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This page contains tips for floral print and floral arrangement craft projects.

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grave cross made of artificial flowers

Protecting Silk Flowers at GravesitesThis is a page about protecting silk flowers at gravesites. While they will definitely last longer, the elements eventually will cause artificial flowers to fade and become tattered.


Dried rose pedals in the shape of a heart.

Drying Rose PetalsThis is a page about drying rose petals. Dried rose petals are a lovely addition to your wedding or party plans, as well as, perfect for making potpourri or sachets.


Beautiful flower arrangement at a grave site.

Making Grave Site Floral ArrangementsThis is a page about making grave site floral arrangements. Floral arrangements, both fresh and artificial, are placed at grave sites as a symbol of respect and love.


Wrist Corsages

Attaching a Corsage to a Wristlet?A corsage wristlet is usually pretty easy to slip over the wrist but if it is too loose it may need to be pinned. This is a page about attaching a corsage to wristlet.


A bunch of fresh peonies on a wood floor.

Making Peony Scented WaterThis is a page about making peony scented water. The petals of your peonies can be used, after they fade, to make lovely scented water.


tombstones in a cemetery

Making a Grave BlanketGrave blankets are typically made using a wire frame and evergreen plant material, along with other decorations. They are a thoughtful way to remember a loved one during the holidays. This is a page about making a grave blanket.


silk flowers in a glass vase

Coloring Silk FlowersThis is a page about coloring silk flowers. If you have trouble finding just the right color silk flower for a craft or floral arrangement, try coloring some white flowers.


Eucalyptus Branch

Preserving Eucalyptus Branches?This is a page about preserving eucalyptus branches. Eucalyptus branches are a beautiful and fragrant addition to flower arrangements and many crafts.


Mistletoe with red ribbon

Drying Fresh Mistletoe?This is a page about drying fresh mistletoe. Mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a wide variety of trees. If you are unlucky or lucky enough to have some in your yard, you can harvest it and make your own dried mistletoe bunches for the holidays.


Dried Roses

Preserving Dried RosesThis is a page about preserving dried roses. Once you have dried your roses, you will want to store them in such a way as to preserve them either for future use in crafts or as mementos.


A pink and white wrist corsage.

Making Wrist Corsages?If you can find the wristlets at either a florist or craft store it provides a good starting place for your corsage. This is a page about making wrist corsages.


Making Paper Daisies

Making Paper DaisiesThis is a page about making paper daisies. Making your own paper flowers is a great alternative to fresh cut flowers. Daisies make beautiful paper flowers. You can make them look real or cartoonish depending on the color and size you use.



Making Flowers From Nylons

Making Flowers From NylonsThis is a page about making flowers from nylons.Recycled nylons can be used to make beautiful flowers to decorate your home.



Drying Flowers With Cat LitterThis is a page about drying flowers with cat litter. Clay based cat litter can be used to dry flowers.


Dried White Rose

Drying White Roses?This is a page about drying white roses. White flowers tend to yellow as they dry, roses are no exception. But there are alternative methods you can try that may help preserve their color.


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How Can I Stiffen Silk Flowers and Keep Them Glossy?Has anyone heard of spraying silk flowers with either a polyurethane or shellac spray to keep them hard and glossy over time?


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Reshaping Artificial Flowers?How do I reshape artificial flowers and leaves that have been stored for a while?


Lavender Flowers in Oil

Preserving Herbs and Flowers in OilThis is a page about preserving herbs and flowers in oil. Using decorative bottles and oil you can create decorative herb and flower displays.


Storing Pressed Flowers

Storing Pressed FlowersThis is a page about storing pressed flowers. Pressed, dried flowers are used in many craft projects.


The completed flower arrangement.

Unique Flower ArrangementThis wrought iron basket was a freebie along with some free flowers, so I made a flower arrangement with it.


Circle Faux Flower Planter - view of the finished faux planter from a slight angle

Circle Faux Flower PlanterRecreate this cute circle faux flower planter for your desk, office/home. This could also be hung too.


Double Decker Wicker Baskets Floral Display - display outside

Double Decker Wicker Baskets Floral DisplayI got two square baskets last week, and thought how cute it would be to stack them and put some faux flowers inside.


Making a Hydrangea Door Wreath - wreath hanging on the door

Making a Hydrangea Door WreathThis lovely door wreath is composed of faux hydrangea flowers attached to a homemade wire form. It is the perfect spring decoration for your front door or to hang inside on a wall or mantel. Want to learn how? We can help.


Flower Crown - add flowers

How to Make a Flower CrownFlower crowns are used by brides, children, as part of costumes, or really for any occasion. Learn how to save money and personalize the crown by making your own.


Crocheted Doily Roses - in vase before adding white flowers

Making Crocheted Doily RosesMini doilies can be fashioned into beautiful fake roses for a lovely year round bouquet or a special gift. This is a page about crocheted doily roses.


Dried Flowers

Drying Flowers in MicrowaveYou can use your microwave to dry flowers more quickly than other methods. There are a few mediums you can place them in for this process. Silica gel is a good choice, but you can also use kitty litter or a combination of equal parts borax and cornmeal. This is a page about drying flowers in the microwave.


Wild Flower Wrist Corsage - daisy and buttercup flower wristlet

Wild Flower Wrist CorsageUsing seasonal wild flowers, you can make this quick and easy wrist corsage. This is a page about making a wild flower wrist corsage.



Homemade Flower Barrette - finisher flower.

Homemade Flower BarretteFaux flowers can be reassembled to create pretty flower barrettes. This is a page about homemade flower barrette.


A row of cattails growing in a lake.

Preserving CattailsThis is a page about preserving cattails. Without some type of preservation measures cut cattails will eventually release their seeds sending fluff everywhere.


A cattail growing at a lakeside.

The Best Time to Cut Cattails?This is a page about the best time to cut cattails. Cutting cattails at just the right time, and perhaps even stabilizing the seed pods will allow you to enjoy them longer without seed fluff going everywhere.


finished craft

Making a Red Floral Tin Can Teacher's GiftThis is a page about making a red floral tin can teacher's gift. Fill a decorated recycled tin can with fresh or paper flowers as a special gift for a favorite teacher.


Dried Banana Leaves and Flower Wreath

Dried Banana Leaves and Flower WreathIn Tahiti I make dried banana leaf, herb, and flower wreaths as decorations for my home. I love the smell of the dried herbs. After the flowers dry the wreath takes on a whole new look. What is wonderful about making these wreaths is the fact you can use any flowers, herbs, and leaves to decorate the wreath.


Pressed plum blossoms

How to Press FlowersThis is a page about how to press flowers. Pressed flowers can be used in many craft projects. Pressing them is also a way to preserve special blooms.


Drying Flowers in a Bridal Bouquet

Drying Flowers in a Bridal Bouquet?This is a page about drying flowers in a bridal bouquet. One way to preserve your bridal bouquet is by drying the flowers.


Topiary Craft Ideas

Topiary Craft IdeasThis is a page about topiary craft ideas. Topiary crafts are excellent choices for holiday decorations, centerpieces, or general home decor.


flower bed

Making a Garden Flower BouquetThis is a page about making a garden flower bouquet. Choosing blooms and foliage from the garden can create a colorful, unique arrangement of flowers.


Woman Making a Floral Arrangement

Making a Floral ArrangementThis is a page about making a floral arrangement. A lasting combination of fresh or dried, flowers and foliage, can add to the decor of any room.


dyed pastel poinsettias with glitter

Making Glittered Poinsettias?This is a page about making glittered poinsettias. The glittery, sometimes dyed poinsettias for sale around the holidays can be relatively expensive. There are some methods you can try at home to make your own unique version and maybe even save some money.


Flower Press

Making a Flower PressThis is a page about making a flower press. There are so many things you can do with dried flowers you can produce like decoupage them to any flat surface.


Paint Can

Making a Paint Can Flower PotThis is a page about making a paint can flower pot. Make a decorative flower pot from an old or newly purchased paint can.


Crafts Using Flowers

Crafts Using FlowersThis is a page about crafts using flowers. Fresh or dried flowers can be used in a wide variety of craft projects.


Dried Flower Wreath

Making a Dried Flower WreathThis is a page about dried flower wreath. Colorful, everlasting flowers can keep summer memories in a home year round. Dried flowers can be purchased inexpensively from a florist shop.



Plant Decorations

Making Plant DecorationsThis is a page about making plant decorations. Adding decorations to your plants is a fun way to improve their use as focal points in your home decor.


A sweet pink corsage worn by a girl in a pink dress.

Homemade Corsage IdeasThis is a page about homemade corsage ideas. These special floral arrangements are designed to be placed on a wrist or pinned over your heart.


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Drying Flower Petals for Sachets?Any suggestions on drying flower petals for use later in sachet bags? I don't have a lot of space and laying them out for days is really inconvenient. If anyone knows of a quicker method please please share.


A picture of beautiful ribbon roses.

Making Ribbon FlowersThis page is about making ribbon flowers. Your glue gun can help you make beautiful flowers without sewing.


Dried Flowers

Storing Dried Flowers?This page is about storing dried flowers. Find the best way to store these flowers to keep them intact and dust free.


Crafts Using Silk Flowers

Crafts Using Silk FlowersThis page contains crafts using silk flowers. Many colorful decorations can be made with artificial flowers.


Silk flowers as a centerpiece

Centerpiece Ideas Using Artificial FlowersThis page contains centerpiece ideas using artificial flowers. With silk or plastic flowers, you can create an attractive and long lasting centerpiece.


Old Fashioned Flower Arrangement of peonies, mock orange and weigela.

Arranging FlowersThis is a page contains tips for arranging flowers. Bring some of the beautiful color and fragrance of your garden inside by creating fresh flower arrangements for your home.


Finished Rain Boot Flower Arrangement

Creative Flower ArrangementsThis is a page about creative flower arrangements. Creating unique floral arrangements is a true craft.


Making Your Own Potpourri

Making Your Own PotpourriThere are many wonderful herbs and flowers to collect in the garden or buy at the market to make your own fragrant blend. This page is about making your own potpourri.


Making a Coffee Filter Wreath

Making a Coffee Filter WreathThis page is about making a coffee filter wreath. Coffee filters are a flexible craft material for a number of projects.


Green Fabric Flower

Making Fabric FlowersThis is a page about making fabric flowers. Creating your own beautiful fabric flowers is not as difficult as you may think.


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Making a Floral Swag for the Front Door?Does anyone have any thrifty ideas for making a floral swag for the door? I am trying to make this a cheap project for my friend and I to make.


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Sealing Dried Flowers?What type sealer or spray can you use on hydrangea plants after they are dried out?


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Shopping for Nylon Flower Materials?Where can I purchase Nylon flower material in Nigeria? Can someone please kindly send the contact number of the supplier. Thanks.


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Add Copper Penny To Cut TulipsI love spring tulips. Drop a copper penny in the water with tulips so they will stand erect and not open wide.


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Homemade Acrylic Water?I would like to learn to use acrylic water with silk flower arrangements. Is there a home made recipe, or do you have to buy the boxes of acrylic water from the stores and mix it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Use Hairdryer Diffuser for Flower Arrangement

Use Hairdryer Diffuser for Flower ArrangementWhen you purchase a new hair drier, very often it comes with one of those plastic diffuser things that pop onto the end. Most of us just toss them away. But diffusers are round, have holes and little legs, so they make great stem holders for fresh flowers.


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Instructions For Making Silk Flowers?I would like to find free instructions on making satin or silk flowers using the starching method for fabric.


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Plants That Produce Unusual, Distinctive Seed Pods?I have a local friend who farms and she is interested in branching out into growing everlastings, but she is looking for plants that produce unusual, distinctive seed pods. She is not looking for seeds so much as the names and recommendations of plants to try. She makes arrangements and wreaths and so forth mostly for the fall and Christmas season. Thank you.


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Artificial Hydrangeas Candle Ring?Trying to find artificial hydrangeas for a cheap price. Preferably in a candle ring in purple, lilac, or ivory.


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Keeping Poinsettias From Withering?How do you keep cut poinsettias from withering in a floral arrangement?


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Uses for Dried Flowers?Any ideas about what to do with dried prom and wedding flowers?


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Using Day Lilies in a Flower Arrangement?How do you cut and preserve day lilies to be used in a flower arrangement?


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Making Orchid Leis?Today I saw orchid leis for $19.99 at our grocery store. I very tempted to get one, but does anyone know how to make them?


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Preserving Fresh Cut Roses?Does anyone know how to keep a fresh cut rose from dying? I have many dry flowers that I've kept from different occasions and such but I wondered if there is a way to keep it in its natural beauty, open before it dies?


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Potpourri from Garden Flowers?We are going through the garden and pulling flowers for seed collection, but we still have the petals. We have marigolds, sunflowers, daisys and more. We would like to make some potpouri. Can you make it out of these flowers, as I assume one can? I think that there are other things to add as well.


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Arrangements Using Cattails?We have a large pond on our property and we are being overrun with cattails. My daughter and her friend would like to make arrangements using these cattails.


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Restoring a Wedding Bouquet?Does anyone know how to restore a wedding bouquet? it's 40 years old with red cloth roses, little crushed ribbon that have yellowed and leaves falling off. it's a little rough. Any ideas on how to give the flowers life and take yellow out of white ribbon?


Making a Hydrangea Door Wreath - wreath hanging on the door

Making a Hydrangea Door WreathI purchased these hydrangea flowers for 90% off awhile ago at Michael's Arts & Crafts and finally got around to making this door wreath for spring time!


Paper Daisies - 5 colorful paper flowers

Paper DaisiesMy friend's mother was gardening and got bitten by a hobo spider. Her arm puffed up and she was rushed to the hospital. I really wanted to get her some welcome home flowers, but what if she worried about critters being in there? I decided to make her these paper daisies. They are full of dimension and beautiful colours, and totally spider-free! All you need is some paper and a pair of scissors.


A boot decorated for spring.

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"...Keeping with the April Showers theme and Spring, I used a new rain boot to make a display. A child's boot could also be used, maybe one that was headed for the trash due to a leak.


Peony petals

Peony Scented WaterI love my peonies, both their scent and visual beauty. I decided to save their scent for future days to enjoy! By putting spent petals in warm water and heating, you will release their lovely scent into the water. You can then use it as a face splash or room refreshener for months to come!


Instant Autumn Decor Wreath - faux fall leaves on foliage wreath

Instant Autumn Decor WreathTurn your existing decorations into seasonal decor. I purchased a bag of these fake leaves from Dollar Tree for just $1! I added the leaves around the wreath and instantly vibes of autumn/fall.


Circle Faux Flower Planter - view of the finished faux planter from a slight angle

Circle Faux Flower PlanterRecreate this cute circle faux flower planter for your desk, office/home. This could also be hung too.


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Homemade Hair Flowers

Homemade Hair FlowersThis beautiful flower barrette is simple to make and is adorable for kids and adults. Check out this video for step by step instructions.


A faux cactus made from a pumpkin, pins and artificial flowers.

Foam Pumpkin Faux CactusCreate this cute faux cactus by recycling a foam pumpkin. Learn how to make it in this short video.



Preserving Dried Roses - red roses and baby's breath in a vase

Preserving Dried Roses?My boyfriend got me roses for our first Valentine's Day and I want to keep them. I'm drying them by hanging them upside down now. I saw somewhere that you can use a spray of 50/50 Elmer's glue and warm water. Has this been successful for anyone?


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Securing Flowers in a Vase with Plastic Mesh?How can you use plastic mesh produce bags to secure fresh or silk flowers? I have a tall glass vase and need to secure the silk flowers as I place them inside of it. I tried to tape a piece of the mesh on the opening of the vase. It didn't work.


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Preserving Flowers in Oil?How long will flowers last preserved in oil? I assumed that pretty quickly they would wilt or at least they wouldn't last very long term. Does anyone know how long flowers would stay in tact without browning or wilting in the oil bottle?


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Preserving Dried Roses?How do you preserve dried roses?


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Using Cat Litter for Drying Flowers?So do you get the clay clumping cat litter?


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Preserving Eucalyptus Leaves?How can I preserve eucalyptus leaves so they don't break and tear? I want to use them in my jewelry.


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