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Give your old clothing or thrift store finds new life by either remaking them into a new garment or using them in a recycled craft project.

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using father's clothing

Memorial Ideas for Using Deceased Parent's ClothingWhen a father dies, it can be difficult to discard their clothing with all the memories the patterns and colors might evoke. A popular idea is to upcycle that fabric into a new item of clothing, a quilt or wall hanging or another craft project.


Making T-Shirt Pillows

Making T-Shirt PillowsThis is a page about making t-shirt pillows. Favorite t-shirts often hold memories we would like to keep. So rather than throw them away, make pillows.


recycled jeans apron

Making a Jeans ApronThis is a page about making a jeans apron. Take those old or wrong sized jeans and, rather than throw them away, make a cute apron.


a pretty bra

Craft Uses for BrasThis is a page about craft uses for bras. If you like to craft and are creative, you might consider working on projects using old bras, either in their entirety or by recycling parts.


How to Turn a Sweatshirt Into a Jacket - Finished jacket.

How to Turn a Sweatshirt Into a JacketUse an old sweatshirt to repurpose into a jacket. Here is a great design for how to turn a sweatshirt into a jacket.


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Reusing Embroidery From Old Shirts?Tips for reusing embroidery from worn out clothing. Post your own ideas here.


A small backpack made from a milk jug.

Unique Milk Jug BackpackIf you always seem to be "on the go" then you surely understand that kids don't go anywhere without their "stuff." That is why this craft idea is so handy. With this easy-to-make backpack, your child can take their treasures with them wherever they go!


Upcycled Tie Necklace - creator wearing the tie necklace

Making an Upcycled Tie NecklaceOne fun recycled neck tie craft is featured on this page. Learn how to make an upcycled tie necklace.


Mini Flower Crop Top from Leggings - wear your new top

How to Make a Mini Flower Crop Top from LeggingsYou will be surprised how easy and fun it is to make this attractive crop top from and old pair of leggings. This is a page about how to make a mini flower crop top from leggings.


Rubber Boot Planter - planted ladybug boots

How to Make a Rubber Boot PlanterThis is a page about rubber boot planter. Do you have a pair of rubber boots that your child has outgrown? Turning them into a planter is a fun project that your child can help with and it lets you repurpose them.


Re-purposed Dress - Finished dress made from a blouse and a skirt.

How to Turn a Blouse and Skirt Into a DressSome clothing can be repurposed into other articles of clothing with a little alteration. Here is a neat idea about how to turn a blouse and skirt into a dress.


Step 7 Recycled Sweater Neck Pillow Craft

How to Make a Recycled Sweater Neck PillowUse an old sweater to make a nice soft neck pillow for yourself or as a gift for someone else. This page has a great design for how to make a recycled sweater neck pillow.



Boots made from an old pair of sandals and a sweater.

How to Make Boots from Old Sandals and a SweaterOld clothing can often be repurposed to make crafts or even other articles of clothing. This is a page about how to make boots from old sandals and a sweater.


Skirt Purse

How to Make a Skirt PurseDo you have an old skirt that you don't wear anymore but love the fabric? Repurpose the skirt and the fabric you love by making it into a purse. This is a page about craft project: skirt purse.


Sock Tops for Arm Warmers

Sock Tops for Arm WarmersRepurpose sock tops to help keep your arms warm on cold days. This is a page about sock tops for arm warmers.


Cozy Mittens from Sweater - finished mittens

Recycled Sweater MittensA worn or stained sweater can find new life as a pair or two of mittens. This is a page about recycled sweater mittens.


purple wool sweater

Making Mittens Out of Wool SweatersRepurpose an old sweater in to some warm woolen mittens. This is a page about making mittens out of wool sweaters.


Jean Apron 2

Making Two Aprons from Jean OverallsThis is a page about making two aprons from jean overalls. One pair of jeans overalls provides what you need to make two different aprons.


Plastic Grocery Bag
Crochet Hat

Making a Plastic Grocery Bag Crochet HatThis is a page about making a plastic grocery bag crochet hat. Recycled plastic grocery bags can be cut into lengths and used to make crochet and knit hats.


Denim Hats

Making Children's Hats from Scrap DenimThis is a page about making children's hats from scrap denim. Leftover denim from jeans can be made into these cute kids' hats.


A knitted item with a ball of yarn being unraveled from it.

Recycle Yarn From Old SweatersThis is a page about recycle yarn from old sweaters. Old outdated sweaters of your own or thriftstore finds are a great source for reclaimed yarn.


Shabby Chic T-Shirt Scarf

Shabby Chic T-Shirt ScarfThis scarf is quick, fun, and easy to make and no sewing involved.


Making a Slip From An Old Nightgown

Making a Slip From An Old NightgownThis is a page about making a slip from an old nightgown. When you can't find or afford an undergarment that you need, you can repurpose another sheer piece of clothing.


two finished scarves hanging

Making an Infinity ScarfThis is a page about making an infinity scarf. A recycled craft that uses old favorite clothing of all kinds to create a unique scarf.


New York T-Shirt

Preserving Special T-ShirtsThis is a page about preserving special t-shirts. Beloved souvenir t-shirts from special events, concerts or trips can be hard to let go of. Repurposing or displaying a t-shirt, is a great way to preserve your momento.


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Making a Hat or Bag Out of Bread Bags?I would like to know how to make a bag or hat out of bread bags.


Wedding Veil

Craft Uses for Wedding Veils?This is a page about craft ideas for wedding veils. Wedding veils are made from a variety of fabrics, including tulle, organza, and netting to name a few. Whether you are recycling your own veil or bought one at a thrift store or garage sale, there are crafts projects that can be made using the fabric.



Soccer Jersey

Crafts Using JerseysThis is a page about crafts using jerseys. Athletic jerseys can be recycled into a number of clever craft projects.


Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Recycled T-shirt Scarf IdeasTake an old t-shirt and make it into one of these pretty scarves. Look for specific colors and fabric in thrift stores or garage sales.


Belt on White Background

Craft Uses For Belts This is a page about craft uses for belts. Belts can be used in crafting rather than being discarded or donated.


Pillows covered with scarves.

Craft Uses for Old ScarvesThis is a page about craft uses for old scarves. Scarves go in and out of fashion, use your scarves to make a delightful craft.


Recycle Sweaters into Scarves

Recycling Sweaters into ScarvesThis is a page about recycling sweaters into scarves. Rather than discarding your old sweaters, you can turn them into fun, unique scarves.


Plarn hat.

Making a 'Plarn' Summer HatThis is a page about making a plarn hat. Use plarn plastic bag yarn to make a cute summer hat.


Photo of a quilt made with tshirts.

Crafts Using Recycled ClothingThis is a page about crafts using recycled clothing. Used clothing has been recycled into craft projects for a very long time. The patchwork and memorial quilts are two examples. There are many other craft uses for worn clothing.


Finished Plarn hat

Plarn Summer HatSummer is coming! Before you go out, don't forget the sunscreen lotion and the brim hat to protect your skin and hair from the Sun. Remember: Safety First! Enjoy!


Fluffed and finished flower.

Recycled Jean FlowerHere is an easy and fun way to use old and worn out jeans.


Girl wearing wrist warmers.

Wrist Warmers Made Out of TightsI have no idea how she does it, but my daughter cuts out holes in tights, in the foot part, and wears them as wrist warmers that go all the way up to the elbow.


Spiral Scarf 2

Recycled Spiral T-shirt ScarfHere's a unique scarf created from an XL or XXL t-shirt that would make a great Christmas or birthday gift. Add a coordinating handmade flower pin to make it even more stylish.


Recycle Sweaters into Scarves

Craft Project: Recycle Sweaters into ScarvesDon't throw out those sweaters you have outgrown or no longer wear. Instead, turn them into one-of-a-kind scarves. (Note: lightweight sweaters work best)


Denim Apron 1

Denim Child's ApronDon't throw away those outgrown jeans! Recycle them into a piece of clothing. She is going to be 3 soon and is quite the little "helper" and a wee-bit the daddy's girl. My son barbeques a lot and I thought this would make a cute gift for her.


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Make a No Sew Pillow Out of a T-shirtHere is a video that shows how to turn a T-shirt into a no sew pillow. This is one of the projects I really enjoy.


Leather Belt Bracelets

Leather Belt BraceletsRecycle old leather belts into these fashionable bracelets. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Making Toddler Clothing from Recycled Sweaters?I am interested in the ideas, hopefully patterns or directions, for using recycled large sweaters. I want to make toddler girls' jumpers, hats, and mittens. Other matching ideas are appreciated.


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Preparing Ties for Quilting?I was wondering if you wash the men's ties before cutting and sewing them together? If so, do you use hot or cool water and do you put them in the dryer? What other process would you go through before cutting them into strips or what ever design you choose?


Making Money from Crafting?I lost my job last year and haven't had any luck finding something else. I have recently had access to unlimited material in very old ratty looking clothing.



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Making a Scarf from Men's Ties?Can somebody tell me how to make the ruffled tie scarves using 2-3 ties each?


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Creative Crafts Uses for Bras?I have a really pretty bra that no longer fits. I am trying to get ideas for a craft to use the fabric, as I don't want to throw it out. I know about making a purse, but that idea isn't for me.


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Jeans Crafts?What can be made with old jeans?


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