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shell mirrors

Making a Seashell MirrorThis is a page about making a seashell mirror. Use that shell collection that has been collecting dust on the closet shelf to create a beautiful mirror to complement your decor.


Family Tree

Making a Family Tree Wall HangingThis is a page about making a family tree wall hanging. A fun way to document your family tree is by creating a decorative wall hanging.


Heart Shaped Wall Hanging Craft

Wall Hanging Craft IdeasThis is a page about wall hanging craft ideas. Making a decorative wall hanging, whether for the holidays or to enhance your decor is a great craft project for the novice or experienced crafter.


2 pink clothes hangers.

How to Make a Clothes Hanger Wall DecorationThis abstract wall hanging is fun to make and an eye-catching piece of wall decor. And it is so easy to create using plastic clothes hangers. This is a page about how to make a clothes hanger wall decoration.


Shell wreath and candle holder.

How to Make a Sea Shell WreathSea shells can be used in so many craft projects. This is a page about how to make a sea shell wreath.


Fun Mirror with Barrettes - mirror hanging on the wall

DIY Fun Mirror with BarrettesThis is a great project to work on with your kids. You can supervise the hot glue work. Decorate an inexpensive mirror with colorful hair clips/barrettes. Add a yarn hanger to attach it to the wall.


Hanging Initial Letter Decor - finished letter hanging on plantation blinds

Making Hanging Initial Letter DecorCreate this fun piece of hanging decor. Cardboard cut into the initial of the maker or recipient can be painted and decorated to match your style. An example, including supplies list and steps with accompanying photos, can be seen below.


Colored Paper Triangle Wall Decor

Making Colored Paper Triangle Wall DecorSome fishing line, colored paper, and Scotch tape are all that you need to create these fun hanging triangles. Hang on the wall, in a doorway or window and enjoy!


BeJeweled' Mirror - other top side

How to Create a Bejeweled MirrorThis lovely bejeweled mirror began as an entry at the state fair. Make your own version using a mirror embellished with gems, broken jewelry, single earrings, and more. See how this one was made below.


How to Make Paper Flower Wall Decor - ready to hang

How to Make Paper Flower Wall DecorUsing the craft project on this page you can begin the creation of a pretty paper flower wall hanging. Follow the link provided to find out how to create the paper flowers used here or use some of your own design.


Making a Hanging Air Plant Frame - hanging on a brick fireplace

Making a Hanging Air Plant FrameThis is a craft project your children can make for your home or to give as a gift. The young artist used dot markers, colored craft sticks, then the air plant was attached, and the frame hung.


Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall Hanging - framed artwork and greenery wallhanging

Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall HangingReplicate this lovely leaf wall hanging with foliage that you select. Follow the steps below to complete one for your home.



Yarn Wrapped Frame - hanging yarn wrapped frame

Making a Yarn Wrapped FrameWrap a wooden photo frame with your favorite yarn and add embellishments like buttons in the corners to make a pretty wall hanging. Find out how on this page.


3D Fall Wall Art - faux pumpkin, leaf, and flower wall art

Making 3D Fall Wall ArtThis pretty fall wall art begins with half of a foam pumpkin. Mount it on fabric, such as burlap, and add embellishments and a frame to complete your project. Steps and supplies needed are included on this page.


Wooden Barn Star Quilt Pattern - red, white, and blue star with two white stars on blue center squares

Wooden Quilt Patterned Barn StarThis project explains with step by step instructions and images how to make this excellent wooden quilt pattern barn star.


Polaroid photos pinned to a string hanging on a wall.

Hanging Photos on Your WallA simple way to create a bit of home decor with photos is to hang them on the wall using string and mini clothespins. This is a page about hanging photos on your wall.


Popsicle Stick Shelf - final and hanging up

Popsicle Stick ShelfWe are all familiar with the many Popsicle stick crafts done in schools and day camps by children. These same little wooden sticks can be used to design and make small wall shelves for knick knacks, nail polish bottles, and other small light weight items. This page contains instructions for making a Popsicle stick shelf.


Inexpensive Ribbon Wreath

How to Make an Inexpensive Ribbon WreathWhat could be more frugal than making an attractive wreath with a paper plate and some ribbon. Make several for different seasons or occasions. This is a page about how to make an inexpensive ribbon wreath.


Button wall hanging.

Making a Button and Fabric Wall HangingThis delightful wall hanging carries a thoughtful message and uses fabric covered wooden discs and buttons to support the sentiment. This is a page about making a button and fabric wall hanging.


Skewer and Bottle Cap Starburst Art  - finished artwork

Skewer and Bottle Cap Starburst ArtI love starburst contemporary art. I made this piece with wooden skewers and bottle caps. This is easy to put together and incredibly cost effective.


Scrabble Nine Patch Shadow Box - finished shadow box with paper on the edges

Scrabble Nine Patch Shadow BoxThis is just a cute way to use faux fabric paper, a wood box, and Scrabble tiles.


Vintage Mixed Media Framed Roses - ready to hang and display

Vintage Mixed Media Framed RosesI am in the process of adding a few new elements to my home décor. The challenge is to try and upcycle old items, without breaking the bank in the process.


Bandana Butterfly - finished bandana butterfly

Bandana ButterflyHere is a way to make cute butterflies using bandanas. I came up with this idea after thinking how pretty and colorful bandanas are just like butterflies.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Creating Calendar Page Wall ArtCan I transfer thick, textured calendar pictures onto canvas? If so, do I do a magazine picture transfer with gel medium or modge podge?


A decorative picture frame made with wrapping paper.

How to Decorate a Picture Frame With Wrapping PaperAn old or inexpensive photo frame can get a facelift and be made to coordinate with your decor by covering it with pretty wrapping paper. This is a page about how to decorate a picture frame with wrapping paper.


Examples of artwork hanging on wall.

Squished Paint ArtworkThis craft project is suitable even for younger children with supervision. Paint is applied to a piece of glass from a photo frame and then a second piece is placed on top and the paint squished to the edges. This is a page about creating squished paint artwork.


Spring Seed Packet Wreath - finished wreath

Spring Seed Packet WreathThis cute springtime wreath is decorated with colorful seed packets. It would look nice on your front door or a deck or patio. This is a page about making a spring seed packet wreath.



Pennant Flag Wall Decor - finished pennant on hanger

How to Make a Rainbow Pennant Wall HangingUsing felt and glue makes the assembly of this creative wall hanging quick and easy. Your child will love having it in their room. This is a page about how to make a rainbow pennant wall hanging.


Pennant Flag Kids Room Decor - ready to hang

How to Make a Felt Pennant Flag for a Kid's RoomUsing the theme of your choice, you can make a cute felt pennant for your child's room. This is a page about how to make a pennant flag for a kid's room.


Hexagon Popsicle Stick Shelves - two finished shelves on the wall

Hexagon Popsicle Stick ShelvesThis one is fun and easy to make. It is a great project for younger kids as well.


Photo frame with lace edging.

Lacy Wrapped Mini FrameA wooden drapery ring, some lace, and other embellishments come together to create this pretty mini frame. This is a page about lacy wrapped mini frame.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall - mirror on wall

How to Make a 70s Style Sunburst Wall MirrorThis disctinctive sunburst style was commonly used for designing mirrors and even clocks. This is a page about how to make a 70s style sunburst wall mirror.


Long plaque with different shells.

Making a Shell PlaqueBy mounting shells individually or in groups you can make some lovely plaques to show off your collection or to enhance your beach decor. This is a page about making a shell plaque.


A recycled CD as a floral wall hanging.

CD Wall HangingA CD, some lace, and a faux flower are used to create this pretty wall hanging. This is a page about CD wall hanging.


Framing Embroidery Projects

Framing Embroidery ProjectsThis is a page about framing embroidery projects. Embroidery projects whether vintage or new can be framed creating a unique wall hanging.


Quick Easy Wall Art

Quick Easy Wallpaper Wall ArtThis is a page about quick easy wallpaper wall art. Wallpaper remnants and samples are often used in craft projects. Try your hand at making a unique piece of wall art using repurposed wallpaper.


Gluing into heart.

Making a Heart Shaped Wall HangingThis is a page about making a heart shaped wall hanging. A heart shaped wall hanging will make a nice addition to your holiday or everyday decor.


Finished racks mounted on the wall.

Making a Fish Coat RackThis is a page about making a fish coat rack. Make a fish coat rake for your beach house or nautical themed room.


Framing Wedding Song Lyrics

Framing Wedding Song LyricsThis is a page about framing wedding song lyrics. Create a lovely wedding memento by framing the lyrics to your wedding song.


Frame art made of the letters that spell the word "love".

Making "Love" Letters Framed ArtThis is a page about making "love" letters framed art. This creative craft lets you express your sentiments and produce a lovely wall hanging at the same time.


Variegated purple paper dahlia.

Making a Paper DahliaThis is a page about making a paper dahlia. This beautiful paper dahlia is made using a few simple supplies. Hang it on your wall and enjoy.


Colorful Push Pins

Decorating with Push PinsThis is a page about decorating with push pins. These pins can help add other decoration to a wall or designs on a bulletin board.



Japanese reed mat

Making a Tatami Wall HangingThis is a page about making a tatami wall hanging. Traditionally tatami mats were made of rice straw and used as a floor covering in Japanese homes.


abstract tree wall decal

Making Vinyl Wall DecalsThis is a page about making vinyl wall decals. Using your choice of vinyl adhesive paper or leftover wall paper you can create your own unique vinyl wall decals. This is a page about making vinyl wall decals.


Paper Quilt

Making a Paper "Quilt"Traditionally a quilt is made of fabric layers that are stitched together. However, you can make a paper "quilt" as an art or school project display or even as a gift or wall decoration. This is a page about making a paper "quilt".


Framing Paper Dolls

Framing Paper DollsThis is a page about framing paper dolls. Vintage or special paper dolls can be framed and used as unique wall decor.


Flower Pot Note Holder

Making a Flower Pot Note HolderThis is a page about making a flower pot note holder. A cute note holder makes a fun addition to your home or can be made as a gift for any occasion.


Shadow box with flowers in it.

Making a Shadow BoxThis is a page about making a shadow box. A handmade shadowbox is a great way to display crafts or collectibles.


homemade chalkboard

Making a ChalkboardThis is a page about making a chalkboard. Whether you are decorating a purchased board for a special purpose or gift or making one from scratch, this is a fun and easy project to do at home.


Floral Wall Hangings Crafts

Making a Fall Floral Wall HangingThis is a page about making a fall floral wall hanging . You, too, can make lovely floral wall hangings to decorate your home and coordinate with your decor.


Displaying Children's Handprints

Displaying Children's HandprintsThis page is about displaying children's handprints. Preserved the handprints of your child can be a fun keepsake.


Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

Embroidery Hoop Wall HangingsThis is a page about embroidery hoop wall hangings. An embroidery hoop makes a quick and simple frame for, or can be an integral part of, your craft project.


memory wreath with toys

Mom's Memory WreathThis is a photo of a baby memory wreath my neighbor made for the mother of a precious baby girl she babysat for for nearly the first year of her life.The family moved away and as a gift she made this wreath containing many of the first items she had used.


Wall Mountable Custom DecorationsThese are super easy to make and only cost about $12.00. I purchased the letters, pre-primered and with holes in the back to hang them, at Target.


Yarn Wrapped Frame - hanging yarn wrapped frame

Yarn Wrapped FrameI made this from a wooden frame and some of the prettiest yarn I have ever seen. I hope you like it.


Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall Hanging - framed artwork and greenery wallhanging

Home Sweet Home Framed Leaves Wall HangingFrom our first flower bouquet in our home, I saved the flower fillers caspia and Israeli ruscus green. I actually visioned the greenery combo pressed between glass, but it was harder than I thought. Then, I compromised and came up with this, framed leaves with a cute sign that reads Home Sweet Home. This frame is being hung in our living room.


Wooden Barn Star Quilt Pattern - red, white, and blue star with two white stars on blue center squares

Wooden Quilt Patterned Barn StarA short time ago I was trolling Pinterest and found this great barn star wall hanging. I though to myself this looks easy enough to make (we all like easy). So off to the lumber yard I went and bought an 8' 1x4 board. Not knowing the exact measurements I just guessed. NOTE: you can make this any size you want.


Hanging Initial Letter Decor - finished letter hanging on plantation blinds

Hanging Initial Letter DecorHere is an inexpensive decor piece you can make for your office, bedroom, or child's room. It is very simple to make and adds a nice touch to your personalized space.


How to Make Paper Flower Wall Decor - paper flower decoration sitting on a shelf

Paper Flower Wall DecorBeautifying your home isn't really that expensive. If you are saving money just find the cheapest material such as floral wrapping paper or anything colorful you can find around.


Spring Colored Bunny Wreath - bunny hanging in wreath

Spring Colored Bunny WreathI found this cute bunny at a thrift store, and had the wreath form and all the rest at home. Every pastel color is represented here and I hope you like it!


More Featured


Stencil "Home" Art - finished artwork

Stencil "Home" ArtDo you subscribe to any magazines? I received a San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine and they have beautiful photos in it. The front and back cover of this magazine is printed on quality glossy paper. I wanted to recycle the back photo, so I turned this into wall art for display. I like to switch up my home decor and this is my current piece I have on the wall.


Dreamcatcher with Wooden Beads - dream catcher hanging against a brick wall

Dreamcatcher with Wooden BeadsAdd a nice decor touch to you room/home with a custom dreamcatcher. Don't have an embroidery hoop on hand? No problem, you can use plant wire or any sturdy gauge wire and then hand form the wire into a circular shape.


Fun Mirror with Barrettes - mirror hanging on the wall

Fun Mirror with BarrettesThis is a fun craft to do with the kids, as long as an adult supervises the hot glue gun! With a round mirror and 3.00 in barrettes, you too can have this cute mirror.


Inspiration Wall Arrangement and Decor - wall decor with shelves

Inspiration Wall ArrangementMy husband made the shelves. I put together the items to decorate on the shelves, some I made or did floral arranging for some I purchased at Goodwill.



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