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This page contains craft projects and tips about beadwork crafts.

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Crafts Using Tri-BeadsThis is a page about crafts using tri-beads. Plastic tri-beads are used for making a variety of craft projects.


Beading on Elastic Cord

Beading Tips and TricksThis is a page about beading tips and tricks. Whether using large or small beads, there are ways to make it easier to complete your projects.


Corn starch beaded necklace.

Making Cornstarch BeadsAn easy fun way to make your own custom beads. This page is about making cornstarch beads.


Angel pin in gold, silver, and pearl.

Making a Safety Pin AngelThis is a page about making a safety pin angel. These little angels are perfect to wear at Christmastime or to add to packages or ornaments on the tree.


Beaded Cross

Making a Beaded CrossThis is a page about making a beaded cross. Making a beaded cross is a fast, easy project that is excellent for craft fairs and gift giving.


Beaded Key Ring - done

How to Make an Easy Beaded Key RingIt's east to decorate your keychain with a few beads and some string. Here is how to make an easy beaded key ring for yourself or as a gift.


A beaded bookmark in a book.

Making Beaded BookmarksMaking beaded bookmarks is a fun craft that can be elaborate or easy enough for children to do themselves. This is a page about making beaded bookmarks.


Beaded Hair Sticks

Making Beaded Hair SticksThis is a page about making beaded hair sticks. Decorative hair sticks can help make a hair style elegant.


Making A Beading Loom - handmade beading loom

Making A Beading LoomI have loved using a beading loom since I was young. In the past, I use to make them for my friends. They are great for making bracelets out of beads or even thread. My goddaughter wanted to make beaded bracelets for her friends at school and we could not find a loom here in Tahiti. We decided to make our own. This is a simple project and anyone can make one to use at home.


A collection of bead and ribbon bookmarks in different colors.

Bead and Ribbon BookmarksRibbons and cords lie nicely between the pages. The beads not only make the bookmarks look pretty, but they also function as weights to hold the bookmark in place. Make them for gifts for friends and family.


Bracelet in process.

Threading Beads on Elastic Stretch CordStretch elastic cord can be used to make bracelets and other craft project but it can sometimes be difficult to thread smaller beads or findings. This is a page about threading beads on elastic stretch cord.


A card holder in black and white beads.

Personalized Beaded Badge HolderThis is a fun project to make for yourself or other professionals who routinely wear a badge at work. You can include their name, position, and interests to make it really personal and special. This is a page about making a personalized beaded badge holder.



Basic Tools and Findings for Beading

Basic Tools and Findings for BeadingWhen beginning a new craft, such as beading, it is a good idea to identify and purchase at least the basic tools and supplies so that you can get started creating. This is a page about basic tools and findings for beading.


Beaded Minecraft Creeper Cuff - finished bracelet being worn

Beaded Minecraft Creeper Kandi CuffHere is a perfect kanji cuff to make for a Minecraft fan. This is a page about beaded Minecraft creeper kandi cuff.


A girl making a beaded bracelet with colorful beads.

Beaded BraceletsA popular jewelry craft project is the making of beaded bracelets. They can be simple or complex. This is a page about beaded bracelets.


White socks with a beaded trim.

Beaded SocksDecorating plain socks with beads turns the mundane into a unique clothing item. This is a page about beaded socks.


Butterfly Napkin Rings

Making Beaded Butterfly Napkin RingsThis is a page about butterfly napkin rings. These lovely butterfly napkin rings add nice flair to your table setting.


Safety pin lapel jewelry.

Making a Beaded 9-11 Lapel PinThis is a page about making a beaded 9-11 lapel pin. These little lapel pins are an easy craft for kids or seniors, in remembrance of the tragedies of September, 11, 2001.


Beaded Keychain

Making a Beaded KeychainThis is a page about making a beaded keychain. Making a beaded keychain is a relatively simple, but creative, craft suitable for beginning and more advanced beaders.


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Beading ToolsWhat is a beading ring and how to use it?


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Pattern for Tri Bead Keychain PeopleI have been searching all over for patterns for keychain people using tri beads. I used to have a keychain like that in the 70s as a child and teenager. I don't know what happened to it. Please does anyone have any info that can help me?


ribbon covered necklace with large bow

Making a Ribbon-Covered NecklaceThis is a page about making a ribbon-covered necklace. An inexpensive, personalized necklace can be fashioned with large wooden beads and stiff ribbon.


Kandi Cuff Bracelet

Making a Kandi Cuff BraceletThis is a page about making a kandi cuff bracelet. Using the peyote beading stitch, you can create a custom patterned bracelet. Stretching string and and colorful plastic pony beads are all that's needed.


beaded key chain

Making Beaded Conch Key ChainsThis is a page about making beaded conch key chains. A creative craft project made with inexpensive materials and a little hot glue.


Beaded Tiara

Making a Beaded TiaraThis is a page about making a beaded tiara. Whether creating a tiara for a little princess, a costume, or even a bride this can be a fun project.


Pony Beads

Crafts Using Pony BeadsThis is a page about crafts using pony beads. From simple bracelets to complex clothing and accessory designs, these large beads are a colorful and fun to craft with. Use pony beads for a variety of crafts that are great for kids and adults alike.


Wine Glass Charms

Making Wine Glass CharmsThis page is about making wine glass charms. A personalized or holiday wine glass can be created with the addition of beads.



Learning to Bead

Learning to BeadThis is a page about learning to bead. Beading is a popular craft that lends itself to making a wide variety of beautiful items.


Making Beaded Earrings

Making Beaded EarringsThere are beautiful beads of many sizes available to fashion your own earrings. This page is about making beaded earrings.


Beaded Dragonfly

Making a Beaded DragonflyThis is a page about making a beaded dragonfly. Beading is a diverse craft with projects for all skills levels, including many projects perfect for children.


Blue beaded dragonfly.

Beaded Wire Craft IdeasThis page contains beaded wire craft ideas. A variety of useful items can be created with wire and beads.


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Making an Acrylic Bead Hot Pan PadI have a friend who has a beautiful two color faceted acrylic bead hot pan pad. I have looked on the internet, but I can't seem to find a pattern. It has 6 sides and is so beautiful.


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Making Beaded FlowersI saw a beaded flower on a page here at Thriftyfun and I would like step by step instructions on how to make it. Thank you and have a nice day.


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Stringing Beads With Small HolesI'm trying to find out what people use to string beads with fairly small holes onto faux suede ribbon or silk ribbon. Can anyone advise me?


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Cousins Crafts Beaded Grandfather Clock PatternI would like to know if anybody has the pattern for a beaded grandfather clock. The clock is small, made with clear acrylic beads and fits on a shelf or mantle piece. The original pattern was put out about 10 years ago by Cousins Crafts.


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Free Patterns for Beading LoomI am looking for free patterns for a beading loom. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Jewelry Making and Beading Projects for BeginnersI have just started yet another craft, beading/jewelry making. I would like to know if anyone knows of any good websites that offer patterns for beginning beaders and or jewelry making.


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Good Beadwork Supply and How To SiteHere is a great site for crafters doing bead work, they also feature beading projects.


French Beaded Flower ProjectsDo you know where I can find french beaded flowers projects like in the picture?


A rainbow made from clear pony beads.

Beaded Rainbow Window SparklerA cheery beaded rainbow that you can hang in your window.


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Beaded FlowersI am looking for patterns for making beaded boquets or flower stems.


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Patterns for Crafts Made Out of BeadsI am looking for crafts patterns to make things out of beads. Wind chimes and anything else.



Simple Asymmetrical Beaded Necklace

Simple Asymmetrical Beaded NecklaceI found these cute glass mushroom beads and decided to make a funky little necklace with them. This would make a great starter project for someone new to beading or for a child.


Beaded Rainbow Cuff

Beaded Rainbow CuffThis cuff looks complicated but is a relatively simple project. I've had many people ask for instructions. It's a great summer craft for teens and young adults, but it might be too much for younger kids.


pretty beaded keychain on blue background

Beaded KeychainA personalized key chain is a great, inexpensive gift for anyone, including yourself! The demo you see here was created using an up-cycled charm, small glass beads, and findings available at your local craft store or Walmart. This project is also ideal for beginner beaders.


Pill Organizer for Beads and Findings - two daily pill organizers with beads and findings sorted into the separate containers

Pill Organizer for Beads and FindingsI had a few unused pill organizers laying around the house and almost threw them out. Until it dawned on me that their little compartments are perfect for storing small beads and findings. The lids snap securely so I don't have to worry about them spilling.


Bead and Wire Butterfly

Bead and Wire ButterflyCut your wire 36 inches and find center. String 3 E beads, then 1 black seed bead, then another E bead, then 1 black bead. With the end of your wire you will then go back thru the 3 colored beads, so you have the 'eyes' on top.


Beaded Bracelets

Beaded BraceletsI will teach you in 10 or less easy steps how to make $25 dollars spread throughout your family and friends for this holiday season.


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Crafts Using Tri-BeadsI am looking for crafts to do with tri-beads. A friend gave me a lot of them and I don't know what to do with them. I have searched the internet, but can't find anything. Does anybody have any designs to do with them? I would appreciate it.


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Making Beaded JewelryI am looking for instructions and patterns for making beautiful beaded jewelry.


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Machine Washable Beading ThreadI'd like to jazz up some of my wardrobe by adding beaded trims. Does anyone know what kind of beading thread is machine washable? Thank you!


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Making a Wire and Safety Pin Beaded BasketDoes anyone have the pattern for the beaded basket that uses wire and safety pins?


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Safety Pin and Bead Project PatternsI am looking for any safety pin and bead patterns. I am particularly interested in baskets, boxes, lights, etc.


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Safety Pin and Bead Box PatternI am looking for a free pattern for a box made out of safety pins and beads. I would also like to make a table light. Thank you in advance.


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