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This page contains glass art craft projects and tips.

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E6000 glue, commonly used for gluing glass.

Gluing Glass to GlassCraft projects using glass often require you to glue glass to glass. This is a page about gluing glass to glass.


Flat Glass Gems

Crafts Using Flat Glass GemsThis is a page about crafts using flat glass gems. Flat glass gems can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors and used in many craft projects.


Stained Glass

Stained Glass PatternsThis page is about stained glass patterns. Many beautiful patterns for this precise craft can be found for free on the internet.


Painting Glass

Painting GlassThis is a page about painting glass. A creative, fun craft that can decorate containers, ornaments, blocks, and household items, is painting glass.


Pattern for a Vintage 1950s Glass Windchime?I would like to have a pattern for the small glass windchimes that came from Japan in the 1945-1960s. I remember them costing 25 cents to $1.25. Here is a picture of one my daughter bought for me. I want just one tier. Anyone know where to find one? Or the pattern?


Making Crushed Glass Art

Making Crushed Glass ArtThis page is about making crushed glass art. Recycled pulverized glass can create an interesting, colorful craft project.


Green Glass Bottles

Cutting Glass BottlesThis is a page about cutting glass bottles. Recycling glass bottles for craft projects often requires that they be cut to size.


How to Make Crystallized Marbles - drain water and enjoy the crystallized marbles

How to Make Crystallized MarblesCracked glass marbles can be used as decorations with all sorts of craft projects. This is a page about how to make crystallized marbles.


Two Wine Glasses

Crafts Using Wine GlassesThis is a page about crafts using wine glasses. Wine glasses can be used in a variety of craft projects.


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Making Crackle Glass for Crafts?I have an old costume jewelry Christmas tree, framed on velvet. I would like to know how to crackle the glass or break up glass bottles for the tree. Any suggestions?


Glass gems of various colors.

Making a Flat Gem Mosaic TableA simple stain glass pattern can be used for an easy, glass pebble project, made on plastic, wood or glass. This page is about making a flat gem mosaic table.


A pile of rounded beach glass.

Crafts Using Beach GlassOn some beaches there can be a wealth of sea glass. After being rubbed by the sand and rocks, broken pieces of glass have smooth edges. This page contains crafts using beach glass.



Finished lamp shade.

Champagne Bottle LampshadeBy recycling glass bottles, we help reduce pollution and waste. I like the shape of champagne bottles, this why I decided to use them to create an original lampshade.


Wedding glasses decorated with flowers and rhinestones.

Gluing Beads Onto a Wine Glass?Beads that are glued to a glass should be sealed with an acrylic product, such as a matte medium to keep them in place. This is a page about gluing beads onto a wine glass.


Glass Block on white background.

Painting the Inside of a Glass Block?While many crafters paint the outside of their glass blocks it is possible to paint the inside. One method is to pour a lot of paint in through the opening, swirl it around the block and then turn the block upside down to drain and dry. This is a page about painting the inside of a glass block.


Gymnast Glass Block

Making a Gymnastics Themed Glass BlockThis is a page about making a gymnastics themed glass block. A easily personalized gift for your favorite gymnast.


Clear piece of glass with metal "feet" glued on the corners

Gluing Glass to MetalThis is a page about gluing glass to metal. Some surfaces are more of a challenge to glue to each other.


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DIY Waterproof Glue for Glass?The sea glass jars look so cute made with the glue, water, and food coloing. But there are many comments on the glue washing off. What could I use with the glue mixture to keep the glue from washing off?


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Removing Scratches on Colored Glass Plates?I'm an artist and I paint on colored glass plates. It is very hard to find new plates as there are not very many companies making colored glass plates these days. So I'm stuck buying used/vintage ones and most have scratches from utensils. I can't find any great source directed to colored glass plates.


Decorated Jars

Decorating Jars for GiftsThis is a page about decorating jars for gifts. New and used jars can be embellished in a variety of ways, and filled with food or beauty recipes for unique presents.


star jar candle holder

Glass Jar Candle Holder IdeasThis is a page about glass jar candle holder ideas. Using canning jars or glasses you can make decorative candle holders for festive decorations or gifts.


painted glass vase

Painting Glass Jars and VasesThis is a page about glass painting craft project ideas. An attractive way to decorate a bottle or jar is by painting it.


etched tall water

Glass Etching Craft ProjectsThis is a page about glass etching craft projects. You can turn plain glass objects and containers into lovely pieces of home decor or gifts by etching designs onto the the glass.


Tinted Glass Jar

Tinting or Staining Glass and JarsThis is a page about tinting or staining glass and jars. Turn plain or uniquely shaped bottles into lovely colorful decorative items, in a few simple steps.


Glass Bottle

Etching a Glass BottleThis is a page about etching a glass bottle. One method of decorating a plain glass bottle is by etching.


Mirror Pin

Making a Mirror PinThis page is about making a mirror pin. A fun craft project to make a classy ornament for yourself or for others.



Redneck Wine Glasses

Making Redneck Wine GlassesThis page is about masking redneck wine glasses. Incorporating a fun party theme for decorations or favors can be crafty.


Decorating Glass Plates

Decorating Glass PlatesA fun project with paint or sewing notions is creating a decorative plate. This page is about decorating glass plates.


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Cotton Covered Glass Craft Projects?I want to know how to use the 100% pure cotton on small glassware using only water to make a self type glue. The projects can be used on small glassware and glass vases.


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How do I Easily Cut a Glass Bottle?I would like to know how to cut a bottle easily?


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What Tools Do I Need to Cut and Sand Wine Bottles? Any suggestions on the tools to cut the bottom out of wine bottles and then how to make it smooth?


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Craft Ideas Using Broken Mirror Fragments?I have access to lots of broken glass, mirrors mostly, and I need some great ideas! I want to get started on Christmas gifts and I'm thinking about using the broken mirrors, but what can I do? Please help.


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Making a Lighted Wine Bottle "Table"?I am looking for instructions for how to make a lighted wine bottle with a "table" on the neck of the bottle to hold wine glasses.


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Drilling Slot For Glass Block Bank?I want to make a glass block bank. How do I drill the slot?


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Making Lighted Wine Bottles?I went to a craft show and saw a wine bottle with lights, but the person cut the hole near the bottom of the wine bottle and inserted the lights so you don't see it from the top.


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Etching a Mirror?How do you engrave on a mirror?


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Base for Glass Blocks?Has anyone tried making a light kit on a base with interchangeable glass blocks for different occasions?


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Using a Dremel to Drill Through Glass?I'm trying to drill a hole in a 1/4 in. piece of glass with my Dremel tool. I have a diamond tipped bit with a rounded end. The Dremel is a single speed Multi-pro 30,000 rpm. It just seems to be taking a really long time to get through it. How long should it take?


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Lights for Glass Block Decorations?I am so discouraged as I still cannot find the white, one ended Christmas lights for the glass blocks. I have gone to Home Depot, Wal-mart, the Dollar Store, Michaels and Canadian Hardware to no avail. Help!


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Putting Larger Bulbs in Glass Blocks?I would like to know if there is a way of making bigger holes in the glass blocks to accommodate putting in a night light size bulb rather than an string of lights. There was a sight I was on that sold the glass blocks with the 7 watt night size bulb.


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Decorations Made with Glass Blocks?How do you make decorations with glass blocks?



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Armour Etch Cream?Looking for info on using Etch cream for large area-octagon glass dining room table top. I bought Armour Etch Cream and the bottle says not to be used for large areas. What am I suppose to use?


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Looking For Information About Self Adhesive Glass Block Decorations?I am still having trouble finding out about self adhesive (wallies?)or other cut outs to put on lighted glass blocks. Once I place it on the block, do I need to spray something over it to help it stay?


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Glass Box Decoration Ideas?What kind of decorations can you put on top of the glass box decorations to go along with the bows or without bows?


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Clear Or Frosted Glass Block Lights?I am interested in making glass block lights, but I am not sure which type is the best to use. I read clear is the best but then I also read that the frosted is the best. Do any of you have a suggestion?


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Getting Glass Cut?How can I get 2 in squares of glass cut inexpensively?


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Cutting Mirrors At Home?I've been able to collect several unframed mirrors with a few chips and several wrong sizes. Before I spend time searching the Internet, has anyone had success in cutting mirror?


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Wine Bottle Lights?I am looking for directions with illustrations to make these for gifts. I do not want to cut the wine bottle.


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Stained Glass Wind Chimes?Has anyone ever made windchimes from stained glass? I have some shards that I would like to use and I'm not sure what type of string/wire would be best to string the pieces together.


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Glass Art Ideas?I am doing a DT project and need some ideas for ways to treat glass (eg: stained glass, etching).


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Glass Lamp Etching?I have a pretty Hurricane lamp with the bottom Night Lite glass shade and the top a regular glass shade. The thin line is fading and chipping off a bit and I love this lamp and would like to figure out a way to perhaps remove the pencil painted line (as I probably won't be able to match the color) and reinsert a new line close to the original color.


A gazebo scene made from powdered glass.

Powdered Glass ArtThis picture is made of recycled colored glass It is broken up in different textures of glass. Use a sifter to make powered glass, etc. The pictures are drawn out on white poster paper and outlined with colored braiding cord. Then they are filled in with the colored glass that is glued in with craft glue.



Making a Bottle Cutting JigHere are instructions for making a jig to help hold and cut bottles.


Finished lamp shade.

Champagne Bottle LampshadeBy recycling glass bottles, we help reduce pollution and waste. I like the shape of champagne bottles, this why I decided to use them to create an original lampshade.


Wine Bottle Glass Art

Wine Bottle Glass ArtRecycled colored glass wine bottles, crushed, sifted and glued onto sheets of framed glass to make beautiful pictures that resemble stained glass projects.



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Does Humidity Affect the Drying Time of Glass Glue?Does it take longer for this glue to set in the humidity?


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Painting the Inside of a Glass Block?Can I use glass enamel paint on the inside of a glass block? I am trying to avoid brush strokes.


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Best Glue for Creating a Window Pane Design?What kind of glue can I use for creating a window pane design?


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Adhering Plates of Glass to Each Other?I am doing a collage using photo pieces and several flat plates of glass (about 5, 10x12 sheets) which will eventually be placed on top of each other. How can I adhere the plates of glass together without seeing the glue and maintaining clearness of the glass?


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Gluing Glass to Glass?I am making tall centerpieces for my mom's 60th birthday party and I'm gluing glass to glass. I've used E6000 glue and a hot glue gun in order to make the pieces stick together, but it won't stick! This has never happened to me. What going on?


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Hanging a Pane of Glass in a Window?I live in a condo and cannot put anything on my windows. I can put it inside. I took a 9x12" piece of glass out of a frame and put a removable hologram window film on the glass. I want the rainbows to scatter across the room (the g-kids love it). I do not want a frame to take away from it. I figure if I try to drill a hole in top of each end the glass it will crack.


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