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Don't throw out your old cans, bottles, boxes, and other containers. Rather and adding to the landfill, reuse them for new storage needs or create a wonderful new object from these recycled materials.

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Empty Pill Bottles

Craft Ideas for Used Medicine or Pill BottlesRather than throwing them away or into the recycle bin, you can make many creative projects using medicine or pill bottles. This is a page about craft ideas for used medicine or pill bottles.


A cookie tin with butter cookies.

Crafts Made With Cookie TinsThis is a page about crafts made with cookie tins. If you are trying to decide what to do with all of your holiday cookie tins, here are some ideas.


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Using Wine Bottles In Stained GlassThis is a page about use wine bottles in stained glass. A bottle cutter can help you reuse glass containers to create beautiful projects.


finished tote made from a dog food bag

Making a Tote Bag from a Dog Food BagThis is a page about making a tote bag from a dog food bag. Use the woven fabric from bulk pet food to make sturdy totes.


Plastic Jug Masks

Making Plastic Jug MasksThis page is about making plastic jug masks. Frugal fun masks can be made by with recycled plastic jugs.


Some Easter eggs made from

Making Egg Carton Easter EggsLooking for a way to remove the plastic from Easter? There Easter eggs reuse cardboard egg carton cups to make little plastic-free Easter egg treat containers.



Craft Organizer From Dog Food Bag

Making an Organizer from Pet Food BagsThis is a page about making an organizer from pet food bags. You can make organizers for storing a wide variety of supplies from empty pet food bags.


Pickle Jar Candy Jars

Pickle Jar Candy JarsThis page is about pickle jar candy jars. This is a creative way to recycle pickle jars.


Crafts Using FrozenJuice Concentrate Lids

Crafts Using Frozen Juice Concentrate LidsThis page contains crafts using frozen juice concentrate lids. Before tossing these sturdy lids in the recycle bin, consider using them for craft projects.


Plastic bag holder made from a shirt sleeve.

Upcycled Plastic Bag SaverHere is one idea for making a plastic bag saver using the sleeve from a man's shirt. Repurposing and reusing all in one. This is a page about making an upcycled plastic bag saver.


bottle and 4 glasses

Making Recycled Perrier Bottle GlassesThe beautiful jade green of Perrier bottles makes them a great choice for making drinking glasses. This is a page about making recycled Perrier bottle glasses.


Coffee Can as Pencil Holder

Recycled Coffee Can CraftsThis is a page about recycled coffee can crafts. Coffee cans are a common crafting supply.


Recycled Leprechaun Craft

Crafts Using Laundry Detergent BottlesThis is a page about crafts using laundry detergent bottles. Save your empty detergent bottles for use in a wide variety of crafts from seasonal decorations to toys.


Plastic Bottle Top Container

Plastic Bottle Top ContainerThis is a page about plastic bottle top container. Reuse a bottle top and 2 caps to make a handy pocket container.


A partially emptied ice cream container.

Crafts Using Ice Cream ContainersThis page contains crafts using ice cream containers. These pails can be reused in many creative ways.


Bleach Bottle Piggybank

Bleach Bottle PiggyUse a regular bleach bottle, rinse it out with water and baking soda (takes the bleach smell away). Let dry. Paint with acrylic pink paint and let dry. Paint your spots on with either black or brown acrylic paint and let dry for about and hour.


The completed basket.

Woven T-shirt Yarn BasketWith my leftover t-shirt yarn from another project, I made this basket to hold mail. It is nice and sturdy made from the yarn.


Newspaper Pen Organizer - pens, pencils, glue, and marker in organizer

Newspaper Pen OrganizerI had nothing to do with an old newspaper insert so I decided to create a simple pen organizer out of it. It will take a little longer rolling the paper, but it's actually fun to do.


The completed spice container with the top lid open.

Recycled Spice Shakers for CampingRecycled spice shakers.


A piggy bank made from credit cards.

Credit Card "Piggy Bank"The other way we can use those sample credit cards is to make a "piggy bank" to teach your kid that an alternative to credit cards is to save up before spending.


A decorative bucket made from juice bottles.

Bucket from an Empty Juice BottleAs the mother of a toddler, I have 8 million empty apple juice bottles lying around. So instead of tossing them, I decided to recycle them. This particular bucket was made by cutting the top off the apple juice bottle with an X-Acto knife.



Small drawers made from cardboard.

Cardboard Do-Dad DrawersNo place to store all that costume jewelry used in dress ups? Need a space to put that sticker collection? How about a someplace to store crayons and other art supplies? This cute set of drawers will fit the bill no matter what you want to store!


The completed zipper bag.

Case From a Shampoo BottleRecycling and reusing plastic bottles is a great way to minimize environmental impact and save money. Make this case from a shampoo bottle to house pens and craft supplies. Impress and interest people around you with your sustainable efforts.


A roll of aluminum foil

Crafts Using Aluminum FoilAluminum foil is not just for food preparation and storage, it can also be used to make beautiful shiny crafts. These can range from simple sculptures made by kids up to beautiful jewelry that would be treasured by anyone.


The finished basket

Saving a Broken Plastic BasketAbout 5 years ago, I posted this basket with you folks. I am happy to say you deemed it worthy of a winning post.


Three upcycled containers.

Creative Storage ContainersEasy ways to create attractive storage from "cast-offs" from your house or those you pick up at garage sales. This was an old wicker lunchbox and is now my sewing basket. Spray painted pink, then craft painted on the flowers by just dabbing the brush on the basket to make circle-flowers and leaves


Recycled and painted storage containers

Thrifted Pots For StorageI found some great metal pots while out thrifting. I wanted some additional storage for my potting bench that is solid, air tight, and will keep the elements out. To dress it up, I spray painted them and added a few colors using a sponge to make them look rustic. Added a stencil and sealed with sealer. Now they hide my work gloves, extra tools, and garden supplies. This keeps my things together and also gives a decorative flare!


Upcycled Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand - done

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Jewelry StandThis a super cute and thrifty jewelry stand you can make out of some plastic bottles and a few pieces of hardware. I used it to fill up with the jewelry I wear most often, and separated them by colour using the different tiers: silver on top, then gold, then colour pieces. I love this stand!


Travel Fund - Airplane Piggy Bank

Making a Travel Fund Airplane Piggy BankPiggy banks actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not all are the traditional pig. Try this project that reuses an empty vitamin bottle to make an airplane bank to save money for your travel plans.


DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel Box  - finished box

DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel BoxA recycled Kleenex brand hand towel box is the prefect size for reusing as a mail box, for organizing your mail. Decorate it with some craft paint and it is ready to use.


Floating Necktie Organizer - bouquet version

DIY Floating Necktie OrganizerTies rolled and tucked into cut down empty water bottles give the appearance that they are floating. This recycled craft is an excellent way to organize your ties. It would also be a fun gift for Father's Day or a birthday. Let us show you how!


Recycled Ice Cream Box into Giftbox

How to Make a Recycled Ice Cream Box into a GiftboxDecoupage colorful clippings from a magazine or catalog onto a recycled ice cream box. Voilà you have created a unique gift box.


Mirrored Mosaic Flower Vase - finished bottle

DIY Mirrored Mosaic Flower VaseTake old CDs and a recycled glass bottle to make this pretty mosaic vase for small floral displays. This is a good project to do with your kids and makes a great gift.


Recycled Animal Face Pencil Case - pencils fit inside the bottle

How to Make a Recycled Animal Face Pencil CaseKids will love making and using this recycled plastic bottle pencil case. This version is decorated as a pink pig. Felt or craft foam can be substituted for the paper when creating your animal face.


Upcycled Water Jug Gift Basket - finished and filled basket

Making an Upcycled Water Jug Gift BasketRecycled crafts are very popular, good for the planet, and help to save you money on supplies. Upcycle a plastic water bottle into a gift basket that then only needs to be filled with the items especially chosen for your recipient.


A flower vase made from a recycled jar.

Recycled Flower VaseTransform a clean pickle jar or other type of glass jar into a pretty vase to display real or faux flowers. The two layer sponge painting process produces very pleasing results. The supplies list and step by step instructions can be found on this page.



A hanging pocket shaped like a corner.

Corner PocketA wrapping paper covered corner from a gift box, becomes a storage container in this craft project. It is perfect for storing note cards, as well as, craft or hair supplies. The instructions follow.


A decorative vase that appears to be made of wood.

Recycled "Wood" VaseThis faux wood vase begins with a Styrofoam stuffed recycled Yoo-hoo drink box. Learn how to create the wood grain and finish your vase.


paper covered boxes made into three drawer bureau

Making a Greeting Card Box BureauLearn how to make this cute little greeting card box bureau from recycled boxes. Complete instructions can be found below.


Medicine and supplies inside a baby wipe container.

Baby Wipe Box Turned Medicine CaddyEmpty baby wipes boxes have many uses. This page offers a fun facelift suggestion and conversion into a medicine caddy.


A decorative vase made recycled materials.

Making a Recycled Decorative VaseThere are numerous items that can be successfully recycled into one of a kind decorative vases. You can use paint, decoupage, wrap with twine, and more to produce the effect you would like. There are several examples on this page.


No Sew T-shirt Tote

Making a No Sew T-shirt ToteRemove the sleeves from an old t-shirt and make fringe ties at the bottom. You have made a no-sew tote. Make a lot, many states are beginning to pass legislation to discontinue the use of plastic bags.


Plastic Bottle Pieces Dish - lift out of the dish, leave clear or paint

Making a Dish from Plastic Bottle Neck RingsWe see a lot of crafts made using plastic bottle caps and portions of the bottles themselves. This one makes use of the neck only. You will find the step by step instructions and accompanying photos for making a useful bit of decor on this page.


Recycled Box Gift Bags

Homemade Recycled Cereal Box Gift BagsRecycle a food or cereal box into a pretty gift bag. Wrap in a paper of your choice and add ribbon or other types of handles. They are sturdier than a purchased bag and you can feed good about recycling. This page contains instructions for homemade recycled cereal box gift bags.


A recycled magnetic storage container from a Pringles can.

DIY Magnetic Container from Recycled Pringles CanRather than spend a lot on a small magnetic storage or display container to have on the fridge, make one yourself from a Pringles canister. This page has instructions and photos to help you create your own.


Kid's Frog Trinket Box - hand holding the finished frog

Making an Egg Carton Frog Trinket BoxKids love to collect and save small treasures. Learn how to make a frog trinket box from an egg carton on this page which contains photos and easy to follow instructions.


Embellishing a Wooden Crate as a Recipe Box - paper, scissors, and other supplies in crate

Embellishing a Wooden Crate as a Recipe BoxA new or recycled little wooden crate is perfect for storing notes and recipes. Add some buttons and marker details and it is ready to put to use. This page contains a tip for embellishing a wooden crate as a recipe box.


Recycled Gift Bottles

Recycled Starbucks Frappuccino Gift BottlesThe cute glass bottles from Starbucks Frappuccino beverages can be reused and decorated for a thrifty gift container.


Fabric Covered Recycled Box - bottles of nail polish in box

Fabric and Jute Covered Recycled BoxStart with a sturdy recycled food box such as a granola bar container and then wrap with jute and line with pretty fabric to create this fun recycled container. This guide shows how to make a fabric and jute covered recycled box.


Post-it Note Pen Holder - closeup of note pads

Making a Post-it Note Pen HolderThis fun project for your workspace begins with a mini tissue box and 4 Post-it note pads or clones from the dollar store. Follow the instructions to make one or more for yourself, friends, or co-workers.


Upcycled Sliding Drawer from a Soda Box - drawer in the box

Upcycled Cardboard Sliding DrawerA 12 pack soda box can be upcycled into a useful cardboard sliding drawer for storing any number of different items. Store small tools, craft supplies, or whatever you need to organize. Learn the basics for how to make one and then decorate it to suit your taste.


Popsicle Stick Office Tools Organizer

Popsicle Stick Office Tools OrganizerUse pre-colored Popsicle style craft sticks or paint recycled ones and create your own office tool organizer to meet your particular needs. The instructions in this page will show you how to make this Popsicle stick office tools organizer.


Sumo Wrestler Salt and Pepper Shakers - painted bottles

Recycled Sumo Wrestler Salt and Pepper ShakersSave drink bottles to make these cute salt and pepper shakers. This is a page about making recycled sumo wrestler salt and pepper shakers.


Recycled Cork Thread Dispenser and a Candle Holder - finished thread spool holder

Making a Cork Thread Dispenser/Candle HolderWine corks are used in a wide variety of crafts. This page contains two projects utilizing them. You can make a cute thread dispenser or a decorative candle holder.


Candy Box Into Treasured Keepsake - view of finished box

Candy Box Into Treasured KeepsakeIf you received a box of candy for Valentine's Day, be sure to save it to make one of these pretty keepsake boxes. This page is about making a candy box into a treasured keepsake.


DIY Coin Holder - adding cash to container

DIY Tide Pods Container Coin HolderThe large Tide pods container is perfect for repurposing into a coin holder. Add a bit of paper money to sweeten the pot. This page contains a DIY Tide Pods container coin holder project.


Make a Jewelry Box from a Pot Holder - corners of the pot holder pinched together and tied with a bow

How to Make a Jewelry Box from a Pot HolderPretty vintage or new pot holders can be used to cover a paper box, creating a unique jewelry box. This craft is quick and easy; it makes a great gift too. This page shows you how make a jewelry box from a pot holder.


Dressed Up Pen Holder for
Father's Day  - pens inside the can

Making a Dressed Up Pen Holder for Father's DayA personalized pen holder you can make dad for a desk reminder of how much you love him. This is a page about making a dressed up pen holder for Father's Day.


Piggy Bank with Money Separator - finished piggy bank

Piggy Bank with Money SeparatorTeach kids to be thrifty and save their extra coins or paper bills by making their own piggy bank. To expand their interest in this matter, add some creativity to it so that they will be more excited to save.


Line of wine bottles painted bright pink with a green blade of grass sticking out of one.

Painting Wine BottlesYou can create a lovely, repurposed decoration or vase by painting the inside or outside of a wine bottle. This is a page about painting wine bottles.


Upcycled Business Card Holder from Gum Packaging

Upcycled Business Card Holder from Gum PackagingMake a business card holder from an empty gum package. It will hold business cards perfectly! This card holder is slim and fits nicely in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket.


Coupon Organizer - closed finished box tops and front view

Coupon Organizer Made from a Tissue BoxEasily repurpose an empty tissue box into a coupon, receipt, or recipe card organizer. This could also be a bigger trinket box. It is very easy to make and personalize for you with items you have already at home!


Cardboard Tube Pencil Organizer - finished holder

Cardboard Tube Pencil OrganizerI love this pen and pencil organizer. It's so cute, and it's simply made from the cardboard centers of toilet paper, held together by glue. I spray painted the outside to give it an eye-catching shine.


Upcycled Vase from Pepper Grinder

Upcycled Vase from Pepper GrinderLast time I had a hard time unscrewing the glass grinder so I tossed it out. This time, I was determined to open it because I knew this will make a nice up-cycled vase project and it was really easy to twist off.


A holder made from a can and a sock.

Sock Can HolderMismatched socks are perfect for covering recycled cans to make containers for pens and other items. This is a page about making a sock covered can holder.


Upscale Recycled Containers with Con-Tact Paper - can and container covered in blue patterned paper

Upscale Recycled Containers with Con-Tact PaperMake upscale recycled containers with Con-Tact paper to use all around your house. There are so many pretty designs available to match anyone's taste or home decor.


Cling Wrap Roll as Pencil Case - pencil case with spilled pens and pencils

How to Make a Cling Wrap Roll into a Pencil CaseThis easy recycled project offers yet another craft project that uses the paper tube from inside a roll of cling wrap. This useful, decorative pencil case could also be given as a gift. This is a page about how to make a cling wrap roll into a pencil case.


Recycled Bumblebee Can - yellow painted can with bumblebee motif

How to Make a Recycled Bumblebee CanCreating decorative storage from recycled food cans is fun and allows for a lot of creativity. Painting your can with a happy little bumblebee is one idea. This is a page about how to make a recycled bumblebee can.


Tin Can Organizers - finished cans

How to Make Paper Covered Tin Can OrganizersRecycle clean food cans into attractive desktop or craft tool organizers by decorating with wrapping or scrapbook paper. This is a page about how to make make paper covered tin can organizers.


Aluminum Foil Box Desk Organizer - finished organizer filled with desk items

How to Make an Aluminum Foil Box Desk OrganizerSave the box from your aluminum foil and you can use it to make this useful desk organizer. This is a page about how to make an aluminum foil box desk organizer.


Father's Day Gift Idea

Crafts Using Recycled Glass JarsGlass jars come in all shapes and sizes. Their usefulness for crafts and organizing is almost endless. This is a page about crafts using recycled glass jars.


Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vase

Yarn Wrapped Bottle VaseRecycle old bottles of all shapes and sizes into colorful vases, by wrapping them with yarn. This is a page about making a yarn wrapped bottle vase.


Recycled Soda Bottle Cup - finished lidded cup with ladybug motif

Recycled Soda Bottle CupHere is a way to turn a soda bottle into a cute cup with a lid cover.


Fabric Covered Tuna Can

Making a Fabric Covered Tuna CanReuse a clean tuna can for change or other small items. Decorate it with fabric for a simple or more elaborate container. This is a page about making a fabric covered tuna can.


A pile of cardboard boxes.

Making Cardboard Box Dollhouses?A large cardboard box can be rescued in a myriad of ways. Making a dollhouse from a leftover box is a perfect way to use it again. This is a page about making cardboard box dollhouses .


A basket made from milk cartons.

Recycled Milk Carton BasketRecycle a half gallon milk carton to make this classy gift basket. This page has a pattern for making a recycled milk carton basket.


Decorate Food Cans For Office/ or Craft Storage - can decorated with scrapbook paper and wide ribbon holding pencils and a note half on with a clip

Decorated Tin Cans for Office or Craft StorageRecycled cans make good containers for pens and pencils and other office and craft supplies. This is a page about decorated tin cans for office or craft storage.


Finished Tin Can Frog

Tin Can Frog ContainerLearn how to make this recycled tin can craft in this step by step tin can frog container guide.


finished pen holder

Recycled Soup Can Pen HolderBy decorating or painting a clean soup can you can make an attractive and useful pen holder for your office or craft area. This is a page about recycled soup can pen holder.


Baby Food Jar filled with colorful egg candy.

Easter Crafts Using Baby Food Jars?This is a page about Easter crafts using baby food jars. When you are feeding a baby, you can end up with an excess of these small jars that can be fun for holiday crafts.


rings filling the box display

Making a Chocolate Box Jewelry DisplayThis is a page about making a chocolate box jewelry display. Save that empty chocolates box and create a unique recycled display for small pieces of jewelry.


A pencil pot decorated with gems and buttons.

Making a Button and Jewel Pencil HolderUse buttons and broken costume jewelry to decorate a pencil holder for your desk. This is a page about making a button and jewel pencil holder.


Plastic Bottle Starburst Vase

Making a Plastic Pop Bottle VaseWith a bit of creative cutting and folding you can transform a plastic bottle into a beautiful vase. This is a page about making a plastic bottle vase.


Recycled Jewelry Keepsake Box

Making a Recycled Jewelry BoxThis is a page about making a recycled jewelry box. A recycled box such as a candy box can be transformed into a pretty jewelry box.


Jeans pocket scissors pouch.

Making a Jeans Pocket Scissors PouchThis is a page about making a jeans pocket scissors pouch. A folded and stitched jeans pocket is perfect for storing and carrying a small pair of scissors in your purse or craft bag.


Recycled Plastic Container Jewelry Keeper

Making a Recycled Plastic Container Jewelry KeeperThis is a page about making a recycled plastic container jewelry keeper. Reuse those small pretty containers to keep your jewelry organized.


Make Planters With Old Record Albums

Making Planters With Old Record AlbumsThis is a page about making planters with old record albums. Old record albums can be heated and molded into a variety of shapes.


A photo of a glass cutter with a red handle.

Making Drinking Glasses From Glass BottlesThis is a page about making drinking glasses from glass bottles. Glass bottles with interesting shapes or colors can be cut down and made into unique drinking glasses.


A cookie tin filled with cookies.

Uses for Cookie TinsThis is a page about uses for cookie tins. These handy containers are often very decorative as they are, or can be dressed up and reused for a variety of things.


tote bag with handles remade into a trash can

Converting a Tote Bag into a Trash CanI found a damaged tote bag that was dumped in the stock room. Some parts were damaged where the handles are attached. The inner parts were also torn, so I just thought of turning it into a trash bag.


Lego Pen Stand

Making a Lego Pen HolderThis is a page about making a Lego pen holder. Make a cute Lego head pen holder using recycled jars.


Bowl made from a black vinyl record

Using Vinyl Record Bowls For FoodThis is a page about using vinyl record bowls for food. Old vinyl records can be heated and shaped into unique bowls, but crafters question if they are food safe.


pink shabby chic painted storage box

Shabby Chic Upcycled BoxThis cute little box was a great thrifty find for $2.99. This was an item I knew I could upcycle into a shabby chic piece to hold items.


gold gift box

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Gift BoxWith a little cutting and folding, you can turn your plastic bottles into cute containers. Add a bit of paint and embellishments and you'll have an adorable gift box.


VHS Tape Container

Making a Recycled VHS Tape ContainerThis is a page about making a recycled VHS tape container. For a retro media themed party make a VHS tape container for holding tableware or other items.


Clementines in wooden box against white background

Crafts Using Wooden Clementine BoxesThis page is about crafts using wooden Clementine boxes. The little wooden crates that are used to pack these petite citrus fruit can be reused in craft projects.


Inside of an empty chocolate box against white background

Crafts Using Chocolate BoxesThis is a page about crafts using chocolate boxes. Empty candy boxes can be decorated and reused as gifts or storage for small items.


mason jar snack dispenser

Making a Mason Jar Snack ContainerThis is a page about making a Mason jar snack container. Mason jars have so many uses in addition to the original one of canning.


Wrapping yarn around a glass vase.

Crafts Using Glass Flower VasesThis page contains crafts using glass flower vases. These cut flower display containers that are easy to come by, can be fun decorating projects.


glass oil bottles

Craft Ideas Using Glass Oil and Vinegar Bottles?This is a page about craft ideas using glass oil and vinegar bottles. Glass bottles are fun to use in making a number of craft projects.


Juice Pouch Lunch Bag

Recycled Juice Pouch Lunch BagThis is a page about making a recycled juice pouch lunch bag. Save your empty juice pouches and make this fun, recycled craft with your children.


Margarine Tub

Making a Doll From a Butter or Margarine Tub?This is a page about making a doll from a butter or margarine tub. Recycled containers are often used in doll making.


Plastic Bottle Birdfeeder

Making a Plastic Bottle BirdfeederThis page is about making a plastic bottle birdfeeder. A good reuse of a plastic bottle is fashioning it to feed the birds.


Zipper Plastic Bottle Container

Zipper Plastic Bottle ContainerThis is a page about making a zipper plastic bottle container. Make a cute, functional container from a recycled plastic bottle and a zipper.


A bunch of brightly colored sodas in clear glass bottles.

Crafts Using Glass Soda BottlesThis is a page about crafts using glass soda bottles. Although not as common as they once were, glass soda bottles can still be used for your craft projects.


Recycled Ribbon Dispenser

Recycled Container Craft IdeasThis is a page about recycled container craft ideas. Recycled containers of all sizes and shapes can be used in crafting projects.


Painted Recycled Plastic Spray Bottle

Painted Recycled Plastic Spray BottleThis is a page about making a painted recycled plastic spray bottle. You can create a spray bottle to match your decor, by painting and decorating a recycled bottle.



Crafts Made Using MatchboxesThis page is about crafts made using matchboxes. These boxes come in a few sizes and can be reused for a variety of projects.


Crafts Using Pringles Cans

Crafts Using Pringles CansThis page is about crafts using Pringles cans. These popular chips need the protection of cardboard canisters.


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Crafts Using Plastic Water Jugs?I have many, many gallon jugs from the water I get every other day. Some have handles and some are without, some are clear and some opaque. Any idea would be appealing.


A pink piggy bank made from a plastic mayo bottle.

Mayonnaise Jar Piggy BankThis page is about making a mayonnaise jar piggy bank. A fun piggy bank can be created from a plastic jar.


Gift bag made out of a sugar bag craft

Craft Uses for Sugar BagsThis is a page about craft uses for sugar bags. Thick paper sugar bags have crafting potential.


Craft Ideas for Creamer Containers

Crafts Using Single Serving Cream Containers?This is a page about crafts using single serving cream containers. If you have a stockpile of the little creamer cups, think crafty and reuse them in fun new projects.


Crafts Using Old Glass Bottles, Old Medicine bottles

Crafts Using Glass BottlesThis is a page about crafts using glass bottles. Old glass bottles are prefect recycle crafting objects, with their beautiful colors and interesting shapes.


Recycled Paper Pot

Recycled Paper ContainersThis is a page about recycled paper containers. Think green and recycle your junk mail and magazines into colorful paper containers.


Cigars in a Box

Making a Cigar Box GuitarThis is a page about making a cigar box guitar. Cigar boxes have so many fun and functional uses. You can even make a guitar out of one.


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Craft Ideas for Two Liter Bottles?I am not very crafty but what can I do with 2 liter pop bottles? I don't like throwing them away, so I would like to find something to do with them. Thanks!


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Selling Empty Juice Pouches?I have Capri Sun pouches that are cleaned and ready for craft use. Do you think I could sell them? I would only want a little money for them plus the postage. Is there a market?


Box covered with blue and flowered paper.

Make a Photo Storage BoxThis is a great and very cheap, an almost free craft to do. I called around to shoe stores and got a ton of free shoe boxes. Then I went and picked up free sample books at a wallpaper store.


Recycled Butter Boxes Used as Pencil Holders - boxes with pens, pencils, scissors, and more inside

Recycled Butter Boxes Used as Pencil HoldersI take the cardboard boxes that hold the 4 sticks of butter and turn them into useful and pretty pencil and graft supply holders.


DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel Box  - finished box

DIY Mail Box from a Kleenex Hand Towel BoxIf you purchase Kleenex hand towels, you can transform the box into a mail box. I actually bought these Kleenex hand towels last year for 90% off at Target after Christmas.


Medicine Bottle Bamboo Vase - vase with a bamboo stalk and several stalks taped to the back

Medicine Bottle Bamboo VaseMy dad saves all his medicine bottles in a big bag, just waiting to make new use of them. He is, after all, the one who taught me to be a thrifty upcycler. Here, I've made him a bamboo vase from 4 of his bottles.


Plastic Bottle Neck Ring Pieces Dish - keys in the bottom of the dish

Plastic Bottle Neck Ring Pieces DishThis is a cute little decorative dish you can make out of the plastic neck rings from bottles. I put mine by the front door for my keys. You can also build it higher with more bottles and make it a full on bowl. This is a fun and simple craft!


Taking Food Cans And Making Functional Pieces - can filled with fabric flowers

Taking Food Cans And Making Functional PiecesHere is a way to upcycle those food cans/containers into functional and decorative pieces.


Tin Can Unicorn Planter - flower filled can outside

Tin Can Unicorn PlanterThis is a cute project using an old tin can and a cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. A bit of paint and glue will transform your junk into a mystical creature, carrying your pretty flowers. You can also use this as a pencil or makeup brush holder!


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VHS Tape Container

VHS Tape ContainerThis fun recycled container is perfect to add a touch of nostalgia to any party. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A jar that has been painted to look like a pineapple.

Pineapple Gift JarPineapples are a symbol of hospitality and these cute jars would make a perfect hostess gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Mason Jar Snack Container

Mason Jar Snack ContainerThis mason jar snack container is super cute and a great way to reuse. Check out this video and learn how to make your own snack container.


Recycled Kids Crafts: Bottle Butterfly

Bottle ButterflyThis video shows you how to make a simple butterfly container from a plastic drink bottle that your kids will have a lot fun putting together and they can store crayons or other items in it when they are done.


Candy Jar Made from Pickle Jar

Recycled Container Candy JarThis short video shows you the steps to turning a jar into a beautiful vintage looking candy jar.


Plastic Bottle Top Container

Plastic Bottle Top ContainerMake handy containers for pills or other small items with recycled plastic bottles. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Weaving With Plastic Milk Bottle Strips?I have been making a project out of using as much of the gallon milk jugs as I can for crafts. I end up with some left over which I cut into very bendable strips. I am wondering if any of you crafters out there have any ideas on what I could weave these into?


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Crafts Using Plastic Bed Sheet Cases?I have a lot of the small bags that sheets come in from Wal-Mart, they snap and some have elastic. I would like to know if anyone has a craft idea to use them for.


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Craft Ideas for Egg Cartons?Anyone have fun craft ideas using egg cartons?


Glass Coke Bottle

Crafts Made with Glass Coke Bottles?I have many glass soda bottles, 30 or so, and I love to make arts and crafts. When I look online for ideas, I can only seem to find crafts for plastic bottles.


Best Thread for Sewing Recycled Dog Food Bag Totes

Best Thread for Sewing Recycled Dog Food Bag Totes?What type of thread do I use on the recycled dog food totes?


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Securing Milk Jugs on a Snoopy Dog Craft?How should I secure the top jug to the 'body' jug so the wind can't blow the top away? A good glue that is waterproof? What kind?


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