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This page contains thrifty craft projects and do-it-yourself tips for your next party.

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Food Labels for Parties

Making Food Labels for PartiesThis is a page about making food labels for parties. Add some handmade food labels to the table at your next potluck or party.


40th Birthday Posters and Photos

Making 40th Birthday Posters and PhotosThis is a page about 40th birthday posters and photos. A fun visual display can be created with a collection of life photos for this monumental birthday celebration.


tissue paper flowers at wedding

Making Tissue Paper FlowersThis page is about making tissue paper flowers. Lovely, colorful decorations can be made with this very thin craft paper.


Baby Faces Birthday Banner - attach faces to rick rack

Making a Baby Faces Birthday BannerThis is a page about making a baby faces birthday banner. Using different photos of your baby's face you can may a special birthday banner.


Gag Incontinence Cake for Seniors Birthday

Gag Incontinence Cake for Senior BirthdayYou and your recipient will need a good sense of humor for this Incontinence cake for a birthday party but it raised a lot of laughs at our recent event!


Happy Birthday Cut Letter Banner - finished banner lying on the floor

Happy Birthday Cut Letter BannerI like to purchase decorative paper pad sheets when I find them on sale or on clearance, because they are so versatile. I used different pieces of paper from the paper pad to create this colorful Happy Birthday letter banner.


Painted Happy Birthday Banner - finished banner lying on the floor

Painted Happy Birthday BannerHere is another inexpensive, cute, and colorful "Happy Birthday Banner" you can make with paper, paint, decorative scissors, a hole puncher, and yarn. This is perfect to hang for a child's birthday!


Floral Number Birthday Decoration  - finished number in front of a birthday banner

Floral Number Birthday DecorationMake these cute decorative numbers for your little one's birthday. You can make a party nice and special by using simple materials you can find at home.


Pretty Botanical Centerpieces - glass bottles with fern fronds

Making Botanical CenterpiecesHere is a super pretty and inexpensive centerpiece for Mother's Day, bridal showers, or a natural wedding table.


A birthday banner with balloons and streamers.

Making a Birthday Balloon and Streamer CurtainGreet the birthday celebrant with streamers and balloons attached to their door. Quick instructions can be found on this page.


Rocket Ship Party Favor Cups - child's hand holding the completed cup

Making Rocket Ship Party Favor CupsTransform a foil wrapped plastic cup into cute rocket ship party favors. They can be filled with goodies or small toys. Let us show you how.


Teacup Party Favor Holder - closeup of finished cup and saucer

Making a Teacup Party Favor HolderYou can make this sweet little tea cup party favor from a tissue box. Fill with candy or mints and it is ready to grace the tables at an upcoming party or bridal shower.



Gender Reveal Door Sign - finished hanging

Making a Gender Reveal Door SignThis project will help you make this cute decoration for a gender reveal party. The sign is easy to assemble using inexpensive supplies.


Monkey Theme Decoration Banner - finished banner with a monkey printout on two of the solid color flags

Making a Monkey Theme Decoration BannerScrapbook paper cut into banner shapes, some thread or yarn, and printable monkeys are the start to a cute decorative banner for a birthday party or other occasion.


Grape and Edamame Caterpillars - one of each type of caterpillar

Making Grape and Edamame CaterpillarsDesigning edible art is not only a fun creative activity, but makes for unique and yummy party treats. These fun caterpillars are made from grapes and edamame with sesame seed eyes. Learn how here.


Confetti Birthday Number Cake Topper - number28 covered in confetti

How to Make a Confetti Birthday Number Cake TopperHot glue numbers are covered with tissue paper confetti to make this fun cake topper. The easy to follow tutorial follows.


Cute Little Paper Bird Craft - finished pink paper bird decoration

Cute Little Paper Bird CraftMake a whole flock of these cute little cardstock birds to decorate your party table. The instructions are easy to follow and photos accompany them.


Cauliflower Sheep Centerpiece - cauliflower sheep centerpiece before the feast

Making a Cauliflower Sheep CenterpieceEnjoy making and eating this healthy cauliflower centerpiece. A fun addition to any special occasion table. Let us show you how to create your own.


Bottle Cap Mini Flower Basket - finished basket

How to Make a Bottle Cap Mini Flower BasketTransform a plastic bottle cap into a beautiful mini flower basket. The flowers are handmade using paper scraps. They are perfect to use as favors for an upcoming party. Give it a try using the project detailed below.


Fish Bowl Table Decoration

DIY Quick Glass Gem DecorationThis quick and easy table decoration is made with a glass bowl, clear glass gems, pink glass sand, faux flowers, and floating candles. For a complete supplies list and instructions, scroll down the page.


Finished Lace Fan

Making Lace FansFour inch wide lace, ribbons in your choice of colors, and embellishments to suit the decor or occasion, are transformed into these delicate lace fans. They are perfect of adding to a gift or using as party favors.


Felt Clip-on Harry Potter Ties - birthday boy wearing a tie and his Harry Potter glasses

How to Make Felt Clip-on Harry Potter TiesPlanning a Harry Potter themed birthday party or other event? You can easily make this cute felt clip-on tie to give to the guests as favors. Learn how on this page.


Happy Birthday Printable Banner - all letters cut out

Happy Birthday Printable BannerUsing a word processor you can print out triangle shapes with the letters on them that you will need to make a birthday banner. Print, cut them out, attach to construction paper, and string them together for a homemade decoration.


A birthday banner hung outside.

Homemade Birthday BannersBanners are a fun, personalized decoration you can make for an upcoming birthday. This page contains a variety of birthday banner projects.


Little Peanut Baby Shower Favors - place in bags and tie with ribbon

Making Little Peanut Baby Shower FavorsDecorate and package Nutter Butter cookies to make these extremely cute baby shower favors. The diaper/blanket color can be adjusted to your preference.


Making Tissue Paper Puffy Flowers - one puffy tissue paper flower

Making Tissue Paper Puffy FlowersThese beautiful tissue paper flowers get their puffy look from using a small Styrofoam ball or Ping Pong ball to create the petals. Set them out in a vase or use to upscale gifts. The photos and instructions needed for making your own can be found on this page.


Nappy Baby Shower Invitations

DIY Nappy Baby Shower InvitationsThese folded paper nappies are too cute. Following the instructions provided, you can craft fun baby shower invitations in a variety of paper colors and designs.



Coffee Filter Animal Candy Bags - two coffee filter candy bags

Making Coffee Filter Animal Candy BagsCoffee filters have a variety of repurposed uses including crafting projects. You can make cute little candy bags to hand out at Easter to family members, or at Halloween, Christmas, or other occasions calling for sweet treats. Learn how to make them here, instructions and photos provided.


Felt Fortune Cookies - felt fortune cookies

How to Make Felt Fortune CookiesSave on calories and still enjoy the fun of reading the fortune inside a fortune cookie. This page contains photos and instructions for making these cure felt fortune cookies.


Home Banner - banner hanging

Making a House Warming Party BannerA fun way to decorate your new home for a house warming party is to make a simple banner with free letter printed on card stock hung on twine with clothes pins.


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Decor

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel GarlandThis colorful garland is made from colorful tissue paper. It's a perfect decoration for a party or other celebration.


'Sharky' Goldfish Paper Lantern Decoration - finished lantern hanging

Paper Lantern IdeasPaper lanterns are easy and fun to make. They can be tailored to any theme for a party or for use as home decor. This page contains paper lantern ideas.


Balloon Ice Cream Cone Decoration - pink balloon ice cream cone

How to Make a Balloon Ice Cream Cone DecorationThe main "ingredients" for this fun party decoration are a latex balloon and a paper towel tube. This page contains the instructions and photos needed for making a balloon ice cream cone decoration.


Bridal Shower Centerpiece or Gift - arrange flowers and ribbon spirals on the top to finish

How to Make a Bridal Shower Towel Cake CenterpieceThis lovely centerpiece or gift is made with towels, a bottle of wine, ribbon, and fresh or faux flowers. Learn how to make a bridal shower towel cake centerpiece.


Make Boo-Boo Bunnies For a Baby Shower - finished display of small bunnies surrounding the large one

Boo Boo Bunnies As Baby Shower FavorsThese cute little bunnies, made from pastel colored facecloths, are the perfect favor to hand out at a baby shower. This is a page about making boo boo bunnies as shower favors.


Drinking Straw Starbursts - finished starbursts against a black background

Making Drinking Straw StarburstsStarburst decorations are perfect for birthday parties and other occasions. If you can get a good price on colorful drinking straws and have some spare time you can make these fun starbursts. This is a page about making drinking straw starbursts.


Round ice candle surrounded by greenery.

Making Ice CandlesFreeze water filled balloons to create these beautiful ice candle holders. This is a page about making ice candles.


Recycled Boxes as Festive Centerpieces - closeup of holiday stack

Recycled Gift Wrapped Boxes as Festive CenterpiecesWrap empty boxes to create a beautiful centerpiece for different occasions. Learn how to use recycled boxes as festive centerpieces.


Reindeer bag sitting on the back of a chair or couch.

Making a Reindeer Gift BagAdd some paper antlers, eyes, and a nose to a brown paper bag to make this cute seasonal gift bag. This is a page about making a reindeer gift bag.


Fresh Herb and Veggie Bouquet - finished edible bouquet

Fresh Herb and Veggie BouquetYou won't find my family eating a meal at home without a side of fresh herbs and veggies. They're tasty, great pallet cleansers, and fantastic for things like healthy blood glucose levels and aiding in digestion. With a few cuts of a knife and a water bath, you can create this eye-appealing edible centerpiece!


Purple glitter tea candle.

Making a Glitter CandleSave yourself some money and make your own glitter candle for an upcoming birthday. It is easy, just start with a purchased candle and follow the steps provided on this page. This is a page about making a glitter candle.



Glass jar filled with colorful candy, tied with a bow.

How to Make Glass Jar Party FavorsThis is a page about how to make glass jar party favors. Decorate and fill a variety of pretty, colorful glass jars to create unique party favors. Vary the decorations and contents to suit the occasion.


Paper Airplane
A centerpiece made from paper airplanes.

Paper Airplane CenterpieceCreate a unique and fun to make centerpiece by attaching handmade paper airplanes to chopsticks or dowels and displaying them in a vase or other container. This is a page about making a paper airplane centerpiece.


Pennant Birthday Cake Topper - pennant cake topper

Pennant Birthday Cake TopperThis fun easy to make pennant cake topper allows you to personalize a birthday cake using a few simple and inexpensive supplies. This is a page about making a pennant birthday cake topper.


Paper Pom Poms - more poms in multiple colors with differing edge cut trim

How to Make Tissue Paper Pom PomsMaking paper pom poms from tissue paper is not only easy; it is also a fun activity. These pom poms are perfect decorations for a variety of occasions. This is a page about how to make tissue paper pom poms.


Wrapped Chocolate Party Favor - wrapped candy favor

Wrapped Chocolate Party FavorTurn an ordinary pack of Ferrero Raffaello chocolates into a delicate little party favor. This party favor will be great for a ladies' tea party, and can also be used as a small gift for a kitchen tea or baby shower. Here is how to make this party favor.


DIY Piñata - balloon wrapped with fringed paper - allow to dry

DIY Balloon PiñataA latex balloon can be used as a mold for making your own piñata for an upcoming party. This is a page about making a DIY balloon piñata.


Finished giraffe treat cups.

Giraffe Treat Cup CraftMake these fun paper mache party favors, using recycled materials, for your child's birthday or any occasion. This is a page about giraffe treat cup craft.


Felt Birthday Crown - yellow and white first birthday felt crown

DIY Felt Birthday CrownMake a cute felt birthday crown for your 1 year old child's birthday celebration. This is a page about DIY felt birthday crown.


Balloon Piñata

Making a Balloon PiñataUsing an inflated balloon as the mold is a good way to begin making your own piñata for an upcoming party. This is a page about making a balloon piñata.


insert label

Making Snowball Food Label HoldersSimple place card or food label holders for a winter party can be made with styrofoam balls. This is a page about snowball label holders.


'Sharky' Goldfish Paper Lantern Decoration - finished lantern hanging

Making 'Sharky' Goldfish Paper Lantern DecorationThis is a page about making 'Sharky' goldfish paper lantern decoration. For a really unique child's birthday theme try a 'Sharky' goldfish ensemble. As your main decoration make this paper fish lantern.


Party Hat Cupcake Topper

Making a Mini Party Hat Cupcake TopperThis is a page about making a mini party hat cupcake topper. These cute party hat cake toppers dress up cupcakes for any party or get together.


Simple Pennant Cake Topper

Simple Pennant Cake TopperSo pretty and easy to make and you can use recycled fabric from pre-loved garments to make these delightful cake toppers. Older children can join in making these for a tea party. You can cut out the fabric and they can get busy glueing them onto the sticks.


Making Paper Tea Light Shades

Making Paper Tea Light ShadesThis is a page about making paper tea light shades. Using colored paper you can make pretty tea light shades to decorate for a party or to simply dress up a room.


Blocks spelling out "I [heart] HOCKEY" against wood background

Decorating Ideas for a Field Hockey Banquet?This is a page about decorating ideas for a field hockey banquet. Decorating for an athletic banquet can be great fun, if a bit creatively challenging sometimes.


Signed Record Party Keepsake

Making a Signed Vinyl Record Party KeepsakeThis is a page about making a signed vinyl record party keepsake. This creative party keepsake records the names of your guests and may be mounted or framed as a reminder of a fun get-together.


finished banner on highchair

Making a Birthday Highchair BannerThis is a page about making a birthday highchair banner. The easy to make banner is the perfect way to decorate your little one's highchair on his or her special day.


letters as photo prop

1st Birthday Photo PropThis is a page about 1st birthday photo prop. Creating a photo prop for your little one's 1st birthday photo makes for a very special shot.


green balloon caterpillar

Making a Balloon CaterpillarThis is a page about making a balloon caterpillar. This balloon caterpillar would make a great decoration at a child's party. It is an inexpensive project that is sure to get noticed.


Making Party Favor Bags

Making Party Favor BagsYou can save money by making your own unique party favor bags. This is a page about making party favor bags.


Birthday Pennant Banner

Making a Birthday Pennant BannerThis is a page about making a birthday pennant banner. A cute, easy to make fabric pennant banner is a great decoration for a birthday party or other event.


Baby Shower

Homemade Baby Shower DecorationsThis is a page about homemade baby shower decorations. Making the decorations is part of the fun of planning and hosting a baby shower.


Paper Bag Birthday Party Hat

Making a Birthday Party HatThis is a page about making a birthday party hat. There are many fun ways to create a personalized hat to help celebrate someone special's birthday.


cake banner on pink frosted cake

Making a Mini Bunting Cake BannerThis is a page about making a mini bunting cake banner. A mini bunting makes a fun cake topper for any occasion.


Candy arranged into shape of birthday cake.

Birthday Candy CakeThis is a page about making a birthday candy cake. Making a "cake" from packaged candy is a unique variation on the traditional birthday cake.


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Church Dining Hall Table Decoration Ideas?I need table decoration ideas for the dining hall at church. Any thoughts?


Decorative cloth banners.

Making a BannerThis is a page about making a banner. Banners are a fun way to decorate for a holiday, party, or other event. They can be made in so many ways, from the computer banner to a crafty fabric display.


Making a Piñata, Red and Green Pinata

Making a PiñataThis is a page about making a piñata. Piñatas are a great addition to any party. Instead of buying one premade, why not try making your own?


Large Homemade Butterfly Pinata

Making a Butterfly PinataThis is a page about making a butterfly pinata. Pinatas are great fun for children's birthday parties. They love to break it open and get all the candy inside. Making your own pinata will make it even more special for the party.


Autumn leaves, pumpkin, apple, and other elements of a fall centerpiece.

Fall Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about fall centerpiece ideas. Fall centerpieces add a colorful and festive touch to your table. Whether it is for your dining table, a party, or a banquet there are many options for making a lovely fall arrangement.


Craft: Top Hat CenterpieceI bought plastic top-hats at a discount party store for about $1.00 each, punched a small hole in the top, and used curling ribbon to anchor gold balloons to the hat.


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Pine Cone Centerpiece Without Candles?How can I use pine cones on centerpiece without using candles?


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Travel Themed Centerpices?Please suggest a craft project to be made with children for a centerpiece for a fundraising event with a travel theme, "A Child's Passport to the Future." Thank you!


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"Beautiful Builder" Theme For Womens Ministry?In November, our Women's Ministry is having a "Be a Beautiful Builder" theme. I am looking for ideas for table centerpieces. We are going with a building theme but in a "girly" way. Any ideas?


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"Girly-Girl" Centerpieces?I need ideas for a centerpiece. Our Women's Ministry is having a meeting. We are responsible for setting up themed tables. Mine is a "girly-girl" using plates with shoes, pocketbooks, and other girly items on it. Colors will be hot pink and lime green. What should I do as a centerpiece?


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Ivy Bowl Centerpieces?I need an easy centerpiece using ivy bowls if possible for an informal get-together involving men and women. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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"Time Warp" Centerpieces?We are having our annual women's event at our church. The theme is "Time Warp" - we are doing fashion, skits, trivia, etc. through each decade starting with the 1900's. Any ideas on what I could do for centerpieces? I will need 25 of them.


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St. Patrick's Day Table Decorations?I am looking for St. Patrick's Day table decor ideas for a company breakfast.


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Wine Bottle Centerpieces?I'm getting married in April 07 and the wedding is taken place indoor. My finance and I make homemade bottles of wine. I need to come up with an idea to use our bottle wine for centerpiece. Any help of advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Moroccan Centerpiece Ideas?I need to make a centerpiece for a holiday party. The centerpiece has to represent a country and the country I am doing is Morocco. I am engaged to a Moroccan and have many moroccan things in my home both large and small.


Blue sheet with birthday wishes painted on it.

A Birthday Greeting SheetA Birthday Greeting Sheet Craft Project. A few years ago, my children who were in their late teens decided to spray paint a bedsheet as a birthday card and hang it outside. It is a creative way to say Happy Birthday to someone and it is a keepsake. . .


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How to Create a Palm Tree Centerpiece?I want to make palm tree as my table centerpiece. How should I do that? I do not want to use the metallic palm trees available in the party store.


Gentleman Themed Paper Goody Bag - finished bag

Gentleman Themed Paper Goody BagI'm thinking of a Baby Boss themed party for my 2nd child's upcoming birthday. As much as possible I want it simple and at a very low cost, but of course we all want our parties presentable. Here's and idea for a gentleman themed goody bag.


Baby Shower Centerpiece

Baby Shower CenterpieceMy daughter's twin baby shower theme was diapers (see previous ThriftyFun entry for the cute homemade invitations!) so I carried the theme through with other diaper related decorations and games including these adorable centerpieces that doubled as "prizes" for a game we played. It's super simple and cost effective, and got raves!


Happy Birthday Cut Letter Banner - finished banner lying on the floor

Happy Birthday Cut Letter BannerI like to purchase decorative paper pad sheets when I find them on sale or on clearance, because they are so versatile. I used different pieces of paper from the paper pad to create this colorful Happy Birthday letter banner.


Painted Happy Birthday Banner - finished banner lying on the floor

Painted Happy Birthday BannerHere is another inexpensive, cute, and colorful "Happy Birthday Banner" you can make with paper, paint, decorative scissors, a hole puncher, and yarn. This is perfect to hang for a child's birthday!


Little Peanut Baby Shower Favors - tray with bags of cookies

Little Peanut Baby Shower FavorsThis is a cute shower favor or dessert at your baby shower since it is edible.


Gender Reveal Door Sign - finished hanging

Gender Reveal Door SignHere is an inexpensive, simple, and quick gender reveal door sign I made for my friend's party.


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Disco Ball Centerpieces?Disco Ball Centerpieces. I was directed to your site when I googled styrofoam disco balls. I'm having a retirement party for my husband with an oldies theme. I need to make centerpieces for 6 foot round tables and thought that I might incorporate styrofoam based disco balls into the centerpiece.


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Empty Prescription Bottle Baby Shower Favors?I am looking for suggestions for baby shower favors using empty prescription bottles.


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50th Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas?I am planning a 50th wedding anniversary for parents. Money is tight for everyone so we decided to have a family get together at a restaurant. My parents think that my brother is taking them out to eat and well the rest of us will already be there.


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Decorating a party room?How do I decorate a party room?


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Sealing Styrofoam for Lollipop Stand?I am using floral craft green Styrofoam for a lollipop stand. Green is the color of the party. It flakes so much, the Styrofoam sprays are kinda icky. What can I use to seal it that will still allow me to stick lollipops into it, meaning that is won't harden the foam.


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Making Baby Shower Table Decorations?My daughter and I are hosting a baby shower for my niece. I have mini-baby things (blocks, bottles, pins) that I purchased at a tag sale and would like some suggestions on how to make shower table decorations with them. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. The shower is June 8.


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