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This page contains patterns for crochet crafts.

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Faux Hornets' Nest - hanging on balcony

How to Make a Crochet Faux Hornets' NestThis crochet hornet nest may work to discourage these stinging insects from building a real nest on your deck or balcony. This is a page about how to make a crochet faux hornets' nest.


Several different color rolls of yarn with a crochet hook against a white background

Making a Crocheted Double Wedding Ring...This is a page about making a crocheted double wedding ring afghan. The double wedding ring motif is popular in quilting and crochet.


Crocheted Dress Towel Hanger

Crocheted Dress Towel HangerCrochet tops for kitchen towels are popular craft projects. This example explains how to make a really cute dress pattern towel topper. This is a page about crocheted dress towel hanger.


Living room grouping with dolls.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Barbie Doll FurnitureIf you crochet, then this is the project for you. Make some nice Barbie doll sized furniture for your child's dolls. This is a page about quick and easy crocheted Barbie doll furniture.


Making Crochet Nylon Net Scrubbies, Crochet nylon net scrubber.

Making Crochet Nylon Net ScrubbiesCrochet nylon net scrubbies are quick, easy, and fun to make. They are useful in the kitchen for the crafter and make great gifts and craft sale items. This is a page about making crochet nylon net scrubbies.



Crochet Patterns for Barbie ClothesThis page is about crochet patterns for Barbie clothes. Some interesting doll fashions can made with a crochet hook.



array of stars

Making a 5 Point Crochet StarThis is a page about making a 5 point crochet star. There are a lot of patterns available for making a crocheted 5 point star.


purple and black boyband

Making a Crochet Bowband for an...Your child's doll will look cute with this easy to make headband. This is a page about making a crochet bowband for an American Girl doll.


two completed dishcloths

Making a Round Crocheted DishclothThis is a page about making a round crocheted dishcloth. Making your own dishcloths is a popular craft activity. This round version is a nice alternative to the typical crocheted square.


Crochet Outfits for Polly Pocket Dolls

Crochet Outfits for Polly Pocket DollsThis is a page about crochet outfits for Polly Pocket dolls. Crocheting clothing for a little girl's doll is a fun craft project.


Crochet Rose

Crochet RoseThese are simple, little crochet roses that you could use to decorate something. I made 25 of them to go on a quilt I made.


A dog wearing crocheted shoes.

Doggie ShoesIt gets pretty hot here in Arizona so I made these crochet doggie shoes for my daughter's dog to wear when we take her on walks at night when it "cools" down to 100 degrees!


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Free Santa Crochet Air Freshener Patterns?I am looking for patterns for Santa and Mrs Santa air freshener covers to crochet in time for Christmas. I made one, but can't find the pattern.


The completed coaster.

Crocheted Coaster Using Old JeansDon't throw away your old jeans. Use them to crochet this original coaster. You need to know how to crochet a magic ring, single crochet (sc), chain (ch) and finish of crochet. This is a very fast and easy crochet project.


Crocheted Americana Roses - finished arrangement

Crocheted Americana RosesFor the crochet crafters, this Americana rose project fits the bill. Learn how to make these crochet flowers. Display them on patriotic holidays or incorporate them into an Americana decorating scheme.


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Free Patterns for Crochet Barbie Doll Clothes?I want to crochet doll clothes for my 16" Barbie doll. Any idea or links where I can get free patterns?


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleA simple crochet circular disk with a crochet chain tail serves as a tool buddy for your hook, a darning needle, stitch markers or safety pins, and scissors. The tail can be tied to a bag or basket that contains your yarn.


Crocheted Carrot - carrot hanging below a seed packet garland in the window

Making a Crocheted CarrotIf you can make a crochet chain stitch then this project is for you. With a foam Christmas tree foam, orange, and green yarn you are set to go. You can pin the chain in place to make a temporary decoration or hot glue for a permanent one. These cute carrots are fun to hang in the windows or maybe make into a garland.


Crocheted Exfoliating Soap Sack - sack with a piece of soap inside lying on the bathroom counter

DIY Crocheted Exfoliating Soap SackUsing cotton butcher's twine you too can make this little, hanging exfoliating soap sack. Add the little bits of leftover bar soap and enjoy.


Crochet Marshmallow Key Ring Fob - done

Making a Crochet Marshmallow Key Ring FobLearn how to make this happy little marshmallow key ring fob here. You will need to have some crochet skills, but complete instructions are provided.


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape

How to Crochet a Diamond ShapeLearn how to crochet a diamond shape without decreasing the rows by one stitch. The instructions can be found on this page.



Crocheted Sugar Skull

Making a Crocheted Sugar SkullSugar skulls are part of the traditional Mexican observance of All Souls Day, when families place them on the tombs of family members. This page offers an alternative representation of a sugar skull worked up in crochet yarn. It is a good project for a crafter having intermediate crochet skills. Instructions follow.


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Making a Single Crochet Potholder?I'm new to crochet and I love the thick potholder that was done. I apologize if this was already asked, but how do I single crochet on both sides of the chain stitch and continue to single crochet until both sides meet? Step 2 is confusing for me.


Crocheted Seat Belt Adjuster - in place on seat belt

Crocheted Seat Belt Adjuster PatternTry making this colorful crocheted seat belt adjuster to keep the shoulder strap properly positioned so as not to cut into your neck. The pattern for this crochet adjuster is available in this page.


Crocheted Chainless Foundation PlacematThese cheerful crocheted placemats use a technique called foundation single crochet to make a chainless foundation. This technique can be used without counting stitches.


Crocheted Decorative Oven Mitt - mitt filled with cooking tools as a gift

Making a Crocheted Decorative Oven MittThis cute crocheted oven mitt is meant as a decoration only. Use it to store cooking utensils or whatever you like. Follow the instructions and photos to make one for yourself or to give as a gift.


Finished holster.

Crocheted MP3 Player HolsterThis cute, easy to make belt holster can be custom designed to hold a player, phone, or camera. This page has instructions for making a crocheted mp3 player holster.


Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth

Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth PatternDishcloths are an easy and useful beginner's crochet project. The pattern shows an autumn leaf surrounded by white. This page contains a pattern for a crocheted leaf dishcloth.


Crocheted Bathroom Rug

Crocheted Bathroom RugCrochet squares from strips of torn fabrics, in your choice of colors, to make this attractive bathroom rug. It is a great way to use discounted yardage that may not be appealing in its whole state. Learn how to make a crocheted bathroom rug to match your decor.


Fan Pattern Crocheted Cowl

Making a Fan Pattern Crocheted CowlCrochet cowls are a nice alternative to scarves. This is a relatively easy project that will have you making several. This is a page about making a fan pattern crocheted cowl.


top view of glove on hand

Super Easy Fingerless GlovesWith yarn, an H crochet hook and a little extra time you can make these fingerless gloves that leave your fingers exposed for using your phone or other tasks. This is a page about super easy fingerless gloves.


A blue blanket crocheted with a shell pattern.

Finding a Reversible Shell Baby Blanket PatternSometimes it can be difficult to track down older crochet patterns, especially when they may have been offered by companies no longer doing business. This guide offers some suggestions for finding a reversible shell baby blanket pattern.


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Crochet Pattern for McRoberts Tartan Rug?Does anybody have a crochet pattern for the McRoberts family tartan rug?


bag of M&Ms with scattered candies

Crocheting a M&M Pattern for a Halloween Costume?The logo for these chocolate candies is very recognizable. Making a crochet M&M pattern will make a great addition to your costume. This is a page about crocheting a M&M pattern for a Halloween costume.


Closeup of crochet tablecloth.

Round Table Cloth Crochet PatternsYou can search for a wide variety of crochet tablecloth patterns on the internet. is a good place to start. Your local library also will have a selection of craft books. This is a page about finding round table cloth crochet patterns.


crochet tablecloth

Finding a Crochet Tablecloth Pattern?Whether you are looking for a previously used older pattern or want a source for a variety of pattern choices, there are a good many places to search. This is a page about finding a crochet tablecloth pattern.



Crochet red, white, and blue heart shaped pin.

Red, White, and Blue Crocheted Heart Pin PatternThis quick and easy to make crochet heart shaped pattern is perfect for using as a pin or magnet. This page contains a red, white, and blue crocheted heart pin pattern.


Red Crochet Rectangle Coaster

Pattern for Crochet Rectangle Coaster?There are many sites and patterns available for making crochet coasters. This is a page about finding a pattern for a crochet rectangle coaster.


Crocheted Heart Garland

Crocheted Heart GarlandThis cute crochet heart garland is the perfect Valentine's Day decoration or it can be used for other occasions. This is a page about making a crocheted heart garland.


The attached multicolored crocheted steering wheel cover.

How to Make a Crocheted Scrap Yarn Steering Wheel CoverIf you crochet, jazz up your ride with a colorful scrap yarn steering wheel cover. This is a page about how to make a crocheted scrap yarn steering wheel cover.


Crocheted "Timber" Neck Pillow Pattern

How to Make a Crocheted 'Timber' Neck PillowThis unique neck pillow has a crochet pattern reminiscent of a log. It is perfect for use at a cabin or in a room with rustic decor. This page contains a crocheted timber neck pillow pattern.


Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat

Crocheted Yo Yo Place Mat PatternMake a stack of colorful crocheted yo yos and then arrange and tie them together to make pretty and useful placemats. This page contains a crocheted yo yo place mat pattern.


Purse shaped wallhanging.

Crocheted Purse Wallhanging PatternAn adorable purse wall hanging can make a great decoration for your home. It is also a nice handcrafted gift. Learn how to make a nice decoration with this crocheted purse wallhanging pattern.


Crochet Mug Rugs

Making Crochet Mug RugsEven a beginner to crochet can make up these cute rug shaped coasters for their home or to give as gifts. This is a page about making crochet mug rugs.


A crochet craft being made with green yarn.

Crocheted Poncho PatternThere are many sources for crocheted poncho patterns, both free and for sale. This is a page about crocheted poncho pattern.


Lego Tissue Box Cover - finished box cover

Crocheted Lego Tissue Box Cover PatternA timely twist on the traditional crochet tissue box cover, this Lego version is fun to make and even more to display or gift. This page contains a crocheted Lego tissue box cover pattern.


Crochet hooks and a ball of yarn.

Crochet Pattern for Men's VestThere are a number of sources both online and in craft stores for finding a crochet pattern to make a men's vest. This is a page about crochet pattern for men's vest.


A skien on yarn and a crochet hook.

Crocheted Leg Warmer PatternMake yourself some leg warmers by crocheting them in whatever pattern you like. This is a page about crocheted leg warmer pattern.


dog wearing a knit sweater

Dog Sweater PatternsKeep your dog warm with a custom made dog sweater. This is a page about dog sweater patterns.


Breast Cancer Awareness Symbol

Crochet Pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness?This familiar pink ribbon is worn proudly by those who wish to raise awareness of this terrible cancer that affects so many. This is a page has information about a crochet pattern for breast cancer awareness.


Crochet Shell Flower - finished flower

Crochet Shell Flower PatternThis fun and easy to make crocheted shell flower makes a wonderful accessory for many outfits. This is a page about crochet shell flower pattern.


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Crochet Air Freshener Cover Patterns?I am looking for crochet air freshener cover patterns.


turkey with face and tail sewn on

Making Amigurumi TurkeysAmigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small animals or creatures. This has a pattern for making an amigurumi turkey.


Crochet Button Showcase Bracelet

Making a Crochet Button Showcase BraceletShowcase a favorite button by incorporating it into a pretty crochet bracelet. This is a page about making a crochet button showcase bracelet.


Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set -Complete bedroom suite.

Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set PatternLearn how to make custom made Barbie furniture by following these crochet patterns for a bed and dresser. This page has free crochet patterns for a Barbie bedroom set.


Crochet Barbie kitchen

Barbie's Crocheted Kitchen Furniture and AppliancesWhen Barbie needs to whip up a snack or dinner for friends these crochet appliances and dining table are just what she needs. This is a page about Barbie's crocheted kitchen furniture and appliances.


pink crochet rose

Making Crocheted RosesThese pretty crochet roses will last long past fresh ones, making them a perfect gift or addition to your home decor. This is a page about making crocheted roses.


A crocheted medallion bookmark.

Making a Crochet Medallion BookmarkHere is a good pattern for making a quick and easy crochet project, that can help use up scrapes. This is a page about making a crochet medallion bookmark.


crochet bookmark

Crochet Autumn Leaves BookmarkThis is a page about autumn leaves bookmark. Making a fall themed bookmark is easy with this crochet pattern.


Crocheted V-Stitch Dishcloth - finished dishcloth

Crocheted V-Stitch DishclothThis is a page about crocheted v-stitch dishcloth. An easy, useful crochet project that can be finished quickly.


Artsy Crochet Flower

Making an Artsy Crochet FlowerThis is a page about making an artsy crochet flower. This simple crochet flower can be used to adorn many future projects.


colorful crocheted coaster

Kitchen Crochet Trio (Magnet, Coasters, and Hotpads)This is a page about kitchen crochet trio (magnet, coasters, and hotbeds). Get out your cotton yarn and make up some useful crochet kitchen items for yourself or to give as gifts.


A crocheted petaled flower in a hand.

Making a Treble Crochet FlowerThis is a page about making a treble crochet flower. Use a treble (or triple) crochet stitch to make these pretty floral accents.


Crochet Potholder

Making a Single Crochet PotholderThis is a page about making a single crochet potholder. Even an novice crocheter who has just mastered the single crochet stitch can make a potholder.


finished cloth

Making a Cottage Crochet DishclothThis is a page about making a cottage crochet dishcloth. This pretty dishcloth has a cottage decor look to it. Make several.


finished flag wall hanging

Making a Crocheted Flag Wall HangingThis is a page about making a crocheted flag wall hanging. Red, white and blue yarn can be crocheted with this pattern into a wall hanging reminiscent of the American flag.


finished cowl on mannequin

Making a Crossed Swords Crochet CowlThis is a page about making a crossed swords crochet cowl. The crossover double crochet pattern gives this cowl a unique textured look.


Crocheted Winter Headband

Making a Crocheted Winter HeadbandThis is a page about making a crocheted winter headband. When you don't need a winter hat this pretty headband may be enough to keep you warm.


Round Hillbilly Dishcloth

Making a Round Hillbilly DishclothThis is a page about making a round hillbilly dishcloth. This slightly raggedy dishcloth is quick and easy to make.


finished flower

Making a Crocheted FlowerThis is a page about making a crocheted flower. There many patterns available for making crocheted flowers. Here is one for you to try.


Crocheted flower, step 6

Romantic Crocheted FlowerThis is a page about romantic crocheted flower. Attach this easy and quick to crochet flower to decorate a bag, hat or headband.



Making a Crocheted Men's Winter HatThis is a page about making a crochet men's winter hat. Crochet is a good skill to put to use making seasonal apparel, such as hats.


wearing two bangles

Making Crochet BanglesThis is a page about making crochet bangles. This quick crochet jewelry project is perfect for the beginner.


end off first color

Crocheted Flowering DishclothThis is a page about crocheted flowering dishcloth. Bring a little color to someone's sink by crocheting a flower dishcloth.


finished project

Making a Crocheted Tiara HeadbandChildren love to play dress-up and wear a pretty tiara. If you crochet you can make this one. This is a page about making a crocheted tiara headband.


child wearing snuggie

Making a Crochet Child's SnuggieYour children will love this warm, cozy handcrafted snuggie. This is a page about making a crochet child's snuggie.


finished butterfly

Making a Crochet Butterfly BookmarkThis is a page about making a crochet butterfly bookmark. This easy crochet project is perfect to make as a gift.


Making Crocheted Butterflies

Making Crocheted ButterfliesThis is a page about making crocheted butterflies. Butterflies are a popular motif. These beauties lend themselves to being captured in crochet projects.


blue and white crochet square

Spring Fling Crochet Square PatternThis is a page about spring fling crochet square pattern. Here is another crochet block to add to your repertoire of patterns. Work it up in two or more colors and go from there.


Crocheted placemats in Fall colors.

Making Fall Themed Crocheted PlacematsThis is a page about making fall themed crocheted placemats. The colors of autumn make a perfect crocheted background for all kinds of fall centerpieces.


Crocheted squares with different colored stars.

Crocheting Using Graphs and ChartsThis is a page about crocheting using graphs and charts. The use of charts and graphs for crochet projects allows you to use up your stash and make more intricate patterns easily.


Crochet coaster of a cat looking back over its shoulder.

Making a Crochet Peeking Cat Butt CoasterThis is a page about making a crochet peeking cat butt coaster. This cute little coaster has your favorite feline peeking back over her shoulder as she gracefully walks away.


Crocheted Doll holding a heart

Crochet Baby Doll PatternsThis is a page about crochet baby doll patterns. Crochet dolls are a fun project to make for your children or to give as gifts.


Crocheted hippo baby hat next two three colors of yarn and a crochet hook

Understanding Crochet Patterns and...Knowing how to read a crochet pattern and the meanings of the abbreviations will help make your project move along faster and easier. This is a page about understanding crochet patterns and abbreviations.


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Finding Summer Shells Dress Crochet Pattern?In the early 1970s my mother-in-law taught me to crochet. The first thing I made was a simple shell stitch dress, with a cream-colored body, cap sleeves, and a sort of ziz-zag green and copper- colored design at the hem and I think on the sleeves. I have been looking for this pattern for years.


Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Crocheted Ruffled Fingerless GlovesThis is a page about crocheted ruffled fingerless gloves. Including a fancy ruffle on your crocheted fingerless gloves make them more unique and eye-catching.


Several different color rolls of yarn with a crochet hook against a white background

Shell Stitch Afghan PatternThis is a page about shell stitch afghan pattern. The shell crochet stitch is a lovely choice for making an afghan.


Making a Simple Crochet Headband

Making a Simple Crochet HeadbandThis is a page about making a simple crochet headband. This cute headband is very quick and easy to make; so make several in lots of colors.


Crocheted Bunny Nugget

Making a Crocheted Bunny NuggetMake a whole herd of little crochet bunnies for your children to play with, to give as a gift, or as a cute decoration. This is a page about making a crocheted bunny nugget.


Lacy Crocheted Dishcloth

Making a Lacy Crocheted DishclothThis is a page about making a lacy crocheted dishcloth. The lacy pattern used for this dishcloth makes it a good gift for a housewarming or other occasion.


finished cat mat

Making Crocheted Cat MatsThis is a page about making crocheted cat mats. Your kitties will love these easy to make crocheted mats. Try putting one near a sunny window.


Vintage crochet placemat against red background

Finding Vintage Crochet Patterns?This is a page about finding vintage crochet patterns. If you are looking for a unique pattern for your next crochet project, perhaps a vintage one is the answer.


Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth

Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth PatternYou can use any one of many granny square patterns and make a pretty and functional crochet dishcloth. This page has a pattern for making a granny square crochet dishcloth.


Making Tunisian Crocheted Sponges

Making Tunisian Crocheted SpongesThis is a page about making Tunisian crocheted sponges. Using the Tunisian or afghan stitch you can make up a variety of these useful crochet sponges.


closeup of necklace on mannequin

Making a Crocheted Chain NecklaceThis is a page about making a crocheted chain necklace. Using a couple of simple crochet stitches you can make this pretty necklace.


two finished crochet facial rounds

Making Reusable Crochet Cotton Facial...This is a page about making reusable crochet cotton facial rounds. These simple crochet rounds are fun to make and reusable.


finished flower

Sweet Pea Crocheted FlowerThis is a page about making a sweet pea crocheted flower. This pretty little sweet pea inspired crochet flower can be used to brighten up clothing, a purse, or just about anything you wish.


Making a Crocheted Clown Nose

Making a Crocheted Clown NoseThis is a page about crocheted clown nose. This cute crocheted clown nose is comfortable to wear and would make a great party favor.


Crocheted Holiday Hair Bow

Making a Crocheted Holiday Hair BowIf you like to crochet and to wear decorative hair bows for the holidays this is the craft for you. This is a page about making a crocheted holiday hair bow.


Crochet Triangle Dishcloth

Making a Crochet Triangle DishclothTry this unusual dishcloth shape when making your next cloth. This is a page about making a crochet triangle dishcloth.


Making a Bow Style Crochet Headband

Making a Bow Style Crochet HeadbandThis is a page about making a bow style crochet headband. Crochet headbands are fun and typically easy to make even for a beginning crochet crafter.


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Crocheted Doily

Crocheted DoilyI recently posted a pumpkin made from plastic canvas, and folks have been asking about the doily I "deconstructed". So, with the original gone, I redid it and here is the pattern.


colorful crocheted coaster

Kitchen Crochet Trio (Magnet, Coasters, and Hotpads)I made three items today for you to enjoy.


Crocheted Americana Roses - finished arrangement

Crocheted Americana RosesThis is a labor intensive craft, but I am glad I stuck it out. With three yarn colors of burgundy, tan, and navy and some faux rose stems, I made two different styles. I hope you like them.


Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Purple Passion Crochet Fingerless GlovesI wanted some feminine, warm, fingerless gloves to accompany the scarf I made my daughter. She loves them.:)


finished cat mat

Crocheted Cat MatsThis is a project for making crocheted scrap yarn mats for your furrever friend. I am now making these to donate to our local no-kill shelter. Their thrift store is selling them to buy food and such, so I thought I would share this and a challenge.


Amigurumi Easter Bunny

Making a Amigurumi Easter BunnyAmigurumi is the Japanese style of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals. This is a page about amigurumi crochet craft ideas.


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Artsy Crochet Flower

Artsy Crochet FlowerThis fun artsy crocheted flower looks great attached to a headband or pin. Check out this video to follow the step by step instructions.


Crocheted Winter Headband

Crocheted Winter HeadbandThis winter headband is adorable and it would make a lovely gift. Add a crocheted flower to make it extra special.


Barbie Winter Set

Barbie Winter SetThis Barbie hat and scarf are quick to make. Learn how in this short video.


Sweet Pea Crochet Flower

Sweet Pea Crochet FlowerAdding crocheted flowers to a project can really make it pop!


Working Man's Cowl

Working Man's CowlMake a manly cowl for your favorite working man. Check out this video for the step by step instructions.


Crocheted Flower

Crocheted FlowerThis is a beautiful crocheted flower. Add it to any of your crochet projects to add a little flare.


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Aunt Lydia Rug Yarn Patterns?I am searching for Aunt Lydia rug yarn patterns especially the bleach bottle craft which included a witch, bunny, leprechaun, and Mrs. Santa to name a few. I am also interested in small gifts, etc.


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Santa Pillow Crochet Pattern?I am looking for the magazine Crochet World, December 2011. It has a Santa pillow by Debra Arch. I need the instructions.


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Looking for a Crochet Dress Pattern?In 1971 my mother-in-law taught me to crochet. I purchased a pattern for an "easy" crocheted dress called "Summer Shells." Two weeks later we went back up north to visit her. She was enchanted and thrilled that I had been able to make such immediate and beautiful use of her teaching. I lost the pattern.


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Looking for Pattern from Crochet World Magazine?I am looking for the Crochet World Magazine, December 2011. There is a Santa pillow pattern by Debra Arch. I can't afford to buy the magazine, but would like the pattern so much.


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Finding a Crochet Afghan Pattern from the 1970s?I am looking for a reversible crochet afghan with 2 colors and i think its sc but one color is laid across the chain and you crochet over it and next row is the same only you reverse the colors. I have been looking for this pattern for years as I made it in the 70s.


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Oklahoma University Afghan Pattern?I am looking for an afghan pattern for Oklahoma University that uses the afghan stitch with the OU helmet, or other OU things on it. Do you know where I can find one?


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