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This page features craft projects that can be made by children.

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Making "Jesus" Sandals?I'm in need of clever and simple ideas for how kids (ages 6-12) could make sandals similar to what Jesus wore. 30 kids will make them, so we'd need a fairly inexpensive material stronger than construction paper.


Bobby Pin Thumb Piano - finished piano

How to Make a Bobby Pin Thumb PianoMaking one of these hand held musical instruments is a great project to work on with your children. This is a page about how to make a bobby pin thumb piano.


Finished license front.

How to Make a Kid "Drivers License"Making a drivers license for you child is a fun craft project for you and your kid to work on together. This is a page about how to make a kid "drivers license".


craft stick catapult

Making a Craft Stick ShooterThis is a page about making a craft stick shooter. Beat summer boredom with this fun and easy to make toy.


finished chunky rainbow crayons

Making Rainbow Crayons from Broken PiecesThis is a page about make a rainbow crayon from broken pieces. Recycle old broken crayons into new pretty rainbow crayons.


Making a Paper Lantern - finished lantern

How to Make a Simple Paper LanternColorful paper, a stapler or glue, and some cutting skills are all that is needed for this craft. With some help, even young children can get into the fun. This is a page about how to make a simple paper lantern.



How to Make a Bottle Cap Necklace for Toddlers - finished necklace with a dog on the front

How to Make a Bottle Cap Necklace for ToddlersPlastic bottle caps, stickers and gems can be hot glued to make a fun necklace for your little one. This is a page about how to make a bottle cap necklace for toddlers.


Paper Plate Clock - finished clock

Paper Plate Clock for Teaching TimeTransform a paper plate into an inexpensive teaching tool. Follow the steps below to make a paper plate clock for teaching your little ones how to tell time.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

Making Pipe Cleaner BraceletsThis is a page about making pipe cleaner bracelets. This easy craft is perfect for the kids. Using pipe cleaners also keeps the cost of this jewelry craft down.


32 Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Craft IdeasPaper plates and inexpensive and can be used in a variety of crafts, especially crafts for this. This page features over 40 different craft ideas you can make with paper plates.


DIY Cheering Pom Poms  - finished red and silver pom pom

DIY Foil Cheering Pom PomsIf you have a young cheerleader in your home, make a set of these sparkly foil pom poms. They can be customized to match any school or professional sports team.


Canberra Parliament House

Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?Building a model or diorama of a famous building is a common school project. Depending on the age of the student it can be as simple or complex as you like. This is a page about building a model of Canberra Parliament House.


homemade toy canoe

Making a Toy CanoeThis is a page about making a toy canoe. Making a toy canoe is a good project to work on with your kids.


A spiral twirler for decoration, made from a paper plate.

Making a Paper Plate Wind TwirlerThis is a page about making a paper plate wind twirler. Try this easy kids' craft, made out of a simple paper plate.


Homemade Flubber - plastic storage bowl with pink flubber

Making Homemade FlubberThis is a page about making homemade flubber. Kids will love to play with this easy to make homemade flubber.


Coffee filter with tie dye color pattern.

Making Coffee Filter ArtThis is a page about making coffee filter art. An easy, inexpensive paper craft for children of all ages can be created with coffee filters.



Making Tri-Bead KeychainsPlastic tri-beads come in a huge variety of colors and are fun to use in craft projects. This is a page about making tri-bead keychains.


Plastic Cup Marshmallow Shooter

Making a Plastic Cup Marshmallow ShooterThis is a page about making a plastic cup marshmallow shooter. You can easily make a fun and safe projectile toy with plastic cups and marshmallows.


Watermelon Dry Ice Explosion

Watermelon Dry Ice ExplosionThis is a page about watermelon dry ice explosion. Try this fun science experiment with your older children. It is sure to be a hit.


Paper Plate Sea Aquarium

Making a Paper Plate Sea AquariumThis is a page about making a paper plate sea aquarium. An easy, creative project for youngsters to make in a short time using simple craft materials.


Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Launcher

Making a Paper Tube Confetti LauncherThis is a page about making a toilet paper tube confetti launcher. With minimal supplies you and the kids can make this fun confetti launcher.



Autumn Lanterns, Lit Up Close

Autumn Craft Ideas For KidsThis page contains autumn craft ideas for kids. As the days grow cooler, the kids have more time for inside projects.


DIY Paper Towel Roll Kaleidoscope - closeup of one

DIY Paper Towel Roll KaleidoscopeTake a recycled paper towel roll and some found objects to make this fun kaleidoscope. Kids can make this themselves with a little bit of assistance.


Paper Bowl Pet Turtle Decoration - ready to play

Making a Paper Bowl Pet Turtle DecorationTransform a paper bowl into a cute pet turtle for your little one. The list of supplies used and instructions follow.


finished 3D hand

How to Make 3D Hand ArtThis is a fun project for both kids and adults. Follow these instructions to turn a simple tracing of your hand into an awesome piece of 3-D art.


Paper Clip Chain

Making a Paper Clip BraceletThis is a page about making a paper clip bracelet. Paper clips are a great item to use in kid crafting projects.


Anchor Cross-stitch Craft

Anchor Cross-stitch CraftCounted cross stitch on wood for an easy craft for children.


The completed flags next to a sign.

Create Your Own Pride FlagFor a Pride month activity I created this craft for the art room. Everyone can make their own flag, either a traditional rainbow, or one of the many other flags which represent different identities.


The completed clock.

Manual Clock Made From ScrapsMy eldest is having a hard time reading time in an analogue clock. I found a paper plate under my desk and came up with the idea of making a manual clock where I could teach him how to read time.


Three decorative feather pendants.

Boho Feather PendantsAmazingly easy and impressive crafty make for older children and teenagers. You can make these as plain and simple or as fancy and colourful as you like


The completed dinosaur counting puzzle.

Dinosaur Counting PuzzleTeach toddlers to count 1 to 10 with a simple interactive puzzle. Make them participate in this craft and let them enjoy the game. It will develop analytic skills on putting the parts in exact place and learn basic counting as well.


The completed Parachute Craft

Parachute CraftI am fond of keeping things thinking I might be able to make something useful out of it. I found this plastic cup dome lid which gave me an idea of making a parachute craft to display in my kids room.


The completed spider toy.

Spider EggI have been busy with projects to add up to my toddler's learning wall. With all the mom duties, I have to do other chores so I needed to come and go from the room. When it's just about time to finish my latest craft, I am surprised to see my eldest doing his own craft and taking pictures of it so I could post it here. This is simple but worth sharing.


Yellow and purple pages.

Collage "Teach Me" Book For KidsThese books can be made on any subject and your kids can help make them. Cut out pictures from magazines about your subject: colors, numbers, animals, etc. Great for preschoolers.


Big Soap Bubbles - bubble floating over the counter

Big Soap BubblesSo I know winter is approaching and these aren't really typical to see at this time of year, but you can use them inside too! You just have to be prepared to clean up a little bit of a mess:)


A child painting a styrofoam craft.

Craft Ideas Using StyrofoamStyrofoam is a great material for upcycling into all sorts of crafts. Styrofoam is lightweight and easy to carve. It can also be purchased into all sorts of preformed shapes.



toilet paper tube and egg head clown

Egghead ClownCover the cardboard tube with white paper for the clown's body. Draw and cut arms and hands from white paper. Decorate these with marker.


Lego Minifig Toothpaste Cap - LEGO tube cap

Lego Minifig Toothpaste CapHere is a fun and cute craft to make with your toothpaste cap. Most caps look like this and have a 'bow' in the back. After you draw on it, put it back on the tube or use as finger puppet ! :)


Saturn Hanging Decoration - finished

Saturn Hanging DecorationHere is a fun craft for your child to do especially if they're currently learning about the solar system. Saturn is my daughter's favorite and we made this together. She liked it so much, we are going to hang it in her room.


Kids' Artwork - Sweet Puppy Mosaic  - completed mosaic of dog with long floppy ears

Sweet Puppy MosaicLet the kids make a beautiful mosaic of a puppy, using materials from the pantry. Using different textures provides an ideal opportunity for fine motor and sensory stimulation, so this activity also allows ample learning opportunities.


Rainbow Unicorn Wall Decoration - unicorn lying on a wood floor

Rainbow Unicorn Wall DecorationHere is an inexpensive and cute rainbow unicorn wall decoration made from paper, glitter paint, and some tulle. For a more sturdy unicorn, you could use white cardboard.



All-American Desk Sitter KidsMy daughter Julie is volunteering this summer, teaching English to under privileged kids in Egypt. She was looking for craft ideas, so I came up with these kids to sit on their desks.


Mess Free Painting for Kids - Ziploc bag filled with paint

Mess Free Painting for KidsA fun way to use paint without the mess is putting the paint in a Ziploc bag. Make sure the Ziploc bag is securely closed all the way and to not use too much paint.


Rocking Paper Bird - finished pink paper rocking bird

Rocking Paper BirdThis one is a cute craft you can teach your kids to make to release the boredom from being stuck at home. Find colorful papers and make these cute little birds for your young ones.


Hanging CD Reflective Star Room Decor - star decoration hanging on an over the door hook

Hanging CD Reflective Star Room DecorMy son was inspired by our latest creation (Hanging CD Reflective Garden Decoration). He actually asked how come they had to go outside only. And inspired by the 4th of July Craft Stick Star with Streamers project, he wanted to make this creation for his room (a combination of both crafts)!


toilet paper tube binoculars

Making Safari BinocularsYou and children of any age can make these simple binoculars with just some toilet paper rolls, green/brown/black crayons and markers, stapler, a hole punch and yarn.


Marble Painted Paper Spider Web - hot glue other insects inside of the web

Making a Marble Painted Paper Spider WebMost kids are fascinated by insects and enjoy learning about them. Some may be more reluctant to get close, while others can't wait to. Spiders are technically considered to be arachnids and not insects, and students love to learn that too. I still include spiders in my spring insect theme, as well as during Halloween. One of the easiest and most fun activities I have students do is this marble painted web. They get to use items to paint with that they have probably never used before. That's always exciting! The webs look pretty great hanging up too!


Dandelion Playdough - ball of dough with dandelion flowers next to it

Dandelion PlaydoughThis is an easy to make recipe for homemade play dough that uses dandelion flowers for natural coloring! Advertisement


Making an Emoji Cup Toy - smiling face with hearts for eyes

Making an Emoji Cup ToyEmojis are a popular decoration for kids and tweens. Make these fun emoji cup toys with happy or sad faces as a fun summer activity.


A small sand terrarium with butterflies around.

Making a Sand Terrarium or Fairy GardenHere is a super fun sand terrarium/fairy garden you can make with your kids. The supplies needed could be found around your house.


Plastic Folder Aquarium - ready to explore the aquarium

DIY Plastic Folder AquariumUse a plastic folder, pens and paper to make this fun and colorful aquarium. It's a great project to do with your kids when they are bored or stuck at home.


Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm) - now draw worms and color if desired

Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm)The printout provided on this page, is a fun pre-school project that allows your little ones to practice their tracing, cutting, and drawing skills. The subject is an earthworm and the activity can be used as part of a teaching moment about the importance of worms in the environment.


Frog Play Mat

Frog Play MatThe PDF for printing out this fun play mat can be found on this page. Your little ones will have great fun adding frogs, lily pads, and more to their frog pond.


Worm Play Mat - play mat with purple Play-Doh worm

Worm Play MatOn this fun play mat worms made from Play Doh, pipe cleaners, etc. move through the soil below a variety of veggies. The PDF is included on this page.


Natural Paint Brushes - fir branch painting

Natural Paint BrushesYou and the kids can enjoy creating art using natural paint brushes. Try using leaves, branches, and grasses for some unique designs.


Rainbow Nature Hunt - printout of the rainbow colors with cut flowers matching each color

Rainbow Nature HuntSend the kids out to find flowers, leaves, etc. that match the colors of the rainbow. This page contains the PDF needed to make these fun activity sheets.


Nature Collection Bracelets - tape on wrist covered with flowers and leaves

Nature Collection BraceletsMake a bracelet using masking tape with the sticky side out. Now your young children are ready to collect small flowers, leaves, etc. to make a unique nature collection bracelet.


Nature Weaving - yellow flowers added and other plants adjusted

Nature WeavingThis kids' nature craft results in a nature activity board that your child can use to store their plant specimens. A sturdy piece of cardboard and twine are the main supplies you will need. We can show you how to do the rest. Next comes the nature walk.


A completed paper bag nature journal with Collection Pockets

Paper Bag Nature Journal with Collection PocketsYour children, and perhaps even you, will enjoy using these paper bag nature journals on your next walk. Let us show you how to make them and then you and the kids can start collecting nature specimens.


Toddler Birthday Sash - finished sash with 4 hearts strung on purple ribbon

Making a Toddler Birthday SashCreate a fun little toddler birthday sash with some ribbon, kraft paper, and a heart shaped paper cutter. We can show you how.


A group of children coloring.

Free Kids Coloring PagesThere are various sites that offer free kids' coloring pages, including this one. Check out our offerings below.


Nature Stationary - adding more leaf colors

Making Nature StationaryKids can make pretty leaf rubbings that can then be used as stationary. See how below.


Upcycled Bubble Snake Maker - blow

Upcycled Bubble Snake MakerKids will love this simple to make bubble snake maker. All you will need is a plastic bottle, terry cloth or a sock, rubber band, and soap. The easy to follow instructions are found below.


Modern Art Card Project for Kids - completed card with added glitter and stars

Modern Art Card Project for KidsWith some adult help younger kids can get creative and older ones can take this art project on by themselves. A squiggle pattern is drawn and then colored in to create the card face. Learn how using the materials list, instructions, and photos provided below.


Rice Filled Paper Heart Shakers - finished shaker

How to Make Rice Filled Paper Heart ShakersThis project is great for young children. It can be made by them with adult assistance for Valentine's Day or anytime. Heart shaped pieces of white cardstock are decorated, filled with rice, and sealed to make a nice shaker type instrument.


A sparkling tiara being assembled.

Tiara Craft IdeasKids love to dress up and tiaras are a common item found in their dress-up boxes. There are instructions on this page for making paper, crocheted, and beaded tiaras.


Basketball Toss Game - ready to play

Making a Basketball Toss GameThis fun little basketball toss game is simply made from an empty tissue box, a paper cup, and a ball of foil. Your kids will have fun helping to make and then play this game.


Laurel Leaf Headdress - child wearing the laurel leaf headdress

Making a Laurel Leaf HeaddressIn ancient Greece and Rome laurel leaf crowns or headdresses were worn to denote status or power. One to be used as part of a child's costume can easily be made from tinsel foil and paper. Learn how below.


Child's Spring Floral Artwork - ready to display

Child's Spring Floral ArtworkColorful tissue paper squares and dot markers are all your child will need to create a piece of artwork. Depending on their age, you might help with the glue and lettering for a title. Add a scrap of cardboard to prop it up and you have instant home decor.


Making a Fabric Octopus - yellow and white striped octopus on grey background

Making a Fabric OctopusA scrap piece of fabric is easily made into a fun little octopus toy. It can be used indoors or outside as a toss toy, especially with younger children for whom a ball is still a bit more difficult.


Kids' Award Medals - finished medals

Making Kids' Award MedalsPainted plastic coffee cup lids can be decorated and made into kids' award medals. Run a ribbon through the opening and let the competition begin.


Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game - tic tac game board made with painter's tape on patio

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe GameThis fun to play outdoor tic tac toe game is simply made using painter's tape and decorated plastic coffee cup lids.


Felt Crown Headband - crown on child's head

Making a Felt Crown HeadbandMake a dress up crown by attaching a felt crown to a child's headband. Faux gems complete the regal look. This is a simple project for adding more fun attire to their dress up box.


Cityscape Background for Playing with Toys - colorful paper cityscape

Cityscape Background for Playing with ToysScrapbook paper helps to define the individual buildings in this cardboard cityscape. It was created to serve as a background for a child's LEGO creations.


Alligator Clothespins - two green alligator clothespins

Making Alligator ClothespinsGreen, red, and black markers help you transform clothespins into cute little alligators. The eyes are made using white paper and a hole punch. They are perfect as simple toys the kids can make themselves or to use as decorative clips.


Plastic Egg Match-Up Game - finished game board with first match exposed

Making a Plastic Egg Match-Up GameMake a fun matching game for the kids using bits of this and that, such as buttons, pom poms, etc. and plastic Easter eggs. We can show you how.


Paper Cup and String Telephone - two young children talking on the phone

Making a Paper Cup and String TelephoneKids have made tin can and string phones for decades. Try this variation using paper cups. This is a fun simple toy to keep your children occupied and pretending.


Message Box for the Frontliners (COVID19) - open gift box drawing

Child's Message Box for the FrontlinersIn times of crisis our first responders and frontliners work hard to help protect us. This kids' craft is a simple but rewarding project that can help your children learn to appreciate their service.


Touchpoint Math Key - closeup of points on 4 - 7

DIY Touchpoint Math KeyTouchMath® math is a method designed to help students K-3 to learn basic math concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, etc. The key provides the touchpoints on the numbers 1-9. Single points are used for (1-5) and double touches for (6-9). Having a key will help your child remember the concept as they work on math problems.


DIY Foosball Game Shoebox - ready to play

DIY Foosball Game ShoeboxEasily stowable this homemade foosball game can keep your kiddos busy for hours. It is easily made from a recycled shoebox, dowels, clothespins, and paint. The instructions provided will help you make one of your own.


Remaking 'The Scream''- montage of the painting and the recreation

Remaking 'The Scream''by Edvard MunchThis craft was created as a high school art project. The students had to choose a famous painting and recreate it using another medium rather than paint. With the help of little brother here is Edvard Munch's "The Scream".


Making Simple Sock Puppet

Making Simple Sock PuppetsSock puppets are still fun for young kids to play with. For slightly older ones, they can create their own funny puppet. Sometimes simple is good.


Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blower - closeup of finished blower

DIY Cardboard Tube Rainbow BlowerToilet paper tube blowers are fun toys for kids to make and play with. This one has a rainbow theme and color scheme.


Dr. Seuss Matching Game - place other set of matching stickers on separate piece of paper cut and laminate

How to Make a Dr. Seuss Matching GameKids love Dr. Seuss' colorful illustrations and clever wordplay. Make this matching game using the classic characters from The Cat In The Hat and other stories.


Ballerina Craft Stick - finished pink and blue ballerinas

Making a Craft Stick BallerinaMake these cute ballerina puppets with supplies you may already have at home. Cupcake liners attached to craft sticks make perfect tutus for your dancers.


Kids DIY Cardboard Lantern - finished lantern

Kids DIY Cardboard LanternTransform a compact tissue box into a kids' cardboard lantern. The project uses inexpensive supplies you might already have. Once compete add a small flashlight or LED tea candle and it is ready to hang.


Play Placemats and Stovetop - full view of the placemat

Making Play Placemats and StovetopMake these colorful play placemats and a stovetop from scrapbook paper cut into the shapes needed and finally laminated to prolong their use.


Nemo Inspired Paper Hat - finished hat

Making a Nemo Inspired Paper HatThis cute Nemo inspired paper headband style hat is sure to be a hit with your little ones. It is easy to make and would be an excellent addition to a birthday party with a Finding Nemo theme.


Paper Bowl Sunflower

Making a Paper Bowl SunflowerThis fun wall decor project is easily done with your children. A painted paper bowl has paper petals attached. The center can have sunflower seeds glued in place to finish the theme. The instructions and photos can be seen below.


Hot Glue Necklace - thread elastic cord through the loop on the pendant, done

Making a Hot Glue NecklaceThis cute glittery hot glue pendant was made by a child for his younger sister. It is an easy project that may require some adult supervision. The supplies list and steps follow.


Child's Felt Book - cover

Making a Child's Felt BookUse pre-cut sheets of felt to create a unique book. The pages can be decorated with any of you previous crafts and kid crafts that you desire. Here is an idea to start from.


Rainbow and Clouds Paper Twirler Room Decor - looking down on the twirler

Making a Rainbow and Clouds Paper Twirler Room DecorTransform a painted paper plate into this rainbow and cloud twirling hanging for your child's room. They can help with the painting and assembly.


Party Hat Volcano Experiment for Kids - erupted volcano

DIY Party Hat Volcano Experiment for KidsBaking soda and vinegar make a dramatic foaming volcano to make with your kids. Save a party hat for the classic cone shape or make one yourself.


Wood Craft Magnetic Sticks - different color sticks on fridge

Making Wood Craft Magnetic SticksDyed craft sticks work well for making your young child some fun magnetic strips. They can create on the fridge front while you work in the kitchen.


Jellyfish Piñata for Kids - closeup of the finished piñata

Making a Jellyfish Piñata for KidsIf you have bored kids or are planning a party, make these cute little jellyfish piñatas. They also make adorable decorations.


Ribbon Wand - finished wand on tabletop

How to Make a Ribbon WandThis pretty ribbon wand is easy to make with supplies you may already have at home. This is a great project to do with your kids.


Planetary Artwork - finished artwork

Making Planetary ArtworkRecreate the entire solar system with supplies you probably already have at home. It's a great way to decorate a child's room and learn about the planets.


Homemade Air Dry Clay - hand holding a large ball of clay

Homemade Air Dry ClayMake this easy air dry clay to help amuse your kids during school vacations. This clay is made with ingredients you may already have at home and will stay soft and flexible.


Paper Mosaic Art for Kids - stars and moon added

Paper Mosaic Art for KidsWhen you or your children craft using construction paper there are inevitably scraps. Turn them into fun mosaic art projects with your children. See how this technique was used to make a rocket ship and a jet.


Making Woven Coconut Leaf Shrimp   - finished leaf shrimp

Making Woven Coconut Leaf ShrimpTeaching kids to improve their motor skills was the impetus for this fun craft. We have a tutorial to help you make woven coconut leaf shrimp. They are fun to make, play with, and perhaps even to use as outdoor decor.


Lion Spoon Puppet

Making a Lion Spoon PuppetKids love to play with stick puppets. Turn a plastic spoon into this cute lion by following the simple steps in the project provided here.


Paper Plate Hedgehog - cute paper plate hedgehog on a lace runner

Making a Paper Plate HedgehogCute little hedgehogs are a fun craft motif for children. In this paper plate project you will be shown how to make this colorful guy to display in your child's room. Older children can make it themselves. Little ones may need help cutting.


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Three decorative feather pendants.

Boho Feather PendantsAmazingly easy and impressive crafty make for older children and teenagers. You can make these as plain and simple or as fancy and colourful as you like


Rainbow Unicorn Wall Decoration - unicorn lying on a wood floor

Rainbow Unicorn Wall DecorationHere is an inexpensive and cute rainbow unicorn wall decoration made from paper, glitter paint, and some tulle. For a more sturdy unicorn, you could use white cardboard.


Nature Weaving - child holding his creation

Nature WeavingThis is a fun activity to do with your kids. They can take them on walks to collect things they find along the way. Then once they are finished you can display their collection!


Saturn Hanging Decoration - finished

Saturn Hanging DecorationHere is a fun craft for your child to do especially if they're currently learning about the solar system. Saturn is my daughter's favorite and we made this together. She liked it so much, we are going to hang it in her room.


Rocking Paper Bird - finished pink paper rocking bird

Rocking Paper BirdThis one is a cute craft you can teach your kids to make to release the boredom from being stuck at home. Find colorful papers and make these cute little birds for your young ones.


Big Soap Bubbles - bubble floating over the counter

Big Soap BubblesSo I know winter is approaching and these aren't really typical to see at this time of year, but you can use them inside too! You just have to be prepared to clean up a little bit of a mess:)


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A sandbox with trucks and construction toys.

Indoor SandboxMake an indoor sandbox for your preschool age child that's fun to play in, rain or shine. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Beaded Minecraft Creeper Cuff

Beaded Minecraft Creeper CuffThis is a fun Minecraft themed bracelet that is the perfect weekend craft or would make a great gift.


Designing Your Own Shrinky Dinks

Designing Your Own Shrinky DinksThis video shows you how to make a classic craft, shrinky dinks, a fun way to make custom jewelry.


No-Cook Playdoh

No-Cook PlaydohKids love playdoh and it is easy to make at home. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A bunch of puppets made from popsicle sticks.

Popsicle Stick PuppetsSave popsicle sticks from summer treats and make these cute puppets. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Making Rainbow Play Rice

Making Rainbow Play RiceThis rainbow play rice is great for sensory play. Watch this video and learn how to make it.


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Making Slime from Borax?I have a class experiment about how to make borax slime. Does anyone know how to make this?


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Painting with Colored Rice?Can you "paint" with colored rice? Will the color stay on the rice when you add white glue? Thank you!


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Freedom School Summer Program Craft Project Ideas?I am working with a Freedom School program this summer, and once a week I'll be doing crafts with the K-2nd grade group. This normally wouldn't be a big issue for me, but they need something that'll last 90 min. I know, it's crazy. I want to have one big craft and one smaller craft each week.


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School Project: Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?My 10 year old son has to do a school project and wants to build a model of Parliament house in Canberra (Australia). I need help. Any suggestions on how to do this as it is a very difficult building to make?


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