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This page contains thrifty, do it yourself, craft projects.

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Decorating Straw Hats

Decorating Straw HatsThis is a page about decorating straw hats. Straw hats, large and small, are fun to decorate as an activity at parties or to hang on the wall.


Decoupaged Paperweights

Paperweight Craft IdeasThis page contains paperweight craft ideas. A variety of common things can be used to create a enjoyable addition to anyone's desk.


Recycled End Table as Canopy Pet Bed - finished bed with drawer open showing leash, etc.

Recycled End Table Canopy Pet BedThis page contains instructions to make a cute pet canopy bed from a recycled end table. This is a page about recycled end table canopy pet bed.


Finished Clay Pot Angel

Clay Pot Craft ProjectsThis is a page about clay pot craft projects Clay flower pots can be used in a wide variety of craft projects.


Making a Reusable Shopping Bag

Making a Reusable Shopping BagThis is a page about making a reusable shopping bag. Reusable shopping bags are a common item as a part of today's waste reduction efforts.


A stick figure with a question mark bubble of his head.

Putting Decals on WoodAn easy, inexpensive way to decorate furniture and other wood items is by applying decals. This is a page about putting decals on wood.


Fabric Book Page Weight

Making a Fabric Book Page WeightThis is a page about making a fabric book page weight. Keeping the pages of your book open while you're cooking a new recipe or reading a novel at lunch, can be difficult without something to weigh them down. You can buy a weight or make your own.


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How To Make Cinnamon Brooms?How do you make cinnamon brooms?


Homemade Tassel and Pom Pom Maker

Homemade Tassel and Pom Pom MakerThis is a page about making a homemade tassel and pom pom maker. Crafters have made their own tassel and pom pom makers for years, rather than buying one.


flip flop air freshener

Making Car Air FreshenersThis is a page about materials for making car air fresheners. If you are looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous pine tree air freshener of old, try making your own.


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How Do You Make Octagon Soap?How do you make octagon soap?


Faux Cake

Making a Faux CakeThis is a page about making a faux cake. Faux pastries and other foods are generally used for display purposes.



Support a Ring Mandrel with Corks - finished display

How to Support a Ring Mandrel with CorksIf you have a business selling new and vintage rings, having a mandrel for accurate sizing is a must. Create a cork base surround to make it more convenient to use, by following the instructions below.


Display board.

DIY Easy Display BoardMaking a display board is as easy as cutting and repurposing a gift box. Cover with decorative gift wrap and glue on cloths pins.


Two paint brushes soaking in water.

Repairing Paint BrushesThe best course of action for maintaining your paint brushes is to clean them thoroughly after every use. But there are times when this does not happen. Depending on the type of paint used there are ways to revive a stiff brush and remove the old paint. You can even temporarily slow or stop the loss of bristles. This page contains several suggestions for repairing paint brushes.


A woman placing a retainer in her mouth.

Storing a RetainerA fun personalized little basket craft for a teeth retainer to keep it clean, dry and safe. This is a page about storing a retainer.


A small legal pad attached to a small cutting board with binder clips.

DIY Clipboard IdeasUsing cardboard, catalogs, or by recycling a cutting board, you can make clip boards to help you be organized. This is a page about DIY clipboard ideas.


A hand quilled harvest frame with a flower and pumpkin.

Hand Quilled Harvest Picture FrameUsing a quilling tool you can create decorative shapes to decorate a picture frame. This page is about making a hand quilled harvest frame.


Scrapbook Photo Plaques - finished plaque

How to Make Scrapbook Photo PlaquesA photo plaque can make a wonderful decoration or a gift on holidays or special occasions. This is a page about how to make scrapbook photo plaques.


Sponge Car Air Freshener - hang on rear view mirror

Sponge Car Air FreshenerMake your own car air freshener from a sponge. This is a page about sponge car air freshener.


Side view.

Felt Mug WrappersFelt is so easy to work with that anyone can make decorative and useful wrappers to place around mugs of hot drinks to protect your fingers. This is a page about felt mug wrappers.


Decorative Gift Magnets

Making Decorative MagnetsA fun project for the kids or adults in the family is making decorative magnets. They can be used in your home or given as gifts. This is a page about making decorative magnets.


A whimsical cow bookmark in black and white and pink with a rustic bow..

Cow Bookmark CraftStart with a craft stick and some paint and help the kids make this cute, funny cow bookmark. This is a page about cow bookmark craft.


Seasonal Refrigerator Magnets

Making Seasonal Refrigerator MagnetsEven the front of your fridge can reflect the changing seasons and current holidays, when decorated with homemade magnets. This is a page about making seasonal refrigerator magnets.


Three different bookmarks made from wallpaper.

Wallpaper BookmarksLeftover wallpaper or pieces from a sample book can be made into beautiful bookmarks. This is a page about wallpaper bookmarks.


4 additional bookmarks

Glitter Foam BookmarksGlittery sheet craft foam is a good choice for making decorative bookmarks. Vary them up with the accents you add. This is a page about glitter foam bookmarks.


Clipped to the page of a book.

Simple Paperclip BookmarksPaperclip bookmarks are quite functional, and additionally, they are easy enough for children to make. This is a page about simple paperclip bookmarks.



Donut Felt Paperclip Bookmark

Donut Felt Paperclip BookmarkThis cute little felt donut shaped bookmark is easy to make. It is the perfect gift for the reader in your house. This is a page about donut felt paperclip bookmark.


Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet

Making a Nautical Themed Fridge MagnetThis cute magnet is perfect to add little nautical flair to your kitchen and makes a great gift for the boat or beach fan in your life. This is a page about making a nautical themed fridge magnet.


finished case with rocket pointed down

Making a Protective Scissors CaseThis is a page about making a protective scissors case. The point of a pair of scissors can cause damage or hurt the user. Making a protective case for storing them is a good solution.


Making Button Bobby Pins

Making Button Bobby PinsThis is a page about making button bobby pins. Create your own unique bobby pins by adding buttons of your choice.


quilted coaster

Ideas for Making CoastersThis is a page about ideas for making coasters. Homemade coasters are not only useful items for protecting our furniture, but they can also add to your decor and be given as gifts.


pens and frame

Making a Compliment BoardLetting someone know that you notice the positive, thoughtful, and remarkable things they do is empowering. This is a page about making a compliment board.


Kids' Craft Station

Making a Kids' Craft StationThis is a page about making a kids' craft station. Having an area set aside for kids to do crafts will help them create and contain the mess all at once.


Paperless Grocery Shopping List

Paperless Grocery Shopping ListI have always used a little magnetic pad of paper on the fridge for our grocery list. I recently purchased a small magnetic whiteboard and divided it up using Washi paper tape.


two rolls of Con-Tact Paper

Uses for Contact PaperThis is a page about uses for contact paper. An adhesive backed paper or plastic that is used to line drawers and shelves, can also be used for decorating a variety of things.


stitched flowers on jeans patch

Making Iron-On Patches?This is a page about making iron-on patches. Rather than buying commercially produced decorative clothing patches, try making your own unique iron on patches.


ribbon and balloon hair clip

Making a Birthday Hair ClipThis is a page about making a birthday hair clip. Making a special hair clip for your or your child's birthday is a fun way to complete the birthday outfit.


Old Fashioned Doll

Old Fashioned Doll PatternsThis page contains old fashioned doll patterns. A fun craft is making fabric, rag or wooden dolls for a special young person or craft fairs.


boy praying

Making a Prayer BoxThis is a page about making a prayer box. Making a prayer box is a wonderful project for you and the children to work on together or to make as a gift.


Making a Plastic Bag Holder

Making a Plastic Bag HolderThis is a page about making a plastic bag holder. Rather than buy a plastic bag holder for your recycled bags, make one.


Clay Octopus Craft

Polymer Clay CraftsThis is a page about polymer clay crafts. Polymer clay, or Fimo, is a very creative crafting medium for children and adults alike.



Making Yo Yo Barrettes

Making Yo Yo BarrettesThis is a page about making yo yo barrettes. Yo yo barrettes are an easy craft to make and can be made in a wide variety of colors and configurations.


Making a Scissors Pouch

Making a Scissors PouchThis is a page about making a scissors pouch or holder. Making a holder for your scissors is an easy, fun, and practical project even for the beginning crafter.


Applying Ink

Making Homemade Screen Printed T-ShirtsThis is a page about custom homemade screen printed t-shirts. The price of custom screen printed shirts and other apparel can be quite high, but you are crafty you can try making your own.


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Fake Fur Craft Ideas?This page contains fake fur craft ideas. There are many ways that fur can be incorporated into your projects.


Pine needle bunches tied with fabric.

Crafts Using Pine NeedlesThis page contains crafts using pine needles. Pine needles can be a thrifty supply in a variety of projects.


Duct Tape Backpack

Duct Tape BackpackThis is a page about making a duct tape backpack. Duct tape is currently a popular crafting medium.


Animal Cracker Magnets

Homemade Refrigerator MagnetsThis page is about homemade decorative magnets. There are many fun ways to make creative magnets.


Beautiful coffee filter flowers in jars fiilled with rocks

Crafts Using Coffee FiltersThis page is about crafts using coffee filters. Coffee filters are versatile for a variety of craft projects.


A whimsical cow bookmark in black and white and pink with a rustic bow..

Bookmark Craft IdeasThis is a page about bookmark craft ideas. Handmade bookmarks are a great gift for the avid reader and a creative project for the maker.


Pile of Colorful Rubberbands

Using Rubber Bands to Make StampsThis is a page about using rubber bands to make stamps. Making your own stamps is a craft in itself, especially when you start with rubber bands.


Stamped card.

Using Rubber Stamps In CraftsThis is a page about using rubber stamps in crafts. Rubber stamps can be used in many craft projects, including cards, tiles, stationary, and more.


A photo of a pug.

Making Homemade Piddle PadsThis page is about making homemade piddle pads. For training puppies and dogs unable to go out to relieve themselves, piddle pads can be helpful, but expensive.


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Patterns for Crafts Using Nylon Netting?Does anyone know where I can get patterns for working with netting? Not just the scrubbie, but book marks, and more. Thanks!


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Putting Tights on a DollWhen trying to get tights on rubbery doll legs, first sprinkle a bit of power on legs and the tights will slide right on. There is no need to roll the tights, as women usually do when putting hose on.


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How to Make a Beer Cap Table?I am looking for instructions to make a beer bottle cap table.


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Building a Faux Wall With Styrofoam?I need instructions for how to build a faux wall out of Styrofoam.


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Pattern for 50s Cat Eye Glasses?Where can I find a paper pattern to make 50s cat eye glasses? I want to save money and just make some foam frames to stick to my glasses. I just don't know where to find a pattern. I don't want to freehand it either. I want them to look nice and even. Thank you in advance.


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Trimming Crystals With a Dremel Tool?I've got a Dremel rotary tool. I was wondering if anyone knew of an attachment that would be appropriate for trimming crystals, like quartz?


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Making a Horse from Block Styrofoam ?How do you make a horse out of Styrofoam?


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Making a Tin Recipe Box?Does anyone have instructions on how to do a tin recipe box? I just purchased a small one today.


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Homemade Bow And Arrow Set?How to make a bow and arrow at home?


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Making a Table From An Old Door and Decorated Tiles?I would like to make a table from an old door and decorated tiles. Anyone ever done this? What did you use for the legs?


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What Size Loom Is Needed To Make a Queen Size Afghan?What size loom do I need to make a queen-size afghan and instructions for making one?


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How To Make a Pringle Math Can?Directions for making the pringle math can.


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Making An Orange Light Ball From Solo Cups?Has anybody ever made an orange light ball out of Solo cups?


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Decoupaging DIY Project Ideas?Decoupage DIY projects ideas are needed ... I'm a beginner. Thank you!


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Converting a Twin Bed Into a Ragrug Loom?Can I convert a single/twin timber bed frame into a ragrug loom? If so, how?


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Craft Project Space Station?How do you make a space station for craft projects for school kids?


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Framing Pressed Wild Flowers?How do you dry and press wild flowers for framing? There are so many wild flowers in my area, that I thought how could I preserve them into making nice gifts by putting them in frames. Thanks ahead!


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Decorating WishbonesFor years I have saved the wishbones from chickens and turkeys that we've eaten. I clean and let them dry, then I cover them with glue and glitter.


Felt Heart Bookmark - bookmark on corner of book pages

Felt Heart BookmarkThis is a good little project for kids and adults alike. They take minimal sewing and embroidery skills. They are so fun to make and would be nice gifts. :) Did I mention they are nearly free?


Ring Pincushion

Ring PincushionThis is a handy little ring to wear when you're sewing and need a quick place for your needles. It is nearly free to make and would make a nice gift too.


Growing Borax Crystals - hanging crystalline circular shape

Growing Borax CrystalsHere are some beautiful crystals made with borax. Instead of buying crystals, you can make your own in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You could even use some as decor. Patience is needed as it will take 2 days to form into crystals, but it's a fun process to document and watch!


DIY Gnome Dolls - close up of 4 gnomes

DIY Sock Gnome DollsMy mum and I sorted through a bunch of clothes and items from around the house to donate to charity. Whatever did not seem good enough for a second life went into our craft materials pile. These gnomes were made from those scraps. We used socks, shirts, and shoulder pads. It was a lot of fun!


Peppermint Candy Bowls - closeup of bowl filled with red and green candies

Peppermint Candy BowlsThese cool candy bowls are fun to make and you can eat them once the candy in them is gone!


finished button magnet

Button MagnetThis very big button has the perfect holes for threading through bright crochet thread and yarn for magnets.


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Secret Book Safe

Secret Book SafeThis book safe is an awesome way to reuse an old book. Check out how to make one in this video.


Book Page Weights - CarrotI was trying to read a book while eating lunch a bit ago and was having trouble keeping the pages open.



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Pom-Pom Cat Pattern?Do you have or know of a pattern for pom-pom cats made from yarn?


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How To Make Homemade Hot/Cold Packs?I need a pattern for a hot/cold neck pack. Thank you.


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Making a Paperclip Angel?I am trying to find the paper clips for the angel. Can you please tell me where to look? I've looked everywhere.


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Making a Baby Sock Coin Purse?Does anyone know what size purse frame you need for a baby sock coin purse? Thanks so much.


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Putting Decals On Wood?How do I apply decals to painted wood?


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Making Potholder Scissor Holders?How can I make a magnetic 2 scissor holders using 1 potholder?


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