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This page contains fun ideas for new crocheting projects.

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Thick Crocheted Slippers - on child's feet

Making Three Strand Thick Crocheted SlippersUsing a half double crochet stitch and three strands of yarn you can make a pair of these child's cozy slippers. This is a page about three strand thick crocheted slippers.


Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

Adding a Crochet Edge to a Fleece BlanketThis is a page about adding a crochet edge to a fleece blanket. If you crochet, you can dress up the edge of a simple to make fleece blanket.


Crocheted Bookmark

Crocheted Bookmark IdeasThis is a page about crocheted bookmark ideas. There are a number of simple crochet patterns to create useful unique bookmarks.


Crochet Oreo Cookies With Milk

Crochet Oreo CookiesThis is a page about crochet Oreo cookies. If you are looking for a cute, fun crochet project that looks good enough to eat, try making crochet Oreo cookies.


Crochet Craft Project Ideas, Close up of Woman Crocheting

Crochet Craft Project IdeasCrochet crafters are always looking for new projects. This is a page containing crochet craft project ideas.


The completed and colored bookmark in a book.

Nautical Filet Crochet BookmarkTo create this bookmark, I used the crochet filet technique. You need to know how to crochet chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, bullion stitch, slip stitch. I am the author of this nautical pattern with one sailing boat, one dolphin, one starfish, one seahorse, four seagulls, and eight fish, corals.



Scrubbers Using "Scrubby" Yarn - finished scrubby with a hook and the darning needle lying across it

Scrubbers Using "Scrubby" YarnThere are so many cool crafts supplies out there anymore. I recently wanted to make my cousin a "scrubby" and found the perfect yarn.


Crocheted Americana Centerpiece - finished centerpiece

How to Make a Crocheted Americana CenterpieceThis Americana centerpiece requires some beginning crochet skills. Foil balls are covered with crochet chains. You will also learn how to make simple crochet flowers to add to the display. Read on for full instructions, supplies list, and photos.


Drumstick Pockets - drumsticks in the pouch pockets

Crochet Drumstick PocketsLooking for a fun gift for a drummer. This crochet project will show you how to make drumstick pockets.


Crochet "Go Back" Bowl - finished crochet bowl with another bowl inside holding a small pair of scissors and glue stick

Making a Crochet "Go Back" BowlThis fun little crochet project makes the perfect bowl for collecting up those small craft items and other things that we need to put away. You can add a ceramic or plastic bowl inside the crochet work or not. Learn how to make a crochet "go back" bowl below.


Making a Loopy Crochet Flower

Making a Loopy Crochet FlowerUse a simple chain stitch to help create pretty loopy crochet flowers. This is a great first project for a new crocheter.


pin cushion

Crocheted Tea Cup PincushionAdd a crocheted topper to a batting filled tea cup to make a lovely crochet tea cup pincushion. This would make a nice gift to a friend that sews.


Fall Maple Leaf Garland

Crochet Fall Maple Leaf GarlandCrochet maple leaf shapes in fall colors to assemble this decorative fall maple leaf garland. The instructions can be found on this page.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Making a Crocheted Donut PincushionIf you can crochet this might just be your next project, destined to be used by you or given as a gift. Learn how to make a delightful crocheted donut pincushion. It is such a practical and decorative item for any crafter.


Mini Yarn Bag - bag hanging on a hook

Making a Mini Yarn BagThis cute decorative mini yarn bag, is worked up using a size H hook and the knit stitch. Add a hook and small balls of yarn when finished to complete the bag.


Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting Supplies - pouch filled and hanging from lanyard

Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting SuppliesThis crocheted pouch can be worn around your neck and helps keep supplies you need close at hand. You can easily customize it to the size that best meets your needs.


Recovering an Old Hassock - done

Recovering an Old HassockGive new life to a vinyl covered hassock that is starting to show wear. This project provides instructions for making a crochet cover to spruce it up.


Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall Hanging  - decorative pumpkin pie hot pad

Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall HangingDecorate for the season with this cute crochet pumpkin pie wall hanging. You will need a J and an N hook and 4 yarn colors. This works up in about an hour; the instructions can be found on this page.


Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy Dish - finished candy dish

Yarn Wrapped Coffee Can Mummy Candy DishThis yarn wrapped coffee can mummy candy dish is too cute. Using a chain stitch and double crochet you can make the wrappings. Then work the eyes. Wrap and glue and its done.


Three balls of yarn that are in different containers to avoid tangling.

Crocheting with Three Strands of YarnIf you like or want to try using multiple strands of yarn in your next crochet project we have a craft and helpful tips on this page.


Crochet Yarn Pumpkins - stem glued to pumpkin

How to Make Crochet Yarn PumpkinsLittle, quick and easy crochet pumpkins make delightful seasonal decorations. This page contains instructions for making crochet yarn pumpkins.



A Bevy of Crochet Bangles - finished covered bangle

Making Crochet Covered BanglesCrochet covered bangles are fun to make, attractive additions to your jewelry collection. Learn how to make different styles using varying levels of crochet expertise.


finished basket

Crochet Chain Woven BasketPretty up a plain plastic basket by making a crochet chain and weaving it through the openings. This page explains how to make a crochet chain woven basket.


Crochet Snowflake from Recycled Skirt

Making a Recycled Crochet SnowflakeTear an old worn shirt into strips and use them to crochet a colorful snowflake. It is fun and easy. Follow the steps and photos on this page for making a recycled crochet snowflake.


heart dangling with bookmark in book

Making a Crochet Heart BookmarkThis is a great project for a beginning crocheter and the final product makes a great gift. This is a page about making a crochet heart bookmark.


Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny Toys - pink tail on bunny

Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny ToysWith some scrap yarn and a little time, you can make this catnip mouse and bunny for your kitty. This page is about crocheted catnip mouse and bunny toys.


Crocheted hearts in 3 colors.

Crocheted Heart PinIf you are looking for a quick and easy crochet craft for Valentine's Day or to incorporate into other projects, these cute little crochet hearts are perfect. This page contains the instructions for making a crocheted heart pin.


New Baby Frame - finished frame

New Baby FrameI made this for a friend's new grandnephew, Luciano. It's time intensive, but I love how it turned out.


Calorie Free Crochet Cake Decoration - finished cake

How to Make a Crochet Cake DecorationUsing a round cardboard box and your crochet skills you can create this pretty crochet cake to decorate your home or an upcoming party or event. This is a page about how to make a crochet cake decoration.


Layered Circles Hair Piece - finished

Crochet Layered Circles Hair PieceThis is a simple crochet project using several crochet circles in different sizes that are layered and glued together. This is a page about crochet layered circles hair piece.


Shamrock book marks with a Birds of Washington book.

Crocheted Shamrock BookmarkCrochet a bit of the green when you make this nice little shamrock shaped bookmark. This is a page about crocheted shamrock bookmark.


Time For Tea Lace Gloves

Making Scalloped Lace GlovesThese delicate lacy crochet gloves are perfect for a tea or other formal occasion. This is a page about making scalloped lace gloves.


Closeup of pin.

Making a Crocheted Red Hat PinMake and wear this cute pin to your next Red Hat Society social. This is a page about making a crocheted red hat pin.


A crocheted bracelet with a large brown button.

Making a Crocheted Button Cuff BraceletThis is a page about making a crocheted button cuff bracelet. Showcase a decorative recycled button on this clever bracelet.


blue and white ombre crochet mat with cup and small plate

Making a Crochet Saucer and Cup PlacematThis clever placemat for your coffee or tea cup and a snack plate is quick and easy to make and also would be a fun gift for a friend. This is a page about saucer and cup place mat.


pastel crochet egg covers

Making Crochet Easter Egg CoversTurn plastic Easter eggs into a special treat holder, by covering them with handmade crochet covers. This is a page about making crochet Easter egg covers.



shamrocks crocheted onto plastic bead necklace

Making a Crocheted Shamrock NecklaceThis is a page about making a crocheted shamrock necklace. Wear this cute shamrock necklace to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


Square Hillbilly Dishcloth

Making a Square Hillbilly DishclothThis is a page about making a square hillbilly dishcloth. Crochet this frugal useful project in no time and use up that left over yarn.


Finished rosebud on bootie.

Making a Tiny Crocheted RosebudThis is a page about making a tiny crocheted rosebud. Make this lovely addition to add to any crocheted craft project.


A small red crocheted fan.

Making a Crocheted FanThis is a page about making a crocheted fan. You can use this same pattern to make a pin, or barrette by changing the size.


Autumn Wreath

Making a Crocheted Autumn WreathThis is a page about making a crocheted autumn wreath. Make some crochet flowers, leaves, or other items and use them to create a special fall wreath.


Finished bracelet.

Making a Crocheted BraceletThis is a page about making a crocheted bracelet. You can make lovely jewelry if you know how to crochet.


crochet frame in fall colors

Making a Crocheted Fall Photo FrameThis is a page about making a crocheted fall photo frame. A fun way to share fall colors can be a crocheted picture frame.


Red tulip pattern placemats.

Making Crocheted Tulip PlacematsThis is a page about making crocheted tulip placemats. A cheerful pattern for a springy placemat to decorate your table.


Red dress crocheted pin.

Making a Crocheted Red Dress PinThis is a page about making a crocheted red dress pin. Make this crochet red dress pattern, to display your support for Women's Heart Health month in February.


Cute yellow teddy face pin.

Making a Crocheted Teddy Bear PinThis is a page about making a crocheted teddy bear pin. This simple crochet pattern can be used to make cute, soft teddy bear faces for pins.


finished pear on fabric background

Making a Crochet PearThis is a page about making a crochet pear. This small crochet project can be used for an applique', gift decoration, a refrigerator magnet, or to decorate a homemade greeting card.


Three Tiered Crochet Pin Cushion

Making a Three Tiered Crochet Pin CushionThis is a page about making a three tiered crochet pin cushion. This cute pin cushion is really easy to make using minimal supplies and basic crochet skills.


Cup of Love Heart Coasters

Making Crocheted Heart CoastersThis is a page about crocheted heart coasters. These cute coasters can be made with excess yarn and are perfect for your sweetheart.


green and yellow crocheted flowers in pot

Crocheted Flower ProjectsThis is a page about crocheted flower projects. Crochet is the perfect craft to use in making a wide variety of beautiful flowers to decorate your home and other crafts.


Making a Crocheted Dishcloth

Making a Crocheted Dishcloth - 10 Free...This small, but useful, crochet project can be made with yarn or plarn and used for cleaning dishes. This page features several crocheted dishcloth patterns and ideas.


Crocheted Chair Seat Cover

Making a Crocheted Chair Seat CoverThis is a page about making a crocheted chair seat cover. Make a simple or elaborate crochet chair cover to coordinate with your decor.


Crochet Hook

Adapting Crochet Patterns For DollhousesThis is a page about adapting crochet patterns for dollhouses. You can make dollhouse sized accessories by adapting regular crochet patterns for the smaller scale.


Crochet Pot Scrubber

Making a Crochet Pot ScrubberThis is a page about making a crochet pot scrubber. In addition to making pot scrubbers from nylon mesh you can also crochet them using other materials.


Crocheted Wrist Cuffs

Making Crocheted Wrist CuffsWrist cuffs can be a functional, as well as, stylish accessory. This page has a pattern for making a crocheted wrist cuffs.


Crocheted Wrist Pin Cushion

Making a Crocheted Wrist Pin CushionThis is a page about making a crocheted wrist pin cushion. For the multitalented crafter, a crocheted pin cushion is a fun way to use your crochet skills to make a sewing tool.


Making Crocheted Coasters

Making Crocheted CoastersThis is a page about making crocheted coasters. If you are looking for a quick, fun crochet project for yourself or to give as a gift, then crochet coasters may be just the thing.


Crocheted Wreaths

Making a Crocheted WreathThis is a page about making a crocheted wreath. Make a delightful, original wreath using your crochet skills. Even a novice can create a pretty wreath using a chain stitch.


Crocheted Pin Crafts

Crocheted Pin CraftsThis is a page about crocheted pin crafts. Crochet is a natural craft medium for making beautiful one of a kind pins.


Crocheted T-shirt Clutch

Making a Crocheted T-shirt Clutch BagThis is a page about making a crocheted t-shirt clutch bag. Old, worn out t-shirts can always find a new life in your crochet craft projects.



Making a Crocheted Bodice for a DressThis is a page about making a crocheted bodice for a dress. A crochet bodice attached to a fabric skirt makes for a really cute dress for a young child or a unique outfit for adults.


Crocheted Heart Angel

Crocheted Heart AngelThis is a page about making a crocheted heart angel. Crocheted hearts in varying sizes can be joined to form a cute angel motif.


Blue crocheted clothes hanger.

Crochet Coat HangersThis is a page about crochet coat hangers. Decorative crochet coat hangers are fun to make, use, and give as gifts.


Recycled Can Cozy on Table

Recycled Plastic Can CozyCut plarn from recycled plastic bags to crochet can cozies. I made this up as I went along so I don't have a pattern to share.


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Make Drinking Glass Sweaters with Excess YarnI just saw an interesting tip on how to use up excess yarn by making baskets. Well, I use my excess yarn by making drinking glass sweaters. They are excellent for sweating glasses in the summertime.


Fall Maple Leaf Garland - finished leaves in various fall colors

Fall Maple Leaf GarlandThis easy pattern allows you to make maple leaves in all the best fall colors. Crochet a chain between each one and make a garland with as many as you want! I hope you like it.


Scrubbers Using "Scrubby" Yarn - finished scrubby with a hook and the darning needle lying across it

Scrubbers Using "Scrubby" YarnThere are so many cool crafts supplies out there anymore. I recently wanted to make my cousin a "scrubby" and found the perfect yarn.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Crocheted Donut PincushionI made this last night, so I apologize for the lighting. There are better shots to share. This is a cute project and you don't need much yarn. I used a light brown with a white frosting. You could also use dark brown frosting, or pink, etc. I hope you like this. For the seamstress on your list, this is perfect!


Blue Flew and the Bottle Top Kids!! - door hanger on knob

Blue Flew and the Bottle Top KidsRaise your hands if you sang "the lollipop kids" in a Munchkin voice! Okay, so today I have something for the old and the young. A message tag on the door tells other of your home situation. I got the idea from a gal who lives in an assisted living community. A bottle topper tells which drink belongs to who?


Embroidery Hoop Doily Wall Decoration - glue on the buttons and then arrange the hoops in a pleasing way and glue, add a chained hanger

Embroidery Hoop Doily Wall DecorationI have seen mandalas and dream catchers done in embroidery hoops. This is my take on them using 3 commercial and 3 hand made doilies.


Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting Supplies - pouch filled and hanging from lanyard

Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting SuppliesI am always walking around needing something, a pen, scissors, crochet hook, etc. So last week I designed a lanyard to keep them with me on days when I have multiple projects and I "flit" between them all. You know those days, huh?


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Milk Jug Ring Earrings

Milk Jug Ring EarringsThese delicate crocheted earrings look so pretty, you will hardly believe they are made from plastic milk jug rings. Learn how to make then in this short video.


Crocheted Itsy Bitsy Bow

Crocheted Itsy Bitsy BowThis little crocheted bow makes a cute accent to a barrette, headband, scarf or hat.


A dishcloth made from croched yarn in a flower shape.

Crocheted Flowering DishclothTake multicolored yarn to make this pretty flower to help clean your dishes. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Crochet Mustache Applique

Crochet Mustache AppliqueAdd some hipster flair to your wardrobe with these simple crocheted mustache appliques. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Square Hillbilly Dishcloth

Square Hillbilly DishclothHere is one way to use up all your yarn scraps! This dishcloth is cute and a great way to recycle.


Cup of Love Heart Coasters

Cup of Love Heart CoastersHere are easy to make heart shaped coasters, to give as a gift to anyone you love. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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Easy Christmas Crochet Projects?Does anyone know of an easy Christmas projects for beginner in crochet?


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Crochet Pattern for Socks?I need a pattern to crochet socks. Does anyone have a pattern? I would so appreciate any help I can get here! Thanks much.


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Beginners Crochet Christmas Ornaments?Does anyone have directions for a beginner to crochet Christmas ornaments? I would love hearing from you with ideas. I can single and double crochet.


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Advice For Round Crochet That Buckles?I've just started to crochet so I don't do complicated stuff. Just finished making a round rag rug which wasn't difficult BUT the whole thing has buckled and looks frilly round the edges.


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