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pattern books for making Cabbage Patch Kids and clothing

Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll PatternOriginally created in 1978 and called Little People, these dolls are still popular today. You can make the soft sculpture version of this doll at home. This is a page about Finding a Cabbage Patch doll pattern.


Barbie doll with clothes pin furniture.

Making Doll Furniture from Clothes PinsClothes pins can be used to make really cute doll furniture. If you don't have some to recycle they can be purchased at many hobby and craft stores. This is a page about making doll furniture from clothes pins.


A father painting a dollhouse with his daughter.

Free Printable Dollhouse and Dollhouse Furniture Plans?This is a page about free printable dollhouse and dollhouse furniture plans. Making a dollhouse and furniture is fun a project that your child can participate in.


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What Can I Use to Weight a Doll?Does anyone have a suggestion for weighting a doll? I have used plastic pellets, but I'm looking for something with a little more weight because the plastic pellets are just not giving it enough weight.


planted veggies 1

Making a Felt Veggie GardenThis is a page about making a felt veggie garden. Your little one can garden rain or shine with this felt veggie garden. It would also be a fun gift for a gardening enthusiast.


Making Paper PinwheelsKids and adults alike enjoy making, playing with, and decorating with pinwheels. This is a page about about making paper pinwheels.



Barbie Doll

Restoring a Barbie DollThis is a page about restoring a Barbie doll. The Barbie doll has been around for decades. Because of her popularity, you can often find her at yard sales and thrift stores, needing only a bit of sprucing up.


soft sculpture Cupid

Recycle Nylons to Make a Soft Sculpture Cupid DollSoft sculptured dolls are fun to make and easy to create for any occasion. This cute doll is a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. This is a page about making a soft sculpture Cupid doll from old nylons.


Sock Monkey Face

Making a Sock MonkeyThis is a page about making a sock monkey. Making a sock monkey is a great project to undertake to make a fun, stuffed friend for your child or to give as a gift.


Baby in pink sweater in a car seat "reading" a fabric book

Quiet Book Patterns?This is a page about quiet book patterns. Keep your baby or toddler engaged with a fun fabric activity book.


doll with crocheted skirt

Selling Bed Dolls and Crochet Doll Clothing?I crochet bed dolls and other doll clothing, etc. and while I do have some customers for my business, I would like to expand and attract more customers.


Paper Tube Marshmallow Launcher

Making a Paper Tube Marshmallow LauncherThis is a page about making a paper tube marshmallow launcher. Have fun making and playing with this little launcher. It would make a great party craft or favor.


Jack in the Box

Making a Jack in the Box?This is a page about making a jack in the box. The surprise built into this medieval music box toy can be fun for all ages. If you make your own, you can personalize it in a variety of ways.


A small dining and living room in a doll house.

Making Doll FurnitureThis is a page about making doll furniture. Whether you purchase kits to make realistic dollhouse furniture or help kids make it out of recycled materials, making doll furniture can be fun.


Plastic Egg Spider Craft - use the Sharpie to add a smile

Making Plastic Egg SpidersPlastic Easter eggs are fun to use in a wide variety of crafts once the treats have been eaten. Or you can buy some just for crafting. Grab some pipecleaners, googly eyes, plus a few more supplies and make one or a cluster of spiders. This page contains detailed instructions and photos for making plastic egg spiders.


Yarn Octopus Doll - finished blue octopus with eyes and mouth

How to Make a Yarn Octopus DollThese retro yarn dolls are fun for you and your kids to make. This is a page about how to make a yarn octopus doll.


girl looking into doll house set for tea party

Making a Barbie Doll HouseThis is a page about making a barbie doll house. With a little imagination, making a well furnished house to play dolls in, isn't that hard to create.


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Making Doll House Miniatures from Recycled Materials?I make doll house minis and wonder where to get scraps of material that are no longer wanted? I will recycle in a new way. Any ideas where to find some? I am looking for them by the inches instead of by the yard.



Saving Money on Barbie AccessoriesThis is a page about saving money on Barbie accessories. Buying things for a Barbie doll can be expensive. Using your imagination, there are many doll accessories that you can create from other things.


mini hangers

DIY Paper Clip Barbie Clothes HangersThis is a page about DIY paper clip Barbie clothes hangers. Save money and have fun making your own hangers for your Barbie doll's clothes.


soft sculpture Cupid doll

Making Soft Sculpture DollsThis is a page about making soft sculpture dolls. These timeless, cuddly children's dolls can be made using recycled panty hose or new fabric from the craft store.



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Decorating a Styrofoam Ball for a Doll's Face?Somewhere on your web site I came across an old request on how to decorate a vase to look like a doll. Well, I'm having a problem with this same idea. I have a 4" styrofoam ball that I need to make a face on that fits the vase perfectly for the head. My question is, what can I use to cover the ball with?


Pin Curling an American Girl Doll's Hair

Pin Curling an American Girl Doll's HairThis is a page about pin curling an American Girl doll's hair. The hair on an American Girl doll can be styled and curled for a renewed look.


The completed bear with a bow.

Simply Stuffed BearsI am making these for a charitable donation to a local police station to give to children who may be facing a traumatic situation. They are simple to make and you can use small scraps of fabric and ribbon and a little stuffing, so they are inexpensive. Just requires your time.


Ring for around the leg with ball attached for children's game.

Swing And JumpThis is the homemade version of a toy you can buy at a toy store or through a catalog. Cut the center from the plastic lid to make a ring. Tie one end of your piece of string to the ring. Wrap the ring with electrical tape.


Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll - finished dolls

Topsy Turvy Cinderella DollLet me show you how to make two dolls in one, a princess and a peasant!


Several different quite time play tins made from Altoid tins.

Making Quiet Time Play Tins for ChildrenThese amazing little mint tin play boxes are a wonderful project to take on and the recipients will adore them. Check out the accompanying craft and try your hand at it. Older children might also get hooked.


English Paper Pieced Flower Pillow - done, the buttons on the leaves can be seen here

English Paper Pieced Flower PillowEnglish paper piecing is a fun way to make quilt tops and other items. The work is all hand done, no machine required. In this project hexagon pieces are sewn together to create a fun flower pillow. Learn how to make your own with the tutorial below, which also contains a link for making the hexagons.


How to Make a Mini Kiddie Kite - it is ready to fly

Homemade Kite IdeasSpring is a perfect time for kite flying. You don't have to spend a lot and buy one when it is possible to make one at home with either materials you already have, such as plastic bags, or with the purchase of a few inexpensive ones. Learn how here.


A play cellphone made from wood with drawn buttons.

Making a Wooden Toy CellphoneYoung children are quite happy with non-working toys where they can apply their imagination. Here you can see how to make a simple wooden toy cellphone.


A stuffed caterpillar.

Making Sock CaterpillarsGrab some fun colored tube socks and make this stuffed caterpillar. The kids can help make it and then enjoy playing with their crawly friend.


A girl with a white lab coat on.

Homemade CSI KitThe CSI TV series and other popular shows have resulted in a lot of interest by kids in solving crimes. Rather than buying an expensive kit this page offers a very extensive project, with a detailed contents list, for making one for your children or grands.


Three different colored popsicle with matching sticks.

Making a Felt Popsicle Color Matching GameA fun, felt project to make for toddlers is a popsicle color matching game. They can put the sticks in right colored pop or just enjoy pretending to eat them.


Wood and Yarn Centipede - cute centipede

Making a Wood and Yarn CentipedeWith just a Popsicle stick, some scraps of yarn, and googly eyes you too can make this cute wood and yarn centipede. The kids will love helping to make them and playing with them afterwards. Find out how on this page.


Paper and Drinking Straw Rockets - several ready and in process rockets

Making Paper and Drinking Straw RocketsPaper tubes formed around a drinking straw and then cut and glued at the tips make the rockets you and the kids can launch using the straw as the air (breath) powered launcher. Learn how to make these fun, inexpensive toys.


Making a Paper Butterfly Puppet - finished butterfly

Making a Paper Butterfly PuppetPaper toys are fun, easy, and inexpensive to make. Best of all kids love them. Make a paper butterfly puppet for some almost instant playthings.



Making Geometric Bubble Wands  bubble wands against a dark blue towel

Making Geometric Bubble WandsPipe cleaners and lengths of plastic drinking straws can be transformed into geometric bubble wands. Follow the step by step instructions, accompanied by helpful photos, to make some for your kids, relatives, or to give as party favors.


Peacock Popsicle Stick Puppet - finished puppet

Peacock Popsicle Stick PuppetPopsicle stick puppets are easy to make toys that younger children will have great fun playing with. In this project you will find the photos and instructions needed to make a peacock Popsicle stick puppet.


Yarn Bird - frontal view

Making a Yarn BirdIt is fun to make a variety of animal shapes using colorful yarn. We have all seen dogs and cats. Learn how to make a cute yarn bird. Choose your colors and make several. The kids will love them.


Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing Pad  - helicopter on top of the water bottle landing pad

Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing PadUsing a recycled box, empty plastic bottle, paper, glue, and markers you and your child can make a landing pad for their planes and helicopters.


Fluttering Fish - colorful paper fish on tan surface

Paper Fluttering Fish ToysYour kids will love playing outdoors with these easy to make fluttering paper fish. This page contains photos and instructions for making these simple toys. Make several.


Alphabet Rocks

How to Make Alphabet RocksPaint the letters of the alphabet on rocks and make up simple letter recognition and spelling games to play with your children. This is a page about how to make alphabet rocks.


Making a Recycled Rocketship - cone in place

Making a Foil Wrapped Bottle RocketshipWrap a plastic drink bottle with foil and add the details using scrap cardboard, construction paper, stickers, etc. to make this rocketship for your kids.


Sushi Plush Toy - two sushi rolls on mat

How to Make a Sushi Plush ToyBrightly colored felt is used to make all the ingredients for a hand rolled sushi plush toy. Depending on the age of the child, the roll can be permanently sewn together or can be closed with velcro to allow for different ingredients in the future.


Frog and Fly Catcher Game - finished frog with yard coming out of mouth and fly on the end

How to Make a Frog and Fly Catcher GameYour kids will enjoy playing with this fun frog and fly catcher game. It is easy and fun to make and would be great party favors.


Paper Spider Hat  - bear wearing hat

Making a Paper Spider HatThis cute spider hat can be made for your child's dolls or stuffies. Increase the size to make a matching one for your child. This page contains the steps and photos necessary for making a paper spider hat.


Submarine Craft and Experiment - hot glue to the top of the egg

Making a Plastic Egg Submersible SubmarineThis cute little craft, using a plastic Easter egg, can also be a fun experiment for your child, as they determine how many coins it takes to submerge the sub. This is a page about making a plastic egg submersible submarine.


Popsicle Stick Gazebo and Bench - finished bench and gazebo

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Gazebo and BenchPopsicle sticks are a fun medium to use for making doll house outdoor furnishings. This is a page about how to make a Popsicle stick gazebo and bench.


fishing for fish

Altoids Tin Mini Fishing GameThese little felt fish tuck away into an Altoids tin for a fun take with you game for the kids. This is a page about making an Altoids tin mini fishing game.


finished seek sack

Making a Seek SackKids love to look for the hidden objects in this seek sack. It is perfect as an activity for the car. This is a page about making a seek sack.


supplies for paper bats

Balloon and Paddle GameThis simple padding game can be made using paint stir sticks and paper plates. This tutorial will show you how to make a balloon and paddle game.


Completed doll.

Making Clothespin PteranodonsThis is a page about making clothespin pteranodons. A small, simple craft to make dolls to look like the prehistoric flying reptiles.


Easy Marble Maze - intricate larger maze

Making a Drinking Straw Marble MazeThis is a page about making a drinking straw marble maze. With a few inexpensive supplies you can make these fun maze games for your children or let them design the layout themselves.


Fabric and Button Tic-Tac-Toe Game - finished game pouch with two markers on board

Making a Fabric and Button Tic-Tac-Toe GameThis is a page about making a fabric and button Tic-Tac-Toe game. Kids will love this cute fabric and button Tic-Tac-Toe game.


Cute long snouted creature made from a gray, black, and white striped sock. It has a spiky tail and a red bottle cap hanging around its neck.

Making a Sock DinosaurThis is a page about making a sock dinosaur. Old socks are very useful in making soft sculpted toys.


Butterfly Peg (Clothes Pin)

Making a Clothes Pin ButterflyThis cute kids' craft is fun to make and can then provide your children with hours of fun or make a nice decoration for their room. This is a page about making a clothes pin butterfly.


Full view of the game board when completed.

Making a Holiday Pathway Board GameThis is a page about making a holiday pathway board game. People of all ages can easily make a holiday game board. Let the children help build the game they are going to play.


Clothespin and Popsicle Stick Plane

Making a Clothespin and Popsicle Stick PlaneThis is a page about making a clothespin and Popsicle stick plane. Use clip style clothes pins and Popsicle sticks to create a cute little wooden toy plane.


game in action

Origami Cup and Ball GameA traditional child's toy that can be made in a jiffy from things everyone has in the home. Any paper can be used for this, but if you have traditional origami paper, all the better.


Felt Recyclables for Toy Truck

Making Felt Recyclables for a Toy TruckThis is a page about making felt recyclables for a toy truck. Use some bits of felt to make a variety of recyclables for your little one's toy truck.


containers of bathtub finger paint

Making Bathtub Finger PaintsKids love to play in the tub. Homemade finger paints are a perfect activity for the tub. This is a page about making bathtub finger paints.


Making a Giant Pom Pom Monster

Making a Giant Pom Pom MonsterThis is a page about making a giant pom pom monster. Pom poms are fun to make and can be used in lots of crafts. You can easily make this cute monster for you or your child.


American Girl Pencil and Clipboard

Making an American Girl Pencil and ClipboardThis is a page about making an American Girl pencil and clipboard. You or your child can easily make these cute accessories for their doll.


Felt Fruit Basket

Making a Felt Fruit BasketThis is a page about making a felt fruit basket. This colorful, fun to make felt project will bring hours of fun to your child and is perfect for a teaching moment.


Popsicle stick bow with Q-tip arrows

Making a Popsicle Stick Bow and ArrowThis is a page about making a popsicle stick bow and arrow. A simple craft made with a few things found around the house, that can be fun for inside or outside play.


Finished duck.

Making Stuffed AnimalsThis is a page about making stuffed animals. A unique stuffed toy can be made for a special person using craft supplies you may already have.


red stuffed lobster toy with an eye patch

Making an Eye Patch for a Damaged Stuffed AnimalIf you are looking for a creative way to repair a stuffy that has lost an eye, this may be the solution. This is a page about making an eye patch for a stuffed animal.


An old fashioned kitchen in a dollhouse

Furnishing a DollhouseThis is a page about furnishing a dollhouse. Using your imagination dollhouse furnishings and accessories can be fashioned out of all kinds of things.


wood and rope ring toss game

Ring Toss Game IdeasThis is a page about ring toss game ideas. Ring toss is a fun game for the entire family. It is easy to make your own game, either impromptu or as a craft project.



Making a Cards and Marbles Board Game?This is a page about making a cards and marbles board game. There are several games that involve the use of a game board, playing cards, and marbles. You can make your own version of these entertaining games at home.


Race Car Game

Making a Race Car GameThis is a page about making a race car game. Some easy to come by materials and a bit of creativity go into making this fun game for your kids to play using their toy cars.


Frog Hand Puppet

Making Hand PuppetsThis is a page about making hand puppets. You can create your own show with puppets you make for yourself.


Making an I Spy Bag

Making an I Spy BagThis is a page about making an I spy bag. This easy to make toy will keep your children busy for hours and is a great toy for the car.


Finger Puppets

Making Finger PuppetsThis is a page about making finger puppets. Children love to exercise their imagination and finger puppets are one way to enter the world of make believe.


Marionette Doll

Making a Marionette DollThis is a page about making a marionette doll. Marionettes are an age old toy and making one for or with your child can be great fun.


Super Dad Doll

Making a Super Dad DollThis is a page about making a super dad doll. Older children can make this fun gift for dad either for Father's Day or any occasion, to show him that he is their super hero.


Cutting out paper dolls.

Making Paper DollsThis is a page about making paper dolls. Even in the age of electronic toys, young children still enjoy playing with paper dolls.


Preschool Toy Blocks

Making Thrifty Preschool ToysThis is a page about making thrifty preschool toys. You don't have to spend a lot of money to provide your preschooler with a wide variety of fun toys to play with.


Clothespin Doll

Making Clothespin DollsThis is a page about making clothespin dolls. Clothes pins have long been a starting point for making many different craft projects.


Hacky Sack

Making Hacky Sack?This page is about making a hacky sack. These crocheted footbags make a fun foot controlled game for young people.


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Coat Hanger Yarn Cow?How can I make a cow from a hanger and yarn? Please let me know if I can do this.


Flower print homemade sleeping bag for dolls.

Making a Doll Sleeping BagThis page is about making a doll sleeping bag. Youngsters will enjoy having this accessory for their toy friends.


Crochet hook and a red ball of yarn.

Clothing Patterns for a Ken DollThis is a page about clothing patterns for a Ken doll. Finding patterns for Ken and similar sized dolls may not be as easy as you had hoped.


Making Splash Balls

Making Splash BallsThis is a page about making splash balls. Splash balls are easy to make pools toys that will keep your kids occupied for hours.


Dishwasher Rack Toy Wagon

Making a Toy Wagon from a Dishwasher RackThis is a page about making a toy wagon from a dishwasher rack. It is fun and creative to make toys from household items.


Balloon Bean Bags

Making Balloon Bean BagsThis is a page about making balloon bean bags. Even if you can't sew, you can make your kids some cute bean bags using balloons.



Making DollhousesThis page is about making dollhouses. Hours of fun can be had with a miniature house for dolls.


Look and Find Bottle

Making a Look and Find BottleThis is a page about making a look and find bottle. Keep your children entertained for hours with a look and find bottle.


A sock puppet with shaggy yarn hair.

Making a Sock PuppetThis is a page about making a sock puppet. Sock puppets are fun to make and even more fun for your little ones to play with.


Making a Rope Swing

Making a Rope SwingThis page is about making a rope swing. Hours of entertainment are easy with a backyard rope swing.


A photo of a piggy bank painted by a child.

Homemade "Piggy" Bank CraftsThis is a page about homemade "piggy" bank crafts. Many household items can be recycled or repurposed to make cute piggy banks or you can start with new materials.


Homemade Barbie Hats From Styrofoam

Barbie Doll Clothing CraftsThis is a page about Barbie doll clothing crafts. Making doll clothes is often the first thing children learn to sew; it is also a popular craft activity for adults.


Homemade Magnetic Fishing Game

Homemade Magnetic Fishing GameThis is a page about making a homemade magnetic fishing game. With a few supplies and some rudimentary sewing skills you can make a fishing game for your kids or as a gift.


homemade doll

Doll Making TipsThis page contains doll making tips. Unique dolls can be created with a variety of materials.


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Adding Details on Craft Doll Faces?What is the best and fastest way to define the eyes and mouths on a craft doll, pillow face, etc.?


American Girl Doll With White Hat, Braids and Sweater

Making Furniture for American Girl DollsThis is a page about making furniture for American Girl dolls. American Girl dolls are an expensive investment so it's not surprising that the furniture for them isn't cheap either. You can save quite a bit of money by making their furniture yourself.


American Girl Doll With White Hat, Braids and Sweater

Making Clothes for an American Girl DollThis is a page about making clothes for an American Girl Doll. An American Girl doll is an expensive investment. You can save money on additional clothing by making your own.


Small dolls with yellow capes made from cloths.

Doll Clothing Made from J Cloths?I am trying to get some information on craft fair items, that I remember from way back. They were made using 2 "J" cloths and a small poem was attached. Normally they were sold for fundraising at fairs or school fetes.


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Memory Bear Pattern?I am looking for a pattern for a memory bear. Can anyone help?


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Making a Stuffed Bear Holding Wooden Blocks?I was recently at a bazaar and someone had a stuffed bear with blocks spelling out the child's name. There was a dowel rod put through the bear's arms and the blocks between the arms with some kind of cap on the ends of the dowel rod.


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Source for Craft Dolls to Make a Solo Cup Doll Lamp?Several years ago there was a very informative post on how to make a Solo cup doll lamp. The dolls in the picture are so pretty and I would like to know if anybody knows where I can buy dolls just like that so I can make a lamp.


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Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll - finished dolls

Topsy Turvy Cinderella DollLet me show you how to make two dolls in one, a princess and a peasant!


Paper and Drinking Straw Rockets - paper rockets

Paper and Drinking Straw RocketsThey are easy to make and fun to play with. Kids will love this simple toy which is similar to the old fashioned pea shooter, but a lot safer! Pop a rocket on the end of a drinking straw and blow. You'll be surprised how far they travel.


Wood and Yarn Centipede - cute centipede

Wood and Yarn CentipedeUse a wooden Popsicle/ice lolly stick and scraps of yarn to make this cute centipede. It's a fun rainy day project for children.


English Paper Pieced Flower Pillow - done, the buttons on the leaves can be seen here

English Paper Pieced Flower PillowMy grandson was visiting one day while I was working on some English paper pieced hexagons. He asked if I could make him a pillow. By adding several more rounds to the size I was making for a quilt top block I was able to make a flower. That part was fairly quick. Then he announced that there needed to have a stem with leaves; the project expanded in time and minor complexity.


Making a Paper Worm Race Game - racing

Making a Paper Worm Race GameWho says you can't have fun indoors during summer? Make your summer weekend fun with just art paper. Gather your family members and grab a snack while you play this game.


Quiet Time Play Tins for Children - open Altoid type tins with cute scenes and felt animals etc.

Quiet Time Play Tins for ChildrenHere are smiles in a tin. I make these little slices of everyday life always with a dog, cat, or other critter in the scene. The tins depict recognizable objects and always have a removable animal or object that hopefully make you or your little one smile. These are great for keeping kids busy and quiet on car trips or in doctor's offices of anywhere where a quiet diversion is needed.


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Giant Pom Pom Monster

Giant Pom Pom MonsterThis soft toy is a great use for leftover yarn and can be personalized for any child. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Felt Veggie Garden

Felt Veggie GardenThis fun felt veggie garden is the perfect gift to make for a toddler. Check out this video for step by step instructions


A pile of indoor snowballs made from yarn.

Indoor Snowball Fight KitYarn pompoms that resemble snowballs are a great alternative for a snowball fight. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Mini Fishing GameThis video shows you how to make a fishing game that fits inside an Altoids tin.


LEGO TableOur kids love to build with LEGOs.


Barbie Clothes Hangers

Barbie Clothes HangersKeep your Barbie doll's clothes organized with cute paperclip hangars. Learn how by watching this short video.



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Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll Kit or Pattern?I'm a new grandma and I'd like to make my grand girls a Cabbage Patch doll, but can not find a kit or pattern for the doll itself. If someone could help I would like your input on where to find one.


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Making a Yarn Dog or Cat?How do you make yarn dogs and cats on coat hangers from back in the 60s?


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Making Pinwheels?How do you make pinwheels?


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Making Corn Starch Stiffener for a Crocheted Doll's Skirt?How do I make a corn starch stiffener for a crocheted doll dress with a full skirt?


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Making and Attaching Yarn Hair to a Doll?What is the simplest way to put yarn hair on a doll's head? Also, what is the best way to make the yarn hair?


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Pattern for Making a T-shirt Teddy Bear?Where can I find a pattern for making a teddy bear out of an adult size t-shirt?


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