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Friendship Bracelet with Simple Sliding Knot - finished bracelet

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet with a Simple Sliding KnotThe distinction of this style friendship bracelet is the ability to easily remove it. This is a page about how to make a friendship bracelet with a simple sliding knot.


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Using Plastic Stretch CordHow can I tie off clear stretch cord? It keeps slipping out. I am trying to make a bracelet with the stretch cord. I have tried burning it, and gluing it.


Jewelry Display Stand

Displaying JewelryThis is a page about displaying jewelry display. Rather than buying an expensive display for your jewelry, try one of these homemade solutions.


A safety pin with beads in a flag pattern.

Making a Flag Lapel Pin (Safety Pins and Beads)This is a page about making a flag lapel pin with safety pins and beads. Show your patriotic spirit with these easy flag themed pins.


Making a Button Brooch

Making a Button BroochThis is a page about making a button brooch. You can make pretty brooches using old recycled buttons or new ones purchased for the project.


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Non-crocheted Ladder Ribbon NecklaceI received a beautiful necklace made from ladder ribbon with a fused glass pendant. There is no crochet.It appears to be 5-6 strands of yarn that maybe were twisted. Then 6-8 inches of 5 strands of yarn knotted and a bead at the top knot to adjust the length. Anyone with directions?



Vintage Button Bracelet

Making Button BraceletsThis page is about making button bracelets. A button collection can be used to make interesting jewelry.


Safety Pin Flag

Making Safety Pin JewelryThis is a page about making safety pin jewelry. You can easily make cute jewelry from safety pins.


Leather Belt Bracelets

Making Leather Belt BraceletsMake a unique bracelet using an old belt. This is a page about making leather belt bracelets.


Handmade Brooch

Handmade Brooch IdeasThis is a page about handmade brooch ideas. Designing and making your own jewelry is a great crafting activity.


Kids Shell Jewelry

Making Shell JewelryThis page is about making shell jewelry. Beautiful necklace, bracelet, and earring crafts can be fashioned with shells purchased or collected on the beach.


Making a Paper Clip Necklace

Making a Paper Clip NecklaceThis page is about making a paper clip necklace. With a little patience a common office product can be used to create an interesting necklace.


Surfer Dude Wrist Band - finished slide bracelet

How to Make a Sliding Knot Beaded BraceletThe sliding knot on this simple to make child's bracelet makes it easy to get on and off. This is a page about how to make a sliding knot bracelet.


Garnet crystals in rock.

Dissolving Rock Around GarnetRock hounding a fun pastime. If you are lucky enough to find garnets, at sites such as Garnet Hill in Nevada, you will need to clean off the matrix around the stone. One highly recommended method is to use muriatic acid. Follow the precautions when using this product.


Fabric Wrapped Bracelet

How to Make a Fabric Wrapped BraceletThis cute fabric wrapped bracelet starts with a wire circle you make yourself. Then choose the fabric and cut into strips. The instructions and supplies needed for this craft follow.


Cardstock Sheep Badge - allow the glue to dry thoroughly

Making a Cardstock Sheep BadgeThis extremely cute sheep badge is made using cardstock. Your kids will love wearing it; you might too. Learn how to make one below.


Four Necklaces for a Dollar - foam head with a white headwrap necklace with a vintage style button in the center

Four Necklaces for a DollarUsing a package of headwraps from the Dollar Store and an added embellishment, you have a new necklace!


Felt Flower Brooch - finished felt flower brooch in fall colors

How to Make a Felt Flower BroochThis brooch is easier to make than it looks. Choose your favorite colors in felt and learn how to make this pin using the tutorial on this page. You may already have most of the supplies at home leftover from other projects.


Lace Wristband - gift as a friendship bracelet

Making a Lace WristbandUse bits of lace trim to make your own boho style bracelet. Change up the materials and make several. Instructions follow.


Colorful Retro Inspired Foam Earrings - all three styles

Colorful Retro Inspired Foam EarringsThin craft foam sheets are the perfect crafting supply for creating these colorful retro earrings. The instructions and photos to help you make some of your own follow on this page.


Drinking Straw Statement Necklace - ready to wear

How to Make a Drinking Straw Statement NecklaceDid you know that you can make stylish jewelry using drinking straws? The instructions and photos needed for making a drinking straw statement necklace can be found on this page.



Spiral Paper Clip Earrings - pair of earrings

Spiral Paper Clip EarringsGet creative with paper clips and make a pair of these pretty spiral earrings. This page contains instructions and photos for this project.


Kid's Diamond Necklace

Making Gem Necklaces for KidsAcrylic beads and gems, elastic cording, and a safety clasp provide the basics for making all sorts of pretty, fun, gem necklaces for kids. Older children can make their own with limited supervision, if hot glue is used.


A pile of silver paper clips on a white background.

Making Jewelry out of Paper ClipsCreative crafters see beyond the intended use of many everyday items and incorporate them into something entirely different. Making jewelry from paperclips is a good example of this crafty vision.


Mini Clothespin Rainbow Necklace - closeup of woman wearing the necklace

How to Make a Mini Clothespin Rainbow NecklaceThis mini clothespin rainbow necklace is perfect of kids of all ages. It can also be used as an interactive game to learn the order of the colors of the rainbow. This page has the instructions and photos you will need to make your own mini clothespin rainbow necklace.


Candy Garland - stop when you have reached your desired length

Making a Candy GarlandA candy garland makes a special gift. These necklaces can be made with individually wrapped candies and a needle and thread.


Ballet Dress Brooch - cute ballet dress pin

How to Make a Ballet Dress BroochSome scraps of ribbon, cloth, and embellishments are the main supplies needed to make this cute ballet dress brooch. It is sure to please!


Paperclip and Bead Wrapped Earrings - full view of earring with wire attached

How to Make Paperclip and Bead Wrapped EarringsBeads strung on embroidery floss are wrapped around a paperclip to create these fun earrings. Make them to suit your personal tastes, changing up the clip size and bead colors. This is a page about how to make paperclip and bead wrapped earrings.


Statement Pendant Necklace - or suspend from a strong neck chain

Making a Pendant Necklace Using Recycled Plastic LidsSave colorful plastic lids to create this whimsical statement necklace. This page has directions for making a pendant necklace using recycled plastic lids.


Heart-Shaped Petal Flower Pin

Heart-Shaped Petal Flower PinThese cute heart shaped, felt petal, flower pins can be worn or given for Valentine's Day or anytime. They will brighten up any outfit, hat, or purse. This is a page about making a heart-shaped petal flower pin.


Delicate Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet - finished bracelet

How to Make a Memory Wire Beaded BraceletUse memory wire and seed beads to create beautiful bracelets in a variety of patterns and colors. This page shows you how to make a memory wire beaded bracelet.


Best Closure for a Cuff Bracelet

Best Closure for a Cuff BraceletWhat kind of closures can I use with a beaded woven cuff bracelet.


Toddler Felt Ball Necklace - finished necklace on a table top

Toddler Felt Ball NecklaceHere is an easy to make and toddler/child safe felt ball necklace for you or your toddler to wear. Or a mommy/me matching necklace.


Silver Pasta Necklace - silver bow tie pasta necklace

Silver Pasta NecklaceThe girlie side of me absolutely adores ribbons and bows. I think they are cute in every way, shape, and form. When I see bowtie pasta, that side of me totally perks up. I think they're so cute, I even dare to wear them! Here is how to make a cute silver necklace from a piece of farfalle pasta.


A pin that shows a love of sewing, with lots of buttons and notions displayed.

'Love of Sewing' PinThis is a page about making a 'Love of Sewing' pin. This adorable heart shaped pin is the perfect gift for someone who loves to sew. Made with miniature sewing themed findings, it's easy to make and is customizable.


Pleated Ribbon Brooch - two finished pleated ribbon bows

Pleated Ribbon BroochThis ribbon brooch looks really classy. You can alter the look by changing the width and length of the ribbon, by adding or subtracting the number of ribbon pieces you use and by choosing ribbons of different colours and patterns.



purple and white wooden batik beads strung with gold pony beads

Batik Style BeadsThis is a page about making batik style beads. Using a wax resist technique, you can make these beautiful beads. They are perfect for creating unique custom jewelry.


A brooch made from recycled jewelry pieces.

How to Make a Recycled Jewelry BroochThis is a page about how to make a recycled jewelry brooch. These recycled jewelry brooches are the perfect way to repurpose your broken necklaces, single earrings, or even jewelry that you just don't wear anymore. The possibilities are endless!


Button and Seed Bead Earrings or Pendant - pendant on fine silver chain

Button and Seed Bead Earrings or PendantThis is a tiny delicate piece of jewellery that looks very pretty either as earrings or on a fine chain as a necklace. Make a full set for a gift for an older child. In fact it really is so simple to make that a child of maybe 10 or 11 years old who loves crafty stuff would be able to make a set.


Plastic Bottle and Washi Tape Bracelet - final view of bracelet being worn with other jewelry

Plastic Bottle and Washi Tape BraceletI love making these because I always have plastic bottles handy and I adore washi tape! It's so easy to make bracelets to go with any outfit using this method. And it's super cheap, too.


Button and Bead Knotted Bracelet - - fasten the bracelet using the button

Button and Bead Knotted BraceletYou can make this pretty bracelet easily with just some beads, one button, and a length of cord. Make it in minutes choosing colours to match your outfit or if you have or know any little ones this makes for a fun rainy day project.


Drinking Straw Geometric Earrings - woman wearing the finished earring

Drinking Straw Geometric EarringsThese earrings are so cute and super cheap to make as the main jewels are folded up drinking straws. I like to make them when I need earrings for an outfit in a certain colour. Enjoy!


Ribbon and Cord Brooch - allow glue to dry and wear

How to Make a Ribbon and Cord BroochBy combining pretty ribbon and cording you can make this no sew brooch. This is a page about how to make a ribbon and cord brooch.


Jewelry Display Stand covered in fabric.

DIY Jewelry Display StandMake your own jewelry display stand to store and show off you jewelry. This is a page about DIY jewelry display stand.


Tape Measure Flower Brooch

How to Make a Tape Measure Flower BroochWhether for yourself or as a gift for a friend that sews, this project is sure to create a conversation piece. This is a page about how to make a tape measure flower brooch.


Message in a Bottle Pendant - add jump ring to head pin

Making a Message in a Bottle PendantThis cute little pendant can be personalized to give as a gift or even to contain a message that makes you smile. This is a page about making a message in a bottle pendant.


5 different cuff bracelet pictures.

5 Handmade Cuff BraceletsThere many styles of cuff bracelets you can make yourself. This is a page about 5 handmade cuff bracelets.


Brass button bracelet.

Making Metal Button BraceletsMetal shank buttons both, vintage and new, can be used to make a fun to wear bracelet. This is a page about making metal button bracelets.


Button pin with red background.

Making Floral Button PinsFabric backed button cluster pins are beautiful and can be worn as you would a corsage. They are fun to make and are perfect gift items. This is a page about making floral button pins.


Vintage Button Bracelet

Making a Vintage Button BraceletSort through your button stash and make a lovely bracelet with some of your older more unique ones. This is a page about making a vintage button bracelet.


Bead and Fabric Necklace - finished necklace with ends tied

Bead and Fabric NecklaceA fabric tube and your choice of beads with larger holes are what you will need to make this unique necklace. This is a page about bead and fabric necklace.


Beaded Bracelets

Misfits Beaded BraceletsMismatched or left over beads from other projects can be gathered together to make a unique piece. This is a page about misfits beaded bracelets.


finished bracelet

Shrinky Dink Charm BraceletShrinky Dinks, whether purchased or homemade, work as cute charms for a bracelet. This is a page about Shrinky Dink charm bracelet.


Valentine Heart Earrings

Valentine Heart EarringsHearts say Valentine's Day, but you can make these pretty earrings to wear all year long. This is a page about Valentine heart earrings.


Decorating Dollar Store Barrettes

Decorating Dollar Store BarrettesThis is a page about decorating dollar store barrettes. You can upscale inexpensive barrettes to suit your own unique tastes. This is a fun craft project for parents and kids alike.


Remake Old Jewelry into New

Remaking Old Jewelry Into NewThis is a page about remaking old jewelry into new. Take broken or outdated jewelry pieces and convert them into something new.


thrifty design on jewelry display

Making Glue Gun JewelryThis is a page about glue gun jewelry. This easy and creative jewelry can be made using a glue gun.


Beaded Necklace Using Clothespin Springs

Making a Beaded Clothespin Spring NecklaceThis is a page about making a beaded clothespin spring necklace. Save the springs from clothespins used in other craft projects to make this unique necklace.


pinned to purse

Making a Vintage Lace BroochThis is a page about making a vintage lace brooch. This lacy vintage style brooch will go great with just about any outfit.


Pumpkin pin

Making Felt Autumn PinsThis is a page about making felt autumn pins. Felt is so easy to work with you can create your own autumn pins to wear or gift.


Jewelry Tree

Making a Jewelry TreeThis is a page about making a jewelry tree. Hang your earrings and necklaces on this handy craft made from trimmed branches.


Plaited Bracelet

Making Plaited BraceletsThis is a page about making plaited bracelets.These cute bracelets can be made by anyone who knows how to do a simple braid.


Sherbert Swirl Friendship Bracelet

Sherbet Swirl Friendship BraceletThese pretty embroidery floss friendship bracelets are very easy to make and make wonderful gifts. Keep reading to learn how to make a Sherbert Swirl Friendship Bracelet.


Giving an Old Watch a Facelift

Giving an Old Watch a FaceliftThis project shows how to recycle an old watch and give it a new face. I used to love this watch as a child and still wear it, but after a while it stopped working. So while putting in new batteries I thought why not give it a complete new facelift!


Rose petals on a white background.

Making Rose Petal BeadsThis is a page about making rose beads. Rose petals can be prepared and made into lovely scented beads for you to string for a fragrant necklace or bracelet.


Ribbon Brooch

Making a Ribbon BroochThis is a page about making a ribbon brooch. Use a pretty piece of ribbon and decorative button to make yourself a unique brooch.


woman wearing the necklace

Making a Magazine Swirl NecklaceThis is a page about making a magazine swirl necklace. A fun way to recycle colorful magazine pages is to make a rolled bead necklace.


Safety pin bracelet being worn on wrist.

Making a Safety Pin BraceletThis is a page about safety pin bracelet. Starting with just safety pins and a variety of beads, you can create a unique bracelet.


Making Wire Wrapped Midi Rings

Making Wire Wrapped Midi RingsThis is a page about making wire wrapped midi rings. Midi rings are worn on your finger above the knuckle. They are quite a fashion statement.


Making Felt Teardrop Earrings

Making Felt Teardrop EarringsThis is a page about making felt teardrop earrings. Use felt to make a cute, colorful, lightweight pair of earrings.


black and silver hairpin/bobby pin necklace

Making a Bobby Pin NecklaceThis is a page about making a bobby pin necklace. This is a simple and inexpensive to make necklace.


Intricate macrame (finger weaving) necklace resting against silver or pewter boxes on a dark wood surface.

Making Necklaces Out of YarnThis is a page about making necklaces out of yarn. Not all yarn necklace projects require you to know how to knit or crochet.


Wire ring with green stone.

Making a Wire Wrapped RingThis is a page about making a wire wrapped ring. With wire, polished stone and beads and you can fashion a unique ring for a special occasion or holiday.


Felt Cloud Pin

Making a Felt Cloud PinThis is a page about making a felt cloud pin. Celebrate the arrival of spring with this cute little felt cloud pin.


finished pin

Felt Hen With Egg PinThis is a page about felt hen with egg pin. This cute little felt pin is fun to wear or makes a great gift for a friend who keeps hens or just likes chickens.


Felt Easter Bunny Pin

Making a Felt Easter Bunny PinThis is a page about making a felt Easter bunny pin. With felt, a few supplies and a glue gun, you can easily make a festive bunny pin.


green rose

Making a Zipper RoseThis is a page about making a zipper rose. New or recycled zippers can be fashioned into beautiful, unique roses to be used as pins or for decorating clothing and accessories.


Making Steampunk Nail Earrings

Making Steampunk Nail EarringsThis is a page about making steampunk nail earrings. Steampunk jewelry is known for its celebration of vintage technology and often includes gears, cogs, and vintage watch parts in its designs.


Making a Paper Clip Ribbon Ring

Making a Paper Clip Ribbon RingThis is a page about making a paper clip ribbon ring. This adorable ribbon ring would make a great craft for kids and would be a fun accessory to wear with almost any outfit.


Making an Ice Lolly Brooch

Making an Ice Lolly BroochThis is a page about making an ice lolly badge (brooch). These adorable popsicle brooches are fun to create and would make great gifts.


Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) Accessories

Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) AccessoriesThis is a page about homemade jelly (puffy paint) accessories. Jelly or puffy paint can be used to make pretty jewelry and hair accessories.


Making an Easy Bead Pendant

Making an Easy Bead PendantUse a decorative bead to make a unique pendant. This is a page about making an easy bead pendant.


Making Headpin Earrings

Making Headpin EarringsThis is a page about making headpin earrings. With a few supplies from your local craft store, you can make beautiful unique earrings to wear, sell or give away.


Making a Washer Lariat Necklace

Making a Washer Lariat NecklaceThis is a page about making a washer lariat necklace. Following a quick trip to the hardware store or a rummage through the tool box for a washer, you are ready to create this unique necklace.


Simple Asymmetrical Beaded Necklace

Making an Simple Asymmetrical Beaded...This is a page about making a simple asymmetrical beaded necklace. Make this eye-catching necklace yourself. It is a good craft even for a beginner.


Making a Hot Glue Pendant

Making a Hot Glue PendantThis is a page about making a hot glue pendant. A pendant made from hot glue is a simple craft that you and your kids can enjoy making.


Making Citrus Peel Earrings

Making Citrus Peel EarringsMaking jewelry for nature is a fun way to recycle and add a unique piece to your jewelry collection. This is a page about making citrus peel earrings.


clay earrings and pendant necklace

Making Air Dry Clay JewelryThis is a page about making air dry clay jewelry. You don't need a kiln or even your kitchen oven to make unique clay jewelry.


Colorful bracelet made with safety pins and beads.

Making a Beaded Safety Pin BraceletThis is a page about making a beaded safety pin bracelet. Safety pins and various beads can be used for a beautiful, easy to make bracelet.


knuckle rng

Midi RingsThese midi rings are quick, fun and easy! If you have a few minutes and some inexpensive bangles, you can make these too. Have fun!


black and orange macrame

Making Macramé JewelryThis is a page about making macrame jewelry. A fun knotting craft that can be done with large or small cord, and is often embellished with beads.


zipper flower

Making a Zipper Flower PinThis is a page about making a zipper flower pin. If you are looking for a fun, creative jewelry project, look into making these pretty zipper pins.


Painted Eyeglass Lens Pins

Making Painted Eyeglass Lens PinsThis is a page about making painted eyeglass lens pins. This is a fun jewelry project that starts with an old pair of eyeglasses.


Making Button Jewelry

Making Button JewelryThis is a page about making button jewelry. Antique and more contemporary buttons can be used to make unique and stylish jewelry of all types.


Poppy Felt Pin

Felt Pin IdeasThis is a page about felt pin ideas. Felt is a popular crafting material, because it is easy to use in numerous no-sew projects. You can create beautiful label pins and accessories with felt.


Clay Bead Bracelet

Clay Jewelry Making TipsThis is a page about clay jewelry making tips. Polymer, crayola and other clays can make beads and pendants for fashioning jewelry.


Making a Bead Bracelet

Bracelet Craft IdeasThis page contains bracelet craft ideas. Fun adornments for your wrists can be fashioned with a variety of beads, buttons, cords, yarns and even recycled items.


Wooden Necklace

Making Wooden JewelryThis page is about making wooden jewelry. There is such a wide variety of woods that can be used for beautiful personal adornment.


Diamond Earrings

Other Uses for Pierced EarringsThis page is about other uses for pierced earrings. There may be other ways to reuse your favorite earrings.


Beaded Necklaces

Making a Beaded NecklaceThis is a page about making a beaded necklace. Making beaded jewelry is a great craft to get involved in. It is one that can be adapted to all skills levels, including children.


Beaded Ring

Making Jewelry RingsThis is a page about making jewelry rings. Using beading techniques or metalworking, you can make some great jewelry.


Bead and wire jewelry making materials.

Making Bead and Wire BraceletsThis is a page about making bead and wire bracelets. Jewelry wire and your choice of beads are just about all you need to create a lovely bracelet.


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Lace Wristband - lace bracelet

Lace WristbandHere is a really cute and simple to make boho style lace wristband. Use oddments of lace trim for the one shown in the photograph, or experiment with ribbons, string, cord, or strips of fabric.


Spiral Paper Clip Earrings - pair of earrings

Spiral Paper Clip EarringsWhen there's nothing to do and you suddenly feel bored at your workplace, remember that there is plenty of fun stuff you can do with office supplies.


Paper Clip Earrings - ready to wear

Paper Clip EarringsI got tired during the last Friday's workload so I took time to relax. Then I felt bored, but I didn't want to get back to work yet. So, I made little tricks with paper clips. These earrings are one result.


Cardstock Sheep Badge - brooch on black and white garment

Cardstock Sheep BadgeThis cute little sheep badge is made from cardstock. It's quite easy to make and a lot of fun. You can draw the eyes on if you don't have wiggle eyes and you can use a safety pin instead of a brooch back. For very young children to wear this you might not want to use a pin.


Kid Safe Acrylic Gem Necklace - necklace on white background

Kid Safe Acrylic Gem NecklaceHere's how you can make a kid safe necklace with acrylic gems by adding elastic and a safety clasp. In case of an emergency, your child could easily remove their necklace.


Colorful Retro Inspired Foam Earrings - all three styles

Colorful Retro Inspired Foam EarringsWe needed some accessories for a Christmas presentation. Our theme is 60s and 70s so I was tasked to make large colorful earrings which was one of the most popular fashion accessories in past years.


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Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) Accessories

Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) AccessoriesLook at this intricate jewelry created from puffy paint designs. Learn how to make it with this short video.


Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin BraceletThese customizable bracelets are a great project for kids and young adults. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Felt Hen With Egg Pin

Felt Hen With Egg PinUse colorful felt scraps to make this adorable pin that is great for chicken lovers. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A lariat necklace with a decorated washer in the middle.

Washer Lariat NecklaceTake a flat metal washer from the hardware store and convert it into beautiful jewelry. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Button Brooch

Button BroochThis brooch resembles a flower with a button center and petals. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A flower brooch made from a tape measure.

Tape Measure Flower BroochTake an ordinary tape measure, a button and a pin back to create this pretty flower brooch. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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How Do You Dissolve Rock Around a Garnet?I found some garnets at Garnet Hill near Ely, Nevada. We have been using vinegar, a wire brush, nail files, etc. trying to remove the rock around them so we can use them for jewelry. Any ideas on how to dissolve the rock without damaging the garnet would be appreciated.


Making Beaded Tubular Earrings - example of shape

Making Beaded Tubular Earrings?I want to bead a tubular earring, that gets much thicker to the bottom of the hoop. I want to do something kind of like in the picture where the earrings get thicker at the bottom. Any ideas on how to make it?


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Making Oyster Shell Jewelry?What do I need to do to the oyster shells in order to make it into jewelry? Do I need to put anything on it?


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Resin Molds for Making JewelryCan anyone please tell me where I can find resin molds to make a necklace with a heart to put a photo in? I also would like to put a photo on concrete about a 5x7 for a memorial marker. I sure would like any information on how to do it, etc.


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Making Trellis Yarn Jewelry PendantWhere can I get pendant beads?


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Ladder Ribbon Neckarf PatternI'm looking for pattern to make a "neckarf" out of ladder yarn that I've seen for sale on eBay. They are heavier than necklaces, more like a scarf.


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