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Pine cones are a popular crafting item for kids and adults alike. This is a page about crafts using pine cones.


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Place Setting Pinecone Turkeys

Place Setting Pinecone Turkeys

I found some turkeys made of pine cones in a craft store, I added orange yarn, glued on leaves with guests names on them and used them for place settings. Everyone LOVED them and they were so easy to put together. They looked so cute on the table.

By Mary Lou from Abingdon, MD

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I made a small faux succulent out of a green painted pinecone. I also made a planter that fit it just right out of a plastic scoop. When the pinecone is painted green and dried, it looks like a succulent plant in a little planter. I placed it in my garden, and it looks adorable!

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We made door hangings with the long pine cones by using red velvet, wide ribbon the length you choose for your door, and wired a couple of long pine cones at the end of the ribbon. We used a round gold ring at the top for hanging. We also added some artificial greenery at the top for decorative purposes. The ribbon could be used plain or add a little snow glitter for a different effect.


By HerkDia from Baltimore, MD

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November 19, 2008

We love to use "things to make things"! My daughter (9) and I made this bird from 2 pine cones. We made his wings from some wide cloth ribbon, eyes from broken necklace beads, beak from scrap ribbon and the tail from braided jute. We covered a experimentally painted terra cotta pot with braided jute. You could use a variety of other things to decorate the pot and make the bird accessories.

By Ginok from Wayne, OK

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September 29, 2004

Next time you take your kids out for a walk or you visit your local craft store, get yourself some pine cones. Take plain old white glue and coat just the tips of the pine cones.


Take silver, gold or the new iridescent white glitter and sprinkle on the glue.

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September 22, 2008

My father has thousands of the long leaf pine cones from our state tree. He also has home grown gourds almost ready for harvest. He is semi retired and has farmed all his life. How can I help him sell his gourds? Picking up the pine cones gives him something to do at his age. I want him to stay active working the ground, we are blessed with nature crafts in NC.

JH from Eastern North Carolina


September 22, 20080 found this helpful

Selling the gourds should be easy. I have seen people selling gourds on eBay. They make great crafts.


My sister-in-law grows gourds. She cuts holes in the front, washes them in bleach water, sands them and we paint them and spray them with clear lacquer. Put a hook in the top and you have a great birdfeeder. She has painted some in really nice looking southwestern colors. They also make good, easy & cheap kids crafts for teacher gifts.

Also, if there is a craft fair going on in your community you might be able to get a table (for a small fee of around $25) where he could sell his natural items to the crafters. If you could find an easy way to make scented pinecones (I am sure someone here knows how!) he could sell these in bags at the same time.

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September 22, 20080 found this helpful

1) Have you seen those pine cones that have been coated with wax that people sell in a bag to use to start fires with during the winter? (They usually use a dark green wax)


2) A second idea: You can put pine cones into a gallon jar & add a mixture of Spruce scented essential oil (don't use pine or it will smell like pine-sol) and rubbing alcohol or 100 proof vodka (the alcohol is to make the oil easier to disperse) ...Then spray this mix of 1/8 cup alcohol & 1 teaspoon of spruce esential oil on to the pine cones & leave them sit for at least 2 weeks in the jar (to absorb the spruce scent).... Then sell these during the holidays or give them away. They are made to be set in a pretty bowl on a coffee table to give the smell of Christmas during the holidays (like potpourri). Just Google "essential oils" or buy them at any Health Food Store. In place of the Spruce oil, you can also use a mixture of Orange & Cinnamon oil or any Citrus oil with any spice like clove or cinnamon (I like to mix lemon oil with the orange oil)....


But, be careful with the cinnamon & cassia oils as many people are allergic to them & a little goes a long way!

3) Another idea is to buy Styrofoam or grapevine wreaths at dollar stores & hot glue just plain pine cones all around the wreath & place a quality gold, silver or gingham checked or plaid bow on the top... These make wonderful decorations for any fall or winter holiday (depending on the color of the ribbon) be it Fall, Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can do the same thing in miniature as a table decoration with a tall glass candle in the center. But never use a regular candle that's not in glass due to fire hazard!

---> A WARNING about the gourds... Once they dry out, the insides contains a mold that can be very hazardous to breathe... ALWAYS wear a mask when cleaning the insides of gourds & be sure to bleach the inside as well as the outside... There are many crafts that use gourds these days... in fact, some people use them to wood burn on & others die or paint them & make baskets from them... I bet you could sell them dried to a ma & pa owned craft store or at a Farmers Market.

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By diane (Guest Post)
September 23, 20080 found this helpful

I agree that the gourds make good bird feeders. I have also seen where gourds are painted to look like swans or ducks or other birds...cute craft for fall.

If you end up keeping the pinecones yourself, you can always coat them with peanut butter, roll in birdseed and hand with a string on your trees for the birds and squirrels outside. We decorate our trees outside for the animals during the holiday season. The kids love this project and so do the birds!

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September 24, 20080 found this helpful

If you have a digital camera, take some shots of them by themselves and perhaps in a pile. Submit them to the Craigslists in Tucson and Phoenix.
I lived in Tucson three hellacious years and driving back each summer from Salem OR, I found and gathered Sugar Pines and sold them for 20.00 each!

The closest these people see to a forest is literally a 500 square acre "forest" of Cactus!

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September 24, 20080 found this helpful

If he has an abundance, he may want to think about donating some to a local scout group or classroom. Leaders and teachers are always grateful for supplies to use for the kids. Plus they might like him to come in and talk to the kids about his years as a farmer or even about local history if he has been farming the same land for a long time.

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September 24, 20080 found this helpful

If it were in this town I would pile some on a table out front with a "for sale" sign & hope nobody turned me in -- a lot of times people can do that here - sometimes a neighbor gets irate about it but not often -- or find a farmers market near you : - the open air kind & I found out this summer whoever wants to can pull up their produce or craft onto the parking lot & sell off the tailgate or out of the trunk or set up a table & not pay anything & sell things.
Also our local radio will let you sell 3 items at a time that they read on the air off a post card you submit the details of your items on.If time permits the next day I think they reread it FREE !

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By Georgetta Ruth (Guest Post)
September 29, 20080 found this helpful

You can try to contact some of the craft shows. They might know of tv host who are willing to purchase the gourds. Also check with the local craft stores. If you decorate them they want to want to use(or rent) for their display. Also local stores might be looking for decorations for their windows. Ask around.

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October 5, 20080 found this helpful

I was just at the dollar store & they were selling a bag of pine cone Christmas tree ornaments. All they did was glue a thin ribbon, yarn or a piece of thick fishing line in the shape of a loop to the top of the pine cone then either spray paint them gold or they sprayed on an adhesive then dipped them into glitter. You can also buy glitter-glue at the dollar store or can also buy spray on glitter at any craft store in the floral supply area. I would recommend Elmer's or tacky-glue or maybe even super-glue to attach the loops to the top. I wouldn't recommend hot glue or a bendable glue like E-6000. Make sure your glue dries clear.

I would think the easiest way to get the glitter or metallic paint on them would be to first glue the loops to the tops, then wait overnight for them to dry, then thread each one on to a dowel & prop the dowel with the pine cones hanging from it between 2 boxes then spray them with the metallic paint. (do this outside)

The same dollar store (Dollar Tree) sold a dozen of these metallic or glitter pine cones in a mesh bag for $1. They also sold a dozen PLAIN, regular pine cones in a mesh bag in the craft area. They just plain pine cones, nothing special. I think they were bagged up for people that don't have access to pine cones or people that don't have the energy to go outside in the cold to pick them up off of the ground themselves. They were sold for gluing or wiring to wreaths & such. The bags they were in looked like the kid of plastic mesh produce bags you often find onions in. To find these bags, just Google "mesh produce bags".

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December 9, 20090 found this helpful

Pine Cone Wreaths

We use to make these from pine cones from my parents property.

Flat round wire wreath. It looks like circles with slight rise in between them from Michaels or craft store.
Large bucket of pine cones.

Put pine cones in bag temporarily. Fill the large bucket about half full of HOT WATER. Submerse pine cones in hot water. They will begin to tigthen up. Once this has happened and water has cooled off take individual pine cones and put the bottom ends at an angle into the wired wreath spaces. Work around the wreath form until you have completed your circle. Let the wreath dry flat a day or so and the pine cones will open up and be snug in the wreath form (NO GLUE NEEDED). It's neat to see this happen and it looks so much harder once the wreath is complete than it actually was. I just can't imagine some of the time spent on the wired pine and nut wreaths.

Depending on the size of your wire wreaths, you can have large or small wreaths in the end. Once dried you can leave natural and add a bow or spray with a clear water based polyurethan, or spray with a little spray glue and add glitter. These store for several years easily. Have fun.

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July 19, 2003

Does anyone have any ideas what can be done with whole lot of pine cones? I have hundreds in my yard and would like to help someone with how they could use them or what to do with them. Thanks.


July 22, 20030 found this helpful

During the fall many schools use them for art projects such as glueing on some paper feathers and making it a turkey, if you have a nursing home nearby ask the activity director if he/she would be interested in taking some of them for craft projects. If you have a craft store near you they may be interested.

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April 8, 20040 found this helpful

If you have pine cones, you probably also have pine needles. My Dad's place in the country only supported pine trees, yucca, Indian corn, and strawberries. He said that even with the severe weather situations, these berries were the last thing remaining green before the blizzards, and the first thing to enjoy the Spring. What I'm saying is that they thrive under a mulch of pine needles. You might want to explore the possibility of wild strawberries (Aspen strawberries) in addition to other fun experiments.) Have fun

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By Karen (Guest Post)
June 26, 20040 found this helpful

I also have 50 pine trees and many pine cones, so I came up with the idea to make wreaths for any time of the year. I spray them gold for Christmas and add small ordiments and mini lights for a nice centerpiece. I also use them on the front door, by hot glueing them together, and enbelish them for the season

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July 16, 20041 found this helpful

You could donate them to a thrift store for those shoppers looking for inexpensive craft items for the holidays. Just a thought!

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September 5, 20040 found this helpful

Make a Christmas tree using several pinecones - With pinecones standing on their widest end (the base), glue the "sides" of them together in the form of a circle Some of the petals can interlock w/each other to help hold it in place. Just use hot glue to secure. When you have the size of circle you need to form the base of your Christmas tree (obviously this can vary, depending on the size of tree you want), repeat that step, only making the circle smaller. Glue that circle onto the base, using the same technique as mentioned above--allow some of the petals of the base of the smaller circle to interlock with the tips of the larger circle. Keep repeating these steps until you reach the "top" of your Christmas tree. The very tip should be just one (1) pinecone, the "layer" beneath that should be three (3) pinecones, and so on--forming larger and larger layers--depending on how large you want the entire tree. Decorate then with glitter, lights, miniature garlands, ornaments, etc..

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September 5, 20040 found this helpful

You could try selling them on the internet! If you have loads, you could package them up and sell them to crafters on Ebay for example. You wouldn't have to charge a lot, but I bet they'd sell.

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October 6, 20040 found this helpful

dip them in recycled candle wax & in some saw dust or dryer lint to make fire starters
If they are closed - put them on a cookie sheet & I THINK they will open up !
I set a candle in a basket on my table with some colorfull leaves & a few pinecones & acorns & such for a nice fall centerpiece

coat them with peanut butter & roll in some bird seed & hang in a tree for the birds !

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November 18, 20040 found this helpful

Pine cones are supposed to be a good mulch for roses because of their high acid content. Mulch in the fall and remove the debris in the spring.

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By Mary (Guest Post)
November 8, 20080 found this helpful

I put a lot on website & many Scout leaders have taken trash bags full for crafts. If you have lots thay make wonderful "trees" by making a wide base, narrowing at the top w/chicken wire. You can first put Christmas lights inside the wire, then poke p cones into wire from outside & fill to top. Beautiful with red berries or ribbons added on outside. Great in an entry sitting on decorative urn. I understand they're more closed up when cold & expand when warmer.

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April 19, 2012

I am looking for easy (ages, 6, 8, and 10) crafts to make with grandchildren. We live in a forest area so pinecones are readily available. Thank you for any help you can give.

By Henrietta M.

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October 3, 2011

In the early 90s I made a turkey from 1 possibly 2 pine cones. For the life of me I can't remember how to do it. The legs were twigs and that is about all I remember. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

By Margy from Kent, WA


October 5, 20110 found this helpful

Just type "Pine Cone Turkey" into your search engine and you'll get dozens of photos, links and videos on how to make it. Some even have templates for the feathers. The web is a glorious place for crafters!

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January 16, 2020

Buy or gather some small pine cones. Then glue them to the outside of a recycled can; spray paint and fill with flowers and foliage for a lovely pine cone vase to display in your home for the holidays.

Pine Cone Vase - vase surrounded by greenery and red ornaments and filled with faux berry srays

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January 14, 2020

Gather some pinecones or pull out some that you purchased at the craft store and get ready to make these cute Christmas tree place card holders for your holiday parties. Personalize their appearance or replicate the ones featured in this project.

Christmas Tree Place Card Holders - two Christmas tree placecard holders

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January 26, 2017

Gather some pinecones and make these little angel ornaments as a family project. This is a page about pinecone angel ornaments.

An angel pinecone Christmas ornament

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December 14, 2015

This is a page about making a pine cone penguin. With all of the pine cones on the ground, now is the perfect time to make some of these cute little penguins.

Making a Pinecone Penguin

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June 23, 2014

This is a page about making pinecone Christmas ornaments. Pinecones can be used to make many beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

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