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Arched Window

Making a Curtain for an Arched Window?This is a page about making a curtain for an arched window. Making a curtain for an arched window is not as difficult as it may seem.


Homespun Fabric Covered Bowl

Making a Fabric Covered BowlThis is a page about making a fabric covered bowl. Strips of fabric in your favorite colors and designs take a plain bowl and help you create a decorative piece of home decor.


A potted green artificial plant.

Can I Refresh the Color on Faded Silk Plants?This is a page about, "Can I refresh the color on faded silk plants?". Over time faux plants and flowers fade. There are paints and sprays that can give them a fresher look.


2 pink clothes hangers.

How to Make a Clothes Hanger Wall DecorationThis abstract wall hanging is fun to make and an eye-catching piece of wall decor. And it is so easy to create using plastic clothes hangers. This is a page about how to make a clothes hanger wall decoration.


Rubber Band Art Painted Vase - white vase with flowers

Making Rubber Band Art Painted VasesTurn a plain glass vase into a unique piece of art. This page explains how to make rubber band art painted vases.


Glass Blocks

Putting Pictures on Lighted Glass BlocksThe addition of pictures and photos to a lighted glass block makes for great home decor projects. This is a page about putting pictures on lighted glass blocks.



Effusion Lamps

Making Oil for Effusion LampsEffusion lamps are a great way to add a pleasant fragrance to your home or office. Save money and make your own scented effusion oil by mixing isopropyl alcohol (91 or 99%) with oil scents.


shell mirrors

Making a Seashell MirrorThis is a page about making a seashell mirror. Use that shell collection that has been collecting dust on the closet shelf to create a beautiful mirror to complement your decor.


A bread machine with a loaf of bread.

Making a Bread Machine Cover?A nice colorful cover for your bread machine will not only keep it clean, but can also cheer up your kitchen. Store it right on your counter or a shelf for easy use anytime.


Upcycling Inexpensive Flower Pots

Making Twine Wrapped Flower PotsAn inexpensive and easy way to decorate plain flower pots is by wrapping them in twine. They can be used for plants or as cute decorative containers. This is a page about making twine wrapped flower pots.


Finished Air Freshener

Mason Jar Air FreshenerAn inexpensive room deodorizer can easily be made in an attractive canning jar. This is a page about Mason jar air freshener.


Vinyl Tablecloth Wreath

How to Make a Vinyl Tablecloth WreathA simple weatherproof decoration can be made with a vinyl table cloth cut in strips and a wreath purchased at your dollar store. This is a page about how to make a vinyl tablecloth wreath.


Towel Holder

Making a Kitchen Towel HolderThis is a page about making a kitchen towel holder. One way to keep that kitchen towel draped over the oven door handle from slipping onto the floor is to make a quick and easy towel holder.


Layered Paper Flowers - mass of different colored paper flowers

How to Make Layered Paper FlowersThese beautiful layered paper flowers will be easy for you to make by following the instructions and photos found in this page. Decorate a classroom, home, or a party table as a centerpiece. Their uses are many.


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Making Nylon ButterfliesThis is a page about making nylon butterflies. Nylon butterflies are a pretty craft project to make and put in your flower pots or for other decorative uses.


Popsicle Stick Geometric Sculpture - with LED votive in bottom

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Geometric SculptureEquilateral triangles made from Popsicle stick are assembled to create this intriguing geometric sculpture. Add LED lights or votives to use as an accent light.


stained glass hummingbird sun catcher

Homemade Suncatcher IdeasThere are several ways to make a pretty sun catcher for your window; glass, wax paper, recycled materials. There are ideas here for kids and experienced crafters alike.


King Bed

Use Two Twin Blankets to Make a King Size...This is a page about use two twin blankets to make a king size blanket. Sometimes you can get a better price or selection on twin size blankets. Use two to make a cozy king size blanket for your bed.


Making Decorative Photo Frames

Making Decorative Picture FramesThis is a page about making decorative photo frames. You can hand make unique photo frames or turn plain or old frames in beautiful new seasonal or decorative frames.


Denim and Bandanna Wreath - finished wreath hanging on an exterior wall

Making a Denim and Bandanna WreathDenim fabric and bandannas, in your favorite colors, can be used to make a fun wreath for decorating inside or out. This is a page about making a denim and bandanna wreath.


Glass Block

Crafts Using Glass BlocksThis is a page about crafts using glass blocks. There are numerous craft projects that can be made using glass blocks.



Hanging Kitchen Towel

Making a Tied Hanging Kitchen TowelThis page is about making a tied hanging kitchen towel. Having a hand towel within easy reach in the kitchen is very helpful for a cook.


Making a Crab from a Scallop Shell - scallop shell crab

Making a Crab from a Scallop ShellAfter serving a delicious appetizer of scallops or upon your return from beachcombing, make this cute scallop shell crab to add to your decor. This is a page about making a crab from a scallop shell.


Pearl Water Falls Centerpiece - add artificial plants and flowers

Making a Pearl and Shell Waterfall CenterpieceUsing rocks, pebbles and sand, along with pearls, artificial plants and transparent tape you can create a fun waterfall scene for inside your home. This is a page about making a pearl and shell waterfall centerpiece.


A decorated wicker Easter basket.

Decorating Wicker BasketsThis is a page about decorating wicker baskets. Go as elaborate or as simple as you like to transform a plain wicker basket into a personalized bit of decor.


A chest of drawers with clothing in them.

Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner Paper?Scented drawer liner paper keeps your clothes smelling wonderful. Buying it can be expensive and you may not find a fragrance you like, so make your own. This is a page about how to make your own scented drawer liner paper.


Seashell Roses

How to Make a Seashell RoseSea shells are used in many craft projects including the creating of lovely shell flowers. This is a page about how to make a seashell rose.


A glass ball with a funky pattern.

Making a Mosaic Ball DecorationDecorate a polystyrene ball with cut pieces of glass tiles to create this lovely mosaic ball decoration. The supplies list and instructions follow. Choose a color to your liking and enhance your home decor with this handmade bit of ornamentation.


Making a Glue and Sequin Sun Catcher

Making a Glue and Sequin Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a glue and sequin sun catcher. This is a fun craft for you or your older children to make and display.


Coffee Filter Doily

Making a Coffee Filter DoilyThis is a page about making a coffee filter doily. You can make a quick paper doily from a coffee filter.


Masking Tape

Crafts Using Masking TapeThis is a page about crafts using masking tape. We have all seen crafts made using duct tape, but masking tape can also be used to make some interesting crafts.


Painted Pot Holders

Making Painted Pot HoldersThis is a page about making painted pot holders. Inexpensive potholders can be dressed up for your own home or gift giving, by painting them with decorative designs.


Tea is Served! - Tea Tray Cloth - colorful finished cloth with 5 teapots

How to Make a Tea Tray ClothWhen having guests for tea, serve it on this pretty cloth that you make yourself by drawing the pots on linen cloth and then coloring them with textile and fabric pens. Learn how to make a tea tray cloth in this page.


Renuzit Air Freshener Crafts

Renuzit Air Freshener CraftsThis is a page about Renuzit air freshener crafts. Making decorative covers for Renuzit air fresheners is a popular craft project.


Yarn Wrapped Vase With Tulips

Making a Yarn Wrapped VaseThis is a page about making a yarn wrapped vase. If you are looking for an easy, but attractive, way to give new life to a plain vase; try wrapping it with colorful yarn.


Painting a Faux Granite Counter Top

Painting a Faux Granite Counter TopMake your counter tops look like they are granite by painting them with a natural stone looking pattern. Painting a faux granite counter top can be an easy way to improve the look of your counters.



Small Appliance Covers

Making Small Kitchen Appliance CoversThis is a page about making small kitchen appliance covers. Keep your small kitchen appliances clean and bright up the room with colorful, decorative covers.


gold glue basket bowl

Making a Hot Glue Basket BowlThis is a page about making a hot glue basket bowl. Using hot glue you an create a one of a kind basket bowl to add to your decor.


A bathroom toilet paper holder that is built like an outhouse.

Making A Toilet Paper HolderThis is a page about making a toilet paper holder. Having easily accessible rolls of toilet tissue in the bathroom can be a decorating challenge but there are lots of ways to display them either discreetly or humorously.


Bicycle Wheel

Making a Recycled Bicycle Wheel Pot RackThis is a page about making a recycled bicycle wheel pot rack. It is quite popular right now to create recycled art and other objects from recycled bicycle parts.


Foil Lined Mason Jar Light  - glowing red light filled Mason jar

Making a Foil Lined Mason Jar LightUse aluminum foil and a canning jar to create this pretty light. They would be perfect to light the garden at night.


Oven Door Towel

Making an Oven Door TowelThis is a page about making an oven door towel. If your kitchen towel hanging on the oven door spends a lot of time sliding onto the floor, consider making an oven door towel.


Painted Wire Flowers and Clover - allow to dry for at least 15 minutes

How to Make Painted Wire and Glue FlowersWith wire, wood glue, and nail polish you can create a pretty floral bouquet for your home or to give as a gift. This is a page about how to make painted wire and glue flowers.


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Making Curtains from a Duvet Cover?I love the tips on making curtains from bed sheets, etc., but I have a beautiful, unused king size duvet cover which I would like to use to make curtains/drapes for my bedroom window. The colour is perfect and matches my lamp shade. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.


Revamping a  Chandelier

Revamping ChandeliersThis is a page about revamping chandeliers. Whether refurbishing your present chandelier or changing another, it can be fun to improve your lighting.


The finished personalized statue.

Personalized StatueMy grandson is involved in soccer and has a bedroom decorated with a soccer theme. I thought he would enjoy this handmade "statue" of him in his soccer uniform. This is a fun and fairly easy project if you have skills using a scroll saw. Otherwise, you might be able to use stiff cardboard and a razor blade knife to get similar results.


Adding a heart to the finished gnome.

Seasonal Gnome Porch SitterThis is a gnome that can stand upright on the front porch and be decorated with changeable holiday or seasonal decor. This one is for Valentine's Day. For other holidays, you could use a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, an egg or an Easter basket with eggs for Easter, flowers for spring, flag for 4th of July, school book or apple for fall, pumpkin for Halloween, and tree for Christmas.


The finished pumpkin candle holder.

Pumpkin Candle HolderA nice fall table centerpiece!


The hanging fan pull.

Fan PullMade from a wooden spool and a few trinkets


A green coat or towel hanger.

How to Make a Coat or Towel HangerThis coat or towel hanger is a great conversation piece in your home.


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Making a Hanger Snowflake?I made the snowflake from plastic hangers, but what can I use in the center to keep the snowflake from flopping around when you pick it up. I didn't use duct tape to join. I used zip ties to hold the hangers together.


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Tiered Serving PlateUsing some coordinating pieces of stoneware, you can make a beautiful serving piece.


A garden themed wreath.

My Garden WreathIt's made out of black garden hose, has metal lady bug, flowers and a horse fly, with a sign that says "Welcome To My Garden."


A decoration to hang bows on.

Bow DollsIt's what girls hang their hair bows on. There is ribbon all the way around the skirt that you put the bows on. If you run out of room, it has a long braid in the back and a mirror face so she can see to put the bow in her hair.


The completed Keepsake Shadow Box

Keepsake Shadow BoxRecently I was going through keepsakes from my childhood and from my husband's childhood. I decided rather than keep them in boxes, I would display them in a shadow box.


The clipboard gallery wall.

Clipboard Gallery WallIf your kid is anything like mine, there is a slew of artwork being made each day. I wanted a way to display my child's art in a way that could be easily changed. This is the solution I came up with. I wanted to be able to have both verticle and horizontal pieces of art, so I got two sizes of clipboards so that art would be contained within the parameters of the clipboard. I added some patterned contact paper to some of the clipboards to add interest and also painted the clips black to match. In retrospect, I don't think the contact paper was needed, as I am sure these will always be full.


A before and after of the painted cork board.

DIY Geometric Painted Cork BoardWe've had these cork boards up in the basement forever and I felt like they needed a little facelift, so I gave them just that. '


The finished Rope Trivet

Rope TrivetI needed a trivet to go with a lot of my placemats and dishes and found this idea.


A pillow in need of restuffing.

Save That Pillow CasingI have purchased several little pillows that are stuffed with tiny beads. I think the beads are Styrofoam. After several months of usage, the beads start to break down, leak out of the seams, and the pillow begins to go flat. Because of this, I have thrown some away which I felt was a big waste. The thought of saving the casing finally hit me.


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Preserving Children's Art WorkThis is a "copy" of artwork I had done when fingerpainting in Kindergarten. This shows how to preserve it and use it to decorate a child's room.


The completed Beach Theme Jar

Beach Theme JarMy daughter has a beach themed bathroom and she wanted something decorative to put her mouthwash in, so I decorated this jar with some leftover bath salts I had used for a different craft and was about to throw away. Instead, I used them up for this project.


The completed Peacock Feather Wreath

Peacock Feather WreathWhile vacationing in Nevada, we stayed at a bed and breakfast that had a lot of peacocks wandering the grounds. I had a lot of fun picking up their feathers. When I got home, I decided to make a wreath with them.


Angel air freshener cover.

Angel Doll Air FreshenerAngel doll is an air freshener. You can use it in any room of your house. I crochet the dolls in all colors. This doll has silver trim with silver wings. She could also be made with gold wings and gold trim.


Wreath hanging.

Feather WreathHere is a photo of another wreath that I took the other day in a vet's office, where I was applying for a job. I am so impressed that something so beautiful can be made from discards.


Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall ArtHave some artistic looking fabric scraps? Turn them into wall art.


The completed decorative compass.

Old-Looking Compass from JunkAfter watching a YouTube video on making an old compass from a teething ring purchased from Dollar Tree, I came up with this original idea.


The finished Kleenex box.

Shabby Chic Kleenex BoxThis is made from a wood planter and some rub-on decals.


A decorated Key and Wallet Holder Decor

Key and Wallet Holder DecorThis is a quick, decorative craft I created for my husband who likes to throw his keys and wallet on the top of his nice, oak desk. I was afraid it would get scratched and thought it would look tidier to make this cute little key/wallet holder. I picked up the crate and trim on the Dollar Tree clearance rack for $1 and the 3D stickers for $1. Total cost: $2


The finished nautical lantern.

Nautical Decor with Easy Wood StandI used an idea for a wooden pumpkin to make this lantern candle holder stand.


A decorated water mister.

Decorated Water MisterJust adding a little something to an unusable item can turn it into decor to match your home. We had an old glass water mister that didn't work but I wanted to display it in my home so this five-minute craft added a little interest to an otherwise not so interesting piece of decor.


Adding stickers to the case.

Vintage SuitcaseI love vintage items and decided to decorate this wooden suitcase I picked up at a thrift store to look vintage.


Adding a faucet and handle and decorations to the birdhouse.

Upcycled Water Faucet DecorI saw this birdhouse made with an old water faucet. Since I had some old plumbing supplies that belonged to my grandpa, I came up with this craft decor using a water faucet and a handle. The "birdhouse" was something I found at a thrift store.


The completed Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan Craft

Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan CraftI just love these pizza pan crafts. This will be my second one. Everything is from the dollar tree except for my yard twigs. Hope you like it!


Skeleton keys hanging from a plaque.

Skeleton KeysI needed some keys to hang on this cute wall hanging. It was hard to find the size I needed without spending a lot of money. I decided to make some from wood and paint with metallic paint to make them look like a real key.


The finished decorated lantern.

Lantern Flower ArrangementFlowers can be used in so many ways. This is a "lantern leftover" from my son's spring wedding. I decorated it with florals, greenery, and a candle. This will be used as a centerpiece on a buffet we are refinishing.


The completed pizza wall hanging.

Pizza Wall Hanging Using a Bike Spoke Wire FormThis was a labor of love. I joined a wreath addicts group and when these spoke forms became the new "it" craft, I casually mentions they looked like a pizza! Someone casually mentions I should make one. Challenge Accepted!


The completed lampshade when lit.

Lampshade out of Transparent Duct TapeHot glue and expired eyeshadow will help you transform a simple transparent sticky tape into this original lampshade. Making this lampshade is not difficult and not expensive. It is washable and durable, but can only be used with a LED bulb.


The completed button board.

Button/Jewelry ArtBought this letter board and came up with this idea to decorate it using buttons and some odds and ends of old jewelry.


The finished Space Rocket Window Art

Space Rocket Window ArtLearn new exciting crafts made from scraps at home. I have a cut out bottom of a plastic bottle. At first I thought of turning it into a paint palette but I had a better idea.


The completed coffee lampshade.

Coffee LampshadeCoffee is one of the world's favorite drinks. The amount of coffee waste is very high. I want to show you how to make the environmentally friendly, very light and strong enough lampshade from recycled coffee grounds. This method is very easy and can be used to make many other things.


A frame that says "Home Sweet Home" on tags.

Home Sweet Home FrameTake frame, I used an 11x13 inch, take the cardboard that usually comes with frame and cover with fabric. Adhere tags with glue gun.


A decorative keepsake box.

Antique Keepsake BoxStart by painting the inside and outside of your box with a complimenting color to your fabric. Once your box is dry, using your lid as a template cut a square of fabric that is just larger then the top of your box.


Wooden daisy flowers in terra cotta pots on a chandelier outside.

Wooden Daisy FlowersMy Valentine's Day gift: flowers and chocolates! My husband made the flowers from wood and attached a dowel. After I had eaten the chocolate centers, I decided to repurpose the flowers and made this cute hanging for my patio area.


The crocheted foil lampshade.

Aluminum Foil LampshadeAluminum foil is a rather fragile material. I figured out how to make an original lampshade from aluminum foil. All you need is aluminum foil, crochet skills and patience.


The completed bottle decor on a granite countertop.

Bottle DecorI made this cute decor using old food bottles: two Snapple drink bottles, a Worcestershire sauce bottle, and an old maple syrup bottle.


A Keepsake Laundry Room Sign

Keepsake Laundry Room SignLast summer, I was able to get a can full of old plumbing supplies that belonged to my grandfather who was a plumber for a small town in Nevada during the 1930s and 1940s. Not knowing what to do with the old faucets, etc., I came up with this keepsake idea to display the plumbing parts.


The completed Large Letter Decor

Large Letter DecorMade of 2 by 4 foot lumber, this cute "H" shelf will be decor on my daughter's new home!


The finished noodleboard covering a sink.

DIY NoodleboardI ran across an item called a "noodle board" one day online when I was looking for an idea to cover my kitchen sink to provide temporary counter space. You know those times- everyone is coming to your house for a get together, but space is at a premium to set up a buffet.


The finished lampshade.

Coordinating Lamp ShadeA couple of months ago, I submitted a reupholstered chaise lounge to this website to put in the den. I had leftover fabric and so I added trim to this plain lampshade to coordinate it with the lounge. They look great together.


The finished concrete soap holder.

Concrete Soap HolderIf you need a soap holder, make one yourself. Cement and pebbles are great for this. You will spend quite a bit of money and get an original soap holder. Of course, you can just stick the pebbles into the cement, but then the tops of the pebbles are unlikely to be on the same level. I came up with the idea of first laying pebbles in a mold, and then pouring cement.


Decorated grapevine welcome wreath.

Welcome WreathHere is an easy decoration for your front door. It only cost me a few cents to make this decoration because I already had everything to make it.


Bed Sheet Curtains - finished curtains

Bed Sheet CurtainsThis project is an easy way to make curtains.


The finished decorative clock planter.

Just In Time for Spring PlanterThis was a fun idea I saw on the internet and I love the look of old clocks. This will be used as part of a front porch decor for my daughter's new home.


A decorative bottle filled with sand and shells.

Beach In A BottleI use these in my beach themed bathroom. You can use any bottles as long as the opening is big enough for the shell to go through. Craft stores have sand in different shades, shells in different shapes/sizes and pebbles. You can get some from the beach but you should wash them so the bottle doesn't get cloudy, grow mold or bacteria.


The finished picture with hooks on the bottom.

Key Rack/Mask HangerI purchased a picture frame to make a clock. Inside the picture frame was a picture that I decided to use for this craft project to make a key rack because I didn't want anything useful to go to waste. So for the cost of the picture frame ($2.75), I was able to make two craft projects.


A decorative clock in a frame.

Shabby Chic Picture Frame ClockThe cost of this project was only $2.75 (for a used picture frame) because I used up craft supplies I already had on hand.


The completed 3D Initial Floral Decoration Box

3D Initial Floral Decoration BoxI was able to transform a sunglasses box that I was just about to toss out into this 3D initial greenery/floral box. This makes a nice decor piece and works great (easier) if your initial is a T or L. For other letters, you can freehand and make your own 3D initial with cardboard.


Candle Ring - finished candle ring

Candle RingThis candle ring is made from disposable aluminum pie pans and a 10 inch wire frame.


Sunflower tie backs.

Sunflower TiebacksQuick and easy way to make attractive tie-backs to suit the decor in any room. Cut two strips of felt, each measuring 1 1/2 x 24 inches. You can also use two 1 1/2 inches wide ribbon strips cut to 24 inches.


Bandana Butterfly - finished bandana butterfly

Bandana ButterflyHere is a way to make cute butterflies using bandanas. I came up with this idea after thinking how pretty and colorful bandanas are just like butterflies.


Mini Flute Replica - finished flute

Mini Flute ReplicaBecause my daughter plays the flute, I made this mini flute for her to display on a shelf in her bedroom.


Recipe Box Makeover - finished box

Recipe Box MakeoverI have had this recipe box for several years and this is the third makeover. I like the box, but I change the color and design according to how my kitchen decoration theme is at the current time. It has gone from wood, to painted blue and pink hearts, to white textured, to pale green with an herbal theme!


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Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall ArtHave some artistic looking fabric scraps? Turn them into wall art.


The finished Space Rocket Window Art

Space Rocket Window ArtLearn new exciting crafts made from scraps at home. I have a cut out bottom of a plastic bottle. At first I thought of turning it into a paint palette but I had a better idea.


The finished Kleenex box.

Shabby Chic Kleenex BoxThis is made from a wood planter and some rub-on decals.


The finished pumpkin candle holder.

Pumpkin Candle HolderA nice fall table centerpiece!


The completed Peacock Feather Wreath

Peacock Feather WreathWhile vacationing in Nevada, we stayed at a bed and breakfast that had a lot of peacocks wandering the grounds. I had a lot of fun picking up their feathers. When I got home, I decided to make a wreath with them.


The completed Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan Craft

Our Nest is Best Pizza Pan CraftI just love these pizza pan crafts. This will be my second one. Everything is from the dollar tree except for my yard twigs. Hope you like it!


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Coiled Rag Bowl

Coiled Rag BowlThis pretty bowl uses all recycled fabric and can be customized to match your personality or decor. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Revamping Thrift Store Figurines

Revamping Thrift Store FigurinesYou can give outdated nicknacks a new life with a simple coat of paint. Check out this video to see how we revived a couple ceramic owls.


Photo Frame Ring Holder

Photo Frame Ring HolderThis decorative frame is perfect for keeping track of your wedding ring. Learn how to make it with this short video.


Paper Dahlia

Paper DahliaThis paper dahlia makes a great wall decoration. It will brighten up any room. Check out this video for step by step instructions.


Googly Eye Letter

Googly Eye LetterI wanted to make a gift for a friend who loves googly eyes as much as I do. This googly eye covered letter is what I came up with.


Fabric Bunny Doorstop

Fabric Bunny DoorstopThis whimsical bunny doorstop is easy to make and safe for children. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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Best Backing for Decorative Ceramic Tiles?When making decor with ceramic tiles to be displayed on an easel, what should I use to finish the back of the tile?


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Making a Hanger Snowflake?I made the snowflake from plastic hangers, but what can I use in the center to keep the snowflake from flopping around when you pick it up. I didn't use duct tape to join. I used zip ties to hold the hangers together.


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Creating Calendar Page Wall Art?Can I transfer thick, textured calendar pictures onto canvas? If so, do I do a magazine picture transfer with gel medium or modge podge?


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