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This page contains nature themed craft projects.

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Drying Okra for Crafts?This is a page about drying okra for crafts. In addition to being a tasty vegetable frequently used in southern cooking, okra pods ca be dried and used in arts and craft projects.


Ornamental Gourds

Preserving Ornamental GourdsThis is a page about preserving ornamental gourds. Proper preservation of ornamental gourds can keep them looking good for a long time.


Painted gourds.

Painting GourdsThis is a page about painting gourds. Painted gourds make beautiful decorations for all occasions and are also wonderful to give as gifts.


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Collecting Pine Cones for CraftsPine cones are a natural and free material for crafts. This page is about collecting and preparing pine cones for crafts.


Sea Shell Wind Chimes

Sea Shell Wind ChimesThis page is about sea shell wind chimes. A fun project that can include an adventure collecting shells at the beach.


Polished Rocks

Polishing Rocks?This is a page about polishing rocks. Polished rocks are quite pretty and something kids and adults both enjoy having. You can buy them, but they can be pricy, or polish your own.


Sea Shells

Crafts Using Sea ShellsThis page is about crafts using sea shells. This natural material comes in many shapes and sizes and can be a part of some interesting projects.


A Christmas wreath on a red door.

Buying Pine Cones for Crafts?This page is about buying pine cones for crafts. There are many kinds and sizes of these conifer cones that are a great natural addition to holiday wreaths and arrangements.


two acorns

Crafts Using AcornsThis page contains crafts using acorns. These interesting, naturally occurring tree nuts can be incorporated in a number of craft projects.


A pinecone painted silver

Crafts Using Pine ConesThis is a page about crafts using pine cones. Pine cones are a popular crafting item for kids and adults alike.



Sterilizing and Desalinizing DriftwoodThis is a page about sterilizing and desalinizing driftwood. Processing your nature finds prior to using them in a craft or garden project is a must.


Craft Ideas Using Natural Materials

Craft Ideas Using Natural MaterialsThis page contains craft ideas using natural materials. Objects found in nature including plant materials, stones, etc. can be used to make beautiful crafts.




Making Birds Out of Seashells?This is a page about making birds out of seashells. Because of their unique shapes, textures, and colors seashells have many craft uses, including using them to create decorations in the shape of birds.


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Using the Oven to Remove Sap from Pine Cones?So I read on this site that you are supposed to heat an over to 200 degrees F (or another site says 300 degrees) and put the pine cones on an aluminum foil covered baking tray for approximately 30 minutes to open pine cones, kill the bugs, and let the heat melt away the sap.


pan of acorns on oven rack

Preparing Acorns for CraftsThis is a page about preparing acorns for crafts. There are a lot of fun crafts that you can do with acorns. To avoid pests and mold, it is important to clean and dry the acorns completely.


Christmas garland made of pine boughs.

Killing Insects on Natural CraftsThis page is about killing insects on natural crafts. When you gather natural things for your crafts, you want to be sure there are no bugs in them.


Collecting Leaves

Collecting LeavesThis page is about collecting leaves. Free foliage is available to gather together and preserve.


Two toadstools growing in the ground.

Preserving a Toadstool?I have a unique toadstool in my yard. Is there a safe way to preserve it?


A mandala made from petals and leaves.

Making Natural MandalasMandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. The mandala holds a lot of symbolism particularly in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The complex design is circular in nature, even if there are other shapes included, it retains a concentric circle pattern. They are used for focusing ones attention and aid in meditation and other spiritual pursuits. The mandala offered on this page was made using flowers, twigs, lichen, and fir cones.


Watermelon Stone Paperweights - finished watermelon stones

Making Watermelon Stone PaperweightsPaint stones to resemble watermelon slices. These can be used as a cheerful decoration or paperweight.


Catching a Spider Web - side view

Catching a Spider WebGrab a can of black spray paint, a canvas, and a pair of scissors and head out to catch a spider web. It helps to have a second person. This project results in a one of a kind piece of home decor.


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Dyeing Sweet Gum Balls for Decorations?I have a good source for sweet gum balls. I would like to dye them to use for decorations. How would I go about dyeing them?


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Using Apple Tree Branches to Hang Quilt?I am using apple tree branches with bark and some kind of fungal growth to hang quilt art. Do I need to seal the branch? If so what with and how?


Twigs tied together in a decorative way.

Nature Stick OrnamentSmall sticks can be used to make thrifty decorations for your trees or shrubs. This is a page about making a nature stick ornament.


Three Pinecones

How to Remove Bugs From Pine Cones in the Microwave?If you plan to use pine cones for crafts or home decorations you will want to remove any bugs that are hiding out inside. This is a page about how to remove bugs from pine cones in the microwave.


Making a Standing Forest Prop from Tree Branches

Making a Standing Forest Prop from Tree Branches?I am making a standing forest prop out of tree branches. What do I use to anchor 5 foot tall tree branches in a rectangular container?


Traditional Leaf Bowl - leaf bowl filled with pieces of fruit

Traditional Leaf BowlLeaves, especial those of the Aspidistra elatior (cast iron plant), have been used to make bowls as decorations for thousands of years. This is the traditional technique on how to make your own at home.



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Collecting Pinecones to Make Wreaths?When making pinecone crafts do I need to wait until the pinecones fall or can I pick them and get the same results?


Pine Tree Stump Coffee Table

How to Make a Pine Tree Stump Coffee TableUtilize an interesting pine tree stump to create a lovely coffee table. Depending on the finish it can be for indoors or out on your deck or patio. This is a page about how to make a pine tree stump coffee table.


Driftwood Wall Hanging

Making a Driftwood Wall HangingLarge or small pieces of driftwood can be used to make lovely rustic wall hangings. You can add beads and other decorative items to tailor the hanging to complement your decor. This is a page about making a driftwood wall hanging.


Limb pen holder.

Making Useful Items From Tree LimbsThis is a page about making useful items from tree limbs. Tree limbs can be reused in craft and garden projects.


A willow wreath in process.

Making a Willow WreathThis is a page about making a willow wreath. If you or a neighbor have a willow tree you can make your own willow branch wreath.


Gold Painted Branch As Home Decor

Painting a Branch for Home DecorThis is a page about painting a branch for home decor. You will be pleasantly surprised how nice a painted branch can look when used as part of your home decor.


Fabric wrapped star on wall.

Making a Tree Branch Star DecorationThis is a page about making a tree branch star decoration. You can make an attractive star decoration from pieces of a tree branch.


"Flower" Twig Vase

Making a Twig Flower VaseThis is a page about making a twig flower vase. Using items you have collected from nature can make this twig vase filled with pine cone flowers.


Stick wreath hanging on the front door.

Making an Autumn Stick WreathThis is a page about making an autumn stick wreath. Crafts made from nature are inexpensive as well as unique.


arrangement in vase

Autumn Arrangement in Twig Wrapped JarIf you are fortunate to have a tree lined or wooded area in your vicinity, then on the next bright autumn day that you come across, take a walk of gratitude and collect some twigs, preferably straight ones. When you get home you can then make this lovely autumn vase and fill it with beautiful things


Pinecone, berries, bits of evergreen branches with fake snow

Getting Craft Supplies From Your GardenThis is a page about getting craft supplies from your garden. Nature provides a wide range of materials to use in craft projects.


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Source for Buying Sugar Pine Cones?I am in need of some sugar pine cones. Does anyone sell them, preferably in Canada, as I will need to have them shipped to Ontario?


Rosemary Serviette (Napkin) Rings

Making Rosemary Napkin RingsThe aroma of fresh rosemary will tempt the taste buds of your dinner guests or family for the meal to come. This is a page about making rosemary napkin rings.


beach shell rocks and wood

Beach Theme Craft IdeasThis is a page about beach themed craft ideas. While exploring the beach you can discover many interesting rocks, shells and driftwood to create all kinds of crafts.


carrot with tops

Decorating with CarrotsThis is a page about decorating with carrots. The bright color and feathery leaves of this common vegetable can make interesting decorations.



Hesperus Necklace in spruce tree.

Crafts Using Rocks and MineralsThis is a page about crafts using rocks and minerals. There are many creative ways that stones of all sizes can be used in craft projects.


beautiful top down view of tree stump

Reusing Tree StumpsThis is a page about reusing tree stumps. Tree stumps either still in the ground or after being removed can be used for a variety of crafts or garden decorations and planters.


Walnut Shell

Crafts Using Walnut ShellsThis is a page about crafts using walnut shells. Nut shells can be used in crafts to make a variety of holiday ornaments and other decorations.


maple leaf

Preserving LeavesThis page is about preserving leaves. The cooler temperatures of autumn allow beautiful, colorful leaves to fall. Some of these can be preserved and used in arrangements and for crafts.


Turmeric being ground up.

Making Natural DyesThis page is about making natural dyes. Creating your own dyes can be challenging and fun.


Plant Seeds

Making Beads from Plant Seeds?This is a page about making beads from plant seeds. Plant and fruit seeds can be used in the creation of beautiful jewelry and other bead crafts.


moss ball craft

Crafts Using MossThis page is about crafts using moss. A natural material that can be used for a variety of craft projects.


sea shell switch plate

Decorating With Sea ShellsThis is a page about decorating with sea shells. Whether you are a collector or simply like to buy pretty unique shells at coastal shops, you can incorporate them into many lovely craft projects.


Making Pinecone Fire Starters

Making Pine Cone Fire StartersThis page is about making pine cone fire starters. Pine cones can be bought or collected for free in a variety of places.


Fall Leaves on White Background

Decorating with Fall LeavesThis is a page about decorating with fall leaves. The beautiful colors of fall leaves make them a perfect part of your decorating scheme.


Making Scented Pinecones

Making Scented Pine Cones?This page is about making scented pine cones. A nice gift or bouquet for your home can be made by adding fragrance to pine cones.


Painting Gourds

Crafts Made With GourdsThis is a page about crafts made with gourds. Because of their interesting and unique shapes, gourds are excellent for use in a wide variety of crafts.


Crafts using gourds

Crafts Using GourdsThis is a page about crafts using gourds. Gourds are great to use for craft projects, there are so many possibilities.


Driftwood Door Handle

Driftwood Craft IdeasThis page contains driftwood craft ideas. Many interesting and useful pieces of driftwood can be found at the beach.


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Nature Craft Projects?What are the different craft projects made of organic materials?


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How Do I Make Potpourri from Dried Flowers?I'm trying to make potpourri out of my son's flowers from his funeral. They turned brown, but still smell like the lavender that I used. Are they still good if they are brown? Someone told me that I had to put them in a glass bowl in the sun. Did I do it right?


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Craft Projects Made from Seeds?What are some projects made from seeds?


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Preserving Natural Items for Crafts?How can you preserve sweet gum balls, miniature pumpkins and small gourds to use in crafts? Also if pine cones are used in a center piece or wreath should or could the items be sprayed with lacquer to maintain the craft pieces? Thanks.


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Layering Sand and Pebbles in a Vase?Does anyone know the correct way to layer sand and pebbles in a vase? Will any sand work?


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Adhering and Preserving Leaves on Slate?I have just returned from Aspen, Co and have some yellow Aspen leaves I am drying in a flower press. I would like to permanently affix these to pieces of slate. Please advise as to how I should do this and preserve them once adhered. Thanks bunches!


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Use Outdated Seeds In Craft ProjectsHave seeds you weren't able to use this year? Use them in kid crafts. Glue them in the center of a paper plate then color the outer ridges of the paper plate to make a pretty flower.


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Dyeing Seashells?What can I use to dye seashells?


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Making Crab Shell Ornaments?How do you make crab shell ornaments?


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Cutting Seashells?I would like suggestions on how to cut sea shells. I have some small conch shells I want to cut like coins. I have a craft project in mind for them. I have seen it already done in stores so I know it is possible. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Crab and Clam Shell Crafts?I am looking for ideas to use blue crab shell and clam shells. Someone told me you could make santas from the crab shells. Any ideas with photos will be appreciated and used!


Natural Mandalas

Natural MandalasMy friend recently made this with her young daughter! It's a great way to get out and explore nature, looking for different colors and textures to incorporate into a natural work of art! You can also use items from home to enhance your design. We would love to see what you create, so please share them here on ThriftyFun!


Dried Banana Leaf Crown - smiling young girl holding the finished crown

Dried Banana Leaf CrownMy niece came over the other day and asked me to help her make a dried banana leaf crown. I was a bit surprised because her mom makes the most beautiful crowns. She explained to me that she could not follow the instructions her mom was giving her and knew I had an easy way to make a crown. In just a few minutes she picked up my technique and within an hour had completed her project.


Catching a Spider Web - ready to display

Catching a Spider WebDid you know you can catch a spider web? If you find spider webs as beautiful as I do, you should go out and catch one so that you can enjoy it as part of your home decor.



Sterilizing and Desalinizing DriftwoodHere in the Pacific Northwest, you encounter a lot of driftwood along the beaches. I wanted to use some of them in a terrarium that I started, but first I needed to remove any pests that may have hitched a ride and remove all of the built up salt so that I didn't kill my plants.


penguin and mouse

Pine Cone Friend DecorationsA fun project for kids or adults around the holidays that cost next to nothing! These can be decoration or you can hang them as an ornament on the tree.


Bringing Fall Indoors Artwork - finished artwork

Bringing Fall Indoors ArtworkMy kids love bringing the outdoors inside, but I prefer the outdoors (rocks, leaves, dirt, sticks/branches, sand, etc.) to be outside. I suggested doing art with outdoors they could bring in and my son loved the idea.


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Goose Pine Needle Craft?I have seen a goose form covered in pine needles. The lady who used to make them has passed away. Does anyone know how to make them?


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Hanging Photos from Driftwood?I have a small driftwood branch that I wanted to hang three photos from. What's the best way to hang this and should I paint the pictures with something to make them hard?


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Preserving a Toadstool?I have a unique toadstool in my yard. Is there a safe way to preserve it?


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Using Pine Limbs in Crafts?Can I use fallen pine tree limbs for crafts? I wanted to create a Christmas tree craft and want to know if I will have to contend with sap drip or allergen issues inside the home. I have abundant SW Florida pines on my property.


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Debugging Pine Cones in the Microwave?When debugging pine cones in the microwave, how long do you set the timer for?


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Using Borax in a Rubber Rock Tumbler Barrel?Can borax be used in a rubber rock tumbler barrel without damaging the rubber barrel? The theory is to clean the rocks as they tumble and to remove excess dirt, etc.


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