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Elderly Woman doing needle work

Craft Ideas for Nursing Home PatientsThis is a page about craft ideas for nursing home patients. Finding crafts that nursing home patients will enjoy making can be a daunting task.


Seashell Wreath

Using the Right Glue for Seashell CraftsThis is a page about using the right glue for seashell crafts. Certain types of glue work best when working on projects involving gluing shells to other objects.


hand holding paint brush for watercolors

One Handed Crafts?This is a page about one handed crafts. An accident or stroke may result in losing the use of one hand. This does not mean the end of crafting opportunities.


Person painting an egg made of polystyrene

How to Paint StyrofoamThe rough porous surface of Styrofoam can make it a challenge to paint. This is a page about how to paint Styrofoam.


Sealant for Outdoor Acrylic Art Project  - painted barn on a mailbox

Sealing Acrylic Paint for Outside?Craft projects created using acrylic paint will hold up to weather longer if properly sealed. There are a number of products available, but you would do well to investigate the best options for your specific artwork.


Adult painting a picture with watercolors.

Crafts for Mentally Challenged Adults?This is a page about crafts for mentally challenged adults. Finding crafts that are easy enough and at the same time engaging enough for mentally challenged adults can be daunting, as there will be many different skills levels.


Applying craft sealer to a vase.

Making Homemade Craft Sealer?Make your own decoupage sealer at home. This is a page about making homemade craft sealer.


Styrofoam hearts with a wooden cutout of the word "love" and some paintbrushes.

Using Mod Podge on Styrofoam?Before decoupaging a Styrofoam ball you may want to apply a paint designed for use on this material, even if it is only a base coat that you cover with other decorative treatments such as glitter. This is a page about using Mod Podge on Styrofoam.


A hanging wind chime made from metal bars.

Softening Metal Wind ChimesIf you find that your wind chimes are annoying you, your pets, or your neighbors, there are steps you can take to soften their tone. This page has advice about softening metal wind chimes.


Woman in Straw Hat

Dyeing a Straw Purse or Hat?This is a page about dyeing a straw purse or hat. When changing the color of straw you want to make sure it will not bleed onto other things.


A shorefull of different sized seashells.

Attaching Seashells to Plywood?This is a page about attaching seashells to plywood. If you crafting with seashells there may be a need to adhere them to wood or other materials.


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Cleaning Glue Off Craft BrushesDepending the type of glue you are using, there are several methods commonly used to clean your brushes. This is a page about cleaning glue off craft brushes.



Spray cans of spray varnish.

Sealing Plaster Stepping Stones?This is a page about sealing plaster stepping stones. If you made some plaster stepping stones and you want them to last it is best to seal them.


Adding Scent to Old Potpourri, Dried Flowers in Container

Adding Scent to Old PotpourriThis is a page about adding scent to old potpourri. Revive your old potpourri by adding a new scent.


Lace Tablecloth

Repairing a Lace Tablecloth?This is a page about repairing a lace tablecloth. There are ways to repair a favorite lace tablecloth whether it is hand crocheted or machine made.


glue bottle

Gluing Paper to Plastic?This is a page about gluing paper to plastic. Whether it's for a craft project or you just need to cover something up, sometimes you need to attach paper to a piece of plastic. Some glues will work better than others to get the task completed.


terra cotta flower pot person

Crafts Using Terra Cotta Flower PotsThis is a page about crafts using terra cotta flower pots. Terra cotta flower pots are an excellent choice for making a variety of crafts both for your home and garden.


Crafting Tools

Crafting Tips and TricksThis is a page about crafting tips and tricks. The numerous craft types each have their own collection of useful tips that either make your project easier or enhance the final outcome.


Bucket of Plaster of Paris

Craft Ideas Using Plaster of Paris?This is a page about craft ideas for plaster of paris. Plaster of Paris can be used for tons of fun crafts. You can make everything from paintable sculptures and ornaments, to stepping stones and handprints of your kids. Here are a bunch of ways to use your leftover Plaster of Paris.


Drilling Holes in Glass

Drilling Holes in GlassThis is a page about drilling holes in glass. Glass crafters often find that they need to drill holes in glass to complete their project.


Cleaning a Glue Gun

Cleaning a Hot Glue GunThis is a page about cleaning a glue gun. It is very frustrating to have your glue gun become clogged right in the middle of a project.


Two seashells in the sand.

Putting Silver Edging on a Seashell?There are several products that will allow you to put a silver colored edge on shells for craft projects and decorative items. This is a page about putting silver edging on a seashell.


Orange paper heart with a red ribbon, on a aqua colored cardstock.

Gluing Fabric to Paper?This is a page about gluing fabric to paper. Finding the best glue for your project helps guarantee a satisfactory outcome. Not all glue products will work well when gluing fabric and paper to each other.


closeup of old machine in cabinet

Removing a Sewing Machine from Its...This is a page about removing a sewing machine from its cabinet. Sometimes you need to remove your machine from the cabinet to move it, clear, or for repairs.


Uses for Leftover Printer Ink

Craft Uses for Leftover Printer Ink?This is a page about craft uses for leftover printer ink. In our efforts to reuse and recycle, some crafters look for ways to reuse printer ink in their projects.


Porcelain doll with curled hair

Curling a Doll's Hair?This is a page about curling a doll's hair. Some dolls have hair that can be styled.



Attaching Shells to MirrorsChoosing the right glue or adhesive is the most important part of successfully attaching shells to a mirror. This page contains suggestions for the best way to attach shells to mirrors.



Getting Rid of Bugs in Grapevine Wreaths

Getting Rid of Bugs in Grapevine WreathsThis is a page about getting rid of bugs in grapevine wreaths. The grapevine wreath forms you buy at the craft store may be harboring some unseen guests.


Woman Crocheting

Crafts Ideas for Hospice Care Setting?This is a page about crafts ideas for hospice care setting. Patients receiving hospice care often have varying physical limitations that can affect the types of craft activities they are able to participate in.


Balls of yarn in different colors and sizes.

Finding Free Yarn for Personal Use?Finding free or very inexpensive yarn for your own use is not necessarily that difficult. There are a number of resources you can try such as, Freecycle, Craigslist, Goodwill, and even the community page for you city. This is a page about finding free yarn for personal use.


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Too Many Unfinished Craft Projects?I have several craft projects that I would like to complete. Example: I have a denim quilt that I have started sewing. I have a sweater I started crocheting (almost done). I have an afghan I started crocheting.


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Putting a Stuffed Animal into a Balloon?I love making things homemade, I think they are more cherishable. I need help on how to stuff a balloon with a stuffed animal or toy truck. I have had a hard time finding a tool,booklet etc.


Gel Pens on white background.

New Gel Glitter Pen Not Working?General consensus seems to be that the best way to jumpstart a gel glitter pen is to bounce the tip on a hard surface. Shaking it can also get the pen working. This is a page about a new gel glitter pen not working.


Pink Tulle

Hanging Tulle From the CeilingThis is a page about hanging tulle from the ceiling. Tulle is often used in decorating for weddings and other special occasions.


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Reviving Fabric Markers?I bought some fabric markers a while back. When I opened them a couple of days ago, they were dry. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can revive them?


Cutting Straight With Scissors

Cutting Paper Straight With ScissorsThis is a page about cutting paper straight with scissors. As we all know making a straight cut with a pair of scissors can be difficult.


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Making A Cactus Out Of Chicken Wire?I need to make a Cactus out of chicken wire or something for VBS. HELP!


balls of yarn

Saving Money on YarnThis is a page about saving money on yarn. Careful shopping and creative frugality both will help you save money on stocking your yarn stash.


A frame with shells and glass to make a seascape.

Best Craft Glue to Create a Water Effect?If resin is not working for your water effect on a craft, you might try PVA glues and even add some hot glue effects.


A plastic red container of ground coffee.

Finding Plastic Folger's Coffee Cans?Plastic contains can be used in many craft projects. This is a page about finding plastic Folger's coffee cans.


Close up of rotary tool being used to carve a heart in a wood block

Rotary Tool Craft IdeasThis is a page about rotary tool craft ideas. Rotary tools, such as a Dremel tool, are used in a variety of craft projects.


White yarn dog.

Pattern for Yarn Dog That Doesn't Use a Wire Hanger?Trying to find the old pattern for making a wireless yarn dog can be daunting. This page contains a few leads you can try. This is a page about the pattern for a yarn dog that doesn't use a wire hanger.



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Melting Hot Glue Sticks Without a Gun?Can you use a small crock pot to melt hot glue sticks?


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Painting Plastic Bags?I'm working on a project with plastic bags (the kind you get from Walmart) and was wondering if there is any type of paint that will stick to them? I want them to be a burgundy color or a clay looking color.


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Painting a Logo on a Hard Hat?I am trying to paint a logo on a hard hat for my daughter's boyfriend. I've tried Krylon for plastic, model car paint, auto touch up paint, and paint markers. I've tried cleaning it with alcohol first and sanding the surface. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any other ideas?


Craft Using Fleece

Crafts Using Fleece ScrapsThis is a page about crafts using fleece scraps. There are many fun crafts that can be make using your leftover fleece scraps.


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Musty Smelling Yarn?I need some help. My aunt just gave me some older yarn and it is really musty smelling. Is there and way to wash/clean it?


A pile of silver soda can tabs.

Preparing Soda Can Tabs for Crafts?There are many craft uses for soda can tabs. This is a page about preparing soda can tabs for crafts.


Smoothing Rough Edges

Smoothing Rough Edges on Glass and Plastic...This is a page about smoothing rough edges on glass and plastic crafts. Many craft projects require you to cut glass and different types of plastics. This often leaves a rough edge that needs to be smoothed.


crafting supplies

Leewards Craft PatternsThis is a page about Leewards Craft Patterns. Popular craft patterns from Leewards can still be found, if you know where to look.


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Instructions for Children to Make a Rag Rug?I want to have my class of 11 year olds make a rag rug. Can you give me some help on materials to use, as basic as possible. Thank you.


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Wine Glass Holder Pattern?I am looking for a simple pattern to make a "neck" wine glass holder to hold a standard wine glass at wine tasting functions.


Preserving Bread for Display

Preserving Bread for DisplayThis is a page about preserving bread for display. You can make a display or a cute gift from a loaf of bread.


A collection of grommets with a tool.

Crafts Using GrommetsGrommets and smaller eyelets come in handy for use in many crafts and projects including curtains, plant pouches, and even a homemade poop bag holder. Check out the many ideas found below.


Hands forming a bowl on a pottery wheel

Craft Activities for Blind People?This is a page about craft activities for blind people. Loss of vision does not necessarily mean an end to crafting.


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Best Pen for Writing on Unfinished Wood?I bought a 24 inch monogram for my wedding guests to sign. The wood is unfinished. I tried writing on the raw wood with a red Sharpie then spraying with clear varnish, but the Sharpie ran. Any suggestions? I want it to be preserved for posterity. Any help is appreciated.


Hairspray to
Preserve Artwork

Use Hairspray to Preserve ArtworkA frugal alternative to art fixative for charcoal, pastel, and pencil sketches is hairspray. The less expensive brands work just fine. The This is a page about using hairspray to preserve artwork.


Faux bundt cake

Making Fake FoodThis page is about making fake food. There are situations when intimation food is just what's needed.


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Removing a Promotional Logo from a Shopping Bag?I have a large shopping tote bag which has a printed promotional logo at the front. How can I remove it so that I will be able to decorate the bag with an iron-on transfer?


curtain with grommets

Removing Grommets Without Damaging Curtains?When altering curtains you may wish to temporarily remove the grommets. This is a page about removing grommets without damaging curtains.


beaded bracelet

Craft Ideas for Adults with Learning Disabilities?This page contains craft ideas for adults with learning disabilities. Keeping hands busy and having the satifaction of making something, is good for everyone.


Many Colorful Buttons

Saving Money on ButtonsThis is a page about saving money on buttons. Buttons are needed not only for clothing crafts but also for other projects.


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Using Regular Crayons to Decorate Fabric?How do you color with regular crayons on t-shirts?


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Topsy Turvey Norwegian Nellie Pattern?Does anyone have the Norwegian Nellie Topsy Turvey Doll Pattern that they can share with me? Thank you!


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EZ Rose and Flower Maker?I purchased the E.Z Rose and flower maker from TV shop in 1995. I have lost my instructions. Would anyone have the instructions they would like to email me?


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Using a Serenity Loom?I badly need simple understandable instructions on using this beautiful loom. I bought it 5 years ago and have never been able to use it. The included instructions are a joke. Would really like to use it now that I have a new grandson.


Pricing Handmade Decor Items - vintage glass transformer hanging light fixture

Pricing Handmade Decor Items?This is just a small percentage of the things I make. Pricing is a problem for me.


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Suggestions for Library Crafts?I work part-time at a local library and I love it. One of my jobs is to teach an Adult Craft Class once a month. I was doing okay, mostly, until we closed to the public for Covid19. I now have to do my crafts via videos.


Plastic packaging with scraps inside.

Cut Up Craft Supplies Inside Clear PackagingI saved this clear zippered packaging from my shower curtains. You can save pillowcase or bedding packaging; anything clear would work best so you can see where to cut.


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Best Glue for Sea Shell Critters and CraftsI want to make shell figurines. What is the best glue to ensure the shells stick to each other permanently and the figurine is durable. I would like a clear glue and one that doesn't bubble or spread out excessively. I will also be attaching beads that are strung on wire to some of the projects. The shells I will be using are ones I collected from the beach.


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Attaching Sea Shells to Fishing Net?I want to attach seashells to a fishing net to hang on my privacy fence. I thought about drilling a hole and tying them, but I am afraid of cracking the shells. Then I thought about glueing. But I would need a glue that could withstand temperature changes. It feels like over 100F in summer and some 32F in winter. There is also a lot of rain and possible tropical force winds.


Carved Rock Identification - round stone with incising on the top surface

Identifying a Carved RockFinding a unique object, such as an incised rock, while out working or hiking is exciting. Determining if your find is an artifact is best done by contacting your local museum or the anthropology/archaeology department at the nearest university.


A collection of porcelain doll heads being painted.

Selling Vintage Doll Molds and Supplies?If you have either inherited doll making supplies, including molds, or are no longer interested in this craft yourself it is time to find a buyer. Etsy or eBay may be good places to try to sell the supplies. Some research prior to selling them can help determine a fair asking price.


Cheap Yarn Bowl Idea

Cheap Yarn Bowl IdeasThere is no shortage of pretty and moderately pricey ceramic or wooden yarns bowls you can buy. But what about using something you might already have in the kitchen cupboard? More money for yarn!


Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft Projects

Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft ProjectsThe dye left over from dyeing Easter eggs can be used in craft projects. Some ideas are offered below.


A lace paper rectangular placemat.

Crafts Using Lace Paper?Paper lace or doilies can be incorporated into many types of crafts, such as scrapbooking, cards, decoupage, and more. This page offers suggestions for crafts using paper lace.


A girl painting her fingers and paper with watercolors.

Tips for Easy Craft CleanupCrafting is fun, but it can also be quite messy when using glue and paints in particular. This page offers some inexpensive tips for easy craft cleanup, as well as, an idea for a reusable crafting surface.


A desk filled with craft supplies.

Help: I Live in a Craft Room!I tried to clean and organize and ended up writing, instead! I hope you who can relate will enjoy, and those who can't will soon!!


A wreath made from greenery and red berries.

Hanging a WreathThere are a number of ways you can hang your seasonal wreath. Depending on where it is to be hung different hangers can be used. Ribbon is a good choice it can be hooked on a nail, door hanger, or over a Command Hook. Command Hooks are also a good choice if your door has a glass window.


A child using watercolor paints.

Protecting Work Surface When CraftingDepending on the type of craft you are working on there are varying ways you can protect your work surface. This page offers several suggestions such as plastic lids, cereal box liners, a ceramic tile, and more.


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Making a Reversible Tissue Box Cover?Can you make the tissue box cover reversible?


Glass jars with decorations glued on.

What is the Best Glue For Glass?A common question from crafters working with glass is, "What is the best glue for glass?" The answer will vary depending on what is being adhered to the glass. Different glues work better for glass on glass, but another product might be just right for attaching other embellishments.


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Cleaning Plaster Ceramics Molds?I just purchased over 45 ceramics molds. They were in a dirty basement and are covered in dust. Is it OK to rinse them in water to get the dust off? Use a brush or just my hand? They are vintage pieces, most dated 1960s and 1970s.


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Using E6000 to Attach Rhinestones to Drinking Glasses?If I use E6000 to adhere rhinestones to drinking glasses, are those glasses safe to use? And is the glass dishwasher safe?


Painting on a Shovel Head Getting Dull - old wood handled shovel with cow painted on shovel head

Painting on a Shovel Head Getting Dull?This shovel is hand painted with a cow on it (see image). I bought it in 1990. Now I need to know how to restore the luster; it is dull looking! I have tried cooking oil, but that didn't work as I keep it on the porch and dirt and dog hair stick to it! Any recommendations?


Glue dripping on a piece of wood.

Choosing the Best Glue for a Craft ProjectDepending on what materials you are adhering together, will determine which glue is best for your craft.


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Crafting Ideas for Working With the Homeless?I work with a ministry that has a resource center for the homeless in our city. At this place, the homeless can get information on resources available to them, receive mail, get a snack, fellowship with each other, take part in art therapy, anger management, or other classes, etc. I was asked to do crafts with them once a month.


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Acrylic Water Made from a Kit Not Hardening?I made a few glasses using this kit from Walmart. It says it will take 24 to 48 hours to harden. Well it's been 3 weeks now and there are still some watery areas in the glass. This is for a wedding in 3 weeks. What can I do? It's sticky to the touch.


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Finding Blades for a Dexter Wool Cutter?Where can I find extra blades for my Dexter's wool cutter? In the directions it says to obtain extra blades from Leeward and I know they went out of business.


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Selling Crafts Using Licensed Fabric?I've read the replies to this question, but wonder if anyone has reviewed the first sale doctrine information?


The letter A covered in paper flowers.

Making Monogram Initial CraftsUsing someone's initials you can make many kinds of personalized crafts. This is a page about making monogram initial crafts.


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Craft Ideas for Using Dental Dam Rubbers?I have several unused dental dam rubbers and I am wondering if anyone knows of any crafts using them?


Making a Ribbon Watch Strap - quartz watch with Christmas ribbon in background

Making a Ribbon Watch Strap?A fun alternative to leather or plastic watchbands is to make one from your favorite colored grosgrain ribbon. This guide offers suggestions for making a ribbon watch strap.


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Craft Ideas for a Teen with Cerebral Palsy?I have a 15 year old grandson with cerebral palsy. He only has the use of one arm. He very much wants to build or make something that he can put in his room when he is done with it. I really want to be able to give him something for Christmas that would meet what he wants.


Pile of thin yarn in different colors.

Buying Yarn for Trellis Jewelry?Trellis yarn is a special type of yarn that is made with rectangular sections of yarn spaced apart and sewn together with thread on each side. It is often used to make jewelry. This is a page about buying yarn for trellis jewelry.


Pink, white, green and blue skeins of yarn with a pair of knitting needles.

Using Baby Yarn to Make Adult SweatersBaby yarn is a fine gauge yarn used to knit or crochet baby items. It comes in two weights, sport and fine. There are many patterns for the sport weight, you may need to use a pattern generator to create an adult sweater pattern for the finer yarn. This is a page about using baby yarn to make adult sweaters.


Teach Kids to Use Sticker Sheet Scraps - sticker sheet after star stickers used up

Teach Kids to Use Sticker Sheet ScrapsMy child loves glittery stickers, glue, or pens! Even though there are no more shiny glitter stars - you could teach your child that, the sticker sheets are still useable and not to waste scraps that can be used.


Blue microwave heat pack.

Fillers for Homemade Heat Packs?There are several common recommendations for fillers to use in homemade heat packs. They include: rice, beans, buckwheat, or field corn. Essential oils can also be added to the dry fillers. This is a page about fillers for homemade heat packs.


Hand squeezing glue onto a white paper.

Alternate Uses for Puzzle Glue?If you have leftover puzzle glue it can be used on paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces or when working on a decoupage project. This is a page about alternate uses for puzzle glue.


Glue gun dripping hot glue onto wood surface.

Remedies for Hot Glue Gun BurnsWhen crafting using a hot glue gun try keeping a bowl of ice water near by to dunk your fingers in if you accidentally get glue on your skin. This is a page about remedies for hot glue gun burns.


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Selling Doll Making Equipment?My wife just recently died and she was a porcelain doll maker. As a result I have may wigs, shoes, eyes, and tools. How do I get these lists of articles out to doll makers?


Walker chip bags.

Pattern for Making Chip Bag Boxing Gloves?This is a page about making chip bag boxing gloves. Colorful chip bags are a great material for making boxing gloves for a costume. Here are some helpful tips for finding boxing glove patterns.


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Using A Large Piece Of Tile To Make Craft Cleanup Easy - gold painted leaves on a piece of white tile

Using A Large Piece Of Tile To Make Craft Cleanup EasyWorking with different craft projects can be messy especially if you are using a lot of glue or paint. Normally you need to cover your area with a newspaper or have a special plastic cloth that you use when working on a different craft project. Newspaper can be messy and the black ink can get on your hands or even on your craft project. Using a very large piece of tile is the best way to go.


Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off Table - glue gun attached to an extension cord wrapped around chair back

Stop Hot Glue from Slipping Off TableI use hot glue frequently for crafts. One of my biggest annoyances is that the hot glue always slips off the table because the cord is too short.


Colorful Tangled Yarn

Keeping Yarn From TanglingThis is a page about keeping yarn from tangling. Yarn can easily get tangled when in use or even when being stored.


How to Reuse Your Canning Jar Lids for Crafts - butter knife on edge of canning jar lid and lid opener end of can opener in place

How to Reuse Your Canning Jar Lids for CraftsI know from experience that jar lids get used just once, unless it's for a craft.


Protecting and Displaying Your Collection - finished shadow box

Protecting and Displaying Your CollectionI have been collecting hearts in all manner of shapes and sizes for about a year now. Nothing fancy or crazy, but I just began liking the various shapes they come in.


Cheap Yarn Bowl Idea

Cheap Yarn Bowl IdeaSome of the cute ceramic bowls out there that have the notches for yarn, are 35.00! So today I had the idea of using what I have and it works great.


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Topsy Turvey Norwegian Nellie Pattern?Does anyone have the Norwegian Nellie Topsy Turvey Doll Pattern that they can share with me? Thank you!


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EZ Rose and Flower Maker?I purchased the E.Z Rose and flower maker from TV shop in 1995. I have lost my instructions. Would anyone have the instructions they would like to email me?


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E Z Rose Maker?Can anyone tell me the length of the dowel in the center of the EZ Rose and Flower Maker? I bought one at a yard sale and that part is missing. I was just going to use a wooden dowel but I want it to be the right size. Also how far down does the slit in the dowel go?


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What to use when gluing real sea shells to a painting?What do I use to glue on seashells to a painting? I need them to stay on the painting which would be on canvas? I have asked people and some said tacky glue others said craft glue and others said to use silicon chalk. Please help!


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Suggestions for Library Crafts?I work part-time at a local library and I love it. One of my jobs is to teach an Adult Craft Class once a month. I was doing okay, mostly, until we closed to the public for Covid19. I now have to do my crafts via videos.


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Using a Serenity Loom?I badly need simple understandable instructions on using this beautiful loom. I bought it 5 years ago and have never been able to use it. The included instructions are a joke. Would really like to use it now that I have a new grandson.


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