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sewing machine

Pattern for Fitted Queen SheetsMaking your own bed sheets allows you to choose your fabric and perhaps get a better fit. This is a page about pattern for fitted queen sheets.


Handy Stitch Machine

Threading a Handy Stitch MachineThis little handheld sewing machine, made by Singer, is often purchased by people who want to do a bit of mending. Getting it threaded correctly is the most important step. This is a page about threading a Handy Stitch machine.



Repairing the Elastic on Fitted SheetsRepeated use and laundering can breakdown the elastic in your fitted sheets. This is a page about repairing the elastic on fitted sheets.


Handy Stitch Sewing Machine

Using a Handy Stitch Sewing MachineThis is a page about using a Handy Stitch sewing machine. The Singer Handy Stitch sewing machine is a small, battery operated handheld sewing machine.


girl wearing a bonnet holding a basket of grapes

Bonnet PatternsThis is a page about bonnet patterns. Bonnets have a long and varied history. There are many styles to choose from when making a costume or a practical garden hat.


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Making a Dog Poop Bag DispenserThis is a page about making a dog poop bag dispenser. One way to always have a poop bag handy when walking your dog is by having a supply with you.



A person welding.

Welding Cap PatternsWelding caps were originally designed to help keep sparks from burning exposed skin when welding, but they are worn by non-welders as well. Making your own welding caps allows you to create ones that match your personality and it also can save you money. This page has advice about finding welding cap patterns.


Fabric Yo Yo

Making Fabric Yo YosThis is a page about making fabric yo yos. These fun to make gathered fabric circles are a favorite with quilters and other fabric artists. They can be used to accent many projects, sewn together into quilts, or in a number of other exciting craft projects.


Making Crown Royal Bag Quilts

Making Crown Royal Bag QuiltsThis page is about making Crown Royal bag quilts. A collection of these soft bags can be made into an attractive quilt.


Making a Fabric Dinner Roll Holder

Making a Fabric Dinner Roll HolderThis is a page about making a fabric dinner roll holder. A fabric dinner roll holder will help complete your holiday or special dinner table.


Threading a Sewing Machine

Threading a Sewing MachineThis is a page about threading a sewing machine. Making sure your machine is threaded correctly will help it work properly.


A woman altering a blouse.

Making a Blouse Fit BetterThis is a page about making a blouse fit better. Whether your blouse doesn't fit as well as it used to or you have something new that needs altering, there are many easy ways to fix up a blouse and make it fit better.


Hand sewing elephant crafts

Sewing Craft Items to Make Extra MoneyThis is a page about sewing craft items to make extra money. If you like to sew, perhaps there are projects that you enjoy doing that can also help you to make some extra money.


White Men's T-shirt

Altering Men's T-shirts for a WomanThis page is about altering men's t-shirts for a woman. A t-shirt made for a man can be changed and shortened to make them fit a woman better.


Quilted Photo Album Cover

Making a Quilted Photo Album CoverThis is a page about making a quilted photo album cover. Dress up a plain photo album with a pretty quilted fabric cover.


Green fabric in a craft room.

Removing Stitch Witchery ResidueIf you make a mistake using Stitch Witchery, you will be left with a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. This page offers advice about how to remove Stitch Witchery residue.


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How Can I Make a Rain Cover for a Power Wheelchair?Recently I became the happy owner of a power wheelchair. It gives me so much more freedom than before, but I do have one problem that I'm hoping you good members of ThriftyFun can help me with.


King Size Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Bed Skirt for a King Sized BedThis is a page about making a bed skirt for a king sized bed. When you just can't find just the right bedskirt for your bed an option is to make one yourself.


A sewing machine at work joining fabric.

Sewing Stretchy FabricThis is a page about sewing stretchy fabric. Sewing stretchy fabric can be tricky. You want to follow a few simple steps to ensure that the finished seams lie nice and flat and at the same time do not break when the garment is worn or the item used.


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Transferring Cross Stitch Patterns to Aida ClothI like to do larger cross stitch patterns, but find myself getting frustrated by losing count on these. Has anyone tried to transfer counted cross stitch patterns to aida cloth? If so does it help?


A sugar glider on a wood branch.

Making a Sugar Glider Bag?This is a page about making a sugar glider bag. Keep your little pet safe and warm in a cozy travel pouch.



Measuring Elastic

Making a BedskirtThis is a page about making a bedskirt. Getting the correct measurement for the elastic is an important step in making your own bedskirt.


Cross Stitch

Making a Baby Shower Cross Stitch Poem Gift?A cross stitch decoration makes a fantastic baby shower gift that can be displayed in the new baby's room. This is a page about making a baby shower cross stitch poem gift.


Pot holder folded into triangle for scissors.

Making a Pot Holder Scissors PouchThis is a page about making a potholder scissors pouch. A pretty or seasonal potholder is the first step in making a simple scissors pouch.


Happy Toddler wearing a pink hooded blanket outside.

Making a Hooded BlanketHooded blankets make great baby blankets. In this page, learn how to make a blanket with a hood using fleece.


Polka dot fleece socks.

Making Fleece SocksThis page is about making fleece socks. Fun gifts can be made using fleece to make warm and cozy socks.


Fabric Napkin

Making Fabric Placemats and NapkinsThis is a page about making fabric placemats and napkins. If you sew, you can easily make beautiful placemats and napkins to coordinate with your decor.


closeup of sewing machine foot and needle

Finding Coronado Sewing Machine...This is a page about finding Coronado sewing machine manuals. Sewing machines purchased second hand or inherited often come without their manuals.


Make Curtains With Grommet

Making Curtains With GrommetsThis is a page about making curtains with grommets. Making curtains with grommets is an easy way to create beautiful up to date curtains for you home.


Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing Kit

Making a Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing KitAn easy project to customize for a gift. People of all ages need a needle and thread for mending or to replace a button. This is a page about mason jar pin cushion and sewing kit.


Treadle Operated Sewing Machine

Buying Treadle Operated Sewing MachinesThis is a page about buying a treadle operated sewing machine. You can reduce your energy footprint even in your crafting pursuits. Rather than using an electric sewing machine, you may consider a crank or treadle machine; run on human power.


Locating Sewing Machine Model and Serial Numbers

Locating Sewing Machine Model and...This is a page about locating sewing machine model and serial numbers. When you need parts, finding your sewing machine's important identifying numbers can be a challenge.


Sewing Patterns

Making Your Own Sewing PatternsThis page is about making your own sewing patterns. Many kinds of patterns for sewing projects can be made at home.


Christmas tree skirt under decorated tree

Making a Lady's Skirt from a Christmas Tree SkirtWith a bit of cutting and sewing you can convert a Christmas tree shirt into a unique lady's skirt. This is a page about making a lady's skirt from a Christmas tree skirt.


Applique Patterns

Printable Applique PatternsThis is a page about printable applique patterns. Applique is a popular craft that is often incorporated into quilts and other fabric arts. Finding printable applique patterns can be an adventure.


stack of towels

Making a Jacket from TowelsThis page is about making a jacket from towels. A jacket made from terry cloth can be handy after swimming or bathing.



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X-Large Mans Thong PatternI need a paper pattern for a x-large man's thong.


denim cozy with a large button

Denim Coffee CozyUse the paper cozy you get on a cup of coffee to create a pattern to make you own from recycled denim remnants. This is a page about denim coffee cozy.


Sewing Machine Cover

Making a Sewing Machine CoverThis is a page about making a sewing machine cover. You can save money, keep your machine clean, and have fun making a cover for your sewing machine.


Denim Wallet

Making a Denim WalletThis is a page about making a denim wallet. Whether you use leftover denim from altering a pair of jeans or other clothing project, or buy new yardage, you can make a great wallet for yourself or as a gift.


A green-blue fleece blanket.

Making Fleece Lap BlanketsThis is a page about making fleece lap blankets. Making a fleece blanket will help keep you or a loved one warm and makes a great gift.


Clothespin Apron - person wearing the apron and holding a couple of clothes pins

How to Make a Clothespin ApronIf you have chosen to use a clothes line to supplement or replace your dryer this cute apron is exactly what you need to carry your pins. This is a page about how to make a clothespin apron.


Vacuum Cleaner Cover

Making a Vacuum Cleaner CoverThis is a page about making a vacuum cleaner cover. You don't have to hide the vacuum away in a closet if you make a decorative, maybe even whimsical, cover.


Tea Bag Wallet

Making a Tea Bag WalletThis is a page about making a tea bag wallet. Make a neat little tea bag wallet to carry your favorite flavors with you.


A stack of Mexican blankets.

Making a Coat Out of a BlanketThis page is about making a coat out of a blanket. Sometimes the best way to reuse a blanket is to make a warm coat.


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Pattern for a Clergy Stole?Does anyone have a pattern to make a clergy stole? I would like to make one to be worn by the person marrying us as a gift.


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Pattern For Highchair PadDoes anyone know where to get patterns for a highchair pad? I bought a chair at a thrift store, and it needs a new pad. I could order one from the company, but they want 3 times what I paid for the chair. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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How to Find Out-of-Print Sewing PatternsThe sewing pattern companies reuse their pattern numbers. So, when you are searching for an older pattern you need to know not only the pattern number you are searching for - but when it was printed, or a description of the item so that you can find it.


A woman wearing a blue turban.

Free Turban Sewing PatternsSome sewing projects can be done using free patterns found at stores or on the internet. This is a page about free turban sewing patterns.


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Restoring Old ThreadCan anyone tell me how to restore old thread? It doesn't break or look furred, but it seems dry and dusty. I've inherited a lot, of all sorts, and I'd like to save money by using them.


Reusable Absorbent Towels

Make Reusable Absorbent TowelsIn our continuing efforts to be more environmentally friendly, cutting back on the use of paper towels is an area where we have a number of options. This is a page about make reusable absorbent towels.


Pins and needles stuck into an almost unseen pin cushion.

Making a Cupcake PincushionThis is a page about making a cupcake pincushion. This is not your traditional tomato shaped pin cushion. Making a pin cushion in the shape of a cupcake is a cute easy craft project. These useful sewing accessories can be made for yourself or as a gift.


Crafts Using Yo Yos

Crafts Using Yo YosThis is a page about crafts using yo yos. Those cute little yo yos can be used to make a wide variety of crafts.


Fabric pincushion with polka dot top and gingham base

Homemade Pincushion IdeasThis is a page about homemade pincushion ideas. We are all familiar with the ubiquitous tomato pincushion. However, if you are looking for something more unique consider making your own. Whether you sew, knit, crochet, or dabble in other craft areas, there are endless ways to make your own cushion.


Potholders From Fabric Scraps

Making Potholders From Fabric ScrapsThis is a page about making potholders from fabric scraps. Fabric scraps can easily be made into beautiful potholders, both simple and more complex quilt style blocks.


Camisole Insert Diagram

Making a Camisole InsertThis is a page about making a camisole insert. If you are handy, you can make your own camisole insert for your favorite top.


A pincushion made from fabric and a terra cotta pot.

Making a Clay Pot PincushionThis is a page about making a clay pot pincushion. You can easily create a unique pincushion starting with a small clay flower pot.


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Pioneer Shirt Pattern?Does anyone have a pattern for a mens pioneer type shirt? I need to make one for my husband for a trek this summer. I also would like a pattern for a women's pioneer shirt and possibly some pantaloons.


Flattening seam with a hammer.

Hemming Jeans with Thick SeamsThis is a page about hemming jeans with thick seams. Sewing several layers of denim can be a challenge when shortening jeans. The right equipment and a few tips can make it easier.


Smocked Gingham Pillow PatternI am looking for a pattern to make a smocked gingham pillow.


sewing machine

Sewing VinylThis page is about sewing vinyl. A special needle and setting may be needed on your machine to sew this type of fabric.


Fidget Apron

DIY Fidget ApronA fidget apron can be very useful for some people, especially those in a nursing home. Here's some ideas about how to make a DIY fidget apron.


Outdoor wicker style chairs with fabric covered seat cushions.

Recovering Outdoor Furniture CushionsThis is a page about recovering outdoor furniture cushions. Sun and weather in general takes a toll on outdoor furniture, especially the upholstered cushions. Rather than buying new ones, you can potentially save money and achieve just the look you want by recovering them yourself.


Pillow Made from Fabric Scraps

Making a Pillow With Fabric ScrapsThis is a page about making a pillow with fabric scraps. Here is a pretty pillow project perfect for your stash of scrap fabric.


Easy harmonica case and instrument.

Making a Harmonica CaseThis is a page about making a harmonica case. Storing your harmonic can be done easily in either an elaborate case or in a simple homemade one.


Converting a Twin Size Quilt to Full SizeHow difficult is it to convert a twin size bed quilt to a full size bed quilt? This bedding is identical to my daughters crib set but I need it to be full size for her bed and it only comes in twin... any suggestion from all you craft seamstresses?


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Hemming Stretch JeansI have several pairs of stretch jeans I want to hem and make capri's. The last time I tried to hem them on my sewing machine the material stretched to much. I had my machine set to sew stretch material.


Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Pants that are Too BigThis is a page about fixing pants that are too big. If your pants are too large, you can size them down yourself.


Woman wearing oven mitts.

Making Oven Mitts and Hot PadsThis page is about making oven mitts and hot pads. Very useful and fun gifts can be made for your family and friends.


sewing machine on a table

Making a Pincushion for a Sewing MachineThis is a page about making a pincushion for a sewing machine. If you are into sewing, you always are looking for a pin or pincushion.


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Fixing Shrunken SheetsMy queen size sheets have shrunk. Is it possible to put a gusset in each side to make them a tad bigger? Has anyone done this and how did it work out? Were you satisfied with the results? Can some one suggest another option for fixing this problem?


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Pattern For Capes For Beauty ShopsWhere can I obtain a pattern for capes used in beauty shops, etc?


Fabric Chicken Doorstop - being used as a doorstop

How to Make a Fabric Chicken DoorstopThis adorable chicken doorstop is easy to make and customize for your home decor. This is a page about how to make a fabric chicken doorstop.


A little girl in bed with her stuffed animal.

Making a Bedhugger ComforterOne way to keep the comforter on your bed it to sew a pocket at the bottom to fit over the mattress. This page contains some suggestions for making a bedhugger comforter.


Pocket Pillow - second pillow with different fabric

Pocket PillowThis pillow has a pocket that can be used for a book, journal, or even a midnight snack.


Fabric Bowl Hot Pad - finished two colored fabric bowl

Making a Fabric Bowl Hot PadFabric and quilt batting are sewn up into a form fitting hot pad for your next bowl of soup or other hot dish. Let one of our crafters show you how to make this practical scrap fabric project.


Tissue Case with Pocket - finished case

Sewing a Tissue Case with PocketMake a cute little fabric case for a purse/pocket sized facial tissue package. This example goes one step beyond and incorporates a nice little pocket for lip balm, hand sanitizer, or lotion.


Tufting a Comforter - tufted comforter on bed

Tufting a ComforterTufting is one method of tying the layers of a comforter or quilt together to keep the batting from moving or bunching up inside the fabric sandwich. Learn how to add tufting to a comforter on this page.


Mermaid Tail Purse - finished purse

Making a Mermaid Tail PurseThis craft will help you to make a cute mermaid tail inspired purse. Supplies, instructions, and photos follow.


tan felt donut shaped pin cushion with pink felt frosting

Making a Donut Pin CushionMake a cute pin cushion in the shape of a donut, for yourself or to give a crafting friend. Felt and stuffing are needed and then you can decorate as you like.


Bottlecap Pincushion - looking down on pincushion

Making a Bottlecap PincushionTransform a plain plastic bottle cap into a pretty, useful pincushion. You will need fabric scraps, Polyfil or other stuffing material, and glue as the basic supplies. Decorate as you like or follow the instructions provided below.


A dress made from a metallic mesh fabric.

How to Sew Metallic MeshMetallic mesh fabric presents a unique issue when deciding how to make sewn items with it. This page offers some very helpful tips for working with metallic mesh fabric.


The finished luggage tag.

Fabric Luggage TagThe tutorial found on this page makes it easy to create your own fabric luggage tags in a variety of colors and prints.


Photo of a Denim Dimetrodon Toy

Making Denim DinosaursThese cute dinosaurs are made from denim scraps. Learn how on this page.


A collection of t-shirts that have been altered into V-necks.

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckUsing some basic sewing skills you can turn a crew neck t-shirt into a v-neck one. By using the original neckline, the finished product looks as though you bought it that way.


A handmade purse with a pink fabric lining.

Lining a Handmade PurseLining is a handmade purse gives a more finished look and helps it last longer. Here are some great instructions for adding a simple lining.


Adjusting the Size of Fitted Sheets - sew a wider seam if needed

Adjusting the Size of Fitted SheetsOne way to adjust the size of too big fitted sheets is to take in the corner seams. Try this fix if your sheet is ill fitting.


Threading batting through tube with pliers

Turning Fabric Tubes Right Side OutFabric tubes are used in a lot of sewing and craft projects. The initial steps are pretty easy, the frustration comes when it is time to turn the tube right side out. There are sewing tools made especially for this purpose or you can use things you may already have. This page contains some solutions to this common step.


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Selecting the Right Needle Size for a Deluxe Sewing Machine?What size needle do I use for a modern Deluxe Precision sewing machine? Serial #: 96575.


A small dog in a pink dress.

Making Dog Clothes Out of Baby ClothesYou can make dog clothes out of used baby clothes for your small dog. With modifications you can make cute outfits to help your little dog stay warm.


A pattern being used in sewing.

Altering the Size of a Dress PatternDress patterns now often come with multiple sizes defined on each pattern piece, but sometimes if using an older one, or trying to adjust a multi-sized one you will need to do some altering to the pattern prior to cutting the fabric. This is a page about altering the size of a dress pattern.


Thrifty Patio Chair Pillows - checkerboard cushion on red plastic patio chair

Making Inexpensive Patio Chair PillowsIf your old outdoor pillows are worn, stained, or you just want a change, this thrifty solution is for you. Use a plastic or fabric tablecloth for making these inexpensive patio chair pillows.


Homemade Thread Cone Holder

Homemade Thread Cone HolderLarge thread cones typically require a special holder so that they can be used with any sewing machine. If you either don't own one or have misplaced it, try these instructions for crafting an inexpensive homemade one using a recycled glass jar, a plastic hanger, and a few other supplies.


Book Pocket Pillow - finished pillow with book in pocket

How to Make a Book Pocket PillowThis cute reading pillow has a special pocket to fit a beloved book, making a reading nook wherever it goes. This is a page about how to make a book pocket pillow.


Empty prescription bottles to be used for other purposes.

Prescription Bottle Sewing KitUse one of those old prescription bottles banging around in a drawer to make a small, portable sewing kit. This page contains ideas for making a prescription bottle sewing kit.


Pin cushion and thimble.

Making a Double Duty Pin CushionIf you have limited space in your sewing or crafting area this project is for you. Choose one of the double duty pin cushion projects in this page and enjoy the craft and the outcome. They also make nice gifts


Blue tote bag.

How to Make a Sling BagThis heavy weight sling or tote bag can be made fairly quickly. You will find so many uses for it that you might want to make more. This page contains photos and instructions for how to make a sling bag.


Sewing pattern on a piece of fabric.

Finding Patterns for Petite-Plus WomenFinding sewing patterns that fit your height and figure can be difficult. There are websites that sometimes fill the gap found in traditional pattern books. This is a page about finding patterns for petite-plus women.


Yellow handbag with things coming out from the top.

Pocket Book Organizer PatternsMaking an organizer for your purse can help keep the clutter down and make items easier to find. You can design your own or search the internet for patterns. This is a page about pocket book organizer patterns.


Hand holding a SD memory card

Using a Generic Memory Card in a Brother SE425 Sewing MachineIt may be possible to use a generic memory card in your Brother SE425 machine as long as it is completely compatible and does not affect your warranty. This is a page about using a generic memory card in a Brother SE425 sewing machine.


Seamstress Sewing on Velcro.

How to Sew VelcroThis is a page about sewing velcro. Sewing velcro can be tricky. It can clog up your sewing machine and even break your needles. Here are some tips to try, if you are having trouble sewing velcro onto an item.


orange thread

Preventing Tangled ThreadIt is extremely frustrating to have your sewing thread get tangled in the middle of a project. There are products you can buy such as bees wax, but sometimes it is more convenient to just grab something you have at home such as a bar of soap. This is a page about preventing tangled thread.


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Mermaid Tail Purse - finished purse

Mermaid Tail PurseThis mermaid purse was inspired by an image I found online. I used some scraps of shiny fabric, found a pattern online, and designed my own version of a mermaid purse using the idea from an image I found.


Donut Pin Cushion - pink frosted donut pincushion on red background

Donut Pin CushionThis handmade donut pin cushion is so cute, I just want to bite it! It's great for your sewing box to keep your pins in order, but you could also just make them as plush toys. To make the paper donut stencil, I traced a CD, cut it out smaller, but cut the center out bigger. You can make them whatever size you like.


TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight Crafting

TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight CraftingI was scheduled to make a short flight last month. I wanted to bring my current quilt block project along in case I had time to work on one. One of the options found on the internet was using the cutter in a dental floss box. It works great and fits neatly into the Altoids tin I had for the paper pieced hexagons, thread, thimble, etc.


Bottlecap Pincushion - looking down on pincushion

Bottlecap PincushionThis is a simple way to make a small pincushion from a plastic bottle cap. You could also attach a small loop of elastic band beneath it and wear it on one of you fingers as you sew.


Pill Bottle Sewing Kit

Pill Bottle Sewing KitWith about 30 minutes to spare, you can make this to keep in your car, purse, or RV. It's handy, safe from little ones, and waterproof.


Tissue Case with Pocket - finished case

Tissue Case with PocketI learned how to make tissue case covers years ago from my mother. This one is a little different from the ones she used to make because it has a pocket on one side to hold chapstick, hand sanitizer, or a small bottle of lotion. These are great to have in your purse when you need extra supplies. They are easy enough for the beginning seamstress to make.


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Padded Kindle Pouch

Padded Kindle PouchCheck out how to make this cute kindle sleeve with this short video. These make a perfect gift for the kindle users in your life.


Yo Yo Keychain

Yo Yo KeychainUse fabric yoyos and a button to make a personalized keychain. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A book weight shaped like a carrot, holding open a book.

Sand Filled Fabric Book Page WeightsThis adorable book weight can be made from sand and scrap fabric. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Fleece Hand Warmers

Fleece Hand WarmersThese cosy hand warmers can be made with leftover fleece from crafting projects. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Golf Tee Bobbin Holder

Golf Tee Bobbin HolderUse extra golf tees to hold sewing machine bobbins. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Padded iPad Pouch

Padded iPad PouchThis video shows you the process of making an iPad sleeve. This pouch is super cute and makes a great gift.


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Sewing Leather on a Vintage White Sewing Machine - 1927 White sewing machine

Sewing Leather on a Vintage White Sewing MachineCan a 1927 White rotary sewing machine sew leather goods?


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Altering a Fitted Sheet That is Too LooseI want to know how to alter a fitted sheet that is too large (loose) for my mattress. My particular sheet has elastic all the way around.


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Making King Fitted SheetsHow much elastic is in a king sheet?


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Stitches Loose on a Singer Quick SewHow do I tighten the stitches underneath the fabric?


Repairing Holes in a Baby Blanket - closeup of a large hole in a baby blanket

Repairing Holes in a Baby BlanketI have a baby blanket and I want to fix the holes. I have tried sewing the holes together, but the fabric tore more. Any suggestions? I love the blanket and don't want it to tear apart! There are holes like the one is the picture is 4 or 5 other spots as well!


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Increasing the Size of a Dress PatternI am making a McCalls dress and the size I ordered is too small, so I want to cut it out a bit bigger. It looks like each size up is only 1/4 inch. I only have up to 14, but I need a 16. Since McCalls seems to run small, should I add an inch or inch and a half? I have never done this before, so thought I would ask if anyone has?


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