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Picture Frames

Saving Money on Picture FramesDisplaying family photos is a very personal way to decorate your home, but it can become expensive. This is a page about saving money on picture frames.


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How Can I Make a Fabric Covered Cardboard Picture Frame?I am looking for instructions for making a frame of cardboard and fabric without having to buy a frame.


A picture frame made from seashells.

Making a Seashell Picture FrameThis is a page about making a seashell picture frame. Use your seashell collection to create a beautiful picture frame.


painted puzzle piece photo frame with a young boy's photo inside

Making a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece FrameA common recycled craft for children and adults alike is making photo frames decorated with puzzle pieces. This is an excellent use for puzzles missing some of their pieces. Learn how to get started here.


frame will fit on base

Making a Popsicle Stick Picture FrameThis is a page about making a Popsicle stick picture frame. Popsicle sticks are so versatile for using in crafting projects.


Hanging School Bus Picture Frame - finished bus photo frame

Making a Hanging School Bus Picture FrameWhat better way to display your child's school photos than with this craft stick school bus picture frame. Hang it on the fridge and gift one to the grandparents.


Crayon Frame - stick the photo on from the back

How to Make a Melted Crayon FrameBits of broken crayons are melted and poured onto a piece of waxed paper that has the basic frame design drawn on it. Add additional elements using different colored crayons. Learn how to create your own by following the project steps below.


Photo Holder Rock - rock holding a photo of Paris, perhaps a postcard

Creating a Photo Holder RockWith a strategically placed pipe cleaner you can make a photo holder from a decorated or painted rock. Have your kids get involved too. These would make nice gifts for friends and family.


Three frames containing postcards mounted on a wall.

Framing Post CardsLearn how to frame postcards that you have collected on your travels or received from others. It is a great way to display your adventures.


A finished magnetic picture frame.

Making a Magnetic Picture FrameStart with a decorative magnetic memo board and transform it into a picture frame for the fridge or a steel door.


Ruler Picture Frame - finished frame ready to hang

Ruler Picture FrameThis picture frame was made with virtually no cost using supplies I had on hand!


Decorated Heart Box Crafts - button heart box hanging on the wall

Decorated Heart Box CraftsA heart shaped box with a cut out in the lid is perfect for making this thoughtful craft. Add the photo of someone special and decorate the inside bottom with various red and pink buttons.



Sink Mat to Photo Frame - add photo

How to Make a Photo Frame from a Sink MatAn inexpensive mat can be fashioned into a decorative photo frame. This is a page about how to make a photo frame from a sink mat.


Finished frame with photos in pockets.

Making an "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" Photo FrameBased on the old nursery rhyme, this fun to make felt photo frame will truly accommodate all those children. This is a page about making an "Old woman who lived in a shoe" photo frame.


Standing CD Picture Frame - finished frame without the blue paper heart

Standing CD Picture FrameDo you have any old CDs laying around that you no longer need? Scratched CDs or free CDs that get mailed to yout home as advertisement?


Folded Paper Photo Frame - pink and white folded paper photo frame with a child's photo in place

Folded Paper Photo FrameMake a simple photo holder with just a small piece of paper. Use specialty papers with a design to make it look more appealing. This frame I'm going to show you is the simplest pattern.


Photo, Poem, and Scrabble Frame - finished project

Photo, Poem, and Scrabble FrameI used to have a gentleman friend when I lived in San Diego, California. I was just 21 so this would have been in 19.. Never mind!


Personalized Frames

How to Make Personalized FramesIt's easy to create a custom frame for photos or artwork. This is a page about how to make personalized frames.


Custom Photo Frame Mat

Custom Photo Frame MatJazz up your picture frame with your own custom photo frame mat made with a cereal box! Or, if your photo does not fit with the frame you already have at home, you can make your own mat to accommodate your photo.


Paper picture frames with clothes pins on wood background.

How to Make a Clothespin and Wood Picture FrameThis is a page about how to make a clothespin and wood picture frame. By using a painted or decorated flat, thin piece of wood or flooring you can make this fun photo frame.


Hands on an old black and white photo.

Repaint Old Picture FramesGive old picture frames a new lease on life by repainting and otherwise decorating them. This page contains tips about repainting old picture frames.


A frame with decorations from a junk drawer, such as a key.

Junk Drawer Picture FramesDecorate a purchased frame or rejuvenate an old one with paint and miscellaneous items from your junk drawer. This is a page about junk drawer picture frames.


colorful straw frame

Drinking Straw FrameYou can make this cute frame using colorful drinking straws and cardboard. This is a page about drinking straw frame.


A picture frame made from newspaper.

Making a Recycled Picture FrameMake your own picture frame from recycled items for a fun customizable craft project. There are so many different items that can be used; glass, plastic, metal, wood, cardboard. Use your imagination for a great gift or home decor.


A silver frame with a decorative pin.

Display Jewelry Pins in FramesRather than allowing your pins to languish in your jewelry box, consider displaying them in small attractive frames. This is a page about displaying jewelry pins in frames.


Reel with four photos.

Making a Film Reel FrameThis is a page about making a film reel frame. If you are lucky enough to have or find and old 16mm film reels, you can try your hand at making this clever photo frame.


A wooden frame with a heart shaped opening, decorated with two state outlines and a quote.

Wooden "Long Distance Friend" FrameThis is a page about making a wooden 'long distance friend' frame. Decorate a simple wooden frame to display your love cross-country.



A lace covered vintage frame.

Making a Vintage FrameThis is a page about making a vintage frame. Lace, ribbons, buttons, and other embellishments can be used to decorate a plain photo frame giving it a vintage look.


Bark covered picture frame with additional twigs added for interest.

Making a Bark Covered Picture FrameThis is a page about making a bark covered picture frame. For a rustic look, cover a purchased photo frame with pieces of bark.


A wooden frame with red glitter hearts.

Decorating a Wooden Picture FrameThis is a page about decorating a wooden picture frame. Plain wood picture frames can be decorated in many ways to fit into your home decor or to be given as gifts.


Make Drawer Handles into Mini Frames

Make Drawer Handles into Mini FramesThis is a page about make drawer handles into mini frames. Photo frames can be made from a wide variety of repurposed items.


Two old ornate hardcover books.

Making a Recycled Book Picture FrameThis is a page about making a recycled book picture frame. An old or outdated hardcover book can be recycled to make a unique picture frame.


Framed family photos sitting on a shelf.

Photo Framing Tips and TricksThis page is about photo framing tips and tricks. Framing pictures takes some skill and patience to get them straight and secure.


Family Photos

Displaying Family PhotosThis page is about displaying family photos. When decorating with family pictures, the method of display can be a typical frame or something more creative.


Framing Puzzles

Framing Completed PuzzlesThis page is about framing completed puzzles. Once you have finished that beautiful puzzle, it can make a attractive decoration.


Framing Artwork, Molding frames for framing artwork.

Framing ArtworkThis is a page for framing artwork. Frames and mats are a good way to show off your artwork and protect it, but they can be very expensive and can be difficult to do nicely.


Home Made FramesA walk down the framing aisle of a department store reinforces the known expense of designer frames. Some small but beautiful frames costs $16 or more. However, they are easily made by both adults and children for minimal prices.


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Decorated Frame and Camera Gift for KidsThis is a great craft/gift idea for kids throughout the year I purchase cheap picture frames from the dollar store or garage sale, thrift stores, etc. I also purchase reduced sewing notions (beads, fake pearls, those jiggly-googly eyes, pretty stones, etc.).


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How To Get a Vintage Look When Matting PicturesI've got a project I'm working on and I need some input. What type of picture frame and mat would one use to create a Vintage Look?


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Make Rustic Frames With BranchesI changed my decor in my living room to a "Rootin'-Tootin' Cowboys and Indians" theme. I needed new picture frames so I went to my yard and cut off small branches, cut them to size of my old frames and hot glued them on.


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Framing NewspapersI have tons of newspapers that I would like to frame and use as wall hangings for a rec room. However, I am having a hard time finding a way to do this without breaking my budget.


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Covering a Mirror Frame with FabricHow can I cover a carved mirror frame with fabric?



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Framing a Newspaper ArticleHow would I smooth out a newspaper article I want to frame?


Frame with two postcards.

Post Card FramingEver feel like the tourist who has everything? Do you own more coffee mugs than a coffee shop? Have enough t-shirts to clothe an army? Here's a very classy way to display the most inexpensive of all vacation trinkets - the postcard.


Foam 'Foto' FrameThis is a fun, easy project for any family member. A great project for kids that allows them to express themselves and customize their favorite photos!


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Inexpensive Frames NeededI saw an article recently which describes decorating walls with old calendar pictures. It advises you to get 12 of your favorite pictures from old calendars and frame them with "diploma/certificate frames". What I am wondering is WHERE you buy these fames and if anyone has any other ideas for inexpensive framing.... or just for decorating walls in general. I have so many "bare walls" in oversized rooms.


Photo Holder Rock - rock holding a photo of Paris, perhaps a postcard

Photo Holder RockCreate a thrifty way of displaying a photo/small artwork for your kids to place in your home/their room. My son decorated this rock and with just a pipe cleaner, this rock turns into a photo holder!


Hanging School Bus Picture Frame - finished bus photo frame

Hanging School Bus Picture FrameBack to school season is coming up! This is a cute craft you can make to decorate your fridge and fill up with your child's pictures throughout the year.


Chocolate Box Photo Frame - finished framed photo against black backdrop

Chocolate Box Photo FrameI love repurposing chocolate boxes. Here, I've made a copy of a priceless photo of my mum as a bride and made a frame for it from a box of chocolates I got on Valentine's Day. I know my dad will love this because he gets hearts in his eyes whenever he sees her!


Clothespin and Wood Picture Frame

Clothespin and Wood Picture FrameI have been loving the clothespin picture frames trend, so I thought this project would be perfect and a simple way to up-cycle some sample wood flooring that my sister used to select her flooring. It is the perfect picture frame to place on my mantel.


Crayon Frame - crayon frame decorated with flowers and a butterfly design

Melted Crayon FrameFrames can be made from anything. Resourcefulness and creativity is the key. This time I'm going to make one from melted crayons. If you wish to try this just be careful with the flames.


Decorated Heart Box Crafts - photo heart lid

Decorated Heart Box CraftsI have seen people fill heart shaped boxes with roses or dried flowers. I thought they were pretty and I knew I could do something like they had. Well the best laid plans of mice and woman...I went another way.


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Western Decorations for Photo FramesI am looking for decorations (skis, spurs, barb wire...etc ) for some old barn wood photo frames I bought. Does anyone know where I could purchase decorations for photo frames?


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Gluing Seashells to PlasticWhat kind of glue would I use to glue seashells to a plastic picture frame?


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Framing PuzzlesI like to work puzzles and then glue them. I'm wondering how I can frame them without spending a fortune?


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Making Picture Frames from Log SlicesHow can I make picture frames from log slices?


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Adding Sea Shells to Picture FramesI am trying to make a picture frame and add shells. I want to fill in the back to give me more surface area to glue them down. What could I use?


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Making Necktie Picture FrameHow do I make a necktie picture frame?


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