads with the magnets on my fridge that are so convenient for writing down kitchen items that need to be purchased. I just never seem to have a pen handy!


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Using Free Address Stickers On Your CalendarWhen I receive those address labels in the mail, I use my paper cutter to cut off the little seasonal pictures. Give them to my grandchildren along with a current calendar. Throw away the portion with the name and address.


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Use a Monitor Stand for Your TVOne of our VCR/DVD recorders broke, probably due to the fact that the TV was set on top of it. Too much pressure in the wrong place. We found a solution and no doubt the clever people in this group can come up with an even better one.


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Baby Wipe Containers and Cereal BoxesI wanted to share what I have discovered to be a great organizer for anything from shoes to toys, hats, crafts, papers, movies, etc.


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Stuffed Toy Whiteboard EraserUse little stuffed toys you have around or get as freebies as erasers for whiteboards. I learned in my tutoring days that you also can make little white boards from almost any slick white surface.


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"Do Not Call" Phone Number?"Do Not Call" Phone Number. Does anyone know the phone number for when you Do Not Want phone calls?. . .


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Write Information On The Back Of PicturesWrite your child's age, weight, and height on the back of professional photos (school pics, baby pics from a studio, etc) or on good quality home pictures. If, heaven forbid, you're child were to come up missing, you'll have important identifying information in one place.


kayak hanging

DIY Kayak HangerI needed a solution to store my kayaks off the ground and came up with this. This project uses ratchet tie downs, which I had an abundance of, to hang kayaks off the ground.


Mason Jar Collection Photo 1

Displaying a Mason Jar CollectionIn my kitchen, I have placed my Mason Jar collection on top of my kitchen cupboards. I like glass. I try to keep things off the counters unless it's food/fruit in glass bowls. I find if I put the fruit on the counters my kids will eat it.


Middle School Locker Kit

Middle School Locker KitThis locker kit was assembled with a girl in mind, however it could easily be customized for a boy. Send your child off to school this fall with all of the essentials that they might need.


cords with velcro

Uses for VelcroI always keep Velcro strips and dots on hand because they're very handy to keep track of things that get misplaced easily.


masks hanging from the swatters

Face Mask HolderWe all have several masks. Some we were given, some we made, and some we purchased. They all have one thing in common. They need a place in the house.


How To Use ThriftyFun Effectively

How To Use ThriftyFun EffectivelyWe all love ThriftyFun, right? Lots of times I have thought, "WOW, I would never have thought about that", "What a cute idea" or "What a great tip". I vow that this is something I am not going to forget.


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Storing White Artificial Flowers - artificial white calla lilies

Storing White Artificial Flowers?My daughter was suppose to get married in August, but because of the Covid it was postponed until July 2021. How can I keep these from fading or discoloring?


package of tea light candles

Storing Tea Light Candles?Can tea lights be stored in the freezer for an extended time? The heat in the desert months is extreme. It starts getting hot in April/May and really doesn't get cool until around Halloween. Can they be kept safe from the heat in a freezer for that long?


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Hiding Electrical Cord Clutter?Does anyone have a nice way to hide all the electric cords behind the TV?Thank you.


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How Can I Make Permanent Lines on a Whiteboard?I am a hockey coach looking to make a fun way for my players to learn the game (positioning, rules, etc). I have made a to-scale Nok-hockey "rink" out of "thrifty whiteboard" from Home Depot and pre-primed 1x3 (looks pretty realistic, if I do say so myself!).


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Storing Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Carpet Cleaner Hoses?How do you neatly store these items?


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Storing Artificial Flowers?I have many floral displays that we switch out at the cemetery. I am looking for a way to store them so the arrangements do not get flattened or misshaped.


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