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This page contains thrifty craft projects that make great gifts.

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Gift Bag Stuffed with Gifts

Gift Bags for Seniors in Nursing HomesMaking up some gift bags of items for people in a nursing home is sure to brighten the day of anyone receiving this thoughtful gift. This is a page about gift bags for seniors in nursing homes.


Pizza Box Cash Gift

Making Pizza Box Cash GiftThis is a page about making a pizza box cash gift. Coming up with cute ways to give cash makes the gift giving and receiving more fun.


A gift basket with a theme of "Dinner and a Movie".

Dinner and a Movie Gift BasketMake this gift basket for a couple in need of a date night. This page is about making a dinner and a movie gift basket.


Family Playing Checkers by Fire

Family Night Gift Basket Ideas?A fun gift to give a friend or family member is a personalized Family Night basket. Include a movie, games, snacks, and more. If they have young children, consider a book. This page is about family night gift basket ideas.


A father and son.

Plaque With Message from Father to Son?Share the love you have for your son with a message plaque. Make a plaque with a message from father to son.



Making a Birthday Candy CorsageThis is a page about making a birthday candy corsage. A unique personalized corsage can be a lovely birthday gift idea.


Two jars with finished lids, motifs, and beads.

Upcycled Beaded Lid Gift JarsAdd pretty beads to the lid of a jar and create an lovely gift jar. This is a page about beaded lid upcycled gift jars.


Photo of a money tree.

Making a Money TreeThis is a page about making a money tree. A money tree is a nice gift for certain occasions.


Decorating Plain Brown Paper for Gift Wrapping - two rolls of plain brown wrapping paper

Decorating Plain Brown Paper for Gift WrappingThis is a page about decorating plain brown paper for gift wrapping. Less expensive rolls of plain brown paper provide you with a canvas for creating your own unique gift wrapping paper.


Making Gift Bows

Making Bows for GiftsThis page is about making bows for gifts. Making your bows is a fun craft and allows you to add your personal touch to gift wrapping.


Red and white dish towel folded to resemble an angel.

How to Make a Dish Towel AngelDish towel angels are fun and easy to make. They are nice to display in your kitchen or to give as gifts. Find projects offering variations of this craft on this page, along with supplies lists, instructions, and photos.


Heart cookie cutter with red bow.

Making a Cookie Cutter Poem and GiftAnyone receiving this gift of cookie cutters and cute poem is going to love it. This is a page about making a cookie cutter poem and gift.



Sock Cupcake with Cherry on top

Making a Sock CupcakeThis is a page about making a sock cupcake. This is a cute way to give a gift of socks.


Christmas Tree Gift Tag

Christmas Gift Tag IdeasThis page contains Christmas gift tag ideas. There are many clever, inexpensive ways to mark the recipients of your Christmas presents.


Close up of cinnamon and orange potpouri

Making a Cinnamon and Orange Potpourri BagThis is a page about making a cinnamon and orange potpourri bag. The spicy scent of cinnamon and the sweet citrusy aroma of orange combine very well to make an amazing potpourri bag.


Cardboard Tube Crowns - three crowns

Making Cardboard Tube CrownsWhether you wear one on your head or use them as gift toppers you will have fun making these cute cardboard tube crowns. A bit of gold spray paint and a gem and you are off to the ball.


VHS Tape Candy Bouquet

Making a VHS Tape Candy BouquetThis is a page about making a VHS tape candy bouquet. A fun way to reuse old video cases to make a plastic vase for a candy bouquet gift.


add tag to front

Making a "Basket of Sunshine"Everyone can use a "Basket of Sunshine" now and again to brighten their day. This is a page about making a "Basket of Sunshine".


Gift wrapped in decorated wax paper.

How to Make Wax Paper Gift WrapWax paper can make a fun and unique way to gift wrap something. Make your own wax paper gift wrap to customize the next gift you need to wrap up.


Soap Bottle Apron 1

Making a Dish Soap Bottle ApronThis is a page about making a dish soap bottle apron. This cute little apron makes a plain bottle of dish soap decorative. It makes a nice gift as well.


Make Your Own Gift Wrapping Paper - hand holding the wrapped gift

Make Your Own Gift Wrap from Recycled Packing PaperUsing recycled brown packing paper and paint, markers, etc. you can make unique gift wrap. The folds just lend character. This is a page about how to make your own gift wrap from recycled packing paper.


Middle School Survival Kit

Making a Middle School Survival KitThis is a page about making a middle school survival kit. These snack laden bags make for a special gift for your child, as they leave lower or elementary school and prepare to start middle school in the fall.


jar with label

Making an "I Love You Because..." JarThis is a page about making an "I love you because..." jar. A jar or other container filled with the many reasons you love the recipient makes a unique and treasured gift.


Christmas bows made from magazines.

Making Bows From MagazinesThis is a page about making bows from magazines. The covers and pages of magazines can be recycled into colorful gift bows.


Candy Flower Bouquet - tape flowers to skewers, straws, etc.

Making a Paper Flower Candy BouquetDark chocolate peanut butter cups surrounded by pretty handcrafted pink paper flowers make up this gift bouquet. Choose your favorite candy and craft away!


Lavender towel gift set.

Towel Gift IdeasThis is a page about towel gift ideas. Although towels are a very practical gift you may be looking for some ways to make them a more personal or unique gift.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

Making a Grandma's Paddle?This is a page about making a grandma's paddle. The grandma paddle is a cute gift to make for the new grandmother. These cute padded paddles emphasize the spoilage to come.



birthday countdown tile

DYI Birthday Countdown Dry Erase TileYou can make a dry erase count down tile to mark any upcoming event, such as a birthday. This is a page about making dry erase count down tile.


Beer and Snacks Bouquet

Making a Beer and Snacks BouquetTry making this fun, personalized gift bouquet for an upcoming birthday or other event. This is a page about making a beer and snacks bouquet.


Memory jar with decorative ribbon.

Making a Memory JarThis is a page about making a memory jar. A thoughtful, memorable gift for a friend or family member is a memory jar.


Newspaper Comics for Gift Wrap - comic pages

Use Newspaper Comics for Gift WrapThis is a page about use newspaper comics for gift wrap. If you still receive a copy of the newspaper, the colorful comics pages make fun recycled gift wrap paper.


Brown Paper Gift Tag

Making Your Own Gift TagsThis is a page about making your own gift tags. Whether is for birthdays, Christmas or just because, putting a tag on gifts you give is important. They don't have to come from the store though. Add a little of your own personality to your gifts by making your own tags.


Chocolate Covered  Spoon

Making Chocolate SpoonsThis is a page about making chocolate spoons. Chocolate spoons are a quick, easy, and delicious gift for the coffee lover on your list.


Simple Tassel Bow Gift Topper

Simple Paper Bag Tassel Bow Gift TopperIf you have a brown paper bag there is no need for traditional gift wrapping paper. Learn how to make this cute, economical paper bag tassel bow gift topper for your paper bag wrapped present.


Hair Tie Lollipop Gift - ready to gift

How to Make a Hair Tie Lollipop GiftTrace a circle on sturdy cardboard, add a lolly stick, and wrap with hair ties. Add a bow and you have made a cute hair tie lollipop gift. The instructions can be found on this page.


Making Pretty Paper Bows - finished bow without the center adornment

Making Paper BowsIt's easy to make a pretty bow for any occasion or usage on gifts, by using paper. You can use wrapping paper so it matches exactly or use contrasting or sparkly paper for a pop.


An apple themed candle.

Apple Field CandleTake 8 inch clay pot saucer, take foam and cut to shape of saucer cut out whole in center the size of the jarred candle you will be using. Glue done foam inside saucer, pin or glue in faux grass (or ivy or anything greenery), simply place candle in middle.


Craft Stick Crate Gift Basket - pink tissue paper and small gifts

Craft Stick Crate Gift BasketHere is a cute mini gift basket you can make out of simple craft sticks. This crate measures about 5.25" L x 2.75" W x 2.5" H. It is a great size for smaller gifts!


Birthday Cake Gift Box - round birthday cake shaped gift box

Birthday Cake Gift BoxMake a simple greeting card and gift box in one for any occasion. Gifts made with great efforts are appreciated most. And no matter how simple it is, remember that it's always the thought that counts.


Gift Book Filled with Goodies - finished gift box

Gift Book Filled with GoodiesI was able to repurpose a teal box lid into a gift book box filled with goodies (present) for a friend. A little pick me up gift since she was feeling down, it's a little spa/pamper kit - face masks and lip glosses.


Tea displayed in a hexagonal gift box.

Gift Ideas Using TeaGiving a gift of tea will be a special treat for the tea loving recipient. Whether you choose to make a wallet, wreath, card, or another of the projects offered below we can help with supplies lists, instructions, and photos.


Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store Bag - finished bag with tissue paper inside

Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store BagUsing magazine clippings, or other decorative, colorful paper pieces you can upcycle a plain kraft paper shopping bag into a pretty gift bag. Let us show you how.



Birthday Cake Gift Box - finished cake shaped gift box

How to Make a Birthday Cake Gift BoxThis sweet little gift box begins with a lowly empty packing tape roll. The instructions and supplies list can be found below.


Wrapping Paper and Bow Made from Packaging Items - wrapped gift

Making Wrapping Paper and a Bow from Packaging MaterialsUse bubble wrap to create a fun design on kraft paper to use as wrapping paper. Tissue paper is used to fashion a fluffy bow. Learn how to use recycled materials to make gift wrap.


Succulent Gift Tag - closeup of succulent arrangement

Making a Succulent Gift TagAdd a small succulent cutting to your homemade gift tag for a dual gift. See how in the project below.


Monogram Gift Bag - finished bag

Making a Monogram Gift BagTransform a plain gift bag into a monogram bag using a paper doily, paper, and and a chipboard letter. Step by step instructions follow.


Personalized Initial Confetti Gift Wrap Paper - a stretchy box was used to secure the two books

Personalized Initial Confetti Gift Wrap PaperThis personalized initial confetti gift wrap paper was made using recycled packing paper, cardstock hole punchings, and a template for the initial of the recipient. The directions provided are simple to follow and include photos for each step.


Magazine Bowl Gift Basket - wrapped paper bowl gift basket

Making a Magazine Bowl Gift BasketDecorate a paper bowl with magazine clipping to create a colorful gift basket. Add your items and wrap with cellophane paper and gift.


Snowflake Bow for Oversize Gift - closeup of isolated snowflake on liner

Making a Snowflake Bow for an Oversize GiftThis bow is such an eye-catcher it is perfect for a large unwrapped gift, a traditional wrapped one, or without the tissue bow element you can make a snowflake garland. The supplies list and easy to follow instructions follow.


How to Make a Bottle Cap Frog Gift Tag   - cap taped to the gift bag

How to Make a Bottle Cap Frog Gift TagIf you have a green plastic bottle cap you are on your way to recreating this fun little frog gift tag. Don't have one, this only adds one more step of painting one. Simple to follow instructions are given below.


Bags of holiday potpourri made as gifts.

Simmering Holiday PotpourriWonderful seasonal fragrance can fill your home with a simmering potpourri. You can make a special blend for an inexpensive holiday gift.


A build a bear stuffed animal with a photo T-shirt.

Decorating a Build-A-Bear T-ShirtPersonalize a small bear sized t-shirt with a printed family photo and dress a Build-A-Bear. You can add ribbon and other embellishments as desired. It makes the perfect gift for grandparents and other relatives.


Vase of washcloth flowers.

Washcloth Flower ArrangementThese pretty flowers can be used as both a decoration and a gift for a baby shower or even a bridal shower. They could be made with napkins too.


Pull string with bead closure.

Making Fabric Gift PouchesUse scraps of cloth and decorative cord to make pretty drawstring gift pouches. The instructions for this hand crafted project follow.


Gingerbread House Gift Bags - two finished bags

Gingerbread House Gift BagsMake your own seasonal gift bags using brown paper sacks, craft paper, and washi tape. Add a bow and cookie cutter and you have gingerbread house gift bags.


Congratulations Gift Bag - finished gift bag

Making a Congratulations Gift BagMake your own sturdy gift bag by reusing a shopping bag. Add embellishments and a bow. This congratulations gift bag project follows.


Beautiful Ribbon Gift Topper - cut other ribbon lengths for the gift and stitch the topper in place

Beautiful Folded Ribbon Gift TopperWire-edged ribbon is folded and tacked with a needle and thread to make this beautiful ribbon gift topper. Instructions follow.


Two-Tone Ribbon Bow - finished pale yellow and orange bow

Making a Two-Tone Ribbon BowEnhance the appearance of your next gift when you top it with this handmade two-tone ribbon bow. Let us show you how.


DIY Scratcher Cards - scratcher card

DIY Scratcher CardsMake your own scratchers to give as gifts. Crayons, dish soap, and acrylic paint will be needed along with a piece of cardboard.


Gift Card and a Little More - gift card and matching earrings

DIY Gift Card and Matching EarringsThis fun gift is made using three gift cards. Cut the pattern from two of them and make into earrings. Then gift the cash gift card and the matching earrings.


Cold Hard Cash Gift - once frozen, to give to the recipient, run the bowl under warm water to release the ice clock

Cold Hard Cash GiftA fun way to gift money is to freeze it in a block of ice. Give it a try and enjoy the reaction and facial expressions.


Present Topper with Cupcake Liner

DIY Present Topper from Cupcake LinersUsing just decorated cupcake liners, a stapler, and scissors you can make this unique present topper. The instructions follow.


Cardboard Tube Gift Box

Making a Cardboard Tube Gift BoxYet another great idea for reusing the paper tube inside of toilet paper or paper towels. These tubes are perfect for many gift wrapping needs. You can wrap the tube and then add a bow.


bunch of pipe cleaners

Pipe Cleaner BowsUse pipe cleaners to make cute bows on their own or incorporate them into a more traditional bow by substituting the pipe cleaner for the ribbon tie in the center of the bow.


DIY Baby Girl Christening Souvenir - two views of the butterfly topper

DIY Baby Girl Christening SouvenirDecorate a simple transparent plastic box to give a token gift or souvenir of jewelry to someone for a birthday or even a christening. This pretty memento will surely be treasured by the recipient.


Birthday Candy Cake + Cake Stand Gift - finished candy cake and glass cake stand gift

Birthday Candy Cake + Cake Stand GiftThis cute faux birthday cake is made from a round plastic container filled with candy. Learn how to make this unique cake and cake stand gift.


Flower Gift Wrapping - curling ribbon added to complete

Paper Flower Gift WrappingYou can skip the bow on your next gift by using this cute technique. You will be able to make a paper flower with your gift wrap by following the steps on this page.


Pumpkin Seed Blessing Jar - closeup of finished gift jar

Making a Pumpkin Seed Blessing Jar GiftDecorate a recycled or new jar with fall themed elements. Then fill with pumpkin seeds and add a favorite recipe for preparing them. This pumpkin seed blessing jar makes for a lovely, useful gift.


Happy Birthday Gift Bag - ready to add tissue paper

Making a Happy Birthday Gift BagStart with a kraft paper grocery bag and some colorful cupcake papers and you too can fashion this gift bag. This page contains photos and instructions to assist you in making a happy birthday gift bag.


Tissue Paper Flower Bow - gift with bows and tag

Making Tissue Paper Flower BowsIf you are looking for an alternative to the traditional ribbon gift bow, consider making tissue paper flower bows. Learn how on this page.


Father's Day Favor Gift Jar - finished gift jar

Making a Father's Day Favor Gift JarFill a Mason jar with Dad's favorite treats (healthy or not so much) for a fun Father's Day gift jar. Add a paper tie and it's ready to gift.


DIY Newborn Baby Gift Basket - finished basket for a boy

DIY Newborn Baby Gift BasketRather than purchase an expensive commercially packaged gift basket for a newborn make one yourself. You can choose the basket and add more personalized and thoughtfully chosen items. Follow the instructions on this page to create your own version of this DIY newborn baby gift basket.


How to Make Memory
Jar for Mother's Day

How to Make a Memory Jar for Mother's DayA memory jar is a simple and easy way to share your favorite memories of your mom for mother's day. Inexpensive to make, but full of priceless moments.


Easy Lace Bookmark - bookmark in a book

How to Make an Easy Lace BookmarkWith just two widths of lace braid, a couple of beads, scissors, and some glue you can make this pretty bookmark for your self or to gift a reader friend. The instructions are simple to follow and are accompanied by photos.


Get Well Soon Gift Jar - filled jar with examples of contents

Making a "Get Better" Gift JarFill a jar with cough drops and herbal teas to make a nice gift for a friend with a cold. This is a page about making a get better gift jar.


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Homemake Gift Ideas Using Cinnamon?I accidentally bought a 2nd large bottle of cinnamon from Costco. I'm wondering if there are gifts I can make that use quite a bit of cinnamon. I'd like to give them to about 60 people. The only idea I came across is cinnamon ornaments, but I'm not excited about that idea.


blue tinted paper towel bow

How to Make a Paper Towel BowYou can easily make this pretty gift bow from an ordinary paper towel and some food coloring. This is a page about how to make a paper towel bow.


Wire Gift Tag Charm and Ornaments - wrapped gift with charm

Wire Gift Tag Charm and OrnamentsHere is an awesome way to personalize a gift, by adding a monogram initial gift tag charm that also serves as a Christmas ornament.


floral pattern in bright colors

Thrifty Gift Wrap Using Food ColoringMaking your own gift wrap is a great way to put some extra love into a gift. Here's an idea about how to make some thrifty gift wrap using food coloring.


add rhinestones

Homemade 3-Leaf Fall Birthday CardAn autumn themed birthday card is sure to be appreciated by anyone with a fall birthday. Make this 3-leaf fall birthday card for someone special in your life.


blue, yellow, and red handprints on paper

How to Make Handprint Gift WrapThis unique decorated gift wrap is sure to be cherished by anyone that receives it, maybe even as much as the actual gift. This page shows you how to make handprint gift wrap for the next present you need to wrap up.


Completed cone gift.

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Bath GiftYou are sure to make someone smile when they receive this adorable gift go bath items shaped like an ice cram cone. Make an ice cream cone shaped bath gift for someone special in your life.


The finished Fall leaf card.

Homemade Fall Birthday CardFor someone with an autumn birthday, you can make a fall themed birthday card to accompany your gift. Make a homemade fall birthday card for someone special in your life.


Father's Day Bookmark

Making a Shirt and Tie Bookmark for DadMake a fun Father's Day or other special occasion gift for the special dad in your life. Making a shirt and tie bookmark for dad, is an easy Father's Day craft.


A present with a nice bow.

Tying BowsA nice bow is a perfect way to finish decorating a present for a loved one. Use these ideas for tying bows on the next present you wrap.


completed card.

Mock Mosaic Birthday CardYou can use any artwork or a favorite photo to make a mosaic card. Making a mock mosaic birthday card is a perfect supplement to a birthday gift for someone.


Stamped Tile Coasters - Finished coasters.

Stamped Tile CoastersUsing tumbled tiles and stamped images you can make attractive tile coasters for yourself or to give as gifts. This is a page about making stamped tile coasters.


Newspaper Gift Bag - flower decorations

Newspaper Gift BagIt's easy to make a gift bag using any paper including newsprint, brown parcel paper, or gift wrap. If you want to go the eco route then newspaper looks just fine if you add some lovely ribbon, bows, buttons, flowers, raffia, or other colourful embellishments to finish it off.


Recycled Tissue Roll for Small Gift Wrapping - finished gift wrap tube

Recycled Tissue Roll for Small Gift WrappingUsing tissue rolls is a very easy, simple, yet thrifty, way for wrapping gifts. One way of saving Mother Earth is by reusing rather than adding to the landfills. It is also a good project for making together with your kids. This is fun!


Christmastime Homemade Christmas CardChristmas cards are a perfect homemade craft that doubles as a gift. This is a page about Christmastime homemade Christmas card.


Delightful Jar Teacher's Appreciation Gift - nut filled decorated jar

Delightful Jar Teacher's Appreciation GiftUse an empty glass jar, floral gift wrap, and a few embellishments to make a beautiful yet thrifty teacher's appreciation gift. Fill it with peanuts or sweets and show your child's teacher how much you appreciate her being part of your child's life.


Decorated Journal Teacher's Appreciation Gift - finished journal

Decorated Journal Teacher's Appreciation GiftTurn an ordinary manuscript book into a jazzed up journal for your child's favorite teacher. The teacher will love making some notes in this journal, keeping her thoughts organized during the school term. An easy, cost-effective way to show appreciation.


Small knit bag with strap.

How to Make Knit Therapy BagsThese quick to make bags were originally made to give as gift to friends who were looking for something to take their mind off smoking. Add some knitting needles and yarn and they can make more to gift to other friends. This is a page about how to make knit therapy bags.


Paper Plate Cookie Gift Basket - cookie gift pack

How to Make a Paper Plate Cookie Gift BasketThe humble paper plate once again finds itself the star of this cute cookie basket craft. This is a page about how to make a paper plate cookie gift basket.


Helpful Hannah

Helpful Hannah Gift IdeaHere is a great idea on how to make a nice gift for your hostess. This is a page about helpful hannah gift idea.


Reindeer and Lion Magnents

Making 'Sealed With a Kiss' Felt CrittersSend a sweet kiss to a loved one with these unique fun to make felt critters. Add magnets for hanging. This is a page about making "sealed with a kiss" felt critters.


A child's white handprint on black paper.

Mini Handprint CanvasMake this treasured gift for grandparents and other family members. A small canvas, some paint, and a willing child are all you need. This is a page about making a mini handprint canvas.


A gift wrapped in butcher paper.

Using Butcher Paper for Gift WrapThis is a page about using butcher paper for gift wrap. Butcher paper makes simple classic looking gift wrap and is easy to decorate if you want a more personalized style.


Shabby Chic Gift Tag

Making a Shabby Chic Gift TagThis is a page about making a shabby chic gift tag. This fun to make and easily alterable gift tag will make the recipient smile before they even open your gift.


Adventure Funds Jar - finished money jar with cash inside

'Adventure Funds' JarMy friend was looking for a gift idea for her son who recently got married. She decided that she wanted to collect money for them to be able to do some fun things together, that maybe they couldn't afford otherwise. So I made her this 'Adventure Funds' jar.


Colorful Children's Birthday Gift Wrap - image of children holding hands

Making Colorful Children's Birthday Gift WrapThis is a page about making colorful children's birthday gift wrap. Using a cute rubber stamp and then coloring in the shapes you can make really nice gift wrapping paper.


A bottle filled with good thoughts instead of vitamins.

Making a "Vitamins for The Heart" GiftThis is a page about making a "vitamins for the heart" gift. Make this cute recycled gift for any loved one, perfect for Valentine's day.


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Birthday Cake Gift Box - round birthday cake shaped gift box

Birthday Cake Gift BoxMake a simple greeting card and gift box in one for any occasion. Gifts made with great efforts are appreciated most. And no matter how simple it is, remember that it's always the thought that counts.


Monogram Gift Bag - finished bag

Monogram Gift BagGift bags start at only $1, but they could be more depending on the size, print/pattern, or character. However it's sometimes not worth going out to buy just a gift bag because that's time and gas plus it's a generic bag.


Beautiful Ribbon Gift Topper - ready to wrap a gift

Beautiful Ribbon Gift TopperYou can make this gorgeous ruffly gift topper with a few folds and stitches using wide ribbon. If you want the loops to be bigger, just use a longer piece of ribbon and make the folded segments longer.


Housewarming Gift Bag from Recycled Food Package - pretty gift bag

Housewarming Gift Bag from Recycled Food PackageBefore tossing out your cardboard box, see if it's worth keeping! I was able to transform this waffle box into a gift bag. It was a perfect fit for the mug I purchased for my friend to give to her as a small gift for her new place!


Craft Stick Crate Gift Basket - pink tissue paper and small gifts

Craft Stick Crate Gift BasketHere is a cute mini gift basket you can make out of simple craft sticks. This crate measures about 5.25" L x 2.75" W x 2.5" H. It is a great size for smaller gifts!


Succulent Gift Tag - closeup of finished tag

Succulent Gift TagMake this cute and trendy succulent gift tag to go with your gift bag or present. This tag could be for any occasion such as: Christmas, birthday, bridal, wedding, Valentine's Day, and so forth. And afterwards, your recipient could even peel off the tag and plant the succulent too if he/she wishes.


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Homemade Gift Tag

Homemade Gift TagHere is a cute button and bow gift tag to personalize your gifts. Learn how to make it with this short video.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Wire-Edged Ribbon BowMake any gift extra special by making your own bow for it. Watch this video and learn how simple it is to make Wire-Edged Ribbon Bows.


"You Are Beautiful!" Frame

"You Are Beautiful!" FrameThis personalized frame is perfect if you are looking for a unique gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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Making Hot Chocolate Spoons?Exactly what kind of chocolate do you use?


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Homemade Father's Day Gift Ideas?I can't come up with an idea of what to make my Dad for father's day. He likes Minecraft and Marvel and doesn't like sports. Please help!


example bows

Making a Perfect Bow?I remember reading an article on how to tie a perfect bow. I am 90% certain I found it here on Thrifty Fun, but can't for the life of me find it. Does anyone have the link to the page? My bows are messy and sometimes turn sideways.


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Homemade Gift for Mom's Birthday?My mom's birthday is coming up in 2 days, and I need to make her something but I don't know what.


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Homemade Craft or Sewing Kits for Young Girls?I wish to give something different as gifts, such as sewing kits or craft hobby kits for girls of 6 to 13 years which could be hand-made by me so as to get them interested in sewing or in some craft in the coming year.


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Homemade Birthday Gift for Mom?What can make for my mom out of paper?


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