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This page contains tips and instructions for sewing projects, including using your machine.

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A woman altering a blouse.

Making a Blouse Fit Better?This is a page about making a blouse fit better. Whether your blouse doesn't fit as well as it used to or you have something new that needs altering, there are many easy ways to fix up a blouse and make it fit better.


Threading a Sewing Machine

Threading a Sewing MachineThe first step to using a sewing machine is threading the needle. Each machine is slightly different and it is often a good idea to check the user's manual for specific instructions for your model.


sewing machine

Sewing VinylThis page is about sewing vinyl. A special needle and setting may be needed on your machine to sew this type of fabric.


Sewing thick curtains.

Sewing Tough or Heavyweight Fabrics?This page is about sewing tough or heavyweight fabrics. When stitching heavier fabric, you may have to make a number of sewing machine adjustments or even sew it by hand.


A jacket with cuffs.

Replacement Cuffs for a Jacket or SweaterThis is a page about replacement cuffs for a jacket or sweater. A well loved piece of clothing can get an update to extend the life of the garment.


Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

Making Reusable Coffee Cup SleevesThis page is about making reusable coffee cup sleeves. Make a reusable paper cup heat shield for your favorite on the go coffee drinkers.


Seamstress Sewing on Velcro.

How to Sew VelcroThis is a page about sewing velcro. Sewing velcro can be tricky. It can clog up your sewing machine and even break your needles. Here are some tips to try, if you are having trouble sewing velcro onto an item.


Sewing Leather

Sewing Real Fur and Leather?This page is about sewing real fur and leather. Sewing animal skins can be a challenge and often need to be hand stitched.


Reusable Shopping Bag

Homemade Reusable Shopping BagsThis page is about homemade reusable shopping bags. Shopping bags you can use over and over can be fashioned at home.


Flattening seam with a hammer.

Hemming Jeans with Thick SeamsThis is a page about hemming jeans with thick seams. Sewing several layers of denim can be a challenge when shortening jeans. The right equipment and a few tips can make it easier.



Making Sewing Cards for ChildrenThis is a page about making sewing cards for children. You can punch all kinds of cards for a fun way youngsters can learn how to use a needle with yarn or ribbon.


stack of towels

Making a Jacket from Towels?This page is about making a jacket from towels. A jacket made from terry cloth can be handy after swimming or bathing.



Make Curtains With Grommet

Making Curtains With GrommetsThis is a page about making curtains with grommets. Making curtains with grommets is an easy way to create beautiful up to date curtains for you home.


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Left Handed Directions for Blanket Stitch?I'm looking for simple directions for doing the blanketstitch. I am a lefty.


pink satin sleep mask

Homemade Sleeping MaskThis is a page about homemade sleeping mask. When you need to sleep during the daytime, wearing a comfortable mask can help block the light.


Rubber band on jeans button.

Adjusting WaistbandsThis page is about adjusting waistbands. Whether it's a growth or weight issue, often times clothes need adjustment at the waist.


Fabric Keyboard Cover

Fabric Keyboard CoverI needed a custom-made keyboard cover to protect this keyboard I inherited from my father who passed away in 1998.


A pile of folded sheets.

Converting SheetsIf you have sheets that are the wrong size, sometimes you can modify them to fit. This works best if you are going from larger to smaller.


A dress made from a metallic mesh fabric.

How to Sew Metallic Mesh?Metallic mesh fabric presents a unique issue when deciding how to make sewn items with it. This page offers some very helpful tips for working with metallic mesh fabric.


A handmade purse with a pink fabric lining.

Lining a Handmade PurseLining is a handmade purse gives a more finished look and helps it last longer. Here are some great instructions for adding a simple lining.


A collection of t-shirts that have been altered into V-necks.

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckUsing some basic sewing skills you can turn a crew neck t-shirt into a v-neck one. By using the original neckline, the finished product looks as though you bought it that way.


Threading batting through tube with pliers

Turning Fabric Tubes Right Side OutFabric tubes are used in a lot of sewing and craft projects. The initial steps are pretty easy, the frustration comes when it is time to turn the tube right side out. There are sewing tools made especially for this purpose or you can use things you may already have. This page contains some solutions to this common step.



How to Make Elastic Tops for Sundresses?Many sundresses particularly children's have an elasticized top that can be purchased at the fabric store. However, it is possible to make a similar version at home. This is a page about how to make elastic tops for sundresses.


Sewing Fleece

Sewing Fleece on a Sewing Machine?If you have difficulties sewing fleece fabric on your machine, there are a few things you can try to make it easier. This is a page about sewing fleece on a sewing machine.


package of curved sewing machine needles

What Are Curved Precision Needles Used For?This is a page about curved precision needles. There are a variety of different types of sewing needles for different purposes.


Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Pants that are Too BigThis is a page about fixing pants that are too big. If your pants are too large, you can size them down yourself.


King Size Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Bed Skirt for a King Sized BedThis is a page about making a bed skirt for a king sized bed. When you just can't find just the right bedskirt for your bed an option is to make one yourself.



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Using a Bias Tape Maker?I would like to know how to use a bias tape maker.


Twin Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Bed Skirt for a Twin Size Bed?This is a page about making a bed skirt for a twin size bed. It is actually fairly easy to make your own bedskirts.


Queen Bed with Dust Ruffle

Making a Queen Size Bed Skirt?This is a page about making a queen size bed skirt. Making a bed shirt is an option to buying one that is either expensive or does not coordinate with your bed linens.


Using Wonder-Under Fusible Web

Using Wonder-Under Fusible Web?This is a page about using Wonder-Under. Wonder-Under is used to stabilize fabric and adhere fabric together. It is important to know how to use it, to achieve the desired results.


chair slipcovers

Making a Slipcover?This is a page about making a slipcover. To give a piece of furniture an extended life or to cover chairs for a special event, you may want to make some slip covers.



Smocking Tips and Tricks?This is a page about smocking tips and tricks. Smocking is a good way to add a decorative touch to your next clothing project.



Threading a Serger?This is a page about threading a serger. This tool is very helpful for finishing fabric edges so they won't fray, but can be a challenge to thread.


Tape Measure Flower

Making a Tape Measure Flower PinA tape measure flower pin is the perfect gift for a friend that loves to sew or quilt. This is a page about making a tape measure flower pin.



Sewing Without a Pattern?This is a page about sewing without a pattern. Many simple clothing items can be made without using a pattern.


Casserole Dish in Wicker Carrier

Making a Casserole Carrier?This page is about making a casserole carrier. When traveling to a family gathering or potluck, it is nice to have an insulated transporter to keep your food hot.


A sugar glider on a wood branch.

Making a Sugar Glider Bag?This is a page about making a sugar glider bag. Keep your little pet safe and warm in a cozy travel pouch.


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Making Blanket Stitched Corners?This is a page about making blanket stitched corners. Working a blanket stitch is a good way to attach two pieces of fabric. There are a couple of ways to make this stitch when turning the corner.


A woman sewing using a sewing machine.

Sewing SleevesThis page is about sewing sleeves. A very challenging part of making clothing is attaching the sleeves.


wedding dress

Making a Petticoat?This page is about making a petticoat. A lot of material can be needed to get the desired fullness you want under your skirt.


Elderly man wearing a bib while eating.

Making an Adult BibThis page is about making an adult bid. People of all sizes need a bib at one time or another to keep their clothes from being soiled.



Woman wearing a fleece scarf.

Making a Fleece ScarfThis page is about making a fleece scarf. A inexpensive, cozy wrap can be made with this material.


A mom teacher her daughter to sew.

Teaching a Child to SewThis is a page about teaching a child to sew. Teaching a child to sew is a very rewarding experience and provides them with a skill they can use for their lifetime.


Measuring Elastic

Making a BedskirtThis is a page about making a bedskirt. Getting the correct measurement for the elastic is an important step in making your own bedskirt.


Making a Picture Pillow

Making a Picture PillowThis page is about making a picture pillow. Pictures printed on cloth can make a special pillow.


Ruffles on a yellow T-shirt

Making Ruffles on ClothingThese are fun frills to add when finishing clothes. This page is about making ruffles on clothing.


Photo fo the finished craft apron.

Making a Craft ApronThis page is about making a craft apron. Having tools and supplies handy can be facilitated by wearing an apron.


Fabric Lunch Bag

Making Fabric Lunch BagsThis page is about making fabric lunch bags. A washable lunch sack can be helpful and easy to make.


Easy harmonica case and instrument.

Making a Harmonica CaseThis is a page about making a harmonica case. Storing your harmonic can be done easily in either an elaborate case or in a simple homemade one.


Sewing stretchy fabric with a sewing machine.

Sewing DartsThis is a page about sewing darts. Darts are used in sewing to shape a garment and provide a better fit.


heat therapy pillow

Making a Heat Therapy PillowThis page is about making a heat therapy pillow. A simple sewing project that can bring soothing relief from minor pain and discomfort.


Sewing a Pair of Pants

Sewing a Pair of PantsThis is a page about sewing a pair of pants. With the right pattern, sewing a pair of pants can be pretty easy and they will look great too.


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Adding Bra Strap Retainers to 100+ Choir Dresses?I would like to help out the local middle school choir teacher by adding some bra strap retainers into the 100+ choir dresses. (We currently have to safety pin the straps out of the way for each performance.)


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Homemade Crib Bumper Pads?I have 2 pregnant nieces, and they both want bumper pads for a crib. Does anyone have directions to make a bumper pad? Please help, and FAST! Thank you!


Fabric Coffee Sleeve

Fabric Coffee SleeveYour coffee may perk you up in the morning, but this colorful fabric coffee sleeve is sure to make your day even better. It can be as unique as you are and it is a great way to use up small pieces of fabric.


Craft Project: Curling Iron Traveling Bag

Curling Iron Traveling BagNot knowing what to do with an odd flannel pillowcase, I decided to make a travel bag that I could put my hot curling iron in.


Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Too Big PantsYou don't have to pay a seamstress to do this if pants are only a little loose. Here is how to do it yourself.


A flowered throw pillow cover.

Throw PillowHere's a really quick and easy pillow that I did with the girls using their choice of a sewing machine or hand stitching with a needle and thread using all straight stitching. Eight year olds were able to do this with remarkable ease and very good results.


One Yard Apron - yellow floral fabric apron with blue pockets and  ties

One Yard ApronThis is a simple way to make an apron from 1 yard of 45 inch wide fabric. The apron tie becomes a drawstring which you pull through the top of the apron thus gathering it up. The size becomes adjustable. These aprons are fun to make and so easy.


Finished bag.

Sling BagTote bags are handy for carrying items while you are on-the-go. Make a sling bag to conveniently tote the essential tools for your daily work and play activities. Similar to a messenger bag, the handle hooks over your head and crosses over the body, leaving your hands free.


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Fleece Hand Warmers

Fleece Hand WarmersThese cosy hand warmers can be made with leftover fleece from crafting projects. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Fabric Dinner Roll Cozy

Dinner Roll CozyLearn how to make this vintage dinner roll holder with this how-to video.


Yo Yo Keychain

Yo Yo KeychainUse fabric yoyos and a button to make a personalized keychain. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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Convert King Sized Sheets to Split King?We currently own a king bed with many sheet sets. We just purchased an adjustable frame for our new split king. A split king is basically two XL twin mattresses. I have some nice sheets that I would like to convert the fitted sheets. I have an idea on how I could do it but I wanted to see if anyone has ever done this or has an idea on how to do it?


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Kenmore Serger Manual or Threading Guide?I need instructions or a manual on how to thread a Sears and Roebuck serger, model no. 385, serial No.7100862. I hope Thrifty Fun has the answer. Thanks


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Smocking a Child's Dress Sleeve?What is the best stitch to smock on the sleeve of a baby's bishop dress? How many rows should be smocked?


A Simplicity sewing machine.

Help with Simplicity Sewing MachineHi, I have a simplicity SL415 sewing machine. I can't figure out where the thread spool sits. Usually there is a metal rod. The top right shows where you place a bobbin to thread it but I don't know where the spool goes.


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Needle Stops with Thick Material?I recently acquired a Singer 319W. I was sewing 2 pieces of fabric together and it worked fine. Then I doubled up the fabric, but when I started to sew, the needle stopped when it hit the fabric, but the wheel kept turning. When I went back to the original 2 pieces of fabric, it was fine. Help!


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Making Grommet Curtains?Is a light weight material such as polyester OK to use to make grommet curtains?


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