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Making Crown Royal Bag Quilts

Making Crown Royal Bag QuiltsThis page is about making Crown Royal bag quilts. A collection of these soft bags can be made into an attractive quilt.


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Making a Dog Poop Bag DispenserThis is a page about making a dog poop bag dispenser. One way to always have a poop bag handy when walking your dog is by having a supply with you.


Applique Patterns

Printable Applique Patterns?This is a page about printable applique patterns. Applique is a popular craft that is often incorporated into quilts and other fabric arts. Finding printable applique patterns can be an adventure.



Repairing the Elastic on Fitted SheetsRepeated use and laundering can breakdown the elastic in your fitted sheets. This is a page about repairing the elastic on fitted sheets.


Handy Stitch Machine

Threading a Handy Stitch MachineThis little handheld sewing machine, made by Singer, is often purchased by people who want to do a bit of mending. Getting it threaded correctly is the most important step. This is a page about threading a Handy Stitch machine.


Polka dot fleece socks.

Making Fleece SocksThis page is about making fleece socks. Fun gifts can be made using fleece to make warm and cozy socks.



Pot holder folded into triangle for scissors.

Making a Pot Holder Scissors PouchThis is a page about making a potholder scissors pouch. A pretty or seasonal potholder is the first step in making a simple scissors pouch.


Locating Sewing Machine Model and Serial Numbers

Locating Sewing Machine Model and...This is a page about locating sewing machine model and serial numbers. When you need parts, finding your sewing machine's important identifying numbers can be a challenge.


Clothespin Apron - person wearing the apron and holding a couple of clothes pins

How to Make a Clothespin ApronIf you have chosen to use a clothes line to supplement or replace your dryer this cute apron is exactly what you need to carry your pins. This is a page about how to make a clothespin apron.


A person welding.

Welding Cap Patterns?Welding caps were originally designed to help keep sparks from burning exposed skin when welding, but they are worn by non-welders as well. Making your own welding caps allows you to create ones that match your personality and it also can save you money. This page has advice about finding welding cap patterns.


Spa Towel Wrap With Shoulder Straps

Making a Spa Towel WrapThis is a page about making a spa towel wrap. You can make your own spa style towel wrap easily at home and save money as well.


A stack of Mexican blankets.

Making a Coat Out of a BlanketThis page is about making a coat out of a blanket. Sometimes the best way to reuse a blanket is to make a warm coat.


sewing machine

Pattern for Fitted Queen Sheets?Making your own bed sheets allows you to choose your fabric and perhaps get a better fit. This is a page about pattern for fitted queen sheets.


Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Pants that are Too BigThis is a page about fixing pants that are too big. If your pants are too large, you can size them down yourself.


Antique sewing machine

Treadle Sewing Machines InformationThe manual treadle sewing machine harks back to a time when in-home electricity was not common place. It is still used in areas worldwide that lack electricity. Some crafters and seamstresses enjoy the excellent stitching quality and the gentle clickety-clack of the foot powered mechanism. This page contains treadle sewing machine information.


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Trouble Sewing Lycra?I love thin Lycra fabric, because it drapes well and is very comfortable, but my machine does not sew it very well. Most of the stitches are missed (like it isn't hooked around the bobbin). It is very frustrating! Could someone please tell me what to do?


Denim Toilet Seat and Tank Covers - Toilet seat cover made from denim.

How to Make Denim Toilet Seat and Tank CoversUsing lightweight denim scraps, lace, and a doily you too can make this toilet seat and tank cover set. This is a page about how to make denim toilet seat and tank covers.


A small dog in a pink dress.

Making Dog Clothes Out of Baby ClothesYou can make dog clothes out of used baby clothes for your small dog. With modifications you can make cute outfits to help your little dog stay warm.


Flattening seam with a hammer.

Hemming Jeans with Thick SeamsThis is a page about hemming jeans with thick seams. Sewing several layers of denim can be a challenge when shortening jeans. The right equipment and a few tips can make it easier.


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How to Find Out-of-Print Sewing PatternsThe sewing pattern companies reuse their pattern numbers. So, when you are searching for an older pattern you need to know not only the pattern number you are searching for - but when it was printed, or a description of the item so that you can find it.


Homemade Pet Toys

Pet PalsGive your furry friends a Christmas present by sewing these cute animals. The patterns are very simple and inexpensive to make. This is also a great way to use up those scraps!



Reusable Absorbent Towels

Make Reusable Absorbent TowelsIn our continuing efforts to be more environmentally friendly, cutting back on the use of paper towels is an area where we have a number of options. This is a page about make reusable absorbent towels.


Fidget Apron

DIY Fidget ApronA fidget apron can be very useful for some people, especially those in a nursing home. Here's some ideas about how to make a DIY fidget apron.


White Men's T-shirt

Altering Men's T-shirts for a WomanThis page is about altering men's t-shirts for a woman. A t-shirt made for a man can be changed and shortened to make them fit a woman better.


Camisole Insert Diagram

Making a Camisole InsertThis is a page about making a camisole insert. If you are handy, you can make your own camisole insert for your favorite top.


Tea Bag Wallet

Making a Tea Bag WalletThis is a page about making a tea bag wallet. Make a neat little tea bag wallet to carry your favorite flavors with you.


Handy Stitch Sewing Machine

Using a Handy Stitch Sewing MachineThis is a page about using a Handy Stitch sewing machine. The Singer Handy Stitch sewing machine is a small, battery operated handheld sewing machine.


Potholders From Fabric Scraps

Making Potholders From Fabric ScrapsThis is a page about making potholders from fabric scraps. Fabric scraps can easily be made into beautiful potholders, both simple and more complex quilt style blocks.


Smocked Gingham Pillow Pattern?I am looking for a pattern to make a smocked gingham pillow.


clothing pattern

McCall's Patterns Reviews?This is a page about McCall's patterns reviews. McCall's patterns are one of the major sewing patterns available at your local fabric store.


A woman altering a blouse.

Making a Blouse Fit Better?This is a page about making a blouse fit better. Whether your blouse doesn't fit as well as it used to or you have something new that needs altering, there are many easy ways to fix up a blouse and make it fit better.


Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

Making Reusable Coffee Cup SleevesThis page is about making reusable coffee cup sleeves. Make a reusable paper cup heat shield for your favorite on the go coffee drinkers.


Hand sewing elephant crafts

Sewing Craft Items to Make Extra Money?This is a page about sewing craft items to make extra money. If you like to sew, perhaps there are projects that you enjoy doing that can also help you to make some extra money.


closeup of sewing machine foot and needle

Finding Coronado Sewing Machine...This is a page about finding Coronado sewing machine manuals. Sewing machines purchased second hand or inherited often come without their manuals.


Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing Kit

Making a Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing KitAn easy project to customize for a gift. People of all ages need a needle and thread for mending or to replace a button. This is a page about mason jar pin cushion and sewing kit.


A sewing machine at work joining fabric.

Sewing Stretchy FabricThis is a page about sewing stretchy fabric. Sewing stretchy fabric can be tricky. You want to follow a few simple steps to ensure that the finished seams lie nice and flat and at the same time do not break when the garment is worn or the item used.



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Pattern For Capes For Beauty Shops?Where can I obtain a pattern for capes used in beauty shops, etc?


stack of yo yo paper weights

Making Yo Yo Pattern WeightsThis is a page about making yo yo pattern weights. Rather than pinning their pattern pieces to the fabric some crafters prefer to use pattern weights.


Homemade Thread Cone Holder

Homemade Thread Cone HolderLarge thread cones typically require a special holder so that they can be used with any sewing machine. If you either don't own one or have misplaced it, try these instructions for crafting an inexpensive homemade one using a recycled glass jar, a plastic hanger, and a few other supplies.


Sewing Machine Cover

Making a Sewing Machine CoverThis is a page about making a sewing machine cover. You can save money, keep your machine clean, and have fun making a cover for your sewing machine.


Converting a Twin Size Quilt to Full Size?How difficult is it to convert a twin size bed quilt to a full size bed quilt? This bedding is identical to my daughters crib set but I need it to be full size for her bed and it only comes in twin... any suggestion from all you craft seamstresses?


Tablecloth Dress

Making a Tablecloth DressThis is a page about making a tablecloth dress. Making a dress from an old tablecloth is a great way to save money on yardage.


Yo Yo Book Weight

Making a Yo Yo Book WeightThis is a page about making a yo yo book weight. If you are addicted to making these fun scrap fabric circles here, is another yo yo project.


Using Large Spools on a Sewing Machine - large spool of white and one of black thread fitted with button and elastic

Using Large Cone Thread Spools on a Regular Sewing MachineThis is a page about using large cone thread spools on a regular sewing machine. Sometimes you might have the wrong size spool for your machine.


Happy Toddler wearing a pink hooded blanket outside.

Making a Hooded Blanket?Hooded blankets make great baby blankets. In this page, learn how to make a blanket with a hood using fleece.


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How Do I Tie a Knot When Using the Handy Stitch Sewing Machine?I have a Handy Stitch handheld sewing machine. How do you tie it off when you are done? I have sewed somethings, but at the end it will unravel if you pull the thread since it only goes one way. Thanking you in advance.


Sewing with a sewing machine.

Keeping Seams Together When SewingThis is a page about keeping seams together when sewing. There are varying schools of thought on the best way to keep seams together when sewing. Do you pin them or use some other method?


A woman wearing a blue turban.

Free Turban Sewing Patterns?Some sewing projects can be done using free patterns found at stores or on the internet. This is a page about free turban sewing patterns.


Pin Cushion Ring Teaser

Making a Pincushion RingThis handy sewing accessory may become one of your sewing essentials. They also are fun to make as a gift for a friend. This is a page about making a pincushion ring.


A bobbin and a thimble for sewing.

Keeping Bobbins From UnwindingThis is a page about keeping bobbins from unwinding. Many of us have a sewing drawer or box filled with bobbins happily unwinding and creating a tangled mess.


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Transferring Cross Stitch Patterns to Aida Cloth?I like to do larger cross stitch patterns, but find myself getting frustrated by losing count on these. Has anyone tried to transfer counted cross stitch patterns to aida cloth? If so does it help?


Pink and blue aprons.

Making a One Yard ApronThis is a page about making a one yard apron. One yard of 45 inch fabric and some thread is all you need to make this quick and easy apron.


A white sewing machine.

Identifying Sewing Machine Model?I was given this sewing machine by my mother. It doesn't have a manual, and she can't remember how to use it, it's been so long. I am a complete newbie and have never used a sewing machine. I would like to teach myself simple straight line stitching. I have tried google images without luck for this one. Any help would be amazing.


The finished Folded Flower Table Runner

Folded Flower Table RunnerThis was a cute and different table runner to make. Reminded me a little bit of paper folding or origami.


The completed Strip Block Potholder

Strip Block PotholderI've become interested in quilting and all of the neat ideas for quilt blocks. Because there are so many, I decided I would make a variety of quilt blocks and turn them into potholders so I can try out a lot more designs and it wouldn't be as time consuming.


The finished Roll Holder Basket

Roll Holder BasketOld-fashioned roll basket!


The completed fabric playhouse.

Portable PlayhouseThis is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears playhouse. I used a pattern online and adapted it for this fairy tale story.


The completed knot purse.

Knot PurseVery simple, quick-to-sew reversible purse.


Mother Goose and her new bonnet.

Mother Goose's New BonnetThis is my old Mother Goose stuffed toy I had as a child in the late 50's, early 60's. She was missing her bonnet so I decided to make her one. I found what the original bonnet looked like but came up with this simple bonnet that could also be used for a doll.


A fabric drawstring backpack.

Drawstring BackpacksI made these for a charity who gives backpacks filled with various items to cancer patients who are children.


The completed men's tie.

Handmade Men's TieThis was my first attempt at making a man's tie. I made it out of fabric that matched my daughter's homemade Easter skirt. Her boyfriend wore this tie for Easter to go with her skirt. Turned out great!


Using the gloves while dusting.

Cleaning Dusting GlovesNylon perfectly helps to clean the glass and make it shiny just like microfiber fabric or newspaper. It is quite difficult to clean small curved glass objects with a newspaper or a piece of fabric. In such cases, nylon gloves are simply irreplaceable.


The completed tortilla warmer.

Tortilla WarmerThis is a fun way to warm up tortillas and to keep them warm on the dinner table while assembling burritos or tacos.


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Origami BagThe design of this bag was inspired by origami. The bag has the shape of a regular hexagon. I decided not to overload the design of this bag with unnecessary décor, since the flower formed from the folds of fabric is a sufficient decoration for it. You can change the look of this bag and use it as a purse or a shoulder bag or wristlet or pouch or minaudière.


Activity Apron

Activity ApronThis activity apron could be used for a variety of purposes--for a teacher, for a children's church class, at home use with your own children, a grandma with grandchildren, etc. Items or activity cards are placed in each of the pockets and worn by the teacher, leader, parent, etc.


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Halloween Tree SkirtI made this tree skirt for a friend who leaves her Christmas tree up all year around and decorates it for the holidays.


World Map Blanket

World Map BlanketI really like the combination of rough burlap with satin fabric. I just had a piece of blue satin fabric that reminded me of the surface of the ocean. And the rough burlap reminds me of soil. So I got the idea to combine these two contrasting fabrics and sew a blanket in the form of a world map. I didn't buy burlap, but used four burlap bags. So even from the bags, you can sew this original blanket.


A bunch of elastic for sewing.

Threading Elastic Through Casing?What is the best/fastest way to thread elastic through casing?


Using the scales as sequins.

Sequins from Fish ScalesIf you need sequins to decorate something not big, but do not want to spend money, then make sequins yourself from fish scales. You can also dye these sequins any color.


The finished Japanese knot bag.

Reversible Japanese Knot BagUse old jeans of different colors to sew this original Japanese bag. This bag is made of two different fabrics and is reversible. You will get two different looks in one bag.


A completed reversible hot pad

Reversible Hot PadThese are hot pads I made to coordinate with my dishes for a more decorative table setting. Definition of a hot pad - a pad for use under a hot dish to protect a table. (They are not potholders! Potholders are used for protection from the heat when removing something hot from the stove or oven.)


Two completed sachets with decorative flowers.

Lacey SachetsJust a little pretty gift to give a female friend


Fabric Keyboard Cover

Fabric Keyboard CoverI needed a custom-made keyboard cover to protect this keyboard I inherited from my father who passed away in 1998.


Mask Organizer/Hamper - finished organizer/hamper

Mask Organizer/HamperMy daughter has about 30 masks because she works at a school and must change them out daily, sometimes more than once a day. In order to keep them organized, I came up with this organizer/mini mask hamper which she can hang in her closet. It also helps her choose what color she wants to coordinate with what she wears each day. It has a front and back for efficient storage!


Fabric shoulder bag.

Savannah BagI've made a lot of bags, but my favorite is the Savannah bag. I named it after my daughter because it's pretty in pink.


Scrappy Funky Doll - finished doll

Scrappy Funky DollThis doll is made from scraps of muslin, fabric, and felt.


Upcycled Bridal Garter

Upcycled Bridal GarterI had a bridal garter that we couldn't even give away in my area. I made it into a skirt for a Barbie doll. I also cut off the long ribbons in the front to a more manageable length.


Canning Jar Sewing Kit - finished kit

Canning Jar Sewing KitThis is a miniature sewing kit, which holds a few basic sewing supplies, for the beginner seamstress. I put straight pins on the pincushion top, a pair of scissors, some thread, a measuring tape, some needles, and small scraps of fabric into the jar.


A pile of folded sheets.

Converting SheetsIf you have sheets that are the wrong size, sometimes you can modify them to fit. This works best if you are going from larger to smaller.


A bottle of clear nail polish.

Keeping Thread Knots SecureAfter finishing any type of hand sewing, I use a small dab of clear nail polish right on the knot to keep the knot/thread secure and from unraveling.


A woman using a seam ripper.

Ripping Seams EasilyI do a lot of sewing and sometimes make mistakes, resulting in having to rip out seams. While ripping the hem of an old flannel sheet to make pet bed covers, I knew it would take too much time.


A little girl in bed with her stuffed animal.

Making a Bedhugger ComforterOne way to keep the comforter on your bed it to sew a pocket at the bottom to fit over the mattress. This page contains some suggestions for making a bedhugger comforter.


Fabric Bowl Hot Pad - finished two colored fabric bowl

Making a Fabric Bowl Hot PadFabric and quilt batting are sewn up into a form fitting hot pad for your next bowl of soup or other hot dish. Let one of our crafters show you how to make this practical scrap fabric project.


Tissue Case with Pocket - finished case

Sewing a Tissue Case with PocketMake a cute little fabric case for a purse/pocket sized facial tissue package. This example goes one step beyond and incorporates a nice little pocket for lip balm, hand sanitizer, or lotion.


Tufting a Comforter - tufted comforter on bed

Tufting a ComforterTufting is one method of tying the layers of a comforter or quilt together to keep the batting from moving or bunching up inside the fabric sandwich. Learn how to add tufting to a comforter on this page.


Mermaid Tail Purse - finished purse

Making a Mermaid Tail PurseThis craft will help you to make a cute mermaid tail inspired purse. Supplies, instructions, and photos follow.


tan felt donut shaped pin cushion with pink felt frosting

Making a Donut Pin CushionMake a cute pin cushion in the shape of a donut, for yourself or to give a crafting friend. Felt and stuffing are needed and then you can decorate as you like.


Bottlecap Pincushion - looking down on pincushion

Making a Bottlecap PincushionTransform a plain plastic bottle cap into a pretty, useful pincushion. You will need fabric scraps, Polyfil or other stuffing material, and glue as the basic supplies. Decorate as you like or follow the instructions provided below.


The finished luggage tag.

Fabric Luggage TagThe tutorial found on this page makes it easy to create your own fabric luggage tags in a variety of colors and prints.


A dress made from a metallic mesh fabric.

How to Sew Metallic Mesh?Metallic mesh fabric presents a unique issue when deciding how to make sewn items with it. This page offers some very helpful tips for working with metallic mesh fabric.


Photo of a Denim Dimetrodon Toy

Making Denim DinosaursThese cute dinosaurs are made from denim scraps. Learn how on this page.


A collection of t-shirts that have been altered into V-necks.

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckUsing some basic sewing skills you can turn a crew neck t-shirt into a v-neck one. By using the original neckline, the finished product looks as though you bought it that way.


A handmade purse with a pink fabric lining.

Lining a Handmade PurseLining is a handmade purse gives a more finished look and helps it last longer. Here are some great instructions for adding a simple lining.


Adjusting the Size of Fitted Sheets - sew a wider seam if needed

Adjusting the Size of Fitted SheetsOne way to adjust the size of too big fitted sheets is to take in the corner seams. Try this fix if your sheet is ill fitting.


Threading batting through tube with pliers

Turning Fabric Tubes Right Side OutFabric tubes are used in a lot of sewing and craft projects. The initial steps are pretty easy, the frustration comes when it is time to turn the tube right side out. There are sewing tools made especially for this purpose or you can use things you may already have. This page contains some solutions to this common step.


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Selecting the Right Needle Size for a Deluxe Sewing Machine?What size needle do I use for a modern Deluxe Precision sewing machine? Serial #: 96575.


A pattern being used in sewing.

Altering the Size of a Dress Pattern?Dress patterns now often come with multiple sizes defined on each pattern piece, but sometimes if using an older one, or trying to adjust a multi-sized one you will need to do some altering to the pattern prior to cutting the fabric. This is a page about altering the size of a dress pattern.


Thrifty Patio Chair Pillows - checkerboard cushion on red plastic patio chair

Making Inexpensive Patio Chair PillowsIf your old outdoor pillows are worn, stained, or you just want a change, this thrifty solution is for you. Use a plastic or fabric tablecloth for making these inexpensive patio chair pillows.


Book Pocket Pillow - finished pillow with book in pocket

How to Make a Book Pocket PillowThis cute reading pillow has a special pocket to fit a beloved book, making a reading nook wherever it goes. This is a page about how to make a book pocket pillow.


Empty prescription bottles to be used for other purposes.

Prescription Bottle Sewing KitUse one of those old prescription bottles banging around in a drawer to make a small, portable sewing kit. This page contains ideas for making a prescription bottle sewing kit.


Pin cushion and thimble.

Making a Double Duty Pin CushionIf you have limited space in your sewing or crafting area this project is for you. Choose one of the double duty pin cushion projects in this page and enjoy the craft and the outcome. They also make nice gifts


Blue tote bag.

How to Make a Sling BagThis heavy weight sling or tote bag can be made fairly quickly. You will find so many uses for it that you might want to make more. This page contains photos and instructions for how to make a sling bag.


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Activity Apron

Activity ApronThis activity apron could be used for a variety of purposes--for a teacher, for a children's church class, at home use with your own children, a grandma with grandchildren, etc. Items or activity cards are placed in each of the pockets and worn by the teacher, leader, parent, etc.


TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight Crafting

TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight CraftingI was scheduled to make a short flight last month. I wanted to bring my current quilt block project along in case I had time to work on one. One of the options found on the internet was using the cutter in a dental floss box. It works great and fits neatly into the Altoids tin I had for the paper pieced hexagons, thread, thimble, etc.


Fabric Bowl Hot Pad - finished two colored fabric bowl

Fabric Bowl Hot PadHere is another project to use up scraps and that is quick to make. Do you ever have leftover batting from a quilt? And anyone who sews usually has fabric scraps! So put the two together and in about 45 minutes you can make a cute soup bowl hot pad. Use your imagination and you could use it as a roll basket, a place for car keys, etc.


A fabric drawstring backpack.

Drawstring BackpacksI made these for a charity who gives backpacks filled with various items to cancer patients who are children.


Mask Organizer/Hamper - finished organizer/hamper

Mask Organizer/HamperMy daughter has about 30 masks because she works at a school and must change them out daily, sometimes more than once a day. In order to keep them organized, I came up with this organizer/mini mask hamper which she can hang in her closet. It also helps her choose what color she wants to coordinate with what she wears each day. It has a front and back for efficient storage!


Closeup of hemming

Origami BagThe design of this bag was inspired by origami. The bag has the shape of a regular hexagon. I decided not to overload the design of this bag with unnecessary décor, since the flower formed from the folds of fabric is a sufficient decoration for it. You can change the look of this bag and use it as a purse or a shoulder bag or wristlet or pouch or minaudière.


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A book weight shaped like a carrot, holding open a book.

Sand Filled Fabric Book Page WeightsThis adorable book weight can be made from sand and scrap fabric. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Audit (new)  Done   Set Aside     View Page Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing Kit

Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing KitMason jars make great sewing kits. Learn how to make one by watching this short video.


Fabric Dinner Roll Cozy

Dinner Roll CozyLearn how to make this vintage dinner roll holder with this how-to video.


Fabric Covered Gift Boxes

Fabric Covered Gift BoxesThese fabric covered boxes make great gifts filled with treats. Watch this video and learn how easy it is to make them.


Sewing Machine CoverI purchased this little machine for my grandchildren to use, but found that it was a great travel machine for me too.


Yo Yo Keychain

Yo Yo KeychainUse fabric yoyos and a button to make a personalized keychain. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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Top Threading A Singer Fashion Mate?I have a 258 Singer Fashion Mate. How do I top thread it?


Repairing Holes in a Baby Blanket - closeup of a large hole in a baby blanket

Repairing Holes in a Baby Blanket?I have a baby blanket and I want to fix the holes. I have tried sewing the holes together, but the fabric tore more. Any suggestions? I love the blanket and don't want it to tear apart! There are holes like the one is the picture is 4 or 5 other spots as well!


An old and worn baby blanket.

Saving An Old Baby Blanket?This blanket is from 1977. It was my mom's when she was a baby and maybe her unborn older brother's first, we are not sure. I've had it my whole life (I'm 14). I've come to terms that it is normal for teens, even adults to have emotional support blankets. I'm want to share my life with this blanket, but the thing is, even when I was a new born baby I rubbed in between my fingers, and still do, just not as much.


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Setting the Stitch Length on a Janome 8077?Can you please tell me how to set the stitch length on a Janome Model 8077?


A Simplicity sewing machine.

Help with Simplicity Sewing MachineHi, I have a simplicity SL415 sewing machine. I can't figure out where the thread spool sits. Usually there is a metal rod. The top right shows where you place a bobbin to thread it but I don't know where the spool goes.


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What Type of Elastic for Sewing Fitted Sheets?I'm replacing the elastic on my fitted sheet. I know I need 1/4'inch and I know the length. But I'm finding elasticity descriptions that say "highly elastic" or "heavy stretch." Any guidance on what's best? My main goal here is NOT having the sheet come loose at night, even if it means a little more effort when I make the bed. Thanks for the help!


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