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Tips, ideas and project for making your own clothing.

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Washing Machine

Using RIT Dye in a Washing MachineOne method of dyeing clothing is in the washer. This is a page about using RIT dye in a washing machine.


dark jeans

Fading Dark JeansThis is a page about fading dark jeans. You can fade dark jeans for an overall lighter look or spot bleach for a reverse tie dyed appearance.


Skull Caps

Skull Cap PatternsThis is a page about skull cap patterns. Skull caps or do rags are easy to make for yourself, a spouse, or friend that works outside. Similarly, you can make a more decorative crochet one.


sharpie tie dyed tshirt

Making a Sharpie Tie Dyed T-ShirtThis is a page about making a Sharpie tie dyed T-shirt. This project is an easier way to create a tie dyed looking t-shirt, that even the kids can help with.


Nice light blue dress shirt.

Making Shirt Collars Last LongerThis is a page about making shirt collars last longer. Often the collars on a shirt will become frayed or stained long before the rest of the shirt looks worn and is ready to discard.


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Dyeing Satin Shoes?How do I dye satin shoes? What kind of dye do I need and where can I buy it?



A girl wearing a red shirt.

Dyeing ClothingThis page is about dyeing clothing. It is important to determine whether your fabric will absorb the color you want to dye it, and the best method to apply it.


A woman wearing cutoff jeans.

Keeping Cutoff Jeans from Fraying?This is a page about keeping cutoff jeans from fraying. Cutoff jeans have been popular off and on for decades. They are a great way to recycle an old pair of jeans, but they will fray.


Pink Wedding Dress

Dyeing a Wedding DressThis is a page about dyeing a wedding dress. If you are thinking of having a nontraditional color for your wedding dress or wanting to reuse your dress for other occasions, dyeing might work for you.


A red bra on a wooden background.

Making a Red Hat Society Bra HatBras can be used to make unique sometimes flamboyant hats. The Red Hat Society is a women's play group that began in 1998 and is now an international women's social organization. Members over 50 wear red hats (often large and elaborately decorated) to group events. This is a page about making a Red Hat Society bra hat.


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Making a Robe From Towels?I remember (from the 1960s), caftans my friends had made out of towels. I seem to remember one horizontally for the yoke (with a slit for your head to go through), one for the front, and one for the back. They were nice for wearing to and from the showers...


Repairing Faded Hemline When Lengthening Jeans

Removing a Hemline From Jeans?Oftentimes, jeans need to be altered to fit correctly but this could leave a discolored or creased hem line. This is a page about removing a hem line from jeans.


Duct Tape

Making Duct Tape ClothesThis is a page about making duct tape clothes. Duct tape has become a very popular crafting medium. One of the more uncommon uses for this durable tape is to make clothing.


Blue shirt with a white collar.

Repairing Shirts With a Worn Collar or CuffsThis is a page about repairing shirts with a worn collar or cuffs. Frequently the collar or cuffs on a shirt will wear out before the rest of the garment.


Tie Dyed Heart

Personalizing a Tie Dyed T-Shirt?Once you have dyed the shirt you can use fabric paint or markers, iron ons, or other types of fabric embellishments to personalize your shirt. This is a page about personalizing a tie dyed t-shirt.


Reconstructed Belt on a Budget - finished belt

Reconstructed Belt on a BudgetDo not hesitate to purchase a belt if it's too big, it is fixable (if the belt has screws)! I purchased this belt for my fiancé for 90% off at Kohl's for only $2.80, originally $28. The belt is a size 42 which is not his size. You are able to customize the belt to the desired waist/belt size.


Swirl pattern tie dye shirt.

Setting the Dye When Making Tie-dye Clothing?When making tie-dyed clothing an important step before you finish the project is to set the dye. This is a page about setting the dye when making tie-dye clothing.


DIY Arm Warmers from Socks - check fit

DIY Arm Warmers from SocksThis is a page about DIY arm warmers made from socks. Follow the detailed instructions to make cute arm warmers from any pair of knee socks. This could become addictive so buy lots of socks.


Chihuahua Clothing Patterns?This is a page about Chihuahua clothing patterns. Making clothing for small dogs is a fun creative pastime. There are many sources for the patterns to make your pup a stylish wardrobe.


red shoes with feathers

Decorating ShoesThis is a page about decorating shoes. You can personalize your plain shoes by decorating them in a wide variety of ways.


DIY Turkish Fez - fully decorated fez

DIY Turkish FezThis elaborate fez is easy to make following the instructions in this page. This is a page about a DIY Turkish fez.




Make Your Own Bra ExtendersMy bras started getting too tight and were extremely uncomfortable. My bras are still in very good condition and all I needed was an extra inch in the band width, so I found my answer on this website.


gold duct taped athletic shoe

Decorating Shoes With Duct TapeThis is a page about decorating shoes with duct tape. An easy way to give old footwear a new life is to add sturdy colorful duct tape to the surface of the shoes.


Plastic Canvas Purse

Plastic Canvas Purse PatternsThis page contains plastic canvas purse patterns. A flexible material that can be fashioned into many useful things.


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Homemade Sock Protectors?Does anyone know the measurements to make sock protectors?


Trimming the end of the belt.

Belt with Braided BarkOriginal accessories will stand you out from the crowd. I figured out how to make this original belt decorated with braided bark. It is very easy to make, especially if you know how to braid 3 strands.


The braided ribbon belt.

New Braided Belt From an Old BeltEven if your old belt looks very disgusting, don't rush to throw it away. Use the buckle and double sided satin ribbon to braid a new cute unique belt.


DIY T-shirt - finished t-shirt with jiu jitsu themed print

DIY T-shirtI didn't want to pay the high price of a personalized type t-shirt, so I made my own for my granddaughter who is very involved in the sport of jiu-jitsu.


How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a Bag  - tote bag and shorts

How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a BagTurning a pair of pants into a pair of shorts and a matching bag is fun and easy to do. I've had these eccentric pants for decades and I thought it was time for a change as the days warm up.


Five Step Tie Dye Sneakers - finished sneakers

Five Step Tie Dye SneakersTransform a pair of plain white sneakers into a tie dye accessory. This page offers some ideas for easily making tie dye sneakers in five steps.


Flames of Love Tie Dye T-Shirt - pretty long sleeve tie dye shirt

Making a Flames of Love Tie Dye T-ShirtTransform an inexpensive t-shirt into a stunning two color tie dye wearable art work. The project on this page provides detailed instructions and photos of the process.


Jean Embelished Shirt Finished

Making a Jean Embellished SweatshirtUse the waist, zipper, seams, and pockets from a pair of jeans to create a unique embellished sweatshirt. The directions are found on this page.


DIY Off-Shoulder Top - off the shoulder sweatshirt modeled by the maker

DIY Off-Shoulder TopThis page contains instructions and photos to help you make an off-shoulder top from a typical sweatshirt. Making your own DIY off-should top saves money and allows you to choose the color and fabric of your choice.


Tie-dyeing a Wedding Dress - strapless white satin wedding dress

Tie-dyeing a Wedding Dress?I am needing to know if it is possible to tie-dye my wedding dress for my hippie, gypsy, bohemian wedding theme?



A person marking the hemline of jeans in order to alter them.

Altering ClothingThere are several good reasons to alter clothing you already own. For example, you can improve the fit, change the style, or lengthen or shorten pants as needed to get more wear out of children's clothing. This is a page about altering clothing.


Man wearing a t-shirt.

Covering Up Logos on Clothing?There are at least a couple of easy ways to cover up a clothing logo. You can use iron-on or sew on appliqués or make your own from material similar in fabric content to the clothing you are working with. This is a page about covering up logos on clothing.


Craft table full of things to decorate headbands with beads.

Headband Craft IdeasThere are many ways to make your own headband. Some methods may depend on having crafting skills such as crochet or knitting. You may also embellish store bought bands for special occasions and to complete costumes. This page contains headband craft ideas.


Grey and black wedding dress.

Dyeing a White Wedding Dress Black?Dyeing a wedding dress black can make for a stark look or even a great costume idea. This is a page about dyeing a white wedding dress black.


Red t-shirt painted with small daisies.

How to Paint a Red T-shirt?Painting designs on red or dark colored shirts can often require a base coat of a lighter color so the design can pop. This is a page about how to paint a red t-shirt.


Corset-Back T-shirt - view of finished tee being worn

Corset-Back T-shirtThis is a simple way to turn any tee into a chic corset tie-up shirt. All you need is a shirt, scissors, and some sturdy ribbon.


Hand Embroidered Modified T-Shirt - woman wearing the finished shirt

Hand Embroidered Modified T-ShirtThis tutorial will give a feminine flair to a plain boring unisex/men's t-shirt using four waist darts, two in front, two smaller ones in back. The design is hand stitched, and the lace edging on the sleeves was attached using a decorative machine stitch.


Dyeing a Wedding Veil - wedding veil with rhinestones

Dyeing a Wedding Veil?I have a white wedding veil that I would like to dye a blush pink, but it has rhinestones on it. Will I ruin the stones if I dye it and what's the best dye to use on a veil?


Woman sewing button to shirt

Changing the Direction of Shirt ButtonsThis is a page about changing the direction a shirt buttons. Changing the direction of button closure can be done fairly easily. Follow the steps in this post to accomplish this clothing alteration task.


Modern T-shirt Yarn Necklace - finished necklace

How to Make a T-shirt Yarn NecklaceYou can use an old T-shirt to make yarn that can be crocheted to make all sorts of items, even a necklace. This is a page about how to make a T-shirt yarn necklace.


Make Capes from Favorite T-Shirts

Make Capes from Favorite T-ShirtsRework your child's favorite t-shirt into a fun cape. This is a page about make capes from favorite t-shirts.


old sweaters

Make Arm and Leg Warmers from SweatersOld sweaters, especially wool ones, work quite well for making cozy arm and leg warmers. This is a page about make arm and leg warmers from sweaters.


finished shirt 1

Swirl Tie Dye PatternThe swirl tie dye pattern may look complicated, but it is in fact very easy to make. This is a page about making a swirl tie dye pattern.


Bulls Eye Tie Dye Shirt

Bull's Eye Tie Dye PatternThere are several tie dye pattern variations you can try. This is a page about making a bull's eye tie dye pattern.


Capri Pants

Shrinking CaprisWhile you may be able to shrink capris that are too large, your best bet might be to take them in. This is a page about shrinking capris.


Dollar Store Decorated Headband - Finished headband

Decorating a Dollar Store HeadbandDecorate your head band from the dollar store with a cute butterfly. This is a page about decorating a dollar store headband.


pink blouse with white layer

Making a Layered-Look T-ShirtIt can be easy to add more color and length to a t-shirt by repurposing parts of an old shirt. This is a page about making a layered look t-shirt.


No-Sew Fleece Scarf - Finished scarf being worn.

Making a No-Sew Fleece ScarfThis is a page about making a no-sew fleece scarf. Because you don't really need to hem fleece fabric it is a good choice for making quick and easy scarves.


hemmed jeans

Hemming JeansIf your jeans need adjusting it is best to hem them properly after sizing. This is a page about hemming jeans.


No-Sew Bandana Skirt and Top

Making a No-Sew Bandana Skirt and TopThis is a page about making a no-sew bandana skirt and top. All you need is some bandanas to make this no-sew outfit.


Lengthening a Dress - dress hanging on the back of a door

Lengthening a DressThis is a page about lengthening a dress. Sometimes an outfit needs alterations to suit your own personal preferences.


Yarn Flower Hair Clip - finished  clip with yellow yarn flowers

Making a Yarn Flower Hair ClipThis is a page about yarn flower hair clip. This cute yarn flower hair clip is easy to make in a variety of colors.


Fall Flower Accessory 2

Making a Fabric Floral Autumn AccessoryThis is a page about making a fabric floral autumn accessory. This pretty fabric accessory project, made up in fall colors, will complement any outfit.


Glam Shoes

Making Glitter High Heel ShoesThis is a page about making glitter high heel shoes. Glam up a pair of plain or older shoes by applying a coating of glitter.


Altering Pants Into Capris

Altering Pants Into CaprisThis is a page about altering pants into capris. Give an older or unused pair of long pants a new lease on fashion life by cutting them down into capris.


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Letting Down a Hem on a Skirt?I've had to take down my daughter's school skirt. I thought all was good then I saw the colour of the material that was hemmed up was like new and not "faded" like the rest of the skirt.


Crossover Purse Strap

Crossover Purse StrapI don't like the narrow crossover straps that come with purses. With a belt and a few minutes, you can make a very nice, comfortable alternative.


A pair of fuzzy socks with rubber dots on the bottom to help stop slipping

Making Non-Slip Socks?This is a page about making non-slip socks. Non-slip socks are great for wearing around the house. You can easily make your own version without the expense of buying these speciality socks.


Close up image of a pair of jeans with rips, runs, and shredded areas

Making Distressed JeansThis is a page about making distressed jeans. Why pay extra for distressed jeans when you can create the effect at home.


Knit baby pants sweater and bootie set laying on a white background.

Making Clothing for a Premature Baby?This is a page about making clothing for a premature baby. Premature babies can be too small to find appropriately sized patterns for making them clothes.


Uses for Pillowcases, Yellow Pillowcase Skirt

Making a Pillowcase SkirtThis is a page about making a pillowcase skirt. A pretty pillowcase can be easily and quickly made into a simple skirt.


Making Zipper Hair Clips

Making Zipper Hair ClipsThis is a page about making zipper hair clips. Hair clips can be made from all sorts of items, these cute clips are made from zippers.


Decorating Ordinary Socks

Decorating Ordinary SocksThis is a page about decorating ordinary socks. Create a unique pair of socks by adding your own decorations.


Design Your Own Silk Scarf

Design Your Own Silk ScarfThis is a page about design your own silk scarf. A silk scarf is a nice thing to have. make it person to you by designing your own.


child getting soccer player's autograph

Transferring an Autograph to a Shoe?This is a page about transferring an autograph to a shoe. A unique way of displaying an important autograph would be to transfer it to a piece of clothing, such as a shoe, particularly if it is from an athlete.


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Altering the Neckline on a Pajama Top?How do I make a too large neckline smaller, without taking all the seams out? I just want to keep it from falling off my very narrow shoulders, it is a PJ top made of jersey knit. I am an elderly beginner.


child wearing fancy flowered hat

Making a Garden Party Hat?This is a page about making a garden party hat. Whether you are making a fancy garden party hat for yourself or helping a child make one as a school project this can be a fun, creative project.


sequin iron-on transfers

Using an Iron-on TransferThis is a page about using an iron-on transfer. An easy and fun way to decorate clothing and home decor items is to use iron-on transfers. You can use either ones you have created yourself or ones purchased at your local craft store.


custom bleached denim with an intricate design

Bleaching DenimThis is a page about bleaching denim. Your denim clothing can be bleached to lighten a dark color or you can get creative and bleach designs onto the fabric.


ballon barrette

Making a Balloon Bouquet BarretteThis is a page about making a balloon bouquet barrette. A inexpensive, colorful hair accessory can be fashioned with balloons and a plain barrette.


Monopoly Money Belt

Making a Monopoly Money BeltThis is a page about making a Monopoly money belt. Sometimes you can buy extra Monopoly money at the thriftstore. Even if you don't need it for your game, use it to make this fun "money" belt.


Quick and Easy Skirt

Making a Quick and Easy SkirtThis is a page about making a quick and easy skirt. Even a beginning sewer can make a stylishly simple skirt in short order.


heart patches on jeans

Decorating ClothingThis is a page about decorating clothing. There are many fun ways to embellish clothes with beads, paint, glitter and fabric.


Decorating Clothing with Ribbon

Decorating Clothing with RibbonThis is a page about decorating clothing with ribbon. You can easily enhance the look of a rather plain piece of clothing by adding some ribbon or trim.


A load of red dyed clothing in a front loader washing machine.

Dyeing Clothing in the Washing MachineThis is a page about dyeing clothes in the washing machine. Changing or maintaining the color of your clothes can be done simply in your washing machine, but can also create a big mess.


colorful paints

Painting Sneakers?This page is about painting sneakers. To give extended life or a new look to your shoes, you may be able to paint them.


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Converting Hospital Scrubs into Clothing?I was given 4 tubs of hospital scrubs to recycle into articles of clothing to be send to the villages in Africa (the mission field). Anyone have ideas or patterns I can use?


Cloth Diapers

Making Cloth DiapersThis page is about making cloth diapers. A very green way to deal with your diaper needs is to make your own.


Flower Shirt

Making a Flower ShirtThis is a page about making a flower shirt. If you want to dress up a plain shirt or update an older one, try adding some handmade fabric flowers.


Tie Dye T-shirt

Making Tie Dye ClothesThis page is about making tie dye clothes. Create your own patterns with this fabric tying and dyeing project using the colors you want.


Pink Camisole

Making a Mastectomy Camisole?This is a page about making a mastectomy camisole. With some simple sewing skills you can make alterations to a camisole and convert it into a mastectomy camisole.



Tightening T-shirt Sleeves?This is a page about tightening t-shirt sleeves. Sometimes the perfect t-shirt has sleeves that are too full and baggy. It is easy to make some adjustments so that they fit the way you would like.


making a cloak

Making a Cloak?This is a page about making a cloak. Although currently often used as part of a costume, a cloak is also a stylish way to keep warm, and very retro.


Recycled Summer Top

Recycled Summer TopsThis is a page about recycled summer tops. By reworking some of your other clothing, such as long sleeved shirts, you can make some really cute tops for summer.


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Making Dip-Dyed Clothing?This is a page about making dip-dyed clothing. Dip dyeing clothing is a fun way to create gradient dyed clothes.



Buying Zippers?This is a page about buying zippers. Zippers come in several styles as well as multiple lengths. When buying a zipper for a new clothing project or as a replacement you will need to shop for just the right one. Sometimes finding what you need can be difficult.


Knitted Sweaters

Making a Liner for a Knitted Sweater?This is a page about making a liner for a knitted sweater. A liner for your sweater makes for a finished look, as well as protects your skin from itching caused by wool sweaters.


Shorts made from blue jeans.

Making Shorts Out of PantsThis is a page about making shorts out of pants. Bring new life to a worn out or out of style pair of pants by making them into shorts.


Poodle Skirt

Making a Poodle Skirt?This is a page about making a poodle skirt. Poodle shirts popular in the 1950s, are still a fun project to make for everyday retro clothing, Halloween, or other special occasions.


girl in a summer dress

Repairing Elastic Smocking on a Dress?This is a page about repairing elastic smocking on a dress. Repairing damaged or worn elastic smocking can seem daunting.


Making a Scarf

Making a ScarfThis is a page about making a scarf. There are so many techniques you can use to hand make a beautiful or funky scarf.



Shortening Jeans?This is a page about shortening jeans. Often you can find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the waist, but are too long.


childrens pants

Lengthening Children's ClothingThis is a page about lengthening children's clothing. Children often outgrow their clothing in the length long before they outgrow the waist.


Vintage Button Cover

Protecting Delicate or Vintage Buttons in the...This is a page about protecting delicate or vintage buttons in the wash. Washing clothing with delicate buttons in the machine can damage them.


Cardigan made from altering a sweater.

Make a Cardigan From a SweaterThis is a page about how to make a cardigan from a sweater. Take that too tight or ill fitting sweater and remake it into a cardigan.


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Redoing Shoes?I want to make them have a completely new look, different look, without dying or putting ornaments on it. I mean reconstructing the boot or shoe into a new style.


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DIY T-shirt - finished t-shirt with jiu jitsu themed print

DIY T-shirtI didn't want to pay the high price of a personalized type t-shirt, so I made my own for my granddaughter who is very involved in the sport of jiu-jitsu.


Altering Clothes to FitMore Snuggly- pants showing taken in sides

Altering Clothes to Fit More SnugglyYou ever have clothes that you wish were a size or two smaller? This tip is what I do to all my clothes that I want them to fit snug.


The braided ribbon belt.

New Braided Belt From an Old BeltEven if your old belt looks very disgusting, don't rush to throw it away. Use the buckle and double sided satin ribbon to braid a new cute unique belt.


Trimming the end of the belt.

Belt with Braided BarkOriginal accessories will stand you out from the crowd. I figured out how to make this original belt decorated with braided bark. It is very easy to make, especially if you know how to braid 3 strands.


Foil Spiders - two spiders next to each other

Foil SpidersAfter reading a story about spiders, the kids and their friends wanted to make a spider craft. They all had a blast playing with their spider friends! This would be a fun craft for Halloween as well.


Five Step Tie Dye Sneakers - finished sneakers

Five Step Tie Dye SneakersEveryone is stuck at home right now and might be getting a little bored. I am! While giving in to one of my guilty pleasures searching the Internet, I saw a bunch of craft ideas and DYIs so it gave me an idea. Tie dye is really creative and fun especially for those who have little kids that are a little energetic and restless.


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Swirl Tie Dye Pattern

Swirl Tie Dye PatternWhile the swirl pattern looks complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to make. Learn how to do it with this short video.


Girl wearing tutu

Making a No Sew TutuThis short video shows you how to make your own no sew tutu.


Homemade Screen Printed T-Shirt

Homemade Screen Printed T-ShirtThis video shows you the steps to making your own screen printed t-shirts.


Bull's Eye Tie Dye Pattern

Bull's Eye Tie Dye PatternTie dyeing is a fun family project. Check out this video and learn how to make the bull's eye pattern.


A pair of shoes that have been painted with gold glitter.

Making Glitter High Heel ShoesTake a favorite but worn pair of shoes and update them to fabulous. Learn how to make them with this short video.


Glam Shoes

Glam ShoesHere is a fun way to spunk up an old pair of shoes. Learn how to make your own glitter shoes with this short video.


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Painting T-Shirts?Are there any tricks to painting on a T-shirt? How do you get the paint to set and will it be permanent if you let it dry? Does it work to use a grocery bag between the layers?


Covering Logos on Clothing - red knit shirts

Covering Logos on Clothing?I have an Aeropostale logo on my work shirts. Actually two of them, and my boss just told me after 3 months of wearing them that I cannot wear them with the logos. I don't want to go out and pay $18 a piece + S/H for shirts for my job that have their logo. So I have tried fabric paint. I don't have a clue as to how to remove the embroidery without putting a hole in my favorite work shirts!


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Replacing Stretched Out Elastic in a Waistband?My mother-in-law gave me a flat front skirt with an elastic back waistband that has lost it's stretch. Her waist is 29". The flat front is 8". Would I cut a 21" piece of elastic and just sew it to the inside waistband over the stretched out elastic?


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Altering a Blouse?I buy blouses a larger size so the shoulders fit, however, they are always too large in the bust area. What is the best way to alter them to fit?


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Updating Women's Slacks?How can long wider strait leg women's slacks be updated to look contemporary?


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Setting Clothing Dye?Can I put all of my dyed clothes in the same bucket to set the dye or do I have to do it separately?


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