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This page contains toy crafts made form recycled items.

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Photo of a finished dog made out of yarn.

Making a Coat Hanger Yarn DogUse an old hanger and a skein of yarn to make a yarn dog. This is a page for making a yarn dog.


Diagram of how to make a clothes pin rocking chair.

Making a Clothes Pin ChairThis is a page about making a clothes pin chair. Clothes pins can be used to make cute doll furniture.


Two baby cradle church purses with Kewpie dolls inside.

Crocheted Baby Cradle PurseUse a recycled bleach bottle and your crochet skills to make this adorable project. What little girl wouldn't love to carry a purse that opens up into a baby doll cradle?



Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday Objects

Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday ObjectsThis is a page about dollhouse furniture with everyday objects. There are a wide variety of small things that can be repurposed for thrifty doll furniture.


Making a Recycled Toy Bike?

Making a Recycled Toy Bike?When opening a can of food, cut the lid away from the bottom of the can. You will need two tin can lids. Next you will need around ten popsicle sticks before you can assemble the bike. Have fun.


A toy car made from recycled materials.

Bottle Cap SculpturezMy tip is: Find art supplies in any trash can in America by using alternative materials. Oftentimes, the materials that I utilize are destined to end up in a landfill.


Two socks made into octopus dolls.

Octopus SocksHere is a way to reuse old socks and turn them into octopus sea creatures !


Recycled Coffee Lid Animals - five lid animals

Recycled Coffee Lid AnimalsThis is a fun way to recycle coffee lids by making cute animals with paint and/or construction/paper. This is a great activity to do with your child (supervision needed for younger children as cutting/hot glue is used.) You can actually tie a ribbon/string knot from the top (of the hole) as an ornament, or make this as a banner for a party, glue to a craft stick or play as is!


Recycled Paper Tube Bug Toy - looking down on finished bug toy

Making a Recycled Paper Tube Bug ToyA yarn wrapped paper towel roll becomes a cute bug toy for the kids to play with. Learn how below.


DIY Tissue Box Marble Maze - looking down on finished maze

DIY Tissue Box Marble MazeRecycled crafts are lots of fun to make and less expensive since you are reusing supplies. The kids will have fun with this tissue box marble maze.


Egg Carton Miniature Furniture - table and two chairs

Making Egg Carton Miniature FurnitureFrom egg crate to doll furniture, this project will guide you through the steps. Your kids can help made these miniature chairs and table plus have fun playing with them afterwards.


Bee and Beehive Egg Carton Toy - open hive crate with a bee in one nook

Bee and Beehive Egg Carton ToyTime for a new egg carton toy craft. Here we will show you how to make a bee and its hive. It's a fun toy and would be great to use in teaching children about the important role bees play in our lives, pollenating our flowers and the plants we grow for food.


Making an Egg Carton Octopus - green glitter painted octopus with googly eyes

Making an Egg Carton OctopusNext to TP tubes, egg cartons are a very popular supply to keep on hand for recycled crafts. This project shows you how to turn an egg carton section into this cute little octopus with the addition of paint, yarn, and googly eyes.


Kid Toy Rattle Drum - glue the paper circle inside the lid over the ribbon ends

Making Kids' Toy Rattle DrumsLearn how to make toy rattle drums, in two versions, from jar lids and paper ribbon spools. They are easy and fun to make and more fun to play with.


A doll sitting on a chair made from Advair inhalers.

Advair Doll ChairWith some creative recycling, empty Advair inhalers can easily be converted into the perfect chairs for Barbie dolls, with a little bit of glue.


Cardboard Box Play Camera - front and back of a recycled box pretend cameras

Making a Cardboard Box Play CameraYoung children are great when it comes to using their imagination. So making them these up-cycled cardboard box play cameras can provide hours of fun for your toddler. The instructions and photos follow.


DIY Gnome Dolls - close up of 4 gnomes

DIY Sock Gnome DollsReuse socks, old shirts, and shoulder pads to make these extra cute DIY sock gnome dolls. This is an excellent way to repurpose lost mate socks and other old or dated clothing.


Bath Cork Boat Toy - hand holding the finished boat

Making a Bath Cork Boat ToyIf you save corks for crafting, this might just be your next project. See how to make a bath cork boat toy on this page which includes step by step instructions and photos.



spoon and plastic egg maracas

Making Mini MaracasThese mini maracas can be made with two plastic spoons and a recycled container. A fun project for kids.


A completed ninja made from a recycled toilet paper roll.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll NinjaThis cute recycled craft is fun to make and your younger kids will love helping to make and then playing with as many of these as you choose to create. This page contains photos and instructions for how to make a toilet paper roll ninja.


Matching Game Made with Water Bottle Caps

Matching Game Made with Water Bottle CapsWith a magazine and bottle caps, you can make a matching game - fun for children to play. If your child is older you can use more bottle caps and so forth. This would be a nice little game to bring on the airplane too.


Marker Cap Finger Puppets - with pipe cleaner antenna

Making Marker Cap Finger PuppetsTry out this recycled craft project. It is a good way to reuse all of the caps from those dried out markers you periodically throw away. This is a page about making marker cap finger puppets.


Bottle sailboat, materials, and children playing with the boat.

Make a Sailing Boat from a Plastic BottleRather than recycling that empty plastic bottle make a fun to play with sail boat for the tub or pool. This is a page about how to make a sailing boat from a plastic bottle.


Recycled Barnyard Animals - toilet paper tube pig, cow, and dog

Recycled Barnyard AnimalsThis is a page about recycled barnyard animals. A fun, kid friendly craft to make with construction paper and empty toilet paper tubes are barnyard animals.


Easy Recycled Owl - The finished owl.

Making a Recycled Toilet Paper Tube OwlThis is a page about making a recycled toilet paper tube owl. An easy, fun craft for kids uses an empty toilet paper tube, paper, glue and markers to create a cute owl.


Making Your Own Kitchen Play Appliances -  cardboard box stove

Making Your Own Kitchen Play AppliancesThis is a page about making your own kitchen play appliances. Here is another fun toy project that uses an empty cardboard box. Make play appliances such as a stove for your little ones.


Barbie Bath Tub

Making a Barbie Bath TubThis is a page about making a Barbie bath tub. Reuse a tissue box to create a fun, thrifty bath for a Barbie doll to lounge in.


Recycled Barbie Bed

Making a Recycled Barbie BedThis is a page about making a recycled Barbie bed. Doll furniture can be pricey. You can make your own using recycled and repurposed items found around your home.


Upcycled Bottle Cap Whistle

Making a Bottle Cap WhistleThis is a page about making a bottle cap whistle. These easy to make whistles are an excellent recycling craft. They make great toys or maybe even party favors.


Craft Ideas for Stuffed Animals

Craft Ideas for Stuffed AnimalsThis is a page about craft ideas for stuffed animals. Old stuffies can can be repurposed, refilled, or salvaged for their parts for use in craft projects.


Recycled Toys

Making Infant and Toddler Toys from Recycled...This is a page about making infant and toddler toys from recycled materials. Toys do not need well known logos or be expensive to be safe and fun for youngsters.


Cereal Box Guitar

Making a Cereal Box GuitarThis is a page about making a cereal box guitar. Let your young children rock on with a fun to make cereal box guitar.


Spool Doll

Making Spool DollsThis page is about making spool dolls. Thread spools can be reused to create something new.



CD Spinner Top - finished top with colorful paper top

Making CD SpinnersThis is a page about making CD spinners. CDs are ideal for making tops for the kids to play with.


DIY Tissue Box Marble Maze - looking down on finished maze

DIY Tissue Box Marble MazeBefore tossing out tissue boxes, your child may be interested in making this marble maze. You can easily make this with a few supplies: tissue boxes, hot glue, straws, scissors, and any scrap piece of art/paper. My son had lots of fun with this and he's currently altering the maze course to make it more complex by adding a third tissue box.


A doll sitting on a chair made from Advair inhalers.

Advair Doll ChairIf you have empty Advair Diskus inhalers around, start saving them. With just a bit of Super Glue and felt, your Barbies and maybe even larger dolls will have space-age customizable seating.


A completed ninja made from a recycled toilet paper roll.

Tissue Roll NinjaInstead of throwing out those cardboard tissue rolls, you can use them in this craft for your children. Make this craft together with them to enhanced their motor skills.


Making an Egg Carton Octopus - green glitter painted octopus with googly eyes

Making an Egg Carton OctopusMake this cute octopus from an egg carton. This octopus can be used as a bookmark for a book and for a puppet show. My daughter likes playing with carton animals and uses her books as the background for a puppet show.


Upcycled Bottle Cap Whistle - finished whistle

Upcycled Bottle Cap WhistleSave the earth and make some noise while you do it! Use two bottle caps and a soda can to create the cutest little whistle that actually works.


Making a Pet Frog from a Toilet Paper Tube - closeup of finished frog

Making a Pet Frog from a Toilet Paper TubeDoes your child want a pet frog? This can be a temporary replacement with no responsibilities attached.


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A recycled toddler toy with brightly colored pom poms.

Toddler Pom Pom SorterHere is a cute homemade toddler toy using a recycled sour cream container and some colorful pompoms. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A thumb piano made from bobby pins stapled to a piece of wood.

Bobby Pin Thumb PianoA piece of wood, a handful of bobby pins and a stapler is all you need to create a DIY thumb piano. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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Making Yarn Coat Hanger Animals?I have a wire coat hanger animal that is red with white spots and a little hat. I need the directions on how to make them.


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Can I Use Recycled Materials for the Siding on a Dollhouse?Has anyone ever used a recycled item to make siding for a dollhouse?


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Yarn Poodle Patterns?Does anyone know of any patterns for making a poodle either with or without hanger? Thank you in advance.


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