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This page contains home decor craft projects made from recycled items.

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Made from tin cans of various sizes.

Making a Recycled Tin ManThis is a page about making a recycled tin man. Recycle clean empty food cans into a delightful tin man for your home or garden.


A lamp with stacked books as the base.

Library Lamp Made of BooksDiscarded books can be used to make this attractive lamp for your den, office, or actually any room in need of a new table lamp. This is a page about library lamp made of books.


Faux stained glass window.

Faux Stained Glass WindowsThis is a page about faux stained glass windows. You can easily create beautiful stained glass looking windows using recycled windows and adding paint or other embellishments.


refurbished child's rocking horse

Making a Recycled Rocking Horse Carousel DecorationThis is a page about making a recycled rocking horse carousel decoration. When you keep your mind open to what others see as trash, you may be able to recycle and create a special decoration.


Soda Can Lantern as Outdoor Decor

Making a Soda Can LanternThis is a page about making a soda can lantern. Recycle your soda cans by making decorative lanterns to use on your patio or in the garden.


An array of neckties.

Making a Tree Skirt with NecktiesThis is a page about making a tree shirt with neckties. Men's neckties come in so many beautiful colors and patterns they are a great choice for your next craft project. One interesting choice is to craft a tree skirt using neckties.


painting old windows

Painting Faux Stained Glass on Old WindowsThis is a page about painting faux stained glass on old windows. With a few inexpensive supplies you can create your own faux stained glass window to display in your home.


Nylon Stocking Pumpkins

Making Nylon Stocking PumpkinsThis page is about making nylon stocking pumpkins. A fun craft to make for fall holiday decorations.


Finished Wind Chimes

Silverware Wind ChimesThis is a page about silverware wind chimes. Recycling your own or vintage silverware by making a unique wind chime.


Repurposing an Old Walker - walker with lath strip shelf and decorations

Repurposing an Old WalkerThis is a page about repurposing an old walker. Do you have an old, unused walker laying around? You can turn it into a handy planter. The best part is that it is still usable if you ever need it again.


Tin Can Robot

Making a Tin Can RobotThis is a page about making a tin can robot. This is a great recycle project for you and the kids to make together.


Juice Can Lid Wind ChimesSave your juice lids from concentrated juice cans and make these cool recycled wind chimes. This page shows you how to make juice can lid wind chimes.



glass jar with rolled balls of fabric

Making a Vintage Rag JarThis is a page about making a vintage rag jar. Some people like the looks of old vintage jars filled with items to remind them of the olden days. This one has old fabric swatches.


Sheet Music

Uses for Old Sheet MusicThis is a page about uses for old sheet music. Sometimes you can find old sheet music at yard sales and thrift stores. These pages can be used in many craft and home decor projects.


A pillow made from Crown Royal bags.

How to Make a Crown Royal PillowThis is a page about how to make a Crown Royal pillow. With some basic sewing skills, those vibrant purple bags can be turned into an interesting pillow.


Dish Soap Bottle Dolls

Dish Soap Bottle DollsThis is a page about making Ivory dish soap bottle dolls. Recycled dish soap bottle dolls are a popular craft project for gifts and around the holidays.


Milk Jug Snoopy

Milk Jug Snoopy CraftThis is a page about making a milk jug Snoopy craft. Make a cute Snoopy from plastic milk jugs.


Crocheted Blue Jeans Rug

Crocheted Blue Jeans RugThose worn out denim pants can be reused to create a rug. This page is about crocheted blue jeans rug.


Wine Cork Self Portrait

Making a Wine Cork Self PortraitThis is a page about making a wine cork self portrait. With lots of time and patience you too can create this unique self portrait. Start collecting those corks.


DIY Sea Glass Bottles - bright pink and vaseline green bottles

DIY Sea Glass BottlesThis is an easy and simple technique for making colorful glass bottles using old bottles or bottles which once held soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Frank's hot sauce, etc.


Painted CD Wreath - finished wreath with a bow at the bottom

Painted CD WreathYou can achieve this wreath with just 6 CDs, acrylic paint, paper, and ribbon. Or, make your own twist and use the CD as a base as this craft is versatile!


Decorative Junk Wood Window Frame - scarp shipping wood packaging made into a window with a flowerbox decoration

Decorative Junk Wood Window FrameSometimes appliances and other large items come packaged with a wooden base. Rather than discarding the wood packing material, re-engineer it into a fun decorative window frame wall hanging. Here it is converted into a faux flower box. The list of supplies and a finished photo follow.


Recycled Dresser Drawer  Decorative Sign - finished sign with decals

Recycled Dresser Drawer Decorative SignSome crafters enjoy rescuing discarded items and making them over into useful and decorative bits of decor. See how to make pretty signs from old drawer fronts.


Cookie Tin Shadow Box

Making a Cookie Tin Shadow BoxTransform a cookie tin into a pretty shadow box. One possible version is featured below.


Medicine Bottle Bamboo Vase - vase with a bamboo stalk and several stalks taped to the back

How to Make a Medicine Bottle Bamboo VaseMedicine bottles can be used to create this decorative bamboo vase. The bottles are drilled through the bottom and glued together to resemble a bamboo stalk. Artificial bamboo is used here, but if the assembly is water tight it can be filled with water and live bamboo added.


Let's Smile Box Sign Desk Decor - sign box standing on desk

"Let's Smile" Box Sign Desk DecorBrighten your day with this recycled box sign. Find it a home on your desk or somewhere in your home to remind you to smile and carry on. This project is described below.


Recycled Mixed Materials Music Theme - rolling up a sheet of music

Recycled Mixed Materials Music ThemeRecreate this guitar themed recycled mixed media art piece. You can use old magazine pages, sheet music, etc. Additional embellishments help perfect the final outcome. This is an excellent project to stir up your creativity. Experiment, change the theme, and make several.



Egg Carton Panda - cute panda

Making an Egg Carton PandaDo you love panda decor? This fun recycled egg crate panda would make a cute addition to your collection. Plus you can easily make it yourself by following the instructions found below.


Flowers Made from Nespresso Cups

Flowers Made from Nespresso CupsReusing the aluminum pods designed for the Nespresso coffee machine to make recycled craft projects is fun and easy. They can be crushed, folded, and cut to make these lovely orchids. The variety of colors available adds to their crafting value.


Tea Time - Tissue Box Tea Pot - finished pot

Making a Tissue Box Tea PotMake this exceptional recycle craft, from a tissue box. It is the perfect bit of decor for a tea party, shower, or other special event. Let us show you how.


Egg Carton Magic Mushrooms - repeat making as many as you like

Making Egg Carton Magic MushroomsMushrooms are a favorite art and crafts theme. These cuties are made from a paper egg carton. Find out how below.


A collection of roses made from Styrofoam egg cartons.

Styrofoam Egg Carton RosesIf your eggs come in Styrofoam cartons, why not recycle the empty containers into pretty roses. Let us show you how.


Recycled Eggshell Vase - finished vase with faux flowers glued to the front

Making a Recycled Eggshell VaseSave eggshells to decorate a glass vase or recycled bottle. Add artificial flowers to the outside to make a beautiful decorated vase to use as a gift.


Tree Candlestick Holder - finished recycled bottle tree candle holder

Making a Tree Candlestick HolderRecycled glass bottles are decorated with layers of leaves cut from 2 liter bottles to make this candlestick holder. The following steps, supplies, and photos will guide you through the entire process for making one or more of these eye-catching crafts.


Steampunk Bottle - glue on the remaining embellishments - allow to dry, and you are done

Making a Steampunk BottleSteampunk is a genre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates 19th century steam technology elements into art and dress. Based on that concept this project guides you as you make a fun steampunk inspired bottle to display in your home or office.


white cotton ball kitty in a tree

How to Make a Cotton Ball KittyMake this soft cotton ball kitty using part of a plastic water bottle, cotton balls, glue, and embellishments. It is great fun for all.


decorated plastic bottles

Making Recycled BottheadsEmpty pop and water bottles can be turned into fun characters or even crazy piggy banks. These are a great way to use up leftover craft supplies and recycle at the same time.


Jars on shelf.

DIY Pictures in a JarUse recycled jars and printed photos to create a pretty display for a shelf or mantle. It would be easy to change the images seasonally.


Butterfly Suncatcher Using Unique Lids - hang from ribbon

Making a Butterfly SuncatcherIt is great to be inspired to make a craft based on the shape of a bit of recycled packaging. These butterfly suncatchers are a good example. Learn how to make them below.


A mini flower vase made from a recycled container.

Mini Flower Vase From Recycled ContainerUse a recycled container with an interesting shape to make a decorative mini flower vase. You can decorate it with stickers, ribbons, or anything else you might have. Just add flowers.


Plastic Cup Contemporary Light - finished light in a dark room

Making a Plastic Cup Contemporary LightLeft over plastic cups, Christmas lights, a stapler, and a drill are all you need to make this contemporary light. The multicolored lights provide a fun visual effect.


Metal Bottle Cap Oysters with Pearls

Making Metal Bottle Cap Oysters with PearlsTransform metal bottle caps into decorative oysters, each with a pearl inside. They are fun to make and more fun to gift or use as the basis for other crafts, such as magnets.



Antique Rose Upcycled Bottle Vase - finished vase

DIY Antique Rose Upcycled Bottle VaseA recycled wine bottle, printed black and white images of roses, and homemade Mod Podge, plus a few other crafts supplies you may already have are used to create this lovely upcycled antique rose vase. The instructions and supplies list are available on this page.


Vintage Tool Box Display - finished display

Making a Vintage Tool Box DisplayWhile you may not have the same vintage piece to recreate this project, perhaps it can inspire you to assemble similar creative displays. Take a look at a project for making a vintage tool box and then design your own display.


Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Light - with lights lit

How to Make an Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap LightWater bottle caps find a new life in this recycled project. This page provides you with the instructions and step by step photos for making an upcycled plastic bottle cap light.


Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths

Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic TableclothsAs an alternative to tissue paper flowers for your next event try using inexpensive plastic table cloths. Plastic tablecloths are perfect for making big showy flowers, and they come in many bright colors.


Plastic Milk Jug Flower - finished votive candle flower holder

How to Make a Plastic Milk Jug FlowerIf you are looking for a simple centerpiece, these flower candle holders could be perfect. You would never know that these are made out of plastic milk jugs.


Recycled Can Candle Holder - candle burning inside the can

How to Make a Candle Holder from a Recycled Soda CanUsing any recycled aluminum can and scissors you can create this handy candle holder. Choose any can that holds your favorite soda or beer for adding a whimsical touch to your patio, bar, or den.


Decorative Recycled Drinking Glass Stand - glass with orange liquid in stand

DIY Decorative Recycled Drinking Glass StandUse recycled metal fastener strips to create an unusual glass stand. It can be used as a coaster for drinks or for a candle.


Dragonfly Fridge Magnet - clip on fridge

Dragonfly Clothespin Fridge MagnetUpcycle a wooden clothespin and some sparkly pipe cleaner to make this adorable dragonfly. Just add a magnet to make it a useful place to keep notes or recipes on your fridge.


Funky Punky Autumn Decoration - closeup of finished pumpkin with brown chains in place and stem

Making a Crochet Thread Spool PumpkinUse a thread spool from crochet yarn to create this adorable pumpkin craft. It's perfect for decorating for Autumn, Halloween or Thanksgiving.


Recycled Man - hanging outside

How to Make a Recycled Tin ManMaking a recycled tin man is a fun and easy project. Add corks, bottle caps, and other components to make a unique decoration for your home or garden.


Fall Pumpkin Decoration from a Lettuce Keeper   - finished decoration

Making a Fall Pumpkin Decoration from a Lettuce KeeperReycle a plastic container for storing lettuce into a fall themed decoration for your home. This is a page about making a fall pumpkin decoration from a lettuce keeper.


Easy Snow Globe - finished snow globe

Easy Snow Globe CraftTake any recycled jar with a tight fitting lid, glitter and decorative items to create a small scene. This page has instructions for making an easy snow globe.


Metal Pen Decorated Bottle - color the neck and top lip with the gold pen

Decorating a Glass Bottle with Metallic PensPens come in all sorts of metallic colors like gold, silver, copper or bronze. These look beautiful when used on a glass surface. This is a page about decorating a glass bottle with metallic pens.


Sea Fever Recycled Bottle Vase - hot glue the shells and pieces of coral to the bottle and spray with  clear finish and allow to dry

How to Make a Sea Fever Recycled Bottle VaseShells beautifully decorate this recycled bottle vase. This page contains instructions on how to make a sea fever recycled bottle vase.


Rows of different colored painted wine bottles.

Decorating Wine BottlesThe various shapes and sizes of wine bottles make them a good choice for crafts focused on decorating in many ways, such as painting, decoupaging, or cutting them down, to use as decor or gifts. This page contains ideas for decorating wine bottles.


Repurposing a Candy Box Into Shadow Boxes - tea service example

Repurposing a Candy Box Into Shadow BoxesShadow boxes are a great way to display treasured collectibles. You can of course buy them, but why not consider using a sturdy recycled candy box and create your own unique display. This is a page about repurposing a candy box into shadow boxes.


A wicker lampshade being used as a vase.

Making a Wicker Lampshade into a VaseRepurposing objects you have lying around into something new and useful is a great recycling adventure. Learn how to take an old wicker lampshade and convert it into a cute vase for faux flowers.


orange soda can

Making a Butterfly Magnet from a Soda Can?The thin aluminum used for making soda cans is perfect for craft projects. It is easy to cut and work with. This page contains instructions for making a butterfly magnet from a soda can.


Mosaic covered bowling ball outside.

Attaching Mirror Pieces To Bowling Ball?A mirrored bowling ball makes a beautiful garden decoration. This page contains techniques for breaking or cutting your mirror pieces and suggestions for the best glues or adhesives. There are also tips for grouting and final finishing before placing it in your garden.


yellow decorative flip flop made from ceiling tile

Ceiling Tile Giant Decorative Flip-FlopA damaged or extra ceiling tile is the perfect thing to use for making a large, fun decoration for a beach house, beach themed room, or even as a party decoration. This is a page about making a ceiling tile giant decorative flip-flop.


Flowers made from the bottoms of plastic bottles.

How to Make Recycled Plastic FlowersRecycled plastic bottle bottoms can be cut into flower shapes and then painted to be made into pretty floral displays. This is a page about how to make recycled plastic flowers.


A recycled light bulb covered in popcorn.

Recycled Lightbulb Popcorn CraftRecycled incandescent light bulbs can be used in a lot of different craft projects. This idea results in a popcorn kernel filled bulb that makes for a unique decor piece. This is a page about making a recycled lightbulb popcorn craft.


Rainbow twine wrapped bottle.

Wrap Around Rainbow Twine Bottle CraftUsing a recycled bottle you can create this attractive bit of decor, using colored twine, decoupage glue, and then adding a clear acrylic finish. This page contains a wrap around rainbow twine bottle craft.


A ladybug painted on a bowling ball

DIY Ladybug Bowling BallRecycled crafts can tap into the truly creative talents you have. Old bowling balls are frequently used in crafts. This page contains a DIY project for creating a cute ladybug bowling ball garden or yard decoration.


Throw pillows made from placemats.

How to Make Placemat Throw PillowsThis is a page about how to make placemat throw pillows. Placements are a great size for making a throw pillow. Simply pair them with a coordinating fabric, sew a few simple seams, and stuff them to create some nice throw pillows.


Art Deco Cardboard Wall Art - finished art piece from above

Art Deco Cardboard Wall ArtThis is a fun and easy way to make a very pretty piece of wall art using the cardboard centers of toilet paper rolls. Spray painting it is completely optional, but I like the sheen to make it look less like toilet paper tubes! ;)


A decorative tray made from a wooden picture frame.

How to Turn a Picture Frame Into a TrayTake any wooden frame with glass and turn it into a lovely tray. It's customizable for any personality or decor. This is a page about turning a picture frame into a display or serving tray.


Cardboard Tube Pumpkin - finished TP tube pumpkin

How to Make a Cardboard Tube PumpkinRecycle those TP tubes to make this cute fall decoration. You and the kids could work on these together. Make a few for your own paper pumpkin patch. This is a page about how to make a cardboard tube pumpkin.


Recycled Catalog Flowers - flower on pen

How to Make Recycled Catalog FlowersPaper flowers can be make from a variety of paper types. Don't discard those unwanted or used catalogs, turn them into a unique floral arrangement or put to another decorative use. This is a page about how to make recycled catalog flowers.


Pillows covered with scarves.

Giving a Throw Pillow a New Look With ScarvesWrap and tie either new or recycled scarves around throw pillows to give them a second life as part of your home decor. This is a page about giving a throw pillow a new look with scarves.


Recycled Metal Lid Ladybird (Ladybug) Wall Decoration - finished ladybug wall decoration

Recycled Metal Lid Ladybird (Ladybug) Wall DecorationThis is so cute and easy to make. Use any size lid from a jar and acrylic paint. If you don't have black and red cardstock or paint then allow yourself a little "poetic licence" and make your ladybirds in other crazy colours.


Recycled Noodle Cup Lamp - lit lamp in dark room

How to Make a Recycled Noodle Cup LampDecorate a recycled instant noodle cup and invert it over a recycled and decorated bottle to create a unique lamp. This is a page about how to make a recycled noodle cup lamp.


View of finished curtains hanging.

Recycled Curtains from TableclothsPretty tablecloths can be used to make curtains. If you can find them on sale or at a yard sale, they are even more affordable. This is a page about recycled curtains from tablecloths.


Lace Toilet Tank Topper - Cut piece of lace.

How to Make a Lace Toilet Tank TopperRecycle a lace curtain into a pretty toilet tank topper. This is a page about how to make a lace toilet tank topper.


photo wreath hanging on wall

Recycled Cake Platter Photo WreathCut the amount to plastic trash you discard every year by looking for ways to reuse some of those items. Here is an idea for making a pretty photo frame using a plastic cake platter. This is a page about recycled cake platter photo wreath.


Light Bulb Wall Vase - finished bulb filled with beads

Recycled Light Bulb Wall VaseBy removing the inside of an ordinary incandescent light bulb you can create an interesting wall vase. This is a page about recycled light bulb wall vase.


Jar Snow Globe - completed jar

Recycled Glass Jar Snow GlobeRecycle a glass jar into this unique snow globe. Make several to showcase some favorite items. This is a page about recycled glass jar snow globe.


Cat Litter as Decorative Sand - glass bowl with blue litter and shells

Cat Litter as Decorative SandI once had a cat, but it didn't work out for me. I was left with some cat litter. It was a pretty blue type. I had a punch bowl that was never used. I put the kitty litter in it and it looked like water. I added a few shells and it turned out to be the focal point in my all sea décor cottage.


A bunch of antique looking hardcover books.

Making a Book Look Antique?Start with a hardcover book, some decoupage or gesso and begin creating a decorative antique looking book. This is a page about making a book look antique.


Recycled Wind Chimes from old garden tools.

Recycled Garden Wind ChimesThere are many items around the house that you can use to make wind chimes, from old garden tools to silverware. Get ideas for how to make recycled garden wind chimes in this page.


Recycled Mosaic Mirror

Recycled Mosaic MirrorThis clever mosaic mirror frame is created using cut up plastic cards, such as gift cards. This is a page about recycled mosaic mirror.


Spoon Flower - competed flower

How to Make a Recycled Spoon FlowerThis decorative flower is made from used flatware spoons. This is a page about how to make a recycled spoon flower.


Chair seat made of belts

Chair Seats Made of Old BeltsOld leather belts can be woven and attached to a chair frame to create a replacement seat. This is a page about chair seats made of old belts.


Leather Jacket Footstool -Recovered footstool.

Using a Leather Jacket to Cover a Worn FootstoolA thriftstore leather jacket can be given new life by using it to recover a footstool. This is a page about using a leather jacket to cover a worn footstool.


Incandescent light bulb duck.

Making a Recycled Light Bulb DuckWondering what to with a burnt out light bulb? You can make a duck decoration for Easter. Check out how to make this cute recycled light bulb duck in this page.


cup vase with flowers

Making a Styrofoam Cup VaseDon't put that styrofoam cup in the landfill, make it into a little vase. This is a page about making a styrofoam cup vase.


Plastic Grocery Bag Flowers

Making Plastic Grocery Bag FlowersThis is a page about making plastic grocery bag flowers. Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a pretty faux floral arrangement.


Cardboard Art Fountain

Making a Cardboard Art FountainThis is a page about making a cardboard art fountain. Pieces of recycled cardboard boxes are transformed into a decorative fountain.


CD Jewel Case Décor

CD Jewel Case Décor IdeasThis is a page about cd jewel case décor ideas. You can reuse these CD cases for a variety of photo displays.


up close strip

Making a Cork Bulletin StripThis is a page about making a cork bulletin strip. If you have a drawer filled with saved corks or know a friend that drinks wine, use the corks to make a bulletin board strip for your home.


Toilet Paper Roll Fall Lantern

Making a Toilet Paper Roll Fall LanternThis is a page about making a toilet paper roll fall lantern. A thrifty craft to create autumn themed lights that can decorate your home.


Pizza pan owl with welcome sign attached.

Making a Recycled Pizza Pan OwlThis is a page about making a recycled pizza pan owl. You can create a cute, decorative owl from a pizza pan and other easy to find items.


painted chopstick trivet

Making a Chopstick TrivetThis is a page about making a chopstick trivet. When you have a collection of disposable chopsticks, you can reuse them to create an attractive trivet to protect your furniture.


Turning a Cupboard Door Into a Tray

Turning a Cupboard Door Into a TrayThis is a page about turning a cupboard door into a tray. Repurpose an old discarded cupboard door by making it into a useful tray, for years more of use.


Make Paper Flowers
From Old Books

Making Paper Flowers From Old BooksThis is a page about making paper flowers from old books. An interesting way to recycle discarded books that creates beautiful decorations.


flowers in can

Cat Food Can as Candle Holder or CenterpieceHere is a way to turn cans into candle holders or a pretty flower centerpiece.


Sparkly Sun Catchers

Making a Plastic Bottle Bottom Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a plastic bottle bottom sun catcher. The bottom of many plastic drink bottles can be used as part of a kids' craft to make sun catchers.


Cassette Tape Lamp

Making a Cassette Tape LampThis is a page about making a cassette tape lamp. The nostalgic feel of this lamp makes it a fun addition to your decor or to give as a gift.


Revamping Thrift Store Figurines - hot pink and light blue owl figurines

Revamping Thrift Store FigurinesA bit of paint can turn your thrift store find into a whole new decorative piece to enhance your decor. This is a page about revamping thrift store figurines.


earrings attached to record

Making a Vinyl Record Earrings DisplayThis is a page about making a vinyl record earrings display. Old vinyl too damaged to listen to, is a great medium for crafting.


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DIY Sea Glass Bottles - bright pink and vaseline green bottles

DIY Sea Glass BottlesThis is an easy and simple technique for making colorful glass bottles using old bottles or bottles which once held soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Frank's hot sauce, etc.


Decorative Junk Wood Window Frame - scarp shipping wood packaging made into a window with a flowerbox decoration

Decorative Junk Wood Window FrameWe recently got a new dishwasher and in the bottom of the box was a wooden frame. I couldn't throw it out so I made a window box out of stuff I had on hand.


Recycled Dresser Drawer  Decorative Sign - finished sign with decals

Recycled Dresser Drawer Decorative SignI found a few drawer fronts someone was throwing out, so I grabbed them and brought them home with the idea of making signs.


Bug Sculpture - bug added to flowers and tea pot bird feeder from other projects

Bug SculptureI made this with broken a patio chair and misc metal pieces. This is what happens when your husband stands on a patio chair, falls off, and it breaks! You make a bug sculpture! We used all of the chair except the seat which was actually the only part of the chair that broke and was unuseable.


Egg Carton Panda - cute panda

Egg Carton PandaThis is an adorable panda you can make out of an egg carton. It's holding a bamboo stick, which is made from the straw from a kid's drink box. This is a wonderful all-ages craft, and it's virtually free. :)


Orchid Made from Empty Nespresso Coffee Cups - add a button or other item to the middle to finish

Orchid Made from Empty Nespresso Coffee CupsI made this orchid from empty coffee capsules. I submitted a tip earlier, here are the step by step instructions and photos. The capsules come in beautiful colors so you can make them in many variations. I made the orchid on a fake stem from an artificial flower.


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Domino Clock

Domino ClockRecycle an old set of dominoes into this cute clock. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A blue robot made out of aluminum (tin) cans.

Tin Can RobotSave your recycled tin or aluminum cans of all sizes to assemble this adorable robot. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Autumn Leaves Jar Candle Holder

Autumn Leaves Jar Candle HolderThis beautiful candle holder is the perfect decoration for the fall. Learn how it was made in this video.


Felt Strip Flowers

Felt Strip FlowersThese cute little flowers can be made from small scraps of felt that is leftover from another project. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Cassette Tape Lamp

Cassette Tape LampUnsure what to do with your old cassette tapes. How about a cool and crafty lamp? Learn how to make it in this short video.


VHS Tape Candy Bouquet

VHS Tape Candy BouquetThis cute candy bouquet has a nostalgic feel. It uses old recycled VHS tapes to make the base. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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Golden Butterfly Suncatcher - two suncatchers hanging, showing both the back and the front

Golden Butterfly SuncatcherThis is a great craft for small children of all ages. They love to make these to hang in their windows, on the front porch, or to display in their room hanging from the ceiling. I was teaching a class for handicap children here and was asked to help them make suncatchers. The only help these children needed was a little help to drill the hole in the suncatcher when it was finished.


Recycled Mixed Materials Music Theme - mixed materials guitar piece

Recycled Mixed Materials Music ThemeI created this piece using an old plastic poster board, a broken mirror, magazine pages, and colored stones purchased at a recycle store.


Steampunk Bottle - glue on the remaining embellishments - allow to dry, and you are done

Steampunk BottleThis bottle is decorated with miscellaneous craft and hardware items to make it into steampunk art. Steampunk is an art form inspired by the industrial revolution. So this steampunk bottle has gears and hardware which depict "movement."


Let's Smile Box Sign Desk Decor - sign box standing on desk

"Let's Smile" Box Sign Desk DecorBox sign decor items are really popular, but you can upcycle a box to make your own. I upcycled this sturdy belt box (that was going to go in the trash anyway) into this sign! Times are hard right now so I want to remember to smile so I wrote "Lets Smile" and this will be at the corner of my desk!


Flowers Made from Nespresso Cups

Flowers Made from Nespresso CupsI made these flowers from empty aluminum Nespresso cups.


Painted CD Wreath - finished wreath with a bow at the bottom

Painted CD WreathYou can achieve this wreath with just 6 CDs, acrylic paint, paper, and ribbon. Or, make your own twist and use the CD as a base as this craft is versatile!


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Making a Tin Man Wind Chime?I located instructions on how to make a tin man out of cans. How would I go about making a tin man wind chime?


Crown Royal bag

Making Crown Royal Pillows?How do I cut the bags to start sewing for making a pillow?


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Pattern for Dish Soap Bottle Santa and Mrs. Claus?Is there a pattern for the Mr. and Mrs. Santa made from dish soap bottles and where can I purchase it?


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Decorating Old Windows?I have old windows and would like to put sayings on them. Where can I get letters to use, stencils, or stick on?


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