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This page contains tips, projects, and how to information about making alterations to clothing.

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Repairing Faded Hemline When Lengthening Jeans

Removing a Hemline From Jeans?Oftentimes, jeans need to be altered to fit correctly but this could leave a discolored or creased hem line. This is a page about removing a hem line from jeans.


Reconstructed Belt on a Budget - finished belt

Reconstructed Belt on a BudgetDo not hesitate to purchase a belt if it's too big, it is fixable (if the belt has screws)! I purchased this belt for my fiancé for 90% off at Kohl's for only $2.80, originally $28. The belt is a size 42 which is not his size. You are able to customize the belt to the desired waist/belt size.


A person marking the hemline of jeans in order to alter them.

Altering ClothingThere are several good reasons to alter clothing you already own. For example, you can improve the fit, change the style, or lengthen or shorten pants as needed to get more wear out of children's clothing. This is a page about altering clothing.


Woman sewing button to shirt

Changing the Direction of Shirt ButtonsThis is a page about changing the direction a shirt buttons. Changing the direction of button closure can be done fairly easily. Follow the steps in this post to accomplish this clothing alteration task.


Capri Pants

Shrinking CaprisWhile you may be able to shrink capris that are too large, your best bet might be to take them in. This is a page about shrinking capris.


hemmed jeans

Hemming JeansIf your jeans need adjusting it is best to hem them properly after sizing. This is a page about hemming jeans.


Lengthening a Dress - dress hanging on the back of a door

Lengthening a DressThis is a page about lengthening a dress. Sometimes an outfit needs alterations to suit your own personal preferences.


Altering Pants Into Capris

Altering Pants Into CaprisThis is a page about altering pants into capris. Give an older or unused pair of long pants a new lease on fashion life by cutting them down into capris.


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Letting Down a Hem on a Skirt?I've had to take down my daughter's school skirt. I thought all was good then I saw the colour of the material that was hemmed up was like new and not "faded" like the rest of the skirt.


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Altering the Neckline on a Pajama Top?How do I make a too large neckline smaller, without taking all the seams out? I just want to keep it from falling off my very narrow shoulders, it is a PJ top made of jersey knit. I am an elderly beginner.


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Converting Hospital Scrubs into Clothing?I was given 4 tubs of hospital scrubs to recycle into articles of clothing to be send to the villages in Africa (the mission field). Anyone have ideas or patterns I can use?



Pink Camisole

Making a Mastectomy Camisole?This is a page about making a mastectomy camisole. With some simple sewing skills you can make alterations to a camisole and convert it into a mastectomy camisole.



Tightening T-shirt Sleeves?This is a page about tightening t-shirt sleeves. Sometimes the perfect t-shirt has sleeves that are too full and baggy. It is easy to make some adjustments so that they fit the way you would like.


Recycled Summer Top

Recycled Summer TopsThis is a page about recycled summer tops. By reworking some of your other clothing, such as long sleeved shirts, you can make some really cute tops for summer.


Shorts made from blue jeans.

Making Shorts Out of PantsThis is a page about making shorts out of pants. Bring new life to a worn out or out of style pair of pants by making them into shorts.



Shortening Jeans?This is a page about shortening jeans. Often you can find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the waist, but are too long.


childrens pants

Lengthening Children's ClothingThis is a page about lengthening children's clothing. Children often outgrow their clothing in the length long before they outgrow the waist.


Cardigan made from altering a sweater.

Make a Cardigan From a SweaterThis is a page about how to make a cardigan from a sweater. Take that too tight or ill fitting sweater and remake it into a cardigan.


Shortening Pants or Sleeves

Shortening Pants or SleevesThis is a page about shortening pants or sleeves. It can be frustrating to go shopping and find clothing that fits perfectly except for the sleeve or pants leg length.


Resizing a Hat

Resizing a HatThis is a page about resizing a hat. When you find just the right, hat but it is too large, try resizing it.


Altering Clothing on Sewing Machine

Altering Old Clothing Into New OutfitsThis is a page about altering old clothing into new clothes. You can reuse many of those clothes you were thinking of getting rid of, with some do-it-yourself alterations.


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Shortening the Stride in Men's Pants?How do I shorten the stride in men's pants to fit a young boy?


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Altering Jeans to Replace Button and Zipper with Elastic or Velcro?My husband is disabled and has issues with the zipper and button on his jeans. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to make an elastic waist in his jeans. Thanks!


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Altering a Skirt to Make Pants or Shorts?How can I turn a wide skirt into pants or shorts without taking the waistband off?


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Altering an Adult Necktie to Fit a Child?How can I use an adult necktie and turn it into a child's necktie?


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Moving Buttons on Blouse to Alter Bust Size?Has anyone ever moved the buttons on their blouse closer to the edge to have more room in the bust of the blouse? I am a size D cup, and have a terrible time finding blouses that fit. So, my fiance suggested moving the buttons over a bit.



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How Do I Make Ankle Socks from Long Socks?How do I cut off long socks and make them ankle socks?


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Link: Hemming JeansHow to Hem Jeans! I found this tip several years ago and I love, love, love it! If you do it correctly, you can't even tell they have been hemmed. It works on other pants, slacks, etc.


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How Can I Alter a Pair of Child's PJs That Are Too Small?My son outgrew a pair of pj's that are adorable, and I would like for him to get more use out of them. They have a hole in the toe, so I thought of maybe cutting the feet off, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for a pj remake?


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Adding Pockets to Leggings?I need pockets for leggings with no pockets.


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Altering the Waist Size on Jeans?I need advice with enlarging the waist on a pair of jeans that zip on the side. There are buttons on the front. I don't want the buttons to appear off center, but the zipper will not zip. Can I do something with the back? I need to add 2 to 3 inches to these.


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Making Pants Shorter?How do I cut off and re-hem pants with a V cut on the outside of pant's legs? Thank you.


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Dyeing Part of My Jeans?How can I dye the knees and shins of my blue jeans different colors (like red, green, etc.)?


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Giving a Sweatshirt a Makeover?I was given a very nice sweatshirt recently that was very large and roomy (which I like) but I need to do some makeover on it before I can wear it. I have cut off several inches of the sleeves and also cut off the elastic waist band at the bottom as I like my sweatshirts hanging straight down. Now what? Any creative people out there who can give me some ideas? I would certainly appreciate it. I have a sewing machine so that is no prob. Thanks you.


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Resizing a Big T-shirt

Need to take in a huge T-shirt? Hate pinning? Turn it inside out and have a friend staple around the edges until it fits. Sew 1/2 inch inside the staples and then trim off excess. Fast!


Use a Handmade Patch to Cover a Stain or Ad

Use a Handmade Patch to Cover a Stain or AdIf you find a big stain on the front of your infants onesie or child's t-shirt, or would rather not be advertising some company name splashed across the front, cover it up with a hand-made patch!


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Slacks Too Large In The Legs?How do I take up slacks that are too large in the legs? The pants fit in the waist and stomach.


Getting the Perfect Length on Cut-off Pants - pink pants and the bottom of a pair of grey pants

Getting the Perfect Length on Cut-off PantsI recently found some cool pedal pushers in my community center. I hate the length, but they fit for shorts, so I had to cut them down. Sometimes, getting each leg the same is a challenge.


ironing with a press cloth

Use Vinegar When Lengthening GarmentsSometimes when you lengthen a garment the crease line from the previous hem remains. The way to get rid of that is to moisten the crease with vinegar, and iron on the hottest setting allowable for the fabric. I always use a press cloth to protect the fabric.


DIY Off-Shoulder Top - off the shoulder sweatshirt modeled by the maker

DIY Off-Shoulder TopI was looking to buy an off-shoulder sweatshirt when I noticed that most of them cost $10 to $15 more than their pre-cut counterparts. There is a super simple way to cut them to make them hang off your shoulder just right. Here's how to do it.


hemmed jeans

Hemming Jeans Like a ProThere is a way to hem jeans that preserves the original stitching. In my area it is called a "special hem", and costs a lot extra if the store or a seamstress does it. Not only is the original stitching saved, but you do not cut any excess fabric away.


dress with extra length added

Lengthening a DressSo I found a really cute dress at a super great price the other day. The only problem is it is way too short! I couldn't find another one. This was too cute to pass up, so I decided I would get it anyway and fix it myself. It was very quick, very easy, and now I get to wear my dress.


Altering Clothes to FitMore Snuggly- pants showing taken in sides

Altering Clothes to Fit More SnugglyYou ever have clothes that you wish were a size or two smaller? This tip is what I do to all my clothes that I want them to fit snug.


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Altering a Blouse?I buy blouses a larger size so the shoulders fit, however, they are always too large in the bust area. What is the best way to alter them to fit?


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Stretching the Waist of a Dress?How can I stretch the waist of a dress?


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Replacing Stretched Out Elastic in a Waistband?My mother-in-law gave me a flat front skirt with an elastic back waistband that has lost it's stretch. Her waist is 29". The flat front is 8". Would I cut a 21" piece of elastic and just sew it to the inside waistband over the stretched out elastic?



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Altering a Blouse?I'm almost 8 months pregnant and I picked up a fabulous floral cotton blouse at a flea market. It fits wonderfully across my tummy with room to grow, but it gapes under my arms and there seems to be too much fabric around the neckline/bust if that makes sense. How can I make it fit better?


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Shortening the Sleeves on a Long Sleeve Shirt?My husband's long sleeve shirts are always too long. Is it possible to shorten the sleeves myself?


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Fixing a Blouse That Is Too Tight at Hips?I just bought a brand new blouse online. It fits nicely, however, the lower part of the blouse feels tight across my hips when I button up the last button.


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