Keeping Copperhead Snakes Out of Your Yard

March 7, 2012

Copperhead snake against a white backgroundDo copperhead snakes leave scents behind when they are killed to let other copperheads know the area is unoccupied? I ask this because we are staying on a farm and that is what they say. So we respect their wishes and we relocate the copperheads, across a river, instead of killing them.


By A.C.


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Have you checked with the ag (agricultural) extension agent in your county about how to peacefully co-exist with copperheads? The number will be in the white pages of your phone book, or you can check their website by Googling. The website will have a ton of really good, scientifically sound information regarding all kinds of plants and animals found in your area.

I'm not a big fan of copperheads, but good on you for not killing every one you find, as they are actually a beneficial animal.

The presence of more than one indicates an environment favourable to them, might be you have a rodent population the copperheads see as a moveable buffet:) Every rat or squirrel the copperheads eat is one less rodent who might end up in your car, walls or attic chewing electrical wires.


However, copperheads can also hurt you or yours with their very serious bite. Best to get some trained advice from the ag extension agent nearest you.

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Snakes do not travel in pairs for one. Two every venomous snake has slit eyes and in the case of copper heads also have venom glands giving them a spade shaped head. Dont listen to idiots telling you the only way to ID. them is to look at their fangs.

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I would like to clarify potentially dangerous error. Not all venomous snakes have elliptical pupils. Coral snakes in the same family as cobra have solid black, round eyes. they are found in the south, southeast and southwest United States. To identify venomous coral snake from milk snakes which are very similar "red touches black, friendly Jack; red touches yellow, will kill a fellow." They don't bite often, but in recent years there have been more bites.


Also, for international travelers identifying venomous snakes elliptical pupil rule does not apply, be careful.

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I'm not sure if the scent attracts other copperheads, but they do seem to emit a scent. I've heard it emits the scent when they are disturbed, but the scent has alerted me to the presence of copperheads several times. It's a smell similar to cucumber melon scented candles or shampoo. Some describe it as just as cucumber. Others don't smell it at all. On a side note Cottomouths smell like sewage.

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My dad always said "when he smells cucumbers,there is a copperhead around. He would never eat a cucumber. We lived in the hills of southeastern Ky.

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Are you seriously going to get close enough to see their pupils???!! Check the head, if it looks like a broad arrowhead, STAY BACK FOOL!!

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Yes they do travel in pairs!! We had 2 together about 4 days ago. The same area today had 3 together.. So yes they do travel in pairs!!

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I was cutting grass at my home and I have a concrete slab out back. I seen where I had hit and cut in half a baby snake. I it was a small copper head. I stopped and found another I killed it and then another they ended up being five.


They came from this slap. I looked for the mother because I know she is around. But no luck. What do I do???????

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Just found 2 together in my yard.

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They do! We had 2!

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They do travel in pairs. Every copperhead we have ever killed was followed by one more. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And they will den up with rattlesnakes and chicken snakes.

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Coral Snakes ARE poisonous, but do not have long fangs like the other Pit Vipers. They take hold of their target (bite) and CHEW to inject their venom.


I had a 'raised in the Florida Panhandle' neighbor who claimed he knew his snakes. He mis-identified a Coral as a King. Not being sure I used Welding Gloves and scooped him/her into a jar and took it to the Panama City Beach Serpentarium (in the late 1960s). As I walked in the front door the attendant, standing about 60 feet away, said "Oh, you have a Coral Snake". So much for my "knew his snakes native Floridian".
I did kill 4 Cottonmouth Moccasins in my backyard. One even turned on me and came after me - but I was much faster than he, 55 years ago.
Also had many pseudo Rattlers. They turned out to be Blue Skinks (mostly), but when they rustle through the dry, fallen Live Oak leaves, they sound very much like a Rattle Snake. Kept me hopping for a couple of years on my new property, no one else nearby. Me chicken - you bet!

Also saw, in the tall weedy lot next door, a snake the I thought might be a Copperhead. He was in 2 ft tall weeds and yet as he was "standing" erect his head was a few inches above the weeks. That would take a LONG snake.
Saw another in the Pinellas County (south central) coast area, where I live now. Again I thought it might be a Copperhead. This one was coiled in front of my house and I guess I was disturbing his nap, he was POed. I was able to get a good picture and looked online. Found an exact match. It was a Eastern Garter Snake. I had no idea Garter Snakes got to a chunky 3 ft long.
A couple years ago I spotted an about 18 inch Garter snake in my yard. This one did something I did not know any snake could do. He repeatedly lunged at me, COMING COMPLETELY OFF THE GROUND, several times. Must have been a young teenager with THAT attitude.
See Black Snakes fairly often. Found a 52 inch long skin in the backyard. I think I almost hit this fella with my mower 2 years earlier. Hard to tell which way he turn next so I could miss him, but I did, YEA! I'd guess that snake was a few inches longer as the skin shrinks as it dries. Also found a new nest of hatched baby black snakes = a Very large family.
Being that Pinellas is a Peninsula I haven't seen one of those BIG Constrictors YET. Hope that stays as NEVER. My younger Wolf Dog is very curious about snakes, has no idea what they are.
See Armadillos, Possums, Owls, Hawks, many of the Herons, did see lotsa Woodpeckers until their favorite "lightening" killed tree fell, meaning no more baby 'peckers' anymore.
It is amazing to live in a most populated per sq mile county in Florida and see all the wildlife. Haven't seen any Gators in my yard since I left the Panhandle. Just Tourists - a bunch of those critters, an invasive species.

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I don't think mothers stay to care for their young. They have enough venom when they are born to kill for themselves. They are born live so unless she stays around for the slab for protection she should not hang around. They used to get in around decorative rock that was around my house. But I would definately keep an eye out and fill in that hole and any others around your slab.

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I used to think they traveled in pairs as well. Always heard that but when I googled it said no because they hunt for their food and another snake along side could make competition for food. That doesn't mean at breeding time that there could not be more than one or more together.

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According what I have read since they are hunters that they usually travel alone so their is no competition for food. Are you sure they are not breeding. I would imagine that if they are of any decent size that they could be breeding. I lived in the woods in Missouri and saw many, too many of them and I never saw two together, although I always heard that too but the hunting thing makes sense. However they would group together during times of mating I am sure.

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I have heard people say that all snakes omit an odor. I have lived around many copperheads and various regular nothing snakes and I unfortunately never smell anything. Don't like snakes!!!!

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I bought a house about a year ago and have already gotten rid of 5 copperheads all over 3 feet long! Once you see them you will not forget what they look like. They have markings that look like Hershey kisses on the sides and eyes and head that is unforgettable.

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Copperheads: if you've seen one - there are more. They can cause a lot of damage. People are most often bitten by copperheads, rather than other snakes. Unlike other snakes, copperheads' defense is to be camouflaged, so they don't slither away, they will stay put. That means that you can be bitten because you never knew they were there. Bites can occur when you reach into something - and the snake is there. I killed 8 copperheads last spring. I know we have them around, so I go hunting at night when they'd be hunting (around 10:30, but it could be any time after dark). I where snake boots, so I cannot be bitten, carry a shovel, strike it on the head, then chop it up. I protect most snakes, but this one is dangerous. The more you can clear out brush and other things they can hide under, the better.

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Mother snakes don't usually stay with their babies. Most snakes either lay eggs or live birth, and leave them. You probably do have a den though, you should have someone find the den and either relocate them or eradicate them.

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No not all venomous snakes have vertical eye slits. Coral snake have a round eye, and in low light some copperheads will have a round eye.

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So I hear mothballs keep the snakes away. Dont put where your pets can get them. They are poisonous. Has anyone else heard this ???

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Not all venomous snakes have
[As you call it ]( broad arrowhead)
A black snake, king snake, garden snake. ( green snake) , ground snake, black racer , all of them are not venomous or dangerous

But a coral snake has the same shape head as all the snakes I listed above and the coral snake can be very dangerous cause they are venomous so you can't go by the shape of its head . Maybe you need to look for more information before you call someone a fool

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you can smell them get your hands wet rub a piece copper pipe real hard until you can taste the copper off the pipe pay close attention how it taste for copper head snakes smell just like the copper taste in your mouth on a still nite an even in 4 ft tall grass you can smell them I use to go on grain harvest every year with our family an I got to where I could smell them 3 to 4 foot from me an in what direction they are from me. be careful they move fast

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I seen copperheads that traveled in pairs. I Was raised on a farm and seen them often in pairs

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I've run across a cooperhead and a Velvet tail running together several times whats up with that

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Smell like dirty feet

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Snakes do not like low bass sounds I had snakes in my attic set up a loud stereo for about a week never saw them again

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Call for an exterminator.

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No if they were together more likely than not they were going to breed.

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October 28, 2009

I'm having problems with baby copperheads. Just this month I've found three. One of them got into my house. I've lived in the same house for 3 years and never had this problem before. I read that this is the month that they should be hibernating. Why are they moving around and what can I do to locate where they might be? Does this mean that the nest or den is close by?

By stacy from Honey Grove, TX


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Go to Sentinel Electronic Snake Repeller, lot of info there, good luck.

November 2, 20091 found this helpful

I think for a poisionous snake, I'd hire an exterminator.

I have garter snakes that live between my foundation and the sidewalk. I've had them come into my basement family room. They are very annoying. I live in PA where snakes hibernate for the winter. I understand that snakes don't like strong or bad smells. They are repelled by them. imho, one visit from an exterminator would be well worth the money spent. He can advise you about what you need to do.

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Put sulfur out

July 19, 20180 found this helpful

Im thinking the one in your house might have come thru a hole in your foundation make sure you dont have holes around your house a good way to check would be to install a french drain it might be that you have a way under your foundation

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October 28, 2009

Is there a snake I can keep around my property that will either eat or drive away copperheads? Last year we counted 5 different copperheads in our yard.

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