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This page contains tips and projects for crocheted crafts.

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Making Crochet Nylon Net Scrubbies, Crochet nylon net scrubber.

Making Crochet Nylon Net ScrubbiesCrochet nylon net scrubbies are quick, easy, and fun to make. They are useful in the kitchen for the crafter and make great gifts and craft sale items. This is a page about making crochet nylon net scrubbies.


Three crocheted doilies.

Starch Recipe for Crocheted Items?Certain crochet projects, such as doilies or ornaments, need to be starched to stiffen them upon completion. This is a page about starch recipe for crocheted items.


Crocheted Dress Towel Hanger

Crocheted Dress Towel HangerCrochet tops for kitchen towels are popular craft projects. This example explains how to make a really cute dress pattern towel topper. This is a page about crocheted dress towel hanger.


A kitchen towel with blue yarn crocheted on the top.

Crocheted Towel TopperThis handy craft project allows you to hang your kitchen towel on a bar, kitchen cabinet knob, or oven door. You also could use it to hang a hand towel in a bathroom. This page features several patterns for making a crocheted towel topper.


Men's Crocheted Skull-Cap

How to Make a Men's Crocheted Skull-CapA tightly fitted hat is an easy pattern to crochet, and will keep a young man warm and stylish. This is a page about making a men's crocheted skull-cap.


array of stars

Making a 5 Point Crochet StarThis is a page about making a 5 point crochet star. There are a lot of patterns available for making a crocheted 5 point star.


Crochet Oreo Cookies With Milk

Crochet Oreo CookiesThis is a page about crochet Oreo cookies. If you are looking for a cute, fun crochet project that looks good enough to eat, try making crochet Oreo cookies.


Granny square flag afghan.

Stars and Stripes Granny Square AfghanThis flag afghan is made of hundreds of small granny squares that are the stitched together. This is a page about stars and stripes granny square afghan.


woman in wheelchair with afghan

Making a Wheelchair LapghanThis is a page about making a wheelchair lapghan. When mobility is assisted by a wheelchair, a cozy gift can be a perfectly sized blanket to help keep the occupant warm.


Crocheted Beanie Hat for American Girl Doll

Crocheted Beanie Hat for an American Girl DollMaking crochet doll clothing accessories is usually quick, fun, and easy. Even the doll's owner may be able to make some too. This is a page about crocheted beanie hat for an American Girl doll.


A bunch of plastic bags to be made into plarn.

Crocheting a Rug Using PlarnThis is a page about crocheting a rug using plarn - plastic yarn. Cutting grocery bags into strips makes a durable and very inexpensive material for making throw rugs for your kitchen, bathroom, and entryways.


Several different color rolls of yarn with a crochet hook against a white background

Making a Crocheted Double Wedding Ring...This is a page about making a crocheted double wedding ring afghan. The double wedding ring motif is popular in quilting and crochet.



Crochet Hook

Making Crocheted Letters?This page is about making crocheted letters. Finding the right patterns can often be a challenge when you have an idea of what you would like to make.


Making Crocheted Barbie Doll Furniture

Making Crocheted Barbie Doll FurnitureThis page is about making crocheted Barbie doll furniture. A wonderful gift can be created for a special young person.


Crochet Potholder

Making a Single Crochet PotholderThis is a page about making a single crochet potholder. Even an novice crocheter who has just mastered the single crochet stitch can make a potholder.


young girl wearing crochet hooded scarf

Making a Crocheted Hooded ScarfThis is a page about making a crocheted hooded scarf. Make this warm and cozy hooded scarf for all of your friends and family.


Crochet Men's Fingerless Gloves

Making Crochet Men's Fingerless GlovesThis is a page about crochet men's fingerless gloves. An easy, two stitch crochet project that can help keep a man's hands warm while allowing his fingers to be uncovered.


Thick Crocheted Slippers - on child's feet

Making Three Strand Thick Crocheted SlippersUsing a half double crochet stitch and three strands of yarn you can make a pair of these child's cozy slippers. This is a page about three strand thick crocheted slippers.


Free Crochet Pattern

Finding Free Crochet PatternsFinding free crochet patterns can save you a lot of money and provide a large selection to choose from for your next project. This is a page about finding free crochet patterns.


crochet strap for Crock Pot lid

Making a Crochet Crock Pot StrapIf you prepare dishes in your Crock Pot or slow cooker to share at pot luck gatherings or other events you will want to make one of these straps. They will help keep the lid in place and advert accidental spills. This is a page about making a crochet crock pot strap.


Closeup of a red crochet hat with brim.

Making Crocheted Rolled Brim HatThis is a page about making a crocheted rolled brim hat. A fun hat that you can crochet in a few hours. Make it with the colors and decorations you like.


Crochet Tissue Cover

Making a Crocheted Tissue Box CoverThis page is about making a crocheted tissue box cover. A fun crochet project to cover this common household product.


A crocheted headband on an American girl doll.

Making a Crocheted Headband for an American Girl DollThis is a page about making a crocheted headband for an American girl doll. Accessorize your child's favorite doll with this pretty headband.


Connecting Loops Crocheted Scarf

Making a Connecting Loops Crocheted ScarfThis is a page about making a connecting loops crocheted scarf. This interesting pattern makes a striking scarf.


Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat

Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat PatternMake a stack of colorful crocheted yo yos and then arrange and tie them together to make pretty and useful placemats. This page contains a crocheted yo yo place mat pattern.


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Making a Crochet Toilet Seat Cover?This is a page about making a crochet toilet seat cover. Rather than purchase a toilet seat cover you may want to use your crochet skills and make one yourself.


Crochet Cabbage Patch Doll Clothing

Crocheting Cabbage Patch Doll ClothingThis page is about crocheting cabbage patch doll clothing. Creating unique clothes for favorite dolls can be very special.



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Crocheting Panels Together?I am looking for simple steps to crochet panels together.


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Using Embroidery Thread for Crocheting?Can I use cotton embroidery thread for crochet thread?


Closeup of pin.

Making a Crocheted Red Hat PinMake and wear this cute pin to your next Red Hat Society social. This is a page about making a crocheted red hat pin.


Crocheted Dress for American Girl Doll

Crocheted Dress for American Girl DollThis is a page about making a crocheted dress for an American Girl doll. Make your own American Girl doll dress by crocheting it.


Crochet Hats

Making Crochet HatsThis is a page about making crochet hats. Crochet is a fun and easy way to make an array of hats, that are fun, whimsical, practical, and best of all made by you.


Crocheted Christmas Card Ornaments

Crocheted Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about crocheted Christmas ornaments. There is a wonderful variety of crochet patterns and ideas for making Christmas ornaments.


Crocheted Baby Blanket

Crocheted Baby Blanket Patterns and IdeasThis is a page about crocheted baby blanket patterns and ideas. There are so many beautiful patterns for crocheted baby blankets. They are fun to make for your baby or as a gift.


Living room grouping with dolls.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Barbie Doll FurnitureIf you crochet, then this is the project for you. Make some nice Barbie doll sized furniture for your child's dolls. This is a page about quick and easy crocheted Barbie doll furniture.


purple and black boyband

Making a Crochet Bowband for an...Your child's doll will look cute with this easy to make headband. This is a page about making a crochet bowband for an American Girl doll.


Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

Adding a Crochet Edge to a Fleece BlanketThis is a page about adding a crochet edge to a fleece blanket. If you crochet, you can dress up the edge of a simple to make fleece blanket.


Making a Simple Crochet Headband

Making a Simple Crochet HeadbandThis is a page about making a simple crochet headband. This cute headband is very quick and easy to make; so make several in lots of colors.


8 different crochet scarf patterns.

8 Unique Crochet Scarf PatternsAre you are looking for some new, unique, crochet scarf ideas? This page contains 8 free crochet scarf patterns which are absolutely beautiful.


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Can I Use Acrylic Yarn to Make Potholders?Can acrylic yarn be used when crocheting hot pads and potholders or does cotton yarn have to be used? Will acrylic melt when a hot pan is on it? Thanks ahead of time.


Crocheted Pot Holder

Making Crocheted PotholdersThis is a page about crocheted potholders. Crocheted potholders come in all shapes and sizes.



Learning to CrochetCrochet is a useful and fun handicraft. It can be daunting when you are just beginning to learn the necessary stitches. This is a page about learning to crochet.



Crocheted hippo baby hat next two three colors of yarn and a crochet hook

Understanding Crochet Patterns and...Knowing how to read a crochet pattern and the meanings of the abbreviations will help make your project move along faster and easier. This is a page about understanding crochet patterns and abbreviations.


Crocheted Slippers for American Girl Doll

Crocheted Slippers for American Girl DollIf you like to crochet doll clothing, then this project is for you. This is a page about crocheted slippers for American Girl doll.


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What Does "Aran" Crochet Mean?What is meant by "Aran" in crochet patterns, etc.? I can't seem to understand its meaning. In fact, it seems it is a kind of a yarn and/or stitch? pattern? Please un-confuse me and thanks.


Crochet Hook and Yarn

Recycled Containers to Hold Crochet HooksThis is a page about recycled containers to hold crochet hooks. Ever have an aha moment when you realized that an unused container was perfect for storing something else?


Doll House

Miniature Crochet Patterns for Doll House Accessories?This is a page about miniature crochet patterns for doll house accessories. You can create fun crochet doll house accessories from the many patterns available.


Crocheted "Baby in a Blanket" Puppet Pattern?I would sure love to find a crocheted pattern for this or a similar baby puppet in a blanket. Please, help me if you can. I would also like small crocheted baby doll patterns, so we can use them for service projects. Thank you so much for your replies.


Crocheted Turtle - make ey

How to Make a Crocheted TurtleYou can use your crochet skills to make lots of cute animals; this turtle is especially adorable. This is a page about how to make a crocheted turtle.


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Free Patterns for Crochet Barbie Doll Clothes?I want to crochet doll clothes for my 16" Barbie doll. Any idea or links where I can get free patterns?


Knitted Infant Thumbless Mittens

Knitted Infant Thumbless MittensThese mittens would be great to make for a baby born during the colder months. This page has a pattern for making knitted thumbless mittens for an infant.


Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set -Complete bedroom suite.

Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set PatternLearn how to make custom made Barbie furniture by following these crochet patterns for a bed and dresser. This page has free crochet patterns for a Barbie bedroom set.


Red Sewing Thread

Crocheting With Sewing Thread?This is a page about crocheting with sewing thread. Although it is very different in thickness than traditional crochet thread, some crafters have made beautiful projects using sewing thread, often using several strands at a time.


Crochet hooks and a ball of yarn.

Crochet Pattern for Men's VestThere are a number of sources both online and in craft stores for finding a crochet pattern to make a men's vest. This is a page about crochet pattern for men's vest.


orange booties with yellow flower next to ball of yellow yarn with crochet hook

Making Crocheted Baby BootiesThis is a page about making crocheted baby booties. Making crochet baby booties is a quick and fun project for your child or to make as a gift.


Crochet Top for Hanging Towel - finished crochet top on towel

Crochet Top for Hanging TowelCrocheting a top on your kitchen towel allows it to be attached to the fridge door handle or the handle on the stove. There are no worries about it falling off the handle onto the floor!


Crocheted Americana Roses - finished arrangement

Crocheted Americana RosesFor the crochet crafters, this Americana rose project fits the bill. Learn how to make these crochet flowers. Display them on patriotic holidays or incorporate them into an Americana decorating scheme.


Crocheted Americana Centerpiece - finished centerpiece

How to Make a Crocheted Americana CenterpieceThis Americana centerpiece requires some beginning crochet skills. Foil balls are covered with crochet chains. You will also learn how to make simple crochet flowers to add to the display. Read on for full instructions, supplies list, and photos.


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleA simple crochet circular disk with a crochet chain tail serves as a tool buddy for your hook, a darning needle, stitch markers or safety pins, and scissors. The tail can be tied to a bag or basket that contains your yarn.


Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!! - door hanger on knob

Blue Flew and the Bottle Top KidsYou can crochet, knit, or use other materials to make a tag to hang on a door to show someone is not available. You can also make tags to identify water bottles.


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Making a Crocheted CarrotIf you can make a crochet chain stitch then this project is for you. With a foam Christmas tree foam, orange, and green yarn you are set to go. You can pin the chain in place to make a temporary decoration or hot glue for a permanent one. These cute carrots are fun to hang in the windows or maybe make into a garland.


Drumstick Pockets - drumsticks in the pouch pockets

Crochet Drumstick PocketsLooking for a fun gift for a drummer. This crochet project will show you how to make drumstick pockets.


Crochet "Go Back" Bowl - finished crochet bowl with another bowl inside holding a small pair of scissors and glue stick

Making a Crochet "Go Back" BowlThis fun little crochet project makes the perfect bowl for collecting up those small craft items and other things that we need to put away. You can add a ceramic or plastic bowl inside the crochet work or not. Learn how to make a crochet "go back" bowl below.


Crocheted Exfoliating Soap Sack - sack with a piece of soap inside lying on the bathroom counter

DIY Crocheted Exfoliating Soap SackUsing cotton butcher's twine you too can make this little, hanging exfoliating soap sack. Add the little bits of leftover bar soap and enjoy.


Making a Loopy Crochet Flower

Making a Loopy Crochet FlowerUse a simple chain stitch to help create pretty loopy crochet flowers. This is a great first project for a new crocheter.


Crochet Marshmallow Key Ring Fob - done

Making a Crochet Marshmallow Key Ring FobLearn how to make this happy little marshmallow key ring fob here. You will need to have some crochet skills, but complete instructions are provided.


Champagne Cork Crochet Hook Savers - several hook and cork assemblies

Champagne Corks as Crochet Hook SaversSticking the end of your crochet hooks into a champagne cork will help keep them from getting lost in the couch cushions, as well as preventing them from rolling under the furniture. Learn how to prepare them here.


A bedspread that can look like flowers or snowflakes, depending on the season.

How to Make a Crochet Flower/Snowflake Bed CoverThis crochet bed cover is a spring flower or a winter snowflake depending on the season. If you have intermediate crochet skills this craft is for you.


pin cushion

Crocheted Tea Cup PincushionAdd a crocheted topper to a batting filled tea cup to make a lovely crochet tea cup pincushion. This would make a nice gift to a friend that sews.


four crocheted team scarves

Crocheted Sports Team ScarvesCrochet scarves in team colors and add a team patch for a fun seasonal gift or fundraiser item. Learn how below.


Fall Maple Leaf Garland

Crochet Fall Maple Leaf GarlandCrochet maple leaf shapes in fall colors to assemble this decorative fall maple leaf garland. The instructions can be found on this page.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Making a Crocheted Donut PincushionIf you can crochet this might just be your next project, destined to be used by you or given as a gift. Learn how to make a delightful crocheted donut pincushion. It is such a practical and decorative item for any crafter.


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape

How to Crochet a Diamond ShapeLearn how to crochet a diamond shape without decreasing the rows by one stitch. The instructions can be found on this page.


Mini Yarn Bag - bag hanging on a hook

Making a Mini Yarn BagThis cute decorative mini yarn bag, is worked up using a size H hook and the knit stitch. Add a hook and small balls of yarn when finished to complete the bag.


Crocheted Sugar Skull

Making a Crocheted Sugar SkullSugar skulls are part of the traditional Mexican observance of All Souls Day, when families place them on the tombs of family members. This page offers an alternative representation of a sugar skull worked up in crochet yarn. It is a good project for a crafter having intermediate crochet skills. Instructions follow.


A colorful crocheted afghan.

Determining the Age of Crocheted Afghans?Determining the age of a crocheted afghan can be quite difficult. This page offers some suggestions for possible tactics to use in your research.


Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting Supplies - pouch filled and hanging from lanyard

Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting SuppliesThis crocheted pouch can be worn around your neck and helps keep supplies you need close at hand. You can easily customize it to the size that best meets your needs.


A colorful granny square afghan.

Making Granny Square AfghansThe granny square is a simple crochet project in its own right. It is also very versatile and the basis for a lot of different crochet projects including afghans. You can choose the color and weight of the yarn used, and the pattern. Then use the granny to create a variety of lovely and fun afghans.


Recovering an Old Hassock - done

Recovering an Old HassockGive new life to a vinyl covered hassock that is starting to show wear. This project provides instructions for making a crochet cover to spruce it up.


Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy Dish - finished candy dish

Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy DishThis yarn wrapped coffee can mummy candy dish is too cute. Using a chain stitch and double crochet you can make the wrappings. Then work the eyes. Wrap and glue and its done.


Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall Hanging  - decorative pumpkin pie hot pad

Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall HangingDecorate for the season with this cute crochet pumpkin pie wall hanging. You will need a J and an N hook and 4 yarn colors. This works up in about an hour; the instructions can be found on this page.


Sunflower Photo Frame - sunflower photo frame hanging on a hook

Making a Crochet Sunflower Photo FrameThis pretty crochet sunflower photo frame is the perfect addition to the home decor for lovers of these bright, happy, yellow flowers. If you or someone you know crochets this could be your next project.


Three balls of yarn that are in different containers to avoid tangling.

Crocheting with Three Strands of YarnIf you like or want to try using multiple strands of yarn in your next crochet project we have a craft and helpful tips on this page.


Crochet Yarn Pumpkins - stem glued to pumpkin

How to Make Crochet Yarn PumpkinsLittle, quick and easy crochet pumpkins make delightful seasonal decorations. This page contains instructions for making crochet yarn pumpkins.


A Bevy of Crochet Bangles - finished covered bangle

Making Crochet Covered BanglesCrochet covered bangles are fun to make, attractive additions to your jewelry collection. Learn how to make different styles using varying levels of crochet expertise.


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Making a Single Crochet Potholder?I'm new to crochet and I love the thick potholder that was done. I apologize if this was already asked, but how do I single crochet on both sides of the chain stitch and continue to single crochet until both sides meet? Step 2 is confusing for me.


finished basket

Crochet Chain Woven BasketPretty up a plain plastic basket by making a crochet chain and weaving it through the openings. This page explains how to make a crochet chain woven basket.


Multi-linguistic Yarn Tub - finished tub filled with yarn

How to Make a Multi-linguistic Yarn TubMake a cute storage tub for your yarn and cover it with the word "yarn" in a variety of languages. The finished container is useful and also serves as a bit of home decor. Follow the steps on this page to make this multi-linguistic yarn tub.


closeup on mannequin

Making a Woodland Ruffle Crochet ScarfA crocheted scarf is a wonderful thing to have to keep you warm and even makes a great gift. Making this woodland ruffle scarf is fun and easy.


Recycled Yarn Afghan - side view of day bed with afghan

Recycled Yarn AfghanUse leftover balls and yarn scraps to make a beautiful, functional, variegated crochet afghan. This page offers instructions for making a recycled yarn afghan.


Crocheted Seat Belt Adjuster - in place on seat belt

Crocheted Seat Belt Adjuster PatternTry making this colorful crocheted seat belt adjuster to keep the shoulder strap properly positioned so as not to cut into your neck. The pattern for this crochet adjuster is available in this page.


Crocheted Decorative Oven Mitt - mitt filled with cooking tools as a gift

Making a Crocheted Decorative Oven MittThis cute crocheted oven mitt is meant as a decoration only. Use it to store cooking utensils or whatever you like. Follow the instructions and photos to make one for yourself or to give as a gift.


Crocheted Chainless Foundation PlacematThese cheerful crocheted placemats use a technique called foundation single crochet to make a chainless foundation. This technique can be used without counting stitches.


Crochet Koaster Keeper - coasters in box

Crochet Coaster Keeper PatternIf you crochet we have a fun project for making coasters and a container to store then in. Turn a recycled oatmeal box into a pretty crochet coaster keeper using the pattern provided in this page.


Crochet Snowflake from Recycled Skirt

Making a Recycled Crochet SnowflakeTear an old worn shirt into strips and use them to crochet a colorful snowflake. It is fun and easy. Follow the steps and photos on this page for making a recycled crochet snowflake.


Cross Stitch Patterns for Crochet

Using Cross Stitch Patterns for CrochetIf you are up for the challenge of routinely changing your yarn, this project is for you. This page is about using cross stitch patterns for crochet.


A left-handed crocheter working on a project.

Finding Left-handed Crochet Instructions?In a world dominated by right-handed people many things, including crochet instructions for left-handed people, can be difficult to find. This is a page about finding left-handed crochet instructions.


heart dangling with bookmark in book

Making a Crochet Heart BookmarkThis is a great project for a beginning crocheter and the final product makes a great gift. This is a page about making a crochet heart bookmark.


Crocheted Remote Pouch

Making a Crochet Remote Control PouchTired of losing your remotes all the time? You can make this simple remote control pouch to hang off the side of a chair or sofa. Not only is it practical but also beautiful. Get the step by step instruction in this page.


Finished holster.

Crocheted MP3 Player HolsterThis cute, easy to make belt holster can be custom designed to hold a player, phone, or camera. This page has instructions for making a crocheted mp3 player holster.


Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth

Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth PatternDishcloths are an easy and useful beginner's crochet project. The pattern shows an autumn leaf surrounded by white. This page contains a pattern for a crocheted leaf dishcloth.


Crocheted Bathroom Rug

Crocheted Bathroom RugCrochet squares from strips of torn fabrics, in your choice of colors, to make this attractive bathroom rug. It is a great way to use discounted yardage that may not be appealing in its whole state. Learn how to make a crocheted bathroom rug to match your decor.


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Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!! - door hanger on knob

Blue Flew and the Bottle Top KidsRaise your hands if you sang "the lollipop kids" in a Munchkin voice! Okay, so today I have something for the old and the young. A message tag on the door tells other of your home situation. I got the idea from a gal who lives in an assisted living community. A bottle topper tells which drink belongs to who?


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleI found this pattern on line and am just a bit jealous I didn't come up with it myself! It is super easy, fast, and a great way to use up scrap yarn. I loved her's but mine has a bit of a spin on it. I hope you like it!


Crocheted Americana Roses - finished arrangement

Crocheted Americana RosesThis is a labor intensive craft, but I am glad I stuck it out. With three yarn colors of burgundy, tan, and navy and some faux rose stems, I made two different styles. I hope you like them.


Crocheted Exfoliating Soap Sack - sack with a piece of soap inside lying on the bathroom counter

Crocheted Exfoliating Soap SackThis soap bag is crocheted using thin cotton butcher's twine, which is fantastic for durability in hot water, and is also great for exfoliation. This bag comes in handy for collecting all your small chips of soap. It has a crocheted chain handle so you can hang it anywhere in the shower, too.


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Crocheted CarrotWith the foam Christmas tree forms, some yarn, a hook, and some pins, you can make this cute "temporary" carrot for your windows! I ended up not using hot glue.


Crochet Top for Hanging Towel - finished crochet top on towel

Crochet Top for Hanging TowelCrocheting a top on your kitchen towel allows it to be attached to the fridge door handle or the handle on the stove. There are no worries about it falling off the handle onto the floor!


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A dishcloth made from croched yarn in a flower shape.

Crocheted Flowering DishclothTake multicolored yarn to make this pretty flower to help clean your dishes. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A crocheted headband in the shape of a tiara.

Crochet Tiara HeadbandLet every girl show off her inner princess with this cute crocheted tiara. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A crochete skull-cap in grey and black.

Men's Crocheted Skull-CapIf you love to crochet, try making this handsome skull-cap. It can be customized for any colors or personalities. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A crocheted cowl infinity scarf with a wave pattern.

Waves CowlThis beautiful crocheted infinity scarf has a wavy texture created from the stitches. It would make a perfect gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Connecting Loops Crocheted Scarf

Connecting Loops Crocheted ScarfHere is a colorful crocheted scarf made of interconnecting loops. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Milk Jug Ring Earrings

Milk Jug Ring EarringsThese delicate crocheted earrings look so pretty, you will hardly believe they are made from plastic milk jug rings. Learn how to make then in this short video.


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Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting Supplies - pouch filled and hanging from lanyard

Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting SuppliesI am always walking around needing something, a pen, scissors, crochet hook, etc. So last week I designed a lanyard to keep them with me on days when I have multiple projects and I "flit" between them all. You know those days, huh?


Drumstick Pockets - drumsticks in the pouch pockets

Crochet Drumstick PocketsMy daughter's new guy is a drummer. He is always misplacing one of the drumsticks under the couch, or in the car. So I made him this for his birthday. It's a crocheted pocket for them.


Crocheted Bead Necklace - done

Crocheted Bead NecklaceThis is a quick, simple, and a fun way to make a new necklace. The supplies are very inexpensive to get. And once you get them, you will have enough to make a lot of necklaces and many more crafts!


Oklahoma Sooners Afghan Throw pattern.

Oklahoma Sooners Afghan Square Crochet PatternHere is the pattern for an Oklahoma University afghan square I made up.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Crocheted Donut PincushionI made this last night, so I apologize for the lighting. There are better shots to share. This is a cute project and you don't need much yarn. I used a light brown with a white frosting. You could also use dark brown frosting, or pink, etc. I hope you like this. For the seamstress on your list, this is perfect!


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape - Sandi's diamond

How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond ShapeI love making triangles. It's mindless and so versatile. But as much as I love increasing my one per row, I detest decreasing. Let me know how you the difference in how I do it vs. the patterns.


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Waterproofing Stiffened Crochet Items?I made crochet doily globes and filled them with LED light strands. I want to use them in a bathroom with much humidity. How can I waterproof them?


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Repairing a Faded Crochet Afghan?My blanket is navy blue/velvet yarn in sportsweight. The yarn is faded, can I use a dye to fix it? The border is light grey.


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Unfamiliar Crochet Term?What does it mean to: sl st into first spc. Make beg. bobble, etc. I know it reads slip stitch into first (???). etc. How is this done? It is a child's purse, rated easy and I am a new crocheter.


Understanding Crochet Instructions - circle of crochet stitches

Understanding Crochet Instructions?I have a Magic circle with 18 sts. The next instruction says: " * 2dc, 2dc in next st; repeat from * to end (24 sts)". I am a beginner and don't understand how to do the above and end up with 24 sts.


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Understanding Crochet Instructions?I have already done a single crochet across the row and now they what me to do this on the next row, ch1 turn.


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Finding Left-handed Crochet Instructions?Where can I find instructions to teach a left handed child crochet?


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