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Painting Pots White

Painting Terra Cotta Clay PotsTerra cotta pots are inexpensive and can be painted and transformed into pretty decorative containers. This is a page about painting terra cotta clay pots.


a woman painting

Homemade Matte Medium Recipes?This is a page about homemade matte medium recipes. Matte medium is typically used when painting but also has other craft uses.


acrylic paint

Painting With Acrylic Paint on PlasticThis is a page about painting with acrylic paint on plastic. Some plastics may require special preparation prior to painting with acrylic paints.


paint brushes

Craft Painting TipsThis is a page about craft painting tips. Many crafts involve some amount of painting. Knowing a few tips and techniques can ensure a pleasing final result.


Colorful painted glass blocks.

Painting Glass Blocks?Using the wrong paint on your glass block project can be disastrous. This is a page about painting glass blocks.


Wax Crayons

Painting With Wax CrayonsThis is a page about painting with wax crayons. If you are looking for a new art technique that is not too expensive, try painting with wax crayons.


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Can I Use Food Coloring in Acrylic Paint?Can I use food coloring in acrylic paint to help change the color a little?


Two kids wearing jackets with an orange and white clown fish painted on them.

Painting on Denim?There are some techniques that can aid in making a success of your fabric painting projects. This is a page about tips for painting on denim.


A can of black paint.

Painting a Refrigerator With Chalkboard Paint?Painting a refrigerator with chalkboard paint males a great place to write notes or draw whatever you like. This is a page about painting a refrigerator with chalkboard paint.


Cute and colorful painted clothes pins.

Painting Clothes Pins?Several craft projects include painted clothes pins. If finished properly they can even be used to hang laundry. After you have done the decorative painting it is a good idea to use a clear finish to protect your work and your clothes if used with laundry. This is a page about painting clothes pins.



Painting on Plastic?This is a page about painting on plastic. Painting on plastic can be tricky unless you follow certain procedures or use paints especially designed for use on plastics.


Painting on Plastic Covered 3 Ring Binders - binder cover with paint coming off

Painting on Plastic Covered 3 Ring Binders?I recently painted about 20 plastic covered 3 ring school binders. I sprayed each one with sealer, then painted them with DecoArt patio paint. In some I used Mod Podge as a base also. When I finished with the painting, I sealed them again. Since then the paint literally peels right off or if it is against anything else it sticks to the other object.



The completed upcycled painting.

Upcycled PaintingI like to save things to re-use and I painted a canvas and glued on things I had around the house to make a very decorative painting. If you don't have a canvas, you can use stiff cardboard or any hard surface.


The completed flower shelf.

Painted Flower ShelfThis white ceramic shelf didn't look very interesting when we bought it from a thrift store but I knew it had potential! It went from blah to stunning! I used this painting my sister-in-law painted as a basis for the color selection. This is a way to tie in a color scheme.


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Egg Cartons For PaintsWhen it is time to paint get out your empty egg carton! When using the inexpensive small bottles of paint from the craft stores you can squeeze small amounts of different colors into each egg section.


Painting a ceramic plate and vase.

Painting CeramicsMany people love using molded ceramics to decorate your own home decor or gift pieces. Ceramics can be glazed before firing or painted afterwards.


Sunset Mountain Painting - painting on tile floor with jar candles

Sunset Mountain PaintingWell here we are, all stuck at home with two different pandemics going around. One, the most serous is of course covid-19, and the other is boredom! We can all agree we've caught ourselves more than once in the months we've been at home sitting on the couch and just thinking of what we can do rather then actually doing it lol!


A stoma bag on a person's side.

Using a Stoma BagStoma bags are used in the case of a colostomy or other condition that causes an opening into the abdomen for collecting waste. It's important to keep the bag accessible for changing and inspection.


Watercolor Greeting Cards - a finished card

Watercolor Greeting CardsI can't draw or paint, but I learned a simple way to watercolor and make handmade cards.


Go With the Flow Painting - finished painting of white floral pattern on black background

Go With the Flow PaintingA simple pour paint project for those who don't know how to paint, but want to do a painting!


A watercolor wash of purple and peach.

Watercolor Art IdeasLooking to give watercolors a try. This page offers several tips, techniques, and projects to help you get started.


Abstract Acrylic Painting - painting on an easel

Creating an Abstract Acrylic PaintingThis abstract painting method is easy to do, even the kids can join in. For a list of supplies and instructions scroll down this page.


An array of different colored craft paints.

Rehydrating Dried Out Acrylic Craft Paint?Acrylic crafts paints can dry out before you have used them up. Sometimes they can be rehydrated, often by adding a little bit of water at a time. For more options read on.


Salt Spider Web Painting - touch Q-tip to the salt and watch it absorb the paint

Making a Salt Spider Web PaintingA spider web painting can be made with glue and salt. Once dried paint the salt with a q-tip and acrylic paint.


Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on Canvas - two finished canvases

Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on CanvasIf you want to create a crackle finish on your canvas this tutorial will show you how. You will need some acrylic paint and Elmer's glue or a similar product to begin.


Pistachio Shell Birds Painting - add a tiny dot of black paint near the beak to create the eyes

Making a Pistachio Shell Birds PaintingUsing painted pistachio nut shells as your birds you can create a bare tree painting on canvas full of colorful birds. Try your hand with this beautiful simple craft.


A large piece of cardboard, making a clean place for kids to craft.

Cardboard Place Mat for Kids' Painting CraftsUsing recycled cardboard boxes as painting craft placemats keeps the area clean and allows you and your children freedom to create. It is a good way to protect the dining room table or other surfaces.



Stenciled Tea Towels or Bags - finished towels

Making Stenciled Tea Towels or BagsDecorate simple, plain tea towels or cloth shopping bags by painting stenciled patterns on them. Learn how on this page.


A marble look artwork made from nail polish.

Making Marbleized ArtworkCreate beautiful marbleized artwork on paper using cooking oil and food colors or water and nail polish. This is a great project of kids as well; younger ones will likely need guidance. The instructions and photos follow.


A person using a can of blue-green spray paint.

Using Spray Paint?When working with spray paint there are a few things to keep in mind. First do your research in order to purchase the correct paint for your project taking into consideration the surface to be painted and the location of the finished piece. You will also want to use the best technique for applying the paint. Multiple thin layers are preferred over one thick one.


String Pull Abstract Painting - keep submerging the pieces of string and repeating the pulling step until you are satisfied

Pulled String Art PaintingRather than using a brush, try creating a beautiful abstract painting using string to spread your paint. Following are some examples of pulled string art painting projects.


Easy Canvas Art

Easy Canvas ArtworkPaint can easily be applied to canvas or a canvas board through a stencil to create some fun artwork to decorate your home.


Two messy paint brushes on a palette.

Homemade Paint Palette IdeasYou don't have to buy an expensive paint palette for your crafting projects. A plastic lid with bottle caps attached is one possible alternative. This page contains homemade paint palette ideas.


10 Minute Watercolor Using Markers

Watercolor Painting Using MarkersTry this easier approach to creating beautiful watercolor paintings, using water soluble markers. This post explains the process used in watercolor painting using markers.


Repurposed Festive Window - when dry lightly draw on designs with a pencil and begin painting

Upcycling a Window with PaintPainting a discarded window that may be trash, can be a great way to express your creativity. This craft is about upcycling a window with paint.


Kid's Name Painter's Tape Art Project

Painter's Tape Art ProjectsCreating a design or name using painter's tape allows your child to make a unique painted artwork. Simply remove the tape and voila! This page contains painter's tape art projects.


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Using Acrylic Interior Paint for Art Pouring Projects?I'm a budding artist alla grande. I'm looking to 'acrylic pouring', but I want to know if acrylic indoor paint can be used successfully on art projects such as pouring projects. I'm appalled at the prices of just a little paint for pourings in art stores. If the paint is the same in either art store or paint stores - I'm a winner!


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Protecting Oil Paint Design on Denim?I used oil paint on a white denim jacket, will it stay on if I wash it myself? Or should I take it to the dry cleaners?


Gold rimmed porcelain teacup.

14 Carat Gold Paint for Porcelain?Painting porcelain with gold paint will require firing in a kiln in order to get the color you want. This is a page about 14 carat gold paint for porcelain.


Reverse Glass PaintingA fun way to try to reproduce art you like, is to paint the clear glass laid over the top of the artwork. This is a page about reverse glass painting.


A clear glass lamp.

Painting Glass Lamps?Glass lamps are a great decor item that can easily be customized by being painted to your liking. This is a page about painting glass lamps.


Ombré Painted Succulent Pot - closeup of pink and blue painted pot with a succulent planted in it.

Ombré Painted Succulent PotAdd some flare to your succulent pot by painting it in an ombré fashion. This is a page about ombré; painted succulent pot.



Recycled Milk Bottle Caps Palette - paint in bottle caps on lid palette

How to Make a Recycled Milk Bottle Cap PaletteThe caps off of milk bottles are just right for use in making an impromptu palette for your next craft painting project. This is a page about how to make a recycled milk bottle cap palette.


finished sign framed and hanging

Making Painted Glass SignsMake your own easy to hang custom sign decoration to that shows off your personal style by painting it on glass. This is a page about making painted glass signs.


Photo Cutouts for Any Party - The Scream with speech bubble

Photo Cutouts for Any PartyWe are celebrating my sister's surprise milestone birthday with these cutouts!


Man Painting an Electric Guitar.

Painting an Electric Guitar?Add a personal touch to the instrument of your favorite rocker. This is a page about painting an electric guitar.


Snowman paperweight.

Painted Stone Paper WeightsStones make great paper weights and by painting them you can make them extra special. Painted stone paper weights are great for kids to make as Christmas gifts.


Marble-Painted Heart - finished heart

Marble-Painted HeartUse a marble in a box as your paintbrush to create a one of a kind painting. This is a page about marble-painted heart.


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Using Rubber Cement on Fabric Before Painting?In 2009 someone posted here that you can use rubber cement as a base coat on fabric followed by acrylic paint. It sounds crazy, but would be great. Anyone ever tried this? Surely it wouldn't wash.


Protect Paint Brushes With a Straw - artist brush inside a drinking straw

Protect Paint Brushes With a StrawOur paintbrushes fare much better when they are rinsed out, shaken off and stored in a straw. They can be set upright in a jar, this way, without the brush being damaged. We are stenciling our kitchen cabinets by hand ;)


colorful abstract painting made using a hair dryer

Making a Hair Dryer PaintingThis is a page about making a hair dryer painting. Blow paint in interesting patterns with a basic hair dryer.


canvas covered with paint circles

Paint Sample Wall ArtThis is a page about paint sample wall art. Don't throw out those little wall paint samples in the can. They can be used to create your own original artwork.


repaired painting hanging on wall

Repairing a Curb Find PaintingI found a painting on the street. The frame was dirty and there was a tear in the canvas. Here is how I repaired it.


finished paperweight

Making Colorful Garden Pebble PaperweightsThis is a page about making colorful garden pebble paperweights. Garden stones with pleasing shapes can be painted with seasonal motifs to make pretty, useful paperweights.


Initial Canvas

Making a 3D Initial CanvasThis is a page about making a 3D initial canvas. A fun project for a youngster to make a unique gift for a special person.


Giving a Metal Pot an Aged Look With Paint

Giving a Metal Pot an Aged Look With PaintThis is a page about giving a metal pot an aged look with paint. Antiquing techniques can be used on many items including metal pots.


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Painting on Enamel Coated Mugs?I have four enamel mugs, like the speckled campfire mugs, that I want to paint/draw on. Sharpie wipes right off so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a paint, marker, or paint pen that will stay on?


Leopard Print Key Ring

Making a Leopard Print Key RingThis is a page about making a leopard print key ring. The unique and beautiful leopard pattern created for this project makes it a stand out gift for a friend or for yourself.


Watercolor Resist Painting

Watercolor Resist PaintingThis is a page about watercolor resist painting. Water color rest painting is neat technique that leaves certain areas free from the watercolor paint.


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Re-hydrating Water Based Art Paint?Could anyone tell me how to soften water based paint in artist tubes please?


finished painted vase

Peacock-Inspired Glass VaseChristmas is just around the corner and it is time to start making gifts for those special people in your life. Find your inspiration in the feathers of a peacock for this gift idea. Turn an ordinary clear glass vase into a unique table centerpiece, a gift to be cherished for many years.


Painting on Canvas

Frugal Canvases For PaintingThis is a page about frugal canvases for painting. If you enjoy painting as a hobby, the cost of new, quality canvas can really add up. Use these thrifty ideas to help save money getting canvases to paint on.


snowman coffee mugs

Sponge-Painted MugsThis is a page about sponge-painted mugs. The sponge painting technique makes decorating coffee mugs an easy project that even the kids and help with.


purple basket

Painting BasketsThis is a page about painting baskets. To give a new purpose or just to liven them up, baskets can be spray or brush painted.


Applying ink to block.

Making Linoleum Block PrintsThis is a page about making linoleum block prints. A fun unique way to decorate paper or fabric is making print blocks.


A picture of watercolor paints and paint brushes.

Watercolor Tips and TechniquesThis page is about watercolor tips and techniques. There is a lot to learn about the kinds of paints and different ways of applying them when beginning to watercolor.


Making Hand Painted Coasters

Making Hand Painted CoastersThis page is about making hand painted coasters. Ordinary wooden coasters can be turned into something decorative with some paint and stencils.


Painting With Oil Paints

Still Life Painting With Oil PaintsThis page is about basic still life oil painting. Learning basic oil painting techniques can get you started enjoying this artistic expression.


Powdered Tempera Paint

Mixing Powdered Tempera PaintThis is a page about mixing powdered tempera paint. Following a few simple steps can help keep the mess down when mixing your own powdered tempera paint.


Painting Glass Bottles

Painting Glass BottlesThis is a page about painting glass bottles. Painting glass bottles is a great craft for showcasing your artistic talents and making beautiful or whimsical decorative pieces for your home or to give as gifts.


Tall Glasses with black stripe of chalkboard painted on them. The glass centered inthe image has Kate written on it, a yellow striped straw in the glass and a piece of chalk laying in front.

Using Chalkboard PaintThis page is about using chalkboard paint. This paint can make a blackboard in a lot of different places.


Paint laden art brushes in a jar.

Cleaning Artist BrushesThis is a page about cleaning artist brushes. Good art brushes can be quite expensive to buy. By properly cleaning them after each use you can extend the life of your brushes.


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Using Acrylic Paint on a Plastic Table Cloth?Can I use acrylic paint on a plastic table cloth?



Mountain LandscapeThis is a painting my dad did for me. It is so beautiful. He passed away about eight years ago. He is and was a great man!


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Use Sponge To Paint Wire FenceIt's easier and less messy to paint a wire fence with a sponge instead of a brush. Just put the paint in an aluminum roller pan and dunk the sponge.


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Save Plastic Packaging for Paint PaletteI save bits of hard "see through" plastic from the boxes of things I buy (toaster, etc.) to use as a disposable paint palette for acrylic paints that I use for crafts. It doesn't have a well, but the paint stays put anyway.


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Painting Plastic Christmas Ornaments?I am having preschoolers paint plastic Christmas ornaments. Which type of paint works best and do I need some kind of permanent sealer? Thanks!


Watercolor of black and white cat.

Craft: Watercolor (BooBoo on My Lap)This is a quick rendering of my cat, BooBoo, as he sits on my lap. I was lucky enough to have my watercolors and paper out. I use this picture as my profile picture on Facebook and like the comments I have received.


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Painting a Design on a Guitar?I want to paint on my guitar. How do I transfer a design onto it so that I can paint it?


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Complimentary Color for Gold in a Painting?I have done a painting with gold and silver objects. Now I would like to add one flower. Which color will compliment the gold? The background is reddish-brown.


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Tole Painting Patterns?Does anyone have any patterns for tole painting?


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Using Gesso to Create Dimension?How do you use gesso to get dimension on rock painting?


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Painting With an Airbrush?I'm just getting started with an airbrush (for painting) and would like to know whether latex paint can be used, and how to thin it to the right consistency? I read something about adding Windex to it. Any suggestions?


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Store Roller in Tray With Water for Painting TomorrowIf you paint with a paint roller one day and plan to continue painting the next day, you can avoid washing the roller by placing it in the paint tray and filling the tray with water to cover the roller.


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Stained Glass Painting Designs?I am looking for free download stained glass painting designs. I would appreciate if you can kindly help me on that. Thanks.


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Painting Liquor Bottles So They Look Full?How do I paint empty liquor bottles so that they look full, and transparent? Is there a special paint ? And where do I get it?


Bob the Builder watercolors for a boy's bedroom.

Craft: Watercolor Bob The BuilderI created these very cool pictures for my son's Christmas present. I used his favorite books, tracing paper, watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, and a paint brush. Most of the craft supplies can be purchased at your local Walmart.


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Use White Out for Tiny Painting JobsNeed to do a small touch up job on something white, but don't have the white paint or don't want to open that big can? For a small, very small touch up job needing white, use White Out.


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Painting with Crown Suede Paints?How does one paint with suede paints bought from CROWN? Please advise.


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Tracing Pictures onto Silk to Paint?Can anyone help me to find pictures that I can use to trace onto silk so that I can paint them? Any pictures that are suitable to copy would be great. I also paint in acrylics so they would be useful for that too. Flowers are my special interest.


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Paint Peeling on Galvanized Hamper?I have an old galvanized painted hamper. The paint is peeling. Does anyone know how to go about removing the paint and then repainting the surface?


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Preparing a Shirt to Paint?I have washed a 50/50 cotton/polyester tee shirt in ALL and Downy. I will be fabric painting on this tee shirt and was not supposed to wash it by hand to get the sizing out. Can I wash it in Woolite by hand to now get the fabric softener out of it?


Painted potato bin.

Painting a Potato BinUse acrylic paints whenever possible. They are easy to paint over if you need to make a change. This is a photo of my parents' potato bin that I decided to decorate for them as a surprise.


Painted GuitarPainted Guitar. This is a picture of my grandson's guitar, he asked me to paint something on it so this is what I came up with, he loves playing it and tells me he get a lot of compliments on it.


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Fixing Mistakes When Painting Fabric?I am working with acrylic paints, and also painting on fabric. Does any have any idea how to remove some of the mistakes I made off fabric?


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Preparing Muslin Fabric for Painting?How do you prepare fabric such as muslin so when markers or acrylic paints are being used they don't bleed?


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Recycled Paint HoldersRecycled items you can use to hold paint for your art projects. Post your ideas.


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Decorating My Room with Favorite Bands?I am going to decorate my room in a music theme, since I love to play the electric guitar. Are there any special brushes I should use to paint Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Green Day on my wall since those are my fav. bands? Thanks, I'm not allowed to paint black on my walls, that sux- black is my favorite color. Chance


Watercolor Greeting Cards - a finished card

Watercolor Greeting CardsI can't draw or paint, but I learned a simple way to watercolor and make handmade cards.


Marbleized Artwork - red and white artwork

Marbleized ArtworkThis is a fun, simple way to create eye stunning and unique artwork without having to have any artistic talent. You can use this technique on countless objects to gain the same marbleized look, but for this project I've chosen canvas panels. All you need is the object you want marbleized, a bin filled with water, and nail polish and you too will soon be creating beautiful artwork and decorations.


The completed upcycled painting.

Upcycled PaintingI like to save things to re-use and I painted a canvas and glued on things I had around the house to make a very decorative painting. If you don't have a canvas, you can use stiff cardboard or any hard surface.


String Pull Abstract Painting - finished abstract painting

String Pull Abstract PaintingThis is a fun abstract painting technique using pieces of string to spread the paints around in lieu of just paintbrushes. This is a fantastic all-ages craft.


Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on Canvas - two finished canvases

Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on CanvasI love to experiment with paint on bottles or even on canvas. I found a great technique where I could use Elmer's glue on top of the paint and then paint a layer of paint over the glue to make the paint crackle and give it a very unique look. I normally do this with bottles, but decided to try it on a canvas to see how it looked. This is an easy project that anyone can do. The results are amazing.


Go With the Flow Painting - finished painting of white floral pattern on black background

Go With the Flow PaintingA simple pour paint project for those who don't know how to paint, but want to do a painting!


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Painting Glass Blocks?How many coats do you have to put on to get proper coverage so your brush strokes do not show with lights inside the block?


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Painting a Design on a Denim Jacket?I've been wanting to paint on this denim jacket I had gotten awhile ago. While I'm making the design I was wondering where I can paint on the jacket so that the paint doesn't wear down quickly. Can I paint on the cuffs? Or will the rub off too quickly, same for things like the collar, I don't know where the best places to paint are so that the paint doesn't come off.


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Using Krylon Spray Paint and Acrylic Craft Paint?Are Krylon spray paint and acrylic craft paint compatible? I have tried Rustoleum spray paint and the acrylic craft paint does not adhere. I want to use this with a stencil. What is the best way to make sure the craft paint sticks?


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Painting and Frosting a Glass Block?I am painting glass blocks for Christmas gifts. I want to paint a picture and frost the block. Do I frost first and then paint? Or paint the picture and then frost over the whole block? I have seen where they frost over vinyl, but I am not sure about over a painted picture.


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Making Paint on Denim Permanent?I just spent over 30 combined hours painting a few pairs of jeans and I'd like them to not fade with washing. I didn't know about making a clear base coat first, so I didn't do that. I just used Tulip fabric paint and painted away. Upon completion I used a Sharpie marker to give it a stroke and go around all the lines. I then ironed it for a few minutes to heat it.


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Painting Denim Jacket with AcrylicsI am currently painting a denim jacket with black acrylic paint. But for some reason, it became stiff, so I soaked it in some warm water and I'm letting it dry outside. What should I do?


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