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7 Hand Rummy Rules

7 Hand Rummy RulesThis page contains 7 hand rummy rules. Special time can be shared with many family and friends playing a fun card game.


Seniors participating in a stretching class

Activities for a Deaf and Blind Person?This is a page about activities for a deaf and blind person. Loss of vision and hearing can severely limit the kinds of activities a person and engage in.


Senior Reading a Book

Hosting a Senior Book ClubThis is a page about hosting a senior book club. A book club is a great way for people who enjoy reading to get together and share their opinions on a variety of books chosen by the members or host.


A couple playing a game with cards.

Playing the Card Game "Runs and Sets"This is a page about playing the card game "runs and sets". Knowing the rules and the order of this game can make for evenings of family fun.


deck of cards

Tic Card Game Rules?This is a page about rules for tic card game. A multi-player card game and fun for the whole family. It is played with at least 2 deck of cards.


shuffling cards

Card Games for 6-8 People?Card games for large groups can be hard to find. Here are some card game ideas you can try. This is a page about card games for 6-8 people.


Small dog wearing glasses holding up a can phone.

Strange JokesEveryone loves a good joke, here are some strange ones you may like. Check out these strange jokes.


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Joke: American In The Bathroom?Question: If you're American when you go in the bathroom, and you're American when you come out of the bathroom, what are you while you're in the bathroom?


blind woman

Things to Do with a Blind CompanionThis page contains things to do with a blind companion. Although lack of vision can rule out some activities, there are many fun things to experience with a blind friend.


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Rules for Agony Card Game?In Agony if player A has J, Q, K, and joker of spades, can player B discard the ace of spades?


Women playing bingo.

Making Bingo Cards?This is a page about making bingo cards. In addition to being a simple game which doesn't require much skill, bingo is a very fun, often addictive game that can also be used as an effective educational tool.


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Riddle: Object Has Keys That Open No Locks?Can anyone help me solve this riddle? What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in? Thanks for your help.



Volunteer helping senior adult woman decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas Activities for Assisted Living...This is a page about Christmas activities for assisted living residents. Residents of assisted living facilities may have some difficulties getting around, but that does not mean they wouldn't enjoy a variety of Christmas activities.


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Link: Play Online Games That Donate To CharitiesSimply enjoying playing some online games at these two links will help generate donations for women in need of mammograms or help for animal rescue shelters! The sponsors will donate up to 10 cents per each minute of play.


Dad helping son bowl.

Taking Children Bowling?The bowling alley management should have special accommodations for the small bowlers; little bowling balls, gutter bumpers, and easy to follow shoe or sock requirements. This is a page about taking children bowling.


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Fun Things to Do With a Teenager?My 15 1/2 yr. old grandson will be spending his days with me this summer. I would like some interesting and or fun things to do with him so that he doesn't spend too much time with video games and texting on his phone.


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Rescan TV Setup To Get Digital ChannelsBefore we had the switch to digital TV on June 12, I was able to receive both analog and digital on the same TV with no problem. After the switch, all of a sudden, I could no longer receive digital ABC nor CBS TV.


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Gossip JokeMildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence.


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Birch and a Beech Tree JokeIt is hard to find a joke today without a dirty word or two in it, but, here is one:


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Build a Bridge To Hawaii JokeA man walking along a California beach was deep in prayer. Suddenly, the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, the Lord said, "Because you have TRIED to be faithful to me in all ways, I will grant you one wish."



Finding the Title of an Old Horror MovieOur brain goes into overtime when trying to bring up trivia such as old movie titles. Luckily, there are online search possibilities to help. This is a page about finding the title of an old horror movie.


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Bamboo Jumping Game?What is the old fashioned game (from 1970-73) called that you use two 5-7 foot bamboo sticks and jump in and out. 2 people hold the sticks close to the ground and clap them together in a rhythm. Similar to chinese jump rope I think.


Elderly Woman Walking with Daughter

Activities for the Elderly and DisabledThis is a page about activities for the elderly and disabled. Finding activities appropriate and enjoyable for the elderly and disabled can be frustrating.


The Fill or Bust logo from the card game.

Rules for Playing the Card Game Fill or Bust?This is a page about rules for playing the card game fill or bust. It can be difficult when you lose the instructions from beloved games from the past.


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Picnic Games For Teens?I need help finding outside games for high school kids at a cookout. Can you help?


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Joke: On the Island of TridSomewhere, there's an island named Trid. On this island, the Trids were mostly very happy. But on one end of the island, was a very tall mountain. If a Trid ever dared to climb the mountain, he didn't get very far because a giant lived on the mountain and would kick the Trid off his mountain.


Card holder for playing cards

Card Holder for Playing CardsI think playing Canasta everyday for the past 2 years has been the main cause of tendonitis in my wrist. After the doctor gave me a brace to wear, it was hard for me to hold the cards and continue playing. I thought I would have to quit.



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Meaning of Birthday Numbers?What does this mean? Age 44 first year 77 next year 22


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Numerology of Birthdate To Age?I would love to know what it means/or if it's called something when every year your age of that year adds to your birthdate of that year (year on year). Example, this year on 04 Sept 2021 (=9) I turned 45 (=9). It was 8 (44) last year, 7 (43) the year before and so forth. My son has the same with his age and birthdate each year as well.


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What's This Scary Movie?They find a tunnel in, I believe, a graveyard and there is a woman chained to a wall underground. Turns out, she's actually some like demon. As the movie progresses, she transforms into the demon and starts killing everyone


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Who Will Be 2020-21 Premier League Champion?Do you think Liverpool or Man City is the 2 main competitors in Premier League? Do other big 6 teams or Everton, Leicester City have any chances? Thoughts?


A stack of books in a library.

Finding the Author of a BookSometimes we remember a book that we read some time ago, but not the author. It may require some research to track that information down, especially if the title is similar to other books by different authors.


A Monopoly board game with the pieces saved in sandwich bags.

Saving Your Place in a Board GameSome board games, notably Monopoly, can take a long time to complete. Here is a great tip for saving your place and game pieces for the next time when you want to pick up where you left off.


A remote in front of a television screen.

Watching Less TelevisionWatching less TV can have a lot of benefits. Cancelling your subscriptions can save you both money and time.


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Looking For An Old Jeep Commercial?The commercial featured a man driving his family around the streets of New Orleans, as smooth jazz played in the background. There were a few shots of the city, and there was a shot of girls playing jump rope outside. I don't remember the model of the Jeep, I just know that it was a Jeep designed for a family. It aired years ago, and I havent been able to find it since. Can someone help?


Woman happy at her computer.

Rewards for Playing Games OnlineYou can earn rewards for products, gifts and even decor by playing games online. This is a page about rewards for playing games.


Grey Haired Couple ready to fight dust, man playing on mop like guitar, woman holding spray like gun and ready for shooting

Cleaning JokesHumor can be found in life's mundane tasks. This page contains cleaning jokes.


Funny portrait of a laughing horse. Camargue horse yawning

Farm JokesLife is full of humor wherever you go, even on the farm. This page contains farm jokes.


Hand holding a bible outdoors.

Bible JokesHumor can be found in most everything we do. This page contains bible jokes.


Skydiver wearing scuba gear holding suitcase.

Air Travel JokesFind some humor to share about traveling on airplanes. This page contains air travel jokes.


Mother and daughter with rollers and fake mustaches.

Parenting JokesParenting is a serious business, but sometimes you need a bit of humor to relieve the day to day intensity of caring for your children. This is a page containing parenting jokes.


Chipmunk wearing 3D glasses holding a box of popcorn.

Corny JokesCorny jokes can be a lot of fun to tell. There are thousands of them, many suitable for all ages. This page contains corny jokes.



Businessman with Pinocchio nose pointing at a profit loss chart that is going up.

Investing JokesInvesting naturally has it's ups and downs that can be humors from time to time. This is a page about investing jokes.


Bear in an old rusty boat on the shore.

Bear JokesYou just never know when a bear story will tickle your funny bone. This page contains bear jokes.


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14 Year Old Relationship Advice?So I have a boyfriend at 14 and originally my parents didn't know and now they do. We've been together for 2 months now. Sadly we will be going to different high schools and they are rival schools and there are ways we can still hang out and stuff. I really really like him and he feels the same.


Man in wedding party drops the cake.

Wedding JokesThis page contains wedding jokes. If you enjoy a good joke, here are some funny wedding related ones. We would love for you to share any wedding jokes that you may have as well.


Man making funny face holding lit light bulb

Light Bulb JokesYou just never know how funny the act of changing a light bulb can be. This is a page about light bulb jokes.


Crazed dentist with power drill looking at teeth

Dentist JokesThe dentist's office is generally not thought of as very funny, but silly situations can arise. This page contains dentist jokes.


A jigsaw puzzle being worked on a card table.

Protecting a Puzzle on a TableRecently, I was able to get a nice card table and four chairs for a steal! I decided to put a puzzle on the table. But I knew that the lace curtain I am using for a tablecloth would catch on it and disturb the pieces. So, remembering that puzzle savers are basically just big pieces of heavy felt, I improvised.


Frog on a stump with a big wide open mouth.

Frog JokesIf you have a funny joke concerning frogs, add it to our collection. This page contains frog jokes.


Rabbit wearing sunglasses sunbathing surrounded by carrots and a beach ball.

Rabbit JokesRabbits and bunnies are cute but make great fodder for funny stories. This page contains rabbit jokes.


Woman texting after hiding

How to Play Texting Hide and SeekNearly everyone has a cellular phone and there are many fun activities you can do with one. This is a page about playing texting hide and seek.


Close up of blue fur

What Color is Grover?This beloved muppet monster from Sesame Street has shaggy blue fur. This is a page about what color is Grover?.


A man falling comically into bushes with his wheelbarrow in the air.

Gardening JokesThis page contains gardening jokes. Spread a little humor today by telling someone this gardening joke!


Book Flowers and Coffee Cup on Table

No Need for a TVConscious choice or budgetary constraints can determine whether you can or want to pay for TV services. Living without a TV can be financially and mentally liberating. This is a page about no need for a TV.


Mother and son in a car with bright smiles.

Take a Short Car Ride for FunPeople used to take a drive just for fun. There might be a destination or just some unplanned stops along the way. Give it a try and leave the electronics home. This is a page about taking a short car ride for fun.


Married Couple in Bed with Bag Over Husbands  Head

Marriage JokesThis page contains marriage jokes. If you love to tell a good joke, here are some marriage related jokes that you can share with friends or family.


Book Pages Flipping

Finding the Title of a Book?Locating a book we read or owned years ago or trying to find one we have heard about without knowing the title can be a frustrating process. Starting with your local library can be a useful first step. This is a page about finding the title of a book.


Rummy Cards

Rummy Rules?This is a page about Rummy rules. Rummy is a card game that is for 2-4 players. If you have a question about the rules of Rummy, you may find the answer here.


An illustration that says knock knock.

Knock Knock JokesKnock knock jokes are a very popular type of word play joke. This is a page about knock knock jokes.


A funny grey cat on a white background.

Cat JokesCats have a certain personality that makes them a good subject for some jokes. This is a page about cat jokes.


A woman listening to music on red headphones.

What is This Song?If you need help identifying a song, ask about it here and maybe someone on Thriftyfun can help. This is a page about, "What is this song?".


Babysitter and girl Lying On Floor And Painting Picture

Activities for Babysitting a 5 Year Old?To keep your time babysitting interesting, you can include many different art projects. This is a page about activities for babysitting a 5 year old.


A table full of cards spread out.

Using a Deck of Cards to Play Stratego?Stratego is a fun board game for people of all ages. This page is about playing Stratego using a deck of cards instead of game pieces.


The famous Las Vegas welcome sign.

Frank Sinatra TriviaNearly 20 years after his death Frank Sinatra is still known as one of the most popular and influential singers of the 20th century. This is a page about Frank Sinatra trivia.


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Riddle: What Has Many Doors But No Rooms?What has many doors but no rooms?


Word Search Puzzle Tips

Word Search Puzzle TipsThis page contains word search puzzle tips. Getting stuck when doing a word game or puzzle? Use these ideas to help make the most out of your game.


Joining a Wine Club

Joining a Wine ClubThis is a page about joining a wine club. If you enjoy wine and live in or near wine country a wine club membership may be for you. There are several benefits of membership, particularly notable, is free tasting at local wineries.


Fast food hamburger and fries

Using Dollar Menus at Fast Food RestaurantsThis is a page about dollar menus at fast food restaurants. One way to save money and actually reduce calories when eating at a fast food restaurant, is to eat from the dollar menu.


Woman paying for fast food

Saving Money on Fast FoodThis is a page about saving money on fast food. The cost of fast food can add up, but there are a few simple ways to save money when eating at fast food restaurants.


Man with grey beard painting on an easel

Activities for Middle Aged Nursing Home...This is a page about activities for middle aged nursing home residents. Nursing home residents are of different ages and capabilities. Activities can help keep your loved one engaged and active.


Woman in wheelchair painting

Activities for People at a Rehabilitation Facility?This page is about activities for people at a rehabilitation facility. Finding engaging things for people to do as they recover from an illness or injury can be a challenge.


Man pushing woman in a wheelchair against a beautiful view.

Activities for a Person With MS?This is a page about activities for a person with MS. People with multiple sclerosis can experience varying levels of physical impairment. Their personal abilities will drive the types of activities they can enjoy.


Single Women out Shopping

Activity Ideas for Single Women?This is a page about activity ideas for single women. When a woman is adventuring on her own, she wants to find entertainment opportunities that are fun and safe.



Using DVD Subscription ServicesThis is a page about using DVD subscription services. DVD services such as Netflix offer a more affordable option to the high cost of going out to the theater.


Gift For Mother

A Gift for Mother JokesThis is a page about a gift for mother jokes. Moms are the brunt of many jokes and so are the gifts that they receive.


Cooking Jokes

Cooking JokesThis is a page about cooking jokes. Almost any activity can be the subject of a funny joke.


Can't Sleep Jokes

Can't Sleep JokesThis is a page about can't sleep jokes. Difficulty sleeping is a good topic for a joke or two.


Moving Jokes

Moving JokesThis is a page about moving jokes. Find some humor in this life changing task.


family playing video games

Downloading Game Software?This is a page about downloading game software. There are many kinds of games available online to download for the family.


Couple Rentaling Movie

Saving Money on Movie RentalsThis is a page about saving money on movie rentals. Whether online, in a store or a vending machine, there are many ways to save when renting movies.


Buying Gas

Buying Gas JokesThis is a page about buying gas jokes. Almost any topic is fair game for a joke, even the routine task of buying gas.


funny, scary burglar

Burglar JokesThis is a page about burglar jokes. Jokes make us laugh and almost any profession is fair game.



Parrot JokesThis is a page about parrot jokes. Parrots make a good subject for jokes, often because of the things they say.


Child Whispering to Mother

What A Child Hears JokeThis is a page about what a child hears joke. Children can say very funny things, particularly when they misunderstand what is being said by others.


cartoon giraffe

Giraffe JokesThis is a page about giraffe jokes. These long necked animals can be the subject of a joke.



Astronaut JokesThis is a page about astronaut jokes. Jokes can be found about almost any topic.


Celebrity Photo

Finding Celebrity Photos?This is a page about finding celebrity photos. Decorating your room or dorm room with photos of your favorite celebrity is a great way to express your tastes in music, drama, film, etcetra.


Friend Jokes

Friend JokesThis is a page about friend jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of men, women, children, pets, and their life situations.


Shin Jokes

Shin JokesThis is a page about shin jokes. A punchline can be a funny definition in a joke.


Laughing eggs.

Food JokesThis is a page about food jokes. Food is a great topic for lots of jokes, both adult and children's.


Kids in After School Childcare

After School Childcare Activities?A popular in home business is after school childcare. Keeping the children interested and occupied is an ongoing endeavor. This is a page about after school childcare activities.


Easter Egg Joke

Easter JokesThis is a page about Easter Jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of all kinds of human situations and holidays too.


Angel and Devil Toasting

Religious JokesThis page contains religious jokes. Humorous punch lines can make good hearted fun of church attendance and religious stories.


Blonde Towing Car

Driving JokesThis page contains driving jokes. As serious as operating a motor vehicle is, there are many humorous situations on the roadways.


Active Older Man

Entertainment and Activities for Older Adults?This is a page about entertainment and activities for older adults. Just because you've gotten a little older doesn't mean you can't have some fun.


Man with Angel and Devil on Shoulders

Heaven JokesThis page contains Heaven jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of men, women, and pets in after life situations.


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Name of Old Fairytale Movie?I totally forgot the name of this movie. I think it was about a girl who was found among wolves as a little kid, maybe as a baby, and taken to a palace.


Duck Quacking

Duck JokesThis is a page about duck jokes. Looking for some fun jokes about our fine feathered duck friends?


Man Joking Around in Elevator

Elevator JokesThis page contains elevator jokes. You can find humor or a play on words in almost any human situation.


Crazy Joker Doctor

Hospital JokesThis is a page contains hospital jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of all kinds of situations.


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A television in the corner of a room.

TV: The Thief of TimeA few months ago, our cable TV stopped working. We had to wait a few weeks for an appointment, as we work full-time and weekend appointments book quickly. My husband loves TV, and was pretty upset. I didn't care too much, since I hardly watch TV, or so I thought.


child with fresh carrots

Taking Kids to the Farmer's MarketThe farmer's market is a great place to find both produce and unique crafts. It is also a wonderful place to take children and let them try new veggies and fruit.


Sponge Splash Balls

Sponge Splash BallsOur kids really wanted to have a water fight today. They really wanted me to buy some splash balls at the store, but they were $2.99 each.


Joining a Wine Club

Joining a Wine ClubThis tip is for people who enjoy wine and have access to nearby wineries or tasting rooms. I live in Oregon, close to many Willamette Valley vineyards. Many of my friends have joined local wine clubs and take advantage of their membership with frequent tasting tours. I recently went along on one of these trips and I was impressed with the value of the benefits my friends received.


Play Games Without Batteries This Summer

Play Games Without Batteries This SummerTeach all children to play games without batteries! They will always remember the fun!



Finding Christmas ActivitiesEvery year, just after Thanksgiving, the zoo is open after hours for their Zoolights exhibit. Much of the zoo is decorated in beautiful lights. And at certain times, you can see Santa dive with the sharks. We go to this event every year.


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Blowing up a Balloon with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Blowing up a Balloon with Baking Soda and...This is a fun science experiment you can do with your kids. Watch this video and learn how.


Sponge Splash BallsOur kids really wanted to have a water fight today.



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Finding the Title of an Old Horror Movie?There is an old movie, I can't remember if I watched it in the late 80's or early 90's. But it started out I guess in some kind of asylum? Not really 100% sure what it was. But this couple were sneaking around the place, they freaked and left, and this either a man or deep voiced female went around killing. They always had these cheesy one liners saying "No" before everything. Their first kill was "No TV!" and slit the sleeping woman's throat.


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Finding an Old Horror Movie?So I have been looking for a horror movie for years now. I saw it as a child and the things I remember are:


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What's This Movie?Movie starts with a person being chased into this building. I believe he has a blade with him and has like metal teeth and he tears up everyone chasing him. Horror type/cannibal 80s-early 90s


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Meaning of Birthday Numbers?What does this mean? Age 44 first year 77 next year 22


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Help Remembering Scary Movie?The movie is from the 80s, maybe early 90s. Starts in almost like a castle. There's a deformed creature that may be the owner's child. They have a barbed whip they use for punishment. The creature escapes and starts killing everyone. I believe it ends with the creature being knocked off the roof of the castle type wall.


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Making a Jigsaw Puzzle Board?How do I make a jigsaw puzzle board that is ideal for other hobbies and table pastimes? Where can the materials be bought? Where can the materials be found?


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