Activity Ideas for Single Women?

October 13, 2005

Single Women out ShoppingI don't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs, or go to church. The nearest place to volunteer is 100 miles away. People ask me if I have hobbies, it's like Wwhat? So I'm asking, Does anyone have any ideas on what a single female could do?


Laurie from Seattle, WA


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You could go to to read and submit great tips! Oh, wait... ok, so you do that already. How about start a Blog? You could also start your own message board (or participate in one) or website. You could read books and post your own reviews online. You could enter all the sweepstakes and contests you can find. You could try cooking new and challenging recipes, then post a review of how it turned out on your blog. You could surf all day looking for free samples on the web. You could take pictures and stick'em on your website/blog/message board/etc. What do you LIKE to do?

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If I only had the time there are a lot of things I would like to do:
1. take some kind of class-
stained glass window art, cooking, gardening, drawing, for example


2. travel to some nearby cities
3. do volunteer work
4. start a garden
5. read more books

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have you ever heard of geochaching its pretty much the most unique easy entertainment you can find anywhere! if you have gps (Global Positioning System) or someone you know well who you can borrow one from then you can join in. What you do is go to and find a geocache in your area. It may sound confusing but there a tones and tones of geocaches in ever town, city or area. a geocache is a container of some kind that the person who starts it fills with any number of items then they hide it.


you go to the website and get the cooredinates of a cache near you. then you trake it down with your gps and once (or sometimes if) you find it you get to take an item and replace it with another and write down in a log included in the cache container what you took and when and any thing you would like to say about its hiding spot. im still a newbie to the it all and have only found 2 caches so far but its mega fun when you do!

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Thank you so much! Those are all great ideas :)

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I can't believe there is no place in your community that can use your volunteer efforts. How about a senior's center, women's shelter, public school, YMCA or Boys and Girls club, hospital...Libraries often use volunteers and so do museums. There are book clubs at libraries if you like to read, garden clubs and home repair classes thru stores like Home Depot, book talks or signings at bookstores...


If you want to find something to DO, there is lots out there. Even helping an elderly or disabled neighbor can be fun! You can GET A LIFE if you want one!

By hwalz (Guest Post)
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Living in Seattle and no places to volunteer? I would think there would be lots of nursing homes, hospital, food banks, or schools or day care if you like children, libraries if you're into reading. I myself play duplicate bridge. You should be able to find a local club, lessons would be a way to meet people.

By ginnee (Guest Post)
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take up painting or a musical instrument, befriend an elderly neighbor, learn a new language, try your hand at writing.......

By barb (Guest Post)
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I agree with hwalz. Those of us in live in small-town America always hear how hip and cool Seattle is. I live in a little back-water town on the un-cool side of Houston, TX. But we have TONS of places to volunteer, like Habitat for Humanity, the local animal shelter, the public schools, local youth sports teams, and senior citizen facilities. I do LOTS of volunteer work at all of these kinds of places, and I always meet neat new people.


I'm married, and so obviously, I'm not on the market to try to meet someone to date. But even in our little town, there are really cool people, and all of them know other cool people. Bottom line, my advice: just get out there. Don't make excuses like "I live in a small town. I don't know anyone." Just get out there! Just do it! You just might be surprised by what's waiting around the corner!

By Mary (Guest Post)
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What about exercise? Hiking, Biking, Running, Rollerblading, Skiing, Rafting, Canoeing, Tennis, Softball, Yoga, you name it! What about craft projects, sewing, knitting, etc. Try drawing and painting. Even if you stink at it, it can be very relaxing and fun. It doesn't matter of others like your drawings. It's strictly for your enjoyment. I love reading. It doesn't have to be long novels. There are great magazines that cover just about an interest you can think of. There have got to be volunteer opportunities in your town. What about doing yardwork or housework for an elderly person?


Can you get a pet? Pets can be pretty fun. Learn a dance, a language, a new skill. Try fly fishing. It's a lot more challenging that just sitting there all day with a pole in your hand. Plus, any activity that gets you out of your home may put you in a position to meet someone nice, if you are open to that. Go to thrift stores and salvage yards. See what you can make out of old junk. Let your imagination go wild. Become a movie or music buff. Get involved with a cause you believe in. Almost everything has a website nowadays where you can get more information. Best of luck to you!

By Di (Guest Post)
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I'm single and 45 with no children. So I don't even have that to keep me busy. I do have cats though, and those little babies definitely keep me busy. I also do some volunteer work at a museum here and also with a special kids program. Along with my full-time job, I have a part-time job on Saturdays. I take a lot of classes, the university here has a continuing education program that offers a lot of fun classes, like cooking, knittings, sewing, and all kinds of exercise classes. I love to read and if all of that fails to keep me busy I clean my house and try new recipes. LOL!! I have found that there are all kinds of things to do that don't cost a lot of money to do them. Good luck I know you will find some great ideas from Thrifty Fun folks!


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Hello Laurie,
I'm puzzled. Seattle is a very large city and there are lots of volunteering opportunities and activities for singles. You say it is 100 miles to the nearest volunteer activities so maybe you live a long way outside the city. If that's the case, I know the area (I'm Seattle born and bred) so may be able to help.

If you put "volunteering in Seattle" into Google, there are a lot of great volunteering opportunities.

As for hobbies, there have been lots of good ideas posted. You just need to decide what appeals to you and get involved. It will help you make friends in the area and lead to fun activities.

Best wishes,
Susan from ThriftyFun

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Join a church and become an active member. I belong to a catholic church in my nearest town. It's great.


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Volunteer in the library?
Sewing classes.
Plastic Canvas (similar to needlepoint, but goes much faster and simpler and is addictive).

By Mar (Guest Post)
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I love movies...mostly anykind so when I first started looking into 3 at a time movies rentals at blockbuster late fees...well that cost me $30 a month....then I got on the internet and compared.....I went to netflix for ..$20 a month 3 movies out at a time...I thought that was good..but then I found the best one...BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE....$20 A MONTH....3 AT A time plus they give you 2 free coupons to go into a blockbuster store and get 2 movies every it works out to...3 movies a week..12 a the 2 free 14 movies for $20 a go online and pick out what you want. they send them in 1 to 2 days....they also pay for postage when you dropthem back in the mail when you are return one they send the next out....they have plans that are cheaper then $20 if you wanted only 1 to 2 movies at a time....Great Deal!!!!...Mar

By b1write (Guest Post)
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Here are some of the things i enjoy: needlepoint, knitting and sewing and cross-stitch. If you have friends nearby, try playing cards, Scrabble or other games. Walk, bike or otherwise get outdoors. Maybe there's no volunteer organization where you live, but I'll bet there are people who need help. Do you have a skill you can share to help an elderly or ill person? Or, can you visit someone who doesn't get out much? Maybe you can help them get out more.

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Raise a guide-dog puppy. There is an Oregon campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind. The number of the campus in San Rafael, CA is 1-800-295-4050, they can tell you where in Oregon. I think they have groups in all the west coast states. If that isn't possible, contact Canine Companions in CA. Sorry, I don't have number, but check for a web-site. Most states have a "Service-Dog-in-Training" statute that means you can take the dog anywhere the public is invited, with proper documentation and after house-breaking, of course.

These are fantastic programs that will keep you busier than you ever thought. The people in the programs are wonderful and you will meet the most amazing people as you travel your community with your dog. Raising a service dog is truly a gift of love...and yes, it is tough to give them up-like sending a kid off to college.

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Here's a few ideas: get a variety of books from the library. Try crafts - even craft books for children have fun ideas and I find it relaxing. When my budget is tight I just get the kid-type craft supplies instead of spending money in art stores. Make a collage, play with paints.
I also enjoy reading childrens and young adult books from time to time - a fun quick read.

Does your library have book sales? I get books for a bargain and used videos for $1. BTW - Have a Johnny Depp film festival sometime. I rent my favorites at the video store.

Exercise tapes and DVDs or walking. There are a lot of free exercise "classes" through
(with tips for routines or tips on walking, such as step-counting).

Decorate your home for the seasons - I use table clothes, fabric, nicknacks - such as old china that I've salvaged and bring in some flowers or greenery.

Check out free classes at
I've taken free tutorials on Haiku, and Creative Writing. They have courses on art, history, crafts, just about anything you can imagine.

Barnes & Noble also offers on-line classes, but I think they charge a small fee now.

I'm not plugging gambling, but if there is Bingo in your area it is a lot more fun than I thought and a cheap night out. I can play games all night for $6 or so and it goes to a local charity. Folks are friendly.

Also, check into local adult ed classes offered by school districts, or local community college classes or extension classes.
Any dancing or music groups in your area?
I used to do folk dance and ballroom dance for a reasonable fee.
There are also Cyber opportunities for volunteers if you don't find something in your area.

Music - spend an evening enjoying different types of music with CD's from the library or your own collection. Also, enjoy books on tape or on CD from the library. And if you can't find the book you want - ask about interlibrary loan.

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If you don't want to adopt a pet for a lifetime, why not consider fostering a pet? Animal shelters are always out of space & look for people to house homeless animals in their home until they are adopted. Most shelters provide the food & veterinary care. They also need people to physically volunteer at the shelter to do tasks such as socializing the animals so they will get used to human contact, grooming (brushing/bathing), cleaning the cages/kennels, feeding, walking the dogs, fundraising, etc. To find your nearest animal shelter, go to:

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Well, Me not being female or single, probably puts my ideas at the bottom of the list but here goes anyway.
We know you have a computer. This opens up the world to you. You can take online course, listen to or even make music. research any interest you might have that is under the sun.
You can shop for anything from your computer chair
You can talk with people from anywhere around the world.
In fact you can see live pictures of many places around the world or look up in space.

Next BOOKS!- Books are a vacation for the mind.
you can go back or forward in time
Be romanced or the heroine.

Pets? Believe it or not fish can be very interesting.
How about a Parakeet.

Hobbies? Anything can be a hobby and that can change to a passion.
WRITING! any kind
Drawing! You only have to please yourself
Last- Get out of your house
Ride a bike. walk , join a public pool, something
I Wish You Well
Mr Thrifty


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Ask yourself what you would do if you could do anything in the whole world. If you said you wanted to visit famous art museums in Europe, maybe you could take art lessons. Do you like to sing? What about Karaoke nights at a local club? What about needle work? Would make great gifts for Christmas!

I know you said you don't go to church, but have you given it a try? It can be a great place to meet other people and enjoy a church family.


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You could garden, join a book club, take exercise classes, or do volunteer work. There are so many choices.

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I am like you but I find that if you have a smart phone there are stimulating games that you can download ie. Family Fued, Chess, Candy Crush or even Uno!

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