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Four old sweatshirts hanging on a wall

Making a Quilt From Old SweatshirtsThis is a page about making a quilt from old sweatshirts. A fun project that can be a reminder of many memories is a bed covering made of recycled sweatshirts.


Nine patch block and tools for quilting.

Making a Patchwork QuiltThis is a page about making a patchwork quilt. Making a patchwork quilt begins by cutting fabric into pieces of various shapes and sizes and sewing them together to form blocks. This quilting style is great for using up leftover fabric scraps or you can purchase new material in the colors and patterns you like. You don't need a lot of experience to make a patchwork quilt.


Sports Jerseys

Making a Sports Jersey QuiltThis is a page about making a sports jersey quilt. A great memory quilt can be made for your sports enthusiast or athlete from a sports jersey collection.


Necktie keepsake quilt.

Making a Quilt With NecktiesThis is a page about making a quilt with neckties. Making a necktie quilt is a great way to reuse old ties. Using neckties from someone special will make the quilt a cherished keepsake.


Chicken Scratch Quilt

Making a Chicken Scratch QuiltThis cross stitched quilting on gingham checkered fabric creates a beautiful lacy appearance. This page is about making a chicken scratch quilt.


Quilting supplies

Around the World Quilt Done In 8 HoursMaking your own Around the World quilt doesn't have to take a long time. This is a page about around the world quilt done in 8 hours.


Recycled jeans denim and cotton mat.

Making a Patchwork Circle MatThis is a page about patchwork circle mat. This fun little mat uses scraps of denim and cotton to make a colorful pattern. Its a great way to repurpose old jeans and use up fabric left over from other projects.


Photo of a quilt made with tshirts.

Making a T-shirt QuiltThis is a page about making a t-shirt quilt. Making a t-shirt quilt is a great way to preserve memories. Those old concert shirts or other neat shirt you no longer wear can be turned into a cozy quilt.


Patchwork quilt with a pile of quilting squares on top.

How Many Fat Quarters Do I Use?The number of fat quarters needed for various quilts will depend on the finished size, but even more importantly on the type of block chosen. Complex blocks may require more fabric as there may be more waste. Save scraps for future projects. This page provides some estimates and sources for determining the amount of fabric needed.


tear in right triangle piece on quilt

Repairing a Tear in a Quilt BlockThis is a page about repairing a tear in a quilt block. Time, loving use, or an accident can cause a tear in a favorite quilt.


A colorful handmade quilt on a bed.

Tying a Quilt Without a Frame?Even if you don't have a quilting frame it is easy to tie your quilt. One method is to lay the layers on the floor and pin or baste them together and then tie. This is a page about tying a quilt without a frame.


Closeup of blue quilt

Blooming Nine Patch Quilt PatternThe nine patch quilting technique is a traditional first pattern for most beginning quilters. is This page contains information about blooming nine patch quilt patterns.



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Magnolia Blossom Pattern for a Quilt?I am looking for a pattern of magnolia blossom for a quilt. Jeanne from TN


Quilt made from a variety of knitted squares

Making a Quilt from Old Sweaters?This is a page about making a quilt from old sweaters. Quilts have long been a handicraft that was a perfect way to recycle old clothing and linens into a new useful item.


colorful quilting fabric

Making a Puff or Biscuit QuiltThis is a page about making a puff or biscuit quilt. These poofy quilts are fun and easy to make for yourself or as a gift.


Spin Me Around Quilt Block

Spin Me Around Quilt BlockScrap strip quilt block design


Hexagon Table Topper Using a Triangular Ruler

Hexagon Table Topper Using a Triangular RulerThis is my first project using a triangle quilting ruler.


The finished quilt block.

Dresden Plate Quilt BlockLearning a new quilt block design and made it into a table runner.


The completed heart quilt.

Heart Quilt BlockI made this quilt block into a table runner for Valentine's Day.


Zippered and Lined Patchwork Pouch

Zippered and Lined Patchwork PouchI wanted to make a transformer toy bag for my grandson for Christmas but I only had a few small scraps of transformer fabric, so I made this patchwork transformer pouch.


The completed quilted hot pad.

Loghouse Hexagon Quilted Hot PadMade from scrap strips of fabric.


The completed quilt pattern.

Nine Patch Quilt SquareSimple instructions for making a nine patch quilt square.


A pinwheel quilt square.

Pinwheel Quilt SquareAnother quilt square idea!


Bow Quilt Pattern

Bow Quilt PatternTrying out another simple quilt pattern. This project shows how to make one bow square. These squares can then be put together to make a cute quilt, whatever, size you want.


The completed baby quilt.

Baby QuiltThis is a fairly easy baby quilt I made using scraps. I like how the design turned out.


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Santa Coverlet Quilt Pattern?I am looking for a Santa coverlet quilt pattern. It is in the shape of a doll Santa, but it is a flat quilt. The pattern was made in 1976 along with the critter coverlet pattern series. I have found the owl, semi-truck, dog, cat, and elephant. I am now looking for Santa.


Quilted Hot Pad - finished pot holder with ring hanger added

Quilted Hot PadI was given some completed, pieced quilt squares and there was an extra quilt square I couldn't use in the quilt I was making. I don't like to throw useful things away, so I made it into this quilted hot pad.



A small quilt covering a stuffed panda.

How to Sew a Doll QuiltThis little quilt is simple enough for a beginner, and is a good way to use up scraps of leftover fabric. The quilt can be sewn completely by hand, but will go together more quickly with a sewing machine.


Tied T-Shirt Memory Quilt - finished quilt

Tied T-Shirt Memory QuiltRecycle old t-shirts into a colorful memory quilt.


Denim and plaid flannel quilt.

Recycled Denim And Flannel Window QuiltThis is a quilt I made using denim jeans and some flannel flat sheets.


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Quilt) - finished quilt on a tile floor

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Quilt)I made this rose themed quilt using the "quilt by the square" method of quilting and rose print and coordinating colored fabric scraps.


Keepsake Fabric Boxes - the bottom side showing the patchwork

Making Keepsake Fabric BoxesThese fabric boxes or trays were made from keepsake fabric scraps. The fabric was cut and sewn together using quilt piecing techniques and then crafted into soft boxes for holding small items. This is a great project to use with inherited fabric or clothing items.


A red and white quilt.

Preventing Quilt from Bleeding on Itself?Certain fabrics and dyes tend to bleed in the wash. Having this happen to a quilt that you spent hours making or to an heirloom one is saddening. Color Catchers in the wash help, as does vinegar, or salt. Read on for other helpful tips about preventing a quilt from bleeding on itself.


Community Quilt Block  - scrappy test block

Charity Quilt BlocksThere are a number of charities that accept donated quilts. The blocks and the final quilts are made by volunteers and then given to community projects and charities such as Project Linus. This is a page about making charity quilt blocks.


Quilting squares being pieced together.

How Many Squares in a Fat Quarter?There is a helpful table to help you determine how many pieces you will get from a fat quarter bundle of fabric. This is a page about how many squares in a fat quarter?


English Paper Pieced Hexagons

English Paper Pieced HexagonsI recently took a class to learn this fun, new to me, method of paper piecing. The project quickly became addictive. I have done foundation style paper piecing in the past and love the ability to work with smaller pieces to create the block, but you are still saddled to your sewing machine.


"Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern

Finding an "Indian War Bonnet" Quilt PatternThis quilt pattern is based on a single star motif with changes to the two lower points. A persistent search will probably lead to success in finding a pattern. This is a page about finding an "Indian War Bonnet" quilt pattern.


quilt batting

How to Piece Batting Scraps Together?Leftover or smaller pieces of batting can be pieced to use in your current project. There are a variety of ways to do this and the type of batting can dictate the best method. This is a page about how to piece batting scraps together.


Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac Trim - toddle with large firetruck under the quilt

How to Make a Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac TrimRather than creating a patchwork top, you can simply make a whole cloth quilt using a single piece of fabric and tying the layers. A fun alternative to a bias binding is the use of ric rac as trim. This is a page about how to make a whole cloth tied quilt with ric rac trim.


Making Quilted Potholders

Making Quilted PotholdersThis is a page about making quilted potholders. Small quilting projects are a good way to use up fabric scraps. These potholders are no exception.


Quilting Supplies

Making a Quillow?This is a page about making a quillow. This clever combination of a pillow and quilt, that stores inside, was quite popular at craft shows several years ago.


6 Inch Friendship Star Quilt Block

Making a Friendship Star Quilt BlockThis is a page about making a friendship star quilt block. The friendship star is a traditional quilt block composed of half square triangle blocks and squares using two different fabrics.



finished quilt

Harry Potter Paper Pieced QuiltThis is a page about Harry Potter paper pieced quilt. Make an exciting Harry Potter quilt including many of your favorite characters or objects such as the Sorting Hat, using the paper piecing technique.


Snowball Quilt Block

Making a Snowball Quilt BlockThis is a page about making a snowball quilt block. This easy to make quilt block can be used alone or is the perfect companion to many 9 square blocks.


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Help With Free Motion Quilting?For my first quilt, I decided to use a free motion quilting/stipple stitch. I have a new Brother SQ 9185 machine. I attached the spring action quilting foot and lowered the feed dogs and attempted to stipple, all that I saw was erratic stiches, a grinding, clunking sound, and then snap. The needle thread breaks!


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Looking for WonderArt Quilt Blocks?I am looking for WonderArt Quilt Blocks No. 1983 Spring Blossom.


closeup of embroidery detail

Adding Embroidery Details to a Baby QuiltThis is a page about adding embroidery details to a baby quilt. Adding embroidery details is a great alternative to actually quilting your patchwork projects. This decorative embellishment is a nice complement to a tied quilt.


patchwork quilt with white center square

Making Signature QuiltsThis is a page about making signature quilts. Create a keepsake quilt by including plain blocks where friends and family and write a sentiment and sign their name.


flip flop quilt

Making a Flip Flop QuiltOne really cute quilt block pattern is the flip flop. This simple pattern makes a great addition to your quilt collection or a delightful gift that keeps you thinking of summer all year long. This is a page about making a flip flop quilt.


machine quilting

Using a Longarm Quilting Machine?This is a page about using a longarm quilting machine. A long arm quilting machine allows the home or professional quilter to easily machine quilt both large and small projects.


Colorful Block Quilt

Making a Block QuiltThis is a page about making a block quilt. A basic quilting motif is made up of simple square blocks of fabric in various colors and prints.


Quilt Square Pillows

Making Quilt Square PillowsThis is a page about making quilt square pillows. Larger quilt squares are perfect for making throw pillows.


A child's drawing of a house, the sun and three stick figures.

Creating Quilts With Kids ArtworkThis is a page about creating quilts with kids artwork. Quilting is such a versatile craft; you can incorporate your children's artwork into a quilt for you, grandparents, or a favorite teacher.


Square Triangle Quilt

Squaring Up a Half Square Triangle Quilt BlockThis is a page about squaring up a half square triangle quilt block. Squaring up a quilt block is an important part of preparing your quilt top.


Triangle Quilt Blocks

Making Half Square Triangle Quilt BlocksThis is a page about making half square triangle quilt blocks. Half square triangle quilt blocks (HST) are a common component of patchwork quilts.


Patchwork quilt in blue florals.

Quilt PhotosThis page contains quilt photos. Sharing your quilting crafts through photos not only immortalizes them but also can provide inspiration to other quilters.


Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt IdeasThis page contains baby quilt ideas. Patchwork, fleece and even rags can be assembled into cozy comforters for a newborn baby to grow with.


Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns?This is a page about rag quilt patterns. Rag quilts unlike traditional pieced quilts have exposed seam allowances on the front side and traditional seams on the back. The assembly of the quilt top also differs from a typical patchwork quilt.


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Getting Used Linen from Hotels and Hospitals for Quilts?I do a lot of quilting and use a lot of sheets for backing and batting. I've heard that you can get bedding items from hospitals and hotels. I need some practical advice on how to do this, like who in the organization to contact. Thank you.


woman cross stitching a rose

Finding WonderArt Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks?This is a page about finding WonderArt stamped cross stitch quilt blocks. These vintage kits were manufactured by Fixler Bros., Inc. founded in 1916. The quilt kit came into vogue in the 1920s and 30s.



Making a Sock Quilt?This is a page about making a sock quilt. Mismatched, lonely socks cry for a second life in a fun craft project. You can use old, mismatched, or even new socks to make a great quilt.



Making Wax Crayon Quilt BlocksThis is a page about making wax crayon quilt blocks. Inexpensive wax crayons can be used to decorate fabric that can then be made into unique quilt blocks.


Lap Quilt

Making a Lap Quilt?This is a page about making a lap quilt. The smaller size of a lap quilt makes it perfect for snuggling under on a chilly evening. The pattern can be as simple or intricate as you like.


Scrap Quilt

Scrap Quilt IdeasThis is a page about scrap quilt ideas. Quilting has traditionally been a craft where you could use up scrap fabrics.


Colorful Quilt

Making a Quilt Staging WallThis is a page about making a quilt staging wall. A staging wall is very handy for designing and completing your quilt.


quilting fabric

Calculating Quilt Yardage?This is a page about calculating quilt yardage. Before starting your quilt you might want to calculate the yardage needed for the various components, such as blocks and borders.


Frugal Quilt Backing Ideas

Frugal Quilt Backing IdeasThis is a page about frugal quilt backing ideas. Making quilts has often been in part about frugality and using up fabric and clothing, so saving money on the backing fits right into that tradition.


Blue Jeans Quilt Ideas

Blue Jeans Quilt IdeasThis is a page about blue jeans quilt ideas. Recycling blue jeans into craft projects is a great way to reuse this sturdy fabric.


Making a Yo Yo Bedspread

Making a Yo Yo BedspreadThis page is about making a yo yo bedspread. Leftover fabric pieces work great to make yo yos for a craft project.


Strip Quilting Ideas

Strip Quilting IdeasThis page contains strip quilting ideas. Strip quilting is a method you can try to quickly make a beautiful quilt.


quilted coaster

Making Quilted CoastersThis is a page about making quilted coasters. Quilted coasters make great gifts or a nice addition to your home decor. They also are a great scrap fabric project.


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Lee Ward Quilt Pattern?I am trying to find the Lee Ward's "Traditional Roses" pattern, No. 8-9021, size 72x103. Can anyone help?


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Applique Pattern of Shirt Outline?I am looking for an applique pattern to make blocks with appliqued flannel shirts, similar to the baby quilts you see with appliqued dresses on the blocks. I can not find a shirt applique pattern. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks!


Damaged Quilt

Repairing Vintage QuiltsThis is a page about repairing vintage quilts. Whether a family heirloom or a antique shop find, vintage quilts often require some repair.


Quilting Tips and Tricks, Nine patch quilt block and tools.

Quilting Tips and TricksThis is a page about quilting tips and tricks. There are a lot of tips for methods of cutting and piecing that can improve your accuracy and speed up your project. Find out ways to get inexpensive fabric or free patterns.


Image of vintage quilt composed of triangles.

Caring for QuiltsThis is a page about caring for quilts. Whether you are an avid quilter, inherited one or more heirloom quilts, or rescued one from and antique store, quilts have special care needs. You will need to treat each quilt with several factors in mind such as age, stability of dyes, etc. If cared for properly your quilts can be passed down to the next generation.


Paper pieced quilt top, endless chains pattern.

Making a Paper Pieced QuiltThis is a page about making a paper pieced quilt. Paper piecing has become a popular way to piece a quilt top. By sewing through the paper pattern the crafter is able to create a very intricate block more easily.


Pink and white simple patchwork quilt on bed.

Making a QuiltThis is a page about making a quilt. There are many kinds of quilts that can be created for use as comforters, covers, bedspreads, and pillows. It can be made of all new materials, or recycled fabrics.


Postcards patchwork quilt.

Making a Postcard QuiltThis is a page about making a postcard quilt. The term postcard quilt can actually apply to several quilt types. You may want to try you hand at a quilt top pieced with 4 by 6 inch rectangles. Another possibility is to create a unique mini quilt that is actually sent as a greeting. Some quilters make varying sized applique quilts commemorating their travels. Create your own postcard.


Quilt Made From Old Clothing

Making a Quilt Out of ClothingThis is a page about making a quilt out of clothing. An inexpensive way to make a quilt is by using old clothing. This is also a great way to preserve special clothing, whether your own or maybe your children's old clothes.


Simple square block quilt made from vintage fabric.

Making a Memory QuiltThis is a page about making a memory quilt. Memory quilts can be made from a variety of clothing fabrics, providing a beautiful memory that can also keep you warm.


Up close photo of quilt binding.

Binding a QuiltThis is a page about binding a quilt. One of the finishing steps when making a quilt it to bind the edges. This thin strip of fabric can be difficult to sew.


A pile of old photos.

Making a Photo Quilt?This is a page about making a photo quilt. A photo quilt is a great way to capture memories in a unique way. The supplies are easily available at your local craft store.


Making a quilt square on a home sewing machine.

Machine Quilting on a Home Sewing MachineThis is a page about machine quilting on a home sewing machine. Quilting is a traditional way to attach two pieces of fabric into a beautiful whole but it can be very time consuming. A sewing machine can save a lot of time and make quilting possible for home sewers.


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How Can I Get Into Quilting Inexpensively?I'm trying to get into quilting, but I'm finding it expensive. Are there cheap resources out there? If you can help me find some cheap resources, please let me know. I would really like some patterns.


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What Can I Do With an Old Family Quilt?What can I do with an old quilted bedspread that belonged to my deceased mother (she made it herself)? She had washed it so many times that the thread is bare on a lot of places. The colors don't fit my decor so framing pieces or making pillows is not an option.


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What Does the Term French Braid Mean in Quilting?In quilting I have read about "french braid it". I don't know what that means.


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Is There an Easy Way to Stipple Quilt?Does anyone do stipple quilting? If anyone has an easy way to do it I would love to hear from you. Thanks.


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Queen Size Quilt Pattern "Trip Around the World"?I too am looking for the quilt pattern "Trip Round the World" in queen size, can anyone help me?


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Pattern for Quilted Christmas Tree Shaped Santa?I am looking for a pattern for a quilted Christmas tree shaped Santa, using 3 reds.


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Use Good Thread When Quilting?I need some quilting advice. I want to start piecing a crazy quilt and need to know what type thread to use that will hold up. Thanks in advance for any info.Blessings.


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Quilted Potholder Patterns?Is there a pattern for quilted pot holders? Thank you.


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Putting Photos on a Quilt?Someone awhile back was able to print a picture and somehow press it onto white or beige material to add it to a quilt, can someone tell me how they did it?


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Instructions for an Easy Patchwork Throw?Does anyone have any very simple ways to make a patchwork quilt? I also would like some ideas on how to put colours together, as I have a lot of cotton squares.


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Block Layout for a "Blooming Nine Patch" Quilt?I need a pattern for a blooming nine patch quilt. Thanks.


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Train Pieced Quilt Block Pattern?I am looking for a train pieced quilt block pattern for a young boy. He loves Thomas the Train so a simple design is fine.


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Finishing Quilt Squares for Mounting?I want to mount squares from an old quilt in a shadowbox frame and I am not sure how to finish the edges of the squares. I am cutting up an old quilt. Thanks.


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Cheap Quilting Materials?A couple of friends and I make kids quilts for the hospital. We have been buying our fabric at Walmart which is less than half the price of other fabric stores. We have found out that Walmart is discontinuing fabric in all their stores.


Assembling quilted potholders.

Quilted PotholdersI love to make scrap potholders. These will take less than a hour to put together, but probably that long to "prep".


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Sidewalks of New York Quilt Pattern?I am looking for a quilt pattern called Sidewalks of New York. It is like a Trip Around the World. Thank you.


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Native American Quilt Patterns?I am looking for quilt patterns to make an American Indian quilt.


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Getting Started with Quiltmaking?How do you make a quilt?


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Community Quilt Block - finished block for the guild

Community Quilt BlockI went to a meeting of the local quilter's guild special interest group, Community Quilts. They makes quilts to donate to DSHS foster care (given to foster care children when they graduate from high school), a local veteran's home.


Quilted Hot Pad - finished pot holder with ring hanger added

Quilted Hot PadI was given some completed, pieced quilt squares and there was an extra quilt square I couldn't use in the quilt I was making. I don't like to throw useful things away, so I made it into this quilted hot pad.


Keepsake Fabric Boxes - the bottom side showing the patchwork

Keepsake Fabric BoxesThese fabric boxes were made from fabric scraps I found among my mother's sewing supplies after she passed away. I thought it would be nice to make them up into something usable, but also memorable, so I made each of my children a fabric box to use for storing trinkets or for serving bread or rolls. It is also a way to remember their grandmother, an avid quilter.


Blue and light biscuit quilt.

Biscuit QuiltHere is a picture of a biscuit quilt (crib size) I made for a friend whose nursery was brown and greens. They are so fun to make! Just cut your squares (great use for scraps)! The top one should be about 1 inch larger than the bottom square.


Harry Potter quilt in process.

Update on Harry Potter QuiltThere is light at the end of my two year long tunnel, regarding the Harry Potter paper pieced quilt I began in the spring of 2011.


Trimming final side, new top after 180 turn.

Squaring Up a Half Square Triangle Quilt BlockThe half square triangle (HST) block is very popular and is used in many patchwork quilts. When making this block it is a good idea to make them slightly oversized and then cut them down to their unfinished dimensions.


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Snowball Quilt Block

Snowball Quilt BlockQuilting is a beautiful way to display several different patterns and fabrics. Learn how to make these quilt blocks in this short video.


Making Half Square Triangle Quilt Blocks

Making Half Square Triangle Quilt BlocksThe half square triangle (HST) is a very common component of patchwork quilts. These blocks consist of two right triangles. This is an easy step by step guide to making one.



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Size of California King?First time poster here! So excited for this opportunity to ask a question. I've done my research. I know that a king quilt takes 40 fat quarters, how many will it take to make a 'California' King?


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Wonder Art Sweetheart Quilt Blocks?I am looking for this pattern in stamped quilt blocks. I am making a quilt, and need about 4 more packages of six blocks.


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Violet Embroidery Quilt Blocks by WonderArt?I recently found the 1975 violet embroidery quilt blocks by WonderArt that my aunt had started before she died. Her granddaughter has nothing she has made and I would like to finish the ones I have and turn them into a quilt.


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Making a Chicken Scratch Quilt?Where can I get the patterns for the chicken scratch quilt?


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Finding Free Fabric?I am looking to start quilting for the first time. Is there anyplace or anyone that gives free scraps of material?


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WonderArt Turtle Quilt Pattern?I am looking for the turtle quilt pattern #1285.


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