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This page contains do it yourself paper craft projects and tips.

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Papier Mache Clay

Papier Mache Clay Recipe?Paper mache clay may be used to mold sculptures and make masks. Paper mache clay can be used in the place of traditional moistened newspaper strips and dries much harder, too. This page is about paper mache clay recipes.


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Making a Paper Autumn Leaf GarlandThis is a page about making a paper autumn leaf garland. These autumn colored paper leaves join together to make a lovely decorative garland.


Pleated Paper Butterfly - four completed butterflies

How to Make a Pleated Paper ButterflyThese pretty folded paper butterflies are easy to make. Make several to hang individually or perhaps as a mobile. This is a page about how to make a pleated paper butterfly.


Dollar Bill Rose

Making a Dollar Bill RoseGiving money as a gift is even more fun if you know how to fold money into interesting shapes. This is a page about making a dollar bill rose.


Making Fall Greeting Cards

Making Fall Birthday and Greeting CardsThis is a page about making fall birthday and greeting cards. Use a variety of fall motifs and make your own greeting cards.


finished card

Making a Shabby Chic Greeting CardThis is a page about making a shabby chic greeting card. By choosing special embellishments you can create a lovely vintage greeting card that can be used for many occasions.



Paper Bags

Crafts Using Paper BagsThis is a page about crafts using paper bags. A brown paper bag can be used to make simple, fun holiday puppets and crafts.


Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Making a Paper Mache Hot Air BalloonThis page is about making a paper mache hot air balloon. You can make a cute little paper mache hot air balloon with just newspaper strips, flour, water, paints, and an inflated balloon.


Birthday card in the shape of a cake with candles.

Homemade Birthday CardsThis is a page about homemade birthday cards. A homemade birthday card is not only fun to make, but it is a gift in itself, to receive. Children can make cards for friends and family. You don't need expensive tools to handcraft cards, just basic supplies and lots of imagination.


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Scrapbooking Certificates And Awards?I would like to put all my kids school awards/certificates, school pictures, etc. in a photo album or scrapbook. Which would be more appropriate? I also want to be able to write notes maybe with a gold pen on each page about what was going on at the time the award was received. I can't decide if a photo album or scrapbook will be easier as I have no knowledge about scrapbooking. Your opinion will be appreciated.


Paper Doily Envelope - finished envelope

How to Make a Paper Doily EnvelopeThis page contains the steps needed to fold a paper doily into a pretty envelope. This is a page about how to make a paper doily envelope.


"Stained Glass" Paper Crafts

"Stained Glass" Paper CraftsThis is a page about "stained glass" paper crafts. You can use colored paper to create beautiful faux stained glass projects.


Photo of two origami baskets

Making an Origami BasketMaking an origami basket is an essay to make place to store things or even as a gift basket. This is a page about making an origami basket.


Making Paper Roses

Making Paper RosesThis is a page about making paper roses. Paper roses are a simple, yet elegant decoration. Using brightly color papers you can create a bouquet that never wilts.


Wallpaper Rolls

Craft Uses for Wallpaper and...This is a page about craft uses for wallpaper and wallpaper borders. Besides remodeling walls, this sturdy paper can be used for a variety of decoupage and other paper craft projects.


Displaying Concert Ticket Stubs

Displaying Concert Ticket Stubs?This is a page about displaying concert ticket stubs. There are fun ways to exibit your memorabilia from shows you've had the opportunity to attend.


Make Your Own Photo Postcards - finished postcards ready to send

Make Your Own Photo PostcardsPersonal photos can be used to create unique postcards to send to friends and family. This is a page about make your own photo postcards.


Origami Garbage Bin

Making an Origami Garbage BinUsing the art of Japanese paper folding, you can make an attractive refuse container from recycled paper. This is a page about making an origami garbage bin.


A closeup of a wreath made from paper rosettes.

Making a Paper Rosette Wreath from Book PagesThis is a page about making a paper rosette wreath from book pages. If you have damaged books, this is the perfect craft to try.


Making Signs for a Parade or March

Making Signs for a Parade, Protest or MarchThere are many occasions when you need a sign to identify your group or to send a message in protest or support, when involved in a parade, march, protest or other large event. Find advice about making carrying, and protecting signs in this handy guide.


Blue Tissue Paper Sticking out of Green Gift Bag

Crafts Using Tissue PaperThis is a page about crafts using tissue paper. We often receive gifts wrapped in tissue paper; reuse it to create new craft projects.



Origami Chopstick Wrapper

Origami Chopstick WrapperThis is a page about making an origami chopstick wrapper. Put your origami skills to use or try this project if you are a beginner, and make these pretty chopstick wrappers for a special occasion.


Making Paper Mache Masks

Paper Mache MasksThis is a page about paper mache masks. Paper mache is a fun medium for making masks. You and your kids will love this craft.


Watercolor Christmas card.

Making Watercolor CardsThis page is about making watercolor cards. Fashioning your own greeting cards makes them special and unique.


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Shopping for Miss Elizabeth Scrapbook Supplies?I have purchased Miss Elizabeth's scrapbooking paper and stickers from the Dollar Tree and now can't to seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone have any clue where they are selling them now?


man in hospital bed reading a get well card

Making Homemade Get Well CardsThis is a page about making homemade get well cards. Making a special get well card for a friend or family member adds an extra level of care to your sentiment.


Making Newspaper Flowers

Making Newspaper FlowersNewspapers have long been put to a variety of uses. One fun craft project is making unique paper flowers. This is a page about making newspaper flowers.


Making Folded Circle Paper Flowers

How to Make Folded Circle Paper FlowersPaper flowers can be made in a variety of ways. This project is made by folding circles in half. Here is how to make folded circle paper flowers that for perfect for decorations or to give as gifts.


3D Orchid in a Jar Card - finished orchid card

3D Orchid in a Jar CardThis is a card I made for my mother because she adores orchids. I used a stamp set to make this, so I've attached the orchid and jar templates for you to print out, colour, and cut out. You can use markers to colour it, then paint some water on top to make this beautiful watercolour look. The card opens vertically so it can stand and be viewed from anywhere in the room!


How to Make a Speedy Recovery Card - finished card, ready to sign and give

How to Make a Speedy Recovery CardThis card is a handmade variation on the generic get well cards found in stores. You can make it more specific, as in this card for someone having hip surgery. Learn how to create your own version using the instructions offered below.


Birthday Balloons Card - finished card

Making a Birthday Balloons CardWhat better theme for a birthday card than balloons. Using circular stickers and yarn makes this an easy project. The instructions, supplies list, and photos follow.


Folded Paper Star - folded paper star

Making a Folded Paper StarPaper stars are fun and easy to make. They can be used in many crafts and as decorations for different holidays. Learn some techniques for making your own.


Naïve House Unisex Birthday Card - finished card

Making a Naïve House Unisex Birthday CardThis simple house card can be made by children or adults alike. This makes a great birthday card or to congratulate someone on their new home.


Vampire Corner Bookmark - done

Making a Vampire Corner BookmarkThis cute bat winged vampire corner bookmark is fun to make. Get the kids involved.


Birthday Gift Card - finished card standing ready to give

Making a Birthday Gift CardInstead of purchasing birthday cards for your loved ones, make them at home. This is a great craft to do with your kids.


Upcycled Coupon to Birthday Card - front of finished card

Upcycled Coupon Birthday CardTurn on your imagination and learn how to upcycle a heart shaped coupon into a fun birthday card. If you don't have a similar coupon make your own heart shape from cardstock.



Macaroni Greeting Card - finished card with a small red bow added in the upper left corner

How to Make a Macaroni Greeting CardMacaroni is a staple crafting supply. Here it is used to create a pretty greeting card decorated with watercolor painted pasta formed into a flower and a pretty butterfly.


Bunch of Flowers Birthday Card - finished card with second flower layer added

Making a Bunch of Flowers Birthday CardMake your own dyed paper using food colors. Then punch out flowers to begin assembling this brightly colored birthday card. Detailed instructions and photos follow.


Up-cycled Gift Box - Christmas paper covered tea box, to use as a gift box

Make an Up-cycled Gift BoxYou can up-cycled a tea box to make a cute, decorated gift box. Using just glue and sturdy craft paper you can decorate the box cardboard for pennies.


Geometric Heart Card - finished card face

How to Make a Geometric Heart CardBeginning with a typical heart shape, trim the shape down squaring off the top lobes. Then play with scraps of paper to layout a geometric mosaic to fill the face of the card. This card can be used for any occasion depending on the inside message.


"I Like You Elote" Multi-occasion Greeting Card - finished card

Making an "I Like You Elote" Greeting CardThese cards are fun to give for Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo, or anytime. You will need craft paper, glitter, cord, scissors, a pen and a few other supplies to design your image of elote or Mexican street corn. Get creative and watch the recipients smile and perhaps get hungry.


Pizza My Heart Card - front of the finished card

Making a Pizza My Heart CardThis greeting card is perfect not only for Valentine's Day, but anniversaries and other occasions. The project's instructions, supplies list, and step by step photos follow.


Flower Vase Mother's Day Card - place message in the vase

How to Make a Flower Vase Mother's Day CardUsing the tutorial for making paper flowers found on this site, or those of your own design, you can create this beautiful card for Mother's Day or any special occasion.


Father's Day Coffee Cup Greeting Card - card an a ceramic coffee cup

How to Make a Father's Day Coffee Cup Greeting CardThis handmade card is perfect for coffee loving dads. Decorate a paper coffee cup and cut in half. Once it is attached to the card, write your greeting and perhaps add some coffee themed small gifts to the cup.


Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting Cards - open card with the string of paper Jack 'O Lanterns

Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting CardsUse your imagination and crafting skills to upgrade inexpensive greeting cards. This page contains a good example.


3D Hot Air Balloon Card - finished card

Making a 3D Hot Air Balloon CardThe person receiving this cute handmade card will definitely appreciate your efforts. The 3D paper balloon soars in a blue sky with puffy white clouds. Instructions follow.


A get well card with a butterfly on a lilac blossom.

Flowers for an ICU PatientDue to the need to keep an ICU patient in a germ free environment, fresh flowers are not allowed. Beautiful photos of flowers can brighten someone's day, and show that you care.


A pocket tag that says "love" with little hearts sticking out of the pocket.

Scrapbook Pocket TagThis fun to make pocketed tag is a great addition to your scrapbook. The step by step instructions follow. It could also be used as a gift tag.


A handmade pink card that resembles a purse.

Making a Daisy Purse CardUse floral paper to make this cute little greeting card in the shape of a purse. The instructions can be found below.


Card, tag, and gift bag.

Making a Flower Gift Card SetMake your own gift card set, including a bag, tag, and card. This one was made using purple cardstock, patterned paper, flower stickers, and ribbons. The complete supplies list and instructions follow.


Finished Bon Voyage Card with foam swimsuits, brush, curling iron attached to cork board with brads.

Making a Bon Voyage CardThis bon voyage card is designed to give to newly wed couple setting off on an island vacation. Learn how to make your own version here.


finished card

Making a Monster Greeting CardThis cute monster greeting card is perfect to give to a child or to speak to the child in us all. Use up those plastic bread bag closures and some googly eyes to create a variety of fun monsters.


An example of Notan, or Japanese paper cutting.

Notan (Japanese Paper Cutting)This Japanese paper cutting craft makes excellent use of positive and negative spaces. Learn how on this page and get creative and expand on the offerings found below.


How to Make a Paper Office Supplies Container - paper office supply container

How to Make a Paper Office Supplies ContainerWith these instructions you can easily make a stiff paper box to organize and store office supplies. It will tidy up the drawer and make your things easy to find.


3D Ice Cream Card - finished card

Making a 3D Ice Cream Greeting CardStart with colored craft paper, a TP tube, mini pom poms, and some sequins and create this fun 3D card. Personalize it for any occasion. It is perfect for your Valentine.


Flower Foam Pen Case and Stand - montage of the multi-purpose flower pen and stand

Making a Flower Foam Pen Case and StandHere's a simple foam, paper and glue craft to make a useful table stand decoration. It is good for storing pens and pencils, too.


Patchwork Greetings Card - finished card with an envelope

Making a Patchwork Greetings CardUse squares cut from a variety of decorative sticky tape patterns to create a patchwork pattern for your handmade greeting card. The instructions for making this pretty card are found on this page.


Fork Printed Flower Birthday Card - finished design glued onto card base

Making a Fork Printed Flower Birthday CardInstead of an artist's brush this pretty card was created using small cake forks and Q-tips to apply the watercolor paints.


Picture Frame Magnet - finished frame with a print of flowers and a dragonfly inside

Making a Rolled Paper Picture Frame MagnetThis beautiful rolled paper picture frame magnet would make a wonderful gift and can be easily customized. It is also a great way to use leftover paper from other projects.


Sweet Birthday Wishes Envelope  Card - front of finished card

Making a Sweet Birthday Wishes Envelope CardThis pretty birthday envelop card is perfect for gifting money or gift cards. Write your message on the flap and it's ready to present to the celebrant.


Mother's Day Teapot Card

Mother's Day Teapot CardCutouts of foam flowers and a paper teapot accent the face of this thoughtful Mother's Day card. Include a personal message and a bag of mom's favorite tea to honor her on this special day.


Watercolor Roses Birthday Card - finished card with pink glitter foam frame

Watercolor Roses Birthday CardUse your artistic talents to create this lovely watercolor roses birthday card. The list of supplies, instructions, and how to photos can be found on this page.


Fall Wreath Birthday Card - finished card with the added ribbon bow

Making a Fall Wreath Birthday CardPaper leaves dyed with food coloring are the centerpiece of this fall wreath birthday card. Make one or more of your own using the instructions and photos found below. The recipients will truly appreciate the special nature of this handcrafted card.


Handprint Monster Happy Birthday Card - cute card

Making a Handprint Monster Birthday CardHandprint crafts are always popular and kids seem to enjoy helping to make them. This handprint monster birthday card is no exception.


You Are TEA-riffic Card - finished card

Making a 'You Are TEA-riffic' Greeting CardThis adorable little 'You Are TEA-riffic' greeting card is perfect for a tea-loving special someone. Its easy to make and you can even customize it with their favorite tea.


3D Kirigami Paper Stars - two stars, one yellow and one orange

Making 3D Kirigami Paper StarsSimilar to origami, kirigami is a paper folding technique that does require some cutting to make your finished creation. It is perfect for making 3D paper stars to use as decorations.


Sea-Loving Adult Coloring Birthday Card - drawing colored with colored pencils and blended for lovely effect

Sea-Loving Adult Coloring Birthday CardUsing a sea motif adult coloring page you can relax and create a lovely birthday card for a friend or family member. This page contains the coloring page needed to construct a sea-loving adult coloring birthday card. You could frame it too.


3D Ornamental Butterfly Birthday Card - finished card

How to Make a 3D Ornamental Butterfly Birthday CardBegin with adult coloring page butterflies and create a beautiful 3D ornamental butterfly birthday card. Everything you need to know before you start this project is contained on this page.


Shades of Pink Birthday Card

Making a Shades of Pink Birthday CardThis pretty pink butterfly motif birthday card is sure to please. This page contains the instructions and photos need for making a shades of pink birthday card.


Sagittarius Constellation Card - finished card with the stars showing through the holes in the card front.

Sagittarius Constellation Greeting CardCreate this personalized constellation card for a late November/December birthday. You can make it for any zodiac sign at any time of the year.


Coolest Pop Card - front of the finished card

How to Make a Coolest Pop Card for Father's DayThis play on words Father's Day card features a Popsicle motif. Learn how to make a "Coolest Pop" card for Father's Day on this page.


How to Make a Paper Phone Stand - rolled paper phone stand with cell phone in place

How to Make a Rolled Paper Cell Phone StandTake leftover recycled paper to make one of these handy rolled paper cell phone stands. It will convienently prop up your phone to ensure easy viewing on your desk or nightstand.


Colorful Summer Bleached Greeting Card - finished card with ribbon bow added to upper left of card

How to Make a Colorful Summer Bleached Greeting CardMaking your own greeting cards is an easy way to make someone feel very special when they receive it. Here is a lovely summertime bleached card that is sure to be loved.


Birthday Parcel Card - finished card with matching envelop

How to Make a Birthday Parcel CardUse a leftover scrap of wrapping paper to make this cute card to match your gift. This page contains directions for making a birthday parcel card.


Greeting card with pink flowers.

Handmade Pink Flower Greeting CardThe soft shades of green and pink used for this project create a sweet and fresh looking greeting card. This is a lovely example of a handmade floral greeting card.


Magical Summer Birthday Card - glue washi tape across the bottom of the card

Magical Summer Birthday CardHave a child fill in the artwork on this coloring page with whatever ice cream flavors they can create. Use the colored page to make a magical summer birthday card.


Finished card tucked inside envelope.

Making Decorative Note CardsUsing samples or leftover pieces of wallpaper, fancy cut scissors, paper punches, and your imagination you can begin the process of creating beautiful handmade note cards to use or give in packets as gifts. This page contains instructions and photos for making decorative note cards.


Finished card.

Handmade Summer Birdhouse CardTrying creating your own handmade summer birdhouse card for the next upcoming greeting card occasion. You will find detailed instructions and photos on this page.


Folded Paper Stars in a Jar - stars spilling from jar

How to Make Folded Paper Stars in a JarThese pretty little stars are made by folding scraps of paper. All you need is small strips of recycled paper in whatever color or pattern you desire.


Crafts Using Newspapers FB montage

Crafts Using NewspaperThere are a variety of ways to repurpose newsprint. Newspaper can an inexpensive way to get creative with your fingernails, make paper flowers, bags, and even seedling pots.


finished card

Homemade "I Be-Leaf It's Your Birthday" CardThis fall birthday card utilizes a fabric leaf skeleton to create a fun net skirt wearing, dancing leaf. Try your hand at this homemade "I Be-Leaf It's Your Birthday" card.


Magnetic Bookmarks - variety of completed bookmarks

How to Make Magnetic BookmarksAdd thin magnets to colorful paper scraps to make these handy magnetic bookmarks. It's a cute way to keep your place in any book without damage.


Tiny Paper Umbrella

How to Make Tiny Paper UmbrellasMake these tiny paper umbrellas as drink decorations for your next party. Any color or pattern of paper can be used for any theme.


finished card

Handmade Forest Butterfly Birthday CardThe detailed instructions and photos make it easy to craft this lovely forest butterfly birthday card. Butterflies are a favorite card motif and this one will surely be appreciated by the recipient.


finished card

Handmade Owl Greeting CardOwls seem to symbolize fall in many ways. We see their image on cards and other fall and Halloween craft projects. Follow the detailed instructions to create this handmade owl greeting card.


Homemade #1 Dad Card - make a bow with the belt ribbon, trim ends, and glue onto card

Homemade #1 Dad CardFather's Day is coming up. Make Dad this fun #1 Dad card. This page contains the drawing for you to print out, as well as, detailed instructions and photos to make this craft a fun and easy project.


Finished card.

Picket Fence Butterfly CardButterflies and picket fences bring up thoughts of the countryside or lovely gardens. Make this greeting card featuring a beautiful butterfly fluttering above a white picket fence to give for a variety of occasions.


Crab Handprint Card - add message

How to Make a Crab Handprint CardProperly aligned red handprint cutouts create a fun crab handprint card that can be given for any occasion. Learn how to make one today.


Cut Out "MOM" Card for Mother's Day - side view of the standing card

How to Make a Cutout "MOM" CardThis standing MOM card is the perfect way to wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day. She will treasure it even more because you made it. Gather some magazine pages, or other decorative paper, and get to work. This card concept can of course be used for many occasions.


Flower Card Finished

Easy Flower Card for Any OccasionThis easy flower card can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, sympathy or pretty much any occasion. This would be a fun project for kids.


Butterfly Birthday Card

Handmade Butterfly Birthday Card with Matching Gift TagThis handmade butterfly birthday card with matching gift tag could be just the project your want to take on for your next craft. It is perfect for gift giving any time, but spring and summer do call for such a motif.



How to Make a Blank ScrapbookScrapbooks are so useful for journaling, sketching or writing lists to keep you organized. They are easy to make at home, using recycled scrap paper.


finished card

Trio of Butterflies Party InvitationButterflies are popular for spring and summer invitations and greeting cards. These beautiful butterfly invitations are made using brightly colored cardstock and a rubber stamp.


Handmade Pinwheel Mobile - view of hanging mobile from the underside

Handmade Pinwheel MobileMake a beautiful and eyecatching mobile by making pinwheels from paper. They are easy to make with supplies you probably already have at home.


Penguin Handprint Card - card with personal message added

Making a Penguin Handprint CardChildren and parents alike love handprint artworks. This cute card is no exception. This page is about making a penguin handprint card.


Tulip Straw Flowers  - repeat on other flowers

How to Make Paper Straw TulipsPaper straws are inserted into colorful folded paper tulips to make a recyclable flower arrangement, perfect for spring. This is a page about how to make paper straw tulips.


Finished card.

Patriotic Birthday CardUse red, white and blue to create this pretty card to honor the colors of the USA. This is a page about making a patriotic birthday card.


Card embellished with a large cluster of the cut out gift bag flowers. The flowers in various colors adorn the lower right corner of the card. The cord handle is used to complete a partial rectangular shape on the left side and upper left corner.

Recycled Gift Bag CardReuse decorative gift bags by upcycling them into unique gift cards. This page is about making a recycled gift bag card.


pink and white striped card

Homemade Birthday Wish CardMake this beautiful card with scrapbook paper and a few decorations. This page has directions for a homemade birthday wish card.


Finished card.

Baby Bunting Birthday CardThis pretty keepsake card is easily made for a boy or girl's first birthday. It is an excellent choice to make for your child or a friend's little one's special day. Learn how to make a baby bunting birthday card in this page.


Finished flower card.

In-Full-Blossom Birthday CardCut paper flowers in many colors using the pattern included with this craft and attach them to the card front using brads. The recipient will love this handcrafted card. Learn how to make an in-full-blossom birthday card using the instructions in this page.


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Hot Glue & Watercolor Anniversary Card - finished card

Hot Glue & Watercolor Anniversary CardUse hot glue to make this cute custom anniversary card, or a short phrase decor piece. Use generous amounts of hot glue to achieve your phrase or it won't work. This was my 2nd attempt, and I'm pleased with how it turned out!


Sweet Birthday Wishes Envelope  Card - front of finished card

Sweet Birthday Wishes Envelope CardIt's my cousin's 16th birthday so I thought this decorated envelope card would be well suited for her. On the back envelope flap, I wrote my message to her and inside the envelope I gave her money as her gift (she's a teen and wants to save up for a laptop.)


Rainbow Happy Birthday Card - new finished front layout with the cake in the center

Rainbow Happy Birthday CardI was cleaning out my garage and found this Behr interiors paint color booklet. Instead of tossing it, I was inspired to make a birthday card for my daughter featuring a rainbow heart punch out theme.


Handprint Monster Happy Birthday Card - cute card

Handprint Monster Birthday CardThis is a cute handmade monster themed birthday card any kid can make to give! This card is made with everyday craft supplies you will already have at home.


3D Hot Air Balloon Card - finished card

3D Hot Air Balloon CardThis is an adorable handmade card featuring a 3D hot air balloon in a cloudy blue sky. Let your recipient know that the sky's the limit!


Hand-made Paper Matting - hand made cream colored paper matting around an old magazine photo

Hand-made Paper MattingHave you ever made hand-made paper, and then wondered what to do with it? My husband bought me a paper-making kit years ago, and at first, I decided to use old Christmas wrapping paper rather than recycling. (I was learning, okay?)


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A birthday card shaped like a birthday cake.

Making a Birthday Cake Birthday CardEveryone loves cake to celebrate their birthday, as shown in this clever card. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Birthday Cake Card

Birthday Cake CardCheck out this video and learn how to make this fun cake shaped card.


Bunny CardsFriends and family will be delighted by these cute Easter bunny note cards.


A decorative flower made out of black tissue paper.

Tissue Paper FlowersUse tissue paper to make these decorative flowers, perfect for parties. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Watermelon Invitation

Watermelon InvitationMake these cute invitations for your next summer celebration. Watch this video and learn how easy they are to make.


A small flower made from a spiral of paper.

Spiral Paper FlowersThese pretty flowers are made with spirals of colorful scrap paper. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Thinning Liquid Paper?How do we thin out liquid paper when it becomes too thick to apply?


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Adding Pictures to Homemade Greeting Cards?My picture on the greeting card does not fill the whole front of the card there are always margins, how can i make it fill the whole thing?


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Homemade Greeting Card Ideas?I wanted an idea for how to create greeting cards which would not be too


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Tea Verses for Homemade Cards?Can you tell me where to find tea verses to enter onto cards I make. Also my church is planning a ladies' tea party and they want me to make the invitations for the gathering.


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Marbling Paper?Can I use corn flour to make the size for marbling? I can't find cornstarch and the other methods are not in my price range at the minute. I need to know for my art project.


Yellow and white origami bird.

Golden Venture Folding or 3D Origami Book?Where in the UK can I get a project book for 3D origami or Golden Venture Folding?


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