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This page contains money saving tips for fabric craft projects.

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three boys wearing doo rags

Du (Doo) Rag Pattern?This is a page about du rag pattern. These fun cloth head covers or skull caps are worn by men and women, and often tied from handkerchiefs.


A rag rug made using a toothbrush.

Making a Toothbrush Rag RugThis is a page about making a toothbrush rag rug. Using an old toothbrush and leftover fabric, make this rag rug just like your grandmother might have used.


purple hued coiled rag bowl on white background

Making a Coiled Rag BowlThis is a page about making a coiled rag bowl. Create a unique cloth bowl by wrapping cord with fabric strips and coiling into your desired size and shape.


Crafts Using Fabric SamplesFabric Sample Quilt

Crafts Using Fabric SamplesThis is a page about crafts using fabric samples. Fabric samples, especially upholstery and drapery, are excellent for use in crafting.


A large stack of fabric.

Storing FabricThis is a page about storing fabric. When storing fabric, it is best to do so in a way that allows you find what you are looking for, and in a manner that keeps the fabric clean and ready to use.


Dyeing Bath Towels

Dyeing Bath Towels?This is a page about dyeing bath towels. Thinking of changing the appearance of your bathroom, try dyeing the towels.



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Bleaching a Brown Sheer Curtain?Do you think I can safely bleach a brown sheer to a lighter tan or even lighter?


The completed decorative rosettes.

Rosette DecorationI wanted to add an embellishment to a nightgown I made so I made these little rosettes from the leftover fabric.


Decorative Fabric Covered Glass Canisters - finished canister with border on the end of the fabric

Decorative Fabric Covered Glass CanistersUsing fabric you can change the color of your glass canisters in your kitchen. Spruce up your home or make these decorative canisters as special gifts.


Fabric Stamping Art Project - finished design closeup

DIY Fabric Stamp ArtCreate your own stamp art using a pill bottle for a simple pattern pressing paint on fabric. It is fun and easy to make something unique.


A printer with a photo print in the tray.

Transfering Photos to Fabric?Craft stores sell iron on transfer paper intended to be used in applying photos to fabric. The paper is suitable to use with your home printer. You can also try the freezer paper method and print directly to the fabric.


Fabric Panel Playmate - child lying on his side and playing with a car on the mat

How to Make a Fabric Panel PlaymatPlaymats are wonderful for toddlers and preschoolers. These fabric panels can be created to suit a variety of different personalites or types of pretend play.


Pretty Fabric Brooch

Making a Fabric BroochPretty leftover fabric can be upcycled into one of these pretty floral brooches. Just make a yoyo and add a decorative button in the center.


Warming Rice Bags

How to Make a Rice Heat BagUncooked rice retains heat well. It is easy to sew and fill a fabric bag. It can be useful for applying heat or cold to injuries. This is a page about how to make a rice heat bag.


Dragon Scale Pillow - ready to enjoy

How to Make a Felt Dragon Scale PillowCover an accent pillow by using your hot glue gun and felt circles to create this colorful decorative pillow. This is a page about how to make a felt dragon scale pillow.


Tape-Dyed Top - finished painted top

Using Tape to Create a Pattern for a Dyed TopTape is a great way to make straight lines when dyeing or painting fabric. This page is about using tape to create a pattern for a dyed top.


A South American woven rug with bright colors.

Use Salt to Prevent Bleeding Fabric DyeSetting the dye in fabric can prevent a lot of anguish later. There is some controversy as to the effectiveness of trying to set commercial dyes. Try adding salt to water and soak the garment. Rinse and repeat until no more dye bleeds into the water. This is a page about using salt to prevent bleeding fabric dye.


A stack of colorful fabric.

Testing Fabric for ColorfastnessPrior to using a new cut of fabric in a project it is a good idea to check for colorfastness. This particularly important with reds. This page offers a great process for testing and also some thoughts on setting fabric dye.


DIY Screen Printing - dual heart design on black shirt

DIY Screen PrintingI love making my own designs for shirts and bags, but I don't like paying the price for custom printing. There's something super charming about being able to hand draw and print your own things. The design is dedicated to my mother, a heart with a big heart, so I've made us matching shirts!


A white undecorated car flag on a white background.

Decorating a Car Flag?Buying a blank car flag allows you to create your own unique design. You will need to purchase the proper markers or paints to apply to your design so that it is durable and withstands the weather. This is a page about decorating a car flag.


A woman holding several fabric samples.

Removing Paper Backing From Fabric SamplesRemoving the paper backing on fabric samples is necessary if you are planning to use them in craft projects. However, you need to take care not to change the nature of the sample by removing sizing and other finishes. This is a page about removing paper backing from fabric samples.



Tote bag with fuzzy strap.

No Sew Fabric Carry AllThis is a page about no sew carry all. Use your craft glue, surplus fabric and supplies to create a cute purse for a young friend.


Primitive Applique Flag Pillows - Finished flag pillow.

Making Primitive Applique Flag PillowsUse colored fabric in stars and stripes to make this adorable throw pillow. This is a page about making primitive applique flag pillows.


hand print wall hanging

Homemade Handprint Wall HangingThis is a page about making a homemade handprint wall hanging. This colorful fabric wall hanging would be a perfect decoration for a growing family.


Stiff pieces of floral fabric.

Easy Ways to Stiffen FabricThis is a page about easy ways to stiffen fabric. When working on certain craft projects you will need to stiffen your fabric. There are a number of ways to do this, some expensive and some less so.


finished bow

Making a Fabric Bow Fridge MagnetThis is a page about making a fabric bow fridge magnet. Take scraps of fabric to make these pretty bow magnets for your own refrigerator or to give to a friend.


Folded Oilcloth style table cloth on a wooden table.

Make Your Own OilclothThis is a page about make your own oilcloth. When you need waterproof cloth for a project, there is a way to make a good substitute for oilcloth.


Crafts Using Prom Dresses

Crafts Using Prom DressesThis is a page about crafts using prom dresses. Use thriftstore dresses or save your own dress that is languishing in the back of the closet and give that beautiful fabric a new life in a handmade craft project.


Woman checking prices on rolls of plush and fleece fabrics

Saving Money on Fleece Fabric?This is a page about saving money on fleece fabric. Fleece is a very popular fabric for making a variety of craft projects.


closeup of floral wrist corsage

Making a Fabric Wrist CorsageThis is a page about making a fabric wrist corsage. You can easily make a beautiful fabric wrist corsage to coordinate with our outfit.


Yo Yo Keychain

Making a Yo Yo KeychainThis is a page about making a yo yo keychain. A great way to use up your favorite fabric scraps is making yo yos.


lavender fabric flower with aqua and lavender button in center

Making a Folded Fabric FlowerThis is a page about making a folded fabric flower. A great way to use up material scraps is to fashion a new pin, or use your flowers to decorate all kinds of crafts.


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Dyeing Sheer Curtains?I want to dye 4 84 inch, off white, sheers to a grey color in my washing machine. They are 100% polyester and are to be washed in cold on the gentle cycle.


Felt Pieces

Making Felt/Flannel Boards and PiecesThis is a page about making felt/flannel boards and pieces. Children enjoy fun and educational felt boards to apply and layer all kinds of creative shapes.


puppy shaped pillows

Making Puppy PillowsThis is a page about making puppy pillows. You can make adorable toy pillows that are perfect travel and bedtime companions for small children.



Insulated Fabric Food Basket

Making an Insulated Fabric Food BasketThis is a page about making an insulated fabric food basket. Adding decorative insulation to a basket can help keep food cold or hot.


Sharpie Throw Pillow

Decorating a Throw Pillow with SharpiesThis is a page about decorating a throw pillow with Sharpies. Pillow covering fabric can be a canvas for some permanent sharpie art.


Making Purses From Upholstery Scraps

Making Purses From UpholsteryThis is a page about making purses from upholstery. A variety of sturdy bags can be fashioned with the stiff fabric used to cover furniture.


sewing machine

Using Fabric Selvage Edges for CraftsThis is a page about using fabric selvage edges for crafts. When saving fabric scraps for future craft projects don't neglect the selvage edges. They can be used to make projects with a really unique appearance.


Stack of Fabric Remnants

Crafts Using Fabric RemnantsThis is a page about crafts using fabric remnants. Your local fabric store often has a special section for fabric remnants, sold at discounted prices. These pieces of fabric vary in size, as they are often the ends of a bolt of fabric.


Polar Fleece Blankets Ready for Poncho Making

Making a Polar Fleece PonchoThis is a page about making a polar fleece poncho. A simple fabric craft that can keep you warm or be a cozy gift.


Blue Bandana

Craft Projects Using BandanasThis is a page about craft projects using bandanas. These large handkerchiefs can be used in a variety of ways to fashion clothing and other fabric projects.


Stack of Colorful Towels

Craft Uses for TowelsThis is a page about craft uses for towels. There are many different ways to use these absorbent cloths in projects for very useful and fun crafts.


Yo-Yo Pillow Fabric

Making Yo Yo PillowsThis is a page about making yo yo pillows. These fun to make gathered fabric circles are a favorite with quilters and other sewing artists. It is a great way to use up fabric scraps.


Fleece Mittens

Making Fleece MittensThis page is about making fleece mittens. A simple, inexpensive sewing craft that can make a fun gift and help keep someone special warm.


Beaded Scarf

Making a Beaded ScarfThis page is about making a beaded scarf. A simple craft using your glue gun, can make a fun holiday muffler.


clothes iron

Crafts Using Iron On TransfersDecorative transfers can be ironed on to handbags, clothing or cloth to make fun, unique things. This page is about crafts using iron on transfers.


fleece tie blanket

Making Fleece Tie BlanketsThis page is about making fleece tie blankets. You don't even need to know how to sew to make these blankets with just some sharp scissors, the fabric, and lots of tied knots.


A decorative pumpkin created from a toilet paper roll.

Making Toilet Paper Roll PumpkinsA festive, fall covering can be made to cover any basic toilet paper roll. These can be made for both Halloween and Thanksgiving or just as a fall decoration.


Fleece Hat, Gloves and Scarf

Crafts Using FleeceThis is a page about crafts using fleece. Fleece is a popular fabric for use in craft projects of all sorts.


Someone cutting light blue fabric with scissors.

Cutting Fabric Tips and TricksThis is a page about cutting fabric tips and tricks. Many crafts utilize fabric. There are many tips that you can employ that will help make cutting your fabric easier.


young woman wearing a bright red fascinator

Making a Fascinator HatThis page is about making a fascinator hat. Ever since the royal wedding these bold head pieces have been quite the craze.


Dollar Sign Fabric

Craft Ideas Using Dollar Sign Fabric?This is a page about craft ideas using dollar sign fabric. Sometimes novelty fabrics can suggest their own projects.


Fleece Dog Toy

Making Fleece Dog ToysThis page is about making fleece dog toys. A simple, inexpensive pet toy can be made with this fabric.


fabric scissors

Cutting Fabric Strips?This is a page about cutting fabric strips. Fabric strips are used in many types of crafts, but cutting a large quantity can be slow and tiring.


Rabbit Soap Holder

Making a Rabbit Soap HolderThis page is about making a rabbit soap holder. A folded towel can be fashioned into a cute gift.


fabric paint

Making Painted ShirtsThis is a page about making painted shirts. Make unique shirts for yourself or as gifts. This is a craft for the beginner or the more experienced artist.


Scrap Fabric Pencil Holder

Craft Ideas Using Scrap FabricThis is a page about craft ideas using scrap fabric. Fabric crafters often have a large stash of scraps in need of a project.


Printed Fabric Crafts

Making Printed Fabric Mini PillowsThis is a page about printed fabric crafts. Use your printer to create original fabrics to use in crafts.


Scrap Fabric Roses

Making Scrap Fabric RosesThis page is about making scrap fabric roses. A creative way to use up fabric remnants to make fun accessories.


Coat Hanger Cloth Wreath

Fabric Wreath Craft ProjectsThis page contains fabric wreath craft projects. A simple, inexpensive way to create a seasonal decoration for your home or someone else's.


Fabric Dyeing Tips and Tricks

Fabric Dyeing Tips and TricksThis is a page about fabric dyeing tips and tricks. Dyeing your own fabric can be very satisfying and allows you to get just the color and shade you want for your project.



Dyeing Fabric With TeaThis is a page about dyeing fabric with tea. If you are looking for an inexpensive, natural dye for clothing or any fabric, try tea.


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Marbling Fabric Using Liquid Starch?How do I use Sta Flo starch to print on fabric?


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Shopping for a Fabric Hole Punch?I am looking for a "fabric hole punch"quot. My friend has one that is 40 years old and is unable to find another one. It would be of great help if she could find another one or even better yet if I could find one for her. Any wisdom out there on this subject?


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Making Your Own Colored Elastic?Can white elastic be dyed a color?


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Donating Quilting Scraps?I have a ton of fabric scraps of different sizes. Where can I donate them? Thanks.


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Dry Cleaning Tea Dyed Lace?I am going to tea-dye some lace and sew it onto a dress. I wonder if when the dress is dry-cleaned, will this remove the tea-dye?


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Adding Mandala Prints to Jeans Handbags?I made handbags out of jeans. I would like to add Mandala prints to them, ones that I made, by computer or drawings. Any information would be helpful for how to do this. Thank you so much.


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Gluing Rhinestones to Fabric?Can someone tell me the best kind of glue to use to attach small rhinestones to fabric? This is an item which will be washed in cold water, if that makes a difference. Thanks.


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Wash Cloth Angel Pattern?While going to web sites I came across a craft for an angel made out of a face cloth, but lost the web site. Does anyone have the pattern for this craft or the web site? I should have bookmarked it, but didn't. The site had many different ones. One was a sunflower lady, they were so cute.


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Rainbow 50th Theme Tablecloth?I have a query, can you offer me some ideas on decorating a table cloth? I am having it as a Rainbow 50th theme. Thanks.


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Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric?I am looking for transfer paper that will work on dark denim fabric. I have currently tried 2 different brands without success.


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Pre-Quilted Fabric for Making Comforters?I would like to know if there are any pre-quilted fabrics available that are broad enough to make comforters and custom bed linens.


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Stretchy, Crinkly Fabric?I bought a large amount of fabric cheap at the thrift store but have no idea what it could be used for. It is white in color, crinkly like paper and stretches somewhat like Lycra spandex but only stretches one way.


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Putting Photos on a Tie?How do you put pictures of grandkids on a tie?


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Dyeing Material Without Coloring Box?How do you dye material without buying a coloring box?


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Smocking Plate for Doodlebugs - Catepillar ABCs?Does anyone have the smocking plate: Doodlebugs - Caterpillar ABCs?


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Covering Ikea Round Wicker Hassock?I have a decorating question. I have a round wicker hassock which I bought from IKEA several years ago (so you know it is still very solid). There are spaces around the sides that are broken and look unsightly, thanks to our cat. I would like to cover it with fabric, but have no idea how to adhere the fabric to the item.


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Looking for a Fabric Supplier?I make boys post-training pants, or they may be called a first underwear. I purchase my fabric from local retailers in my area and the choices in fabric for boys briefs are limited. I am hoping to find a fabric mill, or a supplier that I can purchase from directly.


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What's This Fabric Made From?Did you ever wonder that when you're shopping at your local thrift store or at a one-dollar-a-yard "undetermined fiber content" fabric table at Walmart? Well, I always carry a small lighter in my purse or glove compartment.


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Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Cotton Fabric?Besides Ebay sellers, does anyone know what fabric stores are selling the new Disney cotton fabric of Pirates of the Caribbean? Our local Walmart does not sell it, nor does Joann Fabrics. I see that some Ebay sellers offer some but it's priced so high and then there's high shipping added.


art piece using hooked rug technique

Tufted Textile ArtThis is an image of a picture I did using the same technique as the rag rug using narrower strips.


How to Make a Fabric Wrist Corsage

How to Make a Fabric Wrist CorsageThis beautiful corsage is simple to make and will look very glamorous with a prom or evening dress.


blue and white floral fabric wrist corsage

Fabric Wrist CorsageElegant and beautiful, this is an easy project. If you can't find the corsage you are looking for to match your gown, it is easy to make one yourself from a small piece of fabric.


Scrap Fabric Roses

Scrap Fabric RosesHave your babies or kids outgrown some seriously cute clothes? Don't want to make a quilt? Make some roses and then turn those into headbands, obi belts, or any number of other craft-worthy things with this super-easy and fun embellishment!


finished clip on bow

Cute Fabric BowCute bows that can be worn with anything!



A fleece scarf with a penguin pattern on it.

No-Sew Fleece ScarfFleece is easy to work with and comes in many colorful patterns. This no sew scarf is a great first project. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Making a Felt Bow

Making a Felt BowUse clean new felt to make a bow pretty enough to buy in a store. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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EZ BowMaker Instructional VideoHere is a video I found about using the EZ BowMaker. If you have any tips on bow making, please add them to the feedback below.


Felt Heart Bookmark

Felt Heart BookmarkThese easy felt bookmarks are a great gift for friends or teachers. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Folded Fabric Flower

Folded Fabric FlowerThese pretty flowers can be customized out of whatever fabric scraps you may have on hand.. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Spiral Felt Flower

Spiral Felt FlowerCut a spiral out of scraps of colored felt and make flowers. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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Printing on Fabric

Printing on Fabric?I am totally a "printing words or poetry on fabric for dummies!" person. How do I print my poem on a scarf or any fabric?


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Donating Fabric?I have a lot of flannel fabric scraps I would like to donate. I live in Alsip Illinois.


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Bleaching Fabric to Get a Gray Color?I'm trying to figure out what color(s) of fabric would turn out gray when bleached? I've had some experience, on purpose and on accident with bleaching, but I'm really looking for gray and hoping someone can help!


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Using Interfacing?I would like to know if fusible interfacing is breathable? I am making a bed cover and pillow shams with a woven-acrylic material. It is very breathable, but I need to find the right fabric to put just behind this woven fabric. I am looking for a breathable interfacing/fabric.


A faded line in the middle of a light colored fabric.

Faded Areas on Fabric?I have had this cut of fabric for a few years and just noticed faded spots where folded, when rearranging my fabric stash. There are printed white flowers on the light blue chambray fabric. Is there a way to fix the faded areas or is this now scrap fabric?


A set of gold colored bedsheets.

Can I Dye Gold Polyester Sheers White?Can I dye gold polyester sheers white?


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