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ThriftyFun has built a huge collection of community submitted recycled craft ideas. Get inspired by checking out what recyclables our members turned into crafts.

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Crafts Using Old Jeans, Stack of jeans to use for crafts.

Crafts Using Old JeansWhether you are thinking of remaking them into other clothing items, decorations, rugs, or something completely different, there is a project just for you. This is a page about crafts using old jeans.


Empty Pill Bottles

Craft Ideas for Used Medicine or Pill BottlesRather than throwing them away or into the recycle bin, you can make many creative projects using medicine or pill bottles. This is a page about craft ideas for used medicine or pill bottles.


old silverware

Crafts Using Old SilverwareThis is a page about crafts using old silverware. In addition to the silverware wind chime, there are endless crafting possibilities for using old silverware.


Photo of a finished dog made out of yarn.

Making a Coat Hanger Yarn DogUse an old hanger and a skein of yarn to make a yarn dog. This is a page for making a yarn dog.


Finished Tie Rose Pin 1

Making a Men's Silk Tie Rose PinThis is a page about making a men's silk tie rose pin. Using a tie in your choice of color, you can make this lovely pin for your lapel or purse.


Making Curtains from Sheets

Making Curtains from SheetsThis page is about making curtains from sheets. Fashioning bed sheets into curtains can save you money and give you the window covering you want.


Colorful foam mattress topper.

Craft Uses for Memory Foam Mattress ToppersWhen you replace the memory foam mattress topper on your bed don't toss it, there are a number of crafts and DIY projects it can be used in, such as dog beds, pillows, toys, etc. This page contains craft use ideas for memory foam mattress toppers.


Tin Can Robot

Making a Tin Can RobotThis is a page about making a tin can robot. This is a great recycle project for you and the kids to make together.


An array of neckties.

Making a Tree Skirt with NecktiesThis is a page about making a tree shirt with neckties. Men's neckties come in so many beautiful colors and patterns they are a great choice for your next craft project. One interesting choice is to craft a tree skirt using neckties.


Necktie Purse

Making a Necktie PurseThis is a page about making a necktie purse. Neckties can be repurposed into a number of interesting craft project.


Old Wedding Dress

Crafts Using an Old Wedding Dress?This page is about using an old wedding dress. When these dresses are no longer in good enough shape for another wedding, there are ways the beautiful fabrics can be reused.


bumper pads on stairs

Crafts and Other Uses for Crib Bumper Pads?This is a page about crafts and other uses for crib bumper pads. Many parents have bumper pads that they are no longer using. While you may not wish to use them in the crib due to safety concerns, there are many other ways to put them to use.



Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags

Crafts Using Crown Royal BagsThis is a page about crafts using Crown Royal bags.Those beautiful purple cloth Crown Royal bags are perfect to use in many crafts.


Made from tin cans of various sizes.

Making a Recycled Tin ManThis is a page about making a recycled tin man. Recycle clean empty food cans into a delightful tin man for your home or garden.


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Using Wine Bottles In Stained GlassThis is a page about use wine bottles in stained glass. A bottle cutter can help you reuse glass containers to create beautiful projects.


Trivet (hot pad) made from wine corks inside metal hoop

Making a Wine Cork Trivet/CoasterWine corks are perfect for keeping heat off furniture surfaces. This is a page about making a wine cork trivet or coaster.


Recycled Record Cover Purse

Record Album Cover Shoulder BagHere's a fun project. I got some cheesy record album covers from a thrift shop for 50 cents each, some vinyl, plastic tubing and grommets and made this record album cover shoulder bag.


Crafts Using Soda Cans

Crafts Using Soda CansThis is a page about crafts using soda cans. You have probably seen soda can crafts in your neighbor's garden, at craft fairs, and on craft web sites.


Plastic Bag Rug

Making a Rug from Plastic BagsThere are a few different ways to make a plarn hooked or braided rug reusing hundreds of plastic bags. This is a page about making a rug from plastic bags.


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Craft Ideas for Ivory Piano Keys?I have a few ivory piano keys I would like to make a craft with. I was thinking, bookmarkers?


Embroidered vintage handkerchief.

Uses for Old LinensThis is a page about uses for old linens. Old linens are a great source for crafting materials to make quilts, doll clothing, or for more practical uses such as curtains. No matter what your project there may be a place in it for recycled old linens.


using father's clothing

Memorial Ideas for Using Deceased Parent's ClothingWhen a father dies, it can be difficult to discard their clothing with all the memories the patterns and colors might evoke. A popular idea is to upcycle that fabric into a new item of clothing, a quilt or wall hanging or another craft project.


Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday Objects

Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday ObjectsThis is a page about dollhouse furniture with everyday objects. There are a wide variety of small things that can be repurposed for thrifty doll furniture.


Making T-Shirt Pillows

Making T-Shirt PillowsThis is a page about making t-shirt pillows. Favorite t-shirts often hold memories we would like to keep. So rather than throw them away, make pillows.


Making a 6-Pack Ring Snowflake

Making a 6-Pack Ring SnowflakeThis is a page about making a 6-pack ring snowflake. Here is a great way to reuse plastic 6-pack rings and prevent them from making their way to the ocean and causing harm to wildlife.


Milk Jug Snoopy

Milk Jug Snoopy CraftThis is a page about making a milk jug Snoopy craft. Make a cute Snoopy from plastic milk jugs.


stack of black dominoes

Crafts Using DominosThis is a page about crafts using dominos. You can reuse the pieces from an old domino game to create some great craft projects, from jewelry to home decor.



A Christmas wreath made from neckties.

Crafts Using NecktiesThis is a page about crafts using neckties. Neckties are a popular, colorful crafting supply. They can be used in making new clothing, quilts, purses, and other projects. Use the ones you have around the house that are no longer fashionable or check out the thrift store for a new supply.


Photo of three red bricks.

Craft Ideas for BricksThis page contains craft ideas for bricks. Do you have a couple extra bricks laying around but just don't know what to do with them? Bricks can make beautiful craft projects, from yard art to book ends.


Styrofoam Ice Chest

Crafts Using Styrofoam Ice ChestsStyrofoam is a difficult material to recycle, but before you throw those ice chests into the trash, get creative and use them in crafts. This is a page about crafts using styrofoam ice chests.


refurbished child's rocking horse

Making a Recycled Rocking Horse Carousel DecorationThis is a page about making a recycled rocking horse carousel decoration. When you keep your mind open to what others see as trash, you may be able to recycle and create a special decoration.


Craft Uses for Wine Bottles

Crafts Using Wine BottlesRecycled wine bottles can be used in crafts for the home and garden. This is a page about crafts using wine bottles.


Photo of an old barn.

Crafts Using Old Barn WoodThis page contains crafts using old barn wood. The rustic character of barn wood can be incorporated in a variety of crafts.


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Making Market Bags from Plastic BagsReusable market bags made with plarn are cute and sturdy. This pageis about making market bags from plastic bags.


Plastic Jug Masks

Making Plastic Jug MasksThis page is about making plastic jug masks. Frugal fun masks can be made by with recycled plastic jugs.


Other Uses for Tomato Cages

Other Uses for Tomato CagesThis is a page about other uses for tomato cages. From other gardening uses to holiday decorations, there are many things you can do with unused tomato cages.


Bin of scrap wood.

Craft Ideas Using Scrap WoodThis is a page about craft ideas using scrap wood. Scrap wood can be used in a wide variety of crafts; let your imagination go and get creative.


Neckties Tied to a Wooden Dowel

Making a Pillowcase Using Neck Ties?This is a page about making a pillowcase using neckties. Neckties are easily available in either secondhand stores or in your own closet. This can be a great way to reuse sentimental garments as a beautiful keepsake.


A holder for a hand of cards from a recycled CD

Making a Card Holder from CDsThis is a page about making a card holder from CDs. A great way to reuse CDs that you do not need is to make a playing card holder.


Recycled Domino Pin

Recycled Domino PinThis unique recycled pin was made with postage stamps and a domino tile. This is a page about making a recycled domino pin.


Plastic Soda Bottle Wind Chimes

Plastic Soda Bottle Wind Chimes?Plastic 2 liter bottles can be used for many different types of crafts, even wind chimes. This is a page about plastic soda bottle wind chimes.


Produce Bag Earring Display

Making a Mesh Produce Bag Earring DisplayThis is a page about making a mesh produce bag earring display. Reuse a plastic mesh bag to create a convenient earring display for yourself or as an inexpensive gift.



Soda Can Lantern as Outdoor Decor

Making a Soda Can LanternThis is a page about making a soda can lantern. Recycle your soda cans by making decorative lanterns to use on your patio or in the garden.


Folded blue cloth napkin on white background

Crafts Using Cloth Napkins?This is a page about crafts using cloth napkins. Cloth napkins can find an alternative use in one of your crafting projects.


Oxygen Tubing

Uses for Oxygen Tubing?This is a page about uses for oxygen tubing. Stretchy and soft, oxygen tubing can be used for more than just delivering H2O. There are many crafty and creative uses for excess oxygen tubing.


Cassette Tape Lamp

Making a Cassette Tape LampThis is a page about making a cassette tape lamp. The nostalgic feel of this lamp makes it a fun addition to your decor or to give as a gift.


A pillow made from Crown Royal bags.

How to Make a Crown Royal PillowThis is a page about how to make a Crown Royal pillow. With some basic sewing skills, those vibrant purple bags can be turned into an interesting pillow.


A cookie tin with butter cookies.

Crafts Made With Cookie TinsThis is a page about crafts made with cookie tins. If you are trying to decide what to do with all of your holiday cookie tins, here are some ideas.


Stack of Record Albums

Crafts Using Record Album SleevesThis page is contains crafts using record album sleeves. Old record album covers can be used in a variety of creative projects.


recycled jeans apron

Making a Jeans ApronThis is a page about making a jeans apron. Take those old or wrong sized jeans and, rather than throw them away, make a cute apron.


Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths

Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic TableclothsAs an alternative to tissue paper flowers for your next event try using inexpensive plastic table cloths. Plastic tablecloths are perfect for making big showy flowers, and they come in many bright colors.


pink piggy bank

Making a Gallon Milk Jug Piggy BankThis is a page about making a gallon milk jug piggy bank. A gallon milk jug is perfect for making a cute piggy bank.


Bed Spring

Crafts Using Bed SpringsThis is a page about crafts using bed springs. Recycle these metal springs into fun crafts and decorations.


Finished Tin Can Frog

Tin Can Frog ContainerLearn how to make this recycled tin can craft in this step by step tin can frog container guide.


Using Old Christmas Cards

Uses for Old Greeting CardsOver the years we receive many greeting cards, but storing them all in a box can get out of hand. This is a page about uses for old greeting cards.


Aluminum can pinwheel.

How to Make an Aluminum Can PinwheelRecycle aluminum drink cans to make these fun garden decorations. This is a page about how to make an aluminum can pinwheel.


Bread Tie People - Last set of three examples.

Recycled Bread Tie PeopleGet out the paints and markers and recycle your bread bag ties into cute little people. This is a page about making recycled bread tie people.


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Pattern for a No Sew Necktie Angel?I am looking for a pattern for a necktie angel that doesn't call for you using your sewing machine.


Medicine Bottle Bamboo Vase - vase with a bamboo stalk and several stalks taped to the back

How to Make a Medicine Bottle Bamboo VaseMedicine bottles can be used to create this decorative bamboo vase. The bottles are drilled through the bottom and glued together to resemble a bamboo stalk. Artificial bamboo is used here, but if the assembly is water tight it can be filled with water and live bamboo added.


Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon FlowersThis page is about plastic spoon flowers. Assure proper ventilation when pursuing this creative craft.


orange soda can

Making a Butterfly Magnet from a Soda Can?The thin aluminum used for making soda cans is perfect for craft projects. It is easy to cut and work with. This page contains instructions for making a butterfly magnet from a soda can.


Plastic bag holder made from a shirt sleeve.

Upcycled Plastic Bag SaverHere is one idea for making a plastic bag saver using the sleeve from a man's shirt. Repurposing and reusing all in one. This is a page about making an upcycled plastic bag saver.


a pretty bra

Craft Uses for BrasThis is a page about craft uses for bras. If you like to craft and are creative, you might consider working on projects using old bras, either in their entirety or by recycling parts.


Beads made from recycled DVDs and CDs.

Making CD and DVD BeadsThis is a page about making CD and DVD beads. With care you can make interesting beads from old CDs and DVDs.


old tires

Cutting TiresWhether you are trying to dispose of your old tires or using them in a project, you may be looking for a way to easily cut them to suit your purpose. This is a page about cutting tires.


Photo of an angel craft made form used dryer sheets.

Making Dryer Sheet AngelsThis is a page about making dryer sheet angels. Instead of throwing your used dryer sheets away, use them to make these adorable decorations. The finished project resembles a stained glass angel.


Pot Holders from Shoulder Pads- three images of finished holder

Make Pot Holders from Shoulder PadsRecycled or repurposed crafts are not only fun, but they can be earth friendly. Shoulder pads go in and out of fashion. If they are not in fashion or not to your liking remove them and create something new and useful. Pads filled with cotton or wool are preferred for pot holders, as polyester does not block heat effectively. Learn how to make pot holders from shoulder pads.


Making recycled letter crayons.

Making Recycled CrayonsThis is a page about making recycled crayons. Don't throw away all of those broken crayons; make new ones.


Pile of Plastic Water Bottles

Crafts Made with Plastic BottlesThis page is about crafts made with plastic bottles. All kinds of plastic bottles can be reused in a variety of creative projects.


CD Spinner Top - finished top with colorful paper top

Crafts Using CDsThis is a page about crafts using CDs. Making crafts with recycled CDs is fun and cheap for adults and children alike.


Plastic Milk Jug

Crafts Using Milk JugsPlastic milk jugs make a good starting place for many creative craft projects. This is a page about crafts using milk jugs.


A lamp with stacked books as the base.

Library Lamp Made of BooksDiscarded books can be used to make this attractive lamp for your den, office, or actually any room in need of a new table lamp. This is a page about library lamp made of books.


Hooked Rug Using Plastic Bags

Making a Hooked Rug Using Plastic BagsThis page is about making a hooked rug using plastic bags. A great way to recycle loads of plastic bags is to make a rug.


Paper Bead Bracelet

Making a Paper Bead BraceletThis is a page about making a paper bead bracelet. Paper beads are fun to make and then can be used to make a variety of jewelry pieces.


Crafts Made from Recycled Bedspreads, Shoulder bag made from recycled chenille bedspread.

Crafts Made from Recycled BedspreadsThis is a page about crafts made from recycled bedspreads. Whether you are making a rug, handbag, or holiday decoration, a bedspread can be the perfect material for your craft.


Craft Ideas Using Recycled Crayons, Uses for Old Crayons

Craft Ideas Using Recycled CrayonsThis page contains craft ideas using recycled crayons. Ever wonder what to do with those stubs of crayons? Old crayons can be used in a variety of crafts from making new crayons to candles.


A unique purse made from old men's neckties.

Making a Purse from NecktiesThis is a page about making a purse from men's neckties. Neckties are made from beautiful and interesting fabrics and are often available for little to no money.


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Craft Ideas Using Syringe Caps?I am diabetic, so I end up with gazillions of those little semi-transparent offwhite syringe caps. I just toss them. Is there a craft I can make with them? Some sort of glue I could use that won't melt them?


A decorative tray made from a wooden picture frame.

How to Turn a Picture Frame Into a TrayTake any wooden frame with glass and turn it into a lovely tray. It's customizable for any personality or decor. This is a page about turning a picture frame into a display or serving tray.


Juice Can Lid Wind ChimesSave your juice lids from concentrated juice cans and make these cool recycled wind chimes. This page shows you how to make juice can lid wind chimes.


Plastic Bottle Top Container

Plastic Bottle Top ContainerThis is a page about plastic bottle top container. Reuse a bottle top and 2 caps to make a handy pocket container.


Crocheted Green Plarn Bag

Making a Plarn BagThis is a page about making a plarn bag. Plarn, made from plastic bags, is a marvelous substitute for traditional yarn for crafting.


plarn coin purse

Making Crafts With PlarnThis is a page about making crafts with plarn. Plarn is yarn made from cut up plastic grocery bags. It has many craft uses, as it can be substituted for acrylic and other yarns in some projects.


Popsicle trinket box.

Popsicle Stick Craft IdeasThis is a page about Popsicle stick craft ideas. Popsicle sticks are great for making kid crafts and other projects.


Sheet Music

Uses for Old Sheet MusicThis is a page about uses for old sheet music. Sometimes you can find old sheet music at yard sales and thrift stores. These pages can be used in many craft and home decor projects.


Recycled Magazine Wall Art - Recycled Magazine Wall Art

Recycled Magazine Wall ArtMagazine pages are a great material to use in your recycled paper projects. This is a page about recycled magazine wall art.


A cardboard cereal box with corn flakes spilling out.

Making Cereal Box PursesA fun upcycle of a cereal box is to make a purse or tote. The sturdy cardboard makes a strong finished product. The box can be painted, decorated or proudly left alone.


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Crafts Using Cat Food Cans?Does anyone have ideas for a craft or a good way to use cat food tins? I have two kitties and they eat a ton of food. I hate throwing them all away. They eat Fancy Feast, so it's the mini cans. Thanks!


Finished Wind Chimes

Silverware Wind ChimesThis is a page about silverware wind chimes. Recycling your own or vintage silverware by making a unique wind chime.


Items made from Bedskirt - valance

Craft Uses for Bed SkirtsThis is a page about craft uses for bed skirts. Your unused bed skirts can be put to use in your craft projects.


A cookie tin filled with cookies.

Uses for Cookie TinsThis is a page about uses for cookie tins. These handy containers are often very decorative as they are, or can be dressed up and reused for a variety of things.



How to Make Bookmarks from Greeting CardsGreeting cards are a good craft supply to keep on hand; there are so many uses they can be put to. One easy and fun project is to make bookmarks from them. They make great all around gifts and remembrance gifts.


Ring of old keys.

Uses for Old KeysThis is a page about uses for old keys. Old keys cry out for a new crafty life. There are many interesting projects you can undertake to create something fun and useful from old keys.


Pop Can Airplanes?I'm looking for an actual pattern I can print out for an aluminum can airplane.


finished tote made from a dog food bag

Making a Tote Bag from a Dog Food BagThis is a page about making a tote bag from a dog food bag. Use the woven fabric from bulk pet food to make sturdy totes.


Crafts Made With Brooms

Crafts Made With BroomsThis page is about crafts made with brooms. These household tools can be used to make cute decorations.


Two baby cradle church purses with Kewpie dolls inside.

Crocheted Baby Cradle PurseUse a recycled bleach bottle and your crochet skills to make this adorable project. What little girl wouldn't love to carry a purse that opens up into a baby doll cradle?


Nylon Stocking Pumpkins

Making Nylon Stocking PumpkinsThis page is about making nylon stocking pumpkins. A fun craft to make for fall holiday decorations.


Craft Ideas Using Recycled Crayons, Uses for Old Crayons

Uses for Old CrayonsThis is a page about uses for old crayons. Don't throw out those old stubby crayons, there are numerous ways to still use them.


recycled can planters

Making Crafts With Recycled ItemsThis is a page about making crafts with recycled items. Many of the items that often end up in the trash or the recycle bin would actually be perfect for use in many recycle crafts.


Faux stained glass window.

Faux Stained Glass WindowsThis is a page about faux stained glass windows. You can easily create beautiful stained glass looking windows using recycled windows and adding paint or other embellishments.


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Craft Ideas for Small Plastic Communion Cups?Our church throws away a lot of the used clear plastic, bell shaped communion cups every Sunday. Does someone have any ideas how to recycle them throughout the year, craftwise? I'd like to make them with my kids' class (5-12 years old).


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The completed book frame.

Book Picture FrameA unique way to display pictures, vintage garden style!


The completed plastic flower.

Flower from Plastic BottleYou can make a beautiful flower from a simple plastic bottle. I used an iron to make this flower, not a candle flame. The hottest iron is not hot enough to melt plastic, so you won't ruin your iron or get charred edges on the petals, but it will be enough to make the flower petals curved. I also like this method because, unlike a candle flame, you cannot stain the petals with soot.


The completed strip square quilt.

Strip Quilt SquareI was given a lot of fabric from a friend. Part of the donation included long strips of fabric so I found this quilt pattern for using up strips of fabric.


The finished Brooch Tree from Plastic Bottle

Brooch Tree from Plastic BottleAn effective way to do our part in reducing environmental pollution is to reuse or recycle the disposable plastic items we have. I figured out how to make this wonderful brooch from a plastic bottle. It is not at all difficult to make this brooch and it will cost you almost nothing.


The finished Knitted 3D Wire Heart

Knitted 3D Wire HeartYou don't need expensive materials and special tools to make beautiful jewelry. To make this original heart, you only need wire from an old transformer and knitting needles. Knitted wire jewelries look really amazing. This heart will look great as a pendant. You can add a brooch pin and you will have a beautiful brooch.


A collection of recycled plastic beads.

Beads from Plastic BottleThere are many ways to use plastic bottles in craft. I suggest you make beads out of plastic bottles. It is not difficult at all and will not take much time.


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A thumb piano made from bobby pins stapled to a piece of wood.

Bobby Pin Thumb PianoA piece of wood, a handful of bobby pins and a stapler is all you need to create a DIY thumb piano. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Domino Clock

Domino ClockRecycle an old set of dominoes into this cute clock. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A jar that has been painted to look like a pineapple.

Pineapple Gift JarPineapples are a symbol of hospitality and these cute jars would make a perfect hostess gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A child's rubber boot with marigolds planted inside.

Rubber Boot PlanterHave a pair of rubber boots that are just too cute to toss? You can upcycle them into an adorable planter. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A blue robot made out of aluminum (tin) cans.

Tin Can RobotSave your recycled tin or aluminum cans of all sizes to assemble this adorable robot. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Drinking Glasses from Recycled Bottles

Drinking Glasses from Recycled BottlesIt's easy to use a rotary bottle cutter to make recycled drinking glasses from Perrier bottles. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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The base for the teacup flower stand.

Teacup "Flower" StandAnother addition to my china flower landscaping for my backyard!


The completed paint brush covers.

Copycat Paint Brush CoverI found a good use for all those political ads and other ads I have received in the mail. I pulled one out of my recycling paper. The size and thickness was perfect for making the paint brush cover that I needed. I had one that I liked and I traced it.


Making a Recycled Toy Bike?

Making a Recycled Toy Bike?When opening a can of food, cut the lid away from the bottom of the can. You will need two tin can lids. Next you will need around ten popsicle sticks before you can assemble the bike. Have fun.


A toy car made from recycled materials.

Bottle Cap SculpturezMy tip is: Find art supplies in any trash can in America by using alternative materials. Oftentimes, the materials that I utilize are destined to end up in a landfill.


The completed note pads.

Upcycling Expired PlannersIt's 2023 now! Do you have any 2022 planners? While cleaning, I found a few 2022 planners that I used half way but never really utilized the planner to the fullest. While flipping through the planner there were lots of potential.


Two socks made into octopus dolls.

Octopus SocksHere is a way to reuse old socks and turn them into octopus sea creatures !


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Making Crafts from Old Electronics?Has anyone ever broken or smashed up their old electronics and made something neat from the parts and pieces?


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Making Red Hat Magnets from Soda Bottle Caps?I am trying to make red hat magnets out of plastic soda caps. I can't figure out the best way to do it. Can you help me with some suggestions?


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Making a Jewelry Tree?I am looking into making a jewelry tree out of my mom's jewelry. I noticed from the pictures on Pinterest, the jewelry is mounted in frames. Could they work in a shadow box? My mom passed away in January, 2022 and I want to protect the jewelry pieces as much as possible. Thank you.


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Yarn Poodle Patterns?Does anyone know of any patterns for making a poodle either with or without hanger? Thank you in advance.


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Making Yarn Coat Hanger Animals?I have a wire coat hanger animal that is red with white spots and a little hat. I need the directions on how to make them.


A plastic holder for soda bottles.

Craft Project Ideas Using Soda Bottle Holders?I drink a lot of pop. I was looking at the holders the bottles come in (6 pack) they are a bit different than the old nasty traditional 6 pack rings. I was looking at one and thought there should be some kind of craft they can be used for. I am at a loss, however, to come up with any good ideas.


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