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Think before you throw anything away, you will be surprised what you can make out of everyday objects. This page contains craft projects and ideas using recycled materials.

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Hooked Rug Using Plastic Bags

Making a Hooked Rug Using Plastic BagsThis page is about making a hooked rug using plastic bags. A great way to recycle loads of plastic bags is to make a rug.


old silverware

Crafts Using Old SilverwareThis is a page about crafts using old silverware. In addition to the silverware wind chime, there are endless crafting possibilities for using old silverware.


Photo of three red bricks.

Craft Ideas for BricksThis page contains craft ideas for bricks. Do you have a couple extra bricks laying around but just don't know what to do with them? Bricks can make beautiful craft projects, from yard art to book ends.


Plastic Bag Rug

Making a Rug from Plastic BagsThere are a few different ways to make a plarn hooked or braided rug reusing hundreds of plastic bags. This is a page about making a rug from plastic bags.


Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags

Crafts Using Crown Royal BagsThis is a page about crafts using Crown Royal bags.Those beautiful purple cloth Crown Royal bags are perfect to use in many crafts.


Old Wedding Dress

Crafts Using an Old Wedding Dress?This page is about using an old wedding dress. When these dresses are no longer in good enough shape for another wedding, there are ways the beautiful fabrics can be reused.


Necktie Purse

Making a Necktie PurseThis is a page about making a necktie purse. Neckties can be repurposed into a number of interesting craft project.


Wallpaper book with blue wallpaper.

Uses for Wallpaper BooksWallpaper sample books have many beautiful and sturdy samples that can be used in crafts. This is a page about uses for wallpaper books.


Baby Formula Scoop

Craft Ideas Using Baby Formula ScoopsThis is a page about craft ideas using baby formula scoops. If you are a crafter and have, or know someone who has, an infant who is fed formula, you probably have a stash of little formula scoops.


Painted Window Panes

Crafts Using Old WindowsOld windows can be reused for a variety of craft projects. This page is about crafts using old windows.


Rainbow Bracelet

Crafts Using Pop Can TabsThis is a page about crafts using pop can tabs. Soda or pop can tabs are being reused in a variety of craft projects.


Photo of an old barn.

Crafts Using Old Barn WoodThis page contains crafts using old barn wood. The rustic character of barn wood can be incorporated in a variety of crafts.



Items made from Bedskirt - valance

Craft Uses for Bed SkirtsThis is a page about craft uses for bed skirts. Your unused bed skirts can be put to use in your craft projects.


Pot Holders from Shoulder Pads- three images of finished holder

Make Pot Holders from Shoulder PadsRecycled or repurposed crafts are not only fun, but they can be earth friendly. Shoulder pads go in and out of fashion. If they are not in fashion or not to your liking remove them and create something new and useful. Pads filled with cotton or wool are preferred for pot holders, as polyester does not block heat effectively. Learn how to make pot holders from shoulder pads.


Oxygen Tubing

Uses for Oxygen Tubing?This is a page about uses for oxygen tubing. Stretchy and soft, oxygen tubing can be used for more than just delivering H2O. There are many crafty and creative uses for excess oxygen tubing.


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Crafts Made With Plastic Can Rings?This page contains crafts made with plastic can rings. Reusing these common trash items, keeps them from going to the landfill.


Making Curtains from Sheets

Making Curtains from SheetsThis page is about making curtains from sheets. Fashioning bed sheets into curtains can save you money and give you the window covering you want.


Making a Pickle Fork

Making a Pickle ForkThis is a page about making a pickle fork. Old sterling silver forks are fun to use in crafting. This is something different from the flatware windchimes you may have seen.


Plastic Soda Bottle Wind Chimes

Plastic Soda Bottle Wind Chimes?Plastic 2 liter bottles can be used for many different types of crafts, even wind chimes. This is a page about plastic soda bottle wind chimes.


Bed Spring

Crafts Using Bed SpringsThis is a page about crafts using bed springs. Recycle these metal springs into fun crafts and decorations.


Pink Plastic Foam Curlers

Craft Uses for Plastic Foam Curlers?It is sometimes amazing the creative ideas that crafters come up with when working with recycled or repurposed items. Even old foam hair rollers may find a new life. This is a page about craft uses for plastic foam curlers.


Aluminum can pinwheel.

How to Make an Aluminum Can PinwheelRecycle aluminum drink cans to make these fun garden decorations. This is a page about how to make an aluminum can pinwheel.


Plastic Milk Jug

Crafts Using Milk JugsPlastic milk jugs make a good starting place for many creative craft projects. This is a page about crafts using milk jugs.


pet dust bunnies craft

Pet Dust BunniesThis is a page about pet dust bunnies. If you are looking for a clever gag gift that doesn't cost much; here it is. These cuties are made of recycled dryer lint.


bridesmaids in green dresses standing next to bride

Crafts Using Bridesmaid DressesThis is a page about crafts using bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are often not re-worn and are relegated to the back of the closet. Consider using them in a lovely craft.


Dog Food Bag Rug

Making a Dog Food Bag RugThis is a page about making a dog food bag rug. Heavy duty dog food bags are the perfect material for making a rug.


bumper pads on stairs

Crafts and Other Uses for Crib Bumper Pads?This is a page about crafts and other uses for crib bumper pads. Many parents have bumper pads that they are no longer using. While you may not wish to use them in the crib due to safety concerns, there are many other ways to put them to use.



Tin Can Lids

Crafts Using Tin Can LidsThis page is about craft using tin can lids. A fun way to recycle is to make crafts using metal can lids.


sewing scrubber

Making a Recycled Mesh Bag Pot ScrubberThis is a page about making a recycled mesh bag pot scrubber. Mesh produce bags can find a second calling as a pot scrubber.


Potholder square red and white candy cane fabric with frayed edges

Making Coasters and Pot Holders From JeansThis is a page about making coasters and pot holders from jeans. Denim fabric is so durable that recycling old jeans into new items is a popular craft. Try making pot holders or coasters for yourself and to give as gifts.


Gold and white golf balls with gold ribbon

Craft Ideas Using Golf BallsThis is a page about craft ideas using golf balls. When these game balls get dented or torn, they can be upcycled in creative ways.


Recycled Barnyard Animals - toilet paper tube pig, cow, and dog

20+ Clever Crafts Using Toilet Paper TubesThis page contains crafts using toilet paper tubes. Empty tissue paper tubes can be useful in many, fun craft projects.



How to Make Bookmarks from Greeting CardsGreeting cards are a good craft supply to keep on hand; there are so many uses they can be put to. One easy and fun project is to make bookmarks from them. They make great all around gifts and remembrance gifts.


Finished tile trivet project (square format).

Crafts Using Greeting CardsSave your old greeting cards to use in a wide variety of crafts. There are a number of examples for such crafts on this page from a basket made from cards to scrapbook uses.


Plastic Lid Man

Crafts Using Plastic LidsThis is a page about crafts using plastic lids. Many of the containers in our homes have lids and most lids are not recyclable.


Old Quilt

Crafts Using Old QuiltsThis is a page about crafts using old quilts. Sometimes you can find old, worn quilts at yard sales and the thrift store. They may not be useful as bed linens anymore, but they are a great find for the crafter.


A plastic dragonfly with black markings.

Plastic Utensil DragonflyHere is a way to make a dragonfly using plastic utensils.


Converting a Drawer Unit Into a Footstool - in service

Converting a Drawer Unit Into a FootstoolI recently gave a very large desk to a gal just across the road from me. I had used it less and less over the last year, so it was time.


Upcycled Valentine's Candy Box Birthday Gift

Upcycled Valentine's Candy Box Birthday GiftHeart shaped candy boxes make the perfect beginning for a repurposed birthday gift. Some paint, stickers, and other decorations alter the original message and the plastic candy compartments can be used for little message papers. Learn how to create your own below.


DIY Earbuds Holder - buds secured to card

Gift Card Earbuds HolderWith some strategic cutting you can transform a pretty gift card into a holder for your earbuds. The instructions needed to make this convenient tangle free storage solution follow.


Notebook from Vinyl Records - spiral notebook with vinyl record cover

Making a Notebook from Vinyl RecordsThis unique notebook was made from two vinyl records, cut, drilled, and then bound with a handmade wire spiral. Give this practical recycled craft a try.


A sideways paint can with red paint spilling out.

Crafts Using Paint CansPaint cans have a certain charm, whether using an old vintage one or a clean new one. Many craft ideas use a paint can as a base or a decorated container.



Egg Carton Alligator - finished egg carton gator

Making an Egg Carton AlligatorSave your cardboard egg cartons to make one of these adorable alligators. This is a great recycled craft to do with the kids.


Mixed Media Journal - finished journal

Making a Mixed Media Journal CoverSave your odds and ends to make this mixed media journal cover. This is a great project or gift for a tween or teen.


Recycled Snow and Heart Vase - finished vase with a flower and stems

Making a Recycled Snow and Heart VaseMake an inexpensive vase to express your love for Valentine's day. Using a recycled jar, acrylic paint, and left over Christmas art supplies you can create a special gift.


Upcycle Giftcard to Keychain with a Fob - bird shaped fob on a key ring

Upcycled Giftcard Keychain FobReuse expired or empty gift cards, or coupon cards to create your own upcycled giftcard key fob. Create a design such as the simple bird found here or one of your own making and follow the easy steps to make one for yourself or to give as gifts.


Wiggly Paper Snowman - cut and glue in place the nose, eyes, and mouth

Making a Wiggly Paper SnowmanUse some of your paper to recycle creating a wiggly paper snowman. With white paper, magazines, scissors and glue you can make a cute seasonal, hanging decoration.


Paper Tube Napkin Rings - cut out the rings

Making Paper Tube Napkin RingsUnique paper tube napkin rings can be crafted to use for any occasion. Decorate them with wide ribbon, colored paper and embellishments, seeds, beads, and more. This page contains some example craft projects for making paper tube napkin rings.


DIY Shirt Collar Stays from Magnetic Hotel Keys  - sample stay and 6 new ones for keycard

DIY Shirt Collar Stays from Magnetic Hotel KeysWhen the creative juices begin to flow anything is possible. Try making shirt collar stays from magnetic hotel keys. Recycled crafts are are an excellent way to keep crafting affordable, plus they help the environment as well.


Redesigned Greeting Card  - three homemade redesigned cards

Redesigned Greeting CardsBy covering up sayings on cards you have received from online orders, you can redesign cards to add a suitable greeting. Learn how to make redesigned greeting cards for a holiday, birthday, or any occasion.


Laundry Wood Accent Hanging Sign

Making a Hanging Wood Accent Laundry SignNeed a reminder about when to run your laundry? Make this simple accent sign for your laundry room and customize it to fit your needs.


Pouch Made of Old Mini Dress - finished pouch

How to Make a Pouch from an Old Mini DressLearn how to make a fabric pouch from an old mini dress by following the step by step instructions on this page. Photos accompany the steps to make the craft easier to complete.


Repurpose Cylinder Container as Jewelry Stand

Repurpose a Cylindrical Container Into a Jewelry StandYou too can make this unique jewelry stand from a sturdy cylindrical food container. Add some decorative paper and ribbon and you have a fun piece for your dresser to help organize and display your jewelry.


Weekday Clothespins - hang on a string or cord

Weekdays Clothespin OrganizerKeep your days of the week organized by using these handy and colorful clothespins. They make a pretty decoration but are also useful for organzing paperwork or chores.


Plastic Bottle Cap Nozzles - nozzles created on caps

How to Make Plastic Bottle Cap NozzlesTurn your ordinary caps from plastic bottles into handy nozzles. Just use a metal skewer or other thin metal implement that can be heated.


jeans pocket for storing a skein of yarn, scissors, and hook

Making a Yarn Cozy Jean PocketHold your skein of yarn together with this cozy made from a recycled jean pocket. It can hold your scissors and a few other basic supplies, allowing you to knit or crochet on the go.


Plastic Egg Fireflies - finished firefly toy

How to Make Plastic Egg FirefliesTake colorful plastic Easter eggs and a few basic supplies to create these adorable light up fireflies. This is a page about plastic egg fireflies.


Make a Junk Journal Out of Envelopes - journal with a yarn bow

How to Make a Junk Journal Out of EnvelopesJunk journals are a combination of journaling and mixed media. This craft has been around for some time allowing each person to create a truly unique personal memento. Altered books are similar projects. Learn how to make a junk journal out of envelopes.


Cute Mini Notebooks - glued

Making Recycled Paper Mini NotebooksHaving a mini notebook that you can slip into your purse or bag can come in really handy. Don't buy them, follow the steps in this page to make your own using recycled paper, and save money. This is a page about making recycled paper mini notebooks.


Straws that have flower shapes on the end, as a gift.

Bloomin' Straws Bouquet for Mother's DayTake leftover drinking straws and a recycled container to make these pretty little blooms. It's perfect for kids to make and Mom or Grandma is sure to appreciate it. This page has instructions for making a bloomin' straws bouquet for Mother's Day.


Salvaging Hardware from Junk - lace up boots

Salvaging Hardware from JunkMost things eventually fall apart, but not all at the same time. Here, two pairs of my boots became so worn out, they were too dangerous for wear. They were not suitable for donation, however, the silver hardware and laces were still like new. I removed them to use in crafts and sewing projects.


House shaped puzzle on a table.

Making a Trivet for Hot Dishes from a Puzzle?Puzzle pieces are fun to use in lots of craft projects. To make a hot dish trivet you would need to cover the pieces either with heat resistant glass or some type of heat resistant epoxy coating. This page contains some suggestions for making a trivet for hot dishes from a puzzle.


Close up of an open bible.

Making a Bible CoverMaking a cover for an often used book such as your bible will protect the volume and provide years of enjoyment. There are many ways to make book covers, including repurposing a worn crochet handbag. This is a page about making a bible cover.


Red heart box.

Recycled Heart BoxThis is a page about making a recycled heart box. You can easily make one of these adorable little heart boxes out of recycled food packaging. It is easy to customize the size to suit your needs and the decorating possibilities are endless.


Saving Little Plastic Balls for Crafting - roll on deodorant ball

Saving Little Plastic Balls for CraftingHere are two ways to get 'nearly' free little plastic balls for crafting.


Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath Wreath - finished wreath

Cardboard Tube Christmas WreathWith recycled empty paper rolls, you can create a simple craft with the kids. This is a page about cardboard tube Christmas ring wreath.


Handcrafted Rag Made From Old Shirts - insert a piece into the hole and tie to another strip

Handcrafted Rag Made From Old ShirtsThis is a page about making a handcrafted rag made from old shirts. Grab two old cotton t-shirts and a pair of scissors to make this nifty recycled cleaning rag. This is an excellent way to reuse old clothing.


Clear Plastic Cap Magnets

Clear Plastic Cap MagnetsI have upcycled these salt/pepper containers into vases. I have the caps left and now finally figured out what I could do with them. I turned these caps into magnets!


Tin Can Lid Ornament Finished

Tin Can Pull-top OrnamentA fabric yo yo can make a cute ornament when fashioned around a recycled can pull top. This is a page about tin can pull-top ornament.


Snack Box New Year's Noisemakers - allow the glue to dry for at least 10 minutes

How to Make Snack Box New Year's NoisemakersSmall snack boxes such as dried cranberries are packaged in can be converted into these cute noisemakers to ring in the New Year.This is a page about how to make snack box New Year's noisemakers.


Plastic Lei

Crafts Using Plastic Leis?If you are trying to decide on some crafting ideas using plastic leis read on. This is a page about crafts using plastic leis.


Balls of yarn and socks on a table.

Making Yarn from SocksThis is a page about making yarn from socks. Before you throw out those old socks, consider reusing them as yarn for new projects. Not only are you keeping items out of the garbage, you are creating something unique and frugal.


Using a balloon weight bag as gift bag

Reusing a Balloon Weight Gift BagThis is a page about reusing a balloon weight bag as a gift bag. If your bundle of balloons came attached to one of these cute little weighted bags, here is a tip about to reuse it as an actual gift bag.


Expired Credit Cards for Storing Earphones - earphones stored on card

Expired Credit Cards for Storing EarphonesLet's make use of expired credit cards or old IDs. If you have a creative mind, you can make this craft. You never know; there are a lot of ideas for things you can do with those cards!



Mosaic Caterpillar Using Bowling BallsBroken tile mosaic finish makes this recycled bowling ball project fun to do and gives you a cute piece of garden art. This is a page about mosaic bug bowling balls.


Puppies sleeping in a dog bed made from old socks.

Recycled Clothing Pet BedOld worn out socks and clothing can find new purpose when making a bed for you dog or cat. This is a page about recycled clothing pet bed.


finished soda can tab lady key fob

Making a Little Lady Pop Tab Key FobMake this cute key fob with a recycled pop can tab and some bits of fabric. This is a page about making a little lady pop tab key fob.


Bread Tie People - Last set of three examples.

Recycled Bread Tie PeopleGet out the paints and markers and recycle your bread bag ties into cute little people. This is a page about making recycled bread tie people.


Making Watercolor Paints with Dried Up Markers

Making Watercolor Paints with Dried Up MarkersWhen your colored markers get dried up, there is still a great way to some more fun craft uses out of them. This is a page about making watercolor paints with dried up markers.


A pedestal server for a tea cup.

Tea Cup Pedestal ServerThis is the perfect project for one of those lovely thrifty store tea cup and saucer sets that you had to buy with no clear use in mind. This is a page about tea cup pedestal server.


Tapers and chocolate scented angels.

How to Make Recycled Taper CandlesThis is a page about how to make recycled taper candles. Use up your leftover wax that wasn't enough to burn, but was bound to have a use some day, to make new candles.


Recycled Detergent Cap Wind Clackers

Recycled Detergent Cap Wind ClackersMost recycling facilities don't accept plastic caps. This recycled craft finds a way to reuse them by making wind clackers.


Several magnets made from bottlecaps.

Bottle Cap MagnetsThere are so many ways you can decorate metal bottle caps and make them into magnets. This is a page about bottle cap magnets.


Recycled Candle Wax Air Freshener - Air fresheners hanging from shower curtain rings.

Recycled Candle Wax Air FreshenerMake a pretty air freshener using leftover scented candle wax. It can be cut into fun shapes using a cookie cutter. This is a page about recycled candle wax air freshener.


Braided and coiled fabric coasters.

Making Recycled Clothing CoastersThis is a page about making recycled clothing coasters. Strips of braided recycled clothing or left over fabric can be sewn into pretty coasters.


Cardboard tube pieces being put together.

Making a Cardboard Tube WreathThis is a page about making a cardboard tube wreath. A lovely, inexpensive wreath can be fashioned from flattened, cut and glued cardboard tubes pieces.


Gift Card Holder

Toilet Paper Tube Gift Card HoldersThis is a page about toilet paper tube gift card holders. Reuse and decorate a flattened paper tube to wrap a gift card for a special occasion.


A paper towel holder made from a clothes hangar.

Making a Paper Towel Holder from a Clothes HangerThis is a page about making a paper towel holder from a clothes hanger . A creative upcycle for a basic wire clothes hanger.


Finished padded hangers wrapped in light blue lace woth satin ribbons around the neck.

Decorating Quilted HangersThis is a page about decorating quilted hangers. Fabric covered quilted hangers can be decorated to look even more elegant.


Old Window Table

Making an Old Window Coffee TableThis is a page about making an old window coffee table. Repurpose an old window and make a unique coffee table.


Second photo of a wine cork key ring.

Making a Floating Wine Cork KeyringThis is a page about making a floating wine cork keyring. A wine cork floating key ring is an easy to make, inexpensive gift for the boating or fishing enthusiast on your list.


round book page bookmark

Making a Book Page BookmarkThis is a page about making a book page bookmark. Discarded books can find a new life when used to make a variety of craft projects.


Tuna Can Pin Cushion

Making a Recycled Tin Can Pin CushionThis is a page about making a recycled tin can pin cushion. A decorated tin can is a good start to making a unique pin cushion.


Denim Scrubbers

Making Denim ScrubbersThis is a page about making denim scrubbers. Old jeans have so many uses after we retire them from our wardrobe.


Close-up of oranges in an orange net bag

Halloween Craft Ideas for Orange Net Bags?This is a page about Halloween craft ideas for orange net bags. The bright orange color of these bags make them perfect to recycle into some creative Halloween crafts.


coiled folded paper trivet

Making a Folded Paper TrivetThis is a page about making a folded paper trivet. This recycled craft is fun and easy enough to have children help make some to give as gifts.


Making a Foot Stool from a Kitchen Pot

Making a Foot Stool from a Kitchen PotThis is a page about making a foot stool from a kitchen pot. Recycle a large cooking pot to make a neat foot stool with a place for storage.


Mobile Phone Charging Station

Making a Shampoo Bottle Mobile Phone...This is a page about making a shampoo bottle mobile phone charging station. Recycle an empty shampoo bottle and make a useful charging station for your mobile phone.


Five thread cones with different colors of thread lined up on a shelf

Uses for Empty Thread Cones?This is a page about uses for empty threads cones. Large conical thread cones can be reused in a variety of ways including craft projects.


Dress made from a blanket with an image of a buck and doe deer in a field of wheat

Crafts Using BlanketsThis is a page about crafts using blankets. Old, but not too worn blankets, or even thrift store finds, can have a second life when touched by the hand of a creative crafter.


Produce Bag Earring Display

Making a Mesh Produce Bag Earring DisplayThis is a page about making a mesh produce bag earring display. Reuse a plastic mesh bag to create a convenient earring display for yourself or as an inexpensive gift.


Love You Madly Vinyl Record Underplate   - trace on heart shapes and paint

Making a Vinyl Record UnderplateThis is a page about love you madly vinyl record underplate. A fun way to turn an old vinyl record album into a meaningful decoration.


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Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher Pads - oval rug

Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher PadsI have been saving my grocery bags to make rugs or pads to sit on aluminum bleachers. They work great for insulating the bottom. I got my idea from a you tube video by Mom Eberhard. You I cut the tops and bottoms off the bags and loop them together. I did a 4 string braid. I made one for a friend and she uses to sit on aluminum bleachers and said it works great.


Converting a Drawer Unit Into a Footstool - in service

Converting a Drawer Unit Into a FootstoolI recently gave a very large desk to a gal just across the road from me. I had used it less and less over the last year, so it was time.


Notebook from Vinyl Records - spiral notebook with vinyl record cover

Notebook from Vinyl RecordsI made this notebook from 2 vinyl records. The holes were drilled with a fine drill. I also made the spiral to keep the sheets together. I used the sheets from another notebook, but you can also make them yourself.


DIY Earbuds Holder - buds secured to card

Gift Card Earbuds HolderGetting earbuds tangled up is not only annoying, but terrible for their lifespan. You can make this cute and convenient holder for your earbuds in less than 10 minutes. This is a great way to upcycle or make use of gift cards that have some sentimental value in them. I use these for storage purposes. I also for on-the-go times, popping them securely in my purse.


Making Feather Bookmarks from CDs - finished feather bookmarks, with white dots added

Making Feather Bookmarks from CDsThis is a cute project that does not take a very long time to make. Younger children can make this project with a little help from their parents. Everyone is always looking for a way to mark the books they read. Here is a great way to recycle old CDs and have beautiful bookmarker.


Upcycled Valentine's Candy Box Birthday Gift - finished birthday gift box

Upcycled Valentine's Candy Box Birthday GiftI always save packaging in case myself or the kids want to make something or use it for crafts. I finally thought of a great idea and gift for my mom for her birthday using this Valentine's heart candy box.


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Cork Bulletin Board

Recycled Wine Cork Bulletin StripThis video shows you how to make your own bulletin strip out of wine corks.


Drinking Glasses from Recycled Bottles

Drinking Glasses from Recycled BottlesIt's easy to use a rotary bottle cutter to make recycled drinking glasses from Perrier bottles. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Making Red Hat Magnets from Soda Bottle Caps?I am trying to make red hat magnets out of plastic soda caps. I can't figure out the best way to do it. Can you help me with some suggestions?


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Crafts Using Red Christmas Socks?What can I make from a red fur Christmas sock with white fur around the top besides little girl purses?


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Making a Recycled Tin Man?Where can I find moveable eyes for making a tin man?


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Melting and Reshaping Plastic Soda Bottles?How do I melt and reshape 2 liter pop bottles?


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Reusing Greeting Cards?How I can have them send to me, instead of recoiled or put in garbage?


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Making Silver Flatware Flowers?Anyone know how to make flowers out of old silver flatware?


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