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This page contains thrifty, do it yourself, decoupage craft projects and tips.

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Christmas scene on glass

Using Mod Podge on GlassThis is a page about using Mod Podge on glass. Mod Podge is an easy to use product for your decoupage projects.


Decoupaged Ceramic Tiles

Decoupaging Ceramic TilesThis is a page about decoupaging ceramic tiles. Decoupage is one method for making decorative ceramic tiles.


plain black plastic flower pot

Decoupaging a Plastic Flower PotThis is a page about decoupaging a plastic flower pot. Turn that unattractive plastic flower pot into a work of art with a decoupage makeover.


How to Mod Podge Cardstock to Canvas - ready to hang or sit on mantle or shelf

How to Mod Podge Cardstock Prints to CanvasDecoupaging paper prints to a canvas is a great way to make some cute decor items for you home. This is a page about how to mod podge cardstock prints to canvas.


Decoupaging Fabric on Glass

Decoupaging Fabric on Glass?This is a page about decoupaging fabric on glass. You can may delightful plates, vases, and other decorative objects by decoupaging fabric onto glass.


A cupboard with decoupaged pages on the panels.

Cupboard MakeoverThis cupboard makeover takes it from boring to amazing! Find a cupboard with a straight sided recessed part. It could be a jelly cupboard or armoire type of cupboard or anything else that works.


Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors) - finished jar

Making a Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors)Because of my passion for family history, I created this decorative bottle to display emigrant ancestors. The bottle also serves as a nightlight by attaching a battery operated light to the inside of the lid of the bottle.


Fabric Covered Specimen or Bud Vase - greenery and a yellow flower in bottle with a blue ribbon tied to neck

Fabric Covered Specimen VaseCover a glass bottle with scraps of fabric, decoupage style, to create a unique vase. Use it to display flowers from your garden or to give as a gift on Valentine's Day or any occasion.


Chic Clipboard - clip board with large flower, smaller ones, and "bloom"

Making a Chic Decoupage ClipboardDress up a plain clipboard with some pretty or fun craft paper. Glue it to the board and then decoupage.


Personalized Decoupaged Napkin Coasters - two coasters, one with a stemmed glass base visible

DIY Personalized Decoupaged Napkin CoastersDecoupage seasonal or other motif paper napkins onto cardstock to make these personalized coasters. They can server double duty as place cards as well.


Fixing Jelly Phone Case with Sticky Notes - allow to dry

Fixing a Jelly Phone Case with Sticky NotesDecorate a clear jelly phone case with sticky note paper. You can hole punch the notes, and glue the dots, the punched paper, and other scrapes of the varied colors to the inside of the case. This can be done as a simple, inexpensive decoration or a temporary fix for a damaged case.


Autumn Leaves Centerpiece - finished leaf bowl

Making an Autumn Leaves CenterpieceCreate a lovely autumn leaves centerpiece by molding faux leaves around a bowl and applying Mod Podge to hold them together. The instructions and photos of the steps can be found on this page.



Recycled Ombre Vase - paint brushes in the vase

Recycled Ombre Decoupage VasePlastic bottles are perfect for transforming into attractive vases and other container crafts. Cut the bottle neck off and invert inside to create a center for the contents to stand more upright. Acrylic paints and torn paper napkins are used to achieve the pretty ombre colors on this decoupaged vase.


Decorative Christmas Plates

Making Decoupage Christmas PlatesDecoupage is a tried and true technique to adhere paper to a surface. You can use festive Christmas wrapping paper to make your own Christmas plate.


Memo Holder Step 3

Decoupaged Memo HolderTake an ordinary wooden memo holder and add photos, sayings and decorations to make it unique. This page is about making a decoupaged memo holder.


Blue and green cross.

How to Make a Decoupage CrossBegin with a plain wooden cross from a craft shop and some paper of your choice and create a beautiful decoupage cross to display in your home. This is a page about how to make a decoupage cross.


Decoupaged jug.

Decoupage Jug With Paper BagsTorn paper bags create a fun pattern when used in a decoupage project, such as this jug. Coat the finished craft with a sealer and add additional decorative elements as desired. This is a page about how to decoupage a jug with paper bags.


Pair of Decoupaged Wall Plaques

How to Make Decoupage Wall PlaquesIf you are looking for a craft to create unique wall hangings that complement your personal decorating taste and decor, try decoupage. Choose your paper design or images and learn how to make decoupage wall plaques.


Decoupage Balls

Decoupaged Styrofoam OrnamentDecoupage is a craft that was quite popular in Victorian times. This art form involves glueing pieces of paper to many kinds of objects creating beautiful, whimsical, or otherwise unique boxes, ornaments, bottles, and more. Learn how to make a decoupaged Styrofoam ornament in this page.


completed letter

How to Decoupage Photos Onto a Wood LetterPrint our your photos in black and white or color and then follow the steps in this page to decoupage them onto a wood letter or box. This page explains how to decoupage photos onto a wood letter including step by step photos.


Paper Weight - let dry in the sun

How to Make a Decoupaged Rock PaperweightDecorate a rock with colorful paper and glue to use as a paperweight. This is a page about how to make a decoupaged rock paperweight.


Decoupaged tray with flowers.

Decoupaging Old Metal TV Trays?With the the right preparation, vintage metal TV trays can be decoupaged to match your decor or interests. These old folding trays are sometimes found at thrift stores and yard sales. This is a page about decoupaging old metal TV trays.


Making a Collage Folder

Making a Collage FolderWhen you have 8 x 10 photos printed whether it may be in a store or online, they come in a folder. I always keep these folders because they come in handy with storing pictures, documents, papers, etc.


Square shaped mug with a picture of a baby on it.

Transferring a Picture to a Cup or PlateWith easy access to digital prints, making a personalized cup or plate can be a great gift for a friend or family member. This is a page about transferring a picture to a cup or plate.


Collage of words from newspapers and magazines.

Decoupaging With Newspaper Clippings?Decoupage is a traditional way to adhere paper to a smooth surface and newspaper clippings are a popular choice. This is a page about decoupaging with newspaper clippings.


Love Life Charger Plates - words and cutlery from the napkins arranged on the record and decoupaged in place then allow to dry for a few hours

Making "Love Life" Vinyl Record Charger PlatesOld worn or scratched vinyl records can be given new life as seasonal charger plates using decoupage techniques. This is a page about making "Love Life" vinyl record charger plates.


three finished covers

Making Decoupaged Light Switch PlateJazz up a plain light switch plate with glitter or decorative paper decoupaged in place. This is a page about making a decoupaged light switch plate.



Decoupaging tools.

Decoupaging a Napkin on Glass?Decorate a glass or vase by decoupaging a napkin on to it. Decoupaging a napkin on glass is a perfect way to make custom decor items for you home.


Picture Tile Coasters - butterfly tiles

Decoupage Picture Tile CoastersMaking a decoupage coaster is a fun, easy project. You can use these personalized coasters at home or give them as gifts. This page shows you how to make personalized picture tile coasters.


Fabric Covered Decorative Glass Plate

Fabric Covered Decorative Glass PlatesUsing watered down glue and pretty pieces of fabric you can make these lovely plates to give as gifts or decorate you own home. This is a page about fabric covered decorative glass plates.


Calla lily motif paper.

Decoupaged Ikea MirrorsTurn inexpensive Ikea framed mirrors into works of art by decoupaging them with fabric or paper. This is a page about decoupaged Ikea mirrors.


The completed tin.

Making a Decoupaged TinThis is a page about making a decoupaged tin. Decoupage is the perfect crafting method for transforming a new or a recycled metal container into a work of art.


finished decoupage candle holder with ribbon and bells tied around neck

Making a Decoupage Candle HolderThis is a page about making a decoupage candle holder. An ordinary glass jar or cylinder can be decorated for any holiday or home decor using decoupage techniques.


lazy Susan with photos

Decoupaging Photos on WoodThis is a page about decoupaging photos on wood. You can make a personal piece of home decor or a special gift by decoupaging photos onto wooden objects.


Decorative Decoupaged Letters

Making Decoupaged LettersThis is a page about making decoupaged letters. Wood or paper letters from a craft store can be decoupaged to create a unique decoration for your home or to give as a gift.


Lavender Infused Sugar Jar

Making a Lavender Infused Sugar JarThis is a page making a lavender infused sugar jar. A decorative jar filled with lavender infused sugar is a lovely gift to make or receive. Use the flavored sugar in baking or beverages. The jar can then be refilled or put to other uses.


Decoupage a Flower Vase

Decoupage a Flower VaseThis is a page about decoupage a flower vase. Liven up a plain flower vase by decoupaging it with your favorite theme.


Candy Wrapper Covered Can

Making a Candy Wrapper Covered CanThis is a page about making a candy wrapper covered can. Create a unique decoupage can using saved candy wrappers.


Decoupaged Glass Vases

Decoupaged Glass VasesThis is a page about decoupaged glass vases. Decoupage is a great technique to use for decorating glass vases.


decoupaged bowl

Decoupage Tips and TricksThis is a page about decoupage tips and tricks. Many kinds of things can be decorated with paper and secured with white glue, lacquer or Mod Podge.


Preventing Surface Bubbles in Mod Podge?I sprayed Mod Podge hi gloss sealer to finish a project. They were already sealed with Mod Podge hard coat prior. The spray caused tiny bubbles all over the surface. Ahhh! What did I do wrong?


Decoupaging a dresser with old sheet music.

Decoupaging Furniture With Sheet MusicThis is a page about decoupaging furniture with sheet music. Scored music paper can be fun pattern to cover wooden chests and drawers.



Decoupaging a Glass Bottle

Decoupaging a Glass BottleThis is a page about decoupaging a glass bottle. Despite the minor difficulties you may encounter when decoupaging on glass, decorating a glass bottle with this method is very doable.


Decoupaged Glass Vase

Decoupaging on GlassThis is a page about decoupaging on glass. Decoupage is a popular craft process for applying paper and fabric to a variety of surfaces with a product very similar to watered down glue, which in fact can be used as well.


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Decoupaging Pictures on Formica?This is a page about decoupaging pictures on Formica. A Formica surface, such as a table, can be decorated by using decoupaging techniques to add photos.


Decoupage Pen Holder

Making a Decoupage Pen HolderThis is a page about making a decoupage pen holder. Decoupage is a popular paper craft that can be used in many different projects.


Decoupage Tile

Making a Decoupage Tile Heat Resistant?This is a page about making a decoupage tile heat resistant. Decoupaged tiles are fun to make. They would also be quite useful in the kitchen if made heat resistant.


Decoupaged Wood Frames

Decoupaged Wood FramesThis is a page about decoupaged wood frames. Decoupage a plain wooden frame to create a unique and spectacular holder for a favorite photo or piece of art.


Decoupage Box

Decoupage Craft IdeasDecoupage is a craft that is not only easy for the beginner, but has numerous applications for all ranges of experience. This is a page containing decoupage craft ideas.


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Decoupaging Cabinet Doors?I will be decoupaging unfinished cabinet doors with a large poster. Should I prime and paint first, then glue on the poster or should I glue the poster on the bare wood first?


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Collage Pictures Peeling off Old Dresser?I made a collage out of an old dresser and put a polyurethane layer over it, but some of the pictures are peeling. How do I fix it?


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How Do I Decoupage a Plain Glass Plate?Does anyone know the instructions on how to decoupage a plain glass plate? What materials will I need?Thanks.


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Making Decoupage Jewelry?I want the simple directions on how to make decoupage jewelry like ladies' lapel pins. I can't find these instructions.


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Decoupaging Canvas Totes?I have canvas tote bags and would like to decoupage cut outs from a magazine on them. Does anyone know if, and how to, decoupage paper on to fabric? Is there a recipe that I can make for the "glue" other than buying Mod Podge?


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Decoupaging Vinyl?Can you decoupage vinyl? I would like to decoupage a vinyl cloth to a board to use as an outdoor wall hanging. Is this possible? What products would I need to use?


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Using Original Pictures For Decoupage?Why can't I use the original picture instead of making a copy to decoupage to a table?


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Decoupaging Pictures on Wooden Table?I would like to decoupage pictures of my great-grandkids to the top of my coffee table. My question: how do I prep the table before I begin? It has years of spray polish built up and I'm sure that needs to go. Anything else?


Sheet vinyl scrap decorated to be used as table cover.

Vinyl Flooring For Table TopThis is a piece of vinyl flooring left from a project. I needed something to jazz up my table top to match my kitchen. I painted the wrong side of the vinyl, then cut out some pieces of fabric and decoupaged them on.



Decoupaged Birdbath Base from Recycled MaterialsA birdbath made from two plastic buckets, bottoms screwed together and a plastic saucer from garden pot for the top. These can be painted or decoupaged and sprayed with clear spray paint.


Designer Plates

Designer PlatesI have a great homemade holiday gift idea that is great for family, friends, anyone! And it's so inexpensive, you could give one to everyone on your list!


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Inexpensive Substitute for Gesso?I would like to do some de'coupage. Gesso is really expensive. Does anyone have an inexpensive substitute?


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Decoupage Newspapers on a Wall?I am embarking on a huge collage project, with hundreds of newspaper pictures. I have 3 questions. Is there a substance (like varnish or polyurethene) that I can use instead of decoupage medium. For the size of my project I would spend a fortune on mod podge, and am looking for an alternative.


the two finished jars

Easy Candy Jar GiftsThis is a very easy and very inexpensive gift. My mom used to make jars like this for friends, making a padded fabric lid. The idea for these came to me when my sister-in-law was talking about her love of Dots candy.


finished cans, both styles

Candy Wrapper Covered CanMany years ago, I saw a project similar to this, done by Martha Stewart. She used Mary Jane candy wrappers, decoupaged onto a box, I think. For this project, I used Tootsie Roll wrappers.


finished decorated jar with sprigs of lavender

Lavender Infused Sugar JarFind your inspiration for this kitchen gift in the beautiful French region of Provence.


Chic Clipboard - clip board with large flower, smaller ones, and "bloom"

Chic Decoupage ClipboardYou can make these for about two dollars a piece! All you need is a clipboard, craft paper, glue, and Mod Podge.


Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors) - finished jar

Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors)Because of my passion for family history, I created this decorative bottle to display emigrant ancestors. The bottle also serves as a nightlight by attaching a battery operated light to the inside of the lid of the bottle.


Homemade Mod Podge - decoupaged cylinder in a Valentine's Day arrangement

Homemade Mod PodgeMod Podge is used for so many creative projects, often costing a little out of your price range. There is hope! Here is a simple way to make mod podge for just a little over $1. You can be creative and thrifty!


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Using Mod Podge on Glass?I am trying to attach a stained glass decal to my glass window. It will not stick because the window has a texture to it. Can I use mod podge on the window first to get it to stick?


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Mod Podge Fabric on Glass?I Mod Podged fabric on a glass plate using the dishwasher safe Mod Podge formula and the back of the plate is rough to the touch. What can I use to seal it or make it smooth without sanding it? Any ideas?


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Sealing a Painted Mug with Homemade Decoupage?Can I use this as a paint sealer for a mug? I would like to paint a mug, but I don't know if the paint will come off when I wash it. Also, can I make it thicker by adding more glue?


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Using Modge Podge on Glass?When using Mod Podge to glue glitter on the stem of a glass I used the paper type. Will that be OK or should I scrap it and go out and buy the dishwasher safe kind?


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Decoupaging a Framed Print?How can I use decoupage to seal an already framed print so it is waterproof and so I can be used as a tray?


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Decoupaging a Photo to Glass?How do I transfer a real photo to glass using mod podge?


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