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This page contains thrifty, do it yourself, educational craft projects for kids.

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gremlin like paper bag puppet

Making Paper Bag PuppetsThis page is about making paper bag puppets. A easy, fun craft to do with the children in your life.


Canberra Parliament House

Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?Building a model or diorama of a famous building is a common school project. Depending on the age of the student it can be as simple or complex as you like. This is a page about building a model of Canberra Parliament House.


The completed clock.

Manual Clock Made From ScrapsMy eldest is having a hard time reading time in an analogue clock. I found a paper plate under my desk and came up with the idea of making a manual clock where I could teach him how to read time.


The completed dinosaur counting puzzle.

Dinosaur Counting PuzzleTeach toddlers to count 1 to 10 with a simple interactive puzzle. Make them participate in this craft and let them enjoy the game. It will develop analytic skills on putting the parts in exact place and learn basic counting as well.


Yellow and purple pages.

Collage "Teach Me" Book For KidsThese books can be made on any subject and your kids can help make them. Cut out pictures from magazines about your subject: colors, numbers, animals, etc. Great for preschoolers.


Marble Painted Paper Spider Web - hot glue other insects inside of the web

Making a Marble Painted Paper Spider WebMost kids are fascinated by insects and enjoy learning about them. Some may be more reluctant to get close, while others can't wait to. Spiders are technically considered to be arachnids and not insects, and students love to learn that too. I still include spiders in my spring insect theme, as well as during Halloween. One of the easiest and most fun activities I have students do is this marble painted web. They get to use items to paint with that they have probably never used before. That's always exciting! The webs look pretty great hanging up too!



Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm) - now draw worms and color if desired

Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm)The printout provided on this page, is a fun pre-school project that allows your little ones to practice their tracing, cutting, and drawing skills. The subject is an earthworm and the activity can be used as part of a teaching moment about the importance of worms in the environment.


Frog Play Mat

Frog Play MatThe PDF for printing out this fun play mat can be found on this page. Your little ones will have great fun adding frogs, lily pads, and more to their frog pond.


Worm Play Mat - play mat with purple Play-Doh worm

Worm Play MatOn this fun play mat worms made from Play Doh, pipe cleaners, etc. move through the soil below a variety of veggies. The PDF is included on this page.


Rainbow Nature Hunt - printout of the rainbow colors with cut flowers matching each color

Rainbow Nature HuntSend the kids out to find flowers, leaves, etc. that match the colors of the rainbow. This page contains the PDF needed to make these fun activity sheets.


Nature Collection Bracelets - tape on wrist covered with flowers and leaves

Nature Collection BraceletsMake a bracelet using masking tape with the sticky side out. Now your young children are ready to collect small flowers, leaves, etc. to make a unique nature collection bracelet.


Nature Weaving - yellow flowers added and other plants adjusted

Nature WeavingThis kids' nature craft results in a nature activity board that your child can use to store their plant specimens. A sturdy piece of cardboard and twine are the main supplies you will need. We can show you how to do the rest. Next comes the nature walk.


A completed paper bag nature journal with Collection Pockets

Paper Bag Nature Journal with Collection PocketsYour children, and perhaps even you, will enjoy using these paper bag nature journals on your next walk. Let us show you how to make them and then you and the kids can start collecting nature specimens.


Laurel Leaf Headdress - child wearing the laurel leaf headdress

Making a Laurel Leaf HeaddressIn ancient Greece and Rome laurel leaf crowns or headdresses were worn to denote status or power. One to be used as part of a child's costume can easily be made from tinsel foil and paper. Learn how below.


Touchpoint Math Key - closeup of points on 4 - 7

DIY Touchpoint Math KeyTouchMath® math is a method designed to help students K-3 to learn basic math concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, etc. The key provides the touchpoints on the numbers 1-9. Single points are used for (1-5) and double touches for (6-9). Having a key will help your child remember the concept as they work on math problems.


Remaking 'The Scream'- montage of the painting and the recreation

Remaking 'The Scream'by Edvard MunchThis craft was created as a high school art project. The students had to choose a famous painting and recreate it using another medium rather than paint. With the help of little brother here is Edvard Munch's "The Scream".


Dr. Seuss Matching Game - place other set of matching stickers on separate piece of paper cut and laminate

How to Make a Dr. Seuss Matching GameKids love Dr. Seuss' colorful illustrations and clever wordplay. Make this matching game using the classic characters from The Cat In The Hat and other stories.


Play Placemats and Stovetop - full view of the placemat

Making Play Placemats and StovetopMake these colorful play placemats and a stovetop from scrapbook paper cut into the shapes needed and finally laminated to prolong their use.


Planetary Artwork - finished artwork

Making Planetary ArtworkRecreate the entire solar system with supplies you probably already have at home. It's a great way to decorate a child's room and learn about the planets.


Paper Plate Clock - finished clock

Paper Plate Clock for Teaching TimeTransform a paper plate into an inexpensive teaching tool. Follow the steps below to make a paper plate clock for teaching your little ones how to tell time.


Carrot Counting Activity for Toddlers - all done

Carrot Counting Activity for ToddlersTeach your young child how to count by making this cute carrot counting activity. Toddlers will have fun placing the correct number of paper leaves into the carrot pockets to match the number on the carrot.



Thanksgiving Counting Cups - cups and pieces

Making Thanksgiving Counting CupsLaminate seasonal graphic designs, then mark the outside of a paper or plastic cups with numbers appropriate to the age of the kids. This project results in Thanksgiving counting cups. Use them at a preschool or family gathering, fun and learning combined.


Pouring Baking Soda for Balloon Experiment

Experiments with Baking Soda and VinegarMany of us have had fun at home and school mixing vinegar and baking soda to create that excellent fizzing effect. This page contains some ideas or experiments that use baking soda and vinegar.


Haunted House Math Mat  - game in play

Haunted House Math MatUsing a printable page of haunted houses and some seasonal erasers you can put together this fun math game to help younger children learn their numbers. They will have fun playing with this haunted house math mat.


Robin's Nest Craft - finished nest

Making a Robin's Nest CraftThis adorable robin's nest is made using peat moss from the craft store and small blue plastic eggs.


Heart Shaped Caterpillar Name Puzzle

Heart Shaped Caterpillar Name PuzzleUse paper hearts to make this fun and educational caterpillar name puzzle. Your child will love learning to spell their name with this cute game.


Egg Carton Pre-K Math - using a die and counting

Egg Carton Pre-K Math ActivityIt is not too early to begin teaching your pre-k children math. Using an egg carton and plastic eggs you can design a variety of math activities for this age group. This page offers several possible activities to help get you started.


Printable Easter Bingo and Stamp Games - supplies

Printable Easter Number Bingo and Stamp GamesHere's instructions for Easter themed bingo and stamp educational games that you can print and play with youngsters.


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Freedom School Summer Program Craft Project Ideas?I am working with a Freedom School program this summer, and once a week I'll be doing crafts with the K-2nd grade group. This normally wouldn't be a big issue for me, but they need something that'll last 90 min. I know, it's crazy. I want to have one big craft and one smaller craft each week.


Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math Game - playing the game

Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math GameThis bee 1:1 game is a simple, yet educational game. Younger kids get practice counting each dot and number of bees that match each roll. It's easy to make and good for different learning settings.


Simple Paper Easter Egg Match - completed game

Simple Paper Easter Egg MatchKids love matching games and they are an excellent learning tool as well. For the holiday or anytime, laminate some decorated eggs from the internet or make your own, to create a simple paper Easter egg matching activity.


Hands-on Interactive Learning Shapes - heart and star laminated shapes

Making Hands-on Interactive Learning ShapesMake hands-on interactive learning shapes for your child. Laminate the printouts and even add Velcro dots to make this learning experience more fun.


Create Bug Art from Labels for Story Time - finished jar

Storytime Craft ActivitiesSharing stories through books, pictures, puppets and theater are fun, educational experiences for young people. This is a page about story time craft activities.


Crafting Supplies from Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment - paper hearts lying on a piece of white paper

Crafting Supplies from Baking Soda and Vinegar ExperimentA project with baking soda and vinegar can also include paper shapes and food coloring to produce some fun decorations for making a card. This is a page about crafting supplies from baking soda and vinegar experiment.


Making an Egyptian Headdress - done

Making an Egyptian HeaddressFor school plays and cultural or history activities you may need to create something like this Egyptian headdress. This page contains the instructions and photos needed for making an Egyptian headdress.


Pot of Gold Number Matching - the original numbers can be removed or higher ones add to the back side

How to Make a Pot of Gold Number Matching GameEven if it is not St. Patrick's Day kids will have fun learning with this number matching game. This page is about how to make a pot of gold number matching game.



Spring Day Project Using Stickers - second example of grass and sticker project

Spring Day Sticker Project for Young ChildrenThis is a page about spring day project using stickers. It's easy to create a spring day scene using colored paper and fun stickers. This is a great project to make with young children.


Ice Cream Bucket Frog Totem

Making an Ice Cream Bucket Frog TotemWhen children study certain Native American cultures or read books influenced by native traditions they often create crafts as part of the lesson. This is a page about making an ice cream bucket frog totem.


Rainbow Pot of Gold Activities  - FUN spelled out with coin letters

Rainbow Pot of Gold ActivitiesThis is a fun children's craft that can be used for learning basic rainbow colors, letters, and words. This is a page about making rainbow pot of gold activities.


100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball Machines  - spread glue on the plate with the cardboard/construction paper base and stick down one hundred pom poms

How to Make 100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball MachinesThis is an craft for preschool or early grade students, to help teach the concept of the number 100. This is a page about how to make 100th day of school paper plate gumball machines.


Halloween Memory and Number Matching Cards  - playing the number matching game

Halloween Memory and Number Matching CardsThis is a page about Halloween memory and number matching cards. Using Halloween stickers and index cards you can make a fun memory and number matching game for the kids to play all year long.


Heart Shaped Paper Groundhog - glue all pieces for final groundhog

How to Make a Heart Shaped Paper GroundhogThis is a page about how to make a heart shaped paper groundhog. It doesn't have to be Groundhog Day to make this cute craft with your kids. Cut out paper heart shapes and get started.


Printed Velcro Apple Trees - tree at red and yellow apples

Printed Velcro Apple TreesThis is a page about making printed Velcro apple trees. These Velcro apple trees are a great activity for preschool aged kids. They are easy to make and are great for developing their fine motor skills.


Magnetic Discovery Bottles - magnet against bottler with pipe cleaner bits

How to Make Magnetic Discovery BottlesA fun and simple way to explore moving different objects with magnets is to make discovery bottles. This is a page about how to make magnetic discovery bottles.


A piece of paper with the name "Lisa" marked in dots with colored bingo markers.

Bingo Dot Marker Name Activity for ChildrenUse a bingo dot marker to help young children learn how to spell their name and form letters. This great bingo dot marker name activity for children is a perfect way to introduce letter shapes and simple words.


Kids Abacus for Learning - front with colored beads and number beads on pipe cleaners

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner and Bead AbacusLong before there was a written numeral system, the abacus was used as a calculating tool. Make a simple one to help teach your young children counting and more advanced math. This is a page about how to make a pipe cleaner and bead abacus.


Minion Reading Pointers - finished Minion pointers

How to Make Minion Reading PointersMinions are quite popular these days with the success of the Despicable Me films. These cute little reading pointers make following along as you learn to read much more fun. This is a page about how to make Minion reading pointers.


How to Make Pattern Strips - St. Patrick's Day pattern

How to Make Pattern StripsA child's cognitive development is aided by teaching them to recognize, complete, and replicate patterns. Make several variations of this activity to provide your children with a fun learning experience. This is a page about how to make pattern strips.


Grow Grass Hair for Project or Pets - sprouted rye for decoration, Easter egg nest, of for cats

Grow Grass Hair for Project or PetsI created this learning project for some 1st graders, but it's also a great springtime/Easter project that can benefit pets and wildlife too! We grew rye grass in plastic cups. Once grown they are pretty decorations around the house or can be offered to the family cat.


A cardboard castle painted silver.

Making a Castle Model for School?A school project about medieval times might be a great time to make a model of a castle. This is a page about making a castle model for school.


Doctor's Bag Craft - cut out red crosses for bags and glue in place

How to Make a Doctor's Bag CraftKids love to play at being community service providers, such as doctors, firemen, and teachers. For the best role play you need props or tools of the trade. This is a page about how to make a doctor's bag craft.


Slice of Pumpkin Pie Craft

Slice of Pumpkin Pie Craft for KidsThis is a page about making a slice of pumpkin pie craft for kids. Here is a cute and easy Thanksgiving craft for young children.


Toddler Pom Pom Sorter

Making a Toddler Pom Pom SorterThis is a page about making a toddler pom pom sorter. Teaching your toddler dexterity and colors is easy with this homemade sorter.


Lacing Toy

Making a Preschool Lacing ProjectThis is a page about making a preschool lacing project. Using cardboard, laces and beads there are fun projects to make that can improve a youngster's dexterity.


A hand drawing on a white surface.

Making a Homemade WhiteboardWhiteboards are a great study tool. This page contains instructions for making your own whiteboard.


Homemade Educational Games

Homemade Educational Games for ToddlersThis is a page about homemade educational games for toddlers. Toddlers love to play and making games that are also educational is a great way to make that play even more valuable, as well as, fun.


embellished mona lisa

Mona Lisa REMIXMy 8 and 10 year old students were given a color Xerox of the Mona Lisa. They had to use mixed media and whatever recycled elements they could find to give her a new look. All the embellishments came out of the recycled art bin! What do you think Leonardo would say?


The completed dinosaur counting puzzle.

Dinosaur Counting PuzzleTeach toddlers to count 1 to 10 with a simple interactive puzzle. Make them participate in this craft and let them enjoy the game. It will develop analytic skills on putting the parts in exact place and learn basic counting as well.


Nature Weaving - child holding his creation

Nature WeavingThis is a fun activity to do with your kids. They can take them on walks to collect things they find along the way. Then once they are finished you can display their collection!


Rainbow Nature Hunt - printout of the rainbow colors with cut flowers matching each color

Rainbow Nature HuntCan you find natural items outside that make up the colors of the rainbow?


Worm Play Mat - play mat with purple Play-Doh worm

Worm Play MatHere is a fun play mat that I created. Kids can make worms for it out of Play-Doh, pipe cleaners, or even paper. If you laminate it they can also draw worms and tunnels onto the mat with a dry erase marker. Enjoy!


Paper Bag Nature Journal with Collection Pockets -finished nature journal with magazine photos and child's name

Paper Bag Nature Journal with Collection PocketsInspired by lalala...'s post, I made my kids these paper bag nature journals to carry on our walks. There are pockets so they could collect special leaves or anything they'd like.


Nature Collection Bracelets - tape on wrist covered with flowers and leaves

Nature Collection BraceletsThis is a fun way to collect items outside, especially if you are out on a walk. First wrap a piece of masking tape loosely around your wrist, sticky side out.


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School Project: Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?My 10 year old son has to do a school project and wants to build a model of Parliament house in Canberra (Australia). I need help. Any suggestions on how to do this as it is a very difficult building to make?


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Making a Polar Bear from Household Rubbish?My son has to make a polar bear from household rubbish for a school project. Please help.


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Making a Backyard Tipi (Teepee)?We are homeschooling our daughter, who will be in second grade this year and studying American history. She will of course be learning about Native Americans. One of the projects we would like to do this year would be to construct a Plains style dwelling in the yard, a tipi (or teepee).


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