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Knifty Knitters

Making a Pot Holder With a Knifty Knitter?This is a page about making a pot holder with a Knifty Knitter. Your Knifty Knitter round or long loom are both useful for making potholders for your kitchen or to give as gifts.


Knifty Knitter Loom

Making a Blanket With a Knifty KnitterA Knifty Knitter is an easy tool to make a knitted blanket. They come in many shapes for different projects. This is a page about making a blanket with a Knifty Knitter.


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What Does "sm" Mean in Knitting Instructions?In knitting what does the abbreviation "sm" mean?


Partially knit sock over a woman's foot with needles in place.

Knitting SocksThis is a page about knitting socks. One of the most popular things to knit is socks. You get to pick the yarn fiber content, color, weight, and can adjust the pattern for a custom fit. Hand knit socks are also a great gift idea.


Knitted Afghan

Making a Knitted AfghanThis is a page about making a knitted afghan. If you knit or are learning to, making an afghan is an excellent project to work on. It can be as simple a pattern as you desire, or go for it and make one using a more advanced skills design.


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Making a Crochet Tube With a Thread Spool?When I was a child, my Dad put 4 nails in one of the ends of a wooden spool that no longer held thread. I would use that and wind a string of yarn around it, then loop it over itself ...


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Knifty Knitter Instructions?I need the directions for my Knifty Knitter, because I lost them.


knitting needles and yarn

Sea Shell Knitting Stitch?This page is about sea shell knitting stitch. The little sea shell pattern gathers stitches to give you a lacy texture for scarves, sweaters, or blankets.


Infant wearing knitted newsboy cap

Knitted Newsboy Cap PatternThis is a page about knitted newsboy cap pattern. This retro style cap is familiar to us from old movies and such. It is a cute style to reintroduce to your wardrobe.


Adjustable Sock Loom

Using a Knitting Board Adjustable Sock Loom?This is a page about using a Knitting Board adjustable sock loom. A great alternative to the traditional needle approach to knitting socks is to use a sock loom.


Green Knifty Knitter Circle Loom

Removing a Scarf From a Knifty KnitterThis is a page about removing a scarf from a Knifty Knitter. Once you have completed knitting your scarf, knowing the best way to remove it from your loom is important.


Finding Knifty Knitter Patterns

Finding Knifty Knitter PatternsThis is a page about finding Knifty Knitter patterns. Knifty Knitter looms makes knitting items such as hats and scarves easy for everyone.



yellow yarn

Making a Knit or Crochet Pan Handle Holder?This page is about making a knit or crochet pan holder. Cast iron pan handles can get hot and it helps to have some protection.


pink knitted hat

Knitting a HatThis page is about knitting a hat. A simple or complex pattern can be used when knitting a hat.


A woman sewing an edge on a blanket.

Blanket Craft IdeasBlankets can be made from all sorts of fabric, yarn or thread and can be created using basic sewing, crochet, knitting or loom work. Simple fleece blankets can be just tied together, making it a great gift project for any age.


A round knitting loom in use.

Knitting Loom QuestionsKnitting looms are a fun and easy to use alternative method for creating knit items without using knitting needles. There will of course be questions as you learn to use a loom. This page contains some questions and answers about using a knitting loom.


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Understanding Loom Knitting Instruction for Afghans?Loom knitting afghans by Isela Phelps describes a kfb stitch. In that description, she says if no adjacent peg is empty, place stitch on safety pin. It stops there with no direction on what to do with that stitch that is on safety pin. I would appreciate any insight or link that resolves this problem for me.


Finger Knit Headband - knitter wearing the headband

How to Make a Finger Knit HeadbandInstead of using knitting needles to make this yarn headband, use your fingers. This easy project is great for teens and the headbands make a wonderful gift.


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Fixing a Mistake When Using a Knitting Loom?I am knitting a scarf on a loom. I made a mistake and had to rip out a few rows. Now I am left with 1 wrap each peg. When I try to add rows it leaves a big space between new and old rows. My pattern has three wraps. Is there a solution?


A purse that has been knitted from blue yarn.

Easy Elegant Knitted PurseDepending on how fast you knit, this straight piece can be done in a couple of days. It requires no shaping. This is a page about easy elegant knitted purse.


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Patterns for Making Doll Clothes with a Comb Knitter?I wanted to be able to knit and purchased the pocket knitters' combs. I am able to knit the "e" stitch, but would like to know if there are patterns or downloadable patterns or books for how to make doll clothing.


Stacks of colorful knitting yarn

Saving Money on Knitting SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on knitting supplies. Budget need not keep you from enjoying knitting. Save money by shopping thrift and discount shops. The same sources apply when shopping for needles, buttons, or zippers. Patterns are available for free online or can be traded with other crafters.


Knitted Sweater Fabric

Mending a Knitted SweaterIf your knitted sweater has developed a hole or run, it can be repaired even if you don't know how to knit. This is a page about mending a knitted sweater.


Knitted Beanie Hat

Pattern for a Simple Knitted Beanie Hat?Knitted beanies are warm, cozy, and make a great gift. This page is about finding patterns for simple knitted beanies.


A knitted sweater with the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.

Knitted Character SweatersWhen you are knitting a child's sweater try adding a favorite cartoon character to make it more special. This is a page about knitted character sweaters.


A pile of plastic grocery bags.

Knitting With Grocery Bags?Plastic grocery bags can be cut into strips to make plarn, a recycled product that can be used in place of yarn in many craft projects. This is a page about knitting with grocery bags.


A green round loom.

Knifty Knitter Patterns for Baby ItemsThis is a page about finding Knifty Nnitter patterns for baby items. The Knifty Knitter can make some cute items for babies.



Mop cleaning floor

Knitting a Swiffer Pad?This is a page about knitting a Swiffer pad. You can knit or crochet a reusable cleaning pad for your stiffer style mop.


Green Knifty Knitter Circle Loom

Trouble Using Knifty KnitterThis is a page about trouble using a Knifty Knitter. Like any new craft, learning to use a knitting loom can take time and trial and error until you have mastered it.


Yellow Knifty Knitter Loom with partial weaving made with grey yarn

Making a Scarf with a Knifty KnitterThis is a page about making a scarf with a Knifty Knitter. Choosing the best loom and having clear instructions is important for making a scarf on your loom, especially if you are a novice loom knitter.


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Meaning of Paxton Knitting Pattern Abbreviations?What does Sm Pr and Pr/NB mean? I have these abbreviations in a pattern I have. It is an American pattern for a premature/new born baby jacket, the design is called Paxton.


knitted slippers

Free Knitted Slipper Patterns?This is a page about free knitted slipper patterns. A favorite project for many knitters is making slippers.


balls of wool and knitting needles

Finding Free Knitting Patterns?This is a page about finding free knitting patterns. If you are a beginning or a seasoned avid knitter, finding free patterns is an adventure and sometimes challenging undertaking.


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Knitting with One Hand?I used love to knit, but now I am in a wheelchair and disabled on my left side. Are there any products that I can buy to knit again? Please.


circular loom

Increasing or Decreasing Stitches...This is a page about increasing or decreasing stitches on a knifty knitter. Depending on what project you are making on your knitting loom you may need to add or decrease the number of stitches.


long loom

Using a Knifty Knitter Long LoomThis is a page about using a Knifty Knitter long loom. The Knifty Knitter long loom is very versatile. It is a great tool for crafters who are not skilled knitters or knitters looking for a different method for making projects.


machine knitting a hat

Buying and Using a Knitting MachineThis is a page about buying and using a knitting machine. There are many knitting machines on the market. Choosing the best one for your needs and skills will help ensure an enjoyable knitting experience.



Finding Patterns for Knitted Wash Cloths?This is a page about free patterns for knitted wash cloths. A simple project for a beginning knitter and easy to find directions.


knitting supplies

Making Knitted Washcloths?This is a page about free patterns for knitted wash cloths. A good cleaning cloth can be made by knitting with all kinds of yarn.


Girl wearing a knitted hat.

Making a Hat With an Oval Loom?This is a page about making a hat with an oval loom. Knitting looms are very popular with crafters. A long or oval loom can be used to make a wide variety of knit items.


Knifty Knitters

Stitching Together Panels Made on Knifty Knitter?This is a page about stitching together panels made on knifty knitter. Maintaining the proper tension is one thing to keep in mind when sewing knitted panels together.


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Making a Thread Spool Loom?When growing up, my grandmother used empty wooden thread spools for a fun craft project. She drilled tiny holes on the top of a spool, then glued a bunch of small "pins" with no head on top in each hole.



yarn background

Adapting Knit and Crochet Patterns?This page is about adapting knit and crochet patterns. It's important to understand what adjustments need to be made to change the design of a yarn project.


Knifty Knitter Spool Loom

Knifty Knitter Spool Loom ReviewsThis page contains Knifty Knitter spool loam reviews. Inexpensive, quick tubular scarfs can be fashioned with this tool.


A basket full of knitting supplies.

Square Knitting Needles Reviews?When using these round tipped square needles you may need to change your needle size. This page contains square knitting needles reviews.


Knitting yarn and needles.

Knitting Breast Prosthetics?This page is about knitting breast prosthetics. After breast cancer treatment, to restore symmetry you made need a little thrifty help.


Knitting Loom

Making Your Own Knitting LoomThis page is about making your own knitting loom. There are a number of things you can use to make your own custom loom.


knitted sweater

Making a Sweater With a Round Knifty Knitter?A Knifty Knitter is an easy way to knit different items. This is a page about making a sweater with a round Knifty Knitter.


Knifty Knitter

Making a Hat With a Knifty Knitter?This page is about making a hat with a Knifty Knitter. This is a fast, simple way to knit a hat.


wool yarn

Making a Scarf on a Round Loom?This is a page about making a scarf on a round loom. Knitting is much easier, especially for the novice, when using a loom. However, the process for making some projects may not seem as straight forward as when knitting in the more traditional way.


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Making a Knit Toilet Seat Cozy?This is a page about making a knit toilet seat cozy. If you can knit, then you can make your own toilet seat cozy.


Knitted Myrrh Bag

Knitted Myrrh Bag Patterns?This is a page about knitted myrrh bag patterns. Historically myrrh has been used for treating many health conditions such as canker sores, gingivitis, and arthritis pain. This tree resin was carried in small bags or pouches by those who used it. Making a knitted myrrh bag would be a unique, fun project.


knitted fingerless gloves

Knitting Fingerless GlovesThis is a page about knitting fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves provide warmth for your hands but allow you to use your fingers unencumbered by thick gloves. If you knit you can easily make yourself a pair or two.


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Making Panels With a Knifty Knitter Loom?This is a page about making panels with a Knifty Knitter loom. The Knifty Knitter looms have made it easy for even an inexperienced knitter to create many beautiful items.


knitting needles

Using Eyelash YarnThis is a page about using eyelash yarn. Eyelash yarn is one of a number of specialty or novelty yarns. It knits up well either by itself or in combination with another yarn.



Knitting a Seed Stitch?This page is about knitting a seed stitch. Once you've learned to knit and purl you are ready for the seed stitch.


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Patterns for a Knifty Knitter Long LoomThis is a page about patterns for a Knifty Knitter long loom. Knitting looms are an easy way to knit even if you are not an experienced traditional knitter.


Knitting Bag

Making a Knitting BagThis is a page about how to make your own knitting bag. If you have found that knitting bags for sale are too pricey or just not what you want, try making your own.


Wooden Knitting Needles

Wooden Knitting Needles Reviews?This is a page about wooden knitting needles reviews. Product reviews can help you make a decision on a purchase without having to buy and test it yourself.


Knitted Booties

Knitting Booties on a Loom?This is a page about knitting booties on a loom. You can create many knit items using a loom rather than needles.


Round Looms

Making a Hat on a Round Loom?This is a page about making a hat on a round loom. Round looms are quite popular for the non traditional or inexperienced knitter.


Knitting With Fabric

Knitting With FabricThis is a page about knitting with fabric. You don't have to limit your knitting projects to the use of yarn; try using fabric.


Knitting Tips

Knitting Tips and TricksThis is a page about knitting tips and tricks. Even experienced knitters can appreciate a new technique or tool to use in their craft.


Round Knitting Looms

Round Knitting Loom TipsThis page is about round knitting loom tips. This kind of knitting requires no needles and a good start for beginners.


Knitted Purse Patterns

Knitted Purse PatternsThis page is about knitted purse patterns. A fun and useful knitting project is a purse.


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Pattern for Knitted Hippo Hat?Does anyone have a knitting pattern for a hippo hat for a girl of 10? She really wants one for Christmas.Thanks.


Knit Sweater Patterns

Knit Sweater PatternsThis is a page about knit sweater patterns. Finding just the right pattern for a knit sweater can sometimes be a challenge.


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Knitting on the Sock Loom?My stiches on my sock loom are tight and it is hard to pull them over the peg. This is my first time I have tried to knit.


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Knifty Knitter Marionette Patterns?I am looking for patterns to make marionettes on my Knifty Knitters. I found 2 (a worm and a chick) in one of my Provo Craft books, but am looking for more.


Learning to Knit

Learning to Knit?This page is about learning to knit. A wonderful variety of useful items can be knitted while keeping your hands busy.


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Teddy Bear Pram Blanket Pattern?I am looking for a small pram blanket pattern; it has 2 small knitted teddy bears at the top that look as if they are tucked into bed. Anyone help please?


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Knifty Knitter For Net ScrubbiesI have made nylon net scrubbies using my blue round Knifty Knitter. I cast on like I'm making a hat and knit about 16 rows. Then when I am ready to bind off, I bind off like a hat. The left over "yarn" is then sewn through each side about 2 times.


Knifty Knitter Men's Tie Instructions?Does anyone know how to make a men's tie using the Knifty Knitter? Thanks.


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Knifty Knitter Scarves Unraveling?I have made a terrible mistake in binding off two scarves from my round loom Knifty Knitter, and they are starting to unravel! I have a craft show on Nov. 15, 2011, and I am sick about this. Is there anyone that I could send these scarves to and pay to correct this?


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Making a Wash Cloth on a Knitting Loom?How do you make a wash cloth or a dish cloth with a loom knitter? How many pegs do you need?


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Connecting With Others Who Knit in the Round?Are there any sock knitters, and possibly knitters in the round for socks? I would like to meet other knitters to share ideas.


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Can I Buy a Knifty Knitter Instructional DVD?I'm want to know if Knifty Knitter has a DVD for sale?


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How Do You Reverse the Pattern on a Knifty Knitter?How do you reverse the pattern when knitting with the Knifty Knitter?


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How Do I Keep a Knit Scarf From Curling In?What can I do to keep a knitted scarf from curling in?


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Which Knifty Knitter Loom Should I Buy for Scarves and Blankets?I am looking to purchase a Knifty Knitter loom and I was wondering if they are easy to use. Should I get the round looms or the long looms? I would want to use it to make mostly scarves and blankets. I would appreciate any advice you give to me thanks.


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Knitting a Sweater on Round Needles?I need a pattern for sweaters knitted on round needles, from the top down. My old book was burned up when our house caught fire. With these sweaters, you can adjust the size as a child grows, or if an adult damages it.


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Pattern for Knitted Harry Potter Scarf?Does anyone have the knitting directions for the Harry Potter scarf for young people? I also want to know the brand of yarn and correct name of colors used.


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Isela Phelps' "Loom Knitting Primer"?I have a question about the "simple hat' pattern in Isela Phelps' loom knitting book. I am having trouble understanding how to decrease the crown.


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Purl Stitch for Knifty Knitter Loom?How do you do the purl stitch on the circular loom?


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Free Knifty Knitter Pattern for Adult Booties?I am looking for a free pattern for Knifty Knitter adult booties. I found one, but have to join their site to get it. I don't want that.


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Pattern for Making Tube Socks on Knifty Knitter Loom?How do you attach the leather to the bottom of a tube sock made on the blue Knifty Knitter loom since there is no toe or heel to it? Any links?


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Knitting Needle Gauge Tool?I bought some knitting needles for knitting socks sizes 0, 1, 1.5, 2. My question is that they are so close that I can't tell them apart and my tool for finding needle sizes doesn't go that small. Does anybody know where I can find a tool for that? Thanks for your help.


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Knifty Knitter Video?I would like to know how to use a Knifty Knitter loom to see how is works. Where can I find a video or instructions?


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Pattern for Knitted Child's Jumper With Intarsia Design?Can anyone direct me to a pattern for a knitted child's jumper with a tractor intarsia design on it? Thanks.


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Learning To Use Knitting Looms?I would like to learn to do knitting on a Knifty Knitter. How do I get started?


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Instructions for Knifty Knitter Spool Loom?I have a very small double ended Knifty Knitter with only 8 pegs on one end and 5 pegs on the other. I can't remember which direction to work in, I lost the instructions. Do I wrap the yarn clockwise around the pegs and work to the right?


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Instructions for Round Knifty Knitter?I need a pattern for Knifty Knitter circular looms. I have a complete set, but no directions.


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Easy Scarf Pattern and Instructions for a Round Loom?I have a round loom and want to make an easy scarf for my dad. I need instructions on how to do it. This is my first time. So I am looking for instructions and a pattern I guess. Can I get help?


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Making Knifty Knitter Christmas Stocking?How do you make a Knifty Knitter stocking?


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Removing Several Rows of Stitches on a Knitted Scarf?I have made one scarf, but had trouble getting the provisional knitting off the beginning end so I ended up doing this stitch on both ends of the scarf, which left it looking kind of "tacky". I would like some suggestions on how to best remove this knitting from the scarf.


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Scarves Made on Knifty Knitter Curl Inward?Why do my scarfs curl inward on the sides with the Knifty Knitter?


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Making a Button Hole Using a Knifty Knitter?How do I make a button hole with yarn using a Kniffty Knitter?


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Easy Ladies' Knit Sock Pattern?My daughter, who is going to Concordia University in Montreal, has challenged me to one of her favorite things, homemade woolen socks. Does anyone have a pattern for a ladies size 9? I need an easy pattern for me to win the bet! Thank you.


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Knitted Newsboy Cap Pattern?How can I download the newsboy hat pattern?


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Using A Long Loom?How do you finish off and remove your project from the straight knitter?


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Looking For Metallic Paint for a Knitted Scarf?Do you know where I can find paint for a knitted scarf that looks like pieces of aluminum?


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Binding Off on Knifty Knitter Round Loom?On the Knifty Knitter, when trying to stop making the brim of a hat, how do you take off the last row of stitches for the brim? It's leaving big loops.


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Striped knitted throw.

Scrappy Knitted Throw BlanketA few weeks ago, you asked about craft projects from materials bought at thrift stores. I broke my leg in February, and then got a staph infection in the bone, so I had lots of sitting-around time to knit.


A knitted sweater with the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.

Craft: Knitted Character SweaterKnitted Baby Sweater - Sizes 1-2-3-4. Front zipper, cable stitch on front and around hood. Also cable stitch can be knitted in a contrasting color. Pictures were transfered on tracing paper, then traced on knitters graph paper.


finished pom pom

Making a Pom Pom With a ForkUsing a fork allows you to make pom poms quickly and evenly sized.


Red knit hat and mittens.

Hand Knitted Hat and MittensI enjoy knitting and crocheting during these long cold winter months. My Catholic church has a collection box for children's hats, scarves, and mittens which will be sent to an orphanage. I've saved all my new left over yarn from other projects, and now I'm on a knitting craze.


Small knit bag with strap.

Knit Therapy BagsSeveral of my friends have recently quit smoking and wondered what to do with their hands when the urge to light up comes, so I began making "Knit Therapy Bags" to give to them.


A purse that has been knitted from blue yarn.

Easy Elegant Knitted PurseThis is an easy project as it is a straight piece. There is no shaping involved.


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Problems Making Sleeves on an Isela Phelps Baby Sweater?Has anyone had problems with the Isela Phelps pattern for a brocade baby sweater? It's in the Loom Knitting Primer book. I'm having problems with the sleeves.


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Making a Hot Pad on a Knitting Loom?I was just wondering if there is a pattern for hot pads? Please let me know when you can.


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Making a Scarf on a Loom?After I loom a scarf the ends are very loose (used stockinette stitch). Can I e wrap a couple of rows then use the stockinette stitch? E wrap seems to keep things tighter.


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Making a Hot Pad on a Round Knitting Loom?I was wondering how to do a hot pad on this round knitting loom.


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Pattern for Knitting a Plarn Sleep Mat?Could you give me directions for knitting a sleep mat using plastic bags?


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Looking for Lee Wards Knitted Poncho Pattern?I bought a kit of a knitted poncho. It was white with bulky yarn. The pattern was in black and brown like a ski pattern. It had the same junky or bulky yarn fringe. It had arm holes to. We moved and lost a box of my patterns and I don't have the poncho any more. I purchased it from Lee Wards.


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